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Why is OP a faggot?
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Replies: >>142994
OP must always be a faggot. There is never a point in which said OP is not a faggot. OP and faggotry are intertwined with one another. There is nothing for OP but sucking a big fat cock forever and ever.
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what phenotype is this?
>inb4 ugly
Looks Thai.
What would the difference taste like?
Replies: >>119276
Different ratios of Lactobacillus Aryan women have highest levels
I'm guessing either Peruvian or Bolivian or some other South American mystery meat
How am I supposed to clean the house if my mom works from home? I can't vacuum the house while she is talking to customers because its too loud and I don't want to clean everything all in one day, the house is too big but my parents don't want to move and my sister is never here when it's time to clean the house. I hate mopping and vacuuming especially all in one day.
prove it
i've be waiting to give you your birthday spankings
happy birthday btw
show the birthday pussy
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What exactly is honor? And why does anyone care about it?
Replies: >>119565 >>119569
Also, don't QTDDTOT threads kinda defeat the point of /b/?
a female posted this
tits or gtfo
honor is the sense of doing the right thing for its own sake, without motivation for rewards or glory-seeking. it's wanting to behave above the level of a monkey or a nigger and to hold something or someone in such high regard that you're willing to sacrifice your safety, your freedom, perhaps even your life, in order to defend it.
i could go on, but hopefully you get the idea by now.
why do you ask?
tits or gtfo
/b/ has no point, so no.
also, why do you care when 99% of the catalog is pure shit? surely one more turd won't make a difference
/v/ is basically /b/-lite with video games. Also the mods there don't allow new threads that are low-quality. So that means no new threads ever >>100000
Replies: >>137912
It's a systematized form of 'that hurts my feefees'.
See: china
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What do the booru numbers mean?
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So 0 means nothing, nada, nil, the opposite of something
1 is the smallest amount comes right after 0, 
2 comes after 1 and it's twice the amount of 1, but not twice the amount of 0, because two times 0 is still 0 or double 00 at most if we're talking flour
3 is what happens when you add 2 and 1 together and comes after 2
4 is two times 2, comes after 3
5 is the halfway point in numbers that signify a quantity, comes after 4
6 is 2 times 3 or 3 times 2, or maybe even 1 times 6, or 5 and 1 added together or 2 and 4 added together, whatever you may it comes after 5
7 is the lucky number which comes right after 6 again you can add up the others in many ways to make it, but you can't multiply any of them except for 1 repeated 7 times
8 is pretty cool, it looks like the infinity symbol but vertical, it's 4 times 2, or 6 and 2 added together or even more combinations than 7, which by the way it comes after
and at last we get to 9, the last and highest of the single digits, it looks just like a 6 upside down but it's not the same, even though it shares some similarities like the fact you can divide it by 3 (but not by 2 like 6) and that you can write it with a single stroke

and with that I covered all the digits, from 0 to 9, now they can be mixed and matched to make even bigger numbers but it's always the same ones composing them. I hope it helped you with your confusion.
I always thought it was how many posts they have.

Thank you very helpful.
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Are EMP attacks really a threat? Or just another scare tactic? If so, how do you protect your stuff from it?
prolly both. i doubt any state actor would do that because it just invites a counterattack of equal or greater force, i.e. nuclear if the attack is devastating enough. 
prolly not worth whatever short term benefits some kike thought up to profit from others' long term misery as usual.
a rogue terrorist or sentient ai doing something like this is a different story though. total wild card at that point.
this planet sucks anyway. if you're living on a high gravity space object you are literally a space nigger not worth caring about.
Replies: >>119753
>The Circle of HOPE (2018): EMP, CME, and the Electronic Apocalypse
>I need protection from EMP
Build a Faraday cage then.
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>if you're living on a high gravity space object you are literally a space nigger not worth caring about.
Where do you live then, oh wise extraterrestial visitor?
If it happens then you're going to be fucked because the rest of society isn't there to support you anymore. Plant one an only one grounding rod to tie your entire mesh shield in to.  Don't give it two routes to ground because that will radiate.

Any electritian can drive a 6' copper rod into the ground at the point of your electric service entrance if you don't know how to do that yourself.
>>119143 (OP) 
I have big gun; I took it from the lord
Swift with justice
I just wanna burn you
I'm your angel
Tried this service, but keep getting "onionsite not found" even though there's no illegal content on my site. Anyone know of a better free darknet hosting service than this?
Replies: >>120261
a laptop
Replies: >>120268
Good advice, officer. Which model do you recommend for easiest backdoor access?
Replies: >>120273
Try to find out which one your mum uses lol
Replies: >>120279
oy, u gawt uh loicense for dat insult, bruv?
persian mix
Why is Nietzsche so sexy, bros?
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He imitated the best
What was that scp wiki breakaway that made some waves a while back for not doing the gay activism shit? Did it actually go anywhere or did it just die off? Does anyone else even care?
Replies: >>121461 >>121477
galaxy something something
yeah, seems like most people don't care. not sure how active it is.
the psyop is that anything outside the ((( mainstream ))) is perceived by the masses as somehow affiliated with ((( white supremacy ))) and it basically gets bad jacketed and ignored
Replies: >>121466
I don't think it was anything galaxy; I (possibly mis)remember the word institute very clearly. Maybe we're thinking of different things. or maybe I'm just wrong. It was basically trying to do the same thing but more immersive. I also remember a blue color scheme.

It really sucks that something so unique, horror writing in exclusively clinical langue, became so popular and lost it's soul. The whole effect of the lack of normal prose went out the window when you see a big gay logo at the top of your screen. And the writing was generally going down hill. I hope against hope there's some quality breakaway that's managed to stay underground where this kind of art survives best; known only to people who care.
It's the mustache.
It was RPC IIRC. I haven't visited it in a long while but I think it should still have posts.
Replies: >>121587
That's it! Thanks friend.
Though for whatever reason it requires javascript over http, which is quite retarded.
Replies: >>121593
>requires javascript
even ((( wikipedia ))) doesn't do that
Why is every thread that I'm not OP a worthless piece of shit?
Replies: >>161456
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>search engines 8 years ago
<personal sites, multiple forums and technical pages
<multiple perspectiveson the same matter, plenty of useful information
>search engines nowadays
<it's all subreddits
I should have bookmarked all those webpages when I still had time.
I wish there were a way to filter plebbit results like on Goygle.
Replies: >>121913
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Problem is you have no way to filter out people from using plebbit.
Sooner or later you'll find out decentralized information is being curtailed in favor of attention whoring on leddit for updoots and validation.
Replies: >>121943
Some things can't even be found on search engines anymore because it's hidden away on discuck
> no way to filter out people from using plebbit
Still I wonder why search engines index plebbit results when not only does plebbit have it's own search functionality, but mainstream browsers typically includes sites like plebbit on the frontpage where normalniggers wouldn't need to look elsewhere for it. We should be given the option to filter certain keywords and sites; I believe Goygle has something akin to it.
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>touch grass
>please keep off the grass 

Why all these mix signals? What am I supposed to do now?
Replies: >>121969
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just smoke it, duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude
Replies: >>121952
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>go outside and touch grass smoke grass
but then how do I smoke grass outside without getting caught and arrested?
Replies: >>121964
smoke behind the waffle house with the employees
Replies: >>121977
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>Why all these mix signals? What am I supposed to do now?
Replies: >>121977
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waffle house is 30-45 minutes away. Is it okay to use the Wendy's, or burger king instead?
redpill me on outdoor setups. How to prevent the sun from causing glare? How to protect your setup from the rain? What to do when the landscapers starts working on my lawn? What will my neighbors think when I watch h-manga? Won't I get the police called for exposing and beating my meat in public?
Replies: >>121985 >>121995
>How to prevent the sun from causing glare? How to protect your setup from the rain? What to do when the landscapers starts working on my lawn? What will my neighbors think when I watch h-manga? Won't I get the police called for exposing and beating my meat in public?
Canopy, canopy, report them to ICE, some sacrifices must be made, invite the police to a LAN party so they won't press charges
Trees go a long way when it comes to shading out glare from the sun.  A water-proof backpack isn't a water-tight backpack, but it's enough for me to find a place where I'm not in a deluge or a flood, and there are always plastic bags to insulate the most important things in individual cells.

If it's your own lawn, then you can plan around landscapers or other workers.  If it's not, then you can scope out their typical schedules and take your dick out somewhere else and sometime else.  I have a car and that helps a lot in terms of a last resort place to keep dry, gtfo, find somewhere else, recharge things, etc.
Replies: >>122005
When do we stop being mean to each other?
Replies: >>121999
never, faggot
fuck you
It's his hair. It demands that you run your fingers through it while telling Nietzsche everything is going to be ok and not to worry so much, spoken in a soothing, reassuring tone of voice.
>Trees go a long way when it comes to shading out glare from the sun. 

only have palm trees but they are shit tier when it comes to shade. I have one other type of tree but dad wants it removed because its so close to the home and doesn't want leaves on the roof. living in the suburbs sucks

>A water-proof backpack isn't a water-tight backpack, but it's enough for me to find a place where I'm not in a deluge or a flood, and there are always plastic bags to insulate the most important things in individual cells

it rains like hell in the summer and early fall. I don't know if this will work.

>If it's your own lawn, then you can plan around landscapers or other workers.

not my lawn, it's my parents ultimately they could do anything they want and I have a fucking choice. 

>If it's not, then you can scope out their typical schedules and take your dick out somewhere else and sometime else

usually on Wednesdays or Thursday but sometimes it feels random. I don't why.
What would Nietzsche have to say about woke culture?
Replies: >>122187
Why do chinks put cheesy music and singing over top of their news videos? I swear nearly every time I see some shit out of a Chinese news story it's some faggot idol yowling in that disgusting language instead of any original audio from the video.
Replies: >>122140
It might beat the great firewall of china so it doesn't get deleted so fast, but with chinks you never really can tell if it's a cultural fad or if they're even thinking about it at all.  For all you know, it could be a requirement of the red chinese government becuase it's supposed to brainwash you or some such thing that got approved because they needed to invent any sort of a plan so that it could be approved and it would seem as though somebody had thought of something and then brought it through to implementation.

It would be their equivalent of the "5 year plan" to make it seem faster and more effective than a 100 year plan.
Replies: >>122164 >>122220
>it could be a requirement of the red chinese government
This is likely to be true. In a planned economy nothing is allowed to grow organically so you have to create markets for Party approved products. If the No.49 talent agency is putting out excruciating but ideologically correct idols then every news channel is required to consume their music. It keeps the money going round and gives opportunities for corrupt mandarins to siphon some of it off. Also the public gets constant exposure to the Party's messages. It's not too different from the west in that regard.
Replies: >>122220
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how do i shot web?
Replies: >>122178
>>119143 (OP) 
Y u gay
touch pp until something comes out
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They're a millennial who grew up eating cheetos while spending 4-8 hours a day watching some poorly drawn cartoon network shit (half the scenes are literally pictures of dog shit) with maybe sanic or dragon ball z, while drenched in the smell of Axe (TM), Febreeze (TM) and Tide (TM). When someone told them "u cant say nigger or faggot cus its racist cus dis an dat", they bought it around 2001-2003 when they moved onto video games and so at that point every game server would ban you for even the slightest suspicion of "racism" or """homophobia""". It was common to get banned from games at that point for "go back to /b/". At that point as they were on their newly found high horse they also all became atheists.

They used their SJW logic mixed with consumer faggotry to remove the game Ultima Online, a medieval game where you could kill anyone anywhere. They wanted to collect items and keep them even after they died. They were against being killed in unofficial, unstructured ways in a game because that contradicted their new religion. When they play game is strictly for "consooming product" (farming, leveling, "looting", chilling on irc/vent/teamspeak). Anything that reverts that "progress" is bad in their religion. This is an often missed aspect of the millennial SJW corponazi wigger faggot. By 2004-2006 all games were dead and fun was made illegal.

These people call themselves "woke" and "red pilled" simply because they realized they were tricked into believing that gays and niggers are oppressed so much that we cannot have free speech. It took them 10 years to get to that basic level of intelligence any human is born with ("""red pilled""" faggots debuted around 2010), and of course they went right onto their next wacko shit like da jooz, woman bad, """consoom product""" bad. Yes being a consumer faggot is bad, but only in the way they used to do it before becoming "red pilled". Actually they still are consumer faggots, with their Ivermectin, prepper shit, Telegram, etc. You can tell you're talking to these faggots when they call you a cuck out of absolutely nowhere.

Niectzhcu or however you spell that irrelevant faggot's name would say they're all faggots and lust for sodomy and want to be anally dominated by an ethnostate for retards. If they had their ethnostate it would be just as rulecucked as current West. It would be illegal to kick someone from your game server (99% of kicks are invalid, but it still shouldn't be illegal). Hapa ethnostates do not need a bunch of roundabout laws like to pamper retards.
sure thing cuck
what a cuck
the jew fears the cuck
Wow. I was gonna say at least the west's elite approved music sounds good but I thought about it and no it really is the same insufferable yowling only with niggermumble mixed in.
Still though it's bizarre to watch chink flood or riot videos and hear what seems to be some sappy cheesy bullshit pop song while people are being washed away or beaten up by ccp pigs.
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What ever brappened to chijo? An hero?
Chijo died
literally who
[Hide] (30.6KB, 427x300) Reverse
>An hero?
What about that other gay ass literal who nigger? Robert Brandon, I think was his name?
Do you need to be jabed to transit through the US?
Replies: >>123425 >>123701
I already live in the US so idgaf.  I haven't heard anything much about vaccine checkpoints for travelling across state lines really being an issue, even back when some states were going full retard about lockdowns.  Maybe there were some, or somebody passed a law that didn't make much difference.

If you're flying in from somewhere else then there's already every kind of ridiculous bullshit going on since israel did 9/11 and the jews passed the PATRIOT act, even if you're a documented citizen, so you should look that up from your own government or an embassy or something.  The US state department runs a website that tries to make it easy for people to know what to expect if they want to travel outside the country and then back in.  Or you can just sneak in through the southern boarder and you'll get free documents that establish your identity and you can basically break all the laws and also get a free ticket to somewhere in the country near where you wanted to go.
How much do jews pay you to post here?
Ancillary question: what are the written instructions and posting guidelines given for sabotaging this and similar sites?
Go ahead and share everything you know. They'll never know it's you posting their secrets if you post using Tor.
We're counting on your to expose the kikes while you're still getting paid by them. Don't worry, Jesus won't mind either.
lolno, not even the most cucked shitholes like commiefornia have vaxpass checkpoints or whatever the fuck is going on in yurup and ausfailia right now. Just be glad you're not can'tadian. If you are then I'm sorry you were born/became a citizen there you lost hard on that one.
Not sure why religion is here when all of its model people are already home... i guess theyre just looking for redemptions and nobody here is that much of a qafir for them.
Arent polygamy a proud thing? why act so displaced. Its like theres 4 for everybody. I guess islam dont count on the sky either.
Replies: >>123739
What to do. Even god sacrifices the world to consume the stars huh

So does its people.
So do we.
We re all just one another's sacrifice.
Some religions rule is so tough i worry it ll extinct like the aztec.

But then again the pope s too has gone extinct so
I guess it dont matter.
Am i suppose to feel a thing about yesterdatlys documentary? 
People getting worked out on gamy stuffs...sure makes it clear that nobody got choices anymore. 
Or just lazy. 

But nothing is impossible in god so i guess everyones just lazy and prefer to be muslims to spite one another
Yea nothing is impossible to god except being not of its preference. One statement sure means nothing to another
And thats why it ends up on sunday school when you are broke or is an orphan with no other choice or knowledge.
People got worked up so much because what they gave to god is not given back anymore. They simply share spaces with atheist like me despite asking not to
How kind
I dont need to change the standard either then
To be more than god is a sin.
The guy who did mormanism eventually regretted putting polygamy in to it.  He believed himself to be a blood descendent of jesus and so that would be a way to spread that seed far and wide through his church.  But it turns out to get abused, persecuted, and generally not being that great for an honest and pure society.
Replies: >>123745
Feeling my hate so much because otherwise this life is just designed to remove pain by applying another pain.

And everyone s just a fucking machine without oils so i am stuck looking for angels who are
Spoiled to the bones with all its otherworldly benefit like not having a single personality in the supplmentary book
>>123739 yeah well i guess polygamists is just good at playing tricks at childrens than any sort of proper lengthy statement
Or shouting loudly while asking people to not do so.
Replies: >>123750
Still cant do it fast. Either way just profits

I am but a machine too
As the lord doeses whstver and i have no control over the asshole
Free will but no free choice.
I dont feel much for anything anymore. Everyone looks dead
Tries hard to live but ends up being corpses too.
there's a jew on the loose
As far as I've been told in private conversations with mormons, polygamy is pretty rare anyway.  The dominant force in maintaining some kind of genetic superiority is more to do with the old fashioned ones that look down on breeding with people outside of their general genetic stock.

The pisser is that the church itself is kind of a money scam and needs a constant influx of new members to stay afloat, and that's why a place like Salt Lake City has the other half of the people adopting or breeding with a constant supply of brown immigrants.  kek.  So much for "purity."  And then they wind up with infrastructure problems like trying to support too much population growth while basically being a little oasis in a desert where nobody was planning on needing so much water.
Replies: >>123753 >>123755
That's what you get for setting things up as if you have a future here. You don't have a future here. You are a migrant worker sleeping on the factory floor. Then you get kicked out to make space for the next shift. That's life and death.
Live for the day and fuck the future and all the mind traps that have been set up to control people like slaves while the elites live like royalty. Politics, religion, it's really all the same.
Replies: >>123755 >>123763
>>123750 well people only like a range they can accept and cross religions will invite conversions so one lose than another its not exactly win win situation 
>>123753 yeah religiously you need to  give up any sort of joy. Which also includes being correct but people arent v into "picking something but its actually wrong"
Replies: >>123763
It was right to let you live with the devil so you learn from it. Even if you die. At least you learn.

Or you dont
So go to hell
I don't know what to say about that other than that I know my life is temporary and I'm going to die some day, and so of course I'm a temporary worker here.  I'm pretty happy about when and where I was born because I have a lot of viable options about what I want to try to do with my life while I'm still live.

I don't see why religion and joy would be incompatible unless you choose a shitty one.  I have no interest in crossing in to mormonism, but Christianity on the whole is built on one new commandment called love.
but truth is you are always a pollygamist. you are also always incestuous. because you marry the wife, the wife s family, the wife s interest and also the wife s circle of friend. 

thats what it is 

generally monogamy is bullshit and everybody is just talking in subtext and is unable to communicate whatever higher conversations they have.
Replies: >>123770
it s just this life s nature to be fucked up because well

it s part of learning.

it s ok to fail too you ll become devil and eventually die too.
wish the imams and jihads are alive so i can smother them with my gallant assholery but

i guess everyone just wanna be happy.
agape also means "please make me happy because i made you to do so but things beyond your control happen"
doesnt matter. we re all strangers. god didnt plan you to happen either until lucifer decided to went on a pilgrimage.
They say there is no honor among thieves.  Maybe some people associate with other people who are more respectful, and would rather have a companion who also wants one person to trust more than anybody else in the world.  Doesn't mean it's an easy thing to find, or to keep going if you thought you found someone close enough.
Replies: >>123773
hey we re tryin to make not muslims shoot each other so why is this still hard for me

maybe they dont really want it either
Replies: >>123775
>>123770 i heard you pay more tax married and cohabitation is wrong so i ll be evading that despite everyone tells me its a noble thing to do.
Replies: >>123777
It's a religion of conquest thanks to the haddiths and need to convert people by the sword in order to survive, and they also have their own scism between shia and sunni so that they can fight with each other even if there's nobody else to fight with.  It's a garbage religion in my view, but people will always find some reason to fight with each other if they don't have a good one.

And there will always be people on top provoking them to fight with each other (e.g. israel) because it's easier to control a people who are not unified in fighting against your own empire.  I really don't want to care about muslims, but the jews made them the utmost terrorist threat for my country, and now I have to play a game I would rather leave on somebody else's table.
In the US, the tax code is designed to favor marriage.  That's part of the reason why fags agitate for fag marriage so much so they can have the same tax benefits.
maybe all these are just part of trying to make me b more grateful of smaller things.... like this veryvheavy 3d printer with alot of financial responsibilities than profit

also selection of "friends" and "allies" that just doesnt like me to begin with
Replies: >>123780
Christianity is not about love. It was forced on Europeans on pain of torture and death. Christianity fought more bloody wars than anyone else. Even World War 2 was loosely based on Christian values if you listen closely to the speeches of Roosevelt and Churchill.
Replies: >>123781
I don't pick enemies.  I sometimes find friends.  You don't need to make a final decision at any time, or to build your own army.  We're all just kind of surfing through whatever life is supposed to be along different courses.  Sometimes we find people on a similar course.
If you know anything about Christianity, then you know that was just the cover of calling it "Christianity" in order to continue the process of endless wars, colonization, and so-forth.

And some of it was the right thing to do in order to not be some dumbass who thinks you might as well curl up and die in the face of persecution.
Replies: >>123783
technically i m also not In speaking terms with my dad... in heaven. PETER
Replies: >>123805
>>123781 i m raised christian and i have very hard time acccepting muslim fashion or its counter affinity against me.
so this hits abit hard. buddhist costume customs and hindu is also not something i m born with
so idk. it feels like i m set to be ridiculed.
Replies: >>123786
If Christianity was about peace and love, then there never would have been the Spanish Inquisition or the Salem Witch Trails among countless other atrocities. Don't forget that the ((( missionaries ))) were just scouting parties which supplied intel to their respective Kings about the native peoples so that they could plan bloody military campaigns to conquer them.
They also played dirty tricks on the natives like purposely infecting them with smallpox (through infected blankets) so they could tell the people they were cursed and needed to convert to stop God from killing them all.
Christians were and are some of the most evil people on Earth, so spare me the bullshit about peace and love. The most peaceful and loving people I ever knew were non-religious people. Not necessarily Atheists, just not affiliated with a religion.
In fairness, though, Buddhists are pretty chill overall, so if I had to live in a religious society, I'd go with that.
Replies: >>123786 >>123838
Nothing wrong with ridicule.  That's just something you're going to be faced with no matter what you think or don't know what you might think.  It's not specific to Christianity.  It's just you against the world around you.  I've been to some hindu temples and there's kind of a similar combination of obviously questionable stuff and good ideas going on, so it might be a good learning experience if you're not sure how to separate the wheat from the chaff.

>blah blah blah muh holocaust
>christians did it!
Whatever.  Do whatever you want.  I don't really care enough to get into an elaborate historical argument about it if you'd rather just stick to your own version of history.
Replies: >>123787
That's once of the most insidious things about religion, as soon as you convert, you take any attacks personally.
I never said I think all Christians are bad, just most of the worst people I've know were practicing Christians.
And yes, historically, overall, the ((( Church ))) has been a blight on humanity. Not saying other religions are better, we're just talking about Christianity, but I could shit on Islam even more easily, although there scorecard probably isn't even as bad as Christianity's is and that's saying a lot.
By the way, we're not even taking into account Christianity's legacy of destroying European culture and identity which is a horrible crime in itself.
Replies: >>123788
Of all things I didn't expect, I gained a large amount of respect for the institution of the church when I started taking classes on western music history.  This is an institution that I had not previously liked a whole lot, and also one I'd like to be the first to complain about when it comes not just to general corruption but the sort of most horrific crimes like child molestation and sects that practice outright satanism.

But you're not doing a very good job of making a salient point just saying "it ruined muh european culture."  You should go back and make a list of specific points about it in order to make a difference in other peoples' opinions.  Make them relatable to their own personal lives.  What difference would there be without it?  Don't just attack some ambiguous monster like a don quixote.
Replies: >>123790
Wow.  I'm not even going to click on that.  I could tell you more about wrongs done under the veil of being called ((( christian ))) than it would take you to watch hours of documentaries or read every related wikipedia article.

This is not an effective way of defending
>but muh european culture
unless you want to look like the kind of a jew the rabbi scolds for making all jews look as dumb as they are.
Replies: >>123791
that link wasn't for a brainwashed, defensive idiot such as yourself, it was for the lurkers.
lots of interesting info for those not familiar with the history of this shitty religion
Replies: >>123792
That might make sense if you could just explain for yourself why you think its particularly shitty.  Did you think I wasn't trying to help you refine your arguments?
Replies: >>123831
woooaircons good dddd i just forgot about the other electrical thinngggg

like all my statements wooo
Replies: >>123797
I once filled a super-soaker with salt water and sprayed the whole thing at an electrical outlet, and almost nothing happened in spite of my my intentions.  But it was a 120V socket in the US, so that's just the way it goes.
Replies: >>123801
If my mouse or keyboard's usb get loose, my videocard driver resets until my pc crashes. Is my computer cursed?
>>123797 it s not the socket but the thing with alot of switches. Apparently the current must ve jumped so the switch is turned down and for the last... idk. 2-3 years(?) i thought the aircon is broken.
It s too silly it s not even funny.
Replies: >>123802
[Hide] (40.5KB, 296x296) Reverse
>the think with a lot of switches
lol you mean circuit breakers?  kek imagine something is turned of for 2-3 years to keep a horrible wiring job from starting a fire.

I'm actually serious you should take pictures of it.
Replies: >>123804
[Hide] (2.7MB, 4608x2240) Reverse
>>123802 lol no its all good. No wires. The electrics mustve jumped during blackouts here or just overcapacity. The second one is the aircon and i just noticed it because the third floor is not used as much anymore except for me to sleep....with aircon.
Replies: >>123806
>>123782 ... i mean god. Not dad lol. My dad s alive
[Hide] (176.9KB, 540x610) Reverse
lol that writing some electrition put on it to try to figure out how the absolute fuck it was wired up
Replies: >>123807
>>123806 ....uh i dont know wheres the wiring either lol.
>refine your arguments
got better uses of my time
>Salem Witch Trails
But witch trials have always existed; Ancient Egyptians and Romans also persecuted witches long before Christianity even had a name. Christians are antifa compared to the Romans; Romans also veiled their women,  just like Islam.
Replies: >>123842
this is the worse kind of whataboutism
consider suicide
Replies: >>123843 >>123892
It isn't whataboutism when you depict that as a peculiarly Christian practice and witch trials are totally justified anyway; witches are criminals and deviants.
>when you depict that as a peculiarly Christian practice
nice leap in logic, schizo
redddddditor clowns talk about "whataboutism".

How do you think a human mind works? Logic? Comparison of facts? Search for analogues? You are thinking by primitive patterns and rubber stamps, you are like a frog with reflexes and nothing more. You use only 0.1% of your brain. Turn on your brain, anon, stop to think in memes, "whataboutism" and similar bs for retards.
Replies: >>123929 >>123935
You are so obviously mentally ill I can tell not just from the complete nonsense you write but merely the way you post your awful retardation. Please immediately take your medication, before you hurt yourself again.
[Hide] (9.9KB, 258x236) Reverse
>"It's not just us, they do it too and worse!
pick one
Does Mr. Nietzsche need a bump?
[Hide] (87.7KB, 800x1049) Reverse
Why stop at 9? why not make a  twenty or thirty based counting system like picture related. we could make different symbols to represent 22 as a single digit.
I feel an uncontrollable urge to shitpost, wat do?
on a related note, when will /b/ be good again?
[Hide] (502.2KB, 900x602) Reverse
>on a related note, when will /b/ be good again?
Replies: >>126761
[Hide] (2.2MB, 1280x720, 00:06)
High effort posts are being cooked behind the scenes, they just take a very long time to get done.
Replies: >>126772
I don't know. I only hope it will be soon.
[Hide] (54.8KB, 680x497) Reverse
>cheap greenscreen over a 2hu animation someone else made
Oh my Science! It's f*cking OC!!!!!! /b/ IS SAVED!!!!
Replies: >>126811
>That's not REAL OC!!
Mind explaining to us what your standards are for OC, anon?
Replies: >>126873
He can't do that but it won't stop him from screeching hard as fuck. He's probably one if the fags who keeps crying about the magazine thread on /v/.
[Hide] (719.4KB, 3744x2808) Reverse
How come nobody ever thought of using leg hair pattern for divination? It surely looks like it can tell you nearly as much as a disemboweled ox's guts or a bird's flight route.
Are you supposed to put your computer in your living room or bedroom?
Replies: >>127876
Bedroom, or have it in its own separate office
[Hide] (85.6KB, 634x385) Reverse
I want to become good at sex, any guide online?
Replies: >>128743
[Hide] (1.7MB, 589x250) Reverse
Do you think names have the power to mark the way people turn out? I've seen repeated traits and behaviour patterns around those with the same name.
Replies: >>128698 >>132269
I guess it depends. Sometimes after a person with an underwhelming name becomes famous the name becomes impressive too, i guess regular people get predisposed by their own name in one way or another, while a strong, successful person sways the impression their name has on others.
[Hide] (1.9MB, 2090x3109) Reverse
there was this good movie
or at least i faintly remember it to be
it has at least an 8.0 on imdb
but the only thing i recall is that it had either l.a in the name or just los angeles
there was a scene where they got some dude to fuck a politician to blackmail him and then the dude got shot in the head or something 
what was the movie
Replies: >>128744 >>128745
Put pp in hole back and forth until you feel good.
Was it L.A. Confidential?
Replies: >>128752
This is real life.  Hillary Clinton did this.
[Hide] (836.1KB, 1280x1637) Reverse
ohhhhh yeah that was it thanks
its a good watch but for some reason i can only remember that one scene from it
its like when you know you had a dream and it was pleasant but u dont recall a single thing so it feels weird
i guess that means i need to rewatch it
appreciate it have a good one
I jerked my dick off so hard yesterday it's all inflated/bloated. I can't pull back the foreskin very much without feeling pain but I got in the shower and under the warm water pulled it back all the way and it was crimson blood red under the glans. I thought it was actually bleeding at first but after touching it I saw that it was not externally bleeding. Should I be worried?

should I keep going?
Replies: >>129219
You should stop. Quit fapping for a couple of days and keep checking up on it. Don't let your dick get fucked up.
I need help. One of my biggest fears is that I may be the last of my bloodline.
Replies: >>129227 >>129690
If you're white go to japan and bring back one of those girls that chase after foreigners.
what's the easiest way to filter pornbots on this site?
Do volunteer work for parks if you're an outdoors type or go to public events for stuff you enjoy, you'll eventually come across a girl you like who enjoys the things you do.
DO NOT look for girls in clubs and bars, not a single one of them is mother material unless you really want to have that FAS kid that everyone makes fun of. A lot of them have destroyed their wombs woth multiple abortions too.
[Hide] (844.4KB, 1280x1123) Reverse
Why was the early industrial model broken up? Given that most of the population of the "civilized" world was under the thumb of the ((( industrialist ))), wasn't it just perfect for ((( them )))? How come it went away?
Despite what you've been told by internet retards kikes aren't omnipotent beings capable of total control of literally everything. They may be deviously evil but they're not the only group on the planet seeking domination of proles.
[Hide] (27.2MB, 7262x5555) Reverse
Would you eat this chick?
that green bastard posting anon will
I can't get past the captcha.
Is there a trick to it?
What features does registration have?
Replies: >>129868
>I can't get past the captcha.
>Is there a trick to it?
Looks like you just did. Congratulations, you've made it into the high IQ club.
>What features does registration have?
Jschan is designed for users to create their own boards, but it is not enabled here. Having an account, you can also be given janitor privileges, but you need to know the secret handshake.
[Hide] (35.8KB, 381x548) Reverse
Aaahh, yes! Some anons in another thread alerted my presences to this thick-bootied chica! Excuse me while I indulge in some scrumptious bootay....
Replies: >>129870 >>129934
[Hide] (1.4MB, 4107x1308) Reverse
Replies: >>129871 >>129934
Spoiler File
(7MB, 7262x5555) Reverse
Spoiler File
(7MB, 7262x5555) Reverse
Spoiler File
(1.3MB, 4107x1308) Reverse
Replies: >>129872 >>129934
[Hide] (38.8KB, 381x548) Reverse
I'm sorry bros...there's some things that even I won't eat. Blech. I gotta go take a shower.
It's a good question, but I'm not so sure your pic-related is a good exemplar to your point. Looks more like a bunch of academics tbh. OG Uni in Yurope or Murrica?
Literally all of your premises are incorrect.
The early industrial model stopped because prevailing wealth became so high that people chose lower wages over harder work.
Work was always voluntary. Even people who were indentured laborers were for the most part so because it was better than the alternative (~serfdom in a poorer part of the world).
Kikes were only ever marginally in any sort of power because christfags (including mussrats) had random commandments from the whore of babylon that were passed down sideways one drunk night enshrined as moral law. Specifically, literally no practicing catholic or mudslime understood the time-value of money.
[Hide] (21.5KB, 103x138) Reverse
You fool, you buffoon, you ignoramus, you NIGGER.
[Hide] (5.8MB, 352x264, 01:32)
Jewish Zionists:
>We need to secure a homeland for the Jews since we have been unable to sustain a stable existence by parasitizing off of host nations for the last three thousand years
>But in order to do this we need to claim an already inhabited territory as our homeland and the n displace and ethnically cleanse its population
Jewish Communists:
>Unlike those faggot Zionists we know that Jews can only survive in a universally egalitarian society that does not recognize the existence of Jews as a distinct racial group
>But in order to impose such a system we need to massacre our host nation and then invade neighboring countries and genocide them to make sure that they are too weak to pose a threat to the Jews in the meantime before universal egalitarianism is achieved

And these whiney little niggers wonder why everyone hates them, they are literally incapable of being a fucking malignant tumor to whatever nation is unlucky enough to cross their path.
is there a way to watch a thread besides keeping it open in a tab
Replies: >>130174
Your terminally ill
[Hide] (35.7KB, 438x463) Reverse
Get it right, nigger.
Replies: >>130558
[Hide] (39.6KB, 121x153) Reverse
How do you know his name? Are you some kind of hacker?
Replies: >>153753
i still need help getting past the captcha if I wanna post on another board
I've tried like 50 times already how is it done?
[Hide] (4.1MB, 320x320) Reverse
Be good.
Are you a Boomer or something? The capa is easy as hell
Replies: >>130613
I don’t think I will
[Hide] (1.1MB, 650x366, 00:06)
[Hide] (25.2KB, 474x316) Reverse
were all boomers here
[Hide] (182.4KB, 1280x853) Reverse
It's generally well known that ancient Greece disliked large penises. But how did they determine what was considered "big?" Is there any recorded text on them debating on what was considered too big?
Replies: >>130786
[Hide] (6.7MB, 06:06)
I've put my brain to so much misuse it only works as a music player now.
I'm pretty sure you can tell by looking.
I am the anon who made front bike rack thread awhile ago. I finally found a rear rack that fits bike but the problem is because of the bike has short chain I could feel the weight in the back. I don't know what to do with my bike anymore, this bike sucks donkey balls.
Replies: >>130957
Sell it and buy a new one.
Replies: >>131164
[Hide] (84.4KB, 1200x628) Reverse
I haven't bought any extra parts for the bike. all of it was gifted to me. I tried saving the bluetooth speaker by cutting the glue off but I broke the speaker. Who ever attached the speaker to the bike was a fucking retard. I might just wait my niegbor said he's going buy mudflaps for the bike no extra cost for me. I don't know if adding extra attachments will make it worth more or if I should just sell now. Obviously all the extra  attachments will be installed by me.
Replies: >>131165
Might as well just cut your losses and sell it if it's giving you this much pain. I haven't ridden a bike since I was like 12 years old anyways.
What happened to the eden thread?
Replies: >>131241 >>131243
Doxxing is ultimately gay and we don't want his life ruined over IB drama.
hi eden
lmao fgt archive is forever
[Hide] (1.6MB, 1200x1600) Reverse
>we don't want his life ruined over IB drama
Where do you think we are?
I do
>people who are abhorrent human being shouldn't be brought to light and chastised
Replies: >>131253
>abhorrent human beings
Other than being a shitposting faggot, what is really abhorrent about him?
Replies: >>131255
[Hide] (60.6KB, 625x351) Reverse
Causing seemingly amicable and neutral communities to start unnecessary autistic board wars and shitflinging for his own autistic ego makes him a pretty fucking vile piece of shit.  The least we could do as a collective is show that smug manipulative faggot that he is the cancer killing imageboards.
Replies: >>131257
[Hide] (528.7KB, 613x600) Reverse
I used the information from the archived thread that was deleted and posted it all here
Feel free to send this to his coworkers XD
How much of that is him, and how much is others, like the /tv/trannies and /cow/niggers? Not saying he's innocent, but I don't think he's this chessmaster subtly causing these wars like he's been described. Besides, I seem to recall some anons (who weren't Eden btw) calling for an autistic board war against PLW for hosting Eden's ded board yesterday. 
There has to be a stop to all of this gay board warfare, we can't sabotage ourselves with this when we're already so reduced after four fucking years.
Replies: >>131258 >>131259
The logs speak for themselves, niggerfaggot.
Replies: >>131262
>we can't sabotage ourselves
<guys stop picking on eden it has to be multiple people
Hypocritical faggot.
Replies: >>131262
I'll go through them then, when I get the time.
<guys stop picking on eden it has to be multiple people
Quit putting words into my mouth. You can piss on Eden online all you want, because he deserves it, but I doubt it's just him that's responsible for all our woes. At least have multiple boogeymen to bitch and moan about, it's more believable
>At least have multiple boogeymen to bitch and moan about, it's more believable
Why? Do you think this is all a farce?
Replies: >>131265
It's naturally not just him, it's in fact most of the moe/v/ janny cabal.
Particularly suds, Eden (gourmet), Mark and possibly some others. They also have a possible direct link with the higher staff, probably Acidman and or Parias.
Replies: >>131265
I believe it's exaggerated. I fully believe that Eden exists and he's stirring shit up, but I'm personally skeptical that he's behind ALL the evils of zzzchan. That, plus statements like >>131264 even though I agree that there are gay Discord/IRC cabals that raid IBs, it's still fantastic rather than believable makes me skeptical of such statements.
[Hide] (419.5KB, 610x709) Reverse
>At least have multiple boogeymen to bitch and moan about
Find their respective identities/doxes and we will.
[Hide] (45KB, 593x400) Reverse
[Hide] (51KB, 562x661) Reverse
I still can't get past the stupid fucking captcha on the seemingly random occasion it decides to harrass me.
[Hide] (2.2MB, 500x281) Reverse
Get filtered retard.
[Hide] (69.7KB, 162x248) Reverse
I'm trying to wrap my head around how you were expecting those answers to be valid.
[Hide] (70KB, 220x220) Reverse
What a moron
[Hide] (305.2KB, 1080x1270) Reverse
>2nd pic
Holy shit my guy you're actually fucking retarded, we get a better glimpse of it in this poc.
This is why I laugh at fags who bitch about the chess captcha being "broken", it works fine, the problem is your brain is the one that's broken here. The chess captcha works, it works too good, so good in fact, that it makes /cow/niggers and blacked.gov agents mald just by it's mere existence. It's an IQ test in the form of a captcha and you're showing us all that you're in the double digits range.>>131589
Replies: >>132292
You are not people.
[Hide] (909KB, 1698x1720) Reverse
You have brain damage.
This has to be bait you can’t be this fucking stupid we’re you high and drunk or something? The hell man?
[Hide] (66.8KB, 577x449) Reverse
[Hide] (26.6KB, 484x388) Reverse
[Hide] (74.1KB, 581x457) Reverse
[Hide] (30KB, 500x445) Reverse
>"In 1958, a man named Robert Lane had two children. He named one child Winner, and the other, Loser. Strangely, Loser Lane went on to be a pretty successful man: he went to prep school on a scholarship, and eventually became a detective sergeant for the NYPD. His colleagues call him Lou. Winner Lane, on the other hand, became a career criminal, and has spent most of his adult life behind bars. We might ask--what effect does a child’s name have on its development? Does the name really matter?"

All this information is taken directly from the book "Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything" by Steven D. Levitt. It's a little outdated.
Replies: >>132335 >>134074
it says icons.
>all but one of the high-end white boy names are of Jewish origin
Oy vey!
Replies: >>132337
There's records of people actually changing their names to sound more Jewish because they think it is literally advantageous to do so. The most common thing to do was to change your last name to something like Goldberg. This happened a lot in New York 10 years ago.
Replies: >>132356
>wow how is it possible that a race that is predominantly the same religion as judaism have jewish names the jews must have done this
Replies: >>132356
>all the stockholm syndrom retards who think this noob is dumb because they have spent thousands of hours training on the captcha and now its easy for them
typical. same reasoning behind using the C programming language
Replies: >>132352
Draw an analog clock depicting the time 4:20.
Disregard what I said previously; the Bible made me forget Andrew is actually a Greek name. Still, the fact most of the names are Jewish is concerning.
>people actually changing their names to sound more Jewish
If anything this is more evidence of the Jews' prominence in the higher echelons of society, even if those changing their names aren't aware.
I know there are many white people named James, Jones, Ben, etc due to Christianity, but to have that many Jewish names in the high-end list outnumber European ones is still remarkable.
[Hide] (196.8KB, 775x499) Reverse
Everyone I know is having a mental breakdown lately and I think I’m starting one too. What should I do?
Replies: >>132521 >>138396
Make sure that your mental breakdown is greater than theirs.
Replies: >>132570
I actually averted the worst of it, mixture of problem 1 being smaller than I thought, problem 2 suddenly getting government money in mail, and prayer I’m betting. 

So here’s actual question. Someone I know had major butt surgery involving a anal fistula and multiple hole in her butt cheeks that needed to be filled with medical stuffing and gauze. She’s convinced some fucker on the internet would pay good money to see it, and assumes I’d know. What do I tell her.
Now I'm morbidly curious to see what this looks like, so I guess she's right about that. However, she should focus on recovering and healing her ass, not showing it off to some pervs on the Internet.
Replies: >>132593
Tell her to take it up the ass in the other holes.
Replies: >>132593
[Hide] (5MB, 1080x1080, 01:29)
tell her shes right but she's gonna have to do more work than just having a fistula to figure out how to profit.
Replies: >>132593
She is focusing on recovering, though its taking forever. 
>rather than showing it off to pervs on the internet
She’s already trying to show everyone ANYWAY just to show them them what she has to deal with (with the non-hole parts cut out). 
Yeeaaah that’s what I told her too. 
Heh, the goal is LESS stuffing in there, though I will say at one point a dick would have fit in part of it.
anon in case you're somehow not aware anal fistulas are caused by doing anal, especially in an unsafe way ie not enough lube or sticking sharp things up there
t. needed surgery for anal fistula from doing anal ILL NEVER DO IT AGAIN OKAY

>She’s already trying to show everyone
This one was caused by childbirth specifically. Boy came out too quick or something. 

Ohhhh I know it. She’s super private and shy about everything but this for some reason.
Out of curiousity, how long did it take for the fistula to heal after surgery? Hers has been an ongoing issue for almost 2 years now and they’ve done multiple major and minor surgeries and I want to know how incompetent they are.
Replies: >>133823
I had a lancing done to see if that fixed it but it didn't, had to do major surgery but apparently it was too deep so they had to install this rubber band like thing in it which slowly cut through it over the course of a month which was as bad as it sounds. But once it cut through and fell out it healed over the course of another few months and has been fine since. Idk maybe her butthole was more screwed up than mine.
Does anyone know any good, free resources to try to identify an unknown coat of arms with? A PDF of a book full of them or something? Trying to search the web using a description of it has yielded little except paid identification services I'd rather not sink to if it can be helped.

What, as in recently? Or a long time ago? It shouldn't take that long for those to heal up to the point profiting off it is even something to consider, assuming proper medication and care is administered afterward.

They're also caused by stuff like Crohn's Disease that's gone untreated too. Had one due to that when I was 11 (which actually how I wound up diagnosed in the first place).


Different anon, but speaking from my own experiences, I was in the hospital for about four days after surgery as a kid (having the stuffing and bandages removed partway through was some of the worst pain I've ever known, and I never want to experience that again), and then it took about another two weeks to heal up entirely. In my case though, the inner opening had already closed up prior to being admitted, which was after weeks of pain with a leaking abscess and incompetent pediatricians not having any answers prior to being scoped, and I'm not sure how big mine was either.

If it's recurring for her and she's not being doing anything to exacerbate it, initial one caused by childbirth or not, you should ask if she's been tested for Crohn's Disease (basically requires a biopsy during a colonoscopy). There are some good biologicals out there that can manage it and prevent having further ones. Been on Remicade for mine for nearly two decades. It's worked amazingly for me, but whether it's going to have any sort of positive effect varies from person to person.
So why are posts allowed on this thread now? and why were they deleted before?
[Hide] (106.8KB, 812x750) Reverse
Does anyone have The Jew's Trail Through The Ages by Alfred Rosenberg
Mum says I shouldn't play here anymore because of the alt-right pipeline

Replies: >>134069 >>134080
[Hide] (58.2KB, 568x335) Reverse
>Audiences that seek out and are willing to accept extreme content in this fashion typically consist of young men, commonly those that experience significant loneliness and seek belonging or meaning
Replies: >>137865
Alexandra is pretty name, next time I'll scream Alexandra I love you when I blow my load. I don't know anyone named Alexandra though.
Holy shit how do people actually take any of that seriously?
[Hide] (448.8KB, 500x343) Reverse
If you had a car with a top-of-the-line audio system, what would you drive around bumping?
Replies: >>137908 >>138430
>tfw rejecting mainstream propaganda makes you "extreme"
[Hide] (481.3KB, 1920x1200) Reverse
What's the problem with IGG-games torrents?
Replies: >>137909
[Hide] (4.2MB, 1000x1000, 03:43)
An Offspring album at max volume.
For a while they had buttcoin miners and other malware in them. I haven't been keeping up to date on them now though.
kill yourselves
/v/ is basically not used properly fag
very yes but hurrrr duur
[Hide] (215.9KB, 850x1202) Reverse
>Everyone I know is having a mental breakdown lately and I think I’m starting one too. What should I do?
Drink some green tea and go backpacking for a week or a month, believe it or not life is a lot more comfy when it's just you and nature rather than you and a bunch of retards, spergs, and self absorbed cunts ranting about their petty first world problems.

Just be sure to pack enough to eat and medical supplies since no ones gonna be around to cook your tendies or stop you from bleeding to death, bear spray too is important just just for bears and cougars but also for the crazy cannibal you might run into while hiking throughout the Sierra Nevada or Appalachian trail. I don't think pepper spray/bear spray will do shit to stop the Boars though, you'll need at least something in 10mm to top one of those if they decide to eat you but that depends on the region you'll be hiking, you'll mostly just be running into friendly hippies and wild bears most of whom are timid and will run away from you but again you'll have your spray just in case. Also racoon and deer, lots of them.
[Hide] (1.9MB, 480x360, 02:25)
limp bizkit nightcore
Replies: >>139110
Bideo broke
Where did all the footfags go?
Replies: >>139591
Hell, hopefully.
Did tranny janny rapedman got fired?
[Hide] (4MB, 1276x1011) Reverse
help. I seem to go back in time. How do I survive this and make it back to my own timeline? What do I do?
Replies: >>141578
[Hide] (332.8KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
Nevermind I found my way back. um /b/ros what did I do? Help
Replies: >>141581
Become lord of that new world
[Hide] (62.2KB, 600x600) Reverse
[Hide] (737.9KB, 2048x2048) Reverse
[Hide] (420.1KB, 707x1000) Reverse
I'm struggling to find the correct english name for this sweet. Does anyone know?
Replies: >>142776 >>142777
[Hide] (9.2KB, 225x225) Reverse
They're called wagon wheels here
Replies: >>142777
[Hide] (146.9KB, 800x781) Reverse
Moon Pie.
[Hide] (331.1KB, 1447x2041) Reverse
Would it be possible for a 18 year old guy who...
-is socially isolated
-spends all his time in his room
-has mental problems (most notably autism)
-is underweight and has mediocre health
-likes obscure things (otaku culture, imageboards, open source software, etc)
-believes in conspiracies and hates jews/niggers/faggots/etc
-has null self-esteem and despises himself
...to 'get a life' (ie. get friends, get a decent job, start a family)? Or is there little hope for him despite his young age.
why can't you be a girl ;_;
Not without a lot of external intervention, something that the self-improvement shitheads don't understand.
The resources for this sort of thing basically does not exist for adults.
>is underweight and has mediocre health
Lifting will help this, but it will not improve anything else.
Sure, if you're willing to work at it. I'm almost 30, have no friends and essentially no prospects for a family and I pray all the gods in heaven to be in a position like yours with what I know now.
>get /fit/, not doing this is the greatest mistake I ever made, taking fitness classes at a gym is one way to meet people and potentially actually make friends and depending on gene roulette being underweight may actually be an advantage for getting to a healthy body comp
>learn some kind of trade, electrical engineering, HVAC, plumbing, whatever has an actual certification attached so you can command a good wage after the boomers finish dying off
>falling for the college meme is not the best strategy but you'll at least get to meet other humans and some of them might not be insufferable hylics
>do volunteer work for a local charity, these will usually be Christian so be prepared to suppress your power level but can be one of the better avenues for meeting actual people
18? Yeah, you can turn it around with some effort. You still have hope at 18.
The age at which you are truly fucked if you persist in your ways is 23-24.
Replies: >>142968
If you want to know how to turn it around, then just lift weights every single day, eat healthy, get lots of sleep, and get into a high earning profession asap. Once your body looks good start using Tinder so you can get some pussy. 
You will have to ditch all of your autistic interests and definitely your virginity. We live in a society of absolute whores and they can smell virgins from a mile away.
Replies: >>142991 >>142992
gonna bake a batch of biscoff
will be AWOL for awhile
>rest days
you work different parts of your body, retard.
if you want a high earning profession, go be a surgeon. Yeah, it really is that easy. Just put down your autistic virgin bullshit.
>Once your body looks good start using Tinder so you can get some pussy. 
>fuck a non virginal woman, possibly (obviously) a whore in a kike dating app like a subhuman seekign cheap thrills
neck yourself
this is the worst advice i have ever seen
>cuck = bad
spam tier posting style but yeah, generals are bad, qtddtot are of the worst of them, and on /b/ of all places? Fuck u nigger. fpbp


Replies: >>143009 >>143010
zoom zoom
Replies: >>142999 >>143011
back to your shitty site wizkid
[Hide] (44.1KB, 736x561) Reverse
Wow, take my upvote sir. No one else could've guessed that an 18 year old person in 2023 is generation Z.
Replies: >>143012 >>143084
[Hide] (394.6KB, 1000x1000) Reverse
>cuck = bad
Yes. Do you disagree?
Replies: >>143012
>>cuck = bad
Yes, cuckoldry is bad.
Replies: >>143012
Replies: >>143012
don't let zoomers know the joke faggot
fine then, cuck-cuck now my hair is a bird n shit
you are postintg this image too often 

Replies: >>143116
[Hide] (388.7KB, 300x100) Reverse
[Hide] (7.2KB, 500x500) Reverse
What animu is this?
Replies: >>143117 >>143119
Because people here act like r*dditors too often.

[Hide] (210KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (240.2KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
Daily life of highschool boys, watched it reticently and reaction images that came from it are 80% of the funny of entire anime.
Replies: >>144981
>the wizkid deleted his comment
So sensitive.
>Daily life of highschool BOYS
>only GIRLS(?) on those screenshots
Anony, is "Daily life of highschool boys" an anime about traps
[Hide] (129.3KB, 640x480) Reverse
Can you find the FUNNY★WORD, anonies?
Replies: >>145018
[Hide] (557.5KB, 1800x1200) Reverse
What caused the bronze age collapse and who are the Sea Peoples?
Replies: >>144989 >>145023
From my memory of watching a documentary:

>all the kingdoms had agreed to uphold the current borders and neither transgress nor fight each other
>this leads to a period of unprecedented peace in the Old World
>followed by natural disasters like earthquakes, floods and possible meteor showers
>entire cities engulfed in fire
>civilisation collapses because the land is arid and everyone lived in cities, the survivors go back to either a nomadic life or mud huts
>the true origin of the Sea Peoples is unknown but they are most likely to be Celtic warriors who had sailed from mainland Europe
>none of the old kingdoms can resist them thanks to their new way of fighting (ditching the chariots and focusing on infantry formations)
>after conquering all of the Old World the Sea Peoples become its new rulers and integrate themselves into society

Someone else could tell you a lot more, but that's what I have.
Replies: >>144996 >>145037
>all the kingdoms had agreed to uphold the current borders and neither transgress nor fight each other
>this leads to a period of unprecedented peace in the Old World
>followed by natural disasters like earthquakes, floods and possible meteor showers
>entire cities engulfed in fire
[Hide] (40KB, 519x143) Reverse
[Hide] (2.1MB, 852x480, 00:21)
Why is it a faux pas to practice impregnation with a girl who is capable of being inseminated yet the biological processes including that which permits cell division is not yet capable if you are STD free and the girl is a willing participant in the act?  It seems to me like a violation of the girls self autonomy for a third party to dictate the activities of the two people.  

What gall the person must have to believe that they can impose their will on the lives of others.
Replies: >>145030 >>145031
[Hide] (97.9KB, 800x1385) Reverse
[Hide] (142.1KB, 943x1000) Reverse
>who are the Sea Peoples?
The Sherden and Shekelesh aka southern Italian pirates and tribes based on the Great Karnak Inscription
Replies: >>145024
Spoiler File
(22.3KB, 367x271) Reverse
I met Carnac twice in my youth.  Not even shitting you.
[Hide] (6.9KB, 200x200) Reverse
Is "based" pretty much just a buzzword for "something I agree with"?
I think you need to  lurk more.
>What gall the person must have to believe that they can impose their will on the lives of others.
<therefor, I should be making this decision

Nice logic leap
Replies: >>145042
[Hide] (51.8KB, 736x414) Reverse
>Why is it a faux pas to practice impregnation with a girl who is capable of being inseminated yet the biological processes including that which permits cell division is not yet capable if you are STD free and the girl is a willing participant in the act?
??? Sorry, I'm retarded. Can you please reword that?
Replies: >>145032
Considering the attached video, he is asking why can't he have sex with children.
Replies: >>145043
There probably were Celts, but I think the Sea Peoples were a loose alliance of Mediterranean rapefugees, some Italian and Sardinian, some Mycenaean Greek (as opposed to the Dorian invaders), Libyans, and a whole lot of other groups.
Yes, basically.
>didn't read I meant it was the act of interjecting himself between two people.  Like this third party should have any say what goes between our personal affairs.
Replies: >>145065
Oh one can, I assure you... It in someways is fruitless, but in other ways it is a very rewarding and educational experience for both parties.
Replies: >>145065
[Hide] (6.2MB, 1920x1080, 00:21)
Acceptance is coming.
>pretend to be smart
>still come off even dumber
No one wants to suck your cock, regardless of how old they are.
Replies: >>145068
[Hide] (1MB, 1000x1000) Reverse
God bless whoever made this captcha. It only needs a few more tweaks and it will filter speds like this every time.
Replies: >>145090
Speak for yourself.
[Hide] (1.7MB, 500x500) Reverse
It seems to me it's doing its job as intended
You are actually retarded. I'm not saying this in a hyperbolic way, your brain is inferior, you have the wrong number of chromosomes or some shit.
[Hide] (26.7KB, 328x214) Reverse
A Portuguese imageboard called ptchan.org seems to use the same imageboard engine as this one, and the captcha is similar, but instead of selecting filled chess pieces among non-filled chess pieces, you have to select animal-like icons among a bunch of icons resembling non-animal objects.
I wonder if something like this would filter more retards than the current one?
Replies: >>145093 >>145119
[Hide] (779.1KB, 1095x915) Reverse
I think everyone would be able to know the difference between the animals because I think it's universal as to what an animal is and what a car is. I think our current system keeps more people out. Speaking of the Portuguese, how do Portuguese anons feel about Brazilians? Do some of them wish to recolonize Brazil? I've heard some British anons on /britfeel/ talk about how they sometimes feel a sort of parent like feeling towards pajeets who want to learn English and study in Britain. Do the Portuguese anons feel the same way or they just view Brazilians as backwards jungle monkeys?
I don't know, I don't lurk much on that website, nor I interact much with Portuguese people in real life. Speaking personally, though, I do just view Brazilians as backwards jungle monkeys.
[Hide] (988.8KB, 960x1280) Reverse
Replies: >>145100
[Hide] (2.2MB, 2220x3107) Reverse
It's an up close image of her face.
Yeah, that would just be the jewgle captcha but without the skynet bullshit.
[Hide] (2.2MB, 1444x1080) Reverse
there are TV stations in Portugal that use Brazilian Portuguese rather then European Portuguese so the Europeans could understand Brazilians from the south where all the dubs and tv shows are made but not the other way. So called standard Brazilian Portuguese is very close to the way Brazilians in São Paulo and the southeast speak
[Hide] (7.4KB, 481x237) Reverse
Why is the Miami flag and the Indian flag almost the same? Why does every major city in America need it's own flag?
Replies: >>145138
>what are nations, states, and independent entities?
Replies: >>145141
>states, and independent entities
The result of American braindeath. Most divided country in mankind's entire history, even Africans are more likely to cooperate with each other than Americans with their neighbour. 

Imagine living in a country where every few miles there's different laws and "cultures" (Amerilards don't have culture, their only differences are what kind of trash tier music they listen to, what trash accent they have and how communist they are on a scale from 1 to 10)
Replies: >>145142 >>145145
>even Africans are more likely to cooperate with each other
(laughs in Rwandan genocide)
(laughs even harder in Liberian)
(dies of Somalian laughter)
Replies: >>145148
What a braindead nigger you are. America needs to be divided even more into an HRE-style confederacy with pseudo-noble titles and niggers and spics out and it'd be unironically perfect.
Replies: >>145148 >>145181
Amerilards are too scared to genocide each other, so they just talk behind each other's back or only talk shit online. Africans on the other hand just do what they have to do. 
America needs to be carpet bombed with hundreds of thousands of 10 gigaton-sized nuclear bombs.
Replies: >>145154 >>145155
People everywhere talk shit about each other, it's the fact they're able to cooperate and maintain something resembling civilization that sets them apart from niggers. I get having a hateboner for americans but to take it to the point of delusion is awful fucking stupid.
>Amerilards are too scared to genocide each other, so they just talk behind each other's back or only talk shit online.
<America needs to be carpet bombed with hundreds of thousands of 10 gigaton-sized nuclear bombs
Damn, you're a natural at projection. You mind if I borrow you for movie night?
Replies: >>145164
Also states and independent entities aren't unique to America eitherz fuck you're retarded. You'd fit right in in America.
Replies: >>145164
I can't kill all amerilards by myself
Name one (1) other western country that has independent states that also hate each other but are too cucked to declare independence because they prefer to slobber all over the US government's boots instead. 

I'll be waiting for you to name just one (1) other such dogshit place until the universe collapses upon itself.
Replies: >>145170 >>145175
>I can't kill all amerilards by myself
You are a Amerilard in spirit, so perhaps you can do everyone a favor and start with yourself. The rest will die from beetus and niggers.
>Name one (1) other western country that has independent states that also hate each other but are too cucked to declare independence because they prefer to slobber all over the US government's boots instead. 
The UK and Italy come to mind. The former ought to be forcibly balkanized and their royal family hanged from the tallest oaks, and for the latter, Lega Nord seems to have cucked out from being pure Padanian separatists and became milquetoast conservacucks as well
Canada (Quebec and recently Alberta), Spain (Catalonians), Germany has states that hate each other, Australia. You will now desperately twist the meaning of state so that you can claim you're right and I'm wrong.
>more lines in the sand will surely solve completely unrelated problems.
Balkans are never coming back.
Does anyone remember the article about the history of furries? The article discussed that furries were much more innocent at first. Then the gay faggots invaded it.
Replies: >>145422
[Hide] (38.6KB, 374x374) Reverse
How different would things be if women never learned to read and write? Probably good, right?
Replies: >>145204
>implying that women read
Replies: >>145223
Women tend to read more than men actually. Thing is what they read is either retarded brainslop like Harry Potter or shit that outright destroys their little minds like sociology textbooks in college.
Replies: >>145415
[Hide] (598.9KB, 625x2546) Reverse
75% of all fictional books are written by women though unless its some kind of 500 page high fantasy book, or some alternate history autistic book it's probably written by a women
If we're thinking of the same article that's a bold statement since one of the first furcon logos had a big tittied fox lady. Though I guess that is a lot more innocent than gay scat fisting sparkledogs.
[Hide] (6.2MB, 1920x1080, 00:21)
Why is it a faux pas to practice impregnation with a girl who is capable of being inseminated yet the biological processes including that which permits cell division is not yet capable if you are STD free and the girl is a willing participant in the act?  It seems to me like a violation of the girls self autonomy for a third party to dictate the activities of the two people.  

What gall the person must have to believe that they can impose their will on the lives of others.
Replies: >>145424
>yet the biological processes including that which permits cell division is not yet capable if you are STD free and the girl is a willing participant in the act?
Beg pardon?
[Hide] (270.7KB, 510x371) Reverse
W.T.F. is this? Chinese bootleg Higurashi??
Replies: >>145707
>>145700 (me)
Never mind anonies, with the help of Putin-sama (ie. using Yandex Images) I found out that this is some "Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan" ("Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan"... WTF??) thing. The resemblance of those two to Hanyuu and Rika is still uncanny, though.
[Hide] (394.8KB, 640x480) Reverse
Can I get diabetes from eating a lot of sugar
Replies: >>147213 >>147214
short answer, yes
Yandex is up? everytime I type type Yandex.com or yandex.ru my browser sends to some Russian ebay or craigslist site
Replies: >>147217
Werks · On · My · Machine
[Hide] (74.2KB, 720x707) Reverse
Who is the woman in this interview?
Optionally, who is the man in this interview?
Replies: >>147377
>a qtddtot thread on /b/ of all places
>this many replies
>not knowing about that anime about the pedo getting killed by excaliber bat over and over
The anony faggot is a zoomer? I'll have to change anony posting somehow to negate his bullshit. Making me look bad.  Bet he never saw Puni Poemi neither and shit. Faggot.
puni puni poemi, or whatever that excel saga spinoff was called
Replies: >>147373 >>147378
[Hide] (198.8KB, 315x315) Reverse
Sage fail.
Nevermind. Found the answer and on top of that I found the link of the video.
The woman in question is Zulaikha Patel. The man in question is Jc Steyn.
Video: https://youtu.be/3Boe6xJo21Y
Question at 34:45
Enjoy reading the comments.
there's an excel saga spinoff? wtf?
Testing because I can't remember the bump limit.
So whats with the sudden spike in PPH? The only thing I can think of is the Leddit blackout and no site needs redditors.
Replies: >>148040
Anonyspammer had another autistic shitfit.
Replies: >>148044
>55 pph spam

I guess I still don't understand the power of autism.
[Hide] (73.6KB, 417x287) Reverse
Was it always like this and I was just oblivious, or did they add am/pm indicators while I was sleeping?
Replies: >>150124
You can set it to 24h time in settings.
Replies: >>150125
That's not exactly what I was asking....
Is it me or does time feel slow in dreams then in reality. I swear I traveled for a full week in my dreams but when I wake up it's only 3am. Why does time move slowly in my dreams?
Replies: >>150404
Is there some kind of big image board list?
Replies: >>150371 >>150439
imageboards are scarce nowdays so every list will be rather small
Dreams occur in a separate plane of reality where time passes at a different speed
Eat shit, fed.
How come this board is full of normalfags who unironically use the word "incel" as an insult? Yet everyone blames some mysterious /cow/ or dead /christian/ (with no posts whatsoever about raiding other boards and/or spamming them with "nigger dick")?
Replies: >>150849 >>150851
I dont know, is there a website called allchans?
its the new word for "nerd" or "loser"  however that doesnt explain why anyone who uses imageboards should have the audacity to call someone else that
Replies: >>150850 >>150851
But only SJWs/brainwashed women/normalfags/feminists/etc use that word.
Replies: >>150851 >>150854
[Hide] (1.1MB, 3654x3962) Reverse
Replies: >>150863
Reddit came up with "incel" as a direct counter-meme to roastie a couple of years later, and self-deprecating useful idiots embraced the term.
>the best state of society is peaceful, predictable, and ordered
This unironically. Unless you're a tik tok addicted nigger neophile adhdoomer or something
Replies: >>150867
low T post
Replies: >>150871
i agree
>disorder, chaos, and unpredictability is... le good
best way to compress images? I keep on having to rely on websites to compress it for me. Any programs, anything like that?
Replies: >>151887
The word "nigger" is no longer a cool word. It's become the overused favorite term for socially retarded spergs who cannot even begin to comprehend more fun and interesting terms of disparagement, like mooncricket, jungle bunny, coon, pavement ape, porch monkey, or blackamoor The anoniggas done lost they sense of seasoning they racial slurs ong you feel me dawg
open it in ms paint and save as jpg
Zoomer. Baseheads are coke fiends and in the 1990s base heads were cool guys. Faggot meant obnoxious around that same time.
[Hide] (763.1KB, 729x1200) Reverse
Has there ever been an imageboard where the op could moderate his own thread?
Replies: >>152659 >>152774
That feature would be good to delete ((( your ))) obsessive porn spam since the ((( actual mods ))) don't seem to care about it
[Hide] (301.1KB, 384x384) Reverse
Imagine how memey it would be if that anime actually existed
>every thread is just porn spamming, e-drama and pointless bickering
Holy fuck you "people", and I use that in the loosest sense of the word, are beyond cancer. Fuck /b/, delete /b/. Kill yourselves immediately.
how do i bind/create my own book from pdfs? Any good tutorials?
Very cute Bocchi.
[Hide] (107.4KB, 237x256) Reverse
What is this reaction picture supposed to represent?
I know it's supposed to be a TouHou fanart that looks kind of off or something, but I don't get what it's trying to transmit.
Replies: >>154708
[Hide] (138.4KB, 619x450) Reverse
The only reason they are still alive is because we were too nice to them. Even Romans were too nice to them when they got nearly purged from their revolt.
Jews hate equality ergo a jew made communism to try to control his own group's bullshit. That's what actually  happened. If commies invade other lands you should get over it because any powerful nation would take advantage of the weak. Are you a weak nigger yourself to hate conquests? Whites always win conquests, ergo you're being a nigger to care. 

Refresh the queens away if you are being asspained. Also, don't try more than once without refreshing to a new captcha. It will make itself impossible if you get it wrong too many times, it won't refresh itself reliable. 

I'd not spoonfeed but too often I was slighted here so I'm not protecting shit.
Replies: >>153754
 meant for >>130546

assuming they are not the same annonies 

also the bishops tend to be 50 50 sometimes
i am a man in my early 20s and i am wildly attracted to women in their early-mid 30s and i have no idea why. am i broken?
Replies: >>154424
[Hide] (41.7KB, 1024x512) Reverse
>am i broken?
Not at all, my friend
Replies: >>154427
i think i know why, but i just want to understand why my brain is attracted to something that it shouldn't be attracted to
>woman is older and past her prime, with an increased chance of difficult pregnancy and post-birth issues
>part of me sees older woman as growing desperate and lowering their standards, making them "easier" to pick up
>part of me also sees them as being less retarded than women in their late teens and 20s, less "free spirit" bullshit and more down-to-Earth and understanding how life actually works
>the taboo aspect of a younger male dating an older woman, which my brain shouldn't find attractive but that's how kinks work so it instead becomes even more attractive
Replies: >>154429
[Hide] (116.1KB, 745x569) Reverse
Our closest primate relatives other than bonobos prefer older females. Honestly you're thinking about it too much
Replies: >>154437
>monkeys (the closest creature to niggers) like hags so..... LIKING HAGS IS LEG OOD!!!!11
Replies: >>154440
You're a highly cultural ape, retard
Replies: >>154449
YOU are a highly cultural ape, niggerfaggot.
I was created by the gods
Replies: >>154450 >>154694
>YOU are a highly cultural ape, niggerfaggot.
kill this nigga
Replies: >>154703
Do you feel envy because I am a creation of The Gods while you're just some stardust that became a fish that became a monkey?
She is displaying superiority. Look at the eyebrows and the grin.
Or she thinks you are displaying something pathetic. Her eyebrows are saying "come on now" and she has a smug grin.
[Hide] (200.7KB, 600x450) Reverse
[Hide] (1.7MB, 1200x1272) Reverse
Was Donald Duck the first cute sailor-fuku girl?
Replies: >>155173
Do you prefer to be the big spoon or the little spoon?
Replies: >>155173
>Was Donald Duck the first cute sailor-fuku girl?
Little spoon
Nigger if you post the word sharty one more time I'm going to go outside and eat the first stray cat I see.
Replies: >>156088
[Hide] (121.5KB, 537x506) Reverse
>eat the first stray cat I see
[Hide] (189.9KB, 1053x1307) Reverse
What's the largest/most active English imageboard after halfchan? Asking out of curiosity.
Replies: >>156578
If MMD touhou anon is still here. Do you still have your videos saved for safekeeping?
Replies: >>156349
[Hide] (855.3KB, 1280x800, 00:05)
I'm here, and thanks to whoever saved me the time by bumping the thread. 
I have them safely tucked in a flashdrive. I May upload them somewhere if that brings peace of mind.
Replies: >>156350 >>156351
Neat, I look forward to seeing them.
is she ok
Replies: >>156353
[Hide] (122.6KB, 1013x569) Reverse
Replies: >>156640
[Hide] (6MB, 1280x720, 00:41)
How does japanese spoken with a heavy german accent sound like? (Extra points if it's a lady speaking)
Replies: >>156580
There isn't, seriously.
>horny horse noises 
XD I don't know how to spell winny tho

Also, I have no idea but should not a bot out there have accents you can choose? Just make it say whatever Romanized text you post in even if it's in Japanese? Keep it on female voice mode?
I embraced all the memes about lifting, taking supplements, not watching porn, praying to Jesus.
Now my dick seems really small and I barely get any erections, while fucking trannies have big dicks and cum without any problems. I'm being cursed?
Replies: >>156597
[Hide] (53.4KB, 1183x778) Reverse
>Do you really think someone would do that? Just go on the Internet and tell lies?
Replies: >>156616 >>156653
>The Bible is a internet lie.
Replies: >>156617
>implying the bible says your penis will shrink if you act like a man and or will grow if you become a woman
hale hortler
>Do you really think someone would do that? Just go on the Internet and tell lies?
This is messed up stuff.
How many times a day should I pray to Odin to get a boyfriend?
Replies: >>159492
[Hide] (258KB, 1204x1160) Reverse
In the last 48 hours, board activity has decreased like it hasn't in a long time. Is school recess over?
[Hide] (477.3KB, 426x426, 00:06)
Actually, I'm agnostic. A militant agnostic!
[Hide] (98.8KB, 1024x768) Reverse
<why is there so much stupid shit that pops up through search engines?
[Hide] (208.5KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
I was watching these faggots' music video when all of a suden this semen demon steals the spotlight.
Is this a sneaky Soriyama intervention or was this idea exclusively on the MV CG fags? 
If it was, then congratulations, that's one sexy ass rawbutt if I've ever seen one. They've got talent.
[Hide] (792KB, 668x955) Reverse
Does anyone have that one image of a bunch of nips in underwear fondling a Hello Kitty plush toy?
I swear I had it saved somewhere on my computer but so far my quest has fetched me nothing.
Replies: >>160287
[Hide] (23.4KB, 640x409) Reverse
[Hide] (76.6KB, 860x890) Reverse
reddit has taken over almost every single niche hobby or subject which sucks, because all that information could just become purged at an instance by the gay mods or admins. During the george floyd shit the whole site went on a witch-hunt and purged or quarantine whole subbreddits. It only a matter of time before the mods and admins go on another autistic purge and everything is simply just gone.
Replies: >>161454
[Hide] (1MB, 823x1376) Reverse
Do you think the US will be drafting for the war in Yurop in the near future?
If so, how does this affect imageboards?
[Hide] (126.2KB, 400x300) Reverse
Dude Reddit purged all right wing subreddits real or perceived in 2015. I remember r/coontown/. 
It's a leftist shithole and it swallowed the whole internet.

The websites this >>121819 dude is talking about don't exist anymore. Literally everything is Reddit: Discord: Twitter: 4cuck: altchans. Besides that you are looking at Tiktok and instagram, both porn sites.
Its over.
Replies: >>161455
i remember thinking everyone on that site were faggots in 2010
[Hide] (956.8KB, 500x418) Reverse
Did you make the kind of threads that are not spammy but don't get posted in, like >>160463 ?

That one is one of mine. Hate it? I prolly hate yours too, but I'm able to be honest unlike most here. What is one of yours? 

It's like these redditors that talk about reddit being the only result of a search.... and yet they remain vague. What were they looking for and why won't they give someone an opportunity to prove them wrong in some way? Are such intelligent egos really that delicate to constructive criticism?
Replies: >>161457
>Are such intelligent egos really that delicate to constructive criticism?
Beyond what would be considered "fragile" yes.
Replies: >>161465
I should have went with sensitive, not delicate, but oh well. 

I often cathartically purge after failing at things, when I do that I'm honest about it, others self censor the mistakes. LIke that lubuntu thread that got (Deliberately) slid off the catalog, my goofing up with linux, everyone does stupid shit. Why pretend you're such hot shit and instead not just show the weakness? Is it fear of glowies or really a delicate ego, one that is sensitive? The glowies though, they are merely just text on a web page either way, why be afraid of what some asshole on the Internet knows? The CIA isn't gonna fuck everyone's butthole over looking stupid. Maybe the jews would though, and perhaps, barring schizophrenia, people think that if they divulge information about their line of reasoning it could show a way to manipulate the goyim into buying x thing. Even if so, at least you're a happy addict at that point. 
It's just that I'm shameless myself. What would be the point in having shame? I'm thinking too much about this.
[Hide] (360.7KB, 1436x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (269.5KB, 918x727) Reverse
>>119143 (OP) 
Who would win?
Replies: >>164021
replicators, they eat any matter and turn it into more replicators. borg don't stand a chance.
Replies: >>164087
I figure that the replicators adapt fast and all but the fast adapting shields that every Borg has makes them more invulnerable as a foot soldier. They also teleport easier than the replicators and their shields adapt very fast. They went back in time to try to outfox defeat, assuming the movies can be cannon (they are not) and the replicators only made time go faster or slower when forwards flowing. With how the Borg have potentially more information than the replicators stored they have more 'culture' absorbed to use to fight them. 

The replicators have more potential to evolve and the Borg are stagnant but they also can travel through time with warping super fast as Trek says 10 warp is time travel and the replicators have difficulty doing that sort of thing without having a stargate to glitch next to them or some such of which they never even try to do, they just got caught in that time freeze thing with the Asgard bullshit then sped it up again after being frozen..... anyway, they have personal shields the foot solders do and they make their own ships the borg do but then again highly evolved replicators had weird ships too but those were the android kind, the primitive ones I think would loose to the Borg. 

Both of them ignore non-threats of which is interesting but the Borg have an instinct to get rid of all threats more than the replicators do. To implement them into the culture of Borg. Tyrannical empires are always more successful than nicer ones, and the bugs just want to copy things rather than control things. This makes the Borg more dangerous even if they are stagnant. But are they if they keep changing by taking things in? In a couple episode Picard and friends change them by just altering one Borg. They can change their culture due to this. Just one in the collective changes the others.....

SG1's were made by a nigger robot also. Some nigger robot's toys can't win against an insane race of tyrants.
Replies: >>164099 >>164108
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The replicators are significantly more technologically advanced and use significantly more powerful weapons. It is unlikely Borg modulating shields would be sufficient to defeat them. The Borg, if you will recall, were defeated by nothing more dangerous than the Federation in several different timelines and were also outmatched completely by the fluidic space aliens simply because they couldn't assimilate them. I find it unlikely they could assimilate the replicators and so, consequently, they would find themselves easy pickings.
It is worth mentioning that the replicators possess all the technology not only of the Asguardians, but also of the Ancients. In Stargate Atlantis they even replicated life itself, becoming Ancients. Their only issue is that they couldn't wrap their head around achieving CHIM which is not actually necessary when talking about defeating the Borg.
t. Star Trek and Stargate watcher.
They did not become ancients they failed and became some purgatory type of poltergeist thingy. They did not ascend from what I recall. 

I agree with you though other than that. I don't even know what CHIM is, I don't recall that.
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Sorry, that was an Elder Scrolls reference. They wanted to ape the Ancients and become energy beings but failed. I was referring to it as CHIM because that is a similar state of transcendence in the Elder Scrolls.
replicators could probably hack/disrupt their shields easily, they're one of the few (if only) creatures that could dial Earth AND hack their computers through the wormhole to open the iris without any effort. even the best the system lords could come up with was to shoot a big laser through it until it melted the iris, and they couldn't even do that reliably because 38 minutes max wormhole time.
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>fluidic space aliens
>as in 8472    
I just realized what you meant. Those things were literally psychic and took like 5 phaser blasts to come close to killing it, not phasers but some rifle. They were hardcore. They tore some buff ass aliens head clean off for fucks sake. have you seen the replicator kill a bear much less some super-bear tier ayy? 

I'm jus' sayin'.
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>beat the borg's ass
<plz halp
I've got a BAD feeling about this....
My point being, obviously, a creature/character like that in such a setting, this 'weak shall be destroyed' catch phrase, what do you expect? An easy battle?
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>next episode
>it looks like voyager is delet a stargate
lol timing and art... is anything original? The fluidic and the 'buff' ayys reek of alien vs predator. 

"Artists don't compose, they steal." Inspirational quote innit?
Fluidic space is fucking retarded because you can't have stars, or anything with appreciable mass since it would result in either a universe wide blackhole or everything in the universe being crushed because of infinite water pressure.
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I'm not 17 anymore and are a drinker. Paraphrase https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/superfluid-spacetime-relativity-quantum-physics/ so I can figure out if we are talking pure fiction and in the meantime I'll see if the show mentions that. I jump back and forth sometimes but generally go forward from the pilot of a show. 

Or I'll read it later, that article. The magazines were fun when I was young.
Wtf is a "man bun"? Do I care to find out?
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>Wtf is a "man bun"?
Image related.
>Do I care to find out?
You shouldn't. Anyone with a manbun isn't worth associating with.
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ive been wondering about this
thanks for confirming my suspicion
Why would anyone do this? Jesus...
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dat avvy look so lit
y cant they have a game like genshin but like this
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meant "but like that" im not sus
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There are worse things
I do wonder if a replicator can actually break through a shield on it's own without making or stealing some shit first. Image related, Apophis dying via gravity as they attempt to get through the 10 thousand year old portable shield he has that cannot stop a knife but somehow is stopping the replicators. Perhaps if they had more time.
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forgot  image
We both know she's flatter than that, anon
If you guys wanted to go somewhere for a long weekend, where would you go? I want to take a short vacation, but I am very boring. Ideally I would just stay home, but I'd like to get out for a few days.
How vague, what do you even like to do? I would go make a campsite in the woods andtake a huge dose of mushrooms the first day and just ruminate about my life for the rest of it, but I doubt you'd enjoy that.
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To my bedroom mostly but I'd have to go to the bathroom/kitchen a lot as well as the store to pick up moar beer.
Depends on the budget and vacation ideas. Most of the time I just hang out at home just to recover from the work day. However, I do like to go to the woods and just wander around.
I've considered doing just that.
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