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Merry Christmas!
Check for weekly movie nights >>6

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>4:3 for "artistic" purposes
>had to stop and look up that it was actually supposed to be like that & I didn't just grab some shit rip
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>>301 (OP) 
Another fool filtered by Godking Snyder
How was it?
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kek, still went on with it, not quite halfway through yet
the main question that keeps coming up while watching it is "why was this made"
it's definitely better than whedon's job of it, but it has its own problems
one of which already looks to be trying to shove every idea he had for the whole DCU into this one film, since the whole DC movie universe thing is dead
finally managed to finish it
much, much better than whedon's
still shows the problems with it, just way too fucking much material trying to be shoved into one film
trying to be a film for each character that didn't get one before so you actually know who they are and give a shit about them, have some bare bones kind of interpersonal relationships, even 4 hours really isn't enough time to do it properly
should've had their films, the batman, and MOS sequel before even trying to get into the JL & of Death of Superman shit
that's not really on Snyder, that's WB just having no idea wtf they're doing, trying to copy the Marvel formula at lightspeed while not getting why it worked so well at all

Leto was much, much better as Joker in this, be nice if this all ended up leading somewhere
as is it's a fitting and kind of sad endcap to the potential film universe that wasn't, though
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>much, much better than whedon's
People keep saying this. It's worse.
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Why did they give him 70 million burger bucks to do this? Were they that embarrassed by the Whedon cut? WB has no idea what it's doing. And it doesn't matter either way because they already rebooted Batman
Hopefully this leads the death knell for superheros movies. I don't hate them per say, but their complete domination of the box office has been annoying.
Why? other than the aspect ratio
Replies: >>317
whedon's was barely fucking coherent comparatively, this is way too long for some feature blockbuster film, but the universe was such a fucking mess of way too much shit being done way too quickly already
joss's best days were well behind him when he tried to do that
this kind of just ties the whole DC thing they were doing there off, did give some people like Miller (as much of an asshole as he seems) a fucking chance to actually do something, gave Leto a little bit of redemption

hollywood's changing regardless, theaters are dead, don't think that's ever going to get truly revived
these things just work better storywise as series rather than films anyway
well watching this led to realizing I didn't watch Aquaman, which was alright but relied way too heavily on how much one likes Jason Momoa
I don't know a hell of a lot about Aquaman but I don't remember him being near invincible like that
also fuck Amber Heard
which led to me remembering I didn't watch that last Spider Man, which I ended up noping out of after like 10 minutes, that 20+ somethings trying to pull off teen dialogue, man
noped out of Dark Phoenix for the same reason, Sansa and Jewclops trying to be romantic was some truly painful shit

might try Shazam, idk
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and no I don't only watch capeshit, I just go through phases
last one was westerns
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>might try Shazam, idk
It's an alright flick, fun to watch but nothing to write home about. Could have been much better.
Your superhero "phase" is best spent reading comics. Pic related, a little something I put together with anons years ago. The Shazam comic on there is an excellent read.
>>301 (OP) 
>being a gen z over fullscreen on a board called vhs

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