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Since I'm apparently a pedo for lolicon, does that also make me a murderer for playing violent video games?
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>>195317 (OP) 
People will make excuses for lolicon, but say that violent media begets violence as remnants of their shitlib programming still remain deeply rooted in their minds.
Replies: >>195319
>>195317 (OP) 
They're abrahamic zealots with underdeveloped amygdalas who hate anything cute and beautiful. (>>189938)
Rephrase your post to be clearer, you sound like a schizo ESL.
Replies: >>195324
Learn to read, faggot. What I typed wasn't hard to understand.
How liberals and American Christians think: Little kid or young adult sees violent movie, decides to imitate it in real life.
It's retard logic that only works with low IQ browns and druggie kids. Normal non-melanin afflicted people can interpret fiction from reality by the age of 6, blacks seem to almost never be able to do this no matter how old they are.
Replies: >>195326
And how does the "People will make excuses for lolicon" part fit into that?
Replies: >>195327
Because a lot of weebs believe violence in media begets violence lmao. Its a 90s shitlib lesson that they never purged, even though they know that lolicon doesn't make people into pedophiles.
Replies: >>195330 >>195332
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>Because a lot of weebs
Who exactly?
>Because a lot of weebs believe violence in media begets violence lmao.
source: your anus
If you enjoy playing violent video games it means you have a desire to kill people. This is completely natural, men have been killing each other forever. Apes kill each other too. If you're aroused by drawings of little girls it's because you have a desire to marry and make love with a little girl, most likely one that's around age 10 which is when they hit puberty. This is also something completely natural that men have been doing forever up until it became illegal in jew-controlled nations at about the same time niggers were declared equal to you and women got the right to vote.
Replies: >>195339 >>195340
>murder is le good
>pedophilia is le good
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>monkey do something so I should do it too
Evolutionfags' entire philosophy is being a wigger.
Replies: >>195357 >>195394
One of the most hilarious ideas humanity have ever made is the believe that we should take fiction as real.
>I should continue doing nothing and wait for Jesus and/or Qanon to save western civilization
>killing foreign invaders is murder because the foreign invaders in control of my government say so
>I should wait until a girl is 18 and has already been creampied by 50 other boys/men
Christcucks will be the laughingstock of the world for all eternity after they and their jewish masters are all exterminated.
Replies: >>195455
The bible literally says you should be a feeble little lamb and do nothing while evil flourishes. Why should anyone listen to you or take you seriously?
Replies: >>195455 >>195582
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Then the million dollar question is;
Is Yaoi gay?
Replies: >>195403
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Replies: >>195406
I'm not following the pic's argument.
I don't think most people think of prepubescent children as "objectively" disgusting. Most people are endeared by them in fact unless they are actively annoying or severely ugly.
Unless it refers to them as objectively disgusting in a sexual manner, In which case the same could be applied to the yaoi counterpart, where someone could find the fictional depiction appealing while finding the reality disgusting due to that ambiguity, which is also present in lolicon art, to make it more stylized.

To clarify, I'm not arguing whether Yaoi is immoral or not. I'm arguing whether finding the same differentiation of appeal could be applied to yaoi similar to how some people like yuri but hate real life dykes.
Replies: >>195407
Normalfags are propagandized to be disgusted by and even hate children, including their own.
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>>195317 (OP) 
First person shooters got popular as the school shootings did. They coorelate time period wise. The Columbine kids literally talk about playing Doom and pretending they were going to play Doom during the shooting. 

However, if it's not a realistically immersive game such as FPS then it's not causing it. Animu is not realistic ergo it's irrelevant. By that logic VR porn causes rape/sex so only cp that's vr and or in first person should be banned, logically.
Replies: >>195429 >>195440
>The Columbine kids literally talk about playing Doom and pretending they were going to play Doom during the shooting.
Don't forget Eric Harris .wad file.
Replies: >>195440
One of the kids was also a pillmuncher on SSRIs. It's less to do with muh violent content and more kids being put on antidepressants become nigger grade subhumans.
Replies: >>195448
50 50 percent chance one of us is on to something either way considerng it's ONE of them that was on ssris. One was nicknamed Vodka so maybe......the Mafia liked booze and Tommy Gunned the shit out of people. You can parallel substance abuse with it indeed. Niggers though, do they shoot up the schools like white kids. I thought they did drive by shootings so they could actually survive whereas whites when angered don't  care if they live or die, it's why they are such good soldiers and win such wars historically so says I.
Replies: >>195449 >>195667
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That's some nice dichotomy, "you're either a gaytheist or a christcuck".
>killing foreign invaders is murder
Yes. You just make coming in harder, and deport the invaders. Though if the invaders are subhumans such as niggers or indians, it's at worst animal abuse.
>and has already been creampied by 50 other boys/men
That's bad. But if age is the only thing that can prevent that it's also bad, it's a sign that the culture approves of promiscuity and the only way to prevent it is to take the girl for yourself before she could fuck anyone.
>you should be a feeble little lamb and do nothing while evil flourishes
No, but being unnecessarily aggressive is not too White or Human.
Replies: >>195538
Soynigger raider,
>>195317 (OP) 
Get a better fapping material
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You're replying to 2 different people here so watch your mouth budy.
>That's some nice dichotomy, "you're either a gaytheist or a christcuck".
>Yes. You just make coming in harder, and deport the invaders.
Right right right, just like what  cuckservatives are doing right now lol. How well is that working for them again?
>That's bad. But if age is the only thing that can prevent that it's also bad, it's a sign that the culture approves of promiscuity and the only way to prevent it is to take the girl for yourself before she could fuck anyone.
It's not the only thing that prevents it, it's also arranged marriages. Little girls should also be kept from co-ed schooling and the best education women should have is an elementary or middle school education. Nothing good has ever come from women going to school and girls are easily manipulated which is exactly why there has been a shift in how many women and men who identify as transgender. Young men also manipulate young women into pumping and dumping them, eradicating the possibility of them ever achieving a pair bond 
>No, but being unnecessarily aggressive is not too White or Human.
Humanism is an innately christian philosophy and has lead to the disaster of multiculturalism and anti racism today.
Replies: >>195549
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>Humanism is an innately christian philosophy
I'm not doing some stupid sportsball teams bullshit (the bad team does something, so it's bad).
By that mentality, for example, I wouldn't be watching anime because some irony weeb trannies also do it.
>and has lead to the disaster of multiculturalism and anti racism today.
No, that's because their "humanism" is different from my Humanism. To christcucks, everyone is a human, even animals such as niggers and pajeets. And you can't even behave like a human and have to be a cucked sheep all the time and hope your imaginary friend comes to rescue.
To me, the definition of Human is much stricter (pretty much only applies to Whites (which includes Nipponjin) who do NOT have degenerate behavior such as selfishness, dishonesty, unnecessary violence, promiscuity, drug abuse, etc), and I'm not against harming or putting down animals when they threaten Humans, but if violence can be avoided, it's should be (otherwise you're not better than the animals themselves).
Maybe we should have another crusade but this time against faggots and niggers.
It's not like atheist are doing anything against the menace. They are more likely to side with them in fact.
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>just kick them out
lol what cuck mentality. basically this amounts to the invaders having 0 accountability for their own actions and what it leads to is them to keep trying to cross the border. what i would do is put them to work in prisons for years depriving of them of their children and then kick them out or ship them all to africa or both
Replies: >>195598
Loli is pedophilia, video games CAN cause violence, just look at Columbine. Quit living in your retarded delusions and get some professional help. You are a pedophile.
>video games CAN cause violence
Or or we are just violent apes and you need to take your hyperfixation on safety and fuck off
Replies: >>195599
That does sound good. And even if you think killing is completely OK and "b*sed", just from an utilitarian perspective it's better to make them slave.
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>>195597 (Y*u)
>we are just violent apes
Speak for (Y*u)rself, shitskin. Don't couple us Whites with (Y*u).
Replies: >>195628
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Spoiler File
(381.6KB, 634x419) Reverse
>Loli is pedophilia
>pedo (children) + philia (love)
Picture 1 is a Loli.
Picture 2 is a child.
Now, explain how picture 1 is equivalent to picture 2, and how people who love the sight of picture 1 would also love picture 2.
this is why peods deserve death. this shit is pure cringe she looks like a little indian mutt
Whites might have been on the evolutionary path of no in group violence but now you are no path but to the grave and the arrogant insistence on whiteness being synonyms of maladaptation makes feeling pity for retards very hard
Replies: >>195648 >>195667
>violent media makes people more violent
Did your dad whip you with a belt after watching Rambo when you were a kid?
Rewrite that in coherent, consistent English.
Replies: >>195650
If you are too dumb to understand that, you too dumb to talk to me
Replies: >>195653
So you just meant to shit out some incoherent schizopost to vent out your frustration of being spotted as a shitskin.
Replies: >>195655
More like venting that whites will willing lose if it means they get to moral for it, you all need to start suffering for it
It keeps poping up, and it is retarded every time
Replies: >>195658
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>>195317 (OP) 
it just makes you based, don't seek justification from normie they're all drones
Replies: >>195660
Surely you'll save the White race by descending to the level of shitskins and behaving like an ape (your own words)
Replies: >>195664
Allegedly your picture's artist (https://exhentai.org/tag/artist:mammoth , found through exhentai reverse image search) was "doxxed and pitchforked off the internet by feminists".
Well if it would work, no reason not to, and if keeps the others away
>>195317 (OP) 
Dumb pedo.
Only brownoids and women think lolicon or violent media enables degenerates. Anyone else beliving the same is either underage or a faux moralist.
You niggers are all brainrotted faggots and can't be trusted as shotcallers.
Replies: >>195669 >>195674
My plans are turning coal burners into something like a broodmother from dragon age and using thier offspring to map out the genome, make soldiers i can use to make jewtopia crumble while releasing a new type of white person that has all the behaviour patterns of whites from a harsh ecology but wont be able to mutate to be less ethnocentric and feel empathy for every god damned thing
I dont want to rule anything, i want my phenotype to have a chance
Replies: >>195674
Yeah pretty much. Moralfags are always cancerous retards.
Nigger, what the fuck are you talking about?
>>195317 (OP) 
See, that's how you crack apart the feeble lies of the normalfag filth.
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