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"Never interfere with the enemy when he is in the process of destroying himself." — Otamin

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An easy thread for game discussion other than 2hu. Post hidden gems, find frens to play with, or talk about new stuff.
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Anyone else going to play cyberpunk on launch? I'm pretty sure it'll just be a GTA clone at this point but I don't mind.
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>or talk about new stuff.
I heard about this new board called >>>/v/ where you can like discuss video games, we like should check it out instead of like posting here right guys?
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Looks like a shitboard to me. Embrace /nen/liness.
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im gamer i game
Replies: >>1400
zzz/v/ more like
slower mark/v/ (quality wise) in denial
Replies: >>1402
while it is a shitboard and (you) can talk about vidya please don't /nen/ or at least /nen/ responsibly
im breather
i breathe
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you take that back immediately
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gomen gomen
i don't browse zzz/v/ and mark/v/ often these days (yes i used to be from mark/v/ermin some time ago)
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hello gamers is the monhun remaster on switch worth picking up

no need to apologize when you're correct
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Every time I bring this game up, the word "exhausting" gets thrown around, but what does /japan/ think of it?  Is it the polar opposite of taking it easy, or the pinnacle of danmaku easiness?
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I'm not too familiar with rail shooters but I could see how this one is tiring. The thought of waggling constantly hurts my arthritis ridden hands.
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There isn't any waggling, just aiming.  But the "tiring" part of this mostly seems to come from how, compared to the first game, it's no longer possible to have the complaint "the only flaw is that it's too short".
It was fun, but i prefer the N64 original more. Something about the grittiness of it all and the tightness of the missions. Motion controls doesn't really work with the S&P formula and it shows.
It wasn't really exhausting either, just kinda tedious and long? Some sections take way too long for no reason.
Replies: >>1411
In my case the motion controls worked well enough for me that I had one of the international high scores at one point (hard mode desert stage with Kachi).  Though later on, some guy on 8/v/ ended up getting the top scores on just about every part of the game before wii's online shut down, though.
new cyberpunk leak https://siasky.net/AADVStX6z9xQIqwmYXFo2luhqN9rwQpzXhxKno4yPhL2wg
Anyone here play len'en?
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I want a len'en fighter
Replies: >>2465
that would just be a bunch of salt jokes
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I wish someone made that 2hu mod for Rome 1. If I weren't so lazy I'd make it myself. Otherwise, I'm just playing Medieval 2, some Icewind Dale with faeries and a dumb alchemy women game.
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>second screenshot
Is that an actual mod and where can I download it?
Replies: >>2577
You can put custom portraits of whatever you want into the game and try to make their outfits look the way you like. The same goes for Baldur's Gate 1/2 and IWD 2.
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just identified this
it's like this game wants to tell me something
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new hidden gem, whaddya think
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didja try demon's crest
Replies: >>7904
yeah finished it
nice find!
I'm gonna need a better game soon, ones I have just aren't cutting it anymore.
Been playing some bing, it's a lot easier than when I last played it as a kid. I thought daredevil Bouldergeist was impossible but I got it done on the first try. Think I'm gonna go for 100%
got all the blue coins
fuck pachinko
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Shit, this is the first game from LRG I might actually want. Deathsmiles is getting released physically with some new features as well. I heard some shitty things about Strictly Limited so I might just go with the jap version to avoid waiting ages beyond the estimate. Apparently they both have English text so the only difference might be the DLC and manual. Does anyone have any experience playing STGs with a gamepad?
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