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pOrN iS GoOD foR yOu guYZ trUsT mE

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Containment thread in order to prevent the martial arts thread from becoming my personal blog, given how dead /fit/ has been lately. Original post with a basic breakdown of the routine >>798
After some training and research I've updated the program. I will continue to refine the program as I go, but I will try to finish a given version of the routine before changing, which means the version I've posted in this thread won't go into effect until next month. The strength training portion replaces the circuit on days when that is what is being trained. The "Monk's Isometric" guide is in the infographs thread.
This thread is also intended for anyone who wants to post a training journal, not just myself, so please do so, I am interested in what other anons training looks like.
/fit/ doesn't have to be an active board, having it serve as an archive for infographs/other guides is good enough. I still check every day for replies.
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>webring pph contrarianism is now unironically advocating board death
There is a small fraction of the content that old 8ch /fit/ had, even if one was inclined to let the board slide into quasi-wiki status. Additionally, there already was a healthy userbase that posted every day. Now, I'm supposed to believe that everyone has lost interest in working out now that we're going into summer?
In short, I reject your position in all respects.
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I'm not advocating for board death, I'm saying that even if nobody is making posts I guarentee you that some anons are still coming here to check on infographs and lurk threads. If you want more people to come here, make good threads and post good shit in others.
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Before we proceed, are you Grizzly?
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i am he
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>bo doesn't want an active board
If a board isn't being posted on, it's dead.
The way to attract posters is by keeping the board active. I don't appreciate the implication that my posts and threads are low quality. Especially when I've gone to the trouble of creating oc for the board.
>activity bad
you are retarded
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Finished page 1. I trained 16 hours total for the last 20 days, but only on 10 days out of the 20. I had to substitute some strength oriented sessions for the the circuit as my legs were absolutely shot. The version posted on this thread takes that into account by adding the alternate strength workouts by design. It also fixes a couple omissions. 
Since I didn't train today, and I missed my target, I'm starting on page 2 tomorrow. See you in 20 days.

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