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Merry Christmas!
Check for weekly movie nights >>6

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Post your VHSs and criticize your fellow anons
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Nice 007 and wrasslan tapes.
don't know what 2 pic tapes are but they look like late 90s snuff films.
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Thanks, I find it's cheap as fuck to get VHSs so I try to every so often, I want to get more of movies I haven't seen and/or haven't even heard of. The quality can be really good, I had a buddy show me the two Twin Peaks seasons on VHS on his giant rear projection tv and it looked great.
>2 pic tapes
Collection of live shows in Texas and a live show on a commuter subway in New York
>Rocky and Bullwinkle
Nice. I'd like to get my hands on some cartoon tapes.
I don't have pics of them but I have Space Jam and some of the live action Action Man series episodes.
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Work at e-waste recycling. Every couple of weeks someone drops off tapes, either just a few or a bunch. Sometimes it's stuff they got off the air. These are all the ones I've kept so far. Thinking of getting rid of some of them (looking at you flintstones) if I get any more.
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>Record of Lodoss War VHS tapes
I didn't even know they made those.  Do they have subtitles or is it dubbed trash?
Reminder that VHS tapes degrade 2% every time you watch them through, always convert them to a digital format as soon as you can if no other copies exist
>t. watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas on VHS every year until the colors were so washed out you couldn't see anything
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Got a new tape a month ago but need to get another VCR. The salvation army says they got a warehouse that has a ton of them but they're lazy or something and won't stock the store i go to with any which is gay as fuck. I should just pressure those pricks to let me into their warehouse and give them five bucks for s damn VCR. Have you seen how much they are online now? It's absurd. I'm sure there's "deals" relative to the prices you see in initial searches but still a VCR is worthless to 99% of people fuckin sell me one for two bucks or fuck off.
>degrade 2% every time you watch them
The provided link only seems to refer to copying VHS, not simply watching them. Is there another source for that? I'll probably back my tapes up but I'll treat the whole situation differently if watching them at all degrades them, being I would back them up before further viewing. At least the ones where there's no known digital copies. such as pic related afaik
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>second spoiler
nix that, it's online
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