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To celebrate finally fixing my ports I've decided to host a modded terraria server. The server will be going up Friday sometime after 5pm PST.
>Can I suggest mods?
Sure, but I'm not adding any mods after I've generated the world. So if you have a suggestion make it before 5pm Friday PST. Also I'm not adding mods that conflict with what I already have. 
>Is this going to be extremely difficult like a few of the other servers?
There's a few boss rework mods that will make them harder, but it should be reasonably manageable for a new player with how it seems to ramp up from my testing. Just don't go trying to kill the eye without at least plat gear. Also the server will be on master mode because the reworks have a few attacks locked to it.
>Why the fuck do you not have boss checklist in this?
Boss checklist is a horribly coded mod that tanks your performance. It's also client side as far as I'm aware, so feel free to add it yourself.
>I don't own terraria
Unfortunately for you tmodloader has become significantly more annoying to install for the gog version of the game. Here's a link to base terraria, and the tmodloader install instructions for gog: https://gog-games.to/search/terraria https://github.com/tModLoader/tModLoader/wiki/tModLoader-guide-for-players#manual-installation
>Cool, but where are the mods?
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It's nice to see you, anon, back at it again.
Here are my suggestions:
>Set up a temporary spawn point by crafting tents
>Choose to respawn between your tent or your bed
>Various tiers of tents with bonus utilities
We used this during our Calamity playthrough, and some of the new placeable tents were a huge help in setting up buffs and respawns points before fighting bosses placed far away from the spawn.
<Fargo's Best of Both Worlds
>Spawn Both Evils
>Spawn Both Ore Sets
<Quality of Terraria
Adds a huge amount of both client-sided and server-sided QoL features that makes a lot of other mods completely redundant.
Also, where should GOGfags extract these mods?
Replies: >>234293 >>234296
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>2hus as pets
Replies: >>234293
Good suggestions, I'll add all of these. I'm not sure if both evils is such a good idea considering there's at least 3 custom biomes. I'll test it out before I start the server.
>Also, where should GOGfags extract these mods?
If you already have tmodloader installed you should just need to go to the mod screen in game. There you can click the button that says something along the lines of "open mods folder", then you just drop everything in there.
Server's Up
Here's the new mods : https://files.catbox.moe/lzg9he.zip
Replies: >>234371
But what's the IP?
Replies: >>234372
I'm a fucking retard.
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Really good fucking timing.
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Is there a kind soul here that would share the GOG version? 
Torrent sites only go as far as and I haven't managed to run tmodloader in the cracked steam versions. Though that may be me being a retard
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>Is there a kind soul here that would share the GOG version? 
OP literally put a link to it right beside the link to the tModLoader installation guide. If you're a Linuxfag, gopniks got you covered:
Use this if you want to download Resource Packs and Worlds from the Steam workshop:
Replies: >>234418 >>234719
>OP literally put a link to it right beside the link to the tModLoader installation guide.
Yes, a link to the gog store, that's not what I meant.
Replies: >>234419 >>234421
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It's not a GOG store. It's GOG Games, the most reliable host of Windows GOG installers.
Replies: >>234422
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>a link to the gog store
You nincompoop.
Replies: >>234422
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Oh ok, serves me right for not bothering to check beyond the "enable javascript" screen.
Server's up
Replies: >>234424
Right I forgot that I added boss checklist: https://files.catbox.moe/mw843a.tmod
Replies: >>234428
Boss checklist was removed for being a laggy piece of shit.
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Replies: >>234437
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Glory mod has been removed for being highly unstable in multiplayer.
Server's up
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Skeletron has been defeated, with the ancient avian as our next target.
Replies: >>234592
I forgot to mention that the server will stay up 24/7 now.
Replies: >>234595
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Make sure to read the sign placed right next to the spawn and to use/craft some life crystals.
>Some good class setups for the new players that joined the server:
Spirit mod has been updated: https://mega.nz/file/hrkUyASL#XHNbH-_KqKtxzCwuL5JOjy2B1fNQD0KxLfQZXOTAqSU
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>Use the Battle Horn once.
>Server immediately starts shitting the bed.
I don't know what I was expecting.
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Reminder that 99% of gamblers quit right before they win everything back.
>Your post was blocked by a word filter
Tmodloader keeps telling me to get an unmodified verison of 1.4.9 or something
Replies: >>234720
Are you on Windows or Linux? If you're on Windows, you can put the "tModLoader" folder either right beside the Terraria one or inside of it, and from what I remember, the Linux version only supports the former.
Replies: >>234744
The Gog version, using wine.
 I did run it that way, it just hit some DRM check or some shit
Replies: >>234748 >>234785
>gog version
>DRM check
That bad eh?
Replies: >>234785
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>The Gog version, using wine.
Why would you run the Windows version of Terraria through Wine, when there's a native Unix port? Both vanilla Terraria and tModLoader use FNA on Unix systems, so by running the game through Wine you're adding nothing but completely unnecessary overhead. However, I will admit that the native Unix port of the game used to run like shit since Re-Logic refused to update the heavily outdated FNA version for years. Thankfully, they finally updated it in 1.4.1.
>DRM check
TModLoader only does a DRM check for the Steamfag version, and why anyone would want to use the Steam rip of this game instead of the GOG version is beyond me. The sole thing that tMod checks in the GOG version is whether the correct, uncorrupted version of the game is installed.
That said, with modern game modders you just simply have to keep your expectations low, and if possible, at all times.
Replies: >>234811
Then how do I make it work?
Replies: >>234815
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Inb4 use linux verison
Replies: >>234815 >>234818
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Gonna try to do this myself tomorrow, I haven't used Linux in a while. Probably will upload the working version as well.
Nevermind. I'm working on it right now.
Replies: >>234819
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Try placing tModLoader inside "Terraria/game".

Also, does something have to be done to open the minimap? Mine doesn't appear when pressing TAB, though it plays a sound.
Replies: >>234819 >>234821
Thanks anon, but This is why I dual boot.
Shit it works, so that's how nested it's supposed tobe.
Thanks anon.
Replies: >>234821
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>[1.4 ONLY] GoG users will need to install Steam if they haven't already. Our Mod Browser uses some of the steam install files to facilitate accessing the Steam Workshop. You should NOT need an account/be logged in for this to work.
<Special Note for Linux: If your steam installation is not recognized (Error "unable to access steam workshop"), try uninstalling it and reinstalling Steam from the APT repositories via the terminal
Well, that explains it, I guess. I had no idea that this is how the 1.4 tModLoader works now. Fucking faggots.
Replies: >>234822 >>234823
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Does tmodloader diable your clipboard? I can't seem to paste shit.
Also, In ga shita
Gotta have that DRM on those mods
Replies: >>234827
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It runs fine without Steam despite that note.
Haven't tried it.
Replies: >>234825 >>234827
I've never heard of this happening, and I can't find any reports related to it on their github, or through search engines.
Replies: >>234825
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Try pasting the server IP.
Is it like starsector? first load takes forever?
Replies: >>234826 >>234829
It should only take forever if you didn't download the mods, or forgot to get the update I uploaded.
Replies: >>234827
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What DE or clipboard manager are you using?
Unfortunately, these absolute clowns have moved from a decentralized mod hosting solution to a completely centralized one with the release of 1.4, but I had absolutely no idea that it required fucking Steam as a one giant dependency. No idea if Re-Logic pressured them do to this, but if that was the case then they've could just simply used SteamCMD for that since it's far smaller than the whole Steam client.
Wait, it runs without Steam? Then I guess Steam really is just for the mod browser. Thank god for WorkshopDL, which still lets piratefags download off of Steam Workshop.
>It should only take forever if you didn't download the mods
Or if you have this shit installed on a HDD.
Replies: >>234828
KDE on tumbleweed.
I tried copying the mods over but it only enabled two, is redownloading the mods a good thing?
Replies: >>234829
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Turns out it needs xsel for it to work, at least on X11. You can check it yourself by looking at the console output after pasting, as the game should print an exception when it fails.
Did you copy the .tmod files to ~/.local/share/Terraria/tModLoader/Mods ?
Replies: >>234837
I redownloaded from the ingame menu I guess.
works fine now, thanks.
Thanks for hosting, OP.
What time do you start tommorrow?
Replies: >>234849
The server's on 24/7, and I tend to join when I see there's people on. That's normally around 2-4pm pst.
>>234242 (OP) 
Dang it I'll have to make the next server. Computer is still not working.
Replies: >>234915
I'll look forward to it.
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2 nigs
[Hide] (1.4MB, 1440x1080) Reverse
4 fags

Soon we' be doing the Moon Lord, as well as the post-Moon Lord endgame bosses. It's your last chance to not miss out on the fun. There are premade loadouts for newfags, so you don't have to farm anything yourself.
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He doesn't look that stro-
Replies: >>234964 >>234993
Wait I thought it didn't work
Replies: >>234968
This was singleplayer.
Update, I've managed to get it 20% down so far.
Replies: >>234997
We believe in you OP, rock it to death.
When can we start embedding invidious again like back in the old home?
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Replies: >>235065
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My minimap and world map suddenly stopped working today and I have absolutely no idea what broke them.
Also, I'm on the server right now if anyone wants to fight and defeat the true final boss that two anons have missed yesterday.
Thank you for recording our glorious victory, anon.
>The game disables the minimap when it thinks your computer can't handle it, to enable it again, go to Settings->General->Map Disabled/Enabled and make it enabled, then go back to the main menu. I'm not sure if you need to restart or not for it to take effect.
Nevermind, I already fixed it.
Here's a poll for if you want another server to be made: https://strawpoll.com/PKgl3RK9Qnp
Replies: >>235087 >>235193
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Does that mean the server is offline for now?
Replies: >>235090
I turned it back on.
I'll run another server for the two that want it. Now the question is what mods do you want? Try to keep it on the light side.
Replies: >>235277
I like how seagull didnt delete this shit, instead deleting my post aboutt he broken captcha stopping reports
Sorry for the late response. Unfortunately, sudden responsibilities won't allow me to play with you guys, but I recommend you both to play Calamity Infernum. See you fags (maybe) on the 1.4.5 server.
Replies: >>235280
>I recommend you both to play Calamity Infernum
That's extremely buggy in multiplayer unfortunately.
>See you fags (maybe) on the 1.4.5 server.
At the rate things are going I might also be seeing the rest of you fags potentially on a 1.4.5 server.
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