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As most people in the west, i am sick and tired of niggers being shoved everywhere they don't belong.
From turning established white characters into niggers (spiderman, deadshot, nick fury, firestorm, green lantern) to forcing them where they shouldn't be (wearing European armor in medieval settings, or the recent WE WUZ Prince of Persia) 
Not to mention the blatant tokenism where a group of (otherwise white, or asian) characters must have at least one, making ugly version of otherwise cute characters in order to not "offend" them (black inklings and octolings in Splatoon, that honestly look like shit, even putting racism aside) or going for the disgusting race mixing propaganda and pairing niggers with white women.

Today i saw a trailer for this game: "Tales of Kenzera: ZAU"
I only saw the "making of" trailer for it and some glimpses of gameplay, and it seems to be about niggers in Africa dealing with all kind zulu and voodoo shit.
Also, i am surprised that the niggers involved with this game talking about "muh culture" were for once correctly talking about sub-saharian Africa and were not pretending DEY WUZ Egyptian, European, Japanese, Everything-but-Africans, and all that ridiculous bullshit.
No idea if the game goes in WE WUZ territory moving forward, honestly

Now, i am not interested in this shit and i don't want to play it, it's a game about niggers made (mostly) for niggers, and so, it is clearly not for me.
BUT, you know what? I am fine with that.

I found myself (for the first time in ages) not bothered by something like this existing, unlike shit like spider-nog, nigger-deadshot, or niggers in medieval armor in fantasy games (Dragon's Dogma 2, Baldur's Gate, Diablo 4 or that lore-raping garbage game Shadow of War that is still making Tolkien spin in his grave).
Maybe that's because (to me at least) this looks like a genuine attempt to please nogs and homage their homeland, and not an attack on white people and and their culture like the shit containing "divershitty" usually is about.

I also remember as kid playing and not being bothered by games like "Akuji: The Heartless" or "ShadowMan", since both were dealing with Voodoo shit and so having a nigger MC made sense.

So i though, could this be the right way to have niggers in vidya?
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bless me die and check these numbers
(##1%100000) = 5886
I liked Sergeant Johnson from gaylo.
Replies: >>243994
He was based.
Barret was cool.
Cole Train from Gears of War was a Bro and in my own opinion really brought the setting of "cradle to the grave, we are dying here." to life.
Replies: >>244017 >>244027
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Louis and Coach from Left 4 Dead (2) are great characters whom I enjoy playing as.
Replies: >>244020
>>243970 (OP) 
>and it seems to be about niggers in Africa dealing with all kind zulu and voodoo shit.
That description reminds me of Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan, shitwas actually made by Africans too.
Shame that the dev team seems to have expanded westward and thus got infested by the culture cancer post release.
Replies: >>244035
>Barret was cool.
Question is, was Barrett meant to be a nigger or was it just dark skinned like sometimes japs depict themselves?
Never liked him to be honest, he felt out of place with the rest of the cast.
CJ from San Andreas. The first thing you do is steal a bike.
rochelle from l4d2 was an annoying character, is the first thing i mod out and replace with a cute girl, the other two niggers were fine.
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Officer Daniel from PE1 was pretty cool too.
Big Bo from Binary Domain.
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>That description reminds me of Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan, shitwas actually made by Africans too.
>Shame that the dev team seems to have expanded westward and thus got infested by the culture cancer post release.
And this reminded me when Daniel Vavra once wrote something like:
"Where is this idea from, that white men must provide culture for other races? Why don't you make it yourself?"
I mean, instead of bitching about wanting niggers as samurais, vikings or medieval knights, just make a game about African tribal shit like that.
You know, their actual "culture", instead of deluding themselves into thinking they had a place in other people's.
As far as i am concerned, i am for apartheid in vidya too, either make a game for niggers, or make a game about white or asian people, but fuck off with the tokenism.
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How about vidya starring niggers that's done right, instead? Here's one to start. It's basically what happens when you cross God of War with nuSplatterhouse.
maybe because every time people see even fictional references toward true african culture they scream racism, but black people as vikings doesn't trigger the same response for some reason
Replies: >>244111
That also having been said, a game about Oda Nobunaga's black friend would be funny. Or are you not familiar with Yasuke?
Replies: >>244138 >>244152
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>Niggers in vidya done right?
Yeah pic related
Replies: >>244151
Sheva in RE5 was all right.
Not the best AI though.
Mike Tyson in Street Fighter 2 but that's about it
>but black people as vikings doesn't trigger the same response for some reason
Only if you're American
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>a game about Oda Nobunaga's black friend would be funny.
Replies: >>244141 >>244150
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John R. Blade from Sin, he was alright.
Don from Way of the Samurai
My main problem is how boring 99% of the black characters look, outside of fighting games of course, just look at Zau, he looks a like a fucking faggot there is no edge to it, even the faggot niggers from God Hand are cooler than Zau, and they are faggots.
Same thing with noddle head niggerman, he is just boring, he looks boring, he soft and round, he is a token ball.
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This thread reads like bizarro sleepy. Never in its almost 4 years of span would I ever expect to read a post like >>244138 on this site.
Replies: >>244148
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Have you considered ironic shitposting?
>when he ordered him to be scrubbed, then scrubbed again before he believed he was black
Those wacky japs.
>Yeah pic related
>Nobunaga's black friend 
More his pet nigger that he took as a slave only because he thought he looked funny and then got rid of him as soon as Nobunaga stopped being amused by him.
But of course the usual historical revisionist went with DE WUZ A BLACK SAMURAI N'SHIT.
The only thing he did was carring his master's sword for him, but the usual suspects want you to believe he was a sakurai and actually fought.
The only way to make niggers "right" in vidya is what Black Lives Splatter did.
Replies: >>244153 >>244163
>he was a sakurai
please add geno in smash sakurai thank
>Still no fucking Zulu wars game
I fucking hate Americans
>>243970 (OP) 
If an elements makes sense in the context it is being presented in or there's some acknowledgement of the unusualness of the circumstance, then you can generally get away with it even if there's some greater motivation for its production. It's why things like Guess Who's Coming to Dinner or classic Star Trek isn't grating like every modern movie or show going out of their way to have a nonwhite cast member as a central character; at that point, the inclusion is not in service to the story, but a blatant lie about what normalcy looks like.
Replies: >>244227
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>at that point, the inclusion is not in service to the story, but a blatant lie about what normalcy looks like.

Very well said anon.
But "Guess who's coming to dinner" was still kike propaganda though
Replies: >>244228
Everything made by pedowood is kike propaganda. They've just gotten less subtle about it.
Replies: >>244230 >>244247
This. Even the rise of the "antihero" in recent media seems to promote the idea that being a self-centered liar leads to everyone loving you.
>They've just gotten less subtle about it.
Generally speaking, yes, but "Guess who's coming for dinner" was just as blatant as the shit they make today, only less vulgar maybe.
Replies: >>244271
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Garcian Smith from killer 7
he spends the entire game murdering people and when confronted with his actions he says "no, I dindu nuffin"
just kidding this game is great
Never saw Guess who's coming for dinner, but I'm guessing by the context of being a hollyjew movie and the title it's about a white women bringing her nigger boyfriend to meet her family probably for some holiday. The father doesn't like him, while the mother is more ((( progressive. ))) And through wacky hijinks and a heartfelt moment or two the father manages to get with the times and accept his daughter infecting his bloodline with nigger DNA and having mutant offspring who will probably grow up fatherless because like 99% of niggers abandon their children.
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I can't be assed to research it on anything more than ((( Wikipedia ))), but:
>The film was one of the few of the time to depict an interracial marriage in a positive light, as interracial marriage historically had been illegal in many states of the United States.
You got it in one, it seems.
Replies: >>244288
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>Guess Who's Coming to Dinner is a 1967 American film produced and directed by Stanley Kramer
>Stanley Kramer was an American film director responsible for making many of Hollywood's most famous "message films"
>Among the subjects covered in his films were racism and the causes and effects of fascism
>Kramer was born in New York City, his parents were Jewish
You can almost picture Mr. Kramer strumming his tiny circumsized cock somewhere in the back seats at the movie's premiere.
>his parents were Jewish
Just a ((( coincidence ))) goys!
Replies: >>244727
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>his parents were Jewish
Replies: >>244370 >>244727
Goddamn I hated the writers on KotH. You've got a cast of plain, likeable people with quirks and defects and yet you write them sucking off every minority in the vicinity.
I hated the vietnamese bug people and the feathernigger for all screentime they had on all two seasons I watched.
Replies: >>244758
>I mean, instead of bitching about wanting niggers as samurais, vikings or medieval knights, just make a game about African tribal shit like that.
it's because Africans in Western countries have no "Roots" (and made a shitty fanfic movie based on a shitty fanfic book about exactly this fact, it ruined a generation)
They know less about Africa than they do Samurai, a situation educational institutions only make worse with subsidized flights of fancy - European sources are actually pretty poor for the more interesting stuff because the inhospitable environment and insular locals further south rebuffed much of Roman and European exploration before the 1700s
Much of what we see of Africa today is post-Muslim (destroyed everything non-Muslim they could) and post-European (destroyed everything Muslim they could) and post Commie (destroyed everything European they could), but it was a pretty wild place before all that and had a good range of civilizations from those that would be considered purely tribal, to something on the level of the Pueblo indians, to several on the level of organized medieval European kingdoms -- Africans would likely be less shameful and overly envious about their heritage if they could tell a Bantu (permanent hut dweller) from a Malinke (managed to turn gold and clay into cities), in just the same way any European is proud to be anything but an Italian (lost a major war to Ethiopia of all countries) or a Serbian (Serbian)
Replies: >>244727 >>244797
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>Never saw Guess who's coming for dinner
I never saw it either, but the story being about bringing a nigger ape to her parents' place for dinner?
Can't get any more blatant than that.
Again, maybe it wasn't as vulgar as the vomit inducing shit kikes make today, but you can't say that shit wasn't blatant.

>his parents were jewish
That means HE's jewish, what the fuck does "his parents were" even mean?
Wikikepedia, i swear...
As if out of two kikes can come up a Scandinavian baby.

>it's because Africans in Western countries have no "Roots"
>They know less about Africa than they do Samurai
I don't think nigger know about Samurais or Medieval Knight beyond a superficial level, and besides i don't think every single Japanese know all the ins and outs of Samurais and feudal Japan, same for every European in regard to his own culture.
Even westerners when they want to make a game or movie about their own culture often need get some expert on the matter in order to learn more about it and get things right.
So nigger could just do that like everybody else.
But the thing is, that niggers are the only ethnics that are ashamed of what they are, (because they know their "culture" amount to dancing around the campfire and drink cow's menstrual fluids) and ridiculously want to pretend they are something else, despite the fact that the mirror tells them the truth every single day, that's why they are also the ones that bitch and moan about "racism" way more than any other race combined when actual human beings don't want to play pretend with them.
king of the bajoo
Replies: >>244805
My understanding of African history from a /tg/ thread is that they were mostly on the path to civilization that whites were walking until about 1000BC, after which they got nuked by, in approximate order, the proto-Bantu-speaking peoples (who are probably the closest IRL has come to Goblin Slayer) south of the Sahara and the Muslims (who spent a couple centuries pillaging everything they could reach from the Arab peninsula) north of it. The common American pavement ape is descended from the Bantu and had what little cultural heritage he could have claimed stolen from him by the Jewish/British/West African slave trading industry, hence the constant posturing.
Replies: >>244809
Hey you assholefuck where did I spout some unfounded accusation about the show being Jewish in nature? I've explained what I hated about it and that's leagues above what that faggot at /b/ is doing.
Replies: >>244828
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>The common American pavement ape is descended from the Bantu
Only about 15%, and you can very much tell the difference, the vast majority are Yoruba (modern-day Nigerian) who have a kind of midling history, successfully re-organizing by 1300. This is way later than the Malinke but earlier than the people just north of the Congo who got obliterated by a one-two punch of more developed Muslims and Bantu raids. It also can't be understated exactly how terrible the African environment is for developing a civilization in the conventional sense, its human populace aside.
Rural Yoruba were regularly sold into slavery by Malinke because they had been trading slaves with Muslims for centuries and by the time Europeans came around the infrastructure to capture and export people was already in place.
Africans can't even be racist properly, because they have no idea 20ish percent of other blacks in America are descended from the people who sold them all into slavery, and 15% or so are descended from the people who snapped Africa in half. That's why it's just "Africans," while Europeans can be properly whiny about other Europeans based on their actual ethnicity.
>until about 1000BC, after which they got nuked by, in approximate order, the proto-Bantu-speaking peoples
Africa had a pretty normal iron age in most areas. Yoruba and Igbo Nigers hit it first but went the agrarian route, then Malinke. The timing is closer to 300 BC, which is why Africa had a big reset on development ~300AD in many places, it didn't give them much time before Islam spread and that became a new focal point of the sub-Saharan civilizations.

Purely for example, pic is Djado, a rare ghost city in the Sahara built by Africans and destroyed by Arabs. Without a reservoir of stone or true mountains, the buildings were pressed mud or carved into a plateau. The buildings have long been collapsed and imploded, second stories or even third stories crushed into the first, but you can easily visualize what they looked like towering over the desert. It's one of many now derelict Kawar oasis fortresses; rather than apes, one might imagine a city of industrious termites trying to ward off Arabs. The Tebu today ironically look more like North Africans, having been thoroughly colonized by Arabs and Berbers, much like how some southern Europeans get swarthy, olive looks to them from old Roman/Italian colonization. 
A description of the people from the 1930s (bear in mind most oasis cities are in the Daza areas):
>The Teda are a Negro-Berber mixture inhabiting the Tibesti massif and adjacent territory, while the Daza to the south, the other main Tebu division, are more Negroid in their composition, and merge into the Negroid Kanuri and Kanembu further south.
Djado and other oasis cities would have supported thousands of people in one of the worst places on Earth to live. It would make for a great fantasy setting, probably a town in Monster Hunter, but there will never be one because Americans are too busy trying to afrika up random parts of Asian and European history instead.
so basically the africans who were trying to establish civilization got murdered pillaged and sold into slavery by their neighbors long before europeans ever sailed by?
Replies: >>244814 >>244837
>long before europeans ever sailed by
I find it funny that their are many responsible for unleashing this plague onto the world. America is the big bad slaver though. What about others? I don't see much talk or negative attention or MUH REPARATIONS pointed to other nations.
[Hide] (286.8KB, 1024x1024) Reverse
>America is the big bad slaver though. What about others?
America needs to be destroyed because it's an "Anomaly" with it's "place" in the world. 250 years ago, we were nothing more than religious zealots, nigger-shaggin' aristocrats, savage injuns, and the rejects of every other European nation who decided that colonizing the most savage and deadly continent known to man was the "smartest" course of action to the alternative of living pretty in "Civilized Europe". Today, we control the entire world (From economies to militaries), every country wants to be/emulate us, and we're the only nation that ever walked on the moon. NOT because we're smart, Americans being some of the dumbest idiots you can find on the planet. And NOT because we "tamed" this place, majority of the U.S. is empty or lacking development to the point that it might as well be a third-world country.

It's because we want to be left the fuck alone.
The American government was even designed the way it is for the exact reason that almost nothing can get done (Without almost unanimous agreement across three different groups of morons) so that the government would not being able to dictate people's lives. And you have some oligarchs and intellectuals out there who cannot have that because they must control how every individual on this planet lives. So they need to tear down any and every concept of independence and freedom that exist. And they need to tear down the U.S. because we're the only country that embodies these concepts.

If you don't believe me, name another country that has stores that sell guns literally every other block.
Replies: >>244824
Because american textbooks devote half of their word count to documenting "how bad american slavery was".
Saudi Arabia and Switzerland
Replies: >>244826
>Saudi Arabia
Outside of spring/air rifles (IOW, toys), all guns are illegal in SA and can only be obtained through the black market.
Gun ownership is limited exclusively to members and veterans of the Swiss military.
Replies: >>244829
uh huh uh huh, so it's bajoo, got it
>exclusively to members and veterans of the Swiss military
They also have compulsory military service though so that's effectively every male that isn't severely disabled in some way.
Replies: >>244830
>compulsory military service
And a huge degree of govt control over your life, and a huge lack of passion and dedication compared to a volunteer military.
>so basically the africans who were trying to establish civilization got murdered pillaged and sold into slavery by their neighbors long before europeans ever sailed by?
Neighbors is a strong word, Middle-Eastern Muslims were responsible for turning African slavery from a war trophy into a commercial institution. Kanembu and Mali (Western Sub-Saharan empires) were quick to convert to Islam and leveraged their connections to import hard-to-make Arab goods and weapons in exchange for slaves and gold. Allegedly the pre-Bunyoro empire (modern Ugandan Bantu) also participated, though there's not a lot of great evidence for it.
You of course don't see as many actual Africans in the Middle East as the Americas because the vast majority of Muslim slaves were physically castrated (male and female) to make miscegenation difficult. Estimates go as high as 7 million people sold into slavery over centuries - when populations were much, much smaller. One only wonders what they did with all the cut off bits.
The modern day country of Mali still has over 200,000 people in actual, unironic slavery, which is both correct and reasonable based on Islamic common law. Malians are proud Muslims (>95%) and when the they tried to get rid of the institution it was an instant coup. 

> America is the big bad slaver though.
Notably, Ports traded more slaves than the Spanish or English and treated them worse. After a few choice encounters with the Portuguese, unfamiliar rural Africans were scared to death that whites were strange cannibals lived on boats exclusively and ate whoever was taken, which is part of why early boat revolts were so violent to the point of pointlessness (kill everyone who can get us back to land!). This is of course a normal response to interacting with a Port; the ultimate goal was to not get eaten no matter what, drowning seemed better. By the time the Spanish got more deeply involved in the slave trade, a lot of this early paranoia was fading and people recognized that it was a lot like Muslim slavery (but without the castration).
Less than half a million slaves were sent to the United States/colonies, while over 5 million went to Brazil and 4.5 million to the West Indies. A small but significant fraction of U.S. Africans are people who fled the West Indies over the centuries.
I do think there's a special place in Hell for whoever came up with the "burger slavery was uniquely evil" meme, what you mean to say is that American slaves didn't get their balls cut off and everyone else's goddamn did
Replies: >>244852
>I do think there's a special place in Hell for whoever came up with the "burger slavery was uniquely evil" meme, what you mean to say is that American slaves didn't get their balls cut off and everyone else's goddamn did
I mean, not castrating them was rather evil from the perspective of the modern non-nigger burger.
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