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Making this thread because of /a/'s unfortunate demise. This seems to be the season of good sequels. Are you looking forward to anything? Would all 3 of you be interested in watching seasonal streams?
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>>2622 (OP) 
Sure, I'd be interested in viewing what anon has hand selected as being worthy of view. Found some bredy gud cartoons that way from the one other stream I've seen. Also showed me that it  seems that most western production has a mandatory "lawful good mary sue" main character to try to shove morals into people's heads, i guess and was a character which I found to be very boring in 19 cases out of 20. Probably why spongebob was so popular, there are no mary sues in it and the main character is a retard, albeit with a heart of gold. 
But, yes, if anon hand picks said animu one tends to find gems in it as well.
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ok I'll stream in 45 minutes
Haven't watched much these past few seasons. Too saturated with moeblob/idolshit/isekai crap for me to find something of interest. This season doesn't look like an exception, but maybe I'll take a look at some. 

Is anyone else watching thunderbolt fantasy? Only thing I'm looking forward to currently. TAIWAN NUMBA WAN
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>Is anyone else watching thunderbolt fantasy?
Wait did that get a sequel? I've been meaning it watch it from the start.
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Yep. Season three this April. Two movies, first takes place between S1 and S2, second is a prequel. I'd recommend all of them.
ok embed on cy broke and everything crashed but it's live
strm over
>>2622 (OP) 
Love comedies all the way. Gotta finish watching 5-toubun no Hanayome before getting into Horimiya.

Which /a/ are you talking about? Also is it dead or something?
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This one. It came back after the thread was made.
I'm going to make a sandwich and then go live again. Lots of shows aired this week.
it's over
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didn't even know it was going until it was too late
Since /animu/ is ded again I'd figure I go over shows I've seen this season here.

SK8: Started off okay but my homodar went off after about 10 minutes. I don't think I'll continue it.
Cells at work/Black: Original series remains wholesome but both of them are getting rather repetitive. Kidney stone episode made me uncomfortable. Surprisingly the main series was cut down to 8 episodes, while the spinoff was given a full season.
Shingeki no Kyojin: I'm only watching this because I want to see how retarded it gets.
Higurashi: I'm only halfway through but I don't really understand the appeal of yet another time loop premise. It works in VNs but not so much when it's adapted, where it gets stale rather quickly.
Dr. Stone: Only show I look forward to each week other than One Piece ;^)
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Mushoku Tensei was much better than I expected from Otaku Wish Fulfillment: The Series, it helps that Rudy actually has to learn things and is slowly learning to not be a shitty otaku
Mewkle continued to be gold this season but the formula is getting stale after 40+ episodes, S2 will probably fuck it all up somehow with by bringing back the crossdressing or smth
hataraku was good as usual but the minions were fucking gay, probably why it got axed after 8 eps
hataraku blackpill was better despite being yet more despair, big titty WBC and mesu platelets helped, last episode is "Demise" so it's probably going to be stay a 1cour even though the manga has more to adapt
Redo of Edgelord is mediocre but gets carried by being the only show with the balls to show sexy time and not hide it behind the BD
thanks for coming to my TED talk

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