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I'd thought I'd ask this new board for movie recs since coincidentally I've found myself binging a few from this list i had saved. So far its pretty good, I'm about halfway done. Do you guys have any other movies you'd consider similar to those on this list?
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Cant post images from tor? What a shame.
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You sure ?
I saw some tor poster post images.
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yah, its strange, I can select the image I want to post, but the post goes through without uploading it
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i will try again
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alright it worked. Ive pretty much watched the first three rows minus dead poets society, whiplash, aguirre, stand by me, the outsiders, conan (im sure ive seen it, i just dont remember it), and the 400 blows
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>>36 (OP) 
Can someone tell me where is this webm from and is the movie good or not ?
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That's from "Inglorious Basterds" (or however they spelled their stupid title). It's yet another WW2 film in which Jews gratuitously and vicariously get revenge on bad goys. Very well received by everyone who isn't me.
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Fucking knew it, ofcourse it will be pozzed out the when it's made by (((Hollywood))), god damn this is why I don't watch many films.
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gee it's almost like the large majority of media and entertainment is owned by jews and thus made to push propaganda.
The movie is criticism and mockery of all the edge-lords who think the Germans deserved everything that happened in WW2. It's not pozz, but more of a mockery of Jews and how they think that they're badasses even though they never contributed to the actual fighting outside of declaring war.
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Either that or the movie has no self-awareness. I would lean to the latter because I didn't catch any of the mockery you're talking about. It is a well made movie but It can only be enjoyed If you know nothing about WWII other than "Ivol nadzees".
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You can tell what its message is portraying when you see some of the more human Nazis are innocently killed despite not deserving it. The message of the movie is still that Nazi bad, but it also shits on the kikes who celebrate murdering Innocent Germans who are good-willed and care about the well-being of their fellow comrades. The people who think that movie is just anti-Nazi either just don't understand the themes or chose to purposely misunderstsnd its meanings just to larp about how they easily defeated nazism despite being getting btfod numerous times. Films don't always show an action or conflict in the good vs/or bad guy narrative.
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Although I won't discount the possibility that the intention was to lampoon the fervor with which the normalfag lusts for violence against people who have sinned against their lords I wonder if such a message even matters considering the reception of the film by said normalfags and the way that the story is told. I don't think anyone here thinks the film is "just anti-Nazi," I was merely saying that in it the Jew once more gratuitously and vicariously gets revenge on bad goys. Surely other things happen in it, although I suppose I shouldn't be so sure. A film which was two hours of nothing but Allied Powers murdering Germans would be boring, but who can say if it wouldn't go over well with normalfags? In any case I don't appreciate the implication that I was being dishonest.
chimes at midnight
Jeremiah Johnson
outlaw josey wales
the emperor's naked army marches on
highplains drifter
my darling clemintine
the long goodbye
escape to victory
steamboat round the bend
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