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>dragon's dogma 2 character creation demo releases
>it's really bad
>"body type"
>memory leaks crash it for people on even good hardware
>160cm minimum height
>smallest bust size still high b cup
>"feminine" animations are broken
>modders poke at files since RE engine is already known and memory edits are simple
>turns out that the sliders can be uncapped
>while most of these result in hideous abominations, boob and height sliders word fine below their minimum
>like 100% perfectly fine
>something that would never be possible unless they programmed it and deliberately blocked it 
>they deliberately made their game worse on purpose

Launch Capcom into the sun! Stir fry capcom in a wok! Toss Capcom into active volcanoes! Urinate in Capcom's gas tank!
I wanna play as a kitty cat person and shit in a giant litter box.
Replies: >>239207
>>238991 (OP) 
>>it's really bad
>>smallest bust size still high b cup
These two statements are contradictory.
Replies: >>238998
The highest isn't much bigger.
what did you expect it's capcom?
they haven't been consistently good since the early 2000s
Replies: >>240724
>>238991 (OP) 
>Body type
Do you have a pic of that?
didn't some internal files leak a few years ago that proved that Capcom was fully compliant with ESG globohomo shit? why would you be invested in anything new by them after that?
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>it can be easily modded
I expect my loli pawn harem mod on Based Mods within a week of launch.  Don't disappoint me.
Even DD1's pawn server has enough checks to block modded pawns.
Replies: >>239019
>>238991 (OP) 
It was obvious they were going to get rid of lolis and add body types, considering Capcom's track record as of late. Make sure you do not buy this game.
>implying ownership
Who cares, it'll either be through Spacewar or all local.
Replies: >>239148
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>within a week of launch.
It has Denuvo.
Replies: >>239022 >>239054
Infinite Tranny Theorum, anon.  One of them will type out a crack for a game this big.
Replies: >>239030
>>238991 (OP) 
Did you expect anything good from Crapcom?
I liked the first one and i couldn't care less about this one.
If you really want to play this crap, just wait for some mod that removes all faggotry and PIRATE this shit.
In any case don't give money to these pieces of shit.
Dragon's Dogma 1 was already shit.
>smallest bust size still high b cup
And maximum is small C, I guess. I didn't remember 1 being full of super busty oppai cows or lolis to make out with.
>"feminine" animations are broken
Did they even have feminine animations in DD1? I think they just applied the male animations to both genders like Elder Scrolls.
>something that would never be possible unless they programmed it and deliberately blocked it 
More like it's the same code from the last game.
Nobody is going to make good mods for it even if the game is perfectly decoded when most first world people play the Denuvo version they bought with real money.
It has been like this with all Denuvo games in the past, it will be like that with this one.
Replies: >>239076
>we must maximize diversity and inclusion by representing every possible humanoid mutant body type
>but not women with large or very small breasts because that's evil
>all women should visit their local plastic surgeon to equalize and their breast sizes ASAP and taxes should pay for it
Replies: >>239033
>or very small breasts
If the women are ugly they can have no breasts too!
>body type
>more restrictive character creator because big and small tits are racist and short women are transphobic
I fully expect articles complaining about how ebil racist nazi alt-right gamers didn't buy it because they couldn't make lolis to drop within two weeks of release. Get to it ((( gayme journalists. )))
Replies: >>239035 >>239055
>I fully expect articles complaining about how ebil racist nazi alt-right gamers didn't buy it because they couldn't make lolis to drop within two weeks of release. Get to it (((  gayme journalists.  )))
Gamergate2 did this.
Replies: >>239040 >>239055
gayme journos and the industry did this  they only deserve it
the retards who keep consuming the trash as soon as it releases also deserve to have their games to be even worse
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I got bored of the first game after about 2-3 hours. Lol.
Same, it seemed like a demon souls/dark souls knockoff with a tacked on annoying npc follower mechanic. With that said I could hardly read the text on my CRT so that might've been one of the reasons I dropped it.
Replies: >>239048
>it seemed like a demon souls/dark souls knockoff
Why do people compare these games? They play completely different.
Replies: >>239074
>It has Denuvo
Oh, so within 2 days after launch then.
>I fully expect articles complaining about how ebil racist nazi alt-right gamers didn't buy it because they couldn't make lolis to drop within two weeks of release. Get to it (((  gayme journalists.  )))
I can totally see this happening, especially now that even normalfags are boycotting those games that are smeared with ((( DEI ))) shit.
>Gamergate2 did this.
Also this, because of course they will.
And it will backfire gloriously as usual.
>>238991 (OP) 
Maybe they capped it so that random npcs will not look like something from Oblivion?
1) they didn't play one or the other (or both)
2) saying retarded shit = easy (you)s
What are you even talking about?  Every shitty Denuvo-cracked game I skipped that I could think of has active discussion of modding on a certain russkie forum.
It got repetetive after a while, wish it had more type of monsters, dungeons not tied to fucking quests and no niggers, fucking niggers take me out of the game.
Replies: >>239099 >>239144
Didn't the first DD only have 1 nigger outside of pawns or the CaC and he was stated to be a foreigner? Unless you count the she goat, but she didn't look like a nigger. But that might be the japs not wanting her to be a hideous apecreature, so they made her white with dark skin.
Replies: >>239118 >>239123
I had a protracted battle against a dragon for a nearly that long.
>Didn't the first DD only have 1 nigger outside of pawns or the CaC and he was stated to be a foreigner?
Yes, there is one nigger that looks at you inside the city, but there are other npc niggers walking around.
It's implied that Gransys was along or in the equivalent of the Mediterranean (Cassardi architecture,  "the mild weather year round", the body of water is quite explicitly a "sea" rather than "ocean"). That's the main part of medieval/Renaissance Europe that you would expect to find a few scattered blacks as foreigners. I doubt DD2 will have that excuse.
Replies: >>239126
There will be niggers anyway.
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>It got repetetive after a while, wish it had more type of monsters, dungeons not tied to fucking quests and no niggers, fucking niggers take me out of the game.
I agree with this, especially the nigger part.
Fags jusfify with "it's called 'fantasy' for a reason" but fantasy is a genre deeply rooted in European culture, history and folklore.
If i make a game about feudal Japan, i can even add Tengus and Oni's and that wouldn't be an issue because it's still part of their folklore anyway, but that doesn't mean that since Tengus didn't actually exist, you might as well fill the game with niggers dressed as Samurai, because that would be even more ridiculous and out of place than that "Here's this giant enemy crab!" from that infamous E3.
Same shit with having niggers in a western european medieval setting.
There's NEVER a justification for that shit, it's always historical revisionist propaganda and nothing else, to make niggers believe that they actually had a part in other people's culture even if it isn't true at all.

Back to the first game, what i foud reperitive was the fact that many dungeons were the same fucking room repeated all the time, especially on Bitterblack Isle, that had like 4-5 different room repeated with only some slight difference here and there.
And most monsters, where just reskins of the existing ones
Bloated zombies/big bloated zombies
Cyclops/Gore Cyclops
Ogre/Old Ogre
And so on.
Replies: >>239156 >>239157
Alternate pawn servers mod WHEN
Adding niggers to DD can work, you just need to hop in a ship and go to another land to see a whole new culture and customs, but no, they just put everything into a blender.
Replies: >>239162 >>239203
If they want put niggers in medieval european setting, they can use sandniggers instead, which are actually historically accurate as they were rapists and pirates.
[Hide] (63.9KB, 750x1000) Reverse
Hello niggerpill.
It's not that niggers don't "deserve" to be a part of history, the fact is that they factually had no part in it.
Google's AI making a picture of George Washington with the "Sheeeit" nigger face applied on top of it won't change anything.
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>Adding niggers to DD can work, you just need to hop in a ship and go to another land to see a whole new culture and customs, but no, they just put everything into a blender.
I can agree with this.
Make the characters travel and make some kangdom reminescent of Sand nigger territory and have its population dressed as such, but this "we wuz knightz n'shit" crap is fucking ridiculous".
Replies: >>239208
>>238991 (OP) 
I mean, we knew it was gonna happen. Don't think I'm getting it, even if heavily discounted.

They'll probably release some complete edition with the expansion they're going to release a year from now, so if anything, I'll wait for that.
[Hide] (403.4KB, 640x800, 00:08)
Some news. The game weighs around 64 gigs on the PS5, and a few things were learned from the trophy list:
>There's hotsprings
>There's an affinity system (and a relationship system)
>There's a new enemy type: Headless Horsemen.
>Seems the endgame is called unmoored world.
>You access it via a phantom oxcart.
>You can buy houses
>There's an island outside of the main map (doesn't specify if it's big or not)
>You can wield medusas heads as weapons
Replies: >>239202
[Hide] (23.7KB, 381x392) Reverse
>unmoored world
No such thing as unmoored world but uncharted territory.
>they just put everything into a blender
No, they don't just put everything into a blender. They put niggers into white cultures and claim niggers were always an integral part of white cultures and call you racist if you dare to call it out.
Replies: >>239205
The irony is that this blatantly contradictions their notion that diversity is some new progress from the bad old stuff. They can't even keep their bullshit consistent.
Replies: >>239218
Meow meow meow, arisen.
You are obsessed with niggers, holy shit.
ideology never has had to be internally consistent.
Only a little bit longer until the wind pushes me again
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Instead of lolis, you can have pawns with giant golden name plates based on real life trannies and western e-celebs you've never heard of (plus Asmongold)!

what a weird and random terrible selection of streamers and boobtubers
Just when capcom can't go any lower they impress me
[Hide] (274.4KB, 2953x1476) Reverse
i actually hate this
[Hide] (67.4KB, 827x814) Reverse
I'm starting to think they want it to fail, this many retarded decisions just reeks of money laundering. It's like the video game version of an Adam Sandler movie.
Replies: >>239478 >>239480
I will now completely ignore your game. Hiding this thread.
It's not so much as they want it to fail as it's more like they desperately want it to succeed and they don't believe in the game enough and its own inherent qualities to begin with.
Which you know, I kind of can see a bit considering how DD2 is essentially a DD:DA reskin
>make "official" pawns
>instead of making copies of poplar character capcom owns with unique equipment, voice lines, skills, classes, etc they put in half assed copies of gay jewish men in dresses and jewtube e-celebs
I'm sure this will turn into a massive selling point and not end poorly in anyway. I also, noticed they're all western e-celebs and no one from nipland. Almost like crapcom is now a western company wearing the skin of a once good jap dev.
I could see that being the case and mix in a little kickback from Blackrock for being ESG compliant.
[Hide] (176.4KB, 300x300) Reverse
[Hide] (201.7KB, 300x300) Reverse
There are actually a pair of v-tuber ones according to the official site. They're not horrific degenerates so Capcom isn't promoting them.
Replies: >>239482 >>239485
>They're not horrific degenerates so Capcom isn't promoting them.
Yeah, that tracks.
Jesus christ, someone is trying hard as fuck to make sue lighting relevant but everyone always looks like they want nothing to do with him.
Replies: >>240977
[Hide] (278KB, 1643x974) Reverse
there's this one
>instead of making copies of poplar character capcom owns with unique equipment
Normalfags don't want that, they want to see other normalfags in their game.
>>instead of making copies of poplar character capcom owns
Interesting point. Crapcum felt their legacy < random gaytube faggots. "THIS IS POPULAR CURRENTLY, right fellow empty suits? We can't rely on our OLD roster of characters. Maximo would fit right in BUT NOBODY KNOWS HIM! Solution: we recruit nobody streamers from the internet!"
if piracy hurts game companies, how many copies do I have to pirate to utterly destroy them
It just doesn't.
Replies: >>239588
With how shit the demo runs for the system requirements and still has memory leaks, I'm betting this will be a massive performance transfire
[Hide] (364KB, 1600x1951) Reverse
>he doesn't seed games for all eternity
[Hide] (22.3MB, 640x360, 07:48)
They are going full steam with DD2.
Replies: >>239571
piracy does nothing as long as people are willing to buy
Replies: >>239588
Surprised ((( they ))) showed actual gameplay. But I guess since it looks like it's pretty much just the first one with a heaping dose of poz it wasn't too hard to do.
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[Hide] (7.4KB, 548x76) Reverse
>Based Mods
>donate button
Fuck off with this cuckchan shit. Not only is it some cuckchan site but it doesnt even allow loli mods like you said. Loli is against the rules for being "pedo shit".
[Hide] (338.1KB, 1015x1015) Reverse
>fag gets his soyjak niggerdick mods deleted
>pays for and hosts his own site
>deletes mods that he finds icky anyway
Not a single crease on the site owner's grey matter, fellas.
>Instead of lolis, you can have pawns with giant golden name plates based on real life trannies and western e-celebs
Man this shit reminds me of when CyberPoz added some retarded e-celeb cunts onto the game's city's billboard.
It was lame then it is still lame now.
[Hide] (31.2KB, 600x450) Reverse
[Hide] (2.3MB, 640x360, 00:38)
What? Who? What are those discord screenshots for? What's with the 4um posts? Are you saying there's a hidden cabal of discord users behind this mostly peaceful thread, or that disliking modern Capcom reincarnates you as some bogeyman?
What drives people to such reckless faggotry?
Aside from crossposting between imageboards and discord being cancerous as always of course .
Replies: >>239798
Wah wahhh crossposting waaahhh fuck you. It's not crossposting that's the issue it's fucking drama addicted tranny faggots insisting that you point and gawk and rage at the mere notion of anything similar being posted somewhere else (as if it fucking matters).
Replies: >>239800
[Hide] (356.2KB, 460x345) Reverse
But the faggot up there is insisting on some drama about some discord circlejerk making threads on 4um being somehow relevant to this site.
What about the fucking drama addicted tranny faggots you're talking about here?
I think the owner mentioned something about not caring about loli, it's just that he lives in a shithole dystopia country where there are cases of people getting charged for it, and he didn't want to risk any trouble.
He's an aussie right?
That would make sense.
Replies: >>239898
Shit, I didn't know that.

I was pretty sure that guy posts here though, I only come here so I don't know where else I would have seen it.
>not caring about loli
>calls it pedo shit
He definitely cares.
Replies: >>239932
I want to cum in every member of my loli harem so they all walk around pregnant with their now even rounder tummies.
Replies: >>239903
Samefag. Back to cuckchan
[Hide] (537.8KB, 973x592) Reverse
Dragon's dogma 2 has a photo-realistic artstyle.
slider mod dropped for the CC, by the way
>horrible performance, even worse than the original
>less content than the original
Truly a modern game.
Replies: >>240259
Forgot to mention that it is piss easy (adaptive difficulty, can't be turned off)
Replies: >>240262
>adaptive difficulty
I was already not going to even bother pirating it so it doesn't really matter to me how much gayer they make it, but wew lad. At this point I'm just getting the lawn chair and pop corn ready to watch this train wreck. I just hope crapcom goes under before they defile DMC or Monster Hunter any more then they already have.
[Hide] (470KB, 800x450) Reverse
I purchased (and already refunded) the game so anons don't have to.
> The character creation seems intentionally designed/gimped to prevent you from creating lolis. Not only is the minimum height taller than the average adult woman in Japan, but I swear there is no possible way to make a "youthful" looking face. Even my best attempts were tinged with subtle 3DPD granny features.
> I didn't have any performance issues on relatively high-end hardware until entering the capital city, at which point it suddenly tanks. Evidently this is some kind of CPU issue related to the number of NPCs, which Capcom is allegedly looking into. A friend said he wasn't even able to get past the beginning area, however, due to textures/objects failing to load in.
> Niggers. Niggers EVERYWHERE. I swear 1 in 5 NPCs is some kind of nigger. This was really the breaking point for me, and it's far beyond subtle "diversity".
Needless to say, the best case scenario is pirating the game once it's been fixed/modded to an acceptable level, but there will have to be some kind of NPC-demographics mod to get rid of all the niggers before I'll be able to believe in the supposedly medieval fantasy setting.
Replies: >>240405
[Hide] (201.9KB, 328x439) Reverse
Replies: >>240365
That's more than I expected. I'm not surprised that 38% have corporate dick up their ass so hard they think they're being funny when they leave a positive review after barely playing the game and saying nothing about it.
[Hide] (160.9KB, 652x564) Reverse
[Hide] (336.3KB, 600x331) Reverse
>70 dorruruu
>game optimized so poorly it barely runs for the majority of its playerbase
>microtransactions in a SINGLE-PLAYER GAME
>can't delete your save or start a new game after you make your character, have to shell out more dorraruu to edit your appearance
>all this for a game that is less complete than its predecessor and costs over twice as much
The first game was already a diamond in the rough. All the sequel had to do was add in more content while smoothing over its shortcomings, and they couldn't even be arsed to do that much. Every time I begin to think that modern crapcom couldn't get any lower, they somehow manage to upstage themselves.
>can't delete your save or start a new game after you make your character
I'm sorry, what now?
Yeah, you heard that right. There's only one save file and the game doesn't allow you to start over from the menu again. Even deleting your own save file apparently isn't enough since the saves are stored on crapcom's servers.
I heard you could if you jump through enough hoops. You had to delete your save through your file browser after disconnecting from the Internet, then you can make a new save in game. Insanely retarded.
Replies: >>240370
[Hide] (2.8MB, 163x174) Reverse

Which causes Denuvo to lock you out of a single player game.
>Which causes Denuvo to lock you out of a single player game.
What a shitshow.
>the saves are stored on crapcom's servers.
I don't know what to say. I'm actually speechless.
>Which causes Denuvo to lock you out of a single player game.
This might seriously be the biggest blunder of the year, I would be surprised if any studio can top this.
Replies: >>240374
You're just jinxing it. I didn't think it could get worse than Deus Ex Mankind Divided having microtransactions in a singleplayer game and now we have this. Some niggerbrain will think of something, trust me.
Replies: >>240379 >>240685
[Hide] (72.3KB, 500x375) Reverse
Oh, and of course they shoved anti-cheat into their single-player game as well, likely to prevent you from bypassing their microtransactions. Want to edit your appearance or fast travel around without shelling out? Sorry, goy.
New Monster Hunter game aint looking to good.
[Hide] (360.3KB, 1162x850) Reverse
>I didn't think it could get worse than Deus Ex Mankind Divided having microtransactions in a singleplayer game
Don't forget the small detail, that once you used the DLC it is gone forever, if you start a new game you can't use that DLC again.
>the saves are stored on crapcom's servers
What the fuck? I already had no hope for this game but that is worse than I thought.
[Hide] (659.5KB, 960x727) Reverse
[Hide] (58.3KB, 680x527) Reverse
>Niggers. Niggers EVERYWHERE. I swear 1 in 5 NPCs is some kind of nigger. This was really the breaking point for me, and it's far beyond subtle "diversity".
This is the worst part for me.
All the DLCs and microtransactions could have been avoided in a future "complete edition" if you are willing to wait (i played the first DD just two years ago), same for any bugs and glitches, but once the game gets pozzed, it is bad forever.
Replies: >>240412
I hope none of you faggots actually bought this. just wait for the crack. if they never crack the denuvo on it, even better because theyll likely fix the game before they stop paying their denuvo bill, in which case you get the premium experience rather than paying to be cucked.
I bought it twice
Replies: >>240412
no you didnt.

modding in the future will add lolis and remove niggers. and they will ban the remove nigger mods like they banned the mods that removed gay flags from spiderman games.
Replies: >>240425
I'm not surprised, what gets me is all the fags that defend this shit and truly can't comprehend why people dislike it.
Replies: >>240423
[Hide] (865.1KB, 576x746, 00:09)
>what gets me is all the fags that defend this shit and truly can't comprehend why people dislike it.
Gen Z and Alpha have never played a single game produced before the 7th generation of consoles, so unfortunately they don't know any better. Now if you'll excuse me, I'll continue playing through my backlog.
I just bought another.
Replies: >>240429
I knew they were going to do something to stop players from making multiple save files. I was expecting the worst, but once again crapcom exceeds expectations.
nuh uh
[Hide] (399.5KB, 842x700) Reverse
Replies: >>240432
[Hide] (56.4KB, 170x217) Reverse
>doing any of this
Replies: >>240508
>$70 game with pre-order bonuses and microtransactions
>locks the character editor behind a paywall
>has items that would be obtained through normal gameplay available by a paywall
>can't make a new character or save
>completely unoptimized in cities
>"cockroaches crawling on me on stream" Asmogold has an official pawn
Dead on arrival. These are 2012 sales tactics. It really is DD:DA Remastered.
Apparently they only enabled the microtransactions in the game after the game had already been reviewed by review outlets. Interesting.
>dead on arrival
>it was released 24 hours ago
You're right but you're late, faggot.
is that inkling going to be ok?
Replies: >>240510
she has autism, shes beyond saving
>"I'm not a pedo I only fap to cartoon CP"
>but DD2 has a photorealistic artstyle, why do you want lolis in it?
Replies: >>240526
[Hide] (8.5MB, 1280x720, 00:20)
It's generally not worth conversing with the mentally retarded.
Replies: >>240527
ah yes silence is violence and cartoon violence is real violence
if you like watching people die so much why don't you become a serial killer?
Replies: >>240535
>if you like watching people die so much
I don't consume jewish media or shounen shit anime/games.
>silence is violence
phrases like this wouldn't be stuck in your head if you didn't use social media.
Replies: >>240537
so why are you on this board then?
Replies: >>240540
because not all video games are made by jews or shounen shit killing spree simulators?
[Hide] (161.4KB, 1080x526) Reverse
I say denuvo was going to be used and assumed the game was going to be a trainwreck. It's much worse than I thought.
Replies: >>240576
I'm not doing either. I don't care if it gets cracked I have zero interest in the gayme other then making fun of it for being so ((( current year. )))

>"cockroaches crawling on me on stream" Asmogold has an official pawn
That's not even close the worst one. There's an official pawn of a tranny.
Replies: >>240973
Have another one since it wasn't mentioned yet: Denuvo treats each version of Proton as a new computer, so when you change versions you get locked out of the game.
I'm even more convinced this is just a money laundering scheme now, not even the dumbest companies will accidentally torpedo their game this hard.
[Hide] (9.5KB, 613x400) Reverse
the normalfaggots I know claim that the microtransactions exist to satisfy the asian audience, as if dlc to rename your character is the same as gacha addictions. can anyone check what the elevens or even nips in general think?
Replies: >>240571
[Hide] (745.3KB, 1280x720) Reverse
alright there yoko taro you've had too much to drink, go back to making the drakengard 1 remake
> can anyone check what the elevens or even nips in general think?
They probably blame us for buying horse Armor and xbox live and starting this shit.
Replies: >>240572 >>240574
If not us it would have been someone else. Greed is inevitable.
this is what I think, but it's speculation with no evidence
I'm week 2 into learning nip, wish me luck
Replies: >>240575
>I'm week 2 into learning nip, wish me luck
from a man one year in who still only knows 1000 words good luck.
[Hide] (15.1KB, 268x221) Reverse
I said that too, but I was trolling and planting seeds of doubt in the hype train. for fun.
I really didn't want this to be the reality.

On the other hand; Ive loved dragons dogma for years. Fantastic game. im glad the hype of all the newfans coming into the series were torpedoed so they can understand the pain of loving a game that was neglected like dragons dogma was, but it shined through regardless.
But this wont shine through until denuvo is removed and we get the optimized pirated version with nude lolis we all deserve; one REAL fans will enjoy and the newfans will be onto the next disappointing flavor of the month goyslop they deserve.

> "cockroaches crawling on me on stream" Asmogold has an official pawn

Jesus Christ! I thought you were Joking. Look at the guys desk. My cluttered Desk is sparkly clean in comparison to the shit he has going on there. No wonder cockroaches are crawling everywhere. 

[Hide] (857.7KB, 240x228) Reverse
>It really is DD:DA Remastered.
I wish.
If this was DD:DA Remastered it would be a good game at least and wouldn't have DLC, microtransaction nor "WE WUZ KNIGHTS N'SHIT" ((( DEI ))) propaganda.
Replies: >>240633
[Hide] (126.4KB, 1280x720) Reverse
I don't even care anymore, all of the sincere fan reviews are "7/10 less enemies, too easy".

The joke is most "Remasters" maul the original game and make it worse.
>shounen shit killing spree simulators
Can't have enough of those.
>shounen shit killing spree simulators
god bless japan
>Deus Ex
Thankfully the sequel is perma canceled since Embracer is committing seppuku.
>Saves online and only one
Somehow this is worse than EA using frostbyte for everything, including RPGs. Man I miss when devs would build their own engines for games. It doesn't even save them money so why the fuck did they even think to do this?
Replies: >>240696
>It really is DD:DA Remastered.
From what I can gather the final boss, excepting the "true ending, is just the same dragon boss from the first game. It also evidently recycles a lot of enemies from the first game. So is at least the story and map of DD 2 at least different? Otherwise I can only imagine they had no plans for a second game and remade the first game for a quick buck.
[Hide] (225.9KB, 600x800) Reverse
[Hide] (61.5KB, 283x211) Reverse
>Embracer is committing seppuku.
What's happening at Embracer?
A few days ago were buying IPs and studios left and right and now are apparently in financial trouble.
Probably they just bit more than they could chew.
I don't buy the narrative that they are /our guys/ but i'd say that they are one of the "less worse" in the industry at the moment, so i hope they get their shit together.
The speculation is they were expecting jewbux from either one of the ESG hedge funds or an Arab sovereign wealth fund to capitalize all the studios they bought and that deal fell through.
Capcom died because they never made Megaman Legends 3. No I won't let it go. No soul means no soul. Of course they'd literally shake over bust size and or height of your character. 
Very yes.
Replies: >>240728
You've spoken a MML3 into existence now except Megaman now can't do anything and Roll has to do everything and now she has an afro and she has a "dark tan" and now there's an Indian sidekick who is so incredibly funny and says things like ERMMM UMMM IS DIS WAT YU GUYS DO FORE A LIVING? and it's all your fault
Replies: >>240731 >>240733
[Hide] (35KB, 200x200) Reverse
They had a VERBAL agreement with a Saudi state owned publisher, an agreement to the tune of 2 Billion USD.
Of course, since it was only a verbal agreement, Embracer had nothing in their corner when the Saudi's decided to leave the deal at the last minute.
In essence, they effectively gambled with their entire portfolio as collateral, and lost.
Replies: >>240732 >>240765
>mod game
>make Roll white and indian a robot
>replace all indian's dialogue with whatever I want, use shitty TTS for voice since it's a robot
>change Roll's dialogue to whatever I want and remove her voice until FOSS AI TTS gets good enough in a few months/years to fix that
>replace megaman with classic series Roll
>replace all ugly NPCs with lolis and change their dialogue
>replace shitty gameplay with sex animations
>MML3 is now a loli sex game
>official website for MML3 loli sex mod is hosted in place that throws american legal letters in trash
>distribute fitgirl repack of MML3 along with mod
having a shitty game is always better than having no gaem
Replies: >>240734 >>240760
[Hide] (438.3KB, 414x532) Reverse
But did they give the voice actor for Megaman helium again?
>all of this work on a game I'm not staffed to work on
At that point I'd expect Capcom to compensate me for fleshing out their turd.
but why would you go through the effort of modding a shitty game?
>Of course, since it was only a verbal agreement, Embracer had nothing in their corner when the Saudi's decided to leave the deal at the last minute.
Can you really blame the Saudi's when the saints row reboot was an example of how that money would be spent i would pull out too.
Replies: >>240777
[Hide] (24.7KB, 800x528) Reverse
So, who is the tranny? Can't fucking tell anymore.
>make some popular games
>buy a bunch of studios and IPs with money from these games
>order sequels/remakes/reboots of IPs
>don't give any on-the-floor oversight
>let the suits of these companies tell you what they're working on and show "builds" that are really just tech demos and engine demos
>hear GTA 6 is releasing within a few years
>put all of your eggs in the Saints Row basket
>cancel everything else
>try to make deal with Saudis for money
>Saints Row bombs
>yell at the Saudis to their faces
>Saudis pull out
>be left with a bloody bag of developers and studios who have no identity, tons of various contracts, and can't be merged
>close Volition
>basically cancel the SR2 patch
>investors don't come back
>puke up your guts monetarily
Replies: >>240771 >>240777
>>yell at the Saudis to their faces
Did they really?
Replies: >>240776
I doubt it unless through a screen counts.
[Hide] (49.9KB, 700x700) Reverse
>Saints Row reboot bombing
Saddest part is that Embracer could have avoided that, if after the first negative reactions at the reveal, simply told Volition to stop being faggots and get their shit together.
Instead they let those retards go "haters gonna hate" and those were the results.
[Hide] (25.3MB, 426x240, 19:44)
[Hide] (12.3KB, 96x96) Reverse
>forced to buy multiple copies to be able to benchmark it
Replies: >>240815
[Hide] (431.6KB, 1675x2372) Reverse
Gamercattle will still defend Crapcom after this. The Steam community is pure cancer and is probably even worse than Reddit, Neofag and Twitter combined.
Replies: >>240817 >>240818
They're people who accepted that buying digital games is good. Steamfags are dumb.
[Hide] (110.8KB, 700x425) Reverse
They're not mutually exclusive.
I'm gonna ask them to include a limited save system in their next game, so every save is a microtransaction.
Call it "Hardcore gaming", poorfags need not apply.
Then we'll move onto credit scores, only those applicable for a house load would be able to play vidya.
After that, only the whales will be able to pay for each input, video games will become a sign of luxury.

The sooner we can get to that point, the sooner it will all collapse or move into a different market, so the real vidya can go back to what it should've been in the first place: a hobby.
Might eventually buy the complete edition that comes with the eventual expansion+ optimization improvements+ community mods+maybe they'll eliminate denuvo
If the gayme ever becomes not complete shit just pirate it. Even if you can mod out all the nigger and faggot shit, a gayme made to appeal to nigger lovers and tannys doesn't deserve your money.
[Hide] (322KB, 492x458) Reverse
Replies: >>240834
>buying singleplayer games
>giving a shit company money
Replies: >>240834
So how IS the pirated experience? I'm assuming you only get preset hired pawns?
Replies: >>240835
[Hide] (112.6KB, 300x350) Reverse
There are buyfags on this board RIGHT NOW
Replies: >>241141
The game has not been cracked and most likely never will be, as all Denuvo crackers have left the scene. However there's a good chance that Capcom will remove it after around 6 months like they did with the Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective and two vols of the Mega Man Battle Network Legacy collection.
Replies: >>240838
MKDEV is still going are they not?
don't look at it as buyfagging (since "buying" things you can't physically own is cringe), see it as a donation to gog or whatever for hosting the games fuck steam and other platforms like it
Replies: >>240871
i also see it that way, i would like developers put their paypals or something so i can donate 1 dollar to them and them pirate the game.
Might eventually buy the complete edition that comes with a real pawn sex slave.
[Hide] (509.7KB, 700x360) Reverse
>pawns that look like random e-celeb retards
Who the fuck would want a pawn that looks like pic related apart from those retards themselves!?
Replies: >>240976 >>240977
[Hide] (1.9MB, 2700x1800) Reverse
>adds "like" to the end of the first part even though it's unnecessary and makes the line sound strange
>doesn't do it with the second line
Replies: >>240987
[Hide] (95.7KB, 203x254) Reverse
I've been wondering, can you at least murder the pawns in-game? In the end they're official representations of these people they've approved themselves.
>spawn RE tranny pawn approved by the RE tranny himself
>throw RE tranny off a cliff in-game and watch him flail all the way down
>clip the most gruesome deaths and send him a compilation via goycial media
>get flagged then banned for hate speech
I don't think they've thought this out unless they made them invincible.
Replies: >>240978 >>241000
It'll be the same thing rockstar did with RDR2's annoying femininity cow. Where that guy posted a video on jewtube of him hog tying the NPC and throwing her to the gators. They patched being able to kill her. After someone post a complication of helping that tranny join the 41% they'll patch out being able to pick him up or something so you can't "accidently" kill him or something.
Replies: >>241010
Anon, be the change you want to see in this world.
Replies: >>241001
I saw someone do just that in a video, it seems like they don't have any protections.
Replies: >>241010
>be a 2d wife hanging out with me in purgatory until I get sick of it and she hits me with an OD of fentanyl while holding hands
Unfortunately nobody has summoned Kagutsuchi yet so I can't do that.
>hog tying the NPC and throwing her to the gators
This goes beyond disabling interactivity from a certain NPC. Pawns are your companions throughout, if Crapcom made them untouchable they would break the entire game.
>I saw someone do just that in a video
Well why won't you post it?
Replies: >>241011
>Well why won't you post it?
It was a stream that I'm assuming wasn't archived.
Replies: >>241012
This is the closest I could find: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=P4SCVv_eMZY&si=30VNoxAl1WtqmgzR&t=6590
Replies: >>241013
[Hide] (52.4KB, 280x560) Reverse
>nigger quietly falls into the water
>doesn't even die, he simply vanishes
Having just beaten Postal 2 an hour ago this feels severely underwhelming.
The game's checkpoint system is just shit
Capcom survey. Tell them how you hate the lack of lolis, "body type" tranny streamers as "official pawns", denuvo, shit performance, and everything else.
https://www.enqform.capcom .com/form/pub/form1/dd2_en2
Replies: >>241141 >>241377
Spoiler File
(711.3KB, 302x228, 00:17)
[Hide] (769.4KB, 735x763) Reverse
>not paying $79.99+foreskin tip
11/10 needs moar microtransactions and DRM and maybe some trapshota. Haters stay mad
Replies: >>241153
[Hide] (58.9KB, 960x478) Reverse
[Hide] (1MB, 1170x721) Reverse
>Dragon's Dogma 2's performance is so abysmal because Capcom used an engine designed primarily for linear games (exactly the same scenario as with Elden Ring).
>The full game has been divided into two parts.
>It is also said that the new Monhun and RE titles will be set in an open world and will use the improved RE engine from DD2.
There is a high probability that Capcom wanted to release this game just to get the RE engine ready for its best-selling series, and of course to squeeze as much money as possible from fans of the first game.
Replies: >>241152
[Hide] (1.5MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
They already have a DLC planned for this year?
Replies: >>241157
Absolutely amazing, Crapcum! At 1st glance I immediately thought male and then saw gender below. This sort of garbage from the same company who's made games with great stylish art like Okami is pretty damn incredible. I really want to see them close their doors for good.
It's industry standard to make the DLC at the same time as the rest of the game these days, has been for years.
Replies: >>241158
Are they usually blatant enough to release it in the same year though? I don't really keep up with modern games.
Replies: >>241161
Of course. They usually announce DLC for AAA shit before it releases, as far as I've seen. I've seen plenty of normalfags actually complain about the lack of DLC. Hell, I've even seen people that used to visit 8/v/ do it. It's absurd how bad things have gotten since horse armor.
[Hide] (162.6KB, 800x450) Reverse
[Hide] (2.6MB, 137x244) Reverse
>I've seen plenty of normalfags actually complain about the lack of DLC >It's absurd how bad things have gotten since horse armor.
Yeah, i've seen moron asking for DLCs characters before the game is even out: 
>"I hope they'll give us x as DLC!"
Just ask them to put that shit in the base game, you fucking retards.
We said this thousands of times, but this shit usually comes from gen z's ignorance, because they have no idea that games used to come out fully tested and complete on day one, and all that shit that now is DLC used to be unlockable by playing the game and not paying additional fees.
[Hide] (5.4MB, 2000x2000) Reverse
>How bad things have gotten
>horse armor
Are you aware that horse armor sold extremely well? Well enough to fund the shivering isles.
Replies: >>241170 >>241422
[Hide] (11.7KB, 400x400) Reverse
>Are you aware that horse armor sold extremely well?
Replies: >>241172
I figured you meant the backlash to horse armor since people beg for DLC now instead of shitting on it but the only reason the people you don't like keep doing it is because people always bought stupid shit in absurd quantities.
Replies: >>241173
I am not the anon you were replying to, but when he wrote "...since horse armor" he clearly meant that the retards who bought that shit basically gave the whole industry the green light for all kinds of DLC and microtransaction kikery like that one.
The fields for saying why you didn't purchase it isn't very long, but if you say you might purchase DLC, You get a long free form field asking what would get you to buy it.
Replies: >>241392
>why you didn't purchase
So if you're not shelling out they don't care for your concerns thus little space.
>you might purchase DLC
They might listen to you, this seems like a good waste of time. Totally.
Replies: >>241448
crapcom has been doing it over a decade in advance  b4 horse armor 
street fighter not to mention sports games
>Well enough to fund the shivering isles.
Is there actual sales data for horse armor somewhere?
Also, I don't think it particularly matters whether horse armor made enough to fund SI, because SI would have been made regardless. It wasn't contingent on the success of the experimental DLCs. Morrowind got two expansions and didn't have any purchased small DLCs like Oblivion's (though it did have several distributed for free).
Replies: >>241425
>Is there actual sales data for horse armor somewhere?
I do know that bethesda themselves said it was a "success" but from what little I looked I couldn't get any actual numbers.
>Also, I don't think it particularly matters whether horse armor made enough to fund SI, because SI would have been made regardless.
If Oblivion had flopped Beth wouldn't have made any DLC for it but it did the polar opposite because Halo 3 was still a ways off and it was released strategically to fill the gap. My point is that gamers have been suckers ever since the fifth gen.
Replies: >>241428
gamers being suckers comes in waves, apparently we haven't reached ET levels yet for sufficient outrage
> this seems like a good waste of time

Maybe, but I don't want Capcom to have any excuse about not being told when it burns for this crap.
[Hide] (86.8KB, 763x506) Reverse
[Hide] (81.9KB, 755x432) Reverse
[Hide] (113.5KB, 761x549) Reverse
[Hide] (105.8KB, 759x504) Reverse
[Hide] (514.1KB, 2560x1440) Reverse
Capcom Goes “FULL WOKE,” Reveals Its Localization Team Alters Video Games For “Cultural Adaptation, Preserving Context, And Inclusive Storytelling”
Japanese developer and publisher Capcom admitted that its localization team is altering video games for “cultural adaptation, preserving context, and inclusive storytelling.”
Capcom’s games library is extensive. The company is one of the more recognized video game publishers having developed and/or published Dragon’s Dogma 2, Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Monster Hunter, Devil May Cry, Ace Attorney, Mega Man, Dead Rising, Lost Planet, and more.
The official Capcom Localization Team account on X posted, “What is localization? Embark on a global adventure through the lens of game localization! Beyond mere translation, we’re diving into the art of cultural adaptation, preserving context, and inclusive storytelling. Join us as we unravel the intricacies that make games resonate worldwide.”
The account added, “Localization isn’t just about translating words; it’s about adapting the game for a global audience. Think cultural nuances, idioms, and regional flair. A good localization makes players feel right at home, wherever in the world they are!”
Next, they stated, “Lost in Translation? Nah! Preserving the vibe is key. Jokes, references, and even gameplay elements might need a little cultural remix. It’s important to find that sweet spot to make sure players get the intended experience without feeling like something got lost in the process.”
“Each language has its unique structure and cultural context. Our teams work to ensure the narrative and dialogue maintain coherence and emotional impact. It’s not just about words; it’s about capturing the essence of the story in a way that resonates with the target audience,” the Capcom Localization Team wrote.
The team then announced it was fully embracing wokeness with cultural sensitivity changes in characters and inclusive language and representation.
For cultural sensitivity in characters the company wrote, “Character design and development must be culturally sensitive. What may be acceptable in one culture might be offensive in another. Localizers play a crucial role in ensuring that characters are relatable and respectful, avoiding stereotypes or other references that could be perceived as negative in specific cultures.”
As for inclusive language and representation it said, “Localization efforts extend to promoting inclusivity through language and representation. This involves adapting not only the linguistic aspects but also addressing gender-specific language, cultural norms, and diverse perspectives. The aim is to create an immersive experience where players from different backgrounds can identify with the characters and narrative. This can be very challenging for certain languages due to grammar.”
Capcom continued the post, “Humor often relies on cultural references and wordplay, making it a challenging aspect of game localization. Translators must carefully navigate puns, jokes, and cultural references to maintain the intended comedic effect. This requires a deep understanding of the target audience’s sense of humor while staying true to the original wit.”
The post concludes with “Consistency in Terminology.” The section reads, “Maintaining consistency in terminology is crucial for a smooth and coherent gaming experience. This applies not only to translating words but also to ensuring that game mechanics, instructions, and lore are consistently represented across languages. Establishing a cohesive language system helps prevent confusion and enhances the overall gaming experience for players worldwide.”
Former World of Warcraft Team Lead Mark Kern reacted to the post writing, “Capcom goes FULL WOKE in their localization! Changes characters, GAMEPLAY and more for DEI!”
He added, “This is their Osaka based localization team, which is full of westerners in localization who are EXTREMELY left leaning and CONTROL the narrative! How do I know? My insider scoop posts tomorrow!”
Kern is accurate in describing Capcom as going “FULL WOKE” based on their confirmation that they are actively engaging in cultural sensitivity with characters and inclusive language and representation.
This woke ideology that that Capcom is embracing is evil. Bishop Robert Barron explained in an interview with Angelus News, “First, they advocate a deeply antagonistic social theory, whereby the world is divided sharply into the two classes of oppressors and oppressed. Second, they relativize moral value and see classical morality as an attempt by the ruling class to maintain itself in power. Third, they focus, not so much on the individual, as on racial and ethnic categories and hence they endorse the idea of collective guilt and recommend a sort of reverse discrimination to address the injustices of the past. Fourth, they tend to demonize the market economy and the institutions of democracy as part of a superstructure defending the privileged. Fifth, they push toward equity of outcome throughout the society, rather than equality of opportunity. And finally, ‘wokeism’ employs divisive and aggressive strategies of accusation that are contrary to the Gospel demand to love our enemies.”
He added, “And finally, ‘wokeism’ employs divisive and aggressive strategies of accusation that are contrary to the Gospel demand to love our enemies. Suffice it to say that Catholic Social Teaching stands athwart all of this. It wants social justice, of course, but not on ‘woke’ terms. Its heroes are not Marx, Nietzsche, and Foucault, but rather Isaiah, Amos, Jeremiah, Jesus the Lord, Ambrose, Aquinas, and Teresa of Calcutta.”
It’s not just Capcom that is embracing this evil ideology. Nintendo is as well. A job listing for a Localization Production Specialist (Japanese) for Nintendo of America requires the employee to have “awareness of culturalization- and DE&I related topics.”
On the Nintendo of America career page, a listing for a Localization Production Specialist (Japanese) located in Redmond, Washington notes that one of the duties of the position is to have “awareness of culturalization- and DE&I related topics.”
This duty is the ninth of 18 bullet points under the localization duties of the position. Most of the other bullet points do seem innocuous and related to the position such as “Translates game text, graphic assets, voice scripts, marketing materials, and supplementary development and testing-related documents and materials as required to support products and services through launch and beyond.”
Another bullet point reads, “Plays pre -production software in Japanese and communicates and clarifies developer intent through text translation and collaboration with other team members.”
Not only does this job listing have a localization portion of its duties, it also has a marketing section. Under the marketing duties it requires the the employee to leverage “understanding of game content and target market trends and culture in making recommendations and proposals related to market strategy and tactics.”
Furthermore, the listing also states that the employee will be able to “act as spokesperson for Nintendo by demonstrating games to media, participating in interviews, presenting on live streams, and supporting other promotional efforts.”
So exactly what we already knew. Haven't been interested in their gaymes since DMC5 anyway. And even that I pirated.
I hope nobody here bought DD2.
Wrong thread anon, this is not the news thread.
>preserving context
Wow I really am in 1984
Replies: >>242567
You've been in 1984 for about a decade.
[Hide] (1.9MB, 270x270) Reverse
From what i have heard, a bunch of kikes infiltrated Crapcom to subvert it from the inside.
It's the old:
<"Hello Japanese company, let me tell you what "westerners" actually want in their games, don't you want to sell more copies? Then do as i tell you, we are experts on the matter, trust me goyim."
[Hide] (273.6KB, 411x470) Reverse
>It's not happening and is a harmful right-wing conspiracy theory.
>It's happening and it's good that it's happening.
>We're making it mandatory for everyone.
So tiresome.
Keiji Inafune did irreversible damage to Capcom by making think that westernizing was a good, "progressive" thing.
>make game with virtual AIDS and tranny language off successful franchise
>sales drop hard after the initial bait and switch is uncovered

First 11 days (launch month) had 2.5 million sales, but the full month and a third after that only had 620,000 across all platforms. 
Replies: >>245239
All they had to do is use the scrapped ideas from the first game and they would have had a winning formula. Capcom is so retarded now.
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