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Movie nights every Friday at https://cytu.be/r/OverlookTheater

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Check for weekly movie nights.
Every Friday at 5pm PDT - 7pm CDT - 8pm EDT

At: https://cytu.be/r/OverlookTheater
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/vhs/ Movie Night
Spiderman (2002) - Godzilla: Final Wars - Blade
Friday May 20th
5pm PDT - 7pm CDT - 8pm EDT
Pre-show: Mac and Me (3:30pm PDT/5:30pm CDT/6:30pm EDT)
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>raimi's pizza time
Shame I won't be around because you host these at fucking 4AM local
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Why not do Second Run Saturdays or similar for euro hour anons? Just snag the movies or ones snagged from prior nights. Second run theaters are becoming rare.
Replies: >>1025
Feel free to join us at a reasonable time - these streams go on for a while.

Could also be a very interesting idea.
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In case anyone's awake or interested, Snowball's streaming the Spider-Man trilogy. Just finished the first movie.

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/vhs/ Movie Night
Origin: Spirits of the Past - Men and Chicken (2015) - Ben-Hur
Friday May 27th
5pm PDT - 7pm CDT - 8pm EDT
Pre-show: Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit (3:30pm PDT/5:30pm CDT/6:30pm EDT)
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Next week is the first of the month, so we should think of themes for the wheel tonight, right?
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Yeah. If I win I'm picking talking animals theme.
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If I get theme, I'm choosing Steve Buscemi.
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Now Playing: Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit
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>Thinking about the theme niggerfaggots
>Remember the movie Con Air
>Remember there is an actual niggerfaggot in the movie
>Remember that Steve Buscemi is in the movie too
>tfw could have brought the two themes together seamlessly
>not that it matters because the wheel has condemned me for life
I could have had it all...
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June's theme is: Niggerfaggots

Tonight's films are:
The Last Dragon
Major Payne
Disco Godfather

Pre-Show: Glen or Glenda
Post-Show: Ghost Dog - The Way of the Samurai
We begin promptly at 3:45 Pacific, 6:45 Eastern
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/vhs/ Movie Night
Bringing out the Dead - The Abyss - Made in Abyss 3
Friday June 10th
5pm PDT - 7pm CDT - 8pm EDT
Pre-show: R.O.T.O.R. (3:30pm PDT/5:30pm CDT/6:30pm EDT)
Replies: >>1051
Got my suggestions warmed up.
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Now Playing: R.O.T.O.R.
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>Made in Abyss 3
I had no idea what the series was about walking in, so the torturing really felt like it came out of nowhere. Otherwise, it had a lot of exposition that made the film pretty draining.

>Bringing Out the Dead
Special thanks to cuminpies for suggesting this movie. It really does fit in with Mother, Jugs, and Speed. Felt more akin to a Cape Fear style of Scorsese if that says anything. Has a religious angle that makes me wonder if Nic Cage is supposed to allegorically be Jesus - sees the suffering in a scummy world, succumbs to depression as a result, can hear the souls of those on the line between life and death, falls for a less-than-pure lady, not to mention the halo of light that surrounds him near the end of the movie... Not my favorite Scorsese film, but I would certainly re-watch it in the future as it's worth a more in-depth viewing.

>The Abyss
Unfortunately, I had chores to do and then had to leave early for this one. No comment from me.
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>Not my favorite Scorsese film
you kidding? it's fucking great
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For a general film, it's fucking amazing. But Scorsese has directed the likes of Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, The King of Comedy, Goodfellas, and many others that are critically acclaimed and I may/may not have seen. That's some hefty competition to go up against. I'm willing to admit my bias of not being the biggest fan of Nicolas Cage - albeit he is amazing in this film - likely contributes to Bringing Out the Dead falling short of being my favorite Scorsese movie. But don't take it that I'm saying I disliked the movie. Would I say it's a great movie? Yes. Would I say it's a re-watchable movie? Yes. Would I say it's Scorsese's greatest movie? No.

Who knows - a second viewing might change my opinion.
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/vhs/ Movie Night -  Neil Breen Edition
Double Down - I Am Here... Now - Fateful Findings - Pass Thru - Twisted Pair
Friday June 17th
3:30pm PDT/5:30pm CDT/6:30pm EDT
Replies: >>1062 >>1063
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Now Playing: Double Down (2005)
Replies: >>1062
Breen week is over.
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>Excited for Breen night
>Internet issue starts last week
>Internet issue persists for the rest of the week
>Unable to watch stream

I haven't missed a movie night in probably a year. Felt like such an empty Friday night. How were the movies and the shitposting?
Replies: >>1064
It was a brainsmoothing experience for sure.
Sorry that you missed it.
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/vhs/ Movie Night
Jurassic Park (Jap dub) - Titan A.E. - Disney's Sindbad
Friday June 17th
5pm PDT - 7pm CDT - 8pm EDT
Pre-show: Samurai Cop. (3:30pm PDT/5:30pm CDT/6:30pm EDT)
Replies: >>1066
>Titan A.E.
why would anyone do this
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Now Playing: Samurai Cop
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/vhs/ Movie Night - The Absolute States of America Edition
/vhs/ Movie Night - Buckbreakers and Colonizers Edition
/vhs/ Movie Night - UFO PORNOOOO Edition
Wag the Dog - The Warriors - The Road to El Dorado
Friday July 1st
5pm PDT - 7pm CDT - 8pm EDT
Pre-show: Love and Saucers (2017) (3:30pm PDT/5:30pm CDT/6:30pm EDT)
Replies: >>1079 >>1080 >>1085
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>Love and Saucers
When why El Dorado was picked is considered, it's fitting, but the guy's paintings look like knockoff Eyes Wide Shut parties. The aliens in them look like people in masks.
[Hide] (696.3KB, 960x1440)
>Love and Saucers
I actually know this documentary. David's story is sad. He's part (or full) native, aka his parents were alcoholics and abused him as a kid. Pretty sure the aliens he claimed he saw are what he used to deal with the trauma he suffered. I even wonder if he was raped and that's why he has that alien sexual encounter as, if I remember correctly, he claims the whole thing was frightening and he suddenly found himself naked. It reminds me of the movie Mysterious Skin.

>The Road to El Dorado
I don't think I'm ready for the porn.
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Now Playing: Love and Saucers
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El Dorado es el fin. The Warriors coming soon. I hope you played the game first, right anon?
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>Love and Saucers
Virginity lost :D

>The Road to El Dorado
First time watching this. Animation was good, but everything else was mediocre at best. Hell, we barely even get any Chel.

>The Warriors
I think the overall opinion in the chat was that the buildup was very slow and not worth it. Still, I like the movie for the random gang motifs and the adventure involved. It's light-hearted for the most part, but the message is clear that gang life in NYC is a mistake. Continue to wonder why Ajax gets arrested for feeling up an undercover cop who was asking for him to sleep with her.

>Wag the Dog
Better movie than I remembered and yet even worse than I remembered. Life imitates art.
Replies: >>1090
>feeling up an undercover cop who was asking for him to sleep with her
He did it forcefully. It was a honeypot AKA "not entrapment".
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/vhs/ Movie Night
The Longest Day - Thunder Bay - Carlito's Way
Friday July 8th
5pm PDT - 7pm CDT - 8pm EDT
Pre-show: TerrorVision 1986 (3:30pm PDT/5:30pm CDT/6:30pm EDT)
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Now Playing: TerrorVision
Replies: >>1096
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I've tricked myself into being in early. Kind of classic but weird acting from some of them. I love 80s color gel lighting.
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/vhs/ Movie Night
Godfather Part 1 - Lord of War - The Titfield Thunderbolt
Friday July 15th
5pm PDT - 7pm CDT - 8pm EDT
Pre-show: Cane Toads 1988 - The Toys That Made Us S01E03 "He-Man" (3:30pm PDT/5:30pm CDT/6:30pm EDT)
[Hide] (692.1KB, 1000x562)
Now Playing: Cane Toads 1988
Replies: >>1108
Everyone who left before/during the Coke movie missed out. It was extremely strange. The ending is a fucking World War breaking out in/over that's implied to have happened as a result of the activities of the gay hotel worker's group.
Replies: >>1104 >>1105 >>1108
I meant "in/over Japan".
For future reference, the movie is called The Coca-Cola Kid.

Sad I missed it, but I was feeling like crap and couldn't even make it through The Titfield Thunderbolt (was that one good?). I'll download it if you recommend it that highly.
Mind reuploading that?
I'll just have to catch up on that later since I downloaded it before going to bed. I woke up early that day so I could barely stay awake following Titsfield, as well.

Here are the games as brought up in the chat, previously:


Replies: >>1111
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/vhs/ Movie Night
House of the Dead 2 - What We Do in the Shadows - Kopps
Friday July 22nd
5pm PDT - 7pm CDT - 8pm EDT
Pre-show: Psycho Goreman (2020) (3:30pm PDT/5:30pm CDT/6:30pm EDT)
Replies: >>1120
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Now Playing: Psycho Goreman
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Now Playing: Alien vs Ninja
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Vextra, thou hast been choosen by the wheel for the third and final movie. Pick one and confirm thy pick in cytube.
Otherwise I shalt be forced to pick a mistery movie myself.
Thou hast until Wednesday. This is a threat.
Replies: >>1120
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/vhs/ Movie Night
Nightcrawler (2014) - Versus (2000) - Passport to Pimlico
Friday July 29th
5pm PDT - 7pm CDT - 8pm EDT
Pre-show: Suburban Sasquatch 2004 (3:30pm PDT/5:30pm CDT/6:30pm EDT)
Spoiler File
(197.8KB, 2048x1280)
>Psycho Goreman
Pozzed shit with an insufferable little girl protagonist. Every man was an effeminate pansy who needed a woman to hold his dick for him. Glad we dropped it.

>Alien vs. Ninja
I was half-paying attention, but looked funny. The dolphin alien was pretty hilarious looking.

>House of the Dead 2
Again, half-paying attention as I was reading about AIDS and patient zero thanks to an anon. Apparently the movie sucked.

>Warlock 2
Calicommie protag was such a fag, was only half-paying attention during this one.

It was silly. Can't say it's ever been a favorite of mine, but it's not a bad movie if you want to turn off your brain.

>What We Do in the Shadows
I never checked this one out for whatever reason, so I was glad to finally sit down and watch it. I don't exactly know how I feel about it - it had a couple of moments that I thought were funny, but for the most part, it was off the mark. I wasn't particularly attached to any of the characters and I feel like the comedy of "we're idiots, but we try to act cool" is all I catch from this New Zealand troop. It's not bad, but it gets tiresome when every show or movie is the exact same character portrayal, yet they're all supposed to be unique movies.

Bless you Vextra for choosing Nightcrawler. I was half-expecting to re-watch Zombie Ass: Toilet of the Dead.
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Now Playing: Suburban Sasquatch
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/vhs/ Movie Night - Hiroshima Edition
Threads 1984 - Fist of the North Star 1986 - X the Unknown
Friday August 5th
5pm PDT - 7pm CDT - 8pm EDT
Pre-show: Final Flesh (3:30pm PDT/5:30pm CDT/6:30pm EDT)
Replies: >>1136
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Now Playing: Raw Force
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[Hide] (700KB, 474x711)
/vhs/ Overflow Night: Nagasaki Edition
Dr. Strangelove - The Children - Six String Samurai
Monday, August 8th
5pm PDT - 7pm CDT - 8pm EDT
Pre-show: ???
Replies: >>1142
[Hide] (209.6KB, 1376x1032)
>Final Flesh
Left pretty early on because pic related.

>Raw Force/Kung Fu Cannibals
Akin to the Bullets, Bombs, and Babes franchise.

Good movie, but depressing. Follows two families as nuclear retaliation between American and Russian forces begins to brew. About thirty, forty minutes in, shit hits the fan and the rest of the movie is plain misery. The message is clear and I appreciated it, but I'd say once the story progressed to post-bombing, it became clear the writers didn't want a balanced film with other perspectives. In particular for the aftermath, they failed to show people who prep for such situations in advance (at least in terms of food, water, crops - doubt many people have a means to create a bomb shelter) and, especially, own weapons. The only guns are owned by the military, no one else. They also have a point that agriculture is practically gone because they don't have fertilizers and pesticides. That's not the only way to do agriculture (look into horticulture, permaculture, food forests, etc.) and frankly, it's the worst way. Would everyone know about other agricultural strategies? No, but after 13 years, I think you'd have at least some progress  on that front because the preppers would likely be the ones who survived better and they would have passed on their knowledge. I would have liked to see at least some positivity of things you can do to help prepare yourself for any disaster. It's implied, I guess, but I don't think most normalfags would get the message. They'd think instead, "War is bad and if anything happens, I'm screwed." This film really missed that mark and it's unfortunate.

>Fist of the North Star

>X the Unknown
Fell asleep before I could watch this one.
>>1019 (OP) 
other than showing up on dedicated nights, how can i make sure i've got access to the movies we're watching and discussing in the weekly updates?

>namefagged cuz on cafe
No pre-show because I have to re-encode some things and my planned pre-show is too long. There is some training films and music playing instead.
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[Hide] (684KB, 600x900)
/vhs/ Movie Night
Star Wars (1977) - Coraline - No One Lives
Friday August 12th
5pm PDT - 7pm CDT - 8pm EDT
Pre-show: Willard 1971 (3:30pm PDT/5:30pm CDT/6:30pm EDT)
Replies: >>1151
>Star Wars (1977)
Despecialized? nip audio please :^)
Replies: >>1152
>nip audio 
If you have it and upload it, I just might.
Replies: >>1154
[Hide] (87.2KB, 777x842)
The mkv version of the despecialized edition has a ton of dubs https://pastebin.com/UrCE4vMb
If you don't want to bother with a gorillion mega links there are some torrents around but only a few of them have the extra audio tracks.
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Now Playing: Willard (1971)
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[Hide] (8MB, 1728x2592)
/vhs/ Movie Night - Unofficial Sci-Fi Edition
Empire Strikes Back - Stargate - Dune (1984)
Friday, August 19th
5pm PDT - 7pm CDT - 8pm EDT
Pre-Show: Battlefield Earth (3:00 PDT/5:00 CDT/6:00 EDT)
Post-Show: Was going to be Dune: Messiah but it's pretty shit so I was thinking Prospect.
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[Hide] (568.3KB, 600x900)
[Hide] (902.3KB, 600x900)
/vhs/ Movie Night
Return of the Jedi - Pixels - Starcrash
Friday August 26th
5pm PDT - 7pm CDT - 8pm EDT
Pre-show: New York Ninja (3:30pm PDT/5:30pm CDT/6:30pm EDT)
[Hide] (1.4MB, 1536x862)
Now Playing: New York Ninja
Is there a movie night happening this Friday?
Replies: >>1178
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[Hide] (3MB, 923x1280)
[Hide] (1.2MB, 600x900)
vhs Movie Night - 怪獣 Edition
Godzilla vs. Biollante - Gamera 2 - Q: The Winged Serpent
Friday, September 2nd
5pm PDT - 7pm CDT - 8pm EDT
Pre-Show: Reptilicus (3:30pm PDT/5:30pm CDT/6:30pm EDT)
Post-Show: Pacific Rim

Replies: >>1179
The only one of these I've seen is biollante. Looking forward to it. Didn't find anything on Ultrawoman then?
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[Hide] (134.3KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (78KB, 230x345)
Spoiler File
(546.9KB, 646x759)
/vhs/ Movie Night - Turn the TV on, It doesn't matter what channel Edition
Freddy Got Fingered - The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension - and The Night Porter (1974)
Friday September 9th
5pm PDT - 7pm CDT - 8pm EDT
Pre-show: Brain Damage (1988) (3:30pm PDT/5:30pm CDT/6:30pm EDT)
Replies: >>1189 >>1208
[Hide] (475.9KB, 2000x1059)
>Freddy Got Fingered
All I know is this movie is considered one of the worst movies ever made. Kind of interested to see just how bad it is, but also worried as hell.

>Brain Damage
>Same guy who directed Basket Case
I've always wanted to see that movie. Maybe this Halloween I'll finally get the chance.
Replies: >>1193
[Hide] (428KB, 919x519)
Now Playing: Brain Damage
Freddie Got Fingered is essentially a comedian who knows he got 5 seconds fame and not much else, blowing through a million dollars just to shit and mock all over Hollywood.

It's brilliant, fucking kino all the way.

Last House on Dead End Street torrent, Including all dvd extra features.
Replies: >>1196

Mondo-Digital review
[Hide] (754.8KB, 600x900)
[Hide] (762.4KB, 600x900)
[Hide] (688.7KB, 600x900)
/vhs/ Movie Night
Stalker (1979) - Zombie Ass Toilet of the Dead - Kingdom of Heaven
Friday September 16th
5pm PDT - 7pm CDT - 8pm EDT
Pre-show: Unmasking the Idol (3:30pm PDT/5:30pm CDT/6:30pm EDT)
Replies: >>1208
[Hide] (141.6KB, 1600x900)
Apart from the preshow, Freddy Got Fingered was probably the most captivating film that night. Let that sink in.

And for anyone who might be interested in The Night Porter for the sadomasochism aspect, it's very minimal. The focus is on the romance between the ex-Nazi general and his non-Jew, socialist lover.

>Zombie Ass
My zombie ass is ready.
Replies: >>1209
I enjoyed Freddy, it was a masterful shitpost. I fell asleep halfway through the The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Schizo Dimension.
[Hide] (424.8KB, 1000x541)
Now Playing: Unmasking the Idol
[Hide] (262.9KB, 446x588)
[Hide] (139.4KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (177.3KB, 230x345)
/vhs/ Movie Night - Ejaculating Sushi Edition  
A Bout de Souffle - Good Burger - Dead Sushi 
Friday September 23rd
5pm PDT - 7pm CDT - 8pm EDT
Pre-show: Ed (1996) (3:30pm PDT/5:30pm CDT/6:30pm EDT)
Replies: >>1231
I vote we call it "À bout de soufflé" for the night so we can have a food-titled theme.
Replies: >>1232
Why'd you eat my images, imageboard?
[Hide] (773.5KB, 886x629)
Couldn't download Ed
Now Playing: Dunston Checks In (1996)
Replies: >>1239 >>1242
What is Ed about? First I've ever heard of it.
Replies: >>1240
Chimp helps Matt Le Blanc become a baseball player.
[Hide] (70.4KB, 1280x720)
[Hide] (137.9KB, 692x389)
Hold the fucking phone. They don't even use a real chimp in Ed? It's a costume? Now I understand why it panned to hell and back.
Replies: >>1248
[Hide] (518.3KB, 600x900)
[Hide] (641.3KB, 600x900)
[Hide] (661.6KB, 600x900)
/vhs/ Movie Night - Baba
Godfather Part 2 - The 13th Warrior - Hardcore Henry
Friday September 30th
5pm PDT - 7pm CDT - 8pm EDT
Pre-show: Ed (1996) (3:30pm PDT/5:30pm CDT/6:30pm EDT)
[Hide] (799.1KB, 596x586)
>they don't use a real chimp
[Hide] (126KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (139.1KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (80.4KB, 230x345)
/vhs/ Movie Night
Funny Man 1994 - Ernest Scared Stupid - Donnie Darko
Friday October 7th
5pm PDT - 7pm CDT - 8pm EDT
Pre-show: Maniac (1980) (3:30pm PDT/5:30pm CDT/6:30pm EDT)
Replies: >>1256 >>1257
[Hide] (137KB, 474x266)
[Hide] (2.2MB, 1920x1080)
Now Playing: Maniac (1980)
>Ernest Scared Stupid
I had never watched an Ernest film before. This was really fun. I enjoyed the quality of the trolls. If I was pre-pubescent, I would have enjoyed it far more, but I still laughed at the jokes.
>Donnie Darko
I made the connections to the deeper story and its meanings both in-universe and meta far easier now than when I first watched it as a teenager. I should have rewatched it when I was younger because I think that the story of teenage agnostic Christ would have left a greater impact.
>Funny Man
I was so tired that I tuned out when this started. It looked really absurd, so I regret that.
[Hide] (179.7KB, 640x360)
I wasn't able to watch most of the night, but I was pleasantly surprised by Ernest Scared Stupid. Agree with the previous poster that, had I seen it as a kid, I probably would have really loved it. Still, not bad at all.

Otherwise, which movies were chosen for next week?
Replies: >>1258
[Hide] (97.7KB, 650x660)
I only remember killer clowns.
[Hide] (110.8KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (98.4KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (162.9KB, 230x345)
/vhs/ Movie Night - BOO! Edition
The Crow 1994 - Insomnia 1997 - Killer Klowns from Outer Space
Friday October 14th
5pm PDT - 7pm CDT - 8pm EDT
Pre-show: Fire in the Sky (3:30pm PDT/5:30pm CDT/6:30pm EDT)
Replies: >>1264 >>1266 >>1273
Tonight's movie length in ascending and not necessarily viewing order is: Killer Clowns (88), Insomnia (95), The Crow (104), Fire in the Sky (109). The minimum time of tonight's viewing will be 394 minutes or 6.57 hours.
Replies: >>1265 >>1266
[Hide] (14.8KB, 332x303)
Appreciate the movie length time breakdown. We'll definitely have a post-show, so I'd add an extra 90 minutes for the minimum.
Replies: >>1266
[Hide] (879.1KB, 957x900)
I'll fall asleep before the first one even finishes
[Hide] (434.5KB, 1920x1080)
Now Playing: Fire in the Skye
[Hide] (150.5KB, 1147x1200)
[Hide] (172.2KB, 1096x1135)
[Hide] (1.6MB, 1094x1596)
Spoiler File
(3.7MB, 3235x4068)
[Hide] (176.8KB, 443x750)
[Hide] (581.9KB, 720x900, 00:06)
[Hide] (2.9MB, 394x700, 00:14)
[Hide] (477KB, 1088x1330)
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1515x1624)
[Hide] (931.2KB, 1515x1412)
[Hide] (73.1KB, 612x855)
[Hide] (783.1KB, 3147x3042)
[Hide] (484.2KB, 1112x1438)
[Hide] (329.2KB, 660x1282)
[Hide] (89.1KB, 1200x848)
Spoiler File
(304.4KB, 951x1280)
[Hide] (405.6KB, 950x1249)
[Hide] (7.6MB, 1920x1080, 00:19)
[Hide] (1.9MB, 256x192)
[Hide] (444.1KB, 647x1332)
After reconsidering my choice due to Insomnia not qualifying as horror, I've chosen Pi (1998) instead of Visitor to a Museum, a drama. It's 84 minutes long.
Replies: >>1273
[Hide] (871.7KB, 640x360, 00:04)
[Hide] (153.5KB, 640x360, 00:04)
>Fire in the Sky
I wasn't paying much attention. The flashback with the anal probing was the most exciting part of the movie. Though if I was Travis Walton, I would have been pissed that Hollywood completely fabricated my actual encounter and thus, diminished the credibility of my story (if that's possible).

>The Crow
Super edge lord movie that I've never been crazy about. But F Brandon Lee nonetheless.

>Killer Klowns from Outer Space
Nice B horror movie. Costumes are good.

>Insomnia (1997)
The swede policeman needs to learn proper firearm etiquette (and how not to grope witnesses to a crime). Standard thriller affair I'd say, not too bad.

>Calendar Girl Murders
From the theme, reminds me of Drop Dead Gorgeous (decent movie). But I didn't stick around past the first murder so not much else to say.

Looking forward to watching Pi after all these years.
[Hide] (53.9KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (30.7KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (84.1KB, 230x345)
/vhs/ Movie Night
Pi (1998) - The Nightmare - Pitch Black
Friday October 21st
5pm PDT - 7pm CDT - 8pm EDT
Pre-show: Suspiria 1977 (3:30pm PDT/5:30pm CDT/6:30pm EDT)
Replies: >>1278
Movie length in minutes and order is: 99, 84, 90, 104. The night's minimum length will be 6.28 hours.
[Hide] (475KB, 800x500)
Now Playing: Suspiria 1977
Replies: >>1296
[Hide] (110.7KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (103.9KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (142.8KB, 230x345)
/vhs/ Movie Night
The Blood on Satan's Claw - The Shining - Vampire Hunter D (1985)
Friday October 28th
5pm PDT - 7pm CDT - 8pm EDT
Pre-show: From Dusk Till Dawn (3:30pm PDT/5:30pm CDT/6:30pm EDT)
[Hide] (253.2KB, 600x360)
Now Playing: From Dusk Till Dawn
Saw this in the theater a few years ago for the restoration or whatever it was and it was great
[Hide] (1.7MB, 736x1104)
[Hide] (1.2MB, 1000x1500)
[Hide] (1.9MB, 1000x1500)
[Hide] (1.1MB, 768x1024)
/vhs/ Movie Night: Halloween Begins!
Galaxy of Terror - The Fly - C.H.U.D. - Casper
Saturday October 29th
5pm PDT - 7pm CDT - 8pm EDT
Pre-Show: Fade to Black  (3:30pm PDT/5:30pm CDT/6:30pm EDT)
Post-Show: Young Frankenstein if we have time, otherwise I'll punt it to another day.
Replies: >>1298
[Hide] (86.8KB, 1035x720)
Thank you for hosting tonight blam
[Hide] (138.7KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (138.3KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (135.3KB, 230x345)
/vhs/ Movie Night - Watchers beware, You're in for a scare Edition
Lesson of the Evil - Army of Darkness - Student Bodies
Saturday October 30th
5pm PDT - 7pm CDT - 8pm EDT
Pre-Show: Hausu  (3:30pm PDT/5:30pm CDT/6:30pm EDT)
Replies: >>1305
[Hide] (536.8KB, 700x524)
Now Playing: Hausu
[Hide] (686.5KB, 600x900)
[Hide] (167.1KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (153KB, 230x345)
/vhs/ Movie Night
Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation - Spiderman 2 - Jumanji 
Saturday November 4th
5pm PDT - 7pm CDT - 8pm EDT
Pre-Show: Matilda (3:30pm PDT/5:30pm CDT/6:30pm EDT)
Replies: >>1303 >>1305
Theme: Childhood Nostalgia
Matilda: 98 Minutes
Care Bears 2: 76 Minutes
Spider-Man 2: 127 Minutes
Jumanji: 104 Minutes
Minimum Runtime: 405 Minutes (6.75 Hours)
[Hide] (591.1KB, 1024x512)
Now Playing: Matilda
>Army of Darkness
I thought that this was the first Evil Dead film. I had never seen one before. Good otherwise and the only film I paid attention to.
>Spider-Man 2
A great movie. It's a shame about the sequel, but I sincerely hope that Marvel doesn't order new movies from the now alternate Spider-Men. Maguire and Dunst may be open for it, the prior even asking for as little to be revealed about his character's future as possible, but it wouldn't be any good. Maguire could pull off a middle aged Spider-Man despite being almost 50, but Dunst, now 40, has obviously aged. Like every other sequel far past a work's prime, the team and general mood would be impossible to replicate.
[Hide] (47.7KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (479.9KB, 460x690)
[Hide] (148.6KB, 230x345)
/vhs/ Movie Night
The Believer - The Fatal Flying Guillotines - Commando Ninja
Saturday November 11th
5pm PDT - 7pm CDT - 8pm EDT
Pre-Show: Mutant Girls Squad 2010 (3:30pm PDT/5:30pm CDT/6:30pm EDT)
Replies: >>1309 >>1310
[Hide] (838.7KB, 747x614)
Missed last week and might end up missing this week too. Hoping I can at least catch The Believer since the plot seems interesting.
Replies: >>1310
[Hide] (41.7KB, 250x294)
The Believer: 98 Minutes
The Fatal Flying Guillotines: 88 Minutes
Commando Ninja: 68 Minutes
Mutant Girls Squad: 85 Minutes
Minimum Runtime: 339 Minutes (5.65 Hours)
The Believer is pretty interesting. It's both a character study and a critique of Judaism that only a Jew could make. If anyone else made it, it wouldn't be nearly as anti-Semitic and would have dumbed down the criticisms to infographic-tier or worse.
Replies: >>1311
[Hide] (130.3KB, 541x367)
Thankfully I should be around tonight in the end to watch the stream. Looking forward to it.
[Hide] (892.9KB, 1280x720)
Now Watching: Mutant Girls Squad
[Hide] (125.2KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (89.7KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (1.2MB, 732x1035)
[Hide] (658.3KB, 643x863)
/vhs/ Movie Night
Universal Soldier - Slaughterhouse-five - Dragon Ball Z: Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan - Dragon Ball Z: Broly - Second Coming
Saturday November 18th
5pm PST - 7pm CST - 8pm EST
Pre-Show: Mousehunt (3:30pm PST/5:30pm CST/6:30pm EST)
Oh hey that's one of the movies I wanted to nominate before

Will the Broly movies have the heavy metal soundtracks or not?
Replies: >>1320
>Will the Broly movies have the heavy metal soundtracks?
[Hide] (2.9MB, 1920x1080)
Now Watching: Mousehunt
[Hide] (119.5KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (92.7KB, 220x311)
[Hide] (109.4KB, 230x345)
/vhs/ Movie Night
The Green Butchers - Rec 2007 - Memento
Friday November 25th
5pm PST - 7pm CST - 8pm EST
Pre-Show: Big (1988) (3:30pm PST/5:30pm CST/6:30pm EST)
Replies: >>1326
>Big (104 Theatrical, 130 Extended)
>Green Butchers (95)
>Rec (78)
>Memento (113)
>Minimum Time (6.5/6.94 hours)
I hope that we will be able to watch Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.
[Hide] (1018.2KB, 1200x630)
Now Watching: BIG guy
Replies: >>1328 >>1329
[Hide] (45.7KB, 691x624)
Who won the wheel last night? I am sorry if I did and lost my spot. I had a pretty bad health problem appear half way into Charlie Brown and passed out, so I wasn't able to watch anything. I couldn't even hold the responsibility of watching what I picked.
Replies: >>1330
I hope you're doing okay now. I was wondering why you went so quiet.

SpaceDio, Tailwhip, and benisranger got picked. Films chosen were Meet Me in St. Louis, Tenchi the Movie 2: Daughter of Darkness, and Initial D Third Stage.
[Hide] (143.6KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (1.1MB, 800x788)
[Hide] (1.5MB, 1280x1815)
/vhs/ Movie Night - Christmas on Fire
Meet Me In St. Louis - Tenchi 2: Daughter of Darkness - Initial D Third Stage
Friday December 2nd
5pm PST - 7pm CST - 8pm EST
Pre-Show: Decoys 2004 (3:30pm PST/5:30pm CST/6:30pm EST)
Replies: >>1335
>Decoys (95 Minutes)
>Meet Me In Saint Louis (113 Minutes)
>Tenchi 2 (65 Minutes)
>Initial 3 (104 Minutes)
>Minimum Time (6.28 Hours)
I'm probably not going to attend tonight. A 1944 musical, failed Canadian horror film, and two anime sequels aren't very appealing.
Replies: >>1336 >>1338
I'd say you'll be missing out.
Also, is it me, or has cockfile severely shortened its filesize limit to just 100MB? I can't access tmp.ninja, either. At least they're all watchable on youtube in some form
Replies: >>1337 >>1342
It says that but it stills uploads up to 2GB.
Replies: >>1340
[Hide] (335KB, 877x902)
>We wont have to watch Jacks awful jewtube videos.
It's a christmas miracle.
Replies: >>1339 >>1341
[Hide] (1.2MB, 1740x988)
Now Watching: Decoys
Oh yeah, you're right. I wonder if it's either a mistake or on purpose
If I was Jack, the original announcement would have had the lengths. They aren't hard to find.
I may have missed out with Decoys, but I'd rather watch anime in order. I don't like musicals.
[Hide] (2.2MB, 1000x1561)
[Hide] (2.2MB, 1172x1600)
[Hide] (1.1MB, 709x1024)
/vhs/ Movie Night - The Lord of the Ring Special
The Fellowship of the Ring - The Two Towers - The Return of the King
Friday December 9th
11am PST - 1pm CST - 2pm EST
O hooray, the most overrated movies of all time. Skipping this one.
[Hide] (262.1KB, 1920x1080)
I guess we're not watching The Hobbit this time for preshow?
Replies: >>1349
Will this be a director's cut or regular length?
Replies: >>1349
[Hide] (758.1KB, 720x888)
I think the movies's lenght is enough. Maybe some other time we'll marathon the animated films. Or if we end early I'll play it as postshow.
Replies: >>1351 >>1352
I don't think there's a reason to list individual times, since we're probably going to watch these in order. The total runtime will be 11.434 hours. I don't know if I'm going to attend, given the runtime.
Replies: >>1351 >>1352
[Hide] (106.6KB, 487x511)
Please do animated again sometime, Animated Frodo >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Live-action Frodo this is objective fact
Also animated Hobbit Gollum > CGI Gollum but I don't give a shit about The Hobbit animated or not
You are of weak t. watched pre-show until halfway through post-show last year
[Hide] (32.6KB, 400x400)
I'd be down to watch the animated films as a separate day. I won't make it through a postshow today, that's for sure.

Hopefully you can attend at least part of the day/night. I'll be putting it on while I work.
[Hide] (379KB, 960x540)
[Hide] (379KB, 960x540)
[Hide] (379KB, 960x540)
[Hide] (379KB, 960x540)
[Hide] (379KB, 960x540)
Is /vhs/ going to participate in /christmas/ this year?
[Hide] (138.1KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (141.8KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (132.1KB, 230x345)
/vhs/ Movie Night - Week before Christmas
Hogfather (2006) - Ski Patrol - Trancers 1984
Friday December 16th
5pm PST - 7pm CST - 8pm EST
Pre-Show: Billy & Mandy's Big Boogey Adventure + Dragon Ball: Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return!! (Jap dub) (3:30pm PST/5:30pm CST/6:30pm EST)
Replies: >>1360
>Billy & Mandy's Big Boogey Adventure (80 minutes)
>Dragon Ball: Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return!! (35 minutes)
>Hogfather (189 minutes)
>Ski Patrol (90 minutes)
>Trancers (76 minutes)
>Minimum Runtime (470 minutes or 7.83 hours)
What happened to Billy and Mandy was a shame.
Replies: >>1361
>What happened to Billy and Mandy was a shame.
What happun?
Replies: >>1362
[Hide] (578.7KB, 657x734)

Replies: >>1364
[Hide] (3MB, 2560x1600)
Now Watching: Billy & Mandy's Big Boogey Adventure
>hateful fart cartoon
Sounds about right
[Hide] (465.7KB, 500x750)
[Hide] (617.1KB, 600x900)
[Hide] (647KB, 600x900)
[Hide] (544.3KB, 600x900)
/vhs/ Movie Night - A Christmas Weekend
Nightmare Before Christmas - Rocky IV - Year Without Santa Claus - Frosty the Snowman
Friday December 23rd
5pm PST - 7pm CST - 8pm EST
Pre-Show: Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2 (3:30pm PST/5:30pm CST/6:30pm EST)
24th and 25th movies to be decided.
Replies: >>1370
>Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2 (88 minutes)
>Nightmare Before Christmas (76 minutes)
>Rocky IV (93 minutes, director's cut)
>Year Without Santa Claus (51 minutes)
>Frosty the Snowman  (25 minutes)
>Minimum Runtime (5.55 hours)
Surprisingly, this is going to be a short night.
[Hide] (130KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (136.7KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (110.9KB, 230x345)
/vhs/ Movie Night - Christmas Eve
Bad Santa - Scrooged - Year Without Santa Claus -Joyeux Noel
Friday December 24th
5pm PST - 7pm CST - 8pm EST
Pre-Show: Miracle on 34th Street (3:30pm PST/5:30pm CST/6:30pm EST)
25th movies to be decided
[Hide] (135.9KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (317.3KB, 314x450)
[Hide] (252.3KB, 270x390)
[Hide] (121.3KB, 230x345)
/vhs/ Movie Night - CHRISTMAS
Santa with Muscles - Sampo - Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas - The Family Man
Sunday December 25th
5pm PST - 7pm CST - 8pm EST
Pre-Show: Santa's Slay (3:30pm PST/5:30pm CST/6:30pm EST)
[Hide] (6.5MB, 3155x2097)
Also Merry Christmas!
[Hide] (965.2KB, 1024x685)
Now Watching: Santa's Slay
[Hide] (2.1MB, 400x400, 01:25)
Big thank you to Jack and blam for running Christmas streams for three days. Looking forward to the Gojira marathon to welcome in 2023.
[Hide] (522KB, 474x655)
[Hide] (7.4MB, 1960x2780)
[Hide] (2.5MB, 1000x1500)
[Hide] (7.7MB, 2000x2804)
[Hide] (2.8MB, 1128x1600)
/vhs/ Movie Night - A Godzilla New Year's
Godzilla 1954 - Return of Godzilla - Godzilla vs. Biollante - Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah
Friday December 30th
Godzilla vs. Mothra - Godzilla vs. MechaGodzilla 2 - Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla - Godzilla vs. Destoroyah
Saturday December 31st
3:30pm PST/5:30pm CST/6:30pm EST
Replies: >>1383
[Hide] (4MB, 2825x2079)
[Hide] (261.6KB, 1980x1272)
>Godzilla 1954
Classic that everyone should watch.

>Return of Godzilla
Godzilla's face was pure high-as-balls and really killed me every time.

>Godzilla vs. Biollante
Godzilla movies are getting a bit... weird.

>Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah
What in the hell is going on?
[Hide] (4.1MB, 1800x1454)
[Hide] (955.5KB, 1052x1458)
>Godzilla 1954
Pretty good movie, if a bit slow at times. Very impressive for it's time. The pseudo science however is not even partially believable.
>Return of Godzilla
Still an enjoyable movie compared to the others despite Godzilla not having any other monster to fight. Cadmium missiles were apparently effective, but never used again because raisins.
>Godzilla vs Biollante
Really impressive effects for biollante, but also much weirder than the previous movies.
>Godzilla vs King Ghidora
Pants on head retarded time travel bullshit that barely features the monsters in the title, and very bad acting. Probably the worst godzilla movie, and certainly the worst of the heisei era movies.
>Godzilla vs Mothra
A fun and unintentionally funny movie because Mothra just wants to save the world and Godzilla is being a dickhead because she exists. Also Battra shows up to fight Mothra but gets beat up by Godzilla instead. Mothra has a hard job.
>Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla 2
Was pretty good, but not the most enjoyable movie of the night. Features Godzilla, Rodan, Minilla, and MechaGodzilla. The movie was sometimes difficult to follow, but there is a lot of action.
>Godzilla Vs SpaceGodzilla
One of the most action packed of the heisei era movies, and I'm surprised they didn't set fire to those suits. Introduces the MOGERA and a cute Minilla that looks more like his previous appearances.
>Godzilla vs Destroyah
Not as action packed as SpaceGodzilla but Destroyah was as cool as I remember and the movie had a lot of effects. Definitely a good movie to end the heisei era on. I really liked rewatching all these movies except for Ghidora of course. The only two I hadn't seen was MechaGodzilla 2 and SpaceGodzilla. Was a lot of fun.
[Hide] (149.9KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (548.8KB, 520x732)
[Hide] (774.2KB, 600x807)
/vhs/ Movie Night
The Great Race 1965 - Machine Girl - Santo and Blue Demon vs. the Monsters
Friday January 6th
5pm PST - 7pm CST - 8pm EST
Pre-Show: Ishtar (3:30pm PST/5:30pm CST/6:30pm EST)
Replies: >>1393
>Ishtar (107)
>The Great Race (160)
>Machine Girl (96)
>Santo and Blue Demon vs. the Monsters (85)
>Minimum Runtime (488 minutes or 7.47 hours)
Replies: >>1394
[Hide] (78.3KB, 550x733)
That should be 448 minutes.
[Hide] (3.8MB, 2500x1408)
Now Playing: Ishtar
[Hide] (119.2KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (120.1KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (158KB, 230x345)
/vhs/ Movie Night
Aliens - Elysium - Prospect
Friday January 13th
5pm PST - 7pm CST - 8pm EST
Pre-Show: Species (3:30pm PST/5:30pm CST/6:30pm EST)
Replies: >>1402
>Species (108 minutes)
>Aliens (137 or 154 minutes if special edition)
>Elysium (109 minutes)
>Prospect (100 minutes)
>Minimum Runtime (7.57 or 7.85 hours)
It seems like it will be an interesting night.
[Hide] (1.4MB, 1920x1080)
Now Playing: Species 1995
[Hide] (913.5KB, 667x1000)
[Hide] (581.8KB, 600x900)
[Hide] (1008.5KB, 600x900)
/vhs/ Movie Night
The Cook and the Cuck -  Ninja Assassin - Dragon Ball Super Hero  
Friday January 20th
5pm PST - 7pm CST - 8pm EST
Pre-Show: Nemesis 1992 (3:30pm PST/5:30pm CST/6:30pm EST)
Replies: >>1406
>Nemesis (95 Minutes)
>The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, and Her Lover (124 Minutes)
>Ninja Assassin (99 Minutes)
>Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero (99 Minutes)
>Minimum Runtime (6.95 Hours)
Ninja Assassin is early K-POP propaganda (the film's lead is played by a K-POP idol who was pushed heavily for a while, especially in Asia, and given high marks during his mandatory service, and the antagonist is played by a Japanese ninja film legend), but it might be good. I enjoyed his role in Speed Racer. Le Cuck will probably be good.
[Hide] (147.7KB, 474x266)
Now Playing: Nemesis 1992
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1120x753)
Are you still hosting tomorrow blam?
Replies: >>1410
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1200x1600)
[Hide] (443.9KB, 540x743)
[Hide] (889.3KB, 998x1379)
/vhs/ Movie Night
The King of Comedy - Double Dragon - Bullet in the Head
Friday January 27th
5pm PST - 7pm CST - 8pm EST
Pre-Show: ? (3:30pm PST/5:30pm CST/6:30pm EST)
Minimum Runtime Sans Preshow: 5.68 Hours
I'm not Jack or blam, nor am I hosting. I'll post this here because I'm sure that both of them were too busy. I don't know what the pre-show will be.
Replies: >>1411 >>1414 >>1421
>I don't know what the pre-show will be.
BBQ PitBoys
Replies: >>1412
pls god no
my heart can't take it (I'm sure theirs can't, either)
Replies: >>1413
[Hide] (292.7KB, 1200x900)
If you have any movies downloaded just play one of those, otherwise you could always play more godzilla. Maybe a good DB movie that isn't that god awful super shit.
[Hide] (93KB, 400x294)

[Hide] (931.9KB, 1500x2256)
[Hide] (166.6KB, 1500x1058)
[Hide] (297.4KB, 800x1137)
/vhs/ Movie Night
Murder By Death (95) - The Untouchables (119) - Patlabor 2: The Movie (108)
Friday February 3
5pm PST - 7pm CST - 8pm EST
Pre-Show: ? (3:30pm PST/5:30pm CST/6:30pm EST)
Minimum Runtime Sans Preshow: 5.37 Hours
It looks like I'll be the one posting this again. Once again, I'm not a host.
Replies: >>1422
[Hide] (1.1MB, 2000x3000)
Preshow will be Pumpkinhead.
[Hide] (188.4KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (2.4MB, 1000x1500)
[Hide] (2.8MB, 1200x1800)
/vhs/ Movie Night
Mantis Fists & Tiger Claws - Nicky Larson - Once Upon a Time in America
Friday, February 10th
5pm PST/7pm CST/8pm EST
Pre-Show: Bugsy Malone (3:30pm PST/5:30pm CST/6:30pm EST)
Replies: >>1437
>Bugsy Malone (93)
>Xue Hai Tang Lang Chou (95)
>Nicky Larson et le Parfum de Cupidon (91)
>Once Upon a Time In America (251)
>Minimum Runtime (530/8.83)
I hope that Once Upon a Time is the extended cut. It's the only proper way to watch the film as it stands since the 269 will never ever be released. Of course, there's always the Soviet version that splits the film into two films (Child and Adult) and reorders it chronologically, but I don't think Jack's hosting tonight. This is going to be a very, very long night compared to the past few.
Replies: >>1439
What new material is suppose to be in the unreleased 269 minute version?
Replies: >>1440
The remaining 24 minutes were only shown once at Cannes in a movie not edited by the original team. The re-inserted scenes were:
>Noodles talks to the cemetery director who goes on about tombs as havens and the Egyptian cult of death while referencing multiple other elements of the film, and Noodles notices a suspicious limousine nearby as he leaves
>the group leaving the car after they go for a swim and parallels Noodles looking for Max when they were picking up liquor from the bay cutting to Noodles seeing the limousine explode at the Bailey estate cutting to the television broadcast
>Noodles talking to the chauffer outside the theater before his date with Deborah (stated by Frayling as a reluctant cut from the final picture by Leone and a crucial piece of writing by Kaminsky but stated by Morsella as having been cut because the chauffer's actor, Milchan, was promised a role but Leone got cold feet about casting another big name star)
>Noodles meeting Eve, a then hooker, for the first time after raping Deborah and telling her to let him call her Deborah
>Noodles and Eve visiting a hotel room only for Noodles to pass out and recite a few verses of the Sir Hassrim in his sleep then waking up to Eve leaving a thank you note for him signed Deborah
>Deborah post-rape sitting at a train station restaurant and Noodles chasing after her as she leaves with a porter (Leone held this sequence highly)
>Deborah performs Cleopatra's death while Noodles watches from the front row in a kabuki style with Shakespearean language (cut because it fucked up the pacing)
>Bailey having a screaming match with O'Donnell for five minutes as guests arrive to his party to show that Max's compromise with bosses (and thus American society) have ruined him in contrast to O'Donnell, who pushes Bailey to suicide by saying that he has done better than him and he's in the way of real movers and literally saying that he would be happy if he heard a gunshot coming from his room during the party, and Noodles
[Hide] (814.2KB, 1059x1588)
[Hide] (232.4KB, 500x750)
[Hide] (4.7MB, 1400x2100)
/vhs/ Movie Night
Patlabor 1 - Ninja Scroll - Siege of Jadotville
Friday, February 17th
5pm PST/7pm CST/8pm EST
Pre-Show: Rancho Deluxe (3:30pm PST/5:30pm CST/6:30pm EST)
[Hide] (522.6KB, 453x755)
[Hide] (339.6KB, 474x675)
[Hide] (3.8MB, 1333x2000)
/vhs/ Movie Night
Sky Captain and the World of Tomrrow - In China They Eat Dogs - One Hour Photo
Friday, February 24th
5pm PST/7pm CST/8pm EST
Pre-Show: Mutant Hunt (3:40pm PST/5:40pm CST/6:40pm EST)
Replies: >>1451 >>1452
>Mutant Hunt 
74 minutes
>Sky Captain
106 minutes
>In China
91 minutes
>One Hour
96 minutes
6.12 hours
>Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
I missed the beginning and then watched it on and off. Can't say I was digging it, especially with the CGI/blur style they went for. I probably would have had more of an appreciation for it had I seen it in 2004, but nearly twenty years later, it got on my nerves.

>In China They Eat Dogs
Poor Vuk.

>One Hour Photo
Disturbing yet sad. Originally they wanted to cast Jack Nicholson as the main protagonist - it would have lost that empathetic view that you get with Robin Williams. Pretty good thriller with some Evangelion merchandise.
[Hide] (801.1KB, 600x900)
[Hide] (610.1KB, 600x900)
[Hide] (282.3KB, 600x900)
/vhs/ Movie Night
Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker - Helsreach - A Scanner Darkly
Friday, March 3rd
5pm PST/7pm CST/8pm EST
Pre-Show: Wizards (3:40pm PST/5:40pm CST/6:40pm EST)
Replies: >>1465
[Hide] (1.9MB, 1798x1856)
Now Playing: Wizards 1977
Spoiler File
(232.9KB, 800x1189)
For a fan-made piece on Warhammer 40k, really great work. Animation starts off pretty basic and gets better over time. But I can't say I'm big on 40k and I know absolutely nothing about the lore, so the content of the movie was lost on me.

>Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker
I was only half-paying attention to this one, but nice Harley Quinn granddaughters.

>A Scanner Darkly
I was really interested to watch this one. Really reminds me of Naked Lunch in terms of being off the wall and about drug addiction, though otherwise a different plot. Based on a novel by Philip K. Dick, if that can provide any additional insight.
I'd say the movie was pretty good, but the rotoscope really wasn't doing it for me. I can understand why they chose it for some of the surreal scenes. But otherwise, the whole time I just wanted to watch the original footage as it barely deviated from being a regular ol' filmed movie.
TL;DR: Content-wise, interesting. Rotoscope-wise, really distracting and not favorable.
Replies: >>1470
[Hide] (763.2KB, 600x900)
[Hide] (1.1MB, 600x900)
[Hide] (1.9MB, 1000x1500)
/vhs/ Movie Night
Freeway - One Armed Swordsman (1967) - The Hunt (2012)
Friday, March 10th
5pm PST/7pm CST/8pm EST
Pre-Show: Rock & Rule (3:40pm PST/5:40pm CST/6:40pm EST)>>1465
Replies: >>1471 >>1488
>Rock and Rule (77)
>Freeway (102)
>One Armed Swordsman (117)
>The Hunt (115)
>Minimum Length (6.85 hours)
[Hide] (314.5KB, 720x384)
[Hide] (314.5KB, 720x384)
Now Watching: Nightwatch (1994)
[Hide] (1.3MB, 838x1200)
[Hide] (596.1KB, 474x690)
[Hide] (352.2KB, 474x711)
/vhs/ Movie Night
In Bruges - Dave Made a Maze - Metamorphosis: The Alien Factory
Friday, March 17th
5pm PDT/7pm CDT/8pm EDT
Pre-show: Guns and Guts
Replies: >>1479
>Guns and Guts (98)
>In Bruges (107)
>Dave Made A Maze (88)
>Metamorphosis (98)
>Minimum Runtime (6.52 Hours)
[Hide] (567.4KB, 460x690)
Now Playing: Guns and Guts
>Chose The Hunt
>(Good) shit has since gone down in my life and family's staying with me
>Thus, unable to attend streams for now
Hopefully you guys enjoyed it.

In other news, if anyone is interested, smugloli hosts a Japanese cinema stream (almost) every Sunday at 16:00 PST/19:00 EST. Lately it's been a mash of 50s black and white noir and/or anime movies.

Stream link: https://cytu.be/r/sundaycinema
When: Sundays at 16:00 PST/19:00 EST
[Hide] (73.7KB, 599x842)
[Hide] (187.4KB, 620x936)
[Hide] (237.6KB, 536x768)
/vhs/ Movie Night
Communion (1989, 107 min) - Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (2017, 136 min) - *batteries not included (1987, 106 min)
Friday, March 24th
5pm PDT/7pm CDT/8pm EDT
Pre-Show: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Minimum Runtime (Sans Pre-Show): 5.82 Hours
Valerian's animated series is better.
Replies: >>1495 >>1496 >>1499
[Hide] (72.7KB, 197x139)
[Hide] (24.4KB, 720x401)
Izzat a fuckin' Luck Dragon.
Replies: >>1499
[Hide] (180.5KB, 600x320)
Now Playing: Rock & Rule
[Hide] (108.8KB, 640x430)
Man Valerian was kind of a mess.
>How did people know enough about the space armadillos to know how they worked and that they needed uranium as a part of their biology, and be common knowledge to be taught about them in school but didn't know their planet was inhabited by space sea monkeys?
>Same goes for the energy pearl.
>If it was so critical that humanity would be censured and bankrupted by genociding the 6 million sea monkeys why did Captain Retard go ahead with it? Even if it meant losing the battle and his ship and crew, that would still be less of a threat to humanity's greater good than blowing up planet beach. 
>I know if Kirk were faced with the sane situation what he would do. Assuming he didn't just bullshit his way through a third option.
>If it were so important to not cause a diplomatic incident with the retarded aliens on the space station and go on a sidequest to infiltrate to suddenly decide that stealth was optional for the mission and start executing the aliens instead?
>Especially considering that their side arms clearly have a non lethal setting.
>Why are we, the audience, suppose to be OK with Mr. and Ms. Galaxy Rangers killing a bunch of primitive aliens but when Captain Retard did it he's worse than Space Hitler? Is it because onegroup is dumb and ugly while the other is beautiful and depicted as mentally and morally superior to humans?
>Why are the fucking retard aliens even allowed on the space station since they're hostile to everyone? How did they even make it into space in the first place?
>How the fuck can a shapeshifting slime girl die from a fall?
>Speaking of sidequests, why are there two completely non plot related ones in the middle of the movie?
>Why did Ms. Galaxy Ranger have to fish up a psychic jellyfish to find Mr. Galaxy Ranger instead of using her ship's AI to run search vector based on his last known coordinates?
>Why is everyone retarded until the plot requires them to be brilliant?
>Since they have multidemensional phasing tech why didn't they use something like that to make a shortcut through the station instead of using powerarmor to bust through multiple bulkheads and compartments? ON A FUCKING SPACESTATION.
>That seems like a bad idea, especially on a station filled with so many kinds of aliens who lived in all kinds of environments. It's a good thing he didn't breach a compartment of some alien that breaths pure fluorine or some shit. I guess everyone would be fucked then.
>I flatly refuse to believe that little twink suit of power armor could kick through walls like that. Even something like 40k Terminator Armor armor would have difficulty doing that shit.
>How the hell did the sea monkeys survive their planet's destruction in a wrecked and broken human ship?
>How did the planet blow up?
>WHY did the planet blow up?
>How did the humans in orbit survive the planet exploding from as close as they were?
>Why were they fighting that close to ANY planet in the first place?
>I don't think scifi movie makers and writers understand how much power it takes to completely unbind a planet. At first I thought that they were showing that the crashed alien ship devastated its biosphere or even sterilized it but no it actually detonated the entire fucking planet.
>Did the sea monkeys actually have some way to recreate their planet and the holodeck ship was just for their mental state or was that all they have and they basically just Barkley'd their entire race?
I'm sure there's more things I'll think of later but holy shit.
[Hide] (2.5MB, 1000x1500)
[Hide] (476.4KB, 400x600)
[Hide] (8MB, 1733x2600)
/vhs/ Movie Night: Pranks and Ruses Edition
Lucky Number Slevin - Big Fat Liar - Super Troopers
Friday, March 31st
5pm PDT/7pm CDT/8pm EDT
Pre-Show: Xtro (Re-airing by request)
Replies: >>1502 >>1505
>Xtro (87)
>Lucky Number Slevin (110)
>Big Fat Liar (88)
>Super Troopers (103)
>Minimum Runtime (6.47 Hours)
[Hide] (2.4MB, 1685x927)
Now Playing: Xtro
Replies: >>1507
[Hide] (44.5KB, 355x500)
>Go to a burger joint for lunch
>They're playing Weird Al the whole time I'm there
>The cook is jamming in the back to the tunes

>Big Fat Liar

>Super Troopers
I completely agree with one anon's comment that it felt like they ran with the first draft of the screenplay. It seemed like it should maybe have a hint of funny, but it just felt like a lazy stoner flick that I was way too sober to enjoy.
There was a sequel released in 2018. Do we dare suffer?

>Lucky Number Slevin
I passed out before I could make it to this one.
Replies: >>1506 >>1507
[Hide] (97KB, 264x218)
>They're playing Weird Al the whole time I'm there
Did constipated play while you were there?
Replies: >>1510
Xtro was better than Xtro 3. I guess we'll have to try Xtro 2 at some point.

>>Lucky Number Slevin
>I passed out before I could make it to this one.
I feel bad that I tuned out in the middle because it looked like it turned out to be a decent enough flick.
Replies: >>1508
>I feel bad that I tuned out in the middle because it looked like it turned out to be a decent enough flick.
eh it's an all right movie, I couldn't fault anyone for quitting in the middle of it because the middle of it is arguably the worst part, the end sorta saves it.
What the hell did we watch as post show? I remember enjoying it but I can't for the life of me what it was.
Replies: >>1510
[Hide] (24.4KB, 700x469)
No, I didn't hear that one unfortunately. Could have played before or after I left.

Did something about biozombies win the vote? That's all I got.
Replies: >>1511
Oh that's right.
[Hide] (143.7KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (576.7KB, 450x600)
[Hide] (120.2KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (54.9KB, 230x345)
=/vhs/ Movie Night - Jacinto el Grande Edition
Curado de Espantos - Topkapi - Barry Lyndon
Friday, April 7th
5pm PDT/7pm CDT/8pm EDT
Pre-Show: The Barbarians (3:40pm PST/5:40pm CST/6:40pm EST)
Replies: >>1518 >>1519
[Hide] (3.3MB, 768x432)
>curados de espantos
This is going to be a great movie night.
>The Barbarians (87)
>Curado de Espantos (90)
>Topkapi (120)
>Barry Lyndon (180)
>Minimum Runtime (7.95 Hours)
[Hide] (1.5MB, 1280x720)
Now Playing: The Barbarians
[Hide] (234.2KB, 676x944)
Replies: >>1522
[Hide] (130KB, 352x362)
[Hide] (1.8MB, 816x1276)
[Hide] (209.8KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (114.5KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (215.5KB, 230x345)
 /vhs/ Movie Night
Viy (1967) - Smokey and the Bandit - The Truman Show
Friday, April 14th
5pm PDT/7pm CDT/8pm EDT
Pre-Show: Ninja III: The Domination (3:40pm PST/5:40pm CST/6:40pm EST)
Replies: >>1529
>Ninja III (92)
>Viy (78)
>Smokey and the Bandit (96)
>The Truman Show (103)
[Hide] (7.1MB, 3500x2280)
Now Playing: Ninja III: The Domination
[Hide] (57.2KB, 735x1000)
[Hide] (134.8KB, 730x1080)
[Hide] (125.7KB, 763x1000)
Picks for next friday. Mel Brook's The Producers(Ablu), Mars Attacks(Jack), and King Kong Escapes(Alto)
[Hide] (179KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (1.3MB, 763x1000)
[Hide] (694.3KB, 735x1000)
[Hide] (1.5MB, 730x1080)
/vhs/ Movie Night
Mars Attack - The Producers - King Kong Escapes
Friday, April 21st
5pm PDT/7pm CDT/8pm EDT
Pre-Show: TMNT 2007 (3:40pm PST/5:40pm CST/6:40pm EST)
Replies: >>1536
[Hide] (3.3MB, 1920x1080)
Now Playing: TMNT 2007
It's only after rewatching King Kong Escapes that I've come to realize that it's perhaps the weakest Showa Era kaiju movie that Toho ever made.
At first I thought maybe it was because Kong is a simple kaiju with no special powers but then there's the two Frankenstein movies which are great and several of the Godzilla movies have basic kaiju and then they're still interesting. No one ever complains about Angirus and the worst part about King Ceaser is how hyped up he is and how long it takes him to show up.

Then I thought maybe it was the Bond-esque plot but with a mad scientist and lack of focus on Kong but Godzilla vs Ebirah has a similar general plot and is a pretty good movie. Even considering that it's more of an action movie with Godzilla as a guest star instead of really a "Godzilla movie." Son of Godzilla is another one where the action is all focused on the humans with all the kaiju being background characters and that movie is still loads better than KKE.

So I'm not really sure what the problem is but it just really doesn't work. King Kong vs Godzilla is far and above the superior of the two Toho Kong movies.
Replies: >>1538
It's probably do just to lack of anything interesting happening, or just a lack of good action scenes. An example is the final fight with Mechina-Kong, it takes forever to finally happen and it's just KK getting blinded for a few minutes then MK falling off a control tower and blowing up. It has the parts of a decent movie, but doesn't do anything interesting with it.
[Hide] (147.3KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (197.1KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (2.3MB, 900x1299)
[Hide] (166.3KB, 230x345)
/vhs/ Movie Night
Batman vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - The Sword 1980 - Dillinger
Friday, April 28th
5pm PDT/7pm CDT/8pm EDT
Pre-Show: Godzilla (1998) (3:40pm PST/5:40pm CST/6:40pm EST)
[Hide] (1.5MB, 1140x640)
Now Playing: Godzilla 1998
Replies: >>1544
[Hide] (27.4KB, 585x232)
I voted for Three Amigo's 1986. chevy Chase
Replies: >>1543
[Hide] (119.3KB, 1200x675)
>Three Amigos
<Oh hey, that's that Disney animated movie with the three birds, right?
>Chevy Chase
<Hold up, Chevy Chase?
>I was thinking of The Three Caballeros

If this is another Super Troopers, I swear Chel...
Replies: >>1544 >>1547
This is one of the most boring movies I've ever seen.
Three amigos is very good from what I remember.
Replies: >>1545
>This is one of the most boring movies I've ever seen.
It's just way too long and the kaiju isn't kaiju enough.
>Hey look it's Donald and and two other assholes!
[Hide] (173.8KB, 232x357)
[Hide] (2.8MB, 1000x1500)
[Hide] (2.6MB, 1000x1500)
[Hide] (1.6MB, 630x1200)
/vhs/ Movie Night - DIOS MIO EDITION
Three Amigos - The Valley of the Gwangi (1969) - The Book of Life (2014)
Friday, 5 de Mayo
5pm PDT/7pm CDT/8pm EDT
Pre-Show: Hot Snake (3:40pm PST/5:40pm CST/6:40pm EST)
Replies: >>1553 >>1559
>Movie Night just turned into the USA
Is book of life the one with the shota that plays a guitar and wears skeleton makeup?
Replies: >>1554
You're probably thinking of Coco
[Hide] (1.9MB, 1920x1080)
Now Watching: Hot Snake
Gwangi did literally nothing wrong.
Replies: >>1562
Was I hallucinating or did someone pick Beyond the Doors for next week?
Replies: >>1562
I'm not a footfag, i just like every inch of her body is all
Replies: >>1562
[Hide] (30.4MB, 270x340, 04:07)
He didn't kill enough featherheads.
Can I get the context behind these posts?
Replies: >>1564
Well I can't speak for the other guy but I was asking if Beyond the Doors (aka Down On Us) was picked for documentary night. It's a (pseudo?) documentary/biopic by Larry Buchannan. I thought I saw it in chat and I couldn't remember what got picked.
[Hide] (168KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (140.3KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (323.7KB, 396x579)
[Hide] (143.1KB, 230x345)
/vhs/ Movie Night - Documentary Night
This is Spinal Tap - Animals are Beautiful People - Sweatbox
Friday, May 12th
5pm PDT/7pm CDT/8pm EDT
Pre-Show: The Toxic Avenger (3:40pm PST/5:40pm CST/6:40pm EST)>>1675
Replies: >>1568 >>1569 >>1571
>The Toxic Avenger (80)
>This is Spinal Tap (82)
>Animals are Beautiful People (92)
>The Sweatbox (95)
>Minimum Runtime (5.82 Hours)
A rather average length night, perhaps a little short.
[Hide] (2.7MB, 482x640)
>The Toxic Avenger
Wow, this looks like a great documentary about a guy going buff.

>This is Spinal Tap
Classic and a great way to get around the "documentary" theme.

>Animals are Beautiful People
>Same director as The Gods Must Be Crazy
I must say, I am interested.

>The Sweatbox
>Disney shit-talking with Sting
Just wow.
[Hide] (346.6KB, 474x355)
Now Watching: The Toxic Avenger
>Toxic Avenger
Wonderful saturday morning cartoon cheesy goodness. Need to see the sequels sometime.
>This is Spinal Tap
Wonderful documentary on the dangers of the anglo menace.
>Animals are Beautiful People
Comfy documentary and very comfy where a team of film makers torment wildlife for entertainment.
Detailed documentary on why we can't have nice things.
I was afraid this movie night was going to be terrible, but it turned out alright. The preshow was the highlight, but it's hard to compete with stuff like that.
[Hide] (344KB, 342x513)
[Hide] (8MB, 2000x3000)
[Hide] (170.9KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (162KB, 230x345)
/vhs/ Movie Night
Troll 2 - The Constant Gardener 2005 - Strange Days 1995
Friday, May 19th
5pm PDT/7pm CDT/8pm EDT
Pre-Show: Super Mario Bros. - The Great Mission to Rescue Princess Peach! (3:40pm PST/5:40pm CST/6:40pm EST)
Replies: >>1577 >>1578
>Troll 2
[Hide] (144.6KB, 1140x855)
This is gonna be good.
Replies: >>1580
[Hide] (2MB, 1920x1080)
Now Playing: Super Mario Bros. - The Great Mission to Rescue Princess Peach!
[Hide] (292.7KB, 1200x900)
[Hide] (133.7KB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (167.6KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (106KB, 220x369)
[Hide] (176.9KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (209.4KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (162.3KB, 230x345)
/vhs/ Movie Night
Forbidden Planet (1956) - Johnny Mnemonic (Japanese cut) - Pandorum
Friday, May 26th
5pm PDT/7pm CDT/8pm EDT
Pre-Show: Plan 9 from Outer Space + Gay Niggers From Outer Space (3:40pm PST/5:40pm CST/6:40pm EST)
Replies: >>1585 >>1588 >>1589
>Johnny Mnemonic (Japanese cut)
It's supposed to be the new B&W version
Replies: >>1586
I can't find it.
Replies: >>1587 >>1590
Could have posted a bit earlier then, I'll try to get it in time for tomorrow.
[Hide] (160.7KB, 1378x1600)
>Plan 9 from Outer Space + Gay Niggers From Outer Space
[Hide] (148.1KB, 379x379)
>gay niggers from outer space
Got it encoding before I fell asleep, you can thank insomnia.
Replies: >>1591
[Hide] (513.4KB, 720x536)
Danke, anon.
[Hide] (736.2KB, 868x720, 00:10)
[Hide] (830.2KB, 1200x675)
Now Playing: Plan 9 from Outer Space
[Hide] (1.3MB, 480x268)
[Hide] (12.3KB, 450x180)
[Hide] (451.4KB, 833x339)
[Hide] (2.5MB, 2048x3072)
[Hide] (300.9KB, 900x600)
[Hide] (41.2KB, 500x313)
[Hide] (174.9KB, 936x320)
[Hide] (131.9KB, 1280x532)
[Hide] (128.8KB, 1280x535)
[Hide] (113.1KB, 1280x532)
First two are id monster concept drawings. The rest are animation frames.
[Hide] (113.7KB, 1280x533)
[Hide] (122.7KB, 1280x539)
[Hide] (125.8KB, 1280x532)
Replies: >>1604
[Hide] (92.8KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (191.5KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (963.4KB, 600x900)
[Hide] (2MB, 1000x1500)
/vhs/ Movie Night
Guillermo Del Toro's Pinnochio (2022) - Chicken Run (2000) - Faust (1994)
Friday, June 2nd
5pm PDT/7pm CDT/8pm EDT
Pre-Show: Legend (1985) Director's Cut (3:40pm PST/5:40pm CST/6:40pm EST)
Replies: >>1601
>Legend (113 Minutes)
>Pinocchio (117 Minutes)
>Chicken Run (85 Minutes)
>Faust (97 Minutes)
Replies: >>1602
I posted that too soon.
>Minimum Runtime (6.87 Hours)
[Hide] (2.5MB, 1920x1080)
Now Playing: Legend (1985) Director's Cut
[Hide] (319.1KB, 1280x999)
[Hide] (420.3KB, 1280x1008)
[Hide] (390.5KB, 1280x1002)
[Hide] (370.1KB, 1280x999)
[Hide] (321.1KB, 1280x1000)
Found some more in a different folder.
[Hide] (26.8KB, 469x351)
[Hide] (17.7KB, 320x240)
[Hide] (17.7KB, 480x360)
Can we do Killdozer as the post or pre-show this week?
Replies: >>1607 >>1611
[Hide] (851.2KB, 1891x1013)
Fug, I thought they made a movie about the real Killdozer for a second
Replies: >>1608
You had never heard of Killdozer before? We really do need to watch it then.
[Hide] (170.3KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (177.3KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (200.1KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (140.7KB, 230x345)
/vhs/ Movie Night
Golgo 13: The Professional - Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome - Last Action Hero
Friday, June 9th
5pm PDT/7pm CDT/8pm EDT
Pre-Show: Inspector Gadget (3:40pm PST/5:40pm CST/6:40pm EST)
Next week.
Replies: >>1612
>Golgo 13 (1983) (91)
>Beyond Thunderdome (107)
>Last Action Hero (131)
>Inspector Gadget (78)
>Minimum Runtime (6.78)
It seems like it'll be a fun night. I wish Mad Max 3 included the scenes of Max remembering his wife while crying in regret and comforting Ghekko as he dies.
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1280x720)
Now Playing: Inspector Gadget
Replies: >>1614
[Hide] (7.7KB, 200x290)
Replies: >>1615
[Hide] (222.2KB, 602x581)
Mike Matei after having the methed up femboy suck his cock for 10 hours straight and finally drained the last stubborn sperm swimming for safety in his left testicle
Legend burger edition probably
Replies: >>1619
Thanks. We'll probably watch it after this week.
[Hide] (2.4MB, 1000x1500)
[Hide] (154.1KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (153.7KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (211.3KB, 230x345)
/vhs/ Movie Night
Being There (1979) - Arcadia of my Youth (1982) - Street Trash (1987)
Friday, June 16th (TODAY
5pm PDT/7pm CDT/8pm EDT
Pre-Show: Killdozer (3:40pm PST/5:40pm CST/6:40pm EST)
[Hide] (419.9KB, 627x467)
Now Playing: Killdozer
[Hide] (417KB, 353x500)
[Hide] (118.3KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (78.8KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (2MB, 1000x1500)
/vhs/ Movie Night
Paper Moon (1973) - Pusher (1996) - Gunbuster/Top o Nerae!
Friday, June 23rd
5pm PDT/7pm CDT/8pm EDT
Pre-Show: Legend (1985) US Theatrical Cut (3:40pm PST/5:40pm CST/6:40pm EST)
Replies: >>1630
[Hide] (2.5MB, 1920x1080)
Now Playing: Legend (1985) US Theatrical Cut
How did you anons like Pusher?

Putting a reminder here that I have a nordic movie I want to nominate next time I get picked
Replies: >>1631
No subs show canceled lol
Replies: >>1632 >>1633
Wait, seriously?
[Hide] (515.3KB, 384x288, 00:09)
Uh... I guess we'll watch it as pre-show the week after this one.
[Hide] (42.8KB, 1393x292)
[Hide] (1MB, 360x360, 00:11)
>No more youtube videos

Holy shit, does that mean we might actually run movie night on schedule from now on?
Replies: >>1638 >>1641
[Hide] (315.9KB, 480x312, 00:05)
Replies: >>1641
Youtube cannot die fast enough.
What other video sites can be used for cytube so that we can have a background series?
Replies: >>1640
[Hide] (245.7KB, 1000x1500)
[Hide] (94.8KB, 666x1056)
[Hide] (247.8KB, 960x1440)
I have to sadly report that Julian Sands has been confirm to have died.
[Hide] (66.3KB, 924x1036)
As an odd sort of artifact this issue from Youtube and Cytube doesn't actually prevent videos that were already added from playing normally.
Meaning that we're stuck with Not Lilo & Stitch unless there's an alternative site we can use.
Replies: >>1642 >>1644 >>1647
>Not Lilo & Stitch
Pretty funny how the nips thought Lilo was such a shit tier loli that they replaced her aloha snackbar
>unless there's an alternative site we can use
Does cytube still not support invidious?
Replies: >>1643
I don't know but I do know the Youtube itself is trying to shut down Invidious.
[Hide] (81.2KB, 286x543)
Damnit Jack you should have added Aladdin the animated series before this happened!
[Hide] (980.2KB, 630x1200)
[Hide] (5.6MB, 1600x2400)
[Hide] (95.9KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (417KB, 353x500)
/vhs/ Movie Night
Brother (1997) - Platoon - Law Abiding Citizen
Friday, June 30th
5pm PDT/7pm CDT/8pm EDT
Pre-Show: Gunbuster OVA 4-7 (3:40pm PST/5:40pm CST/6:40pm EST)
Replies: >>1646 >>1647
law abiding sneedizen is pretty neat, I wasn't happy with the ending though.
[Hide] (137.2KB, 680x1000)
[Hide] (371.9KB, 1500x2250)
[Hide] (1.4MB, 1500x2114)
[Hide] (138.4KB, 516x728)
[Hide] (176.7KB, 800x1127)
>there's an alternative site we can use
baked.live as Jackbox started to use, or any other cytube instance.
>Gunbuster 4 - 6: 84 Minutes
>Brother (1997): 100 Minutes
>Platoon: 120 Minutes
>Law Abiding Citizen: 118 Minutes
>Pusher (1996): 110 Minutes
>Sans Pre-Show, Sans Post-Show: 5.64 Hours
>With Pre-Show, Sans Post-Show: 7.04 Hours
>Sans Pre-Show, With Post-Show: 7.47 Hours
>With Pre-Show, With Post-Show: 8.87 Hours
[Hide] (2.9MB, 1684x1200)
Now Playing: Gunbuster
[Hide] (78.8KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (141.1KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (143.9KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (186.9KB, 230x345)
/vhs/ Movie Night
The Void (2016) - The Ninth Gate (1999) - Eyes of Fire (1983)
Friday, July 7th
5pm PDT/7pm CDT/8pm EDT
Pre-Show: Pusher (1996) (3:40pm PST/5:40pm CST/6:40pm EST)
[Hide] (508.3KB, 1012x562)
[Hide] (6.4KB, 905x83)
[Hide] (508.3KB, 1012x562)
Replies: >>1653
far out, man!
[Hide] (2MB, 1500x1000)
Change of Plans
Now Playing: Clerks
Pusher ain't coming through
Spoiler File
(82.7KB, 859x1280)
Thank you for putting on cybersix Jack. I've already watched it all. There's apparently an entire comicbook series it's based on that hasn't been translated to english where cybersix gets her tits out all the time. Martian highschool is gay baby shit.
[Hide] (78.8KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (2.8MB, 1527x2156)
[Hide] (726.3KB, 460x690)
[Hide] (1MB, 1036x1500)
/vhs/ Movie Night
Legend of Hillbilly John- Habitat 1997 - Brother 2.
Friday, July 14th
5pm PDT/7pm CDT/8pm EDT
Pre-Show: Pusher (1996) for realz this time :) (3:40pm PST/5:40pm CST/6:40pm EST)
Replies: >>1665 >>1667
>brother 2
Where could they possibly go from where the first one left off?
What will you choose when it inevitably wont play?
Replies: >>1666 >>1669
[Hide] (19.8KB, 480x360)
>What will you choose when it inevitably wont play?
I propose a reairing of Warlock, both on account of Julian and also because of the Silver John movie we're watching.
>Pusher (110)
>The Legend of Hillbilly John (89)
>Habitat (103)
>Brother 2 (123)
>Minimum Runtime Sans Pre- and Post-Shows: 5.25
>Minimum Runtime With Pre-Show: 7.08
What happened to Bodrov (the lead actor of Pusher) is a shame, and I can see why Balabanov (the director of Pusher) would indirectly kill himself over it. I hope we can watch Sisters after Brother 2. If Pusher doesn't play this time, play Tamers' Sonic Underground WW3 and Sonic Underground Robotnik Has Had Enough.
Replies: >>1668 >>1669
>In July 2002, Bodrov settled down to shoot his second film, with the working title The Messenger. He characterized the movie in the following words: Philosophic-mystical parable about the life of two friends. They are romantics, travelers, and venturers. Of course, there will be bandits, hostages, in general, all that accompanies us in life. The movie is called "The Messenger" and I'm like a coffee in a carton in it: the author of a screenplay, stage manager and performer of the leading role.

>The film crew arrived in Vladikavkaz in September, and on September 20 were filming the scenes in a women's penal colony in Vladikavkaz where they intended to shoot the scenes of the main character's return from the army. At approximately 7 p.m., filming stopped due to poor lighting conditions. Then an ice slide occurred. A block of ice fell from Mount Dzhimara onto the Kolka Glacier, bringing with it mud and large boulders. This mudflow covered Karmadon Gorge, where the film crew were working. A massive search and rescue operation proved fruitless. 135 people were killed, including Bodrov.

>Balabanov struggled to cope with the death of his favoured actor and close friend Sergei Bodrov Jr. In 2002 and after Bodrov's death, Balabanov's alcohol consumption increased considerably. Balabanov died on 18 May 2013 of a heart attack.

Holy shit that's fucking depressing as all hell.
>Where could they possibly go?
To the States, my man.
Brother 2 doesn't have the same impact as the original movie, which I really liked. I remember the sequel feeling aimless and very long. The scene in the ghetto was good, but he ends up sleeping with a black journo and winds up teaming up with a Russian crack whore. Maybe a rewatch will change my mind.

That should be the lead actor of Brother, not Pusher, in case anyone is confused.
[Hide] (211.8KB, 800x1192)
Who fears the Devil? says Jane unto Jim,
Who fears the Devil? says Jim unto Joan,
Who fears the Devil? says Jane unto John –
Not I! Not I! says John all alone.
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1288x724)
Now Playing: Pusher 1996
How was Brother 2 and Habitat? My internet connection was unstable so I ended up leaving.
Replies: >>1673
Brother 2 was great, a real critique of Russian-American relations after Soviet life and the Russian ideal of America. Danila really showed niggers and Ukrainians who's boss. Habitat was alright, better for its design than its story. It would have been better as a television series.
[Hide] (49.4KB, 1000x525)
[Hide] (99.2KB, 650x337)
[Hide] (27.4KB, 500x374)
I missed my favorite (non Japanese) kaiju movie.  I hope those who could stay up enjoyed it.
Replies: >>1679
It was pretty good, but it was also pretty ridiculous. A giant bird monster with an anti-matter forcefield is pretty farfetched even for a kaiju movie. There's no way anything would naturally generate something that incredibly dangerous. There's a reason most kaiju origin stories are some man made disaster or industrial accident.
Replies: >>1681
You're forgetting all of the wild powers that some of the Japanese kaiju ended up with. But yeah for an American kaiju it's pretty non standard.
Replies: >>1682
The difference with japanese kaiju correct me if I'm wrong they're all mostly from space or the product of wild accidents/experimentation. So firing lasers, or quantum bullshit isn't that unusual given their origin. Godzilla was using his breath weapon to fly at one point, and space Godzilla was a sentient mass of crystal. Thinking about it though was it ever explained why King Kong could absorb lightning and get stronger?
Replies: >>1686
[Hide] (1.1MB, 630x1200)
[Hide] (175.9KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (4.7MB, 1280x1650)
[Hide] (155.8KB, 230x345)
/vhs/ Movie Night
Flickering Lights - Zombi 5: Killing Birds - Nefarious
Friday, July 21st
5pm PDT/7pm CDT/8pm EDT
Pre-Show: Felidae (1994) (3:40pm PST/5:40pm CST/6:40pm EST)
Replies: >>1684 >>1685 >>1699
Spoiler File
(86.1KB, 958x512)
Wow, what a nice looking cov-
<Adult animated film
<The story centers on domestic house cat Francis and the grisly feline murders taking place in his new neighborhood.
This is going to be interesting.
>Felidae (83)
>Flickering Lights (109)
>Zombi 5 (92)
>Nefarious (98)
>Minimum Runtime Sans Pre- and Post-Shows: 4.99 
>Minimum Runtime With Pre-Show: 6.37
>The difference with japanese kaiju correct me if I'm wrong they're all mostly from space or the product of wild accidents/experimentation.
You may have missed it but it's speculated by a couple of the characters that La Carcagne was from space.

>The difference with japanese kaiju correct me if I'm wrong they're all mostly from space or the product of wild accidents/experimentation.
Also don't forget some of them are supernatural guardians like Gamera and Mothra. And Ghidorah in that one movie.
[Hide] (311.1KB, 600x300)
Now Playing: Felidae
[Hide] (101.3KB, 321x321)
[Hide] (831.6KB, 500x700)
I hope everyone is ready for next friday!
Replies: >>1690 >>1691
Looking forward to it, especially Son of Godzilla
[Hide] (16.5KB, 300x300)
For real this time?
Replies: >>1692
[Hide] (1.9MB, 834x1471)
[Hide] (25.6KB, 218x400)
[Hide] (1009.6KB, 1215x2225)
[Hide] (2.8MB, 830x1471)
[Hide] (186.2KB, 200x366)
Yes. Well a third of them anyway.

Jack or whoever reads this please remember to get the Nip versions. We have the old dubs as a backup but I'm pretty sure most of the Overlook crew wants to see the originals.
Replies: >>1694
[Hide] (2.2MB, 834x1471)
[Hide] (220.3KB, 218x400)
[Hide] (7MB, 1215x2225)
[Hide] (3.3MB, 830x1471)
[Hide] (190.4KB, 200x366)
/vhs/ Movie Night - G-G-GOJIRA?! Edition
Ghidorah - the Three-Headed Monster - Son of Godzilla - All Monsters Attack - Godzilla vs. Hedorah
Friday, July 28th
5pm PDT/7pm CDT/8pm EDT
Pre-Show:King Kong vs. Godzilla (3:40pm PST/5:40pm CST/6:40pm EST)
Roger that.
Replies: >>1695 >>1700 >>1708
I'll be a bit late, but hopefully I make it for at least part of King Kong vs Godzilla.

>Godzilla vs. Hedorah
I was convinced that said Godzilla vs. Hebrew for a second.
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1200x680)
Now Playing: King Kong vs. Godzilla
[Hide] (220.1KB, 568x473)
Theme is ultra violent scifi.
Judge Dredd (1995)
Dark Angel (1990)
Cybercity Oedo 808
My torrent for Zombie 5 finally produced fruit. I didn't hardcode the subs, but here you go: https://a.cockfile.com/CffjPY.zip (lasts 24 hours)
Replies: >>1701
[Hide] (268KB, 600x387)
[Hide] (42.6KB, 662x485)
[Hide] (6.7MB, 2996x4004)
[Hide] (277.8KB, 450x623)
[Hide] (449.5KB, 1055x1500)
I think now it's pretty safe to say that All Monster Attack is another Van Helsing situation. I've heard nothing for years about how it's the worst Godzilla film of the whole Showa series and that it was just irredeemable, And now after I finally got a chance to watch it I find that it was just a charming little movie. The human segment would make for a good movie on it's own and the Monster Island segment works as a fun little kid Godzilla movie.
Even Gabara was kind of a neat monster and worked fine as an antagonist for Minilla. To everyone who missed it I say give it a go. Maybe we'll see it again as a preshow sometime, when it's relevant.
Replies: >>1708
Oh are we going to watch Zambo V: Killing Nerds again? I hope more people can see it. It was an unexpected move for a Zombi sequel which it really isn't of course.
Replies: >>1706
I wasn't sure if you ended up watching it. Thought I'd post it here if you hadn't.
[Hide] (1MB, 1000x1487)
[Hide] (190.9KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (94.8KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (1.2MB, 680x1000)
/vhs/ Movie Night
Dark Angel (1990) - Judge Dredd 95' - Cyber City Oedo 808
Friday, August 4th
5pm PDT/7pm CDT/8pm EDT
Pre-Show: Lemmy (2010) (3:40pm PST/5:40pm CST/6:40pm EST)
Replies: >>1711
I know we're a week past at this point but I'd like to try and get it straight with which Godzillas we've watched so that we've got a record next time kaiju come up.
Please correct if this is incorrect.

<Godzilla Raids Again
>King Kong vs. Godzilla
<Mothra vs. Godzilla
>Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster
<Invasion of Astro-Monster
>Ebirah, Horror of the Deep
>Son of Godzilla
<Destroy All Monsters
>All Monsters Attack
>Godzilla vs. Hedorah
<Godzilla vs. Gigan
>Godzilla vs. Megalon
<Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla
<Terror of Mechagodzilla

<Half Human*
<The Mysterians*
<The Birth of Japan*
>Frankenstein Conquers the World
<The War of the Gargantuas
>King Kong Escapes
<Gezora, Ganimes, Kamoebas: Decisive Battle! Giant Monsters of the South Seas
<Daigoro vs. Goliath
<Prophecies of Nostradamus*

>The Return of Godzilla
>Godzilla vs. Biollante
>Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah
>Godzilla vs. Mothra
>Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II
>Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla
>Godzilla vs. Destoroyah

<Rebirth of Mothra
<Rebirth of Mothra II
<Rebirth of Mothra III
<Orochi, the Eight-Headed Dragon

<Godzilla 2000
<Godzilla vs. Megaguirus
<Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack
<Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla
<Godzilla: Tokyo S.O.S.
>Godzilla: Final Wars
Replies: >>1710 >>1711
We saw the original Godzilla movie.
Didn't we already watch Worst Dredd?
Technically all of them, they we're all queued up in the playlist for a week or two once         :^)
[Hide] (3.9MB, 600x800, 00:24)
So which region are the sonic boom cartoons not region locked in?
[Hide] (3MB, 1920x1080)
Now Playing: Lemmy 2010
[Hide] (247.8KB, 474x675)
[Hide] (201.9KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (120.8KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (148KB, 230x345)
/vhs/ Movie Night
Desperado (1995) - Kelly's Heroes (1970) - In the Mouth of Madness
Friday, August 11th
5pm PDT/7pm CDT/8pm EDT
Pre-Show: Dredd (2012) (3:40pm PST/5:40pm CST/6:40pm EST)
Replies: >>1723
>Dredd (95)
>Desperado (103)
>Kelly's Heroes (145)
>In The Mouth of Madness (95)
>Minimum Runtime (7.3 Hours)
>Minimum Runtime Sans Preshow (5.7 Hours)
[Hide] (930.4KB, 1025x657)
Now Playing: Dredd 2012
[Hide] (3.1MB, 1600x2400)
[Hide] (934.4KB, 600x800)
[Hide] (132.8KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (524.5KB, 474x711)
vhs/ Movie Night
There Will Be Blood - Whisky (2004) - Atlantis: The Lost Empire
Friday, August 18th
5pm PDT/7pm CDT/8pm EDT
Pre-Show: The Mole Agent (3:40pm PST/5:40pm CST/6:40pm EST)
Replies: >>1739
>The Mole Agent (84)
>There Will Be Blood (158)
>Whiskey (100)
>Atlantis (95)
>Minimum Runtime Sans Preshow (5.88 Hours)
>Minimum Runtime (7.28 Hours)
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1366x768)
Now Playing: The Mole Agent
Picks for next week:
>Cowboy Bebop: The Movie (2001)
>Mystics in Bali (1981)
>Darktown Strutters (1975)
Replies: >>1744
[Hide] (258.9KB, 692x861)
>darktown strutters
You mean niggers or prostitutes?
Replies: >>1745
[Hide] (220.1KB, 568x473)
[Hide] (2.2MB, 1000x1500)
[Hide] (1.4MB, 1000x1500)
[Hide] (1.9MB, 960x1447)
[Hide] (919.7KB, 567x840)
vhs/ Movie Night
Cowboy Bebop: The Movie (2001) - Mystics in Bali (1981) - Darktown Strutters (1975)
Friday, August 25th
5pm PDT/7pm CDT/8pm EDT
Pre-Show: Killer Bean Forever (3:30pm PST/5:30pm CST/6:30pm EST)
Replies: >>1751 >>1752 >>1757
>Killer Bean Forever (85)
>Cowboy Bebop: Knockin' On Heaven's Door (107)
>Mystics in Bali (118)
>Darktown Strutters (90)
>Minimum Runtime Sans Preshow (5.25 Hours)
>Minimum Runtime With Preshow (6.66 Hours)
This looks to be a good night.
[Hide] (1.2MB, 1280x720)
Now Playing: Killer Bean Forever
[Hide] (571.4KB, 478x358)
Bebop movie was really nice but I do have one question, why was nanomachine guy seemingly invincible throughout the whole movie until the very end? Up until that part I was basically convinced that he was just a ghost in the machine of sorts. Or possibly that he had a version of Pierrot's force field.
What's tonight's movies? I forgot.
Replies: >>1767
norbit, terminator 2 and something else I forgot
[Hide] (143.8KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (189.4KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (80.1KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (156.2KB, 230x345)
vhs/ Movie Night - Cardiac Arrest Edition
Norbit (2007) - Angry Birds - Terminator 2: Judgment Day
Friday, September 1st
5pm PDT/7pm CDT/8pm EDT
Pre-Show: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (3:30pm PST/5:30pm CST/6:30pm EST)
Replies: >>1771
That's one hell of a linup.
[Hide] (2.1MB, 1710x900)
Now Playing:  Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
[Hide] (142.5KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (107.6KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (131.5KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (181.5KB, 230x345)
/vhs/ Movie Night - Never Forget Edition
True Lies - Four Lions - Postal.
Friday, September 8st
5pm PDT/7pm CDT/8pm EDT
Pre-Show: The Angry Birds Movie 2 (3:30pm PST/5:30pm CST/6:30pm EST)
Replies: >>1780
[Hide] (527KB, 1280x1816)
[Hide] (756.9KB, 1500x2208)
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1024x1460)
[Hide] (99.4KB, 550x814)
>Angry Birds 2 (96)
>True Lies (144)
>Four Lions (97)
>Postal (127)
>Minimum Runtime Sans Preshow (6.14 Hours)
>Minimum Runtime (7.74 Hours)
This is going to be a long night.
Replies: >>1781
[Hide] (187.9KB, 1200x800)
True Lies is 144 minutes?Just how long "does" Jamie Lee Curtis dance for?
[Hide] (3.4MB, 2000x1080)
Now Playing: Angry Birds 2
What movies got picked?
Replies: >>1785
Angry Birds 3!
[Hide] (61.5KB, 480x360)
You better tell me which movies got picked or else I'll be forced to craft a fine selection of films all by myself.
Replies: >>1788 >>1790
Jack & Jill
You Don't Mess with the Zohan
Billy Madison
[Hide] (114.4KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (106.5KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (168.6KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (99KB, 230x345)
/vhs/ Movie Night
Nights of Cabiria - Hot Fuzz - Dirty Harry
Friday, September 15th
5pm PDT/7pm CDT/8pm EDT
Pre-Show: Office Space (3:30pm PST/5:30pm CST/6:30pm EST)
[Hide] (110.2KB, 1152x1440)
Fantastic Planet
The Legend of the Crystal Coconut
Toxic Avenger 3
[Hide] (2.7MB, 1920x1080)
Now Playing: Office Space
Read Or Die OVA
Joe's Apartment
3 gorillion Spartans Zack Snyder's 300 were chosen for next week.
[Hide] (2.7MB, 1000x1500)
[Hide] (535.9KB, 420x630)
[Hide] (254KB, 300x422)
[Hide] (170.5KB, 230x345)
/vhs/ Movie Night - This is Madness! Edition
 ̷J̷a̷c̷k̷'̷s̷ Joe's Apartment - 300 - Read or Die OVA 
Friday, September 22nd
5pm PDT/7pm CDT/8pm EDT
Pre-Show: WALL·E (3:30pm PST/5:30pm CST/6:30pm EST)
[Hide] (1018.6KB, 1280x720)
Now Playing: WALL·E
[Hide] (59KB, 379x429)
8kot's pick is 'Leaving Las Vegas.'
Replies: >>1798
leaving las vegas is kino
Replies: >>1799
I've never seen it. Well I guess I will now.
Blam do you have a shortlist of spooky movies for pre and post for all next month?
Replies: >>1807
Blackula better be on that list.
[Hide] (173.8KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (122.4KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (210KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (4.2MB, 1280x1849)
/vhs/ Movie Night
Leaving Las Vegas - The Kingdom (2007) -Triplets of Belleville
Friday, September 29th
5pm PDT/7pm CDT/8pm EDT
Pre-Show: Sin City (3:30pm PST/5:30pm CST/6:30pm EST)
[Hide] (2.2MB, 1920x1080)
Now Playing: Sin City
Man what got picked other than Blacula?
Replies: >>1814
[Hide] (1.6MB, 1178x794)
At last... She's mine
Replies: >>1813
Please don't put her in a jar Jack.
Replies: >>1818
Batman: The Doom That Came to Gotham and Snow White: A Tale of Terror https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0119227/

Funnily enough, another streamer I know played that Gotham movie tonight so I have a downloaded backup copy of it now, just in case
[Hide] (191.8KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (164.9KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (91KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (168.3KB, 230x345)
/vhs/ Movie Night
Blacula - Batman: The Doom That Came to Gotham - Snow White: A Tale of Terror
Friday, October 6th
5pm PDT/7pm CDT/8pm EDT
Pre-Show: Meg 2: The Trench (3:30pm PST/5:30pm CST/6:30pm EST)
Replies: >>1821
[Hide] (1MB, 662x822)
Too late.
Replies: >>1819 >>1820
[Hide] (82.9KB, 800x600)
[Hide] (552.4KB, 1200x816)
Why do you use such small jars for your trash cans Jack?
I definitely don't want to miss Blacula tonight. Maybe later this month we can watch Scream Blacula Scream and possibly also Blackenstein and Black Werewolf.
Replies: >>1841
[Hide] (1.2MB, 1200x630)
Now Playing: Meg 2: The Trench
[Hide] (19.5MB, 1726x720, 01:44)
Replies: >>1825
The whole movie should have just been like this instead of all the dumb boring parts.
[Hide] (1008.4KB, 1205x1616)
Since we're watching 90's Frankenstein this week maybe we should watch another take on Frank for preshow. There's a whole series of them from Universal and also from Hammer to choose from. There's also Young Frankenstein and technically War of the Gargantuas is also a Frankenstein movie.
They also have the benefit of not being 2 and a quarter hours long.
[Hide] (166.8KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (140.1KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (131.5KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (129.6KB, 230x345)
/vhs/ Movie Night - BOO Edition
Dracula (1931) - Frankenstein (1994) - Interview with a Vampire (1994)
Friday, October 13th
5pm PDT/7pm CDT/8pm EDT
Pre-Show: Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (3:30pm PST/5:30pm CST/6:30pm EST)
Replies: >>1831 >>1832
>Interview with a Vampire
Wrong timeline
Jack can you add Requiem from the Darkness to the lineup for the rest of October? https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLj2Ugc-vxcWHUl4CJyaUBA6z3hqcCd9kv
Replies: >>1834
Fine but we watch Sonic Underground after that.
[Hide] (1MB, 1024x512)
Now Playing:  Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter
The choices for next week are:
1995's Wasp Woman by Not Alto Cantabile
Scary Movie 1 By Greydust
Rosemary's Baby by Blam
Replies: >>1838 >>1839 >>1841
>Scary Movie
I recommend we watch either Scream or I Know What You Did Last Summer for preshow as the movie parodies both movies primarily.
[Hide] (623.9KB, 500x375)
>Rosemary's Baby
Just found out today that Rosemary's Baby was produced by William Castle. Probably the biggest movie he ever made.
Wait a fucking minute! There's a sequel to Blacula? >>1821 I change my movie from wasp woman to Scream Blacula Scream if I can.
[Hide] (153KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (154.5KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (105.3KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (3MB, 1456x2048)
/vhs/ Movie Night
Scream Blacula Scream - Scary Movie - Rosemary's Baby
Friday, October 20th
5pm PDT/7pm CDT/8pm EDT
Pre-Show: Salad Fingers 1-13 (3:30pm PST/5:30pm CST/6:30pm EST)
Replies: >>1851
[Hide] (171.4KB, 474x314)
Now Playing: Salad Fingers
[Hide] (238.2KB, 789x296)
Replies: >>1847
Picks for next week:
Hellraiser (1987)
The Wasp Woman (1995)
Scream (1996)
[Hide] (1.1MB, 450x261)
[Hide] (146.3KB, 480x360)
[Hide] (56.5KB, 420x480)
I know a couple people mentioned that they might like to watch Nosferatu at some point and since it's still unknown if we'll do a Halloween marathon so I just wanted to suggest that you look up a good copy of it, just to have on hand. Ideally one that has tinting instead of being all in B&W and has the original "correct" character names (i.e. Orlok, Hutter, Ellen)
Replies: >>1857
aw gaddamn I wanted to watch blacula 2
Replies: >>1854
I can probably reupload it for you.
[Hide] (242.4KB, 304x538)
Jack won't be able to host on a Tuesday night. Is there any other mod who'd be willing to queue up some movies if we do a vote on Friday? I'm willing to upload some movies if need be earlier in the day.
Replies: >>1858
[Hide] (158.8KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (92.9KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (196.5KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (148.5KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (681.7KB, 474x711)
/vhs/ Movie Night - HALLOWEEINER
Hellraiser (1987) - Scream (1996) - The Wasp Woman (1995) - Nosferatu 1922
Friday, October 27th
5pm PDT/7pm CDT/8pm EDT
Pre-Show: Journey to the West 2013 (3:30pm PST/5:30pm CST/6:30pm EST)

>Jack won't be able to host on a Tuesday night
I actually could. I don't know how many people would show up on a Tuesday though.
If there's enough interest, sure. 
You better pick good spoopy movies though.
Replies: >>1859 >>1861 >>1877
If Alto doesn't get picked, then we're set.
Replies: >>1860
[Hide] (128.4KB, 298x432)
Don't worry, if I get picked again then it will become increasingly more likely that the wheel is fucking rigged.
>You better pick good spoopy movies though.
Literally have an entire list.
>Pre-Show: Journey to the West 2013
Oh hey that one's been on my consideration for nomination pool for a while. I was always reluctant because it was newer and because I hadn't gotten a chance to watch it all the way through.
[Hide] (208.6KB, 545x630)
Can someone help me with the movies? Internet is shitting the bed and I've only managed to upload Scream.
[Hide] (197.7KB, 474x201)
Now Playing: Scream
Journey to the West isn't ready yet
[Hide] (130.1KB, 314x365)
>Put on the wrong wasp woman movie.
Come on jack what the hell?
[Hide] (170.2KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (162KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (137.5KB, 230x345)
[Hide] (153.6KB, 230x345)
/vhs/ Movie Night - HALLOWEEN SPECIAL
The Blob 1988 - Scream (1996) - Devil's Advocate - Underworld: Rise of the Lycans
Tuesday, October 31st
5pm PDT/7pm CDT/8pm EDT
Pre-Show: The Toxic Avenger Part II (3:30pm PST/5:30pm CST/6:30pm EST)
>Scream (1996)
We're watching it again?
Replies: >>1886
Will we watch Wasp Woman if you can get it downloaded by Tuesday?
Replies: >>1869 >>1870
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Richard Moll died. I feel like we should have something featuring him but I don't know if there's any place to fit him in on Halloween. Which is a shame since he was in a few horror movies. Did we ever watch House (not Hausu)?
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Yeah, I've got it now.
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Mathew Perry just died too.
So be ready to watch 10 seasons of Friends :^)
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>tfw grew up watching friends reruns alone as a kid
oh this kind of hurts
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Same. When my dog died the only friends that comforted me was the Friends cast.
Can someone removed the expired movies on the stream pleas? They've expired and are now preventing me from watching any of the halloween specials. Also enable skipping so I don't have to wait for the sonic underground specials to finish.
Never mind. I checked the list and it's nothing but sonic underground. I thought Jack had done something fun and uploaded a bunch of halloween specials from a bunch of different shows. The movies expiring spared me from seeing horrible garbage.
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Time to break out this classic PS2 game to commemorate.
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It hurts I missed Friday but I'm glad Halloween is go.
>Did we ever watch House (not Hausu)?
I don't think so, it's a pretty great series. I grew up renting them on VHS.
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>Everyone hated on Journey to the West
I ended up watching it by myself last night because I saw maybe the first scene on movie night. Why were you all so salty about it? It's not Akira Kurasawa tier, but Stephen Chow has never made anything like that anyway. I liked it way better than Shaolin Soccer, which is considered a classic.
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>Everyone hated on Journey to the West
Everyone as in Alto.
I thought it was fine. The first and final scene were definitely the strongest parts.
>Why were you all so salty about it?
It had very little to do with journey to the west, and girl power!!!! moments.
Speaking of awful movies I left before seeing the 1959 version of wasp woman. How bad was it?
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We didn't end up watching it. Instead we saw what is possibly the second worst zombie movie in existence. I say second worst because that movie is actually the polished remake of an earlier movie by the same director.
I have seen the original Wasp Woman before. It's pretty standard fare for a B movie of the era. I have seen worse.
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I had The Blob (1988) on my PC already, so here's a catbox link that should last 3 days: https://litter.catbox.moe/o7k68o.mp4
>second worst zombie movie in existence.
You watched toilet of the dead again?
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Curse of the Cannibal Confederates (Curse of the Screaming Dead). It is so much worse than Toilet of the Dead. I'm sorry all of you missed it. Maybe blam will put it and the original on again some time.
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Now Playing: The Blob apparently. Toxic Avenger will play after. Ablu dun fucked up.
I misstyped
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Now Playing: The (elusive) Wasp Woman (1995) 

Up next is The Devil's Advocate
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It's actually a wasp, but it's clear the directors couldn't tell the difference.
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