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Merry Christmas!
Check for weekly movie nights >>6

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What have you been watching?
Since It's almost Christmas I watched Tokyo Godfathers recently. I also watched Batman Ninja. Both pretty good films.
I'm thinking of going back to finish all of the Ghibli films too. Speaking of which, what is your favorite of them? Mine is Grave of the Fireflies.
Not movies but I also started re-watching DBZ and Mobile Suit Gundam.
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I have never seen a studio ghibli movie, the fact that so many normalfags lacht into them makes me cautious.The only anime movie i ever say was one about a fish that transforms into a little girl and a silent voice, i enjoyed them i guess.
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Nah Ghibli movies are usally good, there are some pretty cool anime movies.
Some recent ones I watched where :
>Royal Space Force
Amazing looking movie, It set in a alternative world where the "Space Force" is trying to launch the first Rocket to space, the organization is looked down upon everyone and most people there don't take there job seriously, it's kinda of underdog story with great animation the visuals alone sell it.
A short but good movie, It has some great scenes and good animation but it didn't stick out to me that much.
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>Ringing Bell*
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Just watched this with family the other night. It's a good story, and the production quality is decent. Some really nice shots, and good honorabu roman characters. It's definitely not a masterpiece, but I was surprised to see it received staggeringly poor reviews. Why did people not like this film? It certainly wasn't worse than [current year] dogshit.
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fuck ignore this post I didn't see anime in the title
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Rewatched ghost in the shell after 8 years. Can´t believe something this good looking was made in the 90´s
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In terms of animated movies.  Both anime and western had its peak on the late 80's and 90's. Everything afterwards went downhill and I doubt It will ever shine like it used to. 
Films like Tarzan have yet to be surpassed in terms of body language and fluidity in animation and anime movies nowadays don't hold a candle to Ghibli's works and Akira.
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What this fag >>722 said. Late 80s/90s is peak anime. The cutoff isn't really 2000 but more or less whenever a studio switched to fully digital animation tools.
One of the late exceptions would be REDLINE, being completely hand drawn. And it shows but then they also spent 7 years on it so maybe it shouldn't even count as an exception, starting before everyone had gone digital
If you like the GitS film you should watch Patlabor 2 the Movie. Directed by the same fag, it's basically proto-GitS.
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