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Merry Christmas!
Check for weekly movie nights >>6

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What films did you watch in school? We watched picrel
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Spiderman 2 and unsurprisingly the boy in the striped pajamas.
We also watched The Odyssey (1997) TV miniseries. I can't remember the rest.
>>759 (OP) 
Is that movie any good?
we watched bend it like beckham like 4 times in middle school, schindler's list twice in high school but I was late for both
From the top of my head I can remember:
>The Searchers 1956
>Dr. Strangelove 1964
>Princess Bride 1987
>Gattaca 1997
>Lorenzo's Oil 1992
And a lot of Shakespeare ones. I also realize I never saw any shoah movies.
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>And a lot of Shakespeare ones.
I remember us watching Macbeth. ||This|| version of Macbeth.
>>759 (OP) 
Why are they naked on the vhs cover
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I remember watching several animated films even during high school, yet several students barely paid attention or were asleep. As for what I remember fondly, October Sky was after a rocket project for a math class before summer arrived. It was good, even if it got a little cheesy. Another film was The Orphanage, which was a foreign film that I had to watch for Spanish class. I don't remember much of it, sadly, since I did not do well in learning Spanish.  I also remember watching Pearl Harbor after finishing a WWII related test for history class, and I remember that even the teacher was riffing on the film. It's shit, but it was entertaining to mock while watching.
Because of hollyjew.
Because it's something that happens in the movie.
Will try to keep them in order and remember all of them.
>some documentary about trains
>a lot of miscellaneous shit at movie time at a Summer daycare, namely Oliver and Company
>Annabelle's Wish (we never finished it)
>some wonky Christmas movie with an animatronic talking tree as one of the support characters
>instructional video about Summertime clothing and sunscreen
>Charlie Brown Christmas
>a family/comedy western from the 60s or 70s about a single father and his rambunctious children
>some movie about kids living in an abandoned theater I think
>Little Rascals
>Polar Express (didn't get to see it)
>Toy Story 3
>To Kill a Mockingbird
>Nacho Libre
>Life is Beautiful
>The Aviator
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Who would've thought the gnahzees did a better job at High School comedy in 1944 than modern day anime/manga writers?
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