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Ask ITT whatever you feel like asking that's related to videogames; anything that doesn't deserve its own thread, nebulous denominator notwithstanding.

Why are the PS2 controllers such a cheap Chinese piece of shit? I've got two of them lying around and both of them are ridden with issues. Joystick drift, shoulder buttons caving in after a press, face buttons not working, broken D-pads; the thing falls apart the moment you lay an eye on them.
The original Dualshock, while uncomfortable, was well built and meant to last long, and for once isn't plagued with any of the above. It'd be a no brainer given how the PS2 is compatible with PS1 controllers, but there are some games which forces you to use the PS2 controller and its "features".

What am I supposed to do, buy a bunch of PS2 controllers and throw them away every 3 games? How easily can they be repaired, or at least fiddled with to work a little longer? Even if I were to track down some obscure conversion dongle for the PS2 I'd still not be able to play the games that use the pressure sensitive buttons (MGS, Silent Hill, Siren).
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My PS2 controller still works flawlessly after 21 years.
It's usually original PS3 dualshocks that get drift for me.
>>240481 (OP) 
Sorry OP, but I have to concur with >>240488 in that the PS2 controllers have stood the test of time for me. I don't know how you store them or fuck them up doing play, but the only PS2 era controllers that ever broke on me were the MadCatz shit.
Replies: >>240507 >>242446
Maybe he's getting chink bootlegs off ebay instead of going to a local game store.
>>240481 (OP) 
I never had to worry about a broken controller when I was a kid unless I was using third party trash like madcatz  today controllers will break if you sneeze at them wrong there's always the braindead shills and loyalists who will blindly defend that shit
but it's absurd to me that controllers are less functional than when I was a kid from buttons not registering to buttons double pressing  to drift and the only thing that  really advanced was wireless but it's still shit unless you pay for a  controller dongle from microsoft or phony 
but controllers are honestly the worst they ever been outside of comfort I heard of hall effect sticks but I haven't given them a chance yet because I just don't use my controllers until they break nowadays and use KB/M for most cases unless for when I feel like emulating
Replies: >>240550 >>242446
>>240481 (OP) 
>What am I supposed to do, buy a bunch of PS2 controllers and throw them away every 3 games?
Try link related.
>>240481 (OP) 
Admittedly, I got my PS2 and its controller as refurbished ones over a decade ago. The controller (and official DS2) still works overall just fine, though I have had issues with it with one single game so far, and even then, it was just with an isometric section where the analog didn't like the angle for moving up-right, and would walk instead of run in that direction. That said, I haven't tried that game with any other controller, so it could well be the game itself rather than the controller.

Been the case with a friend's Dual Shock 3's too. Though, while he's had to replace his like 3-4 times, I've never had to replace mine.
Replies: >>242446
The only good thing that the DS4 did was adding a headphone jack to the bottom of the controller.
For the PS3 I had to buy a fucking giant USB headphone pack with a shitty movie game.
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Any good Switch Exclusive games besides the basic bingbing wahoo Mario, Zelda, Pokémon, etc?

Alternatively, non-exclusives that are alright to play in handheld mode? I.e. less action-based (because you're so handicapped by the tiny screen and awkward controls)
Replies: >>240738
Are there any gog games i should consider downloading?
XC2 and XC3
technically Arcade Archives although I'm pretty sure MAME handles almost all of them at least as well as M2's proprietary shit
Namco Museum has a port of Pac-Man Vs. with local wireless support which is probably the only way you will ever get to play Pac-Man Vs. as intended
that's all I can think of, everything else is shit, a bing bing wahoo, available on PC or mostly online multiplayer (aka unplayable because >paying nutendo)
Replies: >>240744
Thanks for the suggestions
>>240481 (OP) 
i have my chinese ps2 controller that i bought 15 years ago for 10$ and nowadays they cost like 5$ and that shit works like the first day, and even better than the original controller in some games. Meanwhile i bought several xbox 30$ controllers and and they broke in less than a few months. PS2 controllers are unbreakable. PS3, PS4, Xbox360 and one all have drift problems.
Replies: >>242446
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Either everyone ITT is a despicable liar or I've got the shittiest PS2 controllers known to man. I wasn't exaggerating in the OP, I've had all of these issues on my two OEM controllers from 20 years ago.
One of them has got both joystick drift and sticky buttons, the button being L2. This renders Siren 1 unplayable, since the triangle context menu only pops up when you're standing still and my guy ever so slightly moving forward. Funnily enough, L2 is the sightjacking button, which you need to be constantly using in the game to figure out what the ghouls are doing in-game.
For the time being I'm doing fine with the other controller that's got a broken D-pad and fucky pressure sensitive buttons, but holy shit. Easily the worst built controller from that generation.
Or you just treat your controllers as rough as I treated your mom last night.
Replies: >>240789
Nigger my DS1 has survived Rumble Roses and my GC controller has survived Melee, and they both still work fine. It's not my fault DS2s only last as long as you do during sex.
Replies: >>240791
DS2 have many silent revisions, early ones last a lot longer than late ones, you know you have a late one when the ribbon cable between the 2 PCB is just held in place by a bit of foam.and nothing else.
Replies: >>240798
>the ribbon cable between the 2 PCBs is just held in place by a bit of foam
Do you need to open the controllers in case you want to know what model you've got? Is there no serial code to watch out for? I knew Sosny cut corners when it came to the slim PS2 but I hadn't thought of the controllers themselves.
Replies: >>240801
Well apparently there is way to tell without opening but i didn't know of it last I looked.
This thread is lacking the very late models that don't have a proper holder for the ribbon cable.
Replies: >>240803 >>240805
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The gray ones are the first ones they made in the 2000s with the console release. They're the best.
pic1 is the chinese one i was talking about, a masterpiece of engineering.
Replies: >>240803
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Interesting, I didn't know it either. I've flipped both controllers and
Knowing they came bundled with a slim PS2 in late 2006 it explains why they're so shit.
>the grey ones
Those are Dualshocks for the PS1. I've got pic related yellowed to piss and back still working perfectly after all these years.
I've said it before but the DS1 is much better than the DS2. It weighs a little more and the casing's stiff hard, unlike the DS2 that's got its PCB rattling inside.
That's actually a very early build of the Dualshock. If you've got one with those joysticks you might be looking at a hundred dollars controller.
Replies: >>240804 >>240955
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Where are you getting your DS2 controllers, anon?
I have a red DS2 from a slim I got around 2009 and It still works like a charm.
Replies: >>240805
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>where are you getting your DS2 controllers
One from this yellow box and another one on retail, from around 2006.
Like the link on >>240801 states, there are multiple controller manufacturers and multiple revisions within those.
Can you flip your controller and see what letter you've got? It's either A, H or M. A stands for Alps, who made increasingly shittier controllers throughout the years.
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It says A. The only problem I've had with it in 15 years is that it will disconnect if you move the cable too much. Other than that it still works.
I also have a bootleg wireless one but it doesn't feel good to the touch.
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What's the name of that one PS2 game based off a series of Japanese figurines of women?
I recall one of them is a blonde spy and another playable one is a JP girl with a katana. I saw gameplay of it on Nico Nico the other day and felt like emulating it, but the title of the video didn't actually have the name of the game. 
Here's a few screenshots from the video.
Replies: >>240850 >>242446
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uuuhhhhhhhhhh Why is she so hot?
Replies: >>240853
Cy Girls. The Japanese name is Cool Girl.
Replies: >>240855
Don't do it, anon
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Thanks Anon.
Got A ones as well, though I put less then 10 years on these but no issue. Had launch-era controllers that lasted me over a decade and one of my relatives still uses it to no issue that I know of.
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Can someone post sorcery saga bib screen cap?
Replies: >>240912
[Hide] (913.4KB, 1777x1850) Reverse
Why are you reminiscing on it? It's just one overweight man making photos of himself wearing a bib.
Replies: >>240920
Remembered that this game existed, and next thing that flashed in my head was that stupid face in a bib.
Thanks, Anon.
Replies: >>240938
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No problem mate.
>next thing that flashed in my head was that stupid face in a bib
>tfw there's a subset of people on this planet that identify your game with an overweight man in children's apparel and a neckbeard
Compile Heart should've hired booth babes instead.
Replies: >>240948
I don't know man, I personally can't think of a better image to associate with Compile Heart fans.
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>I've said it before but the DS1 is much better than the DS2. It weighs a little more and the casing's stiff hard, unlike the DS2 that's got its PCB rattling inside.
I agree, I like the weight of the DS1.

>Can you flip your controller and see what letter you've got? It's either A, H or M. A stands for Alps, who made increasingly shittier controllers throughout the years.
Why did nobody ever tell me this was a thing? I've got 5 controllers from back in the day and four of them have an A.
Replies: >>240956 >>240960
Actually now that I think of it, I wonder if it would be possible to combine the parts of two controllers to have both the heft of the DS1 and the pressure sensitive controls of the DS2?
Replies: >>240960
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Coincidentally I've just flipped the two PSOne controllers I've been fawning over and they're both H. Absolutely criminal only the A controllers stuck for the entirety of the console's lifespawn.
>if it would be possible to combine the DS1 and the DS2
How would you go around that, opening a PS1 controller then fitting the PS2 PCB inside? The console still needs to know it's reading the inputs of a PS2 controller.
Wouldn't tracking down some Hoshiden Dualshock 2 controllers accomplish the same, or are they worse? I doubt most people selling shit online have caught up with this nuance.
Replies: >>240965
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[Hide] (2.7MB, 4032x2268) Reverse
>How would you go around that, opening a PS1 controller then fitting the PS2 PCB inside?
That's what I thought, but after opening them both up I don't think it will work. Some of the screw placements are different so I would only be able to use these four corner screws. And the PCB is not screwed into place on the DS2, it's only held in with a plastic peg, but the DS1 case doesn't have that peg so it might wobble around.
I had an installation of DODI's repack for Manhunt, but it stopped working. I tried reinstalling it multiple times, but it crashed on launch. I tried installing it through Steam and using only the most basic fixes, and it still crashed on launch. I gave it exceptions in my antivirus software, and it still crashed. How am I supposed to make Manhunt work again? I want to play Blood Moon.
Replies: >>241283
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What should i start with? I downloaded all of these games
Have you enabled DirectPlay?
Games from there that I would recommend:
Alpha Protocol
Dragon Age Origins
Ultima 7 The Black Gate
Full Throttle
Sam and Max Hit the Road
The Imperial Gatekeeper
Rabi Ribi
Deus Ex
Dark Messiah

If you can't choose then maybe start with Full Throttle or Sam and Max, they are pretty short.
Swat4, Warband, and deus ex are top tier of all time imo. 
 Max paynes are fun too
>I downloaded all of these games
Whence? GOG doesn't have Max Payne or Killing Floor.
What's that overlay from, Lutris or Proton? Can Proton handle pirated games?
Replies: >>241290
Its a mix of games. Some from gog and some from steam. Rest of the games are pirated. 
>What's that overlay from, Lutris or Proton? Can Proton handle pirated games?
Im on windows 10. I just took some screenshots from playnite and then put it in paint and used the paint bucket to fill the rest of the picture.
Imperial Gatekeeper fucking blows chunks
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It takes me months to finish a single game, I kinda regret liking RPGs for that reason... I also play on handhelds, which are known for RPGs.

Any recommendations for GBA, DS, 3DS, PSP, PS Vita that aren't RPGs please?
Play Jagged Alliance 2 instead of the first one.
Ace Attorney series
Replies: >>241414
Sonic 3 & Knuckles.
Replies: >>241414
>It takes me months to finish a single game
Isn't this a good thing?
Replies: >>241414
Already played those.
Not really, I lose track of the plot or what I was supposed to do.
Replies: >>241416 >>241444
Sonic Rush.
>PS Vita
Muramasa: The Demon Blade
Hotline Miami
>Already played those.
Did you ever play the Mile Edgeworth spinoffs? The first one I can highly recommend.
Is Persona 4 Golden worth playing if you already played the original?
Replies: >>241494 >>241496
It has some cool additions like the Adachi link, but the new girl is dumb. Might as well try it if you are planning to replay anyway.
Chie's VA is way cuter-sounding.
Replies: >>241513
What if I play with the original japanese?
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What is Krotchy meant to be? It appeared like a penis to me at first glans, but on closer inspection the doll and the drawing resemble a hanging nutsack.
Have the devs ever brought this up? The idea of a walking penis sounds funnier than a plain scrotum on two legs.
the doll was poorly made, i guess
I think he's meant to be balls, or more specifically sort of a front view of a dick and balls without the actual dick. Maybe RWS thought a giant dick was too crude or on-the-nose even for them, or might get them in extra trouble.
Replies: >>241545
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epic crossover game when?
[Hide] (165.5KB, 1280x701) Reverse
>a giant dick was too crude or on-the-nose even for them
In that case, if they wanted to create a disgusting sexual mascot they should've gone more explicit.
His design in Postal 2, specially the mascot suit doesn't fit the bill as either cute nor offensive.
They should've made his texture one of the interns' nutsack to get the point across.
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i figured this question's better here so i don't end up bumping the gamenight bread and hyping people up for nothing:
is there a modern guide to hostan a mienkraft cracked server? there's some real fucking good mods in development namely cobblemon that i'm hoping to host at the end of the year depending on how complete they are and how much dosh i've got to burn by then. i tried to find it on my own but search engines are shit and just to make a world on a cracked account and allow p2p access or some gay shit like that at best, and vague answers or very old answers at worst
from what i found out though, you just have to use ely by and a server host that lets you use its authentication over the microshit authentication, right?
Replies: >>241597 >>241614
anon, best of luck to you but I don't think you will find many people that are experts in minecraft here
have it run tekkit for electricity, pipes and nuclear technology
Replies: >>241607
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[Hide] (11.4MB, 3840x2160) Reverse
oh yeah, i'm well aware most people aren't familiar with sheer energy autism, that's why i'm planning on the main draw being going around and catching pokeman creatures and building neat little bases, WITH some energy autism layered on top to encourage people to learn that to get more pokemans. generally thinking ad astra + ae2 at minimum, create too if enough peoples' potatoes can handle it. which i know everyone and their grandma has made modpacks for by now since it's got sorta similar stuff to tekkit.
of course these are all empty promises because fuck knows what versions of these mods will be on given some months later
Ely by is one option, but depending on version you can also just use a modpack and not require any third party server connections or accounts. 
I hosted a pirate server for some irl friends who didn't want to give sheckels to microshit a year and a half ago, don't remember exactly which mod I used. Basically just go on modrinth, search for "auth" and the version/mod API you want (quilt is a tranny fork from fabric because they didn't want to ban people with "bad opinions", avoid that one).

So example of what I'd do to host a recent version of MC:
>get any normal ass VPS
>install fabric on server https://fabricmc.net/use/server/
>change online mode in the server.properties file to false to not use M$'s authentication
>install https://modrinth.com/mod/easyauth on the server for local accounts
>install https://modrinth.com/mod/no-chat-reports and include it in modpack, for good measure
>install https://modrinth.com/mod/fabrictailor and include it in modpack, for muh swastika skins and shit
>tell fags to use polymc to run MC without account, connect to your server IP, run some commands to set a password and pick a skin on first login 
And then of course sprinkle whatever mod sauce you want on top to spice up the bland heap of thrash modern minecraft has become. There's also some serverside optimization mods you may want to install, just search with server and optimization filters on modrinth.

As for why polymc, it's the cracked MC launcher owned by a guy that kicked out all the trannies that had infiltrated the dev team, so clearly the superior choice. They forked it into Prism Launcher, so avoid that one at all costs. Seems kind of like a running theme, huh? Almost like trannies try to invade shit popular with kids for some reason.
Can anyone recommend me a good chair that wont make my ass hurt?
Replies: >>241624
[Hide] (134.7KB, 768x1024) Reverse
I got you.
Replies: >>241627
That's not a very kampfy chair.
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I wanna play la mulana but I've heard the steam version is a port of the wiiware version, that has some changes which make the game easier.
So where can I get the version that has the original difficulty with the "16 bits" graphics? Can I turn that shit off in the steam version? Should I just be a man and play the original 8 bit version?
First off even if it's easier it's still gonna shit all over you, and second if you actually wish for the game to truly destroy you there's a hard mode you can activate by reading a tablet a few times early on.
Replies: >>241739
There is no 16 bit version with "original difficulty", PC and Wiiware and Vita are the same (except the Vita one having a bestiary). But that's only decreasing obtuseness of a few puzzles, the difficulty of some platforming, and QoL stuff, the difficulty has otherwise been increased regarding damage, health, plus a few new traps. The original now is more something to play as a fun challenge afterwards, if you ask me, but opinions may vary.

If anything, I think the Switch/PS4 rereleases added some more changes to make shit easier I think? Never played any of those so not sure.
Replies: >>241739
The original version is freeware so you should be able to find it easily enough.
>be a man
La-Mulana is very faithful to old MSX games, by which I mean some of its puzzles are incredibly cryptic and obtuse, and not in a fun way. I think the only thing it does better than the remake is having a better soundtrack since a lot of the remastered OST is overproduced.
Replies: >>241739
Alright thanks bros I'll get the pc version then
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>acute pattern baldness
>halfway past adulthood, between 40~50 years old
>body hair
>face hair as an added bonus
Something akin to Carl from ATHF. I've been thinking on characters in vidya that fit this criteria and I'm drawing a blank. Best I can think of is Vincenzo from Mafia 2002, but that's about it.
Enzo from Bayonetta, kinda?
Don Corneo from FF7 sort of fits too
Mr. Burton from Bully, for sure. Nearly 1-to-1 minus some heft, but that may be artstyle more than anything.

Technically even Dr. Eggman could count, though he's completely bald.
Replies: >>241842
Which N64 emulator does anon recommend? I feel like playing Majora's Mask again.
Replies: >>241841
[Hide] (328.8KB, 1200x675) Reverse
the guy from that Lisa game?
I've never played so I'm not sure
Replies: >>241842 >>241847
I used retroarch with the mupen64 core to play banjo recently and it worked fine
[Hide] (143KB, 1386x637) Reverse
>Enzo from Bayonetta
Too flamboyant.
>Don Corneo from FF7
Not at all.
>Mr. Burton from Bully
Sure, but R*'s PS2 artstyle makes him look too cartoony.
I've played Lisa, he's a decrepit old man but I'm thinking on 3D games. It's a certain kind of ugliness only more grounded looking games offer.
I remember many of my father's acquaintances looked like this and I'm trying to find something similar in a videogame.
[Hide] (468.5KB, 1200x675) Reverse
this is kinda cheating but tony from that awful sopranos game
Close, but Brad isn't obese, he is a strong as fuck martial artist that can still kill everyone around him even when he's missing both of his arms.
Replies: >>241860
[Hide] (3.2KB, 419x544) Reverse
this guy has a track called "Receding Hairline something something", so I guess it counts
he is called bitch tits in the game, you can be fat and strong
Replies: >>241896
[Hide] (503.5KB, 398x398) Reverse
Are the No More Heroes PC ports good?
Is NMH3 worth playing (no racism fag shirt aside (not paying for it obviously))?
Replies: >>241888
[Hide] (7.9MB, 320x240, 04:01)
All ports of the first game lack the song "Heavenly Star".
Replies: >>241951
>he is called bitchtits in game
Okay but he is clearly not obese, and insults aren't always accurate. If you actually played the game you see obese characters and they're like twice the size of Brad.
Replies: >>241953
Is this the song of your soul, hyper Hitler?
>Okay but he is clearly not obese, and insults aren't always accurate. 
he's fat. when he wears the escort suit in the beehive and on dismal island you can see it
> If you actually played the game you see obese characters and they're like twice the size of Brad.
he's still fat
I don't get where you're going with this.
Replies: >>241968
Do you not know the difference between fat and obese? Yes, there is a difference, I know Americans have long forgotten this because they left mere fatness behind decades ago but come on.
Replies: >>242081
[Hide] (24.7KB, 852x746) Reverse
Little Big Planet 2's servers being gone forever is a travesty towards humanity.
Replies: >>242015 >>242073
Is it though? It was a shitty game.
Replies: >>242016
[Hide] (1.7MB, 1280x720, 00:42)
It was epic.
[Hide] (722.7KB, 949x1037) Reverse
sue them
Replies: >>242077
I remember there being a guide on how to make a webm have a smaller file size without completely destroying its quality,  does anyone have it?
Replies: >>242075 >>242109
Replies: >>242077 >>242082
[Hide] (67.9KB, 900x675) Reverse
A game developer doesn't have to provide maintainance for a game's server indefinitely. Ross has got a case because The Crew locked all of singleplayer behind a handshake with the game's servers, which essentially renders the entire game unplayable nowadays.
By your logic you should sue every game developer or digital service worldwide for terminating their digital services, from the Sega Channel up to the PSN.
Cool FFMPEG prompt asshole.
Replies: >>242082
Moving the goalposts doesn't mean you're right originally
As for obesity it's really common for people that "don't look that fat" to be obese because the way they store fat also plays at hand. His joy mutation also gives to understand that he was originally big in the first place.
why do you have to be like this
I know anon it was just a joke, I do hope the crew gets an offline release so I can pirate it. 
>The Crew locked all of singleplayer behind a handshake with the game's servers
Speaking from absolute ignorance here but couldn't someone make a mock server to simulate that "handshake" and have the game run offline? Kinda like when they pirated diablo 3, I think
Replies: >>242084 >>242086
>Speaking from absolute ignorance here but couldn't someone make a mock server to simulate that "handshake" and have the game run offline? Kinda like when they pirated diablo 3, I think
I don't think anyone really cracked D3 (emulated versions notwithstanding) but I could be wrong 
But yeah technically you just have to fake the response from either another server or locally, problem is depending how just how much server interaction there is that might be very difficult, especially once you don't have the real servers to help you do so in the first place.
Replies: >>242085
>I don't think anyone really cracked D3
I don't know about cracks but there are pirate servers for both Diablo 3 and 4 you can install to play a downloaded pc version, but since the game interacts a lot with the server they are unplayable (at least 4 was when I played it).
>I do hope the crew gets an offline release so I can pirate it. 
Or don't waste your time and play a good game instead.
Replies: >>242087
what are some good driving games where I can just fuck around in a huge map?
Burnout Paradise.
Spoiler File
(8MB, 1920x1080, 03:21)
It might be this
What's the best way to play Baldur's Gate 1/2 and Neverwinter Nights in the modern age?
I'm slowly trying to get myself into WRPGs.
Replies: >>242271 >>242296
How do you download all the videos on a youtube playlist?
I forgot.
Replies: >>243055 >>243110
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Completely avoid the pozzed Enhanced editions and track down resolution / community fix mods for non-Enhanced instead.

Don't sleep on the Icewind Dale series.  They're equal or better to BG2 in quality depending on your tastes.  NWN standard was by far the worst out of the lot and only gets 'good' with the expansions which I stopped halfway through because it was Planescape-tier word soup and I just wanted more of Icewind Dale's emphasis on worldbuilding and dungeon combat at the time.  IMO, NWN overall isn't worth the pain unless you're a complete dialoguefag.

Explore every nook and cranny in BG2 in particular, some of the best stuff is basically hidden in some random house's basement.

Savescum like hell when presented with any kind of choice, and just in general.

If you have a patient friend with similar tastes, you can go through them all together in multiplayer.
Replies: >>242274 >>242456
[Hide] (118.9KB, 720x720) Reverse
>mfw played both BG with my brother
Fun times.
NWN is not that bad, but it is not a game you want to replay over and over again, but I did liked the romance with the baka elf.
[Hide] (220.5KB, 1130x900) Reverse
How do I set up the dub on STALKER 1 to Russian? I've downloaded the GOG version and patched it with ZRP and that 1.008 patch on the PCGamingWiki.
Originally I intended to jump straight into CoP since I've heard that's the best one, but figured there'd be better tutorials and some continuity between Chernobyl.
Replies: >>242297
When installing fixpacks and such, decide for yourself how much easier you want to make the base game (true grandmastery, werewolf form un-nerfing etc).
BGT / some version of TuTu might make BG1 easier or shittier, depending on your preferences. In BG2, you'll get to exploit cheese such as stealing and setting traps (they can kill boss monsters dead), as you'll probably have a character with good enough skill points in lockpicking and disarming traps.
[Hide] (584.1KB, 933x786) Reverse
download from rutracker and learn some slavrunes
Replies: >>242300
Alright dickhead, how about something simpler like removing the objective pointers on the minimap? There's a big blue arrow pointing me to the rookie squad in-game and I'd do without it. I've got a compass and a PDA and that's all I need.
Any games where i can play the axis?
Replies: >>242372
Better question would be
>Any games where I can play the axis and not have the game constantly tell me I'm the bad guy
[Hide] (36.6KB, 128x160) Reverse
>>240481 (OP) 
Personally, i have never had any drift issue with any controller ever since the PS1 until the shitty Switch joycons.
What a piece of crap those are.
These type of games despite being "outdated" and lacking detail somehow manage to look so fucking aesthetically pleasing, much more than most modern shit, in fact.
There was a series of bad PC games called "Torrente" named after the main character that looked somewhat like your pic related.
Is there a mod that replaces all the characters avatars of the game with her art?
Replies: >>242465
The easily available plebbit ones are for Enhanced and I don't know if they're backwards compatible, plus she didn't draw all of the characters IIRC.

Maybe check the RPGCodex BG modding thread?
Is it possible that Ubisoft deleted my Uplay account? Every email I could have used doesn't work. I tried recovery and have gotten nothing. Raised a "forgot username" and received dead silence.
It had thirteen games on there. All paid for. Didn't use it for maybe three or four years because of real life bullshit.
Rockstar also did this with my "social club" account several years ago locking me out of GTA IV.
Replies: >>242536
>Is it possible that Ubisoft deleted
I vaguely remember a company horsing around a few years back. Something about EU laws changing on data retention. So of course! ... Nuke inactive accounts, paying or not. It was most likely U-be-shit. Do you have proof of purchase outside their systems? Credit Card statements for instance. Sorry I'm of no help. Keeping the constant scummy practices of these vermin in mind is just not a tempting thing to do.
[Hide] (210.2KB, 1680x1000) Reverse
Would any anons here know if it it's possible to get DOA5 autolink working on a steam deck?
Trying to use it as I would on windows results in the game lagging very bad and the plugin itself not actually loading any mods either.
[Hide] (958.7KB, 263x333) Reverse
What's a comfy crafting survival game?
Have you tried Vintage Story or Valheim?
[Hide] (1.7MB, 1280x720, 00:24)
Apocalypse DDA can be comfy, you can just forget about the zombies and set up a farm if you want.
Not sure it's exactly what you're looking for but Staxel is pretty neat and I don't think a lot of people know about it. Basically Harvest Moon + Animal Crossing + Minecraft. It's kind of been abandoned in early access and you can tell it's missing content but it has enough to make it worth playing and it is pretty comfy. And also kind of surreal in that gmod singleplayer kind of way.
[Hide] (135KB, 653x800) Reverse
What are some strange bizarre choices for licensed videogames you know of? 
I've just discovered there's a pair of Uzumaki games on the Wonderswan, that's both a strange license and a strange console to release into.
From what I can tell they seem to be monochrome VNs in the same vein as that Silent Hill game on the GBA. A logical choice considering the source material.
Replies: >>242903
Can someone upload the list of recommended PS Vita games?
[Hide] (1.5MB, 1497x5000) Reverse
I only have this old one.
Replies: >>242881 >>242883
[Hide] (2.5MB, 1497x4950) Reverse
[Hide] (3.8MB, 1498x6100) Reverse
Replies: >>242881 >>242883
[Hide] (4MB, 1680x4082) Reverse
[Hide] (838.6KB, 1364x2966) Reverse
Replies: >>242881 >>242883
These are way more than I wanted, thanks anons!
How about the consoles themselves? Which are the good models and which ones should you avoid? Is there no infographic on pirating a Vita?
Replies: >>242887
>Which are the good models and which ones should you avoid?
There are effectively 3 models.
Vita 1000 Model:
>Early OLED screen that is much more prone to noticeable effects (burnin or mura effect) then later screens like those in the Steamdeck or Switch
>3G slot (not all 1000 models have it) that when hacked can be paired with an adapter to be turned into a microSD slot and frees up the cartridge slot for physical games
>Has no internal memory so hacking it requires having the bullshit proprietary memory card
>Considered to be the "better" built model
Vita 2000 Model:
>LCD Screen that while no OLED is serviceable and not prone to burn in
>No 3G slot meaning the cartridge port must be used with an adapter to use a microSD card
>Has internal memory so can be hacked without the need for proprietary and expensive memory card
>Less bulky then the 1000 model and has some visual differences and what some consider a cheaper feel
Vita TV Model:
>So ny took the internals of the Vita and crammed it into a TV streaming box meaning no screen or buttons
>Similar in function to the Vita 2000 in that it has internal memory and a microSD adapter would use the cartridge slot
>Requires extra homebrew as many games were prevented from being ran on the Vita TV by Sony and some games using touchscreen/pad may additionally require a dualshock 3/4
Personally I am too paranoid for the OLED with how it was still just entering commercial use. I want to get myself a Vita TV but they don't just pop out IRL without scalper's prices.
>Is there no infographic on pirating a Vita?
There is a whole site
Friendly reminder the Vita emulator has progressed a lot, very playable. Vita TV Deluxe.
Every single Vita game worth playing got ported, not worth it anymore.
Replies: >>242893 >>242905
[Hide] (325.6KB, 548x511) Reverse
Net High didn't.
[Hide] (170KB, 818x1284) Reverse
Are there any games where I can have a lamia companion?
Replies: >>242902 >>242903
you made me recall my utter disappointment when i realized tamed creatures couldn't be directly used in battle on Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. pretty sure that had snake ladies in it, among many other cool monsters. from what i have searched in the past, there is a hack of FFTA that lets you use monsters but it was meant as an april fool's joke and therefore is not very polished and stripped out base game features (none of the original playable races can be recruited, you can only use monsters which can't equip gear). it is called FFT Advanced Battle.
>What are some strange bizarre choices for licensed videogames you know of? 
Dororo. Not so much bizarre by way of the subject matter (an action/adventure manga/anime with a clear goal lends itself well to vidya), but the timing of it, as unlike the Astro Boy license Sega had the rights to make games for at the time, as faras I've been able to tell, there was basically nothing "current" then regarding Dororo for that game to capitalize on, let alone here in the west. Nor was there the "novelty" of consoles capable of reasonably detailed 8bit graphics being remotely new by 2004, the way the Famicom, MSX, and Game Boy saw adaptations of various other Tezuka works. Always struck me as strange it didn't happen sooner than the PS2, given that. Then again, maybe it's for the best they waited until then, as the arm blades being shorter than an actual sword can still work well enough in a 3D setting without the player taking damage from merely touching an enemy, whereas I could imagine them being an utter joke if it had been a sidescroller on the NES or something, like the player's swords in The Legend of Kage.

There's also an 8bit platformer based on The Great Gatsby, but I'm not sure if that really counts when the joke was to use a property that would be baffling to try to turn into a game, and while it can be played as an NES rom, it's actually a conversion of a flash game as a throwback, and not something anyone lost money on buying the rights to.


Some of the older Breath of Fire games have one.
If its not on pc then its not an actual port
[Hide] (4.7MB, 1361x19200) Reverse
Did the source file for pic related ever get published? It could use an update now that Qanba has gone Soyny only, Mayflash has replaced them as the go-to budget stick maker, hitbox leverless and mechanical-keyboard switches have taken over the world, Brook has the monopoly in PCBs to the point where even Evo was forced to let them in, and everything is being run on PS5 or Steam Deck.
Replies: >>243041
Got a couple questions,

Since it was brought up, why are people spending $150+ on a PSP Go when they could purchase a PS VITA for the same price and be able to play PSP games just as well? I don’t get it 

What are main uses for HDD now? They can’t be used for gaming now not after ssd becoming a thing. Do people really just get them to store movies and other junk?
Replies: >>243042 >>243062
I know you didn’t ask for an opinion but anything made nowadays would just be a disgusting shill piece for qanba or victrix. Their shitty sticks are grossly overpriced and not to mention hideously designed. The qanba obsidian is the worst of them all. Had the displeasure of being tricked into getting one that I returned 

Last I checked people were genuinely recommending others to get anything from madcatz from the previous gen on ebay for cheap along with the PS5 Brook converter when you decide to play offline. As for “hitbox” style controllers, there’s a $100 controller on Amazon that’s really good if not better than hitbox since it uses custom keys instead of sanwa buttons
Replies: >>243069
>Do people really just get them to store movies and other junk?
Yes, the price per terabyte is way lower. If I temporarily lose my sanity and decide to play a game that actually needs an SSD I throw it on my 2TB internal. M2 is a meme.
please respond.
Replies: >>243075 >>243078
Having personally seen a ton of early SSDs lose data when unpowered I don't think I'll ever trust them to store anything important.
I dunno, I have a Qanba Q1 I bought on the advice of that guide and it's still rocking after pulling the PCB and cramming in a Brook UFB, then replacing the stock buttons with Sanwas because after the UFB it was dirt cheap in comparison. I even got the player LEDs and crappy membrane buttons on the top edge working by ripping the wires out of the connector and jamming them onto the PCB header, it was a somewhat orky process albeit with no duct tape involved. Everybody goes nuts for the table clamps for some reason so I haven't looked that hard into replacing the case with something more robust.
>madcatz from the previous gen
For what purpose? The most common rec I've seen is to get a Mayflash F500, or F500 Elite if you're too lazy to drop in Sanwa parts a year or two later and just want DA BESS right now.
Replies: >>243080
[Hide] (184KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
I put a playlist link into Jdownloader2, this is the result
Replies: >>243083 >>243095
Plug that shit into yt-dlp.
>for what purpose
What do you mean? You’re better off getting a second hand madcatz stick that you know will work with genuine Sanwa parts than some chink shit stick
Thank you. I have Jdownloader but I forgot the name.
People still use jdownloader2 after they bundled malware?
Replies: >>243115
yt-dlp ?
I recall that was a certain installer which did that. I can't speak for others, for myself I always seek out portable versions. JD2's was buried but I got it which side-stepped what you speak of. I then took the extra effort to dig through Advanced options to get rid of AiDS. My copy is just fine and has no gui elements for ads either..
[Hide] (278.3KB, 810x1142) Reverse
[Hide] (1.6MB, 250x188) Reverse
Is this real?
Replies: >>243185 >>243194
They censored the nudity off a jacket and had that cuck disclaimer so anyone who bought it despite that deserves the censorship.
Replies: >>243187
>They censored the nudity off a jacket
Post picture please.
Replies: >>243189
[Hide] (155KB, 2048x2048) Reverse
Replies: >>243191
[Hide] (50KB, 573x417) Reverse
What a bunch of niggers.
Replies: >>243192
Blame the ESRB, they tend to actually look at shit like that after the whole Hot Coffee thing.
Replies: >>243194
No. Ratings are 99% of the time a scapegoat. If the nudity warrants an M rating then take the rating, don't censor.

But since they started censoring stuff that doesn't even contain nudity >>243184 then we know the real reason is that they wanted to censor it themselves, without pressure from rating agencies.
Replies: >>243202 >>243217
[Hide] (212.8KB, 512x703) Reverse
>If the nudity warrants an M rating then take the rating, don't censor.
Last I checked an M rating still has some marginal impact on your addressable market.
>the real reason is that they wanted to censor it themselves
Please tell me why both ideas can't be true at the same time.
[Hide] (66.4KB, 500x710) Reverse
Speaking of Rating Agencies,
<game related
>Death Gulags
>Globohomo-style manufactured and eternally sustained ethnic conflicts for the sake of esoteric religious blood sacrifice rituals
>loli brainwashing
>human/elf/whatever experimentation turning people into abominations while conscious
>Mercy killing followed by decade long self-flagellating even though the killing was clearly justified
>Parental conflicts
<all ages rating according to the Nipponese CERO agency
because in japan they only put +18 to western games with guns
Replies: >>243230
[Hide] (1.3MB, 3256x2156) Reverse
[Hide] (1.2MB, 640x916) Reverse
>never thought about the rating
>get the game out
>PEGI 12
Also that GC JP cover is pretty goofy compared to the international covers and the JP only PS2 version I never knew existed.
No Japan's rating system is far worse than ours. You can't show tits at all, even in the highest rating. And gore has to be censored as well.
Replies: >>243231 >>243232
I know. But most guns appears on western games. And for the sole reason for a gun appearing the game rating goes up, that's why games that have a +16 in europe/america have a +18 in japan. The GTA games for example doesn't have blood in the japanese version. No blood, no tits, no dismemberment. All the fun things are not allowed it seems. But it seems that those fuckers don't care about it that much or something, because they are the ones who made those gore vore rape games with little girls.
[Hide] (210.5KB, 348x495) Reverse
[Hide] (75.1KB, 342x486) Reverse
[Hide] (184.4KB, 352x500) Reverse
[Hide] (127.5KB, 355x500) Reverse
[Hide] (82.2KB, 569x800) Reverse
Probably because it's not especially graphic when it comes to blood, plus the chibi rendering style. Most Tales games used to use blood really sparingly. CERO has also gotten more strict over the years, so the HD version (that is, the bundle with Symphonia 2) has it as a B rating. Abyss also went from All-Ages on the PS2 to an A rating on the 3DS. Same with Dragon Quest VIII, though in that case Square opted to censor the 3DS version globally to get that A rating.

> And gore has to be censored as well.
Does it though? I mean, I know various native Japan PS2 games, like Berserk, Dororo, Shadow Hearts, and Onimusha that got away with being fairly blood with simply an additional "red triangle" grotesque content warning in addition to their CERO ratings, if from the period after CERO came to be. Did that ratings option outright disappear in more recent generations as CERO in general got stricter (that was sixth gen, after all, with much higher limits for graphical output now) and thus games actually do have to be less gory now, or do most Japanese publishers just opt to take the easy way out and censor when they don't absolutely have to?
Replies: >>243234 >>243236
>or do most Japanese publishers just opt to take the easy way out and censor when they don't absolutely have to?
Tons of hentai artists bend over backwards to go overkill to censor their work. When I think of this and consider your question, I'd guess yes they'd take the easy way out. Their stuff is usual not as explicit as porn yet it must be "toned down" or removed. What I want to know is, how much power does CERO have and do violations carry a fine? If so, how much?
Replies: >>243237
>Does it though?
Yeah, this is all the stuff forbidden by CERO, it's ridiculous.

「禁止表現」 別表3
4. 犯罪を賞賛、助長することを肯定する表現。
10. 人身売買等を推奨している表現。
Replies: >>243245 >>243247
>Tons of hentai artists bend over backwards to go overkill to censor their work.
The thing about their porn censorship is that there actually aren't any rules, if the police determine it to be obscene then they can arrest someone no matter how censored it is. I guess some artists go overboard because they think that's where the safe line is, even though there isn't one.
I don't know why they still don't remove the porn censorship. Maybe is because nobody wants to be the first one to say: "Hey guys, maybe we shouldn't put a black box on a cock,  i want to be able to see pussies"
Replies: >>243240
I guess the same reason they don't do anything about CERO, they are complacent by nature and don't want to rock the boat. They are also lawcucks who believe the law is absolute and don't really challenge it, that's why they are so hard on piracy. In reality they should just be ignoring this censorship law.

It will definitely be the death of their porn industry though. There's more and more competition these days, so if they don't do something about the censorship they will be driven out of the market.
Replies: >>243246 >>243247
>3. Expressions of urination, excretion, etc. intended to promote sexual desire or provide sexual stimulation
Machine translations are fun sometimes
[Hide] (263.3KB, 850x1201) Reverse
>it's an "I know everything about Japanese people from reading sankaku and watching random outrage porn videos" episode
Replies: >>243248 >>243251
I find it really strange that system modding out there is illegal. Or at least, that's what I heard regarding some now-defunct capture card group for the 3DS. Makes me wonder what their romhacking or fan translation scene is like, or if there even is one since that would require dumping games to digital, pirate friendly formats.

Okay. And where's the source for that? It's not that I don't believe it; rather, I'd be curious as to what the rules were in 2004 or whenever and want to see if there's an archive that old.

Wasn't called attention to in the game, but what do they think Arglas' "fur" was in Xenoblade?
Don't Shit Your Pants confirmed for acceptable?
Replies: >>243248 >>243289
I don't know everything about them but I know Japanese and have read Japanese posts on the matter and that's the impression I get.

And where's the source for that?
Replies: >>243249
Seems to be their original code of ethics, or at least the earliest I can find on archive. Was a mention on an archive of the main site page from late 2004 that they had been revised, so I figure that likely happens on regular enough intervals. Anyhow, if anyone wants to compare, there's a link. Content parameters seem to start on page 5.
Replies: >>243250
Or page 6, rather, looking at it more.
[Hide] (660.9KB, 1000x1000) Reverse
Is cream the rabbit a name or a command?
Replies: >>243252
[Hide] (159.7KB, 420x361) Reverse
I think you know.
Replies: >>243254
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1500x1380) Reverse
I do
Nipponese rom hacks exist, but they are retardedly hard to find as most Nips prefer to host them on their blogs or obscure web 1.0 remnants with guestbooks.
I've yet to find central repositories resembling SMWcentral, RHDNLBGTQPD or even Baddesthacks and most hacks that do exist are of the Kaizo variety because of the OG Kaizo Mayro hack and possibly the meaning of 改造 itself.
Even rankings on what I assume not to be conflict content farms are 75%-90% made up of western hacks, same with tiny autism vidya blogs centered around obscure 自作同人ゲーム。
It'll never habben because I'm retard but one day I'd like to try trannylating Crimson Echoes to Nipponese just to see how far the Squarenigger lawyers of today would go to shut it down, if Troontendo can kill Dickswords with court orders could Queer Eunuchs demand a >global ban of cs.rin.ru/the webring/halfcuck/Bittorrent/Tor/IPFS/I2P/Libretro/Linux in order to protect their sacred IP?
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