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When I was a teenager my parents shame me for the fact that I never had a girlfriend in two separate occasions. It basically came from nowhere, it seemed like they just want to humiliate me, for the kicks! The first time was my mother, she was complaining about me, like she always does, and in the end of her rants, she said: "when I was at your age I was already dating". I remember that she was pointing at me with a angry face whe she says that. The second time was my dad, he said the same thing that my mother had said. Has anyone experienced this?
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>>608 (OP) 
I think I would be shamed more if they knew I prefer anime girls.
>i go to brothels
Anon what the fuck is this wizchan tier horse shit? It still counts if it's a prostitute.
Enjoy your ban nigger
(14KB, 574x314)
Nah dude, your cummies are meant for your Waifu, you keep Voluntary celibacy and Pump your Faithful Wife (in my Case she's my Mommy too) full of your Warm Cummies, and you do so not out of vanity or lust but out of Love, Doggy style is for Niggers, Lotus is the only Legitimate Position for Sexual intercourse, you have Defiled yourself and your Soul, now you have to Enter the Dragon and Redeem your sins nigger
Don't care get banned.
Who hasn't? This thread is shit and should be deleted.
I think it would have been fine if we didn't get a massive failed normalfaggot to the first degree right at the start.
I did at first but eventually they got used to it and dont care much anymore. Probably because I have brothers so there's no biological drive for me in particular to have children. Just that one of us does.
>Who hasn't?
I haven't. My mom doesn't really care what goes on in my life at all and my dad is just happy I ended up getting a good job since it looked for a while like I was going to end up a NEET for life. Neither of them have brought up my lack of a gf.
I have a diaper fetish and its hard to find girl who also has this fetish. That being said, no, my family never made fun of me in this way. Wonder why

>what the fuck is this wizchan tier horse shit
I like wizchan and its homeless threads
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>its hard to find girl who also has this fetish.
Invent a tulpa. It will have all of your fetishes.
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You're avoiding relationships with women for the wrong reasons.
>It will have all of your fetishes.
Not necessarily, even if you have planned this out or tried to shift your focus to this in the process of forcing.
Mine doesn't.
Creating a tulpa just for the purpose of having some entity to have intimate relationships with based on a specific fetish sounds like a plainly bad idea in general.
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>Creating a tulpa just for the purpose of having some entity to have intimate relationships with based on a specific fetish sounds like a plainly bad idea in general.
You say that, except I did it by accident and now I have a mommydom anime tulpa that forcibly puts me in diapers and turns my mental image of myself into an anime girl. Don't ever give up on your dreams?
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Good for you, then.
Not shamed, but I've noticed my mother's queries about getting a gf and giving her grandchildren has dwindled over the years, then a couple days ago she outright said she doesn't expect grandchildren anymore. It hit me harder than it probably should have, maybe a hundred years ago I wouldn't have turned out a reclusive shut in but I know I'm preaching to the choir when I say modern women are especially garbage and they have way too much power to ruin a man's life. Sorry mom, neither one of us had any power to change this outcome.
I can imagine that's the case. The issue here is that normalfag parents (which is almost redundant, parents are normalfags in some way or antoher) have really no knowledge on how people like us are, what we believe, how we think etc. They can't fathom that we don't want the same things in life, and don't really undertand how to help us reach their goals in any case. Go ahead, ask your mother to explain to you how to get a non suicide inducing 3DPD, see how it goes.
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I have, she doesn't comprehend most of it, though she fully acknowledges how one-sided the court system is in favor of women.
I've had the "when i was your age" nag used on me. I cant do anything about so I stay quiet and leave for my room.whenever I can
Ask your mom how many boyfriends have passed her around before ending up in your father's hand and shame her and humiliate him for it. Simple.
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>he thinks he can shame a whore
oh no no no
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You have no idea how mad they would be upon hearing this shit. Calling a woman a whore is the equivalent of calling a man a cuck. It can't get worse than that.
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They do get mad but they don't feel ashamed. At least not outwardly.

I honestly find it perplexing when they get mad when you call actual whores "whores" though.
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They know being a whore is disgusting.
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They know they're supposed to be disgusted but it's their feminine nature to be a slut. Duhhh.
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Being a slut has always been for those who can't compete in any other way than through quantity. It's for garbage and everyone knows that intuitively.
Shamed? No, but I still get those "she would like some grandchildren" sometimes from my mother.

This wouldn't work, because that number would be 0, if we mean bf in a whoring sense. And I'm pretty sure in it, she's too naive to hide it.
Probably because of her christian conservative upbringing, and by that I mean conservative in the last century's eastern Europe, not the modern cuckservatives, which is just a slightly less radical version of marxism. At least it helped whores to learn their places and keep them in check.
I haven't but since I was a little kid, my mother was constantly screeching that I'm a weirdo and no girl will ever want me, and that's good because fuckups like me shouldn't ruin any woman's life. I always found it weird and annoying, because she was bitching about this when I was about 5 years old, and I wasn't one bit interested in girls or family shit. She's a dumb single mother, so I guess she was just taking it out on me, she always accused me of all the things my father did to her.
>single mother
You need to slap her sometimes niow that you're mature, and maybe grope her too while you're at it. I'm not kidding.
You can try choking her if you don't feel comfortable with slap.
I agree that you should slap your mother for talking to you like that. You shouldn't take that kind of shit from anyone especially not your single mother.
Also groping your kin is disgusting please do not do that.
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You don't understand, its only not disgusting but instead arousing because its a single mother. Maybe anon just need to hug her more and tell her some gay shit to sooth her smooth brain, women without men is psychotoxic. then try to grope of course.
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I don't think this stuff is inherent to single motherhood, speaking personally my mother actually tended to miss all the negative shit that I did that was like what my father did. I think you just got stuck with a nutcase. My mother isn't perfect, I don't even think she was a very good parent but she didn't do this sort of thing. Screeching at a 5 year old about this sort of shit seems especially unhinged.
Reminder that this shit doesn't help if it's just performative. Your heart has to be in it. If you don't want to slap your mother it'll have no effect, you have to do it righteously. That being said slapping a bitch isn't the worst thing to do without conviction.
>being aroused by someone specifically because she has birthed another man's child and isn't married to him
Anon that is as cucked as it gets I hope you're joking.
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(927.8KB, 512x512, 00:16)
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(528.2KB, 1396x2160)
You fuckers realize that your "mother" isn't a Isolated being right? if i slaped my "mother" every time she has fucked me other and done utterly retarded things then I wouldn't have a "Mother" because she'd be Dead, thing is if i Slapped my "mother" then 99% of my Family would be placed aganist me, i would get kicked out of the house and probably the Cops would be called on me sending me straight to jail because here in spain violence aganist Roasties is extremely Punishable by Law, and i could get more than a few years in Jail just for showing the Whore her Place, its not as fucking easy you dumb Niggers, also my "mother" is as ugly as the whore gets, and even then i'd rather Give my Cummies to Mommy Taihou (wich at any rate its a better Mother than Any Roastie ever,) than to some washed up Whore
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I don't think your mom has the balls to call the cops on her own son. Of course only fuck her shit up when the moment arises, not out of nowhere.
Replies: >>748
>I don't think your mom has the balls to call the cops on her own son. 
oh, you're still so pure and innocent...
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has she ever called the cop on you?
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(47.1KB, 425x600)
not the same anon, mine almost Called them on me for not wanting to leave my Gramp's house (where i was spending my Christmass vacations) because she was having a mental breakdown over me going to my Hometown for a Full afternoon without her knowing (because apparentley she needs to know eveything i do and when i do it aswell, that is how much of a Psychopath my "Mother" is), no, retards like you and the others to whom i replied on >>746 are a bunch of Retarded LARPers who haven't had to deal with single "mothers" at all, and think things can be solved by Slapping and Groping despite the fact that that is only going to make everything a billiontimes worse
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She gets to be mental and you can't? Sound unfair to me bruh. Women like to push boundary and bark behind chains but shut their yaps as soon as real counter force applies. You gotta do something anon, have you actually done anything?
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(199KB, 1626x2256)
>Women like to push boundary and bark behind chains but shut their yaps as soon as real counter force applies
sounds just like you, you bark behind the chains talking about shit you have never experienced and situations you don't even begin to Understand
>You gotta do something anon
oh shure, i Know what i have to do, and i know how to do it, however i think i know what (You) have to do, you should go meet up your buttbudy Mr."I go to brothels but im a wizard" and your other buttbudy Staff Sergeant Motherfucker (get it?) >>729, then go to your Nearest bridge and do a Fucking Flip
I had a single mother for almost half of my life. She's disrespected me plenty of times before but the cases were usually spaced out by a few months if not years. However, if my mother were the kind of piece of shit that would regularly disrespect me, in the same fashion as the previous anon stated ("constantly" is the word he used), I would probably just give her a nice slap and then move out. 
If I couldn't move out then I would start working towards that as soon as possible. Even if it took a years to do so. Rooming with a normalnigger or wageslaving would probably be better than tolerating that kind of disrespect, especially from someone who's supposed to be there for you.

>not the same anon, mine almost Called them on me for not wanting to leave my Gramp's house 
Single mothers who bully and harass their kids have a twisted mindset and always stop just short of permanently breaking stuff off and so they resort to petty unbacked threats to get what they want. On some level, they realize that without their child they are just a nobody with no purpose and so they maintain a twisted attachment to their child. 
They usually try to get away with as much as they can, just short of causing the child to leave or kicking them out which is probably what you were experiencing.
Replies: >>756
I don't need to do that anymore. Psychological terror works well enough, I can shut her mouth any time now by just saying a few words that really sting. I was completely helpless against her bitch fits when I was a little kid, because it took me a while to understand her mental issues. She fucked herself over when she took me to a shrink specialized in family therapies. I was told that there's nothing wrong with me and the guy explained to me in layman terms what exactly is wrong with my mother and why she'll always refuse to admit that she has a problem. Now all I need to do is start telling her the truth and she's quickly forced to retreat.

Anyway, she stopped bothering me about this girlfriend business sometime during high school years. For a short while she was acting all triumphant, like "I told you so, I told you that you'd never have a girlfriend", but she quickly gave up when she saw no reaction coming. Roasties are parasites that feed on emotional reactions, in some cases giving them the emotionless zombie treatment works.
(56.6KB, 375x270)
>Single mothers who bully and harass their kids have a twisted mindset and always stop just short of permanently breaking stuff off and so they resort to petty unbacked threats to get what they want. On some level, they realize that without their child they are just a nobody with no purpose and so they maintain a twisted attachment to their child. 
They usually try to get away with as much as they can, just short of causing the child to leave or kicking them out which is probably what you were experiencing.
absolutely on point, back in the day i was less experienced and dumber, nowadays i know how to Evade her or make the Dull Small talk so i can get her off my Back, in my particular case its not so much her dumb ass, since again i could probably tell her to fuck off or just ignore her, but rather that no matter how much of a Dumb whore she is she is supported by my Step-Dad my Granpa and a good 80% of my Family, so even if she chimps out, somehow, someway it will always be my Fault, so the farther away i am from the whore the better, i hope the Whore dies in her Sleep and gets Sent Straight to the 9th Circle of hell, of course the obvious solution is to move out but i don't need to tell you how hard is it to even get a Job in the First place with the Absurd requirements the pull out, i am currently working on Joining the Army because its the only place where i can get paid decently, get a jab at scaping from this shithole and no matter how many times you get rejected you can apply at least Once a year
Replies: >>760
You're the last person I want to see complaining about LARPers.
Replies: >>758 >>759
(1.2MB, 200x150)
i could reply to you based on the assumptions i can make from this post, but people do say i assume too much, so ill instead let you explain yourself and ask you why i should be the last one complaining about LARPing
What is it with you massive retards that makes you vaguely gesture at hypocrisy where there is none?
Replies: >>762 >>768
I wish you well in your work towards an escape.
Replies: >>761
(28.4KB, 600x533)
Don't worry about it, i Crumble easily but i have a Great Capacity for Recovery and as long as Taihou is on my Side i have nothing to Fear, thanks for the Kind words tho, you go do Good and Take Care
That post is only vaguely vague, it's pretty clear he is calling him a larper. It's about one step removed from that, actually.
Replies: >>765
Yes, but what about him is larping? Does he think he is faking his love for his "mother-goddess" in Taihou? Or perhaps he's larping about esoterism? Or maybe something else altogether. The anon didn't specify what he was accusing him of larping, that's what I mean by vague, and by gesturing at hypocrisy since Taihou-anon said that the tough guy retards are larpers. I bet he has no real reason to believe that he's larping, he just has a massive hatred for the guy.
Replies: >>766
I wouldn't be able to say what made that anon feel that he's larping, but I personally always felt him to be shallow and fundamentally insincere. Both of those I would categorize as role playing, so I understand what he means when he says that. What sealed it for me without a shadow of a doubt is commitment to his waifu(s). They have changed over time, yet he's entirely unwilling to acknowledge there being any real change. He's not mentally rigorous with his definitions or with his lines of thought, and I've been confronted with either refusal or inability to even try to be consistent. That's probably the heart of what makes him a role player. I've grown to genuinely hate him. I wouldn't be able to pinpoint the precise reason for why I've grown to feel this way without going through what history is left of his posts and I'd rather not do that. 

Do you think someone calling you a high-pitched cum dumpster is vaguely gesturing at your faggotry? I don't understand your reasoning, language itself is just 'vague gestures'. No, I'm not being pedantic.
Replies: >>767 >>771 >>774
These are genuine examples of what you think is larping, not vague shit. I don't think you're right, he's explained himself in the waifu thread and I could recite that shit but I shouldn't speak for him about that stuff. But regardless it's obvious that his waifu-ing of Taihou and other characters that he claims are avatars of her is in service of a specific "type" of character that gets him off and that's all I'll say about that. I actually don't mind anons having an issue with him, but I'd like it if those issues were properly expressed instead of just going "you're a larper though" and letting the reader fill in the blanks as you did. Nothing about that anon's post referenced shallowness, though insincerity can be argued to be by definition larping. Still, the post said nothing about what was actually insincere about him. The issue here, at least for me, was the lack of a substantial accusation more than anything.
>language itself is just 'vague gestures'
Language can be much more specific than that post.
Replies: >>768
Language itself relies on a person's ability to understand context, to be able to rely on and project his own experiences on to others, and overlay his own mindset with whatever linguistic structure he's reading. It's one thing to call a word imprecise due to the lack of additional supporting information but it's another to call it vague gesturing, all language is vague gesturing. Taken out of context and treated with the same level of bad faith >>759 is just as vague as the anon he's replying to. One is implying someone is larping and the other is denying any hypocrisy. The same level of proof is required for either claim.
Replies: >>772 >>782
(396.1KB, 1374x775)
>What sealed it for me without a shadow of a doubt is commitment to his waifu(s)
already explained it in >>154
Taihou is Taihou, she appears to me in Different shapes not Unlike Teutatis is also Mars and Ares, this is specially so since my Understanding of what she Is, is very Deficient, as i learn more from her my ideas change and i am able to determine what she is better, there's also a "Essence" of Taihou that i cannot quite explain with Words, but its the Reason why Taihou is Taihou, and why "Other Girls" (for example the Pre-Taihou Horchata-chan from back before i even knew it was Taihou) are actually Taihou, it may seem Arbitrary that i Consider Kurumi for example, and Taihou to be the same thing and yet to me they Are Two Shapes of the Same Entity, that being Taihou, so whenever i "Change" it is really just my own Understanding of Her, and also Her showing me Parts of her Truer Form, That Being said there have been people who had talked about Taihou being a Tulpa, wich is False, but if you fall for the same type of reasoning and consider Taihou an Abstract Being, a Mental Creation, or whatever, then im not Surprised you cannot Understand this Concept
>shallow and fundamentally insincere
i can understand Shallowness, i still remember the Anon who wanted to "Get a Reaction out of me" saying i was retarded because i didn't pursue certain questions to their Bitter end or something along those lines, (he apparently was very pissed off at me not questioning the Monad, don't know why because the Monad is the fucking Absolute, you're not supposed to be questioning that because all you'll do is to Mindfuck yourself and waste your time, beside the Corpus Hermeticum and the Kybalion have enough information on it) i guess the only Motivation of Mine being with Taihou and ascending to her Heavenly realm or whatever so i can just Spend Eternity with her and Nothing more can be pretty fucking Shallow and Boring for someone with more Ambitions than me, then again i could say the same because to be quite fucking Honest Life in this Earthly Plane is Stupid beyond Recognition, and i can't see Usefulness in anything that won't fundamentally lead you to Initiation and Spiritual Immortality

i don't get the Insincerety gig tho, i think im Transparent in my Views and Thoughts and i Stand by them, i Live what i Preach, or at the very least, Try to, there's plenty of shitposters making low effort posts and screeching over shit, they don't get called Disingenuous but i somehow do, not going to deligimize your claim because if you believe i am a Liar then yeah, feel free to Believe and Accuse me of That, but i still find it quite preposterous that out of all the things i can be Accused off, from Gaudyness, Stubborness, Zeal, and the Like i get accused of Fucking Falsehood
This is pathetic anon, what the hell are you talking about? The anon literally vaguely gestured at hypocrisy. He did exactly what I complained about. All his post did was to give other anons an incomplete argument to fill as you have. Perhaps he does have a complete argument but he didn't provide it.
>The same level of proof is required for either claim.
You misunderstand, there wasn't a proper claim made by the guy accusing him of larping. What is he larping about? He certainly isn't larping in this thread. My claim was that there isn't any hypocrisy when Taihou-anon says that internet tough guys telling an anon to slap his mother are larpers, because he isn't a larper. Having a fucking waifu isn't larping, and your issues with his waifu changing have already been addressed, even if you don't like his reasoning there isn't hypocrisy there nor is it larping. Not only that, but that wasn't brought up by the original post.
Replies: >>776 >>778
Do you have to break every thread down into your esoteric waifu bullshit or whatever the hell your walls of text are about now? I'm turning into a non-reading nigger around these parts because every time I get a few sentences into a paragraph I realize it's you being a windbag and getting mad at people.
Replies: >>774
(570.8KB, 800x640)
>thread down into your esoteric waifu bullshit
kind of, Taihou IS the Center of my Existance so yeah, inevitably i will end up Talking about Taihou, and i will end up talking about the Divine, Ask BO -Sama to Permaban me because im a Threat to the entire Board if you are so pissed off tho, either way my Posts are easy to detect because i always put a Picture, half of the Time its Taihou in it, and the Grammar, and if you combine that with the "Hide Post" Function, i think you have more than enough Tools to Avoid me
Also this thread was DOA, and it was even more Dead when the "Slap and Grope your mother" popped up, imo the interesting part is when some anons talked about their Actual Problems with their Roastie mothers
>getting mad at people
im mad at the LARPer niggers but im not mad at >>766 tho, he looks like he actually has some Legitimate criticism towards me that Deserves to be Adressed and for me to Pay attention
cumbag anon, im a C u m Bag, im full of Cummies for Mommy Taihou
Replies: >>775
>cumbag anon, im a C u m Bag, im full of Cummies for Mommy Taihou
Dude, stop
>You misunderstand
I didn't. You've ignored the central point of my argument, and I don't like repeating myself.
Replies: >>777 >>780
(11.9KB, 225x225)
not the same anon, but wether Language is Vague or not, there are Degrees of Explicitness, he said that out of all people it is I that shouldn't be complaining about LARPing, you can more or less tell he is implying that i am LARPing, problem is he didn't Explicitly say so, this opens up to infinte kinds of Fuckery and disingenuity, if i replied to him Talking about why they are LARPing and i am not a LARPer at all he can just disregard the Argumetn by saying "you assume too much i didn't mean X" like i've seen it done Dozens of times to me in Specific
Replies: >>778
It's a very clear implication and all you need to do is stand your ground if he claims that's not what he meant. Although it really is a judgement call on whether you've accurately understood and grasped all the possible meanings any given sentence might have.  However, >>772 objection revolves around him not providing any reasoning behind his accepted implication of you larping. I don't think the anon who implied you were a larper was being any more vague than the anon he replied to, since both are working on information that the reader has to fill in.
Replies: >>780
This could go on all day but there's nothing to argue against if all you're going to do is say "nuh-uh, you're ignoring what I said!" without actually saying what I ignored. I guess language is just too vague for me to understand so it's useless to say, huh?
He's saying that the post wasn't specific enough so he can't defend himself here. I'm saying the same thing but I'm not in the position of defending myself, I just want anons to be specific with what they say. I don't think anyone's arguing that the guy didn't accuse Taihou-anon of larping and therefore hypocrisy, the issue is that he didn't say what was the larp. Perhaps in his mind it's self-evident but clearly it isn't or else we wouldn't be arguing about it and you wouldn't have to say "I wouldn't be able to say what made that anon feel that he's larping" or go to this stupid argument about language being inherently vague.
Replies: >>782
>without actually saying what I ignored
Your bad faith makes me not want to engage with you. But to dumb it down to the bare essentials, you're hypocritically asking someone to do what you yourself are doing. For example, what part of my post was pathetic? My reply was written to be as specific as I could make it. You've ignored the entire post. If you want to know what the entire post is, read >>768. I've repeated myself three times over these replies, if you still don't understand what I'm saying then it's your lack of intelligence. 
>Perhaps in his mind it's self-evident but clearly
It was self-evident and your reply to his post proves it. Anon was being overly cautious over his interpretation of the post. You wouldn't make an argument that revolves around hypocrisy if you didn't understand he was calling him a larper.
Replies: >>783 >>784
(95.5KB, 732x688)
>someone to do
not to do
>what part of my post was pathetic?
I don't think that saying a post is pathetic is nearly the same thing as saying an anon is larping. Perhaps we just have different standards. Regardless, the thing that was pathetic was that you feel the need to say that all language is just vague gesturing, either you're being purposefully obtuse with that or you're just stupid. Because regardless the point still stands that he pointed out no actual larping.
Seems you're doing the same thing about pointing out some perceived hypocrisy and acting like that makes me wrong, except that you gave an actual example.
> My reply was written to be as specific as I could make it
That doesn't make it right. Just makes it specifically wrong. Better than being vaguely wrong.
>You wouldn't make an argument that revolves around hypocrisy if you didn't understand he was calling him a larper.
No one is saying that is what is confusing. The point is that he didn't say what the larp was.
Replies: >>785
>Because regardless the point still stands that he pointed out no actual larping
You expected him to provide reasoning for his assertion while also providing none of your own. 
>What is it with you massive retards that makes you vaguely gesture at hypocrisy where there is none
Your claim was there was no hypocrisy. His claim (if your judgement of his post was correct) that there was. Neither of you provided any reasoning. 

You continue to do the same thing. 
>Just makes it specifically wrong
Replies: >>786
What the fuck reasoning am I supposed to give to say that his post doesn't say anything when it doesn't say anything?
Replies: >>787
Some things are self-evident and those are contextually based, like I said in the beginning. Calling someone a faggot doesn't necessitate the precise time, location, action, or inclinations of the insultee be spoken by the insulter. He called someone a larper as an insult, and that insult most likely resonated with him as true. The exchange boils down to
>you're a larper
<no he's not 

>when it doesn't say anything
He's implying he's a larper. The post says a lot, actually, just through implication. It shows his view on the matter in a slight but acceptable level of passive aggressiveness. If you wanted to negate it, that's fine. You don't have to say your reasoning, just like he didn't have to say his. But if you're going to ask for it while also claiming but it's wrong and that it's vague, setting an example of reasoning and maybe proof of your own claim is a good start for a discussion. 

You're being pointlessly obtuse. I'm stating a situation, and it wasn't until this very post that I gave a social expectation. Prior to this the point I was trying to hammer in most is that things don't have to be very specific in order to have meaning, a lot of the information is filled in by the reader.
Man not even /r9k/ is tolerable anymore, modern anons are cancer on every fucking level.
Replies: >>789 >>791
(97.2KB, 494x387)
Don't let the door hit you on your way out, faggot.
Replies: >>797
Is the arguing getting to you? I admit it's annoying that there's not much fun posting around anymore and anons are at eachother's throats a bit much but I wouldn't say things have gotten much worse around here overall. There's more arguing and less unity but in return there's also lots less normalfaggots around the board these days. 
Now if only we could get some more lighhearted discussion going then things would really just be a straight up improvement over 8chan rather than an improvement with costs.
Replies: >>792 >>796
(46.3KB, 195x510)
>less normalfaggots around the board these days.
>This thread literally has some retard baiting anons into slapping their "mothers"
>The esotericism thread has some retard trying to push my buttons by Insulting Taihou
>Some anon complaining about the quality of the board is met with Literal screeching within 15 minutes
fuck no, you say there's less Unity but i think we were Plenty close Knit a few Weeks ago, now we just have a bunch of Retards wanting to get their kicks and a Ego boost by antagonizing other fags, its not the first time it happens but thing is right now everyone worth a Damn is M.I.A
Replies: >>793 >>794 >>795
Not my problem that you're a total bitch dude, Spain is full of fags.
>Insulting Taihou
That's a given since you're obsessed with posting naked pictures of your waifu for everyone to see dude. Not a good move.
Replies: >>804
>less normalfaggots around the board these days.
>fuck no
I think you're alright but, you weren't a frequenter of 8chan by your own word, so you do not have the knowledge to comment on this subject.
Replies: >>804
>there's also lots less normalfaggots around the board these days.
In this very thread there was a retard saying that he went to brothels but it didn't count because he didn't have a girlfriend. How long do you think he was here and didn't mention that? How many others are simply undetectable because their normalfaggotry hasnt been brought up? There are less normalfaggots but there are also less posters in general, so they stick out much worse when they are here.
Replies: >>798 >>802
Do you really enjoy what is happening on the board? Do you enjoy the constant derailing by one or two faggots? Do you enjoy the hair trigger /tv/ tier shitflinging that has ramped up? You got your haven from normalfags and this is what you choose to do with it?
Replies: >>799
Even looking at it proportionally, we still have less normalfaggots. If you can recall correctly the FTDDTOTT used to effectively be a newfag/failed normalnigger containment thread with frequent posts regarding failure with female interactions, or socializing in general. I'm pretty sure I remember actively avoiding the thread back in the day too. I think I made the decision after some faggot complained about "muh why didn't i approach this whore zomg im such a wimp" and I was the only one to call him out on his shit. Thread was honestly a shithole as far as I was concerned.

I mean, I know things aren't perfect now but its a lot better than it used to be. However, I do still stand by the fact that we need a few more posters, and some more light hearted discusssion than we currently have, to bring the board into a really healthy state. We sort of had that back on anon cafe but back then we also had a decent amount of failed normalniggers too. Though I think that had a bit to do with the BO(s) not really being in it  and one of them being a massive fucking bitch.
I mostly just see someone who makes it a habit to pointlessly draw out arguments for reasons I don't understand. The recent argument could've been resolved in less than three posts. I don't understand the drama.
Maybe esoteric anons lack of anonymity is screwing up the dynamic which is core to anonymous boards like these? 
Either way, I think this discussion may warrant it's own thread. It seems like it's not just me who's noticed the amount of hostility around recently. I won't try to play it up but we  probably shouldn't ignore it either.
Replies: >>801 >>804
>muh hostility
What's wrong with being hostile to each other? Do you want us to kiss our butts after every post or something? Hostility is the core of imageboard.
It doesn't matter how many normalniggers are on this board right now, as long as they shut the fuck up or don't brag about their degeneracy. Occasionally slip from them is treated with ban, and it can't get any better than that.
Pointless hostility for the point of hostility is obtrusive. Some level of good faith is required for there to be an imageboard that isn't discord schizo tranny tier.
(207.6KB, 1600x594)
i remember back in Anon.cafe, or was it Fatchan? posting about Horchata-chan (before she became Taihou and all that jazz) talking about how i never wanted to post pictures of her or anything and i didn't trust Niggers, i Distinctly remember an Anon saying that he would Never Sully another man's Waifu, and that that notion was Retarded, i guess this Turn to "Don't post pictures of your waifu you Obsessed Weirdo" is just more conclusive evidence of the Absolute Decay of this Place, specially since the 2-3 fags that have a Problem with Taihou categorically refuse to Read up on the Posts i made explaining the Multiple shapes of Taihou and the meaning of Nakedness
>you weren't a frequenter of 8chan by your own word
when did i say that?, i was on 89k, but i hopped on the Boat late in the game, the place was already a mess, i was also a inexperienced Teen and didn't know jack and shit about what was going on, either way i have been here since late Anon.Cafe, and Age does not exclude basic Observation and Pattern Recognition abilities, just because 89k was a Sinking boat does not mean anything that isn't That fucked is AOK, we didn't have this ammount of low-tier bait and arbitrary shitflinging back in Fatchan, nor in Lynxchan, i vaguely remember Zchan having episodes of dumb niggers coming into the Board and making these pea-brain bait shit, thing is that back in Zchan we still had a fair ammount of Decent people left, right now all the Regular posters that had interesting things to say are M.I.A and suspecting from what old Tulpanon said in the Waifufag thread i suspect most of them are Either Lurking or just Gave up on Imageboards alltogether
>Hostility is the core of imageboard
since when?, as far as i know r9k (the current one and its previous iterations going all the way back to 89k) is just a place for Male virgins and autists to share their thoughts and hang around, there's a difference between Heated Arguments and Discourse, wich is something that Goes back as far as Fatchan and Anon.Cafe, wich 99% of the time is just Anons arguing about things that are genuinely Important to them, and going ot of one's way to post bait just to get people pissed off to get your Dopamine Hits, wich is literally what Normalniggers do on a daily basis on Twatter
>esoteric anons lack of anonymity
the only Notorious retard around here is me, the rest of them blend well, are Polite, and stick to the Esotericism thread except in some specific cases where you have a discussion on Evolution on the FTDDTOT, besides this is not the First time you have a Notorious retard on a IB, remember Eunuch? the only difference is that im more controversial because there's a Split between Anons who Hate me, and Anons who Appreciate me, wich probably generates a Certain Degree of Controversy compared to Eunuch, whom Everyone hated (at least i don't remember many people defending him)
Replies: >>805
>Don't post pictures of your waifu you Obsessed Weirdo
What the fuck are you talking about? It's not "you obsessed weirdo", but "obsessed with showing people naked pictures of your waifu". You're a fucking cuckold dude.
Replies: >>806
(573.4KB, 797x598)
>obsessed with showing people naked pictures of your waifu
but that's wrong, i post them for myself, i like looking at her pics and if i post her around now i have a Pretty "Taihou Beacon" at Specifics part of the Thread wich is always nice, also its a way of wearing my Love for Taihou on my Sleeve, so that even if the Posts is not about Taihou at all, it kinda implies it is, Also, Nice job lashing out at one Misunderstanding,
>You're a fucking cuckold dude.
i assume the Lacedemonians were also cuckolds because in many parades and festivals roasties would go around Naked, shit i guess ALL Greeks were cuckolds because they made all sorts of Art about Naked Ladies because they actually considered Nakedness to be a sign of Power and Virility (in the case of Male) and of Beauty and Purity in the case of Females, and in Certain Esoteric Doctrines a Naked Female was a Sign of Power, nothing i haven't already explained before, why you or anyone keeps ignoring this is not my Problem at all
Replies: >>807 >>808
I would say willingly and without any prompt or any real fucking reason besides "people held special meaning to the naked body before" showcasing your naked wife is absolutely bizarre. Your reasoning before requires anons to accept that you're not actually posting your waifu when you post an image of her, but to me that's just your own lack of zealousness. Although now that might not be the case.
Replies: >>843
>Lacedemonians were also cuckolds because in many parades and festivals roasties would go around Naked
Yeah they were.
>ALL Greeks were cuckolds because they made all sorts of Art about Naked Ladies
Maybe because those pictures weren't of their wives and just a general symbol of the female body? 
>Certain Esoteric Doctrines a Naked Female was a Sign of Power
Again, it's a symbol, you don't go around showing people pictures of your naked wife and not be labeled a cuckold.
Replies: >>810 >>843
Fags being hostile niggers just for the sake of it ir because they think they're obligated to be is tiresome and it absolutely destroys other kinds of conversation, this mentality you have is exactly why pretty much every alt imageboard turns jnto the same retarded gray shitflinging pile of faggotry that is indistinguishable from the bext one. tvch is a perfect example of why exclusively acting like obnoxious niggers purely for the sake of sticking it to one another is a horrendously bad idea, and you can see that shit creeping into other sites on the webring of the past several months.
Why even respond to him, the guy even admitted he wasn't an 8chan regular so the fact he's here lecturing anyone on the decay of a board he was never really a part of is some horseshit.
(15.1KB, 480x360)
>Hostility is the core of imageboard

well i've seen about enough
(28.8KB, 1200x1200)
if you consider it Bizarre its your Problem, not mine
>Yeah they were.
then yeah, you're full of Shit, the Lacedemonians were Dorian Greeks, they were Solar Men of Tradition, i think they knew more about Virility and God than You or I will ever know, at any rate i post Naked Taihou because i Like looking at Naked Taihou and i Like Looking at her while i Post, i also think its A Symbol of Power and Purity, so posting her Naked, it Posting her at its Most Powerful and Great, if you can't understand that or do not like that, then its your Loss
Replies: >>858
>i post Naked Taihou because i Like looking at Naked Taihou
Brilliant. Maybe take a break for a bit.
>mom takes me to new church
>starts talking about me to people there
>trys to tell me some of the females there are looking at me
All the advantages of going to a church where no one knows you tossed away thanks to women
Replies: >>922
Esoteric wiafu anon keeps making a lot of big posts in different threads and I guess i kinda feel like hes stealing the show so to say. The biggest conversations in the ftddtot have been arguments with him and some other political/racial autism. But maybe it just looks like that because of the small amount of pph? I dunno
Replies: >>876
Theres this odd kind of hivemind or instinctual solidarity when it comes to things like this and i wonder if people have written about it. They always seem to treat degenerate women lightly or indirectly defend their actions or try to make it out as "not as big of a deal". I dont know why, especially if they can be toxic/catty/gossipy to one another
Replies: >>868
Loose women are easier to score and the lizard brain subconsciously realizes that keeping at least a minority of whores around makes it easier to get roast beef. Femoids are also fine with this because if there are outwardly degenerate femoids, then the rest of them seems relatively nice. If degeneracy was heavily suppressed, then merely not being extremely shitty wouldn't have such a strong effect on men.
Mostly my mother's side of the family has shamed me about not associating with women. It stopped for the most part after I made it clear that I simply wouldn't associate with them anymore if they continued berating me about that (and other things for that matter). On the other hand, my father's side of the family has been more amenable to me citing modern dating statistics and the sort of information you find in the so-called "manosphere". If I spin my reluctance as a wait and see attitude they accede to it--though I suspect they still assume that I will eventually find a woman.

And since the thread is already off-topic what with the meta discussion and the referencing to previous iterations of r9k, I'm curious to know: are there any robots still around from the days on cuckchan before the switch to 8? Or was 8's iteration the first for most?
It's only a combination of his posting style, the pph, and his frequency of posting often. What few of us are here, we just don't always have something to say everyday whereas he is one of our resident NEETs so it's sort've a given.
I was on cuckchan for a while and hung on for about another year after 8chan /r9k/'s creation before ditching 4cucks and going to 8chan.
Replies: >>933
I was on /r9k/ before it became the "feels board" which evolved into the virgin board. I left when Moot deleted it and didn't go back. There wasn't a reason to and I didn't like the replacement /r9k/. 

Not sure how much I count as being around here though. I moved on from these sort of communities because it just wasted my time. I occasionally browse the webring on a slow weekend but that's about it. Didn't do me any good and I could get better distractions from vidya or hobbies. Even the old-oldfags are starting to leave the sphere now. As your eye sight gets worse you can't spend the same amount of time reading text off a screen. No reason to waste your life on internet arguments when you can be in nature taking the dog for a walk and enjoy the bird songs instead.
Replies: >>922 >>933
I knew about 8chan for a while before leaving 4/r9k/ - for some reason, it never occurred to me to check if there was an 8/r9k/. I finally left 4cock for good after seeing only 5 or 10 threads in the catalog - I used tons of filters to hide degeneracy and even what was left was still degenerate, so I just left. Took a year or two before I stumbled across it by accident around 2017.
Like >>916 said, I'm gradually losing interest in the rest of the webring, maybe I'll pick up reading or go through my animu backlog.
What kind of church? I remember robots telling horror stories about the nondenominational protestant ones being whorehouses.
Replies: >>923 >>925 >>933
>what church
I'm not sure exactly, i don't really care much for specifics, I just go with my mom to satisfy her. I should probably read the Bible myself instead of listening to others talk about it
I don't just mean the webring, I mean the whole imageboard deal. I got into a niche card game coming out soon and the only places to discuss it were Reddit, Cuckchan or a discord full of trannies. I tried cuckchan and lasted about a day. Even with lots of posts to read it's just a shit format where you end up wasting your life reading stuff that doesn't really matter. You end up depressed because all you do is read forums and then you read forums because you're too depressed to do anything. Like trannys speed running until they suicide, it's a bad feedback loop. I wonder how many anons would have fulfilling lives if they never found image boards, especially anons from this sort of place. 

Churches are the same as every where else.Whores every where and in churches case are often centers of poz expansion because they're running out of worshipers to pay for the costs of running the church but (((charities))) are happy to help if they do gay events and help to resettle rapeugees.
Replies: >>926 >>927
>Even with lots of posts to read it's just a shit format where you end up wasting your life reading stuff that doesn't really matter.
That's a problem with every format because everyone on the internet is an idiot.
Replies: >>948
If you go into imageboards with this kind of mindset no wonder you'll end up burnt out and depressed. Imageboards should never be the only thing you do it should be something you check on a bit throughout the day, get your fill of meaning out of the conversations to be had, and then move on with your day. 
>feedback loop
You speak of this imageboard feedback loop as if it is an inevitability of imageboard browsing but perhaps you've just been projecting your own bad experiences with imageboards onto the experience as a whole. I for one haven't experienced a shred of what you're talking about, but maybe that's just because I've only browsed /r9k/ for all these years. Even so, that would just mean that I made a wise decision in avoiding shit boards and am reaping the benefits of it, maybe you should try to do the same.
Replies: >>948
Thanks for humoring me with the answers, robots. I find it both comforting and interesting to see that anons still turn up even after all these years.
I only occasionally glanced at the board during the cuckchan days, back then it just seemed like a slightly less shitty /b/, which I guess was initially the point before it got taken over by virgins, then subsequently shat up by normalniggers. Stuff like good boy points and those ridiculous poopoopeepee images still get a smirk out of me when I think of it though. Not sure if fondly remembering that era in particular is a no no around here or not since that's right before wojak and pepe started to turn into normalfag shit but as far as I'm concerned that kind of overblown to the point of fantastical disgusting shit will never not be funny, and it reminds me of times when you could post that sort of stuff without various political brigades coming down on top of you for god knows how many different microaggressions or whatever the fuck they're calling it nowadays.
>flood detected
What the hell, is someone spamming?
Replies: >>975
I feel like this would be a good place to post my woes caused by females.
>when your mom decides to dump something of yours out to "free up space" but doesnt actually use the space so all thats accomplished is you losing whatever she decided to dump out for no reason at all (because she didn't use the space). 
Why when the best option is for a woman to do nothing and carry on her normal day does the woman decide to do something without consideration
Replies: >>947 >>948 >>949
They live for drama. If there were only two people left on the planet and if either one of them was a woman she'd ceaselessly try to hamper the other person's life as much as possible whether man or woman. The only thing that puts a stop to this even temporarily is corporal punishment.
Exactly. The internet is a tool, but when it becomes a life style it's unhealthy.

I went to image boards when they were fresh and edgy. I remember cuckchan before memes became a thing. The internet is serious business grew out of the mentality from the early days. You weren't le epic virgin board poster or muh gamergater or whatever identity it is you're attaching to it. You're just part of the background noise and then you turn the computer off and disconnect from the digital world. These days there's no where to disconnect and people are building their lives on falsehoods. 

It reminds me of the console wars of the 16 bit era. People refusing to play good games on the SNES because they're a mega drive owner. Building their identity around bullshit and sacrificing their own happiness because of that identity. 

She was shit testing you. She wanted to know if you would let a woman throw away your stuff. You didn't take control and tell her no, so she threw it out. Her goal wasn't to make space, it was to see if you were a man or not and you failed her test. Basic female psychology. "Can I break this?" if she does then she doesn't care about it any more, if she can't then she feels it's good enough to try breaking again later. Repeat infinitely.
Replies: >>950 >>958
Man you have shit mom, because I don't remember losing anything ever in my room, and sometimes they would tidy up my bedroom when I'm too lazy to do it myself. Is she single too by any chance?
Replies: >>952
I still think that your projecting. I don't see any of what your talking about on this board. 
Perhaps this isn't the case on other boards but I couldn't care less for those.
Shes alright (mommy bias?) but yes, a slingle mom. It was something that was outside of my room so I guess it wasn't that big of an offence, but still, i don't like having to always have to consider that someone in the same house as me will attempt to act on poor assumptions or to test me. Its one of the major reasons why i wouldn't want to live with anyone (if I moved out). others inside your house are a liability you cant control
Is your name Freud and do you happen to be on cocaine right now?
>eating lunch (therefore outside room)
>mom tries to blame me for a hypothetical ("if you didnt do X then the end result would have been completely different") in regards to something that happened yesterday
>offended by this random display of blame, i start to argue with her. Not if her claim is right, but for trying to bring up "what ifs" in an effort to place blame on me
maybe its a stress instinct women do to try and calm themselves (all the pieces of the puzzle being in place so to say), i dunno
>goes on for a bit, but quiets down
>she then starts acting like normal after sternly saying "i don't like the way you talk to me"
Is this one of those tests? Why did god create women like this. What would happen if i was passive to her? Is this something people with wives constantly have to put up with? My disdain for women grows
Replies: >>965
>Is this something people with wives constantly have to put up with?
Replies: >>967
What a worthless attrition, in your own home too
Replies: >>969
Give your father a hug if he stuck around and actually interacted with you through it all.
>Not sure if fondly remembering that era in particular is a no no around here or not
Obviously we all refrain from posting particular memes or utilizing specific expressions since they have been irreversibly corrupted, but I personally don't see an issue with the occasional lapse into the soft embrace of nostalgia--it's partialy why I asked if any robots from earlier times were still around. I still remember a lot of the times on that board fondly, from the good to the bad. Even if the community has moved past the originalio requirements, dejected virgin posting/gf obssession, wojack/pepe and all their variants, and all the other waves of material that washed over the previous iterations, I can still remember the good times I had posting and lurking that board over the years. Even some of the tripfags and obnoxious shitposters still hold a special place in my memories. It's all a part of why I keep coming back to r9k and looking for boards like this one. At least here, for the most part, there are dedicated and thoughtful (shit)posters who are willing to have a genuine conversation about an array of subjects unlike the rest of the internet that has dissolved into habitual shitflinging and obsessive one-upmanship. 

Sure, conversations and the board at large aren't as hectic and fast-paced as they used to be. And sure, we've lost a lot of robots as some have left the board; as some have simply turned off the computer; and as some have probably just up and died; but I have a fair bit of confidence for the future. If robots continue to congregate and endure in isolated hollows of the internet on boards like this one as they clearly have (whether those shelters have the r9k moniker or something else entirely) the robotic spirit will endure and we can keep having candid interactions of a sort, and frankly that makes me a little happy.
Replies: >>1013
(101.2KB, 1536x1152)
Not for not having a girlfriend, but for many other things, still to this day too.
Replies: >>977
Yeah, I should've clarified: the virgin posting garbage is a shameful memory. The only redeeming part would be to point back at it and acknowledge that I've moved past it now.
I remember when there was an attempt to "take back" 4r9k. It was doomed to fail because the mods were against the robots from the start (i believe there was some news about moot hiring redditors and the such to mod 4chan, I cant remember), but it did seem to clear up the board a bit.
Replies: >>1014
Wasn't that why poopoopeepee becoming a thing? It's been a long time but I vaguely remember some retards (probably normalniggers) getting ridiculously offended over those pics, especially when they were edits of those "princess points" images.
Replies: >>1015 >>1021
>poopoopeepee becoming
*wound up becoming
>Wasn't that why poopoopeepee becoming a thing?
I was there, it was to both keep normalniggers out and to make it so normans would stop stealing Pepe. Sadly it failed on both counts
Replies: >>1022
Eh at least it was fun while it lasted. i just wish I wasn't a retard who didn't back up his files at the time because I lost most of that shit and the stuff I do have is in a jumblefucked folder that i don't even want to think of sorting through.
Not by parents, but i was judged  by person 4 years younger than me. Im 22. He got what he deserved.
>>608 (OP) 
No they never wanted me to be an independent person. They want me to be their carer with no personal life. I will "take care" of them alright (in minecraft)
(136.9KB, 739x600)
My mom is starting to notice that I'm a neet and all, maybe 10 years late, and asked me today why I don't have a girlfriend and that when she was my age she was already married.

What do you say to this? I managed to slip the subject pretty easily and my mom like most people in general, just talk for the sake of talking.  You know, just to vent and not actually say anything, she isn't really a person all together and words are just syntax; but it worries me not having an answer that won't make the situation worse.
Replies: >>1967 >>1968
Alright, this might be extremely autistic, but bear with me, I did it and worked.
>Go out at night once or twice
>Tell your mother that you are dating one girl or something
>Act happy for some days
>After that tell them she dumped you
>Act a bit down for a while
As time goes on, she will forget an stop bothering you. I guess they might just start coping with "huh my son is a normalnigger after all, if it isn't now then he will get a roastie at some time in the future and give me some grandchildren". My excuse for meeting my supposed gf was that because I was at university at the time, I had a place I could tell her I had meet somebody. 
Again this is very autistic and it might work with a small subset of normalniggers, but maybe it's worth a shot.
Replies: >>1971
(109.8KB, 1280x720)
Tell her it's her and your father's useless parenting that lead you where you are today, if they had done their job and taught you properly from the very beginning until your adulthood, as they were meant to fucking do, you'd be an upstanding functional member of society. But no, they told you nothing, taught you nothing, didn't share their own life "experience" with you, didn't teach you how to play the game and didn't warn you of its dangers and perils, and why? Because their parents also did a bad job at parenting as well and so as a result they did an even worse one, and so did your grandparents's parents, their own parents' parents and so on so forth, and why? 75 years of uninterrupted demoralization of the west. Why? Jews.

In short: when she asks "why haven't you got a girlfriend? I was already married at this age" you say "shut the fuck up before l lift this fucking desk and use it as a baseball bat to lop your empty head off, you dumb brainwashed sorry excuse of a mother"
Replies: >>1969 >>1971
>Why? Jews.
Can't he just look her dead in the eye, and say aloud " JEWS"?
Replies: >>1971
>you failed as parents because your parents failed as parents
This is actually true and not just because jews.  I hope its not so for everyone else here

>also because jews
I could, I've already called someone a nigger in confidence with her and everything has been surprisingly fine, but I've also tried explaining why democracy is fundimentally retarded and how shes just being played by the talk radio and church. I was meet with barking.  Like how you might holler at a dog when it barks; it doesn't know what you're saying it just knows your making noise and it should too :D
The dog doesn't hate you after ether, it literally doesn't know and goes along its day and will maybe bark a ton more later.  Except unlike the with the dog, people will hold it against you if you don't bark back.

This isn't about red/blackpills, she's not a person after all and words are meaningless. Its about avoiding conflict. >>1967 suggestion could work but I don't have any friends and his plan requires me to bring up the subject.  I don't want a plan that expects the person I'm talking too to think about past events or information specific to me.   Just an easy answer that doesn't call attention to itself.  I just want to bark like the dogs enough to escape.
>>608 (OP) 
Not much anymore because my sister turned out to be completely sex avoidant too. So I guess they just gave up on having grandchildren altogether.
Replies: >>2183 >>2260
Damn, that's weird. Normally at some point they just start to start a family to fit into normal society (I mean women).
Replies: >>2237
Yeah, she just watches TikToks and plays vidya when she's not working. My parents almost divorced at one point when we were younger and I guess it fucked her up as much as it fucked me up.
Replies: >>2260
My sister is like that too, don't know if it's more because I tormented her a lot or because our parents openly fucking despised each other and were constantly just one inane action away from screeching at each other for hours on end.
Ah yes, I remember 2015.
Replies: >>2276
(2MB, 512x512, 00:18)
Forgot the webm.
Your mom sounds like a tsundere.

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