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This is a thread for TACTICAL AND MILSIM GAMES; ArmA, RoN, Hideous Destructor, Ground Branch, Squad, SWAT 4, Project Reality, etcetera. If people move at realistic speeds by default, die fast, and the gunplay is realistic, it probably belongs here.
Most milsim/tactical communities are infested with redditors, halfchanner retards, powertripping niggerfaggots, or all three. A group can be assembled to play ops with people who aren't, and therefore have a experience that is orders of magnitude more FUN.
ArmA III is not compatible with Linux out of the box, but can be made compatible through a not-particularly-arduous process; first, try -nolauncher and Proton Experimental, and if that fails, muck around with wrappers and graphics bullshit until things work; will reply with further information once it arrives. If you want to >pay, you're probably going to need Apex, Tanks, and Marksmen for a full ground-side experience, although in effect you're just paying money for adblock.

Hideous Destructor requires a lot of minor changes to become playable and remove all the poz. However, luckily, a .zip file is attached with a multiplayer-compatible base modlist (shamelessly stolen from a friend) that will work out of the box if you arrange it according to the numbers:
Remove "hdest-uniquesounds.pk3" and "insurgencysfx.pk3" for the vanilla-Doom sound experience. Remove the skins file if you're not interested in looking like a Kasrkin. hd-negatory does all the poz removal and tweaking.

Try the following commandline parameters for the host as a base: -host [N] -netmode 0 +teamdamage 0.25 +hd_pof 1 +dmflags 2097152 +dmflags2 268435456 +map RANGE, where [N] is the number of players. The teamdamage parameter is mostly just to prevent bad nades from causing total teamwipes; use changemap commands to switch to the desired map when all players are ready.

RoN is still a fucking mess due to particularly overtuned AI.

Note that I am fucking retarded, and as a result have not memorized every single download link and every single guide for every single tactical game seen in the past, especially Elite Force which was a prior gamenight; thus, if you have links, information, and anything relevant, particularly if you have been hosting or setting up gamenights, please reply with them.
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>>234335 (OP) 
what's wrong with ready or not?
AI that kill you through walls and doors if you breathe, and the devs and playerbase are saying "No but it's realistic!!!!"
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also should I get an afg 2 or an m-lok afg for an my sbr?
>>234335 (OP) 
There we go, found it.
Is Ground Branch worth buying or is it dead
Replies: >>234347
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They only had a job, make a game better than Swat 4, a 2005 game. And they couldn't even get close.
Replies: >>234628
I pirated it some time ago, and i remember it having a lot of issues. There's not too much to do, because you can cheese the AI and kill everyone alone, and there's like only 4 maps.
If anyone is interested in multiplayer, please reply to this post. Going to get all the necessary infrastructure (teamspeak server, hosting, etc) set up on my end -- or at least try -- if you can give guides and tell me you'll show up. Got disposable income and time to burn.
Replies: >>234364
host SRB2 instead
Is 7.62 hard life allowed to come?
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>ready or not
censored the game due to a kotaku hitpiece. 
Replies: >>234511 >>238176
That guy was fired and they're owned by chinks now.
Replies: >>234520
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What do you want Arma 4 to have?
>modern day (or so near future it might as well be modern) and/or historical base game 
<3's future weapons stuff that makes it worse as a mod base since its default stuff isn't usable anywhere but its own fictional setting
>better indoors fighting support
>ability to do dense urban terrain without engine shitting itself
>female character support for civilians/mod base use (they're impossible to mod in properly and even more impossible to get support for modded stuff in without being a base game feature)
>child soldiers (because Bohemia has been big on showing warcrimes are bad)

What kind of setting do you think would be cool?
>yugoslavia esque horrific European civil war
>central American second punitive expedition
>Strangereal style fictional Earth without nuclear proliferation to allow for random assortments of real equipment to be used in MAD free conflict
Replies: >>234519 >>234535
I would like a rewrite of the engine so it doesn't bottleneck because of my CPU. I swear that game is cursed performance wise.
Replies: >>234536
Replies: >>234532
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Search it up, even the founders of the company are gone.
better AI when it comes to spotting, especially in grasses and bushes. They need to take a second after "spotting" you to really look at you and assess whether you're a rock or bush or a friendly before opening fire, instead of just instantly lazering you the moment you open fire from a concealed position. Apex Protocol in particular was kind of ass to play because the ai can spot the tiny sliver of my leg just sticking out past a tree and instantly open fire.

Otherwise I'd love to see more in the vein of the Old Man scenario, I'm really liking the open world rpg feeling, it almost reminds me of playing Mercenaries on eggs box. Hard agree on the more dense urban play and indoors. I want to sneak through the wilderness arma style and order my ai to bang and clear buildings. Maybe being able to check my magazine ammo count without a hud? Muh immersions 

A fictional south american anti-cartel operation could fun. Maybe add the Coast Guard as a faction so there's finally good reasons to have naval missions
I just upgraded to a 7800x3d, 6700xt, 32gb ram setup and I still drop below 60fps on tonoa in certain places. I think my gpu is the bottleneck, trying to load all the dense vegetation and detailed urban areas all at once but idk man. They definitely need to hire a third party studio to come in and optimize their shit when they're ready to wrap the bow on it
Can Stalkerfags join in?
Gamenight when?
Replies: >>238837
I want a milsim waifu game, how's that new girls frontline coming along?
>>234335 (OP) 
>no SWAT 3
It's new, so it's bad. Keep playing your smelly old game 

Can 7.62 hardlife come into this thread too?
If you pay for a video game ever, you’re a moron. Piracy is actual human right. Seed till I die.
Replies: >>238177
>Stealing is a human right
okay jamal
Replies: >>238232 >>238959
Name five starving africans you fed today.
Replies: >>238235 >>238237
1. Ookububububububububbu *click click* Oonkoomoooppa
2. Lil' Trayvonzwarious Jorjwuzhint'on
3. Harambeliciouss Jackson
4. an unnamed african baby that was born 2 weeks ago currently being used as a fleshlight
5. an unnamed african toddler currently being used as a fleshlight
name five studios that think "we're glad our customers pirate our games!"
Replies: >>238246 >>238876
Replies: >>238252
EA is a publisher, this article is from 2009 and EA's goal as described in the article was to sell a storefront instead of a game - this is an exception, not the rule
>Battlefield Heroes is likewise going to be a free product with for-pay aesthetic updates

How's Gamma? Is it just Anomaly with an integrated modloader and end?
Replies: >>238838
Pretty much
You can tweak it even more, but without tweaking it it makes it so you can't buy armors which is a pretty shit move.
>If a company dislikes somethingx it should be illegal!

Tell me more.
Its not stealing. I duplicated it. Im not selling the duplicate. 
Violating copyright isnt actually theft, courts treat it that way because companies claim losses, even though thats false logic and implies a free game would sell the same. As if downloads are all lost sales. 
Copying books at the library, recording music you hear or off the radio or at a concert, and recording a live play or tv show with my vcr isnt theft either. Taking a photo of a painting. The fact that we got better at it doesn’t change this. Nor does the fact that we got so good at copying that our copies are better than the original. Regardless of what copyright lawyers want.

Niggers didnt invent the wheel, they cant copy the wheel. So they steal the wheel and leave my car on cinderblocks.
Replies: >>238982 >>239513
if you could make infinite copies of the bread at a bakery then the bakery would go out of business and everyone would hate you, they'd probably crucify you for it
Replies: >>238993
Then the bakery should focus on all the other things it could do, like pastries and other delicacies that are more difficult to recreate, now that bread is ubiquitous and they don't have a monopoly on such a basic resource.

It's sad the only basic response "people" have when something akin to Jesus' miracles happens is to abolish, destroy it and torture the men who practice such, while making a mockery out of whatever remains of his legacy. It's almost like if they haven't learned anything in over 2000 years...
>>234335 (OP) 

What do you negroes think of Grey Zone Warfare? Is it going to be another Day Before situation?
So you are saying that creators shouldn't be rewarded for their work? How do you think the economy works? I make something, you like it, you pay me for it and I make more.
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