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Palworld got a thread so fuck it. I want to talk about HellDivers 2.
This shit wasn't even on my radar until a friend said to check it out. I checked out of gameplay vids and it looked fun, sure enough I'm having a blast. 

I feel like this is the Starship troopers game we were supposed to get with it being just as campy as it should be. It also feels like they took inspiration from warhammer 40k as well considering the bots have a scout walker. 
Guns are fun to use, they could use a tiny buff but I can live with them they way they are. The secondaries all have their uses like the Autocannon being a good slapper and the Railgun being great at getting rid of the big guys. It gets hectic really fast on the harder difficulties and you really need to solid snake your way around the levels unless you want to be drowning in bugs and bots.

So far there are only 2 factions but it looks like there might be at least 4. Each completely change the way you play with the bugs being the unstoppable horde with the designated wallbreaker units like the charger, the bile spewers to bust you when you've bunkered up. Then there is bots. They shoot back, call in support and really seem like a worse threat. There is a current defend order against them and it's an absolute meat grinder. I love the way their eyes light up when they spot you, it casts a glow and looks nice and intimidating. The game has a ton of little details like your soldiers cries becoming more panicked as more enemies come and you are running low on resources, or out of stims. They cackle with glee when you are going full auto on a machinegun or say retarded shit when they get their legs blown off. 
There is a cash shop, but not really. You can get all the currency in games and there is a "premium" progression but all the armor is functionally the same and everyone I've talked with agree the the guns are side grades at best or just kinda shit. 
This was more a random stream of through rather than a coherent thread but here it is. Talk about Helldivers, or shit on it to your hearts content.
Why oh why does it have to have a rootkit anticheat?
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>>235683 (OP) 
Playing helldiver 1 with my brother and we are having fun, wish I had two more brothers so that the APC was firing in all cylinders.
>>235683 (OP) 
>kernel level anti cheat
its 2024, not 2004, there is no reason to have anti-cheat anymore, especially for a PvE game, there are server side solutions.
Replies: >>235691
Don't forget that if you but it in steam, you still need a playstation account to link with it.
Is it even posible to pirate helldivers 2?
Replies: >>235693 >>235721
>modern vidya
>intelligent solutions
further more, lmao
You don't need a playstation account, you can just play.
Replies: >>235695 >>235700
>Requires 3rd-Party Account: PlayStation Network (Supports Linking to Steam Account)
Replies: >>235701
Its a Sony game, they aren't letting you play without linking their account to the game first.
Replies: >>235701
I dunno man, I didn't make one. I just turned it on and killed bugs. I think there was an option when you first logged in to link or create but I just hit skip.
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OK, I will believe you, but it looks like running in linux its a pain, so I will wait for it to get better.
Replies: >>235708
>>235683 (OP) 
Is this an online-only game or there's also a single player campaign?
Replies: >>235708
>running in linux is a pain
I am literally playing it on linux 
R I G H T N O W 
endeavourOS, This could just be a simple case of werks on my machine though. The game servers are shitting themselves right now so I'm going to take a break. 

It's as online as the OG helldivers was which is to say, always. I fully expect some autismo to reverse engineer it one day as is done with a majority of these types of games, but for now we have this.
Replies: >>235714 >>235736
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>R I G H T N O W 
I was looking at the proton shit and some where having trouble and stuff, but I guess it will not be that hard.
>>235683 (OP) 
I'll play it if you buy it for me
No thanks.
Rootkit anti-cheat + second account for bullshit reasons.
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Helldivers 1 had a better soundtrack. Still kinda neat despite all the shit surrounding the second one, for the level of polish and subdued microtransaction bullshit in this day and age of dogshit after dogshit release, it's actually kinda alright considering its only 40 bucks.

Just hope it doesn't turn almost P2W like the first game when it comes to Stratagems or things like the All-Terrain Boots which were necessary for Snow planets.
Replies: >>235760
>>235683 (OP) 
Why would anyone buy this shit?

Furfags and tranny nigger faggots are defending this tripe.
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>I am literally playing it on linux
Replies: >>235764
>muted mictotransactions
It's basically cosmetics which I am perfectly fine with.  You can even buy the super citizen pass with in game currency which you can earn just by doing side objectives in the map. But I agree,  adding better stratagems for cash would be peak jew.

I hope the servers arent fucked when I get home later, I need to kill me some bots. One of the patch notes said they reduced the difficulty of the extraction missions which is lame. I supposed people don't appreciate drowning in bots.
Replies: >>235763
>It's basically cosmetics which I am perfectly fine with
Wrong, the items in the store items have passive buffs, and and exclusive sets will have exclusive buffs.
>but you can obtain the things by playing
it doesn't change the fact there is premium currency system, for now I'm sure its doable, but, in a year or two that store will be full of overpowered and expensive items that you will to have own to even play the damn thing because of how overpowered the enemies will become, arrowhead and sony are whale hunting, anyone with a brain can see that.
Are you the fag who gets mad at "based"? Shut the fuck up either way and die bitter.
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>Why do you have to be mean just because i type like a faggot?
Replies: >>235775
How the fuck do you deal with Bile Titans? Shooting their stomachs doesn't seem to hurt them.
Replies: >>235799
>if I post a smig reaction image it makes me look like the not mad one
You're literally retarded huh? Absolutely based tbh
Replies: >>235776 >>235777
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>Someone pointed out i write like a retard
>Maybe should i stop? Nah better double down
Anon, i...
Replies: >>235784
ironically, this is the time you used "literally" correctly, imagine that
Replies: >>235784
I'm OP not him and I used it to sound retarded as a joke when I made that post. Like I'm literally on Linux,  haha. This is currently the gayest argument on the board but I expected the thread to be like this.
Same as in the first game. You deal with armor with Anti-tank. Your rifles are there for dealing with patrols and weaker enemy swarms, they deal only 10% damage to "weak spots" and you need to use actual penetrating explosive weapons to get through. No this is not the Dominator nor the liberator explosive, you bring a Recoilless Launcher, Expendable AT or some heavy ass AT stratagems like a bombing run, an artillery bombardment or a railcannon strike to deal with them. Alternatively just die, get reinforced ontop of the titan and squish it with a drop pod, or do the same with a resupply pod if you can gauge the distance and delay for it.
Replies: >>235804
I turned my nose up at the disposable AT thinking it was something you used until you unlock something better. Then I find out it not only hits like a truck, it refreshes in about a minute and a half. Super fast. 
Also the backblast from firing sends your teammates flying backward.
Replies: >>235808
Nah every stratagem has an use case and thing it excels at.
Expendables have versitality in high risk situations due to their low cooldown, and the fact you get two per drop meaning your teammate can also pick it up and you both can tandem something big or deal with two dangereous threats. Very mobile sort of Antitank, but suffers against swarms of tanks like in higher difficulties.
Recoilless is a lot more consistent, has a higher penetration value, can be reloaded with ressuply stratagems and in general is a better weapon, but if you lose it, you're gonna have to wait a long time. Excellent against swarms of tanks, but sucks at upkeep and mobility, and requires a good teammate reloading you for its full potential.
Autocannon is for mook clearing as well, but has some capability to deal with armor or at least armor removal so you can finish off enemies with small arms fire. Jack of all trades, technically a better MG if the MG din't have so much fucking ammo. Much faster reload than real AT weapons. Can reload half the internal magazine as you reload 5rnd clips into the 10rnd well, very ammo efficient for an AT option. Won't actually deal with tanks like a real AT option.
Railgun has an overcharge mechanic to deal massive amounts of damage at the expense of you fucking up and instakilling you but is otherwise similar to the Autocannon with a higher damaging alpha strike. People say its OP but its only barely less shitty than the railgun from the first game which wouldn't kill Armor but would Stun it for several seconds which in many cases was better than killing them (and was actually a primary instead of a 3rd slot equipment stratagem).
Spike/Spear is essentially a handheld ATGM. Very low ammo and very ammo inefficient as a result, but kills shit dead and bypasses ammo a lot harder than Recoilless. Pretty great weapon, but won't deal with swarms like Recoilless, also won't lock onto things too close to you so virtually useless in close range situations, Recoilless, Expendables and Railgun/Autocannon do that much better, specially Railgun with the lack of explosive blast.
Replies: >>236002
The rescue missions are insane. Bots just keep dropping, if you dont wipe them out fast enough you pretty much fucked. Still fun thougjh.
Replies: >>236008 >>236016
Is fucking fun to use.
The devs apparently made them "easier" but I haven't noticed much of a difference. Enemy spawns are too much that you never get a handle on them and I'm always getting down to the last minute of stratagem support before I complete the objective. Just seems like pure luck whether or not enemies want to kill the civilians immediately or let them walk right past them.
>Enemy spawns are too much that you never get a handle on them
Because the game was designed to be a microtransaction cash cow.
Replies: >>236043
I was able to do a few on the harder difficulties. You really need to manage the spawn and keep pressing them buttons. 
Sometimes I think bugs are harder though. Fucking Stalkers are a nightmare until you take out the hive, that and the constant patrols. With bots you can see the one going to send the flare up but good luck guessing which bug is going to start brapping to call the horde.
Consider bringing EMS static stratagems or anything that's area denial like Napalm strikes and such. Don't rely on turrets, they only shred one cybernetic skull at a time instead of the whole dropship and their mother. Bring Orbital strikes for anything heavier or a pair of dudes with Recoilless/Spear as well as someone with an MG (it deals medium-piercing, so it deals with Scout Walkers and medium tier mechas efficiently and has so much ammo, lower the firerate though). IIRC Eagle Straferun has a disgustingly short reload for how good it is at clearing mooks.
>>235683 (OP) 
You sound like a shill. Fuck off with your flavor of the month trash.
Replies: >>236041 >>236043
Thanks for the bump!
Replies: >>236048
If you can find the pay to win item let me know.

I wish this place was popular enough to shill on.
If you seriously think sage does anything with our PPH then you are a fool.
Replies: >>236049
Symbolism and politeness is something completely lost to you huh. Even 2pph 5ch boards still use sage consistently to not bump stuff they dont wanna bring to the top of the page.
Replies: >>236053
Literally no one cares. What a pathetic attempt to throw shit at someone.
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Enjoying the game and glad it runs on my shit PC. My pc is finally down to minimum settings on modern games but it still works. At the moment the only real complaints I have the server being full and matchmaking not working. Like its midday on a monday and has more people than it had yesterday. Hopefully we can organize FRIEND codes or some shit with some of you niggers once it consistently has space. 

On the bright side, the ABJECT FAILURE of other Live service games while Helldivers 2 is doing good is hoprfully making sony and otther companies notice. I’d be happy if those 6 projects remain dead instead of delayed.
Replies: >>236070
Ah nevermind, that headlines 3 months ago
Do the friend codes change between sessions? I've been gaymin with some other fags I know but it would be fun to play with you nerds.
Replies: >>236127
[Hide] (15.2MB, 1920x1080, 00:54)
Ah great another pozzed live service pile of shit.
Well, there is always helldivers 1.
Replies: >>236088
>sony game
>expecting anything less
Replies: >>236088
Poz is the least of the game's issues when it has built-in spyware. Hope it gets removed cause I wouldn't mind trying it out some time, but spyware is an automatic and perpetual "No" from me, dawg. 

Shit shill thread.
I would believe yes since you can spam the friend code button and it'll just keep generating new random codes.
Replies: >>236191
Lame. Will make it hard to sync up. 
Rumor is a patch is going to go live that should fix all the connection issues. What a shitshow it's been. I've still been able to play but it's hard to believe that they didn't have a backup plan for scaling but I suppose they didn't expect so many trying to play.
Replies: >>236209
Apparently the dev's CEO said their backend code flat-out hit a wall at around 450k players and they need to optimize their shit before thinking about adding more computer.
Can anyone even play the game yet?
Replies: >>236314 >>236363
Waiting in the lobby is a feature!
Interracial couples in the trailer, dropped. Get the fuck out of my board normalnigger.
Replies: >>236344
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What did you expect from a game made for normalfags? The bugs are the good guys.
Replies: >>236365
It was better a few days ago but looks like more and more people are crushing the servers and it isn't being capped any higher.
What video games have you played?
Replies: >>236367
Synthethic and Helldivers 1, why?
Replies: >>236371
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You seem like the kind of guy that prefers sucking dicks to games.
Replies: >>236375
I'm not a sodomites so I only suck at games.
Replies: >>236396
I'm starting to really enjoy the AT rifle.  Can kill bugs good and pop those dreadnought looking guys if you shoot them in the face. I've always had a love for high damage singleshot weapons, same as EDF.

You are a butt lovin penis oven.
Replies: >>236397
buy me the game you cheapskate
>Play with random group
>Dude jumps in front of my gun and dies once when we have already been playing no issue for 20 minutes
>Instantly kicked
Guess I'll just stick to being the team leader, then kicking everyone at the very end so no one else gets the goods.
Replies: >>236642
Randoms are a mixed bag. Even with voicechat most suck. I do haz 7 work my buds and we do great but with randos it would be suffering.
Replies: >>236758
So what exactly is it that you fags like about this game? I'm never going to buy it for the many reasons already mentioned, but there's a PC cafe within driving distance of me screaming from the rooftops that they have Helldivers 2 on freeplay so I have the opportunity to try it. No, I am not asian.
Replies: >>236908
Ia that why the Bot Front is going so badly?
Replies: >>236905
Retards are doing just one mission of the 3 in a set and then leaving to fight something else or changing planets instead of sticking to it, which counts as a loss for the sector and destroying the completion %, leading to planets being lost.
Replies: >>236938 >>237005
Just think it's fun. Hit's all the buttons for me. Looks good, shootin is fun, big explosions. What's not to love?
Hope they figure thatout soon, or Spess Nam will be the least of Super Earth's troubles.
Can you wear the LGBTQIA+ flag as a cape in this game?
Replies: >>236942
No, and apparently people who ask about it on the official Discord server get banned.
Replies: >>236946
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Replies: >>236958
Neat. I guess that confirms the body type shit is a top-down edict from Sony, as much as it can be confirmed without a diversity checklist leak like what allegedly happened with Disney. Still not giving them a single cent though.
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>this much shilling for a game with hard player limits and centralized p2p
No thanks.
If it's fun...
Replies: >>236981
can't play offline
Democracy its an always-online feature.
Considering the nature of the game (community campaigns), I'd be very surprised if you could.
>a multiplayer-focused game requires you to be connected to the internet
Say it ain't so.
Replies: >>236999
[Hide] (302.4KB, 679x679) Reverse
>requiring internet is the same as centralized p2p
Host your own server, open for random fags to join, to bypass their 455k player limit.
>which counts as a loss for the sector and destroying the completion %
That appears to not actually be the case and the word apparently came about from some discord mod which should tell you how authentic the claim is.
Fun game but honestly what it needs to really win me over is bigger battlefields. I want to experience things like the old Star wars battlefront 1 and 2 games where we can have like 16 players at once. Sure it'll fuck up the reinforcement system but I feel one day we can see that. Hopefully if they ever reach any enemy capitals we can see that sort of gameplay.
[Hide] (4.2MB, 640x640) Reverse
>hard player limit
>centralized p2p
>can't play offline
Into the trash it goes. What a shame. I was going to pirate it and give you guys my thoughts on it.
Replies: >>237175
akshually the playerlimit was a server issue that has been fixed.
Replies: >>237288
Difficulty 7 is the most perfect difficulty. Perfect amount of armored enemies to keep you on your toes.  Big guys come often enough,  but not constantly. Patrols are frequent but as soon as you start knocking out enemy bases,  thin out.  It's nice.
Replies: >>237248 >>237271
The amount of Bile Titans that show up on Helldiver difficulty is insane, you really do need to rush through that shit
Replies: >>237271
Stealth and deaggroing enemies is a highly valuable skill in higher difficulties. You can pretty much do entire objectives without being detected in some cyborg missions and even though bugs can see you, they don't really attack in their patrol state unless you shoot back or they start getting really close.
Smoke can make enemies lose track of you effectively and let you pretty much run all the way to the edge of the map to despawn enemies if needed be. EMS stratagems can slow down anything that isn't a Tank or a Bile Titan on its own long enough that they can't chase you at all and are forced to despawn in such an scenario as well.

For when shit hits the fan. I highly recommend packing a default Breaker, Liberator or any of the SMGs with P-4 revolver for max dps + medium AP or a Slugger shotgun with P-19 microSMG for lots of medium AP with some fast firing backup.
For armoured threats, Railgun or EATs if you're going mostly solo or can't find a teammate that can into teamwork. Otherwise Recoilless + Supply Pack launcher guy carries supply pack, other guy carries a railgun (AT), MG (best horde clear by far) or Nade launcher (Horde clear + Objectives) and the recoilless ammo backpack depending on what is lacking in the team is the strongest option by far for dealing with big hordes whenever 500kg bomb, Eagle Airstrike, Walking Barrage, Railcannon Strike or Laser Cannon are on cooldown.
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[Hide] (1.8MB, 1920x1080, 00:08)
>just raised it to 700k
You're a liar and this is a shitty shill thread.

Isn't it odd that TF2, Helldivers, Payday, Payday 2, Deep Rock Galactic, and every other fully P2P game never had these issues?
I can fire up UT99 and still connect to servers because everything except the browser is P2P.
I can still play Red Alert 2 online.
I can play the original WC3 and Starcraft 2 in LAN mode on a VPN.

This game is pure shit because of the inclusion of a micro transaction framework that forbids full P2P support and actual spyware anti-cheat.
Imagine Diablo 2 (which you can still play fully P2P) having all this shit.

Did the devs fuck your mom? Who the fuck are you trying to impress by raging against the machine here? Are you waiting for someone to chime in and pat you on the back, or just doing it because you're "supposed" to? 
I have grey in my hair anon, I don't care about all that shit anymore. I just wanna kill bugs with the lads.
[Hide] (435.3KB, 750x900) Reverse
The only game you've mentioned that I know uses P2P is WC3, the other RTS games probably do as well. Most of the others use regular server-client architectures. What you're actually trying to complain about is always online official servers only games vs hosting your own lobby/listen/dedicated server games. Since going the official servers only route entails additional costs for no real benefit the only real reason they do it is that it functions as DRM, basically a Simcity 2013 scenario but normalfags bought the excuse.
Replies: >>237301
You're an even bigger sperg. No one's stopping you from playing game retard. Just ignore and stop bitching at every disapproval post.

>The only game you've mentioned that I know uses P2P is WC3
Payday 1/2 are P2P, but Payday 2 does not have conventional P2P servers. Same is true for Deep Rock Galactic, where there are features of both P2P and a player's computer being used as a host. This seems to be true with Helldivers 2 as well, although they're using P2P combined with live fucking service just to get their microtransaction system to work.
Spoiler File
(3MB, 576x720, 00:22)
>I have grey in my hair anon, I don't care about all that shit anymore. I just wanna kill bugs with the lads.
>muh grey hair
Age is no excuse for lazy enabling niggerbrain.
Still not P2P, those are server-client with a player acting as server and the rest as clients. In P2P each client communicates with every other client directly without a server.
Replies: >>237356
>just for
Anon, may I ask how you would make the campaign system work at all without required connections to
*the internet?
Replies: >>237356
To play doubles advocate, you could in theory have community campaign servers and pick one before starting. That's not really an option when your publisher makes consoles though.
[Hide] (92.8KB, 1918x512) Reverse
>Still not P2P
It's not truly P2P. As I said they're not conventional. Payday 2's servers still do the most retarded thing where the clients connect to each other, but if you drop connection to the host, then the client will use another client's game until the host reconnects. Although looking through DRG again, their servers are indeed not P2P as players will be playing through a host, despite what the techies for the game say.

>Anon, may I ask how you would make the campaign system work at all without required connections to the internet?
By not designing the game to require the internet? Helldivers 2 would of unironically been better off if they included a host-server or community based servers. Or at-least they've could of brought an offline sandbox mode for solofags. If the devs didn't intend for the game to be played alone, then maybe they shouldn't allow players to solo it at all.
Replies: >>237359
>P2P servers
Please stop being retarded already and learn basic networking
Replies: >>237360
>learn basic networking
I literally explained how Payday 2's servers worked and admitted I was wrong about DRG and the degree they were P2P, but continue to be a illiterate and gigantic tard.
Replies: >>237361
You were just describing client/server and naming it P2P. They are two entirely different things and the more you speak and insult others the more you look like a retard. Just because one of the clients IS the server doesn't make it P2P.
If you want a real example of a P2P game, you can look at (G)ZDoom's implementation of it, it's pretty shit too btw and explains its limitations and why nobody uses it in exchange for a hybridized client/server approach on pretty much every single modern game with any decent netcode. If there's a centralized server/host, it's not P2P.
"P2P" has been used as shorthand for any game that doesn't support dedicated servers for as long as jews have been charging for the privilege of getting cucked by a huezilian's shitty internet. Stop pretending you're smart and talking big about shit you know nothing about.
HD 2 just killed themselves..nuking weapons and making them weaker, wtf? 

I used to be against hackers fuck that cheaters are based now. Fuck Arrohowhead fuck the devs. They are banning people from the discord for complaining about the new update.
Replies: >>238022 >>238028
you are right I was in a game with a hacker

you're salty asf faggot this game is dog shit now cheating is going to explode if they keep making weapons and stratagems weaker and gayer.
Replies: >>238026
You seem upset.
>you're salty asf
Railgun was always for fags. Recoiless4lyfe.
[Hide] (643.3KB, 800x500) Reverse
I managed to play this game for about 4 hours at a PC cafe. It's okay/10 but that's it, overhyped as hell. Every map is the same rocky desert shithole and objectives are distributed so thinly you end up spending most of a 30 minute match holding shift. It feels like the pieces are there for interesting gameplay but since enemy AI hasn't advanced meaningfully since Wolfenstein 3D enemies only really threaten you through having big numbers on their attacks or sheer volume. Also if I had to keep hearing "how about a nice cup of liber-tea" I would blow a fuse.
Replies: >>238138
this post has been reported to super-earth
Replies: >>238146
[Hide] (159.7KB, 540x830) Reverse
Jokes on them, I'm from super duper earth :^)

That brings up another point, the developers were clearly liberals and made the whole Super Earth thing gratingly over the top because they were afraid players would come to one of two natural conclusions: that fascism is cool and makes sense, or else that we're living in a fucking "managed democracy" sham right now. Unless the devs are smarter than I think and the voice lines using "Democracy" and "Freedom" in the same way that lefties use "Inclusion" and "Equality" were intentional, which if true would be a truly masterful troll. The whole game would benefit from a dose of cynicism, where at least one PC voice and some of the NPCs "know the score" but keep fighting for Super Earth because the alternative is dissolution and chaos. If fucking Warhammer games can get this balance right there's no reason a small studio with no continuity to violate couldn't do the same thing.
Replies: >>238167
The game is obviously a spoof of Starship Troopers, specifically the movie, and falls into the same trap where everyone likes the satire unironically. 
>The whole game would benefit from a dose of cynicism
That already exists in the form of research centers and transmission towers you have to blow up. The whole point of the satire is it being over the top. There being some boring fuck trying to say how evil it is would just ruin the mood and come across as patronizing the player for liking the satire in the first place.
Replies: >>238240
[Hide] (4.2MB, 280x302) Reverse
I decided to look up some footage of this game and it looked like Fortnite vs bots.
>drop into a wide, open area with zero interesting geometry
>run around aimlessly while shouting for reinforcements and calling in air drops
>run in the vague direction of a map marker and witness a bug emerge from the ground
>it slowly trundles towards the player while absorbing bullets
>it dies
>repeat a dozen times
>the map market disappears and a new one appears
What is the appeal of this?
[Hide] (74.7KB, 920x1005) Reverse
>the map market disappears and a new one appears
What? You don't like playing as a merchant?
It’s very famous on TikTok, this is the actual reason. 1 month from now it will be dead, just like Lethal Company.
Replies: >>238202
It's EDF for people who have never played EDF
Replies: >>238202
[Hide] (52.7KB, 1088x324) Reverse
Don't think that's comparable. Lethal Company is a solo dev that made a game people enjoyed playing together, got a fuckload of money from it, and has no costs to keep the game running since it's purely peer to peer through steam.
Helldivers is made by a studio that has salaries to pay, needs to keep shitting out content to keep their game alive, and has servers running to track world progress and perform matchmaking.

No no anon, EDF 6 is clearly a Helldiver-like, don't you read ((( the news )))?
>The game is obviously a spoof of Starship Troopers, specifically the movie, and falls into the same trap where everyone likes the satire unironically.
That's my point though, it's like they wanted to do Starship Troopers but were afraid of people liking the premise as if it wasn't satirical, so they made it even more over the top. It's like if Starship Troopers was a sketch on the John Stewart show.
This is a pretty accurate description when playing against bugs. Bots are a little different because they can shoot back and spawn in at defensible positions instead of random holes in the ground.
Replies: >>238271
Flips the same switch EDF does.  Just like being a faceless soldier killing hordes with da boyz.
Replies: >>238253
[Hide] (392.5KB, 900x623) Reverse
EDF is about humanity's unbreakable spirit in the face of impossible odds. It's about bravery and fighting to protect the things you love without compromise. Storm 1 isn't as much a faceless soldier as he is a legendary hero to identify with.
Replies: >>244668
It was always going to be a parody weather or not people got it is another matter. Just ask Paul Verhoeven.
[Hide] (648.1KB, 4096x2631) Reverse
>mechs get released
>servers immediately crash
Replies: >>238299
Aw yis. Time to get stompin.
[Hide] (45.1KB, 498x396, 00:02)
[Hide] (158.2KB, 1030x990) Reverse
[Hide] (118.5KB, 1266x589) Reverse
Helldivers 2 will now require PC players to link a PSN account
a reminder that good things never last forever
Replies: >>244665
somebody post the "body type" selection screen
[Hide] (1005.1KB, 999x632) Reverse
>without compromise
>with an air raider pic
That's a very euphemistic way of saying "by any means necessary".
>Sony Interactive Entertainment
Sony can't resist ruining shit, can they?
I was honestly thinking about getting Helldivers 2 since it looks like an arcadey horde shooter with MGSV combat and I have people to play it with.

I guess I'm still waiting for EDF ultimately.
Replies: >>244674
>I guess I'm still waiting for EDF ultimately.
[Hide] (40.4KB, 305x147) Reverse
And its all going down in flames so spectacularly.
Writing was on the wall since linking a PSN account was setup at launch but wasn't mandatory. Only makes sense that Sony would get jealous of its non console success and sink it.
Replies: >>244730 >>244755
This seems like the most likely explanation. That or data brokering.
Kinda feels like a "we already got the money" situation. It already rode the FotM hype to huge success so tanking it now probably doesn't matter to them.
Wow, a FOTM from beginning to end.
Replies: >>244770
This is why you don't make concessions and go "b-but it's f-fun, so what if Soyny had their hand in it? so what if you have Body Types? a-at least it's fun to play"
They can and will pull the rug out from underneath you. Don't support people or companies who don't support you, silly niggers
It's still pulling 100k a week, no one cared. What are they going to do,  not play helldivers?
Replies: >>244771
[Hide] (245.4KB, 1427x923) Reverse
[Hide] (48.7KB, 323x640) Reverse
The account linking was communicated as mandatory since launch however. 

>Some players are having trouble linking their PSN accounts to their game in the initial setup screen. They may see an error code indicating a server request problem. For now, you can skip that screen and play normally. Later—after we resolve those server request errors—the game will ask people who skipped that screen to try linking their accounts again.
This archive is from yesterday, but the post was last edited on February 12th, 4 days after release.
Hiding shit like this in a ToS which nobody reads is one thing, but they put it on the store page as a visible disclaimer and there's a mandatory pop-up in game.
[Hide] (323.7KB, 441x575) Reverse
[Hide] (20.5KB, 393x409) Reverse
[Hide] (32.7KB, 821x416) Reverse
[Hide] (247.5KB, 680x590) Reverse
it's joever
Replies: >>244865
This won't actually materialize until June 4th when they make it a requirement to link to a PSN account. Not that people will stop playing.
Replies: >>244773 >>244774
They will probably get bored of the game by then and move on to whatever the next Big Thing™ is.
[Hide] (25.6KB, 596x324) Reverse
doesn't look like it's lost any players at all since the announcement. as usual gaymers are all bark and no bite.
Replies: >>244776
[Hide] (17.6KB, 184x184) Reverse
>This won't actually materialize until June 4th
<May 3
They'll bribe valve to delete the negative reviews for "review bombing" but the true test will be when people are actually prevented from consuming the product.
Replies: >>244778 >>244782
>the true test will be when people are actually prevented from consuming the product.
Yeah a lot of people see a looming deadline and view it as the end of a free trial. They will play until that point where they have to create an account and then quit. Or >>244773
Replies: >>244782
Anyone else suddenly feeling dread about EDF6 getting released in June?
Replies: >>244784
Might have to deal with a sea of retards if playing with randos, which you shouldn't, pretty sure you'll have enough players just sticking with the people here.
[Hide] (1.3MB, 640x480, 01:04)
It's almost as if these people hate success. But, strangely enough, I don't hate Sony as much as the morons who bought the game.
Replies: >>244871
I told you faggots that were shilling this tripe for free that it's a shit game.
Always online and centralized multiplayer are always deal breakers.
[Hide] (21.8KB, 389x68) Reverse
[Hide] (12.9KB, 815x343) Reverse
[Hide] (16.9KB, 323x200) Reverse
[Hide] (25.2KB, 1158x346) Reverse
if it was joever then, it's so joever now, and it will be completely joever by june 6th if not earlier at this rate. a couple thousand more and negative reviews will surpass positive ones. the player count has also modified its trend and missed its expected weekend rebound peak and instead continued going down dipping below 100k concurrent players for the first time ever since release. it's both ironically beautiful and eerily dystopian how the average drone is so easily manipulated into blindly loving or hating something or someone and how eager they are to jump on every controversy bandwagon. as for me, I'm an intellectual, I only pirate games or buy from devs whom I truly know they're deserving of my money and only if their game is actually worth playing.
Replies: >>244871 >>244885
[Hide] (115.7KB, 779x1017) Reverse
[Hide] (151.5KB, 798x1261) Reverse
[Hide] (132.5KB, 800x1265) Reverse
[Hide] (264KB, 419x1260) Reverse
you just know the majority of these people never had an issue with psn or sony or cared at all, and now they're just dunking on the game because everyone else is doing it. I'm extremely confident that a number of them had to google or ask someone something along the lines of "why is sony bad? "why is psn linking bad?" "why do I have to hate helldivers 2?" and then proceeded to parrot whatever opinions they read to be like the cool guys and get le epic pc master rays steam reaction and wholesome keanu chungus reddit karma.
Replies: >>244900
>buy from devs whom I truly know they're deserving of my money and only if their game is actually worth playing.
>muh centrist grandstanding

Got to prevent the herd from being abused before it can start developing self identity first.
Replies: >>244872
you're a total retard
Replies: >>244873
[Hide] (119.9KB, 224x224) Reverse
Yeah, and your point?
The game had a skippable pop up screen warning about the imminent PSN merger, I don't understand why they are upset, and the player count hasn't gone down AT ALL so it's very clear they all already made PSN accounts.
Replies: >>244879 >>244883
Normalfags are retarded nigger monkeys screeching and hollering at the next thing that strolls along, eager to tear its scalp off. Don't expect anything rational from them
Replies: >>244883
>giving anything to sony
>at all
Replies: >>244884
Sony is shit and so is the game and so are the people who like it. Not one innocent person can be found in this shitshow
[Hide] (410.4KB, 593x540) Reverse
Player count should drop somewhat as Sony is already getting ready to block the game in the 177 regions that do not support PSN accounts.
Replies: >>244898 >>244919
needing accounts to play video games. jesus you guys are faggots. C'mon own up, who made a PSN account?
Replies: >>244918 >>244922
Antarctica bros... how will we recover?
Replies: >>244907
>I disliked Sony BEFORE it was cool
Who cares you hispter faggot.
penguin uprising WHEN?
Replies: >>244916
[Hide] (76.5KB, 427x695) Reverse
>C'mon own up, who made a PSN account?
My brother made me a psn account so I can play with him.
[Hide] (57.4KB, 374x374) Reverse
So, Isn't this actually fucking sweet?
>The best part about playing Helldivers 2 is knowing that niggers don't know how to.
Replies: >>244922
Bit of double edged sword. Or one of those "would you press the button" scenarios.
>if you press the button you can play this game with 99% less (sand)niggers and spics
<BUT you have to sell your soul to Soyny

Nice digits. But luckily I don't play multiplayer games anyway so I neither own the game nor have to make a PSN account for it. I'm just here to enjoy the internet drama.
[Hide] (34.1KB, 585x307) Reverse
And it's rolled back for now
Replies: >>244938 >>244942
Sony walks back Helldivers 2 PSN requirement
We did it leddit! Helldivers II gamenight when?
not paying 40 bucks to sony
>gamenight when?
When we get bored of EDF6
>hard player limit
>multiplayer that relies on developer's services

No thanks
[Hide] (71.8KB, 611x394) Reverse
Replies: >>244956
when they remove Ring 0 spyware.
Replies: >>244959
Soyny will never make that mistake again, but then I remember that they hire retarded females in their team.
While enjoying the meltdown in the past days, I did see this thread
Peoplethere  seem to believe that running the game on linux makes the spyware not work. I honestly doubt it, since then they'd just ban you for playing on linux. But you'd figure someone smarter than me would have explained that to them in the 35 pages of steam forum bickering that I'm not all gonna read, so who knows.

Anyway, buyfag-only gamenights are thrash, and I doubt this game's going to get pirate servers considering it's not just matchmaking but some kind of world system too.
Replies: >>244967 >>244968
As far as I'm aware the world system is just fluff and the actual matches have settings based on difficulty not world status.
Replies: >>244985
I doubt this works like the steamcucks think it does, but the idea is pretty simple. A Windows rootkit isn't going to be calling Linux APIs to get kernel access, and it wouldn't get it anyway. Wine responds to requests to attach kernel drivers with "yeah sure whatever" without really doing anything, which is the way Wine responds to any API call when it won't make 90% of Windows programs crash. Most rootkits will crash your game on purpose if they don't detect the kernel component, so I suspect it's just doing whatever evil shit it does in ring 3 instead, much like VAC and "Wine-compatible" builds of Easy Anti-Cheat. You're still running malware streaming arbitrary code from an untrustworthy server, it's just not running in kernelspace.
Replies: >>244971
Guys, I think he was being sarcastic about the game night thing.
>much like VAC and "Wine-compatible" builds of Easy Anti-Cheat
Do elaborate
The world status should only determine what planets you can go to, the buffs/debuffs associated with the planet, and the percentage towards being conquered the planet is at.
Helldivers 2 is still effectively banned in countries without PSN
>Countries that can’t access the game now include Cuba, Belarus, Greenland, and pretty much the entirety of Africa.
Nigger BTFO!
Replies: >>245320
What did the Danes do to get baned?
Replies: >>245335
Well, PSN operates in Denmark. It seems they have a policy of not bothering with smaller Pacific/Atlantic islands as well as most African and Central Asian countries, in other words the global equivalent of "flyover counties".
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