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Merry Christmas!
Check for weekly movie nights >>6

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>They found a way to continue to milk toy story after ending it with 4
Why is the trailer so "cinematic"? It feels more aimed to adults than kids.
The director is Angus MacLane which is known for animating a bunch of pixar films and co-directing Finding Dory. I haven't watched that though so I don't know if it's good or not.
It reminds me as well that buzz lightyear of star command exist but I haven't watched that either.
>every character aside from the mc is a nigger
Where's the diversity pixar?

>>684 (OP) 
>Finding Dory. I haven't watched that though so I don't know if it's good or not.
I did, it was extremely forgettable and screamed "nostalgia cashgrab". I could say the same for Toy Story 4 really.
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so what's the plot supposed to be? it's like they're trying to do some kind of nu-farscape. all i saw were a bunch of xcom ships and bases, i don't see this going anywhere.
Buzz Lightyear of Star Command is great, same general artstyle as 2003 Clone Wars. You'll love it.
>>684 (OP) 
>It feels more aimed to adults than kids.
I had the same feeling. I think its the lighting and it trying to be more cinematic in the trailer then completely goofy, though it has some lol randumb parts. The problem is it's a Pixar movie. Every movie of theirs is the same now, with literally the same pacing and halfway through you get this "emotional" part with sad music and someone 'dies" or badly hurt and then everything comes out ok.
>>684 (OP) 
It's for children stuck in an adult's body, nostalgiabait for the monies.
>>684 (OP) 
I never understood the hype Toy Story has for some people. It was just one of many okeyish kid movies during a time when we had lots of them. There was a lot of wank about it being an animated movies back then, but at that time I had seen better being done in video games.
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my review of all recent pixar movie:
Toy Story 3: nostalgia bait
Cars 2: Why?
Brave: ZZZ
Monsters University: interesting concept but totally unmemorable and boring
Inside Out: stupid
The Good Dinosaur: no one even watched this one
Finding Dory: has some nice visuals but otherwise stupid
Cars 3: maliciously anti-white and anti-male
Coco: Viva la raza
Incredibles 2: maliciously anti-male
Toy Story 4: maliciously anti-white and anti-male
Onward: fun but contrived little D&D-inspired comedy story
Soul: George Floyd
Luca: movie about male wop mermaids, didn't watch
Turning Red: menstruation and onlyfans movie
saw the new trailer yesterday, seems to be big battle against an army of giant Zerg robots. the whole time i was just thinking "no Mira no watch"
reminder that they fired tim allen from voicing buzz lightyear every again because he said he didn't hate trump
>>684 (OP) 
It looks like that because it is, in some amount, aimed at adults. Now that many parents are basically children, the model is to cast a net of nostalgia so that they'll come and bring their children, who will hopefully become attached to the franchise. If they were trying to make something closer to the established canon that would attract children on its own, a reboot of the Buzz Lightyear cartoon would have worked far better. This is meant to work in tandem with the other model which works off the same principle and to the same end but uses "live action" remakes because the average person doesn't understand what good animation is.
There was one other white, but it was fat.
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