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What do you think of the Star Wars series ?
For me I think it's overrated and blown out too much, it doesn't deserve it's high status or this amount of attention, there are lots I mean lot of other media that does things better then Star Wars.
I could give out examples but most of them are anime so wew.
Although I may be wrong because I never watched a Star Wars movie.
I made this thread to not derail the /v/ thread
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>>61 (OP) 
>more like soy wars ayyyyyyy
the original trilogy was good, prove me wrong
Replies: >>65
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The whole series is fucking trash and you should feel bad faggot.
Replies: >>72
>>61 (OP) 
so it seems I have fucked up somewhere along the way and I can't connect to the server because it says that it cant load any of the maps. but I'm not quite sure what went wrong. I extracted the modpack into the "base" folder
Wrong the og og movie was great.the japanese one
>>61 (OP) 
Episode 4 and 5 were great and are classics for a reason. episode 6 wasn't as good but still very good.
While I liked the new Trilogy while it was new, I don't really watch any of it again. Episode 1 already showed how it was going into the wrong direction. I have seen it a million times anyway because it's pretty much unavoidable. Episode 2 was a boring piece of shit. I like Episode 3 a little, at least it feels like a Star Wars movie again.
Then they started making more movies. These are basically a mix of nostalgia pandering and wokeness and there is no reason at all to even watch them. The first one is almost a reboot of episode 4. Before you deal with that shit, just watch the real episode 4. If you've never seen a Star Wars movie and aren't particularly interested, just go watch 4 and 5 and forget about the rest of the series.
>>61 (OP) 
OT and some of the EU stuff can be good, but i can't stand all the "If you kill your enemies they win" bs.
Replies: >>84
>>61 (OP) 
I used to really like the movies as a kid but if was because i used to play 
battlefront 2 a lot, i don't think they are anything special.
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>but i can't stand all the "If you kill your enemies they win" bs
>if you kill your enemies
>mfw they blow up two different death stars
Killing is always the correct answer.
Replies: >>199
>>61 (OP) 
I think they were great as a kid. Nowadays I hold the view that they are good for entry level scifi, but the pedestal they are held on brings them down. But that is the issue with every movie, music, and everything else that is continuously hyped as the best thing ever.
The OT are fun movies and the prequels hold a special B movie-like feel that despite all the flaws I can enjoy them. It's a concept that never reached the full potential it had yet it's undeservingly held on a pedestal.
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Also this song is pretty great.
Spoiler File
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Would you?
Replies: >>180 >>193 >>199
I remember a nuStar wars comic were they draw Luke like a girl. It was fucking horrible.
>>61 (OP) 
The OT is good. Overrated as fuck, no disagreement there, but they're competent movies that tell a decent story. I'm not a sci-fi man myself, but I understand why people like them.

The prequels reek of George being up his own ass and no one having the balls to tell him he smells like shit and anything touched by the mouse is just a shitty cash grab without half the thought put into them that even the prequels had.

I assume he meant "if you kill your enemies they win" bs outside of the OT and EU. Either that or he's retarded.

Top right and bottom left I would. Top left, I'd consider. Probably not bottom right. Weird as fuck considering they're all the same "girl"
the OT is kind of the grandfather of the Abrams mix tape mystery box kind of shit, just way more competently executed comparatively
PT, George's head just seemed to be way too far up his own ass and distracted with everything but the actual movies and how good they were, still far better than the yidsney shit
the ST exists here so that some other reality could get the actually good version made possible by the universe where Disney died with Walt and George's early 1980's divorce never happened, so I can just ignore its existence

you can't really judge fans of the universe fairly though by the films alone, because especially in the case of people who grew up with this series over like 40 years, a fuck ton of novels and comics and other shit exist from before the yidsney buyout that George didn't really care about so interfered in little, written by a large group of actually fair to great writers (for the franchise tier genre) who fixed George's plot mistakes as best they could and managed to breathe a fuck ton of life and depth to the universe and the story
the EU and cartoons (with all their flaws) is what actually made this all so great and sustained this franchise all this time, took advantage of the potential of the thematics and galaxy in a way the execution of the films never quite totally lived up to
The prequels are painful to watch but I love the world building they have which made some great vidya and cartoons possible.
I would like to see a remake of episode 1(not by yidsney of course). Concise and maybe animated.
Just imagine a podracing scene animated like Redline.
>>61 (OP) 
I liked the original trilogy, but the EU, especially the Old Republic, is better for the franchise as a setting. Lucas's attempt at an official EU work, the prequel trilogy, was miserable but provided a basis for better official EU works. Now that the EU has been rendered non-canon, except for when it's convenient, there's no reason to care about the series except as something to fondly remember and use as a gateway for others into better science fiction. However, that's basically impossible since almost everyone in the developed world knows, watched, or played something from the franchise.
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ANH is good and has aged very well. Open and shut, no cliffhangers, you can just watch it right there and be done with it. Empire is good but I don't think it's as great as everyone says it is. It's fun and enjoyable but there's nothing about it that jumps out at me and says "this is the best movie ever made". RotJ is a hippie-pandering cash grab made to sell toys with bad green screen technology that has aged like garbage and an anticlimactic ending. George also couldn't stop himself from changing the ending after the prequel trilogy.
TPM has podracing and Darth Maul which sounds cool until you realize those are the only things it has going for it. Every time I watch it I think it will be better than it actually is. AotC is a clusterfuck of bad early CGI and Anakin being a sperg. RotS is the greatest of the entire series, it brings everything together and perfectly sets the stage for the OT. It is what Star Wars should be.
TFA is just ANH but bigger, if you're following a trail you're not a trailblazer. TLJ is the equivalent of a monkey throwing shit at the wall and calling it art. TRoS is the greatest comedy of 2019.
Replies: >>1738 >>1803
I grew up watching the Star Wars series, and it's good for what it is and was always supposed to be: a fairy tale in space made by the directorial equivalent of Anon (i.e., a counter-cultural autistic weeb with eclectic interests). With regards to the movies themselves, the OT is over-rated, the PT is over-hated, and the ST should've never been created.
Agreed on everything though I prefer ANH over RotS.
I don't know how I feel about TFA and Rogue One since it's been near a decade since I watched both, don't remember much about them and really don't feel like watching them again.
>TFA is just ANH but bigger
No it isn't, it wants to be ANH and failing at every step.
Replies: >>1804
He's probably talking how George's idea for RotJ involved having a low tech civilization defeating a high tech one. Which really isn't hippy pandering any more than having a movie where a mob of cavemen play tucker's kobolds with a bunch of modern day Army Rangers or something like that.
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