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Let's talk about those characters that you thought had a cool design or were particularly hot, but were apart of a bad game, a good game that flopped and never had a sequel, or were relegated to a secondary role only to disappear forever, but you thought deserved more.

For me it's Nariko and Kai from Heavenly Sword
The game sadly wasn't that good and even ran bad with frame rate drops and shit like that, but i think Nariko and Kai had a good design, Nariko was proof that you can make a good female protagonist that is "strong" but still sexy, while Kai had that cute but autistic appeal.
I think that both deserved to be in a much better game, more than single one, in fact.

Another one that comes to my mind is Lien Neville from KOF maximum impact.
She was created as the western counterpart to Mai Shiranui, but after the two Maximum Impact games SNK never brought her back in any other KOF game ever again.
I think she had a cool design and really could have been SNK's Nina Williams.

But there's many others like Sasha and Mathilda from Anarchy Reigns, Sokaku Mochizuchi (his evil spirit summoning is awesome) and Cheng Sinzan (great as a comic relief character) from Fatal Fury...

So yeah, post those characters that you think deserved a better chance.
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>>236185 (OP) 
I don't want to talk about a game I played as a kid, because I fear they might make a sequel in this tranny era of gaming and ruin her.
Replies: >>236198
Go on, then.
It's not like Todd or Phil Spencer browse this taiwanese cartoon forum.
Replies: >>236219
>>236185 (OP) 
Kat ;_;
Replies: >>236216
I think Gravity Rush deserved another title to make a trilogy and that's it.
I don't think it should be milked to death.
Also Raven is better
No, I'm not risking it, I want her to be at peace.
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post her, you coward!
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>>236185 (OP) 
>Valkyria Chronicles
>Get an actual hentai artist to design every character in your series
>Kill off the girl he put the most effort into and was also the face of the series
>"Apologize" by making her be a non-canonical playable character in the PSP sequels that no one asked to be on the PSP in the first place
>"Apologize" again, 10 years later by creating a character who is essentially a clone of her, but begrudgingly give her a good ending
With how good her design was and how hard they marketed her, she should have just been the main character would have been a massive improvement over Welkin. Or at least just retcon her death and made her a starting recruit and actual story character on the player's faction on a later game.
>Get an actual hentai artist to design every character in your series
The absolute madmen
Replies: >>236227
I don't get the obsession with selvaria, she sucks and her tits are shaped weird
Replies: >>236229
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>I don't think it should be milked to death
Just like how Ratchet got his corpse paraded for three more generations even when they ran out of ideas on the PS2? Sony must've been very desperate for a mascot when they decided sanitizing a platformer character with such a niche appeal.
>I'm not risking it
What are losing? At least posting on an imageboard can help bide your time.
>Get an actual hentai artist to design every character in your series
Much better than hiring a shonenshit faggot to design your game's girls, like New Sakura Wars, who got Tite Kubo as a lead designer. It speaks volumes when I felt more drawn to lewd every supporting female character that hadn't been tainted by his artstyle.
Replies: >>236554
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I wish I could kill the bad guy imp 6 million times, his actions were beyond retarded.
I hated that they didn't follow the artists designs for Alicia, what a fucking waste.
Raita is a really bad artist in general. Terrible at anatomy and his ski slope tits are objectively unattractive. I have no idea why people like or even stand his work.
>ski slope tits
Those are extra pointy nipples for ease of milking, anon.

The main issue I had with Valkyria Chronicles' characters were how they were all obviously mashed together from a relatively small set of parts (in-game) and not all of them were mashed together in attractive ways. Alicia also kind of got on my nerves from how juiced her stats are compared to all the other scouts you can pick from.
Replies: >>236255
The x-rays are immaculate.
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Nice character design gone to waste.
is that the bitch from edgerunners?
[Hide] (185.5KB, 1139x1839) Reverse
Artstyle's lame and character's overdesigned and painfully generic. That whore has nothing on Nemissa.
That's actually something the third game corrected. Most members have unique body models.
Replies: >>236267
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>My first JRPG MC that wasn't some beta bitch.
>Has the will to make the underworld his bitch and is not afraid of anyone
>Is human, flawed and an organic character
> Interesting backstory with an equally riveting rise to power.
They did my boy dirty, he deserved to be more than a dumb recurring joke.
Him and the ZHP guy.
Fucking stealth feminists.
Also fucking this.
But for Wendy Cheslock
Replies: >>236260 >>236290
>They did my boy dirty, he deserved to be more than a dumb recurring joke.
What happened?
Replies: >>236261
IIRC Laharl died and got reincarnated as a Prinny for his sins. But anon played a Nippon Ichi game and blamed "stealth feminists" for something silly happening to a character so his opinion is invalid anyway.
Replies: >>236276 >>236287
I really wanted to like her game too, but it was just so woefully boring.
And then the fourth game undid that.
Sage for double post
If anyone remembers a 2.5D point-and-click adventure/puzzle game called The Fall and its sequel, The Fall Part 2: Unbound, those games had some solid characters who never got any widespread acclaim since the games never really broke out.

There's a character called One, who is a robot android built as part of The Many, a hive mind of androids that take in information and mimic it. He managed to escape the information gravity well that their collective consciousness makes, and spends his days practicing kung fu, reflecting on art (of himself practicing kung fu) and meditating (to do kung fu better). He's a total meathead which is a great contrast to the usual isolated robot tropes.

In his section of the game, there are puzzles themed around polluting the collective consciousness of The Many with intellectual junk food like cheesy kung fu movies and bad music. At one point you rifle through the foot locker of a soldier who was stationed on the military base and find a porn mag. One and the other robot personality in his head (ARID) discuss using it as a tool against The Many.
>ARID: You said The Many can absorb visual information, correct?
>One: Yes.
>ARID: Do they enjoy absorbing art?
>One: The Many are designed to take in all forms of information, artistic or not. They do not "enjoy" anything.
>One: They do not perceive art. They are not like me. I am ONE.
>ARID: What do you think of this magazine?
>One: . . .
>One: . . . That is NOT art.
wasn't that the bad end for the first game? did they just recycle the ending for another game?
Replies: >>236290
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What part of **>dumb recurring joke **
did you not understand?
I fucking loved the prinny ending fuck you.
To be fair, he was always kind of a joke character.
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No idea why Jewtendo never brought them back.
Maybe it is the usual Miyamoto autism as he hates everything that he didn't make himself.
Replies: >>236296
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Their designs are not that great and you can't do all that much with them.
This is contrast to another Gameboy debutant who could've ended as a one-off character and should've been in Melee.
Replies: >>236297
>you can't do all that much with them.
You can have them show up as boss battles instead of Bowser Jr. or Boom Boom that design-wise are way worse.
Or even take a break from Bowser once in a while to make them the main antagonists instead.
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I wish she was playable in Rayman Origins and Legends.
[Hide] (35.3KB, 400x400) Reverse
I am surprised nobody mentioned pic related.
After the NaughtyDog the real ND not that pozzed studio that uses the ND name led by that jewish faggot trilogy, Crash was whored out to untalented dev studios that gave him a bunch of awful games with shitty character design and poor Crash never recovered.
He got a bit of a nostalgic comeback with the N-sane trilogy (that could have been better, but could gave been worse too) and then went back to the Sierra/Vivendi  mediocrity and awful character design with Crash 4.
Sometimes, dead is better.
Crash deserved better.
Replies: >>236435
Hes been dead for over 20 years  not much can be done and even if you do something today   you get a bunch of purist nostalgia retards who cannot have it any different or it's completely a different game that makes no logical sense when it comes to crash
he has way more in common with sonic despite nothing other than being named after his ass  ignoring the gameplay is 2.5d donkey kong country
it's just funny to me that crash did what sonic took until the xbox 360 to do except with 0 challenge

arguably he would have more of a fanbase today if they just took his cartoony aspect and ramped it up by 10 and made a funny  linear open world game with  weapons
it's kinda fucked to look back on old video games because you could see what they could have done to improve on those games and instead they did a 180 and turned everything into the same 2  games unless it's a "throwback" unless you're looking at indies
Replies: >>236472
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Absolutely perfect design in a great game. For some reason her series was then immediately stuck in spinoff hell, most of which don't actually include her or only have her as a minor cameo.
She's cute *and funny*
Replies: >>236489
Why do you use two spaces in place of commas or scattered at random?
Why don't you use apostrophes or periods?
Do you have brain damage?
why do you care about something as menial as how some other retards structures his posts
why would I take the time to effort post on a image board when it gets seething replies like this?
To make broken  brained psychopaths with control issues like you  get upset .
Replies: >>236517
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Replies: >>236494
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>rotating on the model barycenter and not the Z-parallel line through the sphere's center
Now you can't unsee it either.
>To make broken  brained psychopaths with control issues like you  get upset .
Maybe that anon didn't even do it on purpose.
Maybe he was phone posting or something.
There is nothing good about gravity rush being locked onto PS4.
There is nothing good about the character/franchise being locked under Sony.
The fact that they would just prefer to push the franchise into obscurity rather than embrace it and ruin it doesn't make the situation positive, it just makes it better than what it could have been.

Kat still deserved better.

Raven has no personality. Someone could just make a game with a carbon copy goth girl also named raven or crow or whatever and Sony wouldn't even be able to sue because she has no unique characteristics.
Don't worry, anon! They are making a movie!
Replies: >>236527
[Hide] (62.6KB, 369x362) Reverse
They would cast a nigger.
They would change her personality.
I'm not looking it up, and I know you're kidding, but what you said still gives me a deep unsettling feeling.
Replies: >>236528 >>236531
Spoiler File
(500.8KB, 1280x720, 00:06)
>I know you're kidding
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[Hide] (393KB, 611x607) Reverse
Fuck, I was going to post that, oh well...
[Hide] (124.1KB, 440x403) Reverse
Are they shooting this movie in UE5?
What the fuck even is this. Is this AI generated? are you having a laugh?
Replies: >>236533 >>236534
[Hide] (92.7KB, 600x340) Reverse
>are you having a laugh?
Nevermind. dont answer that. I think i need to go lay down.
Replies: >>236546
[Hide] (356.7KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
>Are they shooting this movie in UE5?
The clip is from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHFlBQVZ7HA (GR is shown at 02:16).
There's more info in >>>/v/231656 if you're interested.
>are you having a laugh?
Replies: >>236539
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Kat deserves better.

This is infuriating. There already was that cute animation proof of concept thing they did and it was cute and worked well. why not just continue with that or go full anime? Kat is an adorable character. The world is cool looking and interesting.  The story is more or less a justification for the gameplay and an excuse to do stuff so they can pretty much do whatever they want with it without betraying the source material as long as they kept the characters consistent.
And what they want to do instead is some weird blurry UE5 abomination that betrays the style, the characters, and everything that made it appealing?
Fuck this. I hope civilization collapses and we all die before this movie releases. This is an insult to creation.
This is evil.
Kat deserves better.
I hope this is fake or just some project they used as a proof of concept for a technology they end up scrapping.

Kat deserves better.
Replies: >>236541 >>236554
The fate of the forgotten waifu.
Replies: >>236544
[Hide] (6.4KB, 205x245) Reverse
Nobody forgot. Just longingly awaiting her return.
Raven is still hotter than Kat.
[Hide] (2.4MB, 450x232) Reverse
Don't worry, anon, odds are it will never see the light of day. And if it does, well... you could always bomb sony and epic HQ.
Do it for Kat.
Replies: >>236551
why did they make her so fucking ugly and unappealing when the main reason anyone even likes the games is because she is cute
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Replies: >>236553 >>236578
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[Hide] (269.6KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
She's already got 2 games though, along with animated shorts and comics.
There wouldn't be much of a point of a third instance either, considering how the story ended on the second. If anything it would just be padding.
You can also ignore whatever may come out of the movie since the Project Siren people aren't involved in it. If it ever comes through then maybe they'll port the games to PC to promote it.
In the end it could be a lot worse: it could have ended up like >>236227 instead.
Replies: >>236555
I am not satisfied.
I desire to hold hands with Kat.
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>>236185 (OP) 
I just came to say that the hags you posted are ugly and that "hot"/"sexy" is a shitty soulless non-White normalgolem metric and real Humans/Whites care more about "cuteness".
You're welcome to be wrong. And using too many syllables.
Replies: >>236586
>And using too many syllables.
Replies: >>236604
you're just as bad as fags who cry about cyberbullying, sorry if seeing things you dislike sends you into a nerd rage
Replies: >>236593
Moefags don’t listen to reason
[Hide] (76.6KB, 680x680) Reverse
>I can't find females attractive unless they have no nose, unnatural colored hair and their eyes are 40"x 40"
This is your brain on moeshit.
Replies: >>236605
[Hide] (1.2MB, 993x1080) Reverse
>acts like his taste is supreme while posting fucking rika of all things
Is this bait?
[Hide] (2.9MB, 320x240) Reverse

I don't even like 'normalnigger' for the same reason, but at least it has alliteration. 

"Normalgolem" sounds like a work-mech in a Gundam knockoff.
Kill moefags. Behead moefags. Roundhouse kick a moefag into the concrete. Slam dunk a moefag baby into the trashcan. Crucify filthy moefags. Defecate in a moefag’s food. Launch moefags into the sun. Stir fry moefags in a wok. Toss moefags into active volcanoes. Urinate into a moefag’s gas tank. Judo throw moefags into a wood chipper. Twist moefags’ heads off. Report moefags to the IRS. Karate chop moefags in half. Curb stomp pregnant moefags. Trap moefags in quicksand. Crush moefags in the trash compactor. Liquefy moefags in a vat of acid. Eat moefags. Dissect moefags. Exterminate moefags in the gas chamber. Stomp moefags skulls with steel toed boots. Cremate moefags in the oven. Lobotomize moefags. Mandatory abortions for moefags. Grind moefag fetuses in the garbage disposal. Drown moefags in fried chicken grease. Vaporize moefags with a ray gun. Kick old moefags down the stairs. Feed moefags to alligators. Slice moefags with a katana.
[Hide] (23.6KB, 385x319) Reverse
I hope you suffocate to death with a massive pair of oneesama tits on your face.
Replies: >>236611
Found the nigger
Wouldn't that be fucking awesome?
Who knows, perhaps exposing anon to a woman would restore his taste.
Replies: >>236657
At least up until he dies of suffocation.
>Wouldn't that be fucking awesome?
It would for any normal guy, but 454df2 would probably hate that since he's such a dumb faggot.
Replies: >>236712
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Speaking of stupid fucking Mario characters, this guy fucks.
Why wasn't he playable in 7 as well? None of the replacements were good, and there were already colored versions of him to use for board mayhem.
Replies: >>236680
The original Bowser Junior?
Replies: >>236691
[Hide] (24.7KB, 229x171) Reverse
No, Koopa Kid/Mini Bowser from the Mario Party games. He used to be a one-off character in the first games until they promoted him to playable in 5 and 6, then back to an NPC in 7. Makes all the less sense when 7's roster has garbage choices like Birdo, Dry Bones and Toadette up in there.
He may have been a carbon copy of Bowser but I'd rather have him linger around the franchise over Bowser Jr or the koopanigs from SMB3/SMW. At the very least he fit the bill for a wacky underling better than those faggots.
Replies: >>236699 >>236719
>Bowser Jr or the koopanigs
I always thought that the Koopalings were a shit character design and that Bowser Jr. was a mistake and should have never been a thing.
Same for Boom boom and Pom Pom, such a shitty, unimaginative character design.
Makes me thing that should probably do the opposite thread "shitty characters that overstayed their welcome".
I'll probably make it
[Hide] (403.2KB, 2700x1740) Reverse
>shows up for one good game
>next game she shows up in is horrendous and retcons her backstory, yet somehow she still controls better than sonic himself
Replies: >>236779
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1636x2160) Reverse
[Hide] (2.4MB, 2495x2650) Reverse
>Shitting on Dry Bones
[Hide] (1.2MB, 831x962) Reverse
This guy. While Origins and Legends were both good games, I despised how they've turned the Rayman character into complete retards. Worst part is, Origins is not a prequel, but a sequel to the first three Rayman games.
At least they didn't completely ruin her character after they forgot about her, as they did with almost every Sonic character. I will never forgive them for turning Tails into Luigi.
Spoiler File
(125.2KB, 600x1173) Reverse
>I will never forgive them for turning Tails into Luigi.
What did they do to Yellow Sonic?
Replies: >>236818
[Hide] (77.3KB, 688x387) Reverse
>Worst part is, Origins is not a prequel, but a sequel to the first three Rayman games.
I don't what the fuck happened with Rayman Origins.
During the reveal trailer it was clearly meant to be a prequel (hence the "origins" title) and was also supposed to have some story elements, then they scarpped everything and it became what it is, still a good game but much simpler in scope and not as good as it really could have been.
The reveal trailer looked much cooler than the final game, i am still salty about all the cuts.
Tails was always pretty much luigi though.
Replies: >>236818
>I will never forgive them for turning Tails into Luigi.
He's an onahole attached to a 1-rotor drone, not an Italian faggot.
>The reveal trailer looked much cooler than the final game, i am still salty about all the cuts.
Finding out about cut content in vidya almost always sucks.
>What did they do to Yellow Sonic?
>Tails was always pretty much luigi though.
No, he wasn't. He used to be Sonic's reliable and fearless sidekick, but starting with Heroes and then Unleashed, the writers decided to slowly start turning him into an unlikable, useless coward. His character was improved in Adventure and Adventure 2, where he was forced to believe in himself and act independently because he didn't have time to wait for Sonic's (or anyone else's) help at a critical moment in the story, but Sega just had to desperately chase Mario's success and ruin everything they had created so far in the process.
I've heard that his character was eventually fixed in Frontiers, but I'm not going to play a modern Sonic game unless its story is set in a time before the characters were ruined, mistreated or simply forgotten.
Replies: >>236837 >>236842
[Hide] (5MB, 1988x3056) Reverse
[Hide] (5MB, 1988x3056) Reverse
Ian Flynn wrote frontiers (I think), so he's less of coward there. The problem is that the game is fucking boring. Also from what little I read of the comic he's a lot more confident and I think I remember him slamming a fucking airship into metal sonic.
Replies: >>236865 >>236871
>but starting with Heroes and then Unleashed, the writers decided to slowly start turning him into an unlikable, useless coward. His character was improved in Adventure and Adventure 2, where he was forced to believe in himself

Are you aware that the Adventure games were made before Heroes and Unleashed?
Replies: >>236845 >>236865
[Hide] (101.4KB, 675x772) Reverse
uhhh meow?
Replies: >>236862
[Hide] (62.5KB, 417x695) Reverse
>Ian Flynn wrote frontiers (I think), so he's less of coward there.
>Also from what little I read of the comic he's a lot more confident and I think I remember him slamming a fucking airship into metal sonic.
That's good to hear, but for me it's still nothing more than full damage control.
>The problem is that the game is fucking boring.
I don't want to bother with any Sonic game made after Generations eitherway, except for good fan content. I'm tired of constant disappointments.
>Are you aware that the Adventure games were made before Heroes and Unleashed?
I never said they weren't made before Heroes and Unleashed, although I definitely should have included the part about Sonic Team further improving his character from being just a sidekick in both Adventure games before I mentioned Heroes and Unleashed.
Replies: >>236868
> it's still nothing more than full damage control.
You say that like sonic characters are even consistent.
> so he's less of coward there
No, it they acknowledge that he a coward and how badly he written since adventure, like amy and knuckles, but doesn't show us any growth they just have pep talk with sonic saying "we're totally going grow just trust us".
Replies: >>236893
Dude you can barely write legibly yourself
Replies: >>237035
[Hide] (460.4KB, 480x480) Reverse
[Hide] (1.4MB, 1300x1282) Reverse
I like most of the other character designs, they strike some kind of balance between cool/cute and not hugely over the top anime with wack hairstyles and clothing. Just not Selvaria specifically, it's like she doesn't really belong in that game. Alicia is way better and there are a bunch of girls in squad 7 who look cuter. On a different note, I wish VC wasn't so basic gameplay wise, I also wish they made a slightly darker and grittier no PG 13 entry at some point. Are 2, 3 and 4 any good? I've only ever played 1.
I've never played the sequels, either. All I know is that they seemed to go for another audience with a school setting and stupid shit like a class that uses giant swords.
Replies: >>237037 >>238782
Things are getting really emotional in here.
[Hide] (83.5KB, 323x838) Reverse
Actual garbage.
Better than VC2, but the platform change is strange as fuck.
The platform is finally something that isn't literal 2005 technology, but for some reason it regresses in a few areas that VC3 improved in. The grenadier class is still cool though

> stupid shit like a class that uses giant swords.
Yes, VC2 had a school setting, and a new class that uses swords called fencers. Snipers were removed and reworked into being a scout subclass, which was undone in VC3 or 4. It also had a very terrible hamfisted anti-racism message that basically says "Your country should become Sweden". I believe I mentioned this in either another thread or board, but in VC2 we're supposed to hate pic related because she loves her country and doesn't want it ruled by foreigners, firmly believes in her country's local religion and is willing to fight along side her family to restore royalty to to an actual Gallian bloodline. She actually did nothing wrong, yet she gets dabbed on by le anti-raciss anime school kids, what the fuck Sega.
If you want more Valkyria Chronicles, yes play all of them.
>I wish VC wasn't so basic gameplay wise
I wish the maps got bigger and you where allowed to use multiple tanks, planes, submarines, airplanes and ships, but no, you get two fucking sequels in the psp.
Replies: >>238786
Did Ubisoft actually put that in a game?
Replies: >>238789
> I also wish they made a slightly darker and grittier no PG 13 entry at some point

Anon, that's what 3 is. 

3 is actually pretty good. Haven't played 4 yet because I don't care to install malware, even neutered malware, on my PC.
Replies: >>238809
[Hide] (720.1KB, 620x1000) Reverse
A Jaeger led rebellion in Fhirald is the natural next step for VC5
>as partisans player characters are free to dress however they want, with armbands and military equipment (LBE, helmet) creating the unified look
>civilians that can be collateral damage or war crimed by Imperials for easy drama
>paying for equipment makes sense
>also explains equipment and enemy progression as at the start the rebellion has EW1 leftovers and is against rear guard imperials who are neither motivated or given priority for good equipment
>a bunch of the characters from 3 were given epilogues that would explain cameo/bonus character appearances
>weirder vehicles, including softskins
>if they were going to do player avatar romance bullshit, Jaeger as player's boss would allow keeping a strong narrative and it would make sense he doesn't appear directly on the battlefield most of the time
>Did Ubisoft actually put that in a game?
Unfortunately no, that's what we were talking about.
That part was in the reveal trailer alongside lots of other cool stuff that was later cut in the final game.
When the game was revealed, it was clear that it was supposed to have story elements (like that funny cutscene) and much more, as the name "Origins" was because at first it was supposed to tell how Rayman came to be.
But for some reason everything was scrapped and the game turned out much more simple and barebones than it was originally supposed to be.
Then the devs justifies the name "Origins" saying that it was simply because it was a return to Rayman 2D platforming roots, when they heavily implied differently when the game was first revealed.
Such a shame.
Replies: >>238802
>When the game was revealed, it was clear that it was supposed to have story elements (like that funny cutscene) and much more, as the name "Origins" was because at first it was supposed to tell how Rayman came to be.
More than that, journo marketing material outright said it was a prequel to the original 2D game. I distinctly remember a cover story that said something like "The fairies didn't have enough Lums to make a conplete dude, that's why Rayman doesn't have arms or legs."
Replies: >>238834
>darker and grittier
They tried it again with 4 and it came off as both shit writing and a bad comedy act considering the antag has fuck all reason to commit nuclear genocide other than "well they kidnapped a bunch of kid, better justify them doing so by commit treason and murder."
I remember that, and i am sure that cutscene of Rayman blowing Betilla's skirt up was supposed to be in the game alongside that cool looking level where he beats those giant ants.
[Hide] (95.2KB, 1024x576) Reverse
Spoiler File
(191KB, 1920x1081) Reverse
After playing the third game i would say that Bayonetta deserved better.
Looks about the same for the most part
Damn I can’t find more about the character or her series despite apparently having her name and her picture to reverse search.
Replies: >>245424 >>245428
[Hide] (63.5KB, 1280x1296) Reverse
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Are you new? That's one of the most well known vidya lolis on /v/.
Ape Escape
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I honor your resolve to protect your waifu. Go in peace.
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