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keep minority spirit

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Why there are so many /cow/ and cuckchanner cucks in here. Can't admin just van them?
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Silly ni/gg/er, thats not heh-pilled.
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I don't know what you are talking about also posting an edit of the same image over again isn't funny. What's even the point of going here if you are just gonna shit on it and do nothing of worth?
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Please be paitent, /cow/niggers have schizophrenia.
>>383 (OP) 
They have some petty disagreement with the BO and won't leave him alone.
>you're STILL too dumb to solve the captcha
can I get a quick rundown?
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>/v/ users flock to julay/v/ during the great migration
>mods have a meltdown because fat/v/ users made a TLoU2 thread and it looked too similar to muh gamergay
>tengu, the BO of this board, is named BO of that board in the confusion and he removes all janitors
>suddenly, by (((pure coincidence))), actual cp is posted on /v/ and mods refuse to help tengu
>somebody reports the site to the domain and the site goes down for a while
>the guy who owns the site removes tengu from his position and promotes the mods who refused to delete the cp
>but tengu still has permission to delete the board , so he does that out of spite
>julayniggers are still mad about it, also they call him a pedophile because he faps to loli doujins
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oh boy.
it's a quick rundown that's for sure
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continued autism
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and the last autism
koi was delet from julay irc somewhere in this due to him relaying information to the non-irc using gentiles
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Never forget.
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I don't understand.
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Guntopia is the weasel. This is proof that Julay is run by the gunt cabal, because why elsd would the site owner Robi is dead use one of their spambots to get revenge for being outed as a pedophile?
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Okay, Now can you explain what you just said to me like you're explaining it to a retard?
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Not him but that's not an easy task as most of the shit that comes from /cow/ doesn't make any sense to begin with. As you can see yourself by taking a quick look at /cow/, or some of the troll threads they created on here.
I think the weasel guy is hangingflesh too? He has basically taken over Julay and likely is a fed.
Something fishy is going on at Julay, but you'll never get to the core of what exactly is going on there because everyone on the webring is busy dealing with their bullshit and trolling.
Oh and just in case you haven't noticed, pedophile is their favorite word, they think or pretend to think that everyone they don't like is automatically a pedo.
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They didn't they spam boards with CP?
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