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Putin's given us the boot! Read about it here: https://zzzchan.xyz/news.html#66208b6a8fca3aefee4bf211


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What have you bene playing lately? If you're human and play games on the regular there might be something about them that has stuck to you and you deem worthy of sharing. If faggot e-celebs exist it is proof that plenty can be said about videogames, whether good or bad. Gameplay, story, characters, its sounds department or its music, the graphics or lack thereof, and the like.

For instance, I've been meaning to finish Forbidden Siren on the PS2, and you can tell it's a Japanese game because there are funny slanted faces plastered over the 3D mesh equivalent of a potato.
Gameplaywise it plays like your average survival horror game with a unique twist. For some reason I'm yet to figure out, the player characters have the ability to "sightjack" the vision of the faggots trying to kill you. Using this technique you can check on their behaviour and their movement pattern, as well as guessing where they are located using the map and their field of vision. It's a pretty cool gimmick the game was built on, given you're helpless most of the time and there are plenty of villagers with firearms sprinkled throughout the map.

That being said, I've only procrastinated completing this game because it's a fucking slog to play through. The gameplay loop consists of missions printed on time slots on some retarded looking bulletin board, and each mission needs one objective done to be completed. Keep in mind there are 10 different playable characters the story is constantly jumping to from mission to mission, and the game is constantly reusing the handful stages there are between them. I can't forgo how I had cleared Akira's mines mission at the beginning of the game to be immediately greeted by the same mines in the very next mission only with a different character at a different time, felt like the game spat at my face at that time.
What's more, more often than not you'll clear a mission only to be forced to return to another one you completed an hour ago only to collect some stupid new item on the map. From what I've seen so far this has to be done with every mission in the game, and since you don't get to decide which mission's next you're forced to backtrack two missions to gain access to a new level. This is dogshit level design, and this is coming from the guy who directed the first Silent Hill 1 and later on produced the Gravity Rush games. The fact that a game you have to sit through for 3 hours from start to finish is more replayable than a game split into missions speaks volumes on how grating this game is. I can only hope the second game is better.
On a side note, the localization on this game reminds me how fucked the English language is. The Italian, French and Spanish version all use sex instead of gender on the characters' bios. Surprisingly enough even the UK version does as well, the US one being the odd one of the bunch. I supposed Americans chugged too much fluoride compared to yuropoors, even back in 2004.
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>>240854 (OP) 
                             TO CHANGE.
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>>240854 (OP) 
>the localization on this game reminds me how fucked the English language is. The Italian, French and Spanish version all use sex instead of gender on the characters' bios.
I hate that fucking word, americans are so puritan that they needed to invent a new word just to not say the taboo sex word, and with the time they have forgotten who the true word was. Is like today with words like nigger. This kind of thought is less common in european catholic languages because they come from a catholic tradition, unlike anglos who are protestant, nowadays nobody believes in the religion part, but the cultural puritanism remains, and even catholic countries are getting infested with those ideas that comes from the protestants. This is the natural outcome of centuries of being ruled by bastards who believe the things of a 2700 years old book are true. That's why catholicism was so good, you can commit all the sins you want, at the end of the day, you make a 3 seconds pray or give a coin to the church and you're forgiven, meanwhile with the protestantism, people need to win god forgiveness or born with a predestined fate. I just say all this shit just to say i hate all the anglos, but the americans more, and the germans too, for bringing such idiocy to the world.
Why the hell do we accept american nonsense? even the shitty UK was doing good saying the correct word, and nowadays i see the fucking gender word even in italian or spanish. People who defend this shit are dumb and should die in a pire for their sins against reason, another thing with english is that they don't have a official regulation, like in other languages like german or spanish, this is also a good thing, for the flexibility it offers, but at the same time, its downfall, because every fucker can invent a useless word like gender or like those tikokers speaking in a vulgar bastardization of english. Official regulations are also a bad thing, if for political reasons they start accepting this bullshit, but most academics that study letters that deep are autistic and don't accept that shit easily. In fact, is not wrong per se, saying that a thing is gender masculine or example, 
but only if it refers to a word, words are technology, so they have to follow certain kinds of rules, you can't say a person is gender X, because you're referring to an actual human, no to the word itself. Gender is a social construct, (and i think even this word is wrong, and the actual correct word is genre btw, but i am not sure), but is a social construct, not because you can believe that you're an 120mm Leopard 2, but because words are a consensus between humans to allow the communication of societies. THE THING IS WHY IF THE FUCKING SPANISH ROYAL ACADEMY, THE FRENCH ACADEMY OR THE ITALIAN ONE DOES NOT MAKE A FUCKING MENTION OF THE WORD GENRE AS SEX THERE ARE TONS OF FUCKINGS NORMALFAGS USING IT AS A SYNONYM OF SEX ON THEIR NATIVE LANGUAGES???!  Normalfags don't even know their native language...
 The thing i most hate is the idea of that your will will mold reality. In this sense, trannies are as crazy as new age faggots. 

Oh, this was supposed to be about videogames, so.... man, the PS2 was truly the best era for survival horrors, the japanese truly know how to make disturbing shit... nowadays i think the concept of what a survival horror is has been lost, because every modern one i see is more of a action shooter than a "survive the horror" which are what they are supposed to be.
It's so funny to me how weimericans think they're too puritan
I played through Devil Castle X: Nocturne in the Moonlight on the PSX and am trying to beat Rondo of Blood on the PCE CD.
Nocturne is somewhat of a biblical metaphor in that it tempts the normalgoy and soyjourno with gorgeous artwork and fantastic music, but utterly corrupts the root of the Castlevania series in the progress.
The core problem with the game is not that it's an exploration platformer, but rather the gay nigger ESGBT ARPG leveling and equipment/item system.
It completely and utterly destroys and pretense of balance, purposeful enemy design, and player skill - the longer you play, the more Arcaado morphs from a faggot bishie fucking proto ESG soygoblins with a sword into a walking tank of an isekai protag who survives boss battles by getting pushed around and occassionally chugging a potion or meat if the boss does more than 1 damage per attack.
In Rondo of Blood this is impossibru as Richter's whip never gets stronger nor do any of the enemies, instead the player gets better at the fucken game after beating the dullahan lance nigger stage 4 boss after 80 tries holy fug that boss fight is cancer.
The game's level design naturally reflects this as every enemy, platform, item is placed with a purpose - it may seem difficult at first, but with enough perserverance (You) will eventually 2hu through skelebones instead of getting knocked into the spike pit, gracefully jump over skeledragon projectiles while axing them for hearts only for a fugging hadesnigger to dodge your whip again and molest a quarter of your health away right before the Axe armor room ah fuck and grow into a man in the process.
Nocturne on the other hand?
>walk around bashing skeletons, spirits, armors
>can dodge their projectiles by ducking unlike Richter who has to carefully time his whip swings in order to intercept their projectiles and rape Armors to undeath lest he get raped by a spellcard's worth of Axes, but Alutard just whacks them until they died
>encounter a boss while exploring
>die a few times, think I can see a pattern but want to take break and explore a bit more before trying again
>find 3 heart containers, several potions and a rare end game tier weapon some random enemy dropped, gain several levels from bashing fodder enemies
>boss now does half the damage and dies in a few hits in spite of me fucking up and getting thrown around hard, but Alushart is too stronk so the boss dies
>leaving behind a health upgrade because Alublart clearly wasn't strong enough already
This could be addressed if the RPG leveling system+potions didn't exist and armor upgrades were deliberately placed like in Metroid, but of coursh all the late 90s journalistes ate it up like bull semen and every Trannyvagina since then save for the N64 entries and that 7th gen GoW clone follows 月下の夜想曲's nigger formula.
Fuck niggers, kill niggers.
The music coupled with that dragonball animu artist really were magical. And sudden battles like in Final Fantasy are gay in comparison to the Mario RPG / Chrono Trigger style. More should have done it (back then). I know the sequel is bad so I've refused for all these years to even download nor play it, not even watch it. Lightning and bottles. Having a storyline that's superior like FF7 is more touching though than just charming art and music, though FF7's was kinda epic it wasn't as charming art wise. I haven't played a game in about 2 years myself, having a job gets in the way. It takes me too long to calm down so I can't read or play games, just drink booze and watch gay tv shows whlie slowly dying. Chrono Trigger even having multiple endings back then, it was very good but it ruins you for other games you know. The game I was (re)playing was/were those two Gamecube Zeldas, also very prime. I only played the best so it's no wonder I can't be bothered to play games, no joy if you replay them too often and fuck new/jew games of course. 

tl;dr: nice mspaint drawing of Lavos. 7/10 post
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>nowadays i see the fucking gender word even in italian or spanish
Gender is fine when referring to innanimate objects that make no sense to be humanized (a male tree or a female lamppost). What strikes me the most is that the PAL version of Siren released a month before the NTSC-U release. Siren USA uses the same dub and translation set as the European one; the only change to their release was changing sex into gender.

Here's a funny one. Sony of America approached Clap Hanz into localizing Everybody's Golf for the American audience, and this was the result. Thankfully the American characters were never heard of again after this game.
The latter European version ditched the US roster entirely and brought back the Japanese one, with the addition of the two US guest characters (Jak and Ratchet).
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I have no idea who he is but Toni is apparently meant to be an IRL golfer. Fairly funny considered they never bothered clarifying who he was or tried advertising the game using his name.
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Rose was the last opponent on Minna no Golf 3 and so was Louise on Hot Shots Golf 3. They both use the same skeleton and share a number of animations, as unlikely as it seems.
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Mel comes up to you and slaps you're waifu in the ass. What do you do?
Replies: >>240899
T-Bone would come from behind him to pick his pockets.
you see, little timmy, you can't sell "sex" as dignified, no matter the era you live in, so words get changed to accomodate
and the world works on the backs of those who sell things they do not truly own (quite often for money they don't truly own either)
AI generated post.

To continue with my train of thought from earlier, damn Lavos 2 is a massive difficulty spike. I had made sure to finish all the optional quests before storming the Black Omen Dream, had consumables coming out of my ears and already knew about the trick with the wall panel enemies, so I thought I was pretty fucking overpowered at this point. Zeal looks like hot shit but at this point you have all the best equipment and magic damage is a funny joke you tell your friends. The worst thing she can do to you is Halation and she's not fast enough to capitalize on it unless you're extremely unlucky. Lavos wasn't much better as you just shit damage on him with double/triple techs and kill the shell before it can do anything really scary. I got cocky and didn't equip properly after that, so Lavos proper behaving like a real JRPG boss caught me completely off guard and I couldn't keep up with his damage output. Doesn't help that everything after the shell phase is actually pretty creepy. Even though Lavos is just imperfect Cell with some extra bits stuck on. Now you can't unsee it either.
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Im still trying to complete the first Halo game. How the fuck this spawned a franchise is something i will never understand. I just played a chapter of like 1-2 hours and im not exaggerating that 90% of the level was copy-pasted hallways. It was so fucking boring. I just want to get this shit game over with so i never have to touch it again.
Using Dash Faction, I just finished the first Red Faction on hard. Its control scheme takes some getting used to, but it's a solid game all around. I think environmental destructibility for exploration was underused. The plot was cool, and the setting felt very inspired by Total Recall while the gameplay was equally inspired by Half-Life. I wish the environments were more interactive and detailed. There's a TV in the mercenary barracks, and I wanted to see it play and turn it off and on. I think the lack of interactivity and detail are due to the game releasing on the PS2 and Windows at the same time. I hope Red Faction 2 is better, but I have not heard good things about it.
Have you played any of the ROM hacks for Chrono Trigger? How were they? I read that Plus adds 1999.
Replies: >>240966
I just finished the vanilla game with the "final cut" retranslation patch. I don't know why you would want to explore 1999, it doesn't make thematic sense. All I would want out of a CT hack beyond balance, reworking Singing Mountain as an optional quest and making the endgame more threatening. Lavos' shell phases are so weak it's downright funny.
>okay, you can do this, they're just three kids and you're a giant space porcupine with 65 million years of experience, you just have to mimic something powerful and they'll fold
>let's start with that metal dragon thing the nerdy girl's father made
<dies in one turn
>uh shit, how about that factory guardian the humans built before I sterilize the surface
<dies to one Frog Drop
>maybe that impervious beast the angsty one left to guard my burrow?
<Mix Delta, crit, crit
Replies: >>240970
Apparently, Plus has 1999 open up in accordance to character side quests done. It also re-implements a lot of cut content, has some balancing changes, and makes the game less linear. I want to play it, but I've never played Chrono Trigger before. I think I'll play with the Final Cut instead, but if I ever did play Plus, I think there would be major translation differences between the two since Plus mainly uses Woolsey's script. I've heard that Woolsey's is bad. Did you play the version of the Final Cut that makes gameplay changes?
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Finished Alien Isolation, I really like it, despite having some annoyances. Too many sections with the fucking robots, and i dont just deal with regular robots, because i also deal with robots in hazmat suit that become 3x bullet sponge for some reason. Also I like Amanda, she's kinda cute.  

Did you know there is comic about batman vs alien?
Replies: >>240985
There is also a comic about aliens vs terminators.

Lavos and or "Cell" were both meant to be boss gauntlets. Of course it being the same artist and all, why not have such symettry? It has lots of literary symmetry in fact with DBZ... not that I can even rememeber things.
Playing through Dracula 2: The cursed seal on the FDS and OOT on the N64 simultaneously because I'm retarded.
OOT may not be the bester gaem evar made, but it is in a similar spot to M64 in that it is designed and put together with a degree of competence that not only holds up today, but just like M64 before it released at a time when 3D games let alone 3D Action-Adventure games hadn't quite been fully figured out.
Rockman Dash for example as a contemporary game is playable, but total jank compared to OOT with many design faults and errors likely down to the devs simply not having experience with 3D games let alone 3D Rockman whereas OOT's different elements mesh together like it's the second or third 3D Zelda game in the series even though it's the first and the devs shouldn't know how to do it this right but they somehow did.
Even later 3D Zeldas never quite matched OOT in its complete/wholesomeness, they might've exceeded OOT in certain Areas of gameplay while falling short in others with an overall less consistent presentation and feel.
Actually, OOT surpasses M64 in this regard as it has barely aged at all compared to that game, even close to 30 years after release the N64 dithering, fog and 8x MSAA still create a wonderfully depressing hyper-realistic atmosphere on a CRT that neither modern Zeldas nor modern games in general have succeeded at matching and the gameplay is just as functional as it was back then.
M64 on the other hand has the arguably best controls and movement of any 3D platformer in history, but the low polycount, stock textures and levels jumbled together from random floating platforms combined with pop-in and painfully 2D enemies pretending to be 3D cement it as a game from when DOS was still a major gaming platform whereas OOT may as well be considered an early 6th generation title.

Dracula 2 is what happens when you have a fine 2D platformer about whipping skeletons to excellent music, some head dev plays Metroid and thinks it's hot shit and then decides to make a game like that but using the SkeleBDSM game as the basis with no prior experience with sidescrolling Action-Adventure/Exploration Platformer games, a genre title that at the time probably hadn't even been named because it's 1988 and Metroid only came out 2 years ago.
It's...well-intentioned and moderately playable, but falls far short of the greatness of 悪魔城ドラキュラ on the FC but is still better than the MSX version, lol.
Biggest problem is that it takes ages to get around everywhere due to a complete lack of teleporters/fast travel or regular shortcuts, combined with the gameplay still retaining the movement of the original fixed level sidescroller but the level design not fully incorporating adjustments needed to make exploring less of a pain it ends up somewhat shit.
Stairs were acceptably bullshit methods of traversing between elevated platforms while getting raped by Medusa heads in the first game, here the devs didn't quite know whether to make endlessly long horizontal sections or opt for a more vertical design approach like Metroid and thus opted for a 56% compromise with long scrolling sections interrupted by stairs and floppy disk loading times which subjectively take forever to climb.
Add together badly designed towns with multiple levels of elevation connected by long stairs because Simon Belmondo is too sophisticated for ladders and absolutely gay nigger invisible blocks in dungeons and you may as well be falling asleep from all the tedium if not for the excellent music, oh and they removed all the bosses in place of static orbs you have to hit with a holy dagger that has to be obtained in the dungeon first.
While it sounds shit and is to a degree, the NPCs in the Japanese original at least give you enough hints to figure out shit for yourself, it's just that doing so isn't very fun.
Thankfully ESG wasn't much of a thing back then so Konami was able to learn from their mistakes and release the excellent 悪魔城伝説 in 1989, which is like the first game but improved all around.
Is 紅魔城 any good?
Replies: >>241194 >>241250
>Rockman Dash for example as a contemporary game is playable, but total jank compared to OOT with many design faults and errors likely down to the devs simply not having experience with 3D games let alone 3D Rockman whereas OOT's different elements mesh together like it's the second or third 3D Zelda game in the series even though it's the first and the devs shouldn't know how to do it this right but they somehow did.
Huh, I think MML is far better than OoT. For one thing actually having a jump button is better than that awkward "run at the edge of a cliff" thing. And it's just more fun to play in general.
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Finished Aarklash Legacy, its a mediocre top down game with amazing graphics and setting, I liked the hook of the game, you control a team of  repoman for a fantasy bank, raid some country's vault and start a war, then the game turns generic fantasy story where you have to stop the big baddie from turning into a god.
The gameplay is kind boring, its a diablo like game with RTWP gameplay and linear levels, if this game was a turn based it would be much better, RTWP feels like a mobile game. 
The best part of the this game was the art style, its great, I'm sucker for this aesthetics I love games with this look, I don't know how to describe it other than european high fantasy, Overlord, Trine, Fable, love them, I'm sure there are more games with this aesthetics out there but I still have to find them.
Play LoZ MM.
I'm playing Dawn of War: Dark Crusade Campaign on hard with Imperial Guard and getting my ass handed to me.
The A.I spam is just too fucking much, you either rush their base or you get pummeled and even then you better micro like a God so you can build enough defenses for the cunts who flank you.
>>240854 (OP) 
forbidden siren is bullshit  from my memories they expected you to use the internet to find solutions if I'm right
but it's still criminal that there's no undub for ntsc-j

I've been playing quake champions fun ignoring sound sucks and finding matches takes a few minutes
OOT gets many little things right that Dash fugs up, such as:
>why the fuck does ankle-sized grass have invisible walls
>why is there no targeting reticule to indicate what enemy my gun is pointing at
>why can't I move while locking on an enemy
>why is the camera not trying to stay behind my character when walking around while taking some static object collision into account instead of being entirely manual with no regards for clipping
>why can Rheinhardt and Carrie from 悪魔城ドラキュラ黙示録 alter their direction mid-jump while Dash Rockman can't?
ハイラル is also much better designed than the Islands of Dash.
Dash is still a decent game, but it definitely came out before OOT codified 3D Action-Adventure game design.
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Its pretty damn beautiful
Replies: >>241460
[Hide] (231KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
It sure is.
Meanwhile, this is how my very first game of Civ V went: I spawned in the arctic and lost the game before I could make a single move.
Replies: >>241461
Why'd you turn off the option that makes it so you don't spawn in a place you can't survive?
Replies: >>241478
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Is No More Heroes 2 just not as good as the first game?

I've had this nagging feeling about since I realized that all of the "training" and "side-jobs" are just "Le funny retro mini-games". However, the absolute bullshit required to increase Travis' power, Shinobu's levels being a nightmare to play, and then No.8 boss being a bumper-car battle on mile-long motorcycles that you ABSOLUTELY CANNOT LOSE just feels draining on me. Especially since I had more fun playing with Jeane and the fucking tile sliding mini-game than I am actually playing the damn game, itself. What's the deal? Much of the game seems to be copy and pasted from the first game, but it all feels less refined. And the only improvement I can really say about the game is exclusively in regards to Naomi's tits. I feel like this also has something entirely to do with the fact that the final act of the first game was a rug pull that revealed that the entire point of everything was Travis coping and training to get revenge against his sister, then this game ignores all of that with a "reset to zero".
Replies: >>241475 >>241532
I think part of the reason NMH2 turned out like that is because NMH was intended to be a one and done. So NMH2 was more of a cash grab to capitalize on the minorI think success of the first. While I don't remember hating NMH2, I didn't like it as much as the first.
>the only improvement I can really say about the game is exclusively in regards to Naomi's tits
Agreed. Giant anime titties are always nice.
Nigga I opened the game for the first time and the game said "lol skill issue"
Replies: >>241484
>>240854 (OP) 
Just finished Beyond Good & Evil
It feels to me that this game gets way more credits than it deserves, it's not bad far from it but the gameplay part of the game is just decent it's mostly the way the world is presented that I fee deserves being called great.

The stealth part of the gameplay in particular is just not good, but the combat isn't all that great either, it feels like clunkier Arkham series combat with less cooperative everything especially camera but I can excuse it somewhat as I don't feel anyone had any idea of how to make fluid combat that wasn't DMC-tier tism at the time which simply wouldn't fit here..

Sequel never ever not that I would ever want anything from modern Ubisoft anyways.
Replies: >>241482
>Sequel never ever
Wasn't there a sequel announced a few years back and the trailer was predictably filled with niggers? Did that get shit canned?
Replies: >>241483
It was announced in 2017, then had reports of being reboot  not too long after then some leaks said it was in complete dev hell  and about to be abandoned.
Replies: >>241507
[Hide] (440.9KB, 849x2041) Reverse
You won't start in the arctic unless you check "disable start bias" in the game setup, since each civilization is predisposed to a certain starting terrain and none of them make you die immediately.
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[Hide] (2MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
Happy Humble Burger farm. A horror game in the form of wage cuck simulator. 
I should've saved it for halloween but fuck it I'm vandalizing property and wasting money.
>game first revealed  in 2008
>4 more years 
looks like we're going to get a new record holder for games in dev hell
Replies: >>241526 >>241561
[Hide] (22.1KB, 460x345) Reverse
Replaying gothic 2, this time as a mage, just finished the expansion quest. Spamming goblin skellies to kill everything is fun, even managed to bring down some trolls. Game is even comfier than I remembered
I's already the record holder, Duke Forever only was in dev hell for 14 years
Replies: >>241527 >>241561
yes but it's unlikely anything will ever beat it because no one would be stupid enough to  try such a thing again
Replies: >>241561 >>241567
Yeah, NMH2 isn't very good. The combat and gameplay are dumbed down. The character designs were changed. Its existence is contradictory to the first game. The best thing about it is Margaret. Her song and fight are like a targeted attack at SUDA for how pretentious the first No More Heroes is, especially in comparison to SUDA's previous work, and she's the cutest boss, thought Kimmy is a close second. If you want a successor to the first No More Heroes, play Killer is Dead and Shadows of the Damned.
[Hide] (472.1KB, 1000x1000) Reverse
Its actually really fucking fun. At first i thought it was some shitty one gimmick indie game but the more i played the more i started to like it. I still havent beaten it yet but i have become alot better at it.
[Hide] (1017.4KB, 600x900) Reverse
Grimoire was first announced in October 1997 and released in August 2017. That's almost 19 years and long enough that no extant website was old enough to cover the announcement and the release. Also honorable mention to S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2, which was first announced in 2010 and has already beaten DNF.
Replies: >>241568 >>241569
Sui Generis, the fully fledged RPG that Exanima is supposed to be a combat demo/showcase for, will most likely be that if it's even still in development.
There' probably also early access titles that have been in such state since the launch of that idea and aren't any closer to a complete release like JOYLANCER and will surely go on to remain unfinished for the next decade.
>almost 19 years
actually that's almost 60 years
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>playing NIOH
>almost finish the game
>notice I can transform into NPCs from the game
>immediately buy the first female npc on the teahouse shop
>run to the nearest hotspring
>use it
>she doesn't undress
>>240854 (OP) 
>What have you bene playing lately?
I've played a bit of BOTW and BOF3 recently.
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I thought this was based on a skyrim mod made by a couple guys over the years.
What the fuck?
Is the mod better? The weird zoom while sprinting is making me sick.
Replies: >>241631
Anon it would help if you say what the fuck you are talking about.
Replies: >>241634
Body type?
Replies: >>241635
I mean the game you're talking about.
Replies: >>241638
Forgotten city.
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[Hide] (82.8KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
Empty Shell
You ever played Teleglitch?
This is basically a shittier version of it without the crafting and screen effects out the ass
Replies: >>242009
I played teleglitch and i hated it so i guess its a even worse teleglitch?
[Hide] (874.9KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
Well it has some good menu music. Lets hope the gameplay is as good...
Replies: >>242011 >>242013
I haven't played this in almost 20 years, but I remember it being a lot of fun. A bit weird design wise, but still fun.
it's not  bad  it's similar to Half-Life 1  but it's very much janky and broken  even with fixes 
I would  love if someone actually made a modern PC port with some trimming of the bad parts  but I don't see that ever happening since copyright nonsense
[Hide] (1.6MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
Avernum Escape from the pit, this time I will finish this game for sure, its okay, the amount of dungeons this game has  its impressive for 1MA, however the balance and pacing is all over the place, some areas are fun to explore while others are boring due how expansive certain locations are compared to the smaller more compact regions, the game is very stingy with rewards there is an in setting reason why the aren't many useful equipment laying around but its not fun burning through potions and scrolls only to be rewarded with absolutely nothing.
Game does not have music, I play this game with Torchlight, Arx Fatalis, Diablo, Fable and Gothic soundtrack in background, I've tried to use the Silent Hill soundtrack but it didn't work.
Replies: >>242031
>can't say yes
Replies: >>242032 >>242049
[Hide] (63.5KB, 462x345) Reverse
[Hide] (1.6MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
Replies: >>242050 >>242069
[Hide] (471.4KB, 804x624) Reverse
>no marriage proposal
Replies: >>242054 >>242072
>no marriage proposal
You need to click "Yes." first to get to that option.
Replies: >>242072
I`ll play it with this mod please.
Replies: >>242072 >>242078
[Hide] (59.8KB, 500x500) Reverse
>female entity smiles in your general direction
>already wants to put a ring on her
As >>242054 pointed out, you don't want to be the male equivalent of a shotgun bride.
398e50 edited his screenshot, it's not a mod. You can tell the new line blurs differently than the rest of the text.
Replies: >>242095
this anon doesn't secretly want to fuck spiders, he openly wants to fuck spiders
Replies: >>242079
[Hide] (105.8KB, 683x547) Reverse
Who doesn't?
Replies: >>242080
Bro the eyeball was there first
[Hide] (4.2MB, 5652x4544) Reverse
>already wants to put a ring on her
I would.
Replies: >>242099
>no fibers on the end of her legs
2/10 wouldn't even gift a fly
[Hide] (7.1MB, 1280x720, 00:27)
I went to Midwest Gaming Classic last weekend and I played a fuckton of games. They come as close to having "everything" under one roof as you can get and with a surprisingly low tranny quotient for a nerd event in current year to boot. If you can make the trip in April a 2-day pass is worth every penny. If you have money to blow paying for Friday night might even be worth it, there is just so much to see and play there aren't enough hours to reach all of it (or even most of it) in two days. Today I'm going to talk about the most surprising part of the whole show: indies that were actually fucking worth my time. Yes, there was a lot of indieshit at both the "future classics" tables and the dedicated NES homebrew section. These games weren't indieshit.
>Bangle and Maggie: Highlight of the show. Big titty elf zombie (Bangle) kills things with a giant fuckoff claymore while a magical jellyfish (Maggie) provides cover in a sword-and-sorcery desert setting. The "gimmick" here is that every physical attack (both normal attacks from mashing X and special attacks bound to Y) affects your movement and every possible movement state (standing, walking, running, rolling, rolling from running, jumping from running, etc) makes a different attack come out when you press X, so as you git gud you can dodge and attack in a single smooth motion and rush down bosses much faster than normal without having to learn motion-based special attacks. This is important as Bangle is very slow for a side-scrolling action game and your escape tools (a heal and a dash-slash) aren't spammable. The one major issue I had with the game was that this mechanic wasn't discoverable: I had to ask the developer on duty how to avoid getting corner carried by the boss, because it kept using a forward rush attack and jumping over it wasn't reliable. He said the demo was from partway into the game and the tutorial level will give you a chance to learn the moveset. Other than that sore spot, the audio was on point, the art is good and consistent (although I wish it wasn't pixel art) and holy shit it's a woman with big tits in a western game. Vid related, but in the show demo Bangle had big floofy hair instead of the ridiculous bowl cut from the trailer.
>IVOR: Unity FPS made from 70% Quake, 25% Blood, 5% vikingposting and 100% particle effects. Nothing especially good or bad that's worth writing an essay on, it knows it's video game comfort food and doesn't have its head up its own ass about it. Unoptimized by admission of the dev, he's using Unity's HDRP to get all the fog and particle effects looking the way he wants and it's killing performance to the point that the demo crashed at one point because the laptop it was running on overheated. He promises he'll try to optimize it before final. There's a copy of the original gamejam demo on itch right now and the MGC show demo should be up in a couple weeks, so you don't have to take my word for it, go play it: https://moonmuse-jams.itch.io/ivor
>OverObj: Bullet hell on the NES. This one stood out to me because it looked like a real bullet hell with no sprite flickering, but it ran on a real NES-101, not an emulator or a clone with the sprite limits removed. Pretty damn impressive if you ask me.
>Asteroids Recharged: From the guys making the other Atari-remake cabs someone was making fun of in the news thread a few weeks back. Turns out "Humble Bundle barrel sludge" works pretty well when you're only paying 50 cents a play for it. Dev on duty said they were looking to do title updates to add shit like bosses and versus mode. Went from being ready to take a fat shit on the old man who brought it to unironically looking forward to seeing one in the wild.
Replies: >>242125
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
>that video
I don't give a shit about the other ones you've listed but this one looks pretty neat.
>every possible movement state makes a different attack come out when you press X
>Bangle is very slow for a side-scrolling action game and your escape tools aren't spammable
Cool. Sounds like something some developer from the 90s would've tried in some experimental SNES game that's now worth 800$ on the second hand market. Much better than every other indie game in existence that aping Super Metroid, Megaman X, SotN and all three at the same time.
>I wish it wasn't pixel art
I don't mind it. The enemies and the main character use a limited palette that both stands out from the background and is easy on the eyes. It feels well thought-out and inspired, unlike current year neon pixelshit vomit. The motions on the main whore are really smooth as well, and no post-processing effects either. Again, it looks like something a real developer from the Mega Drive era would've developed if he had a better machine and higher resolution.
>holy shit it's a woman with big tits in a western game
She's even got jiggle on her titties on her animations, it's great.
[Hide] (308.7KB, 1920x655) Reverse
Tried playing the original Blood but i suck because im unfamiliar with the key placements. Its really weird since the keys just seems spread around at random close to eachother and its not regular type key placements. I think for example the jump key is A while the attack key is Z. Its strange. But im also trying some other game called Hedon which seems to be some sort of homage to these old games.
[Hide] (281.7KB, 640x902) Reverse
Has anyone else here played the Wii port of Samba De Amigo? If you have, is the motion detection really 'that' bad or is it that I'm extremely uncoordinated?
[Hide] (5.1MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (5.1MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
i just started playing saints row 3 and i just chose some mode called "whored" which is just some rounds of fighting against things or with abilities and its pretty damn fun.
Replies: >>242672
[Hide] (4.4MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (4.2MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (7.1MB, 640x360, 01:50)
[Hide] (3.6MB, 320x240, 01:49)
<First vid is what you think you look like when playing seventh gen games
<Second is what you really look like
I think I finally understand why people hated motion controls in a lot of vidya. It's much less to do how justified they are or how well they're implimented, and much more to do with the fact that you're standing there looking like an idiot regardless.
[Hide] (2.8MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
Tried playing some Turbo Overkill because it looked nice. Well turns out that the weapons are shit and your slide ability instant kills enemies so after about 20 or so minutes of gameplay i uninstalled it. And ofcourse it had some cringe shit in it aswell like this image.
Replies: >>242821 >>242846
Are all weapons oomers?
Replies: >>242834
[Hide] (606.5KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
Played alien fireteam elite with a friend, it is a fun game where you kill aliens, to bad about the diverse and inclusive army, where there is, I shit you not, a chink female with one leg that is the fucking pilot. And the game makes you wonder, who really is the monster here.
Replies: >>242838
As far as i played, it was only that weapon which i unlocked after 3 or so levels
[Hide] (26.7MB, 1280x720, 03:13)
I didn't even notice any of that, I just had fun.
Replies: >>242854
[Hide] (115.3KB, 220x494) Reverse
it's a boomstick, why wouldn't it be called "Boomer"?
And you've only played the first 20 minutes, so you've only fought cannon fodder enemies, later ones don't go easy on your chainsaw shenanigans.
I am saddened to hear that they haven't fix the weapon feel though, that was my only gripe with the demo.
If I wasn't forced to go back to that shitty base, each time I finish a mission, I wouldn't notice either.
Replies: >>242864
the only person from the base I remember is the guy selling you weapons
[Hide] (238.4KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (228.7KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (190.1KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (214.6KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (183.6KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
Voices of the Void since it got a new update around a month ago
Got a swanky new base with interactable vending machines that dispense food and drink (that costs points)
Still messy as shit though and the transformer that has the switches for doors, lights, etc. is now in the basement with all the mannequins which can go fuck itself
Replies: >>243140
Spoiler File
(5.9MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
Guess what I have fired up out of spite for hacks.
I've been playing that.  This game spooks the shit out of me.  I really need to grow a pair and go exploring at night. Also having to hit my daily quota means I don't have a lot of time either, I should just import stuff to a new save.
Replies: >>243142 >>243156
[Hide] (89.1KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (57.3KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (152.2KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
>I really need to grow a pair and go exploring at night
Me too, though I´m saving up for a drone so that I don´t have to 
>Also having to hit my daily quota means I don't have a lot of time either
Yeah, that eats a surprising amount of time especially the hashcodes if you fuck them up because of a typo or death through reckless driving/jumping
>go exploring at night
Pretty much all events come to you or are tied to specific locations. There isn't much to find just wandering around at night, other than that one fella.
>I don't have a lot of time
The earlygame couple of weeks are pretty tame and uneventful so you're not missing much. It takes a while to figure out but some upgrades are actually worthless and some speed up your workflow immensely. A few points in sensor speed and success rate can make a big difference. Storm filter is expensive but a good early investment so you don't have days where you just can't get any work done because of rain. The buttcoin mining station and omega catbot are really good albeit very expensive long-term investments as well. Make sure you keep a good amount of scrap on hand so you don't need to grind for it later.
Replies: >>243161
Oh yeah kurfus is great even if the little shit has jump scared me more than any other event in game.  I should continue this weekend, my base is cleaned up and I'm making money now.
[Hide] (423.2KB, 2936x2380) Reverse
Gundam Musou. It's interesting seeing what parts of the source material (like Sayla's entire existence, or a cutscene for Kamille's mom getting spaced even though that's arguably the cornerstone of his character in early Zeta) get left out of Official Mode. At least Kamille's VA sounds as psychotic as he is in the anime.
>training mode exists to turn your money into XP
>each training level has a different gundumb character as the "instructor"
>Ramba Ral says some moonspeak shit about fighting as bars fill
>suddenly Master Asia shows up
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