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Ok nerds, it's time once again to be eaten by wolves, mauled by bears, and frozen by inclement weather.
>What is this nice looking minecraft mod?
No mod, but a rather similar block game made by russians in a real programming language. Unlike that other cube game everything you do is a 5-step process and general pain in the ass.

>What is new since the last server?
-General server performance improvements. Now only consumes half the available RAM idling with zero players.
-Cave-ins can now occur while mining if your roof is not properly supported.
-New and generally annoying first-person arm animations
-New varieties of animals to murder
-Pigs are now aggressive if piglets are around.
-Capturing small animals in baskets is now part of the base game.
-New surface ruins. I've installed the mod that does this better anyways.
-General chiseling improvements.
-More varieties of plants in the base game. A cosmetic improvement only.
-Glider in the base game to kill you from fall damage.
-Rafts in the base game. Slow and shitty. I've installed a mod that makes them usable.
-Generally nicer terrain generation. Oceans and more coherent landforms.
-More and bigger doors
-Angled beams, cosmetic only.

>Wow that sounds really underwhelming for an entire year of development.
It is.

>Server info?
Version 1.19.3
No password
I shelled out the extra $5 for the wooping 6GB of RAM. That should be enough for about 8 players in different locations.

Map and coordinate HUD: OFF
Reminder that even mineman doesn't have a map by default. Surely you're not too casual to play without one?
I'll turn it back on if everyone gets hopelessly lost inna woods.
World Height: 256
Days/month: 30
Underground farming: ON
True winters: On
Cave-ins: On as soon as the devs tell us the server command that turns it on.
Body hardiness: 5C
Tree growth time: 8x
Propick radius: 8
Microblock chiseling: All
Land claiming/ global auction house: Off

>What notable mods are installed?
Alchemy - Plants and potions autism. Avoid using mushrooms and flowers until some farming mod is updated.
That OP backpack mod
Wearable Light - Buy from a trader. Hold in hand and press ctrl+RMB to turn it on then you can equip as clothes. 
Better Ruins
Better Crates + Storage Controllers
Bricklayers - Colored brick autism
Ceramos - Tile glazing autism
Millwright - More wind power
More Classes - exclusive recipes disabled. Ignore those when choosing
Primitive Survival - A bunch of things that should be in the base game
Rivers - Adds rivers and an infinite supply of water based mechanical power. Going downstream is fast, going upstream is miserable without
Joy of Sailing - Adds half decent sailboats that help you navigate rivers.
Joy of Painting  - Allows you to upload 32x32 pixel pornography directly to the server.
All the mods that add material variants of blocks

>The game update is 2 weeks old, what mods are missing?
Expanded Foods - Update expected soon
Xskills - update expected not soon. I've done what I can to mitigate the absence of that one blacksmithing skill.
Wild Farming - This guy has to be bullied into maintaining his mods
Wildcraft/Herbarium - A giant mod that is a compatibility nightmare that has inexplicably been sectioned off into multiple smaller mods and is typically only updated in time for the next big dev update to come out.
Those mods that add varieties of creatures - More RAM overhead for no functional value and not up to date anyways.

>>Wtf is this new captcha
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Benis :DDD
you forgot the thread title, nerdio
back to the locker with you
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>it's minecraft but the stuff which made minecraft fun is locked behind hours of grinding for several layers of minutiae ad nauseam
>plus it has less polish
why would anyone waste their time on this unless it was purely to be contrarian against Minecraft?
Replies: >>233968 >>233990
shut up
don't steal my timestamp
I also do not and will not play this, but it does look fun unlike minecraft, at least
it looks like minecraft, but unlike minecraft it requires a decent pc to play it
Replies: >>233977
Minecraft runs like shit now unless you mod it or use a old update
so no not really
>real programming language
don't care
>6GB for 8 players
Assuming 2GB for shit that is not the game, the hell does it need a whopping 512MB per player for?

Anyway, is that Minetest or what is it?
What is the fucking game called?
Replies: >>233988
Vintage Story.
>propick radius 8
set it to 6, 8 makes it annoying to determine the direction to move in
t. digger

Also we're missing a lot of QoL mods this might be rough
Replies: >>234044
>>233954 (OP) 
I was thinking about this game not long ago. It's a shame they never worked out making the enemies fun to deal with. Did they ever fix the way enemies/animals spawn? Last i heard they made it worse by giving the sloths projectiles.  I remember building at the edge of a cliff and even though i developed it all nice and cozy, i was plagued with their constant moaning and having to run out and kill them so i could enjoy the peace and quiet.

I long for a single player ironman mod that basically turns off autosave except maybe once a night or when you sleep in a bed and forces permadeath. These games can work in MP but the problem with SP is if you dont prepare or get injured, you just respawn with a full stomach which removes any challenge. the penalty is losing shit you built, which is really just the penalty makes you have to grind more. I would rather just die and have to replay the day and do it right the next time.

Here are some tips i have about the mods i've learned from playing last time with you guys and also hosting it myself:
>Bricklayers - Colored brick autism
>All the mods that add material variants of blocks
All these do is ruin the aesthetics of the game and open it up for having big "?" blocks everywhere later and provide no value to the game.

>No Wildcraft/Herbariume
>No Wild Farming
Good. Keep it that way. Just adds unecessary shit with no real purpose.

>Primitive Survival
Not nearly as bad as the others, but this only serves to make the early game easy mode. If people join there's no reason to make it any easier. infact you may want to add something like the fields of gold mod or whatever it was called so that we're forced to prepare for winter and make food more scarce.

<No Expanded Foods
<No Xskills
Honestly not really worth starting until these are included. Hopefully whatever anon does the expanded foods (I believe he played with us last time) learned from his mistakes and didnt add more stuff before fixing the issues with the stuff he added. otherwise its an amazing mod.

It's not minecraft and the stuff you think makes minecraft fun isn't fun. Go play with blocks, kiddo.
Replies: >>234044
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The mobs now only spawn from brown shitstains that randomly appear on the map. They only come out at night and sometimes not even then. You can check 'Rift activity' in the character menu. Underground spawning works on light/sanity level as usual.

Apparently bricklayers wasn't compatible with something and causing a client crash when I tested some of the blocks. Removed
Same deal with Ceramos. Removed. I guess simply being able to place the blocks isn't enough to make sure they work. Dropping these has also freed about 300MB of RAM

>Wild Farming
Now that crafting seeds from the farm produce is a class recipe all anyone wants from that mod is a way to propagate mushrooms and flowers.

>Hopefully whatever anon does the expanded foods (I believe he played with us last time) learned from his mistakes and didnt add more stuff
I think we all know him better than that even during our brief time together.

I always felt this mod merely added percent bonuses to activities that provided some sense of progression to the game. Otherwise all anyone wants from it is the metalworking skill that lets you turn your brain off. Someone just updated a mod that does the exact same thing. 

After doing some mining I agree. I thought a bigger radius would help.
Pic related is the full list. I only pointed out the bigger ones.
I recently redownloaded this game to try it out so this is well timed. will hop on when i can
Some hero got tired of waiting and made his own update and uploaded it. It seems to be working fine. If the retarded community manages to pressure him into taking down this "stolen intellectual property" i'll upload it here.

>Expanded Foods.
Cullinary Artillery, the infrastructure of the mod has been updated and seems to be working. EF will add the actual recipes at some point in the future.
Damn, I should take some pics of my most recent base and spam them here. 150 hours and I've barely hit iron, and I have a single farm after an in-game year. At least my home looks good...
Replies: >>234154
>150 hours to hit iron.
Nigger what? This had better be the swankiest bronze age hovel in the goddamn universe.
Replies: >>234255
Do I have to buy this? Is the single player any good?
Replies: >>234205
Server should be set to allow pirated clients.
Singleplayer is honestly quite dull after you're familiar with the game. There's a lot of gaps in the progression in my opinion.
>>233954 (OP) 
>no link
Replies: >>234210 >>234211
Replies: >>234211
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Is there no cracked linux version? I'm not seeing anything on csrin.
Replies: >>234215 >>234988
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i don't use linux, but shouldn't the game open with wine?
Replies: >>234218
Why emulate when the game supports linux?
i've played it natively on linux using the cracked dll files, the linux version also uses dll
Replies: >>234221
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Replies: >>234988
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Oh, we hit iron about 20 hours ago. But still, there's been a lot of exploring and building, but not a lot of resource collection and processing. I have to make sure we have buildings for each kind of processing! We still need a real herb farm, unfortunately. Growing them in the gravel is not aesthetic.
Replies: >>234266
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Just to be clear, this IS a multiplayer server. It's just me and my friend, like a couple of homos, but I did not do all of this myself. I only did about 75% of it. We've traveled about 15000 blocks south to see all the crazy Wildcraft trees that spawn there - they're pretty sick. A real beauty to see during exploration, and I couldn't imagine going without some of them in my builds. Mahogany, in particular, is even more beautiful than acacia is.
My friend still needs to come up with designs for our chess pieces, but I'm very satisfied with the board. Everybody has to chisel a chess board once.
I also have a quarry, specifically for use with the Stone Quarry mod, and a small apiary that will be expanded once we have enough flax to dip into the From Golden Combs bee stuff. Our farm is a single greenhouse, but it's enough to feed us. The last pic here leads into our charcoal pit, which we have had to light once per year. I've recently destroyed this hill in order to start making a layer of buildings on top of it, probably a winery and orchard.
Replies: >>234266
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Our interior is kind of underdeveloped. The kitchen is the most finished area, but still feels a bit small and unfurnished. I'd like to turn most of the first floor into a museum, but we've just thrown shit into it for now. 
The last pic in this post is from our basement, which is split into this storeroom (with an underwater view) and our food cellar.
Replies: >>234266
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That's about it. Here are some pics of our (very empty) food cellar and the second floor of our house. Still not sure what we're doing up here besides arguing about which of the 30-40 trees to use to decorate it. I'm thinking an armory, full of mannequins and weapon racks.
Replies: >>234266
This is pretty tight, anon. I will say that your greenhouse isn't up to snuff compared to the rest.
Replies: >>234299
Yeah it looks like a yeeyee ass minecraft house. IIRC the problem lies in the fact that chiseling glass makes that block not air tight anymore so it's not a greenhouse in the eyes of the spaghetti code. He could lay a layer of chiseled glass on top of the solid blocks to give it a more pleasing shape. The corners could definitely be better.
Replies: >>234325
you can turn glass blocks into panes and make a much nicer roof using that.
The server is actually up, right? You guys, uh, DO have Chisel Tools installed. Right? I can only indulge in so much chisel-tism without the ability to copy/paste blocks and make custom doors.
As for turning on cave-ins, you should be able to look that up in the in-game command handbook now. Shit's pretty useful. I think this is it:
/worldconfig caveIns on
Replies: >>234440
Server has been up all week. If you're getting a client crash on log in just try again. Seems to be a thing this game version.
Workbench is installed. Chisel as you please.
Well a few of you popped in for a visit but it looks like no one is actually playing besides myself. I guess i'll let it run for the month that's paid for.
hate to break it to ya, but this type of game is just minecraft (boring)
i've always felt this game was best played alone or with a few people. I think traveling in it and only setting up temporary camps to resupply or eat or when it gets to dark is fun because of how much the world changes over long distances, but nobody ever wants to do that online.
Sorry buddy, I wish I had the time to play like I used to but having a kid kind of demolished that dream.
mod hub is offline.
Replies: >>235172
Seems to be back up.
Replies: >>235176
i'll join a bit later, taking care of business. I hope you like the changes i've made to the island. it no longer triggers my autism.
Replies: >>235183
It's like a fucking home makeover. I'll see what I can do to remove the trader's land claim.
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The modded terrain gen is pretty nice.
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Shaping up to be a cold winter on autism island. It's only October and it's already snowing.
serb dead?
Replies: >>236945 >>237549
Online for the last 11 hours.
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Yes serbia is dead long live serbia
I've picked this game up again and reached the point where I'm trying to prospect for ore. I haven't enabled the node search bullshit since I'm trying to make my first world as stock as possible.

When you find an "ultra" copper area, at 30%, does that mean there's a 70% chance that digging there is just a complete waste of time? How far down are you supposed to dig? The game has been tedious but mostly tolerable so far, but I feel like I'm starting to hit a wall of just endless digging down without understanding what's going on.

Is there a certain layer range that copper ore can spawn in? The wiki says between 0.4 and .75, which I don't even know how that maps onto the in-game coords since they don't even display as decimals.
Replies: >>240946
Anon, the node search is a vanilla feature.
If you insist on playing without it then know that all ores generate as flat discs, so systematically digging boreholes straight down is your best best.
"30%" would mean that 30"% of all solid blocks in that chunk should be that ore. However if say it's the middle of the ocean and all the height levels it could generate at are water then there will be nothing.
Replies: >>240947
I figured it out eventually, it was just annoying because I was making a stairwell instead of digging straight down with water.
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>Sick for a week, off work with nothing to do
>Start sp world with all the mods
>Fast forward a week, have sites for all major resources and never enough storage

R8 my castle layout, I'm gonna have to quarry a fuckload of granite just to finish the shell. Also for the first time ever I haven't found any peridotite, so waiting to start steel.
Replies: >>240950
That shale house is getting torn down, it was the original structure i built on the hill that became the foundation.
OP here. I got a little busy with things and in that time my last two regulars haven't been seen for at least two weeks. If there's no more interest i'll stop the billing cycle and let the little server expire.
Replies: >>244940 >>245002
Oh shit I thought that lapsed ages ago. Silly me.
Unfortunately I probably don't have time to play but I may pop in to see how the serb looks.
>>233954 (OP) 
Did they ever add more than 1 enemy? Call me when Lycanites gets ported to VS
Replies: >>244996
Aside from the actual dangerous things like wolves and bears, It's just a variety of reskinned drifters and some mechanical spiders.
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I would join again, but the serb is broken. I told you last time you came in but you said it hadn't crashed. It constantly loses network connection. It crashes out and doesn't let anyone rejoin for 5 minutes and only lets you play for maybe a few minutes at a time.
Opening chests has a delay and teleporting causes a desync.
When i rejoin often a few minutes of progress is lost.
Placing items causes them to randomly disappear too. I've lost entire stacks of items and blocks.
Server should go offline end of the month. Map file is in the multi-part archive below. I explored ways to get a proper map exported from file but everything seems to involve web hosted maps, which would require the server to be running on my own hardware, or can't export more than 10000^2 at a time. If I have some free time I'll see about just zipping around in spectator mode with map enabled and stitching one together.
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