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Merry Christmas!
Check for weekly movie nights >>6

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So tell me, anon. Was the new Mortal Kombat any good? I think I already know the answer.
There's so many new vidya films in the works. To name a few: Minecraft, MGS, another Yakuza movie, Space Invaders(how?), Megaman (by Netflix). another RE movie, Sonic 2, Borderlands, Rabbids, Just Dance, SMB by minion corp and other shit.
Any of these shitshows you are curious about?
I wonder what a Space Invaders movie will look like. It better not be pixels all over again.
A megaman film in the style of protomen would have been cool but knowing cuckflix that won't happen.
I didn't hate the Sonic movie so maybe I'll watch the new one.
So besides new releases Is there an already released videogame movie you enjoy? As much as the 1995 MK movie wastes potential is still one of my favorites.
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>>391 (OP) 
The only video game movies that I remember liking to some degree are pics related. Does nip shit like Pokemon movies count?
>I didn't hate the Sonic movie
What did you like not hate in it? Serious question.
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>>391 (OP) 
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>What did you not hate in it? Serious question
Don't get me wrong. It's pretty meh and generic. But somehow I mildly enjoyed it while watching it. The jokes aren't great but also aren't terrible. Kinda like Detective Pikachu but without the nigger so better by default. That's probably the only compliment I can give to this movie. As modern movies go I somehow didn't hate it. I probably wouldn't watch it again though.
>Does nip shit like Pokemon movies count?
Sure. I actually have a memory which I don't know If it's real or not. I used to have a vhs of a pokemon movie in which Ash and the other fags left their pokemon by themselves to have a vacation or something. I remember a part in which Team Rocket's meowth got trapped under a snorlax and the snorlax shitted or farted on him (not in a detailed way of course, more like that scene in that Dinosaur King anime). Was this real or did I just have scat dreams as a kid?
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>>391 (OP) 
Apparently a movie is supposed to come out for The Division but it looks like it's in something close to development hell. Hopefully it comes out and is good. The story premise is interesting and I liked the game...even though it's something I wouldn't play nowadays.
I remember my sister (film major) being excited for the Assassin's Creed movie, I warned her it was going to suck since 95% of all vidya movies are terrible but she didn't listen to me. She ended up hating it. Intuition is a funny thing,
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>Kinda like Detective Pikachu but without the nigger
DP was absolute garbage though, I pirated it based on a recommendation and ended up stopping it before it even reached the middle. Was hoping for a "so bad it's good" experience but nah.
>Ash and the other fags left their pokemon by themselves to have a vacation or something
Yes that was real. There were Pokemon-only shorts that played right before each main movie, see:
Anyway I remember seeing Pokemon: The Movie 2000 and really liking it, surprisingly never watched the much acclaimed first movie but I plan to. The Deoxys movie was nice too, there was also a Celebi movie that I watched but that was shit.

>my sister (film major)
How pozzed is she?
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>How pozzed is she?
Moderately but not as bad as it could be. She keeps pressuring me to get the vaccine (she already did) but I see no reason to since the cons outweigh the benefits.
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whats the cons? i havent been keeping it up
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