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The Count of Monte Cristo (2002) is better than the book because Albert is Edmond's biological son.
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I haven't read the book, but I've heard it's very retarded compared to the movie.
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I've heard this as well for IT. The boys apparently ran a train on the only girl in the group.
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Holes is a very good adaptation of the book
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The book and the movie are very different but I think they're both fine. There's a made for tv rendition that's much closer to the book.

The book version of It is pretty nice. The two "Ritual of Chud" scenes are great cosmic horror that King partially ripped off from Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath.
>The boys apparently ran a train on the only girl in the group.
Yes. That does happen.

See King's biggest problem is that he can't write endings. He really can't write beginnings either but  in medias res is a recognized thing so it's not really a problem. His second problem is that the longer his stories go on for the worse his writing tends to get because he ends up falling back on his personal deck of stock characters.
So if you want to read Stutter Kane Stephen King stick to his earliest novels or most any of his short story compilations.
>>1474 (OP) 
Never read the book but it is up there among my favorite movies of all time.
>>1474 (OP) 
As far as movies that are better than the book you can include The Swarm. 
Not because the movie is good but because the book is genuinely pants on head retarded. Also I suppose because the movie stars Michael Caine and he's one of those actors that just makes whatever he's in better in spite of all other factors.
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>>1474 (OP) 
I love The Count of Monte Cristo (the book), so that's a real claim to make. I will have to check out the movie.
>>1474 (OP) 
Fahrenheit 451
>>1474 (OP) 
Nah, the book is great as long as you don't expect some high literature
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