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What happened to all of the rhythm games that were present during the Aughts? It seemed like we had everything from Guitar Hero and DDR and Rhythm Heaven to now where the only thing still coming out is just...Just Dance, I think? Where did everything go?
AI thread
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>>230045 (OP) 
Damn it, this was suppose to be the fourth pic
>>230045 (OP) 
Wasn't there a miku game that came out this year?
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Denuvo'd since it was released by Sega. It's also not even a new Migu game, just a mere port, and not even a definitive one at that. Though you can mod the missing stuff, as well as SEGAH's bullshit telemetry that causes additional stuttering in-game.
Ubisoft and Activison oversaturated the genre.
This is actually a topic that can get a decent number of posts (unlike eg. the "make video games even better with this One Weird Trick" thread) so it's probably not the AI tier poster. Calm yourself.

>>230045 (OP) 
In a word, Japan. Rhythm games were doomed to be a passing fad in the west Friday Night Funkin doesn't count, that's mostly about the porn because arcades were in a state of living death until the barcade meme happened and the arcade controls are what really make the experience work. Compare playing DDR on a foam pad to playing on even a run-down arcade stage and you'll understand what I mean. These are the JP/asian rhythm games I know are still active in arcades:
>Dance Dance Revolution
>Pump it Up (gook DDR clone made by exploiting StepMania devs)
>GitaDora (GuitarFreaks and DrumMania sold as a single cabinet)
>Taiko no Tatsujin
>Chunithym (taiko for thirsty betas)
>Beatmania IIDX
>Sound Voltex (easier beatmania for thirsty betas, complete with annoying bootleg vtubers yapping at you)
>DJMax (gook beatmania clone to the point of getting sued by konami for it)
>Project Diva
>pop'n music
>some idolfag game I didn't bother remembering the title of because it's about doing stupid idol poses in public, hopefully Bamco sees sense and buys the hardware to make a DBZ game from it
>jubeat (despite being made by konami, this has nothing to do with jews)

You can play most of these by going to Japan and finding a game center or by finding a Round 1 in the US. (This is also the only reason to go to a Round 1 in the US unless it's one of the three locations with スポーチァsince otherwise it's just a Dave and Buster's without the restaurant. The shaker bag fries are tasty though.) The great white hope for rhythmfags outside Japan is StepManiaX, which is exactly what everyone's been wanting from Konami for decades: more DDR, with better hardware, more balanced difficulty and no shitty subscription that sends you a bill for a percentage of your earnings. They seem to be doing well since I keep finding them in new locations about once a year and every time I check their website they're sold out. There's also a trickle of bootleg Konami games that have been hacked to disconnect them from e-Amusement, and I've heard rumblings of a national network emulator for operators so you can dunk on people playing three states over, just like the elevens do.
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>play rocksmith
>browse for custom charts
>fan of demetori 
>wonder if anyone charted any of their songs
>look them up
>to my surprise there are a bunch of their more famous songs 
>download some of my favorites
>they're ok could definitely be improved
>most of them were made by one dude a few years back
>wonder if he's still active
>send him a private message thanking him for the work and asking if he was planning to chart more demetori or revisit and fix past charts
>he replies saying abloo abloo depression this and that
>check his profile
>furry and tranny
>tfw in a different universe this guy isn't mentally ill and still cranking out demetori charts possibly even better
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Rhythm games are full of mentally ill people for some reason. One of the only strikes I could find against the SMX devs is that their graphic designer (Jason Bolt) is a furnigger and posts on padsim forums about the game with his fursona avatar.
Maybe unbalanced pleasure seeking in all its forms leads to mental illness.  Music too is a pleasure.
Replies: >>230290
Imageboards are also a pleasure.
It probably has something to do with dance/techno music scenes being associated with GRIDS going back to the disco days mixed with speedrunner autism. DDR and that narrow slice of dance and eurobeat from the 90s just lucked into mass appeal.
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What about Nostalgia?  Is that not still active?
Replies: >>240615
Nostalgia is up to Op.3 released in 2019.
>Rhythm games are full of mentally ill people for some reason
This is an important thing to note. Rhythmic elements in platformers, action games, and other genres are good, but a "rhythm game" is often a pure exercise is memorization that is totally abstract from any kind of intermediary gameplay or physical fun like handling an instrument/playing DDR on a cabinet. Thus, they attract people who are incredibly obsessive and autistic since playing one is like mainlining heroin.

It's possible for there to be relatively well-adjusted people in speedrunning communities for both new and retro games, but I have never seen someone who played a lot of rhythm games who wasn't either a tranny or some kind of self-hating weirdo. The "best" option here is to become a Japanese dude playing the same songs on the same game for hours a day in the same arcade.
Trannies have no life and want people to pay attention to them and praise them. They're naturally going to be attracted to games that demand a lot of your attention and reward you with accolades. It's just a fact of the matter.
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There doesnt really seem to be alot of pc rhythm games.
I have played a few and here are my thoughts
Its decently fun but it never felt really in sync with my button presses. It was almost like a small delay for me to get the "flawless" press. If i were to follow the timing and music i would either get "good" or "perfect" or just miss it.
It was confusing at first to set up but when i tried playing it, it just wasnt fun. I guess maybe playing Taiko with your keyboard isnt so fun. Or maybe it was just that it felt very barebones.
>Muse Dash
Surprisingly good game. I have like 50 hours or so on it over the span of a couple of years. I enjoy just booting up the game whenever im bored and just playing a song or two. It really helps that there are quite a few good songs in it.
>Project Diva Mega Mix
I didnt really like it. I disliked most songs and it just felt really difficult whenever the prompts just came from all over the screen from different directions.
>Tapsonic Bold
Decently fun but small song list with only a few songs that i liked. It was abandoned by the devs.
>Metal Hellsinger
Garbage. Dont really know what else to say about it. The game REFUSED to sync with my audio no matter what i did so it fucking sucked. And the game itself was just shit. It was like a ripoff of doom but i guess you have rhythm presses and its not as fun as doom. I actually had no fun.
>BPM: Bullets Per Minute
Now this is how you do rhythm and shooting fun. Its basically a roguelike with rhythm and shooting and you have to match the rhythm and movement with the music. And it actually works pretty well because you can mess up and still make it work somehow. And the music and the levels and the bosses all were good and i really enjoyed it. I havent played it since i beat it but i plan on playing more.

Excluding pc games i have also played a few console ones. Here are my thoughts.
>Dance Evolution for the 360 (kinect)
Fuck it was hard for a fat fuck like me but damn it was fun. I heard about the game while researching ParaParaParadise and ParaPara games. Really fun thing and i would love to try the ParaParaParadise game for the ps2
>Parappa The Rapper (on the ps1 or psp i cant recall)
I dont know what i did wrong but i could never figure out how to properly time/play it so i gave up
>Guitar Hero on the ps2
I got guitar from ebay and played a song or two and just instantly had fun. I havent touched it since a few months ago when i first tried it but i really enjoyed it.
>DDR on the 360
I heard alot about how the original dance pads sucked ass and would slip on the floor but i had no problem with that. I played a song or two and thought it was okay but havent touched it since because you need a bit of space to play it which i dont have.
>Rhythm Heaven on the wii
I really liked it even though i didnt play it alot. I think i got to like the second level or something but i havent touched it since. I remember playing golf and some monkey throwing balls at me which i had to time the hits on.
Play Gitaroo Man. It's my favorite rhythm game.
Also weren't there a bunch of indie rhythm games? Of course you won't find them in the AAA market.
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DDR has been teasing their new game called DDR World.

A new feature, Flare Skill, which is similar to VOLFORCE in SOUND VOLTEX, was introduced. Flare Skill points are awarded based off the songs/charts you play and your scores on them. The total Flare Skill is calculated by the top 30 songs per group:
>CLASSIC (DDR 1st - X3 VS 2ndMIX)
>WHITE (DDR (2013) - A)

Ranks and subranks are awarded based off your total Flare Skill, named after planets in the solar system (except Pluto). This ranking system. Songs can be unlocked from reaching certain ranks. The six songs listed in the info page come from the 25th Anniversary Music Creator Audition.

A new Flare Gauge option, FLOATING FLARE, will be added (only available in GALAXY PLAY). Starting with FLARE EX, with every time the Flare Gauge is emptied in a stage, the next stage will have a lower Flare Level. This process can repeat all the way down to FLARE I. Flare Gauge depletion levels have also been adjusted to be easier at lower levels.

The six contest songs that will unlock based on Flare Rank:
>極地大衝撃 / Kolaa
>Gravity Collapse / X-END
>Roche Limit / Felysrator
>Ødyssey / Kaname

The following data will be transferred to DanceDanceRevolution WORLD.
>Other data such as GOLDEN LEAGUE A3 class affiliation will not be transferred.
>DANCER NAME(can be changed)
>Area(can be changed)
>Music unlock status
>Option Settings
>Set weight
>Calorie display on game console
>Song Pack Advance Play Privileges

Regarding performance, the following data will NOT be transfered
>Ghosting (display of score difference during play when target is specified)
>Last Playing Time
>Course” playing score

Regarding Option Settings, only SOME items will be transfered

Regarding Song Pack Advance Play Priviledges please note that if you transfer your data to “DanceDanceRevolution WORLD”, the advance play benefits will not be linked to “DanceDanceRevolution A3”.

Once the data is transferred to “DanceDanceRevolution WORLD”, the play data of “DanceDanceRevolution A3” will not be reflected in “DanceDanceRevolution WORLD”.
In addition, any operations performed on the “DanceDanceRevolution A3” e-amusement site will not be reflected in “DanceDanceRevolution WORLD”.

The play data of “DanceDanceRevolution A3” will be transferred to “DanceDanceRevolution WORLD”.
Please note that play data from “DanceDanceRevolution A20 PLUS” and earlier versions cannot be transferred.

The following songs will be available to everyone after “DanceDanceRevolution WORLD” goes live.
>Some songs with CHALLENGE score only
>Special songs that can be unlocked by playing “NONSTOP A3
>Songs for the “EXTRA EXCLUSIVE” event
>Class benefit music for the “GOLDEN LEAGUE A3” event
>Songs for the “EXTRA SAVIOR A3” event
>Songs featured in the “BABY-LON'S GALAXY” event

Timing adjustments were made to the musical score for the following music pieces.
>「Hyper Bomb / Yunosuke」
>「In the past / PSYQUI」
>「Come To m1dy / m1dy」
>「NGO / 鍋嶋圭一」
>「Sakura Mirage / Ryu☆」
>「Crystarium / BlackY」
>「新蛇姫 / BEMANI Sound Team "U1-ASAMi"」
>「Never See You Again / BEMANI Sound Team "U1 overground"」
>「Sector / RYOQUCHA」
>「chaplet / DJ TOTTO」
>「みゅ、みゅ、Müllる / 月乃 & BEMANI Sound Team "劇団レコード"」
>「New Millennium / BEMANI Sound Team "Sota F."」
>「9th Outburst / Zekk」

Other Changes and Adjustments
>Improved the judgment process of Shock Arrow.
>Changed the difficulty level of some songs.
>The amount of gauge decrease for each judgment of Flare Gauge I-IV has been adjusted.
>In EXTRA STAGE, dance gauges other than “LIFE 4” can now be used.
>High Speed can now be changed only within the option settings.
>The time limit on the difficulty selection screen has been extended.
>When the time limit remains longer than 30 seconds on the difficulty selection screen, it is now possible to return to the music selection screen.

The following functions will be implemented sequentially in updates after “DanceDanceRevolution WORLD” goes live.
>Appropriate level measurement
>RIVAL function
>Play share function
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Puzzlers like tetris and puyo have a lot of gross attention whoring trannies ruining the community and it ruins the games for me
Replies: >>248620
I play tetris and puyo puyo and i didn't even know those games had a "community". Puyo puyo is a japanese game with cute lolis, it has nothing to do with trannies, just uninstall reddit.
Replies: >>248621
>I play tetris and puyo puyo and i didn't even know those games had a "community"
Puyo Nexus used to be (at least one of) the big ones.  Back in the day they had an active forum that also included things like translation patches for japan-only puyo games.  They're more well known for Puyo VS, which you could play against anyone you wanted to once you connected to their servers.  Also had a chat room and lobbies in the game where you can shoot the shit with people.  These days both the game and the forums are barren, probably due to the fact everyone is on Discord.
Hey look, a Konami game is full of DLC and live service garbage. Who would have guessed? The only reason StepManiaX hasn't eaten their lunch is manufacturing capacity and Konami threatening to sue them again if they sell to Japan.
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