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I'm going to be honest. I'm not very good with horror games. 
I do enjoy the thrill of being scared. The Silent Hill franchise, for example, I can be both scared by and intrigued enough to make me want to continue playing.
There are some games that I find to stressing to play though. Laugh all you want but the multitasking in the FNAF games makes me want to close the game. Of course, the jumpscares aren't scary at all and you get used to them very quickly, That's where this new fan game comes in which ramps the scare factor up to 11. I've tried but I just can't force myself to play it. It's too scary.
Also I've never played Ao Oni. I should give it a try.
I can't bring myself to power through the Farmhouse in Condemned. I can do just fine until the basement goes dark and then I just stop out of fear and I don't know why since I've played plenty of other horror games with dark cellars and other shit.
>>240335 (OP) 
>psx silent hill 1
 I got to the school then noped the fuck out.
Replies: >>240393 >>244978
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Recently played some obscure ass game on the PS1 called Hellnight. The game pits you on a constant fetch quest where you're running from some asshole monster that appears whenever he feels like it.
For the remainder of the game you're on the lookout for his footsteps amidst the droning ambiance and the otherwise pitch silence in that dark ass primitive labyrinth. Add to that the low draw distance and the fact you never truly know where the fuck he is and the game somehow becomes pretty spooky.
I'm too old to be scared from a stupid fucking horror game, but if I were younger perhaps I'd be too queasy to play it. The horror wears off though once you reach the spaceship at the bottom of the map and you realize Kamiya has more bullets on his coat than you'll ever need.

>>240335 (OP) 
>games you're too afraid to play/continue
>Ao Oni
Come on now. These choices are on par with a little kid watching Youtube in the 2010s. How old are you, 20?
How old were you? I've always thought Silent Hill were action adventure games with a cool horror backdrop, but nothing particularly stressul, those moaning pieces of shit in the school notwithstanding. Reminds me how I went nuclear on those faggots on my second run seeing how I had +150 handgun bullets my first way through.
>>240335 (OP) 
Thief the dark project and penumbra
I  completely quit thief some time after the first level after  looking up that I had to go through a painting I forget exactly but something spooked me really badly  it was bad that I was already uneasy from the sound and enviroment
penumbra I'm lost for words really with the game made me feel like I was breaking into a prison except I'm completely helpless other than try to out run whatever was chasing me
it was probably the first time I quit after a few minutes into a game and it wasn't because of  it being shit
>>240335 (OP) 
Yes but not in the sense you mean, there's some game I quit simply because the fact that 100%ing them is insanely long or bothersome it fills me with some existential dread.
no, I have the opposite problem
the scarier the game, the more I HAVE to beat it, otherwise I won't get any sleep
>>240335 (OP) 
Despite its bad story, Lost in Vivo is a game that I have trouble returning to because of how scary it is. After the first section, which was accessible in the demo, the game ramps up its claustrophobia to a suffocating degree.
>Silent Hill were action adventure games with a cool horror backdrop
Silent Hill 3's atmosphere and sound design is genuinely fucking horrifying and stressful.
I love it but it makes my skin crawl.
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>>240335 (OP) 
>Have you ever been too afraid to play/continue playing a game?
When i was a kid i used to watch my older brother as he played stuff like Resident Evil 2 or Silent Hill on the PS1, but i didn't have the courage to do it myself.
I tried though, i once loaded his Silent Hill save and found myself in the School, i walker around a bit but i don't have the courage to even open a door, afraid of what might have been in there.
With RE2 i was too tense when any zombie got close to me, and couldn't play that either.
As a kid Resident Evil 2 and Silent Hill traumatized me, that Silent Hill intro's mandolin used to send a chill down my spine.

Growing up though, the roles have reversed, my older brother can't play horror vidya anymore, while i love the genre.
Once he was playing Siren Blood Curse and asked me the play all the little girl's sections for him because he was too scared to do it himself.
Now he pretends to like survival horror, but hates any game that doesn't give him the US army's heavy artillery to blast all the monsters with, because if the game makes him feel any vulnerable, or asks him to do anything other than shooting everything that moves, like hiding or running away, he shits bricks, even if he will never admit that.
>The school
Ho buddy

>Got around to Silent hill a few months after release.
>First session
>Radio in the kitchen playing on some mainstream channel
>Playing alone at home
>In the school courtyard, radio going wild
>Ass pouring shit and sweat
>Enter school again
>Surrounded by Mumblers
>Neighbor bro had let himself in without me noticing now violently grabs me from behind and screams like a nigger
>Heart almost explodes
>Have Pavlovian fear response to Backstreet Boys - I Want It That Way for months

That was a wild summer.
>Pay for gas, triggered
>Going grocery shopping, niggered
Couldn't have the radio on in the evenings even if the station was just talking shows, just in case.
Replies: >>244979 >>244980
Oh and I have to this day not booted up the first Silent Hill again.
I did play through the rest when they came tho.
Reminds me of me dad detailing what he did to one of his female friends one time:
>Watching Carrie
>Seen it enough times to know the timing when the hand pops out at the end
>She hasn't seen it
>Gets to the finale
>The hand pops out
>My dad's hand lands on her leg
>She shrinks down and curls up into the fetal position on the floor area of the car
>She stays that way the entire drive home
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>Come on now. These choices are on par with a little kid watching Youtube in the 2010s.
>How old were you? I've always thought Silent Hill were action adventure games with a cool horror backdrop, but nothing particularly stressul, those moaning pieces of shit in the school notwithstanding.
I agree with you on FNAF being fucking gay and shit for children, but Silent Hill, especially when it first came out was genuinely creepy.
I don't think there was anything like that before SH came out.
I think the atmosphere of SH1 and SH3 was the best
Replies: >>244983
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C'mon, give it a try.
It's fun.
Turn off the lights, put on some nice headphones and get spooked.
Replies: >>244986
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>C'mon, give it a try.
Replies: >>244987
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Replies: >>244989
silent hill 4 in high school too fucking tense
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FNAF is for autistic children and furries.
Replies: >>244992 >>246317
I used to watch my dad play RE2 and RE3 and I'd have to leave the room because I was so fucking scared of stupid fucking zombies
I wouldn't even look at the CD case because it was so scary to me
dude that too, I remember when I was like 5 and I think it was like a christmas party and my cousins were in my uncle's room playing re2 and they told me "here play it" and I was too fucking scared.
So it's perfect for you
i remember forcing my dad to shut off the ps1 because the zombie eating a corpse cutscene from RE1 scared me more than few things have ever scared me in my life
Replies: >>244994
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Even if it doesn't scare me anymore, i can see why RE2 did it when i was a kid.
The zombies' moaning were unsettling, the music was eerie, and the pre-rendered backgrounds gave that "it's all fucked" hopeless feeling.
By the way, i think zombies were scarier when they did that deep moaning than those screeches they make them do nowadays (probably because of The Walking Dead).
>i remember forcing my dad to shut off the ps1 because the zombie eating a corpse cutscene from RE1 scared me more than few things have ever scared me in my life
Man, one of the creepiest parts of RE2 to me where when the zombies burst into Kendo's gun shop and eat him, and before reach the police station there's that group of zombies eating a corpse and you can hear the sound of it the camera shows you what's happening.
I don't get scared as easily as when i was a kid, but i understand why some are still creeped out by that stuff.
Replies: >>244995
*before you reach to police station
*before the camera shows you
I am tired
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>FNAF is for furries.
It's for /clang/ connoisseurs.
Clang-sseurs, if you will.
furfag manchild in denial
this thing is so fucking ugly
FNAF is for retards who think obnoxious jumpscares = horror. 
It's even more annoying when you realize that in real life wild animals don't fucking howl at you right in your face like obnoxious fucking cunts, they simply go for the kill. Meanwhile in FNAF the animatronics just HAVE to scream at you. If I was the guard I would smash their fragile little cunt faces in with a fucking baseball bat. 

Also, /clang/ is for autists of the lowest order. Oh boy I sure can't wait to masturbate using a fleshlight that has been strapped to a robot, so hot.
Replies: >>246333 >>246337
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>in real life wild animals don't fucking howl at you right in your face
Yeah, no shit, retard. They are not animals. They are robots haunted by children corpses.
>If I was the guard I would smash their fragile little cunt faces in with a fucking baseball bat. 
lol, ok, tough guy.
>>240335 (OP) 
Yes but not because of a monster or a horror backdrop.
I never truly beat a hat in time, i went into playing mod levels and trying on characters and modded costumes.
But the final level has remained completely untouched for years.
It still scared me because I knew the jump was coming but would get distracted long enough to let my guard down.  Fuck that game
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>>240335 (OP) 
The tense atmosphere and fear of losing progress to some random bullshit stopped me from playing further, even if I'm close to the end. What's the point of playing a game, if it's no fun?
>>240335 (OP) 
what the fuck is that hideous Bonnie model, it's so much worse than the OG
I wonder how the Internet would be today if some madman sent a homemade N64 cartridge containing B3313 back in time to a dumpster behind a random Wendy's in late 1996.
Replies: >>246407
Wasn't there an update to B3313? I also heard of some madlads using the coop mod for mario 64 and playing together in it. That could be fun.
Replies: >>246450 >>246534
There was, it contains so much autism Mupen64plus and its forks require source code edits to increase the ROM size limit else you'll get a TLB error.
Link to a jewgle drive containing B3313 v0.7 for sm64coopdx/ex(?), place it in your user folder and it should show up under ROM Hacks in the server hosting options, though it'll obviously enable itself upon connecting to a modded serb.
sm64coopdx complains about script errors but so far the mod seems to work for the most part, I opened a serb under the password sleepy using the coopnet but have no idea if anyone can connect to it.
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>hearing footsteps and jumping sounds of another player even though I'm the only one in the server
Replies: >>246542
poor anon.
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>Be 5 and play RE1 for the first time
>That zombie cutscene
Stopped playing right there
Finished a few year later
>13 years old
>Staying at my 16 year old cousins house 
>His room is filled with PC gaming stuff
>He has one with a Doom 3 cover
>Think it looks cool as shit
>Tells me he bought it like yesterday and was going to install and try it out
>But we have to wait till after dinner to set the mood
>11 PM
>Switch off the lights 
>He plays and I watch
>He boots is up
>That atmosphere just on the main menu alone
>That fucking robot fakeout scare
>Super uneasy already
>Things go to shit
>PC speakers just blasting all the demons pouring in and the radio pleads for help
>We start screaming
>Cousin dies by falling at the bridge due to not seeing a fucking thing
>Asks if I want to play
>Play until around the Pinky section screaming my lungs out throughout while my cousin says I'm braver than he is
<This being the guy that would try to spook me throughout my early years with pranks and shit
I fucking hate Doom 3 in terms of gameplay, but that was an experience I won't forget.

He never finished it, I did it a few years later on my own rig.
Shame he fell into the MMO and ASSFAGGOTS memes.
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I was able to join my own server, but it seems Anon doesn't want to get spooked.
Replies: >>246571 >>246613
what is this
how do i play mario with anons
Replies: >>246575
If you're on Linux you need to grab a plain US M64 ROM in .z64 format, then rename it to baserom.us.z64 and make the port, if you're on Windoze you can just get the patcher in the releases section and drag your ROM on it.
It only accepts regular US/JP/PAL(?) ROMs, ROMhacks aren't really hacks in this but rather a category of mod.
Once you've started the port, go the serb joining menu, choose "private lobby" and enter the password.
Ingame options can be accessed by pressing start to enter the pause menu and pressing R on your controller/RShift on your keyboard.
Boy do I miss windows 7, it's death is the real horror.
I would like to get in too. My schedule sucks though.
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Can't find it, cap'n. Used sleepy and everything.
Replies: >>246629
Serb should be up now.
Replies: >>246653
I might be able to join in the next few days. Think this is worth peeling off into it's own thread? Or just keeping it in here for now to see how popular it gets? I know sven is going on so anons that want to fuck around might be in that.
What does make the port mean and how do I start it?
I'm playing vampire the masquerade: bloodlines and I'm at the hotel bit which is like that hitman haunted hotel easter egg on steroids and I'm proper spooked
goddamn this is jumpscare town
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How can it be that WW2 flight simulators are objectively spookier than Clock Tower for the SFC?
Autistically scanning every pixel for the last guy on the serb while looking behind you every 30 sec like a paranoid schizo while listening for the closest hint of foreign engine noise is considerably more unnerving than some manlet with a giant scissor trying to kill you.
Replies: >>249882
Playing War Thunder in sim mode is very scary, i agree.
Some kinds of horror make me physically ill.  I'm fine with zombies generally but things like FEAR or Silent Hill make me feel sick.
Replies: >>249906
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FEAR has like 4 jumpscares total
I'm sure you can power through them, because I'm a little bitch when it comes to horror and I've replayed F.E.A.R. countless times.
-There's one in the very beginning when a swarm of blackness touches you in the hallway, 
-Fettel bonking you in the face with a 2x4 (if that even counts)
-The one where Alma crawls towards you in the vent
-The double ladder scare (that one got me, loved it)
-The hugging skeleton in the flashback blood pool, but it makes most people laugh because of how ridiculous it looks
- And there's one where Alma crawls at you out of a dark cubicle/hallway, blink or look the wrong way and you'll miss it (I know I did for most of my early runs)
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