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>ideafagging thread's gone
Fugg, I've been meaning to post my game idea there for some time but never got around finishing it.
Do you have any game ideas yourself? Anything you'd like to share yourself? Don't worry about idea theft, there are any game devs browsing these threads :^).
>last thread's archive: https://web.archive.org/web/20230620223931/https://zzzchan.xyz/v/thread/175461.html

I had an idea for a somewhat linear FPS in a similar vein to Half Life, but instead of an underground facility it'd be set in a large spaceborn installation in a similar vein to SS2 but with more diversified environments: offices, R&D complexes, civilian areas, recreational buildings, military hangars, etc; it's essentially an enclosed space colony drifting in the void.
You start off as a newly hired field engineer set to work on the ship. The first 10 minutes or so will feature the player on a tour around the place, showing him some of the multiple sections in the facility. I haven't thought this out yet, but as you're shown the place something happens then SHTF and the station suddenly is being attacked both by an extraterrestial force and a military organization. As the station goes tits up it's up to you to make your way through and leave in one piece.
The main idea for the game lies within the NPCs you find along the way. Instead of entities that will only follow you along a certain predefined route, like scientists in HL1, you can get to recruit a large cast of characters you can arm, arrange and give orders to, that will follow you through the entire game. Think of it as an improvised commando made by common people that work around the place. Here are some potential party candidates I thought on:
>well-armed security officer who sticks with you from the very beginning of the game; level-headed, trustworthy and a good shot, the game's equivalent to Barney
>mid management bureaucrat in his late 30s with a casual office look and his hair glued back; looks like he came out of American Psycho or a sitcom from the 90s
>absent-minded computer science major working in IT with a constant poker face, the silent guy; think of the Postal Dude with his receding hairline and a strand of hair obscuring his onset hairloss
>biochemistry PhD in his late 40s, in charge of one of the many onboard research facilities distributed amongst the space colossus; think of Dr Pavel albeit less med looking, a pointier chin and a slick haircut styled up
>major staff and chief civil engineer in charge of overlooking the space station, has a prepping background and is found barricaded mid-game, clearly knows how to use a gun; well-meaning and knowledgeable, resembles Wilford Brimley before the diabeetus era
>accomplished enemy commando from the military organization you fight throughout the game, sees no choice other than joining forces with you after being left stranded in a similar scenario to Forget about Freeman; resembles the Remove Kebab dude, might bring some of his men with him
>low-level technician with an immigrant polish background found half-dead/mutating late in-game, only pushes forward on his desire to see his family again; a Mariusz Pudzianowski lookalike without the steroids
>one of the larger, sturdier alien enemies you've fought again you'll find locked in a pod that will obey your commands; think of the summoned shambler from Scourge of Armagon; there'll be two in-game, one that serves the story late in-game, and another one neatly hidden mid-game so the player's allowed to have fun
All of these characters would be managed though a interface laced with a map of the current location. Using this map you'd be able to split the party, create strategies, set objectives and adjust each character's friendly behaviour. On top of the usual commands, there'd be a few interesting options, such as the ability to record your character's movement through a certain section and have the NPC play those moves back. This would be useful, for instance, in a platforming section, so that said allies won't die a retarded death because of garbage bot behavior.
I've been thinking whether the player should be able to recruit women he'd find alongside the station. I've pondered long and come to the conclusion that, in a disaster scenario where every man is off to himself, women would not thrive at all and be amongst the first casualties. Besides, if you were to recruit women in a large, armed group they'd be a liability more than anything, being weaker, being terrible gunmen and overall bringing forth unnecessary drama. Besides, there are multiple, older games that present a male-only cast where this isn't a issue if any, such as Half-Life. In fact, they're very straightforward and enjoyable to come back to.
Settingwise, given current IRL happenings and CY's zeitgeist I'd thought of the space facility having Commiefornian laws which heavily punish gun ownership. As such, many of the weapons featured in the game would be clandestine, amateur DIY weapons, custom weapons that circumvent said laws britbongistan-style, or some of the citadel's equipment that's been tinkered with to be useful weaponwise, lasers for instance. This would be backed by the enemy forces using weapons with draconic protection measures, such as fingerprint locking on the trigger, for instance, though they would become usable later in-game after finding out a way to hijack them.
Lastly, on the gameplay itself, the game would play like your run-of-the-mill FPS, except you'd have plenty more companions beside you. Since shooting single enemies would be trivial with a huge party of fairly non-retarded NPCs, instead of a bunch of corridors the maps would consist of larger, more intricate areas you'd need to approach carefully. Large rooms with plenty of nooks and crannies and options to split your group (an abandoned office complex with many cublicles, for instance); large, open installations filled with places to hide and cover from fire, with multiple objectives to crack them open; or even vertical maps your squad would need to keep an eye out for multiple sources of enemy fire (something like UT's Phobos map, for example). Lastly, there'd be some resource management across all of your party members with a neat little screen where you'd be able to cycle through everyone's inventory. This seems like an issue if any of your party members suddenly run out of ammo in the heat of a shootout.
To speed up the gameplay loop I was thinking the game would benefit from shooting action similar to older FPS games: instantaneous weapon switching, minimal animations, fast/no reloads, etc. I doubt extremely fast walking speed would be ideal in what's otherwise a squad shooter, though there would be some advanced movement options to compensate, for instance a superjump akin to HL's.

What do you think, faggots? Do you think any of this would make for a compelling game? Any flaws or aspect of the game that aren't doing it to you? I accept critiques on my game that's absolutely going to release in the next 5 years.
Replies: >>219988 >>227692
My game idea is a classic Resident Evil clone where you play as a shota trying to escape from an island of monstergirls to preserve your virginity for your childhood friend tomboy gf who is also helping you over the radio with useful information. I call it survival hora~.
Replies: >>219086 >>219091
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>my idea is a game where you play as a [MEME] trying to escape from an island full of [MEME] trying to preserve your virginity for your [MEME] [MEME] gf
This is as bad as the tsundere archetype being everywhere in 2000s anigay.
Don't tell me you niggers can only think of characters through extremely specific precanned archetypes and Sadpanda tags.
A good video game
Replies: >>219114
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battlefield but with anime girls in a dystopian setting
Replies: >>219092 >>226630
Would play
still mad at how volvo completely fucked Nuke
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A simulator/resource manager where you run an alt-chan imageboard in post-2020 internet. 
You have to hire mods and jannies, set content policy to build a site culture that attracts different types of users (all of which have their pros-cons), compete with other IBs, overcome CIA niggers and ZOG censorship, etc.
As you get bigger and more popular, you begin attracting more attention, so you must handle the threat of false flags, server companies threatening to pull the plug, /v/ & /pol/ turbo retardation, and so forth.
The end goal is to hold out as long as possible with the happiest user base possible against increasingly difficult odds.
Replies: >>219106 >>219145
An Enemy Territory style game with Red Faction style geomod and Dark Messiah style environment fuckery in a high fantasy setting with hot chicks. Also a real single player campaign because I like those.
just deploy fatchan on a vps and you can play right right now
Seafaring combat game where you fight bosses like the Loch Ness Monster, Moby Dick, or whatever you can think of.
a game like viva project/openviva but less buggy and with more to do and with my favorite anime girls
>A good video game
This, nowadays, would be a groundbreaking idea.
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>he's posting his social media alias onto a fucking imageboard
At least we've got a name to the retard that's necrobumping threads with SF images for no rhyme or reason and these retarded posts.
Why would you do this? Are you legitimately braindead?
Worse, he's chinese.
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if you're willing to spend 60 dollars on a game like that, you can spend that much hosting a site and playing the game but for real
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There have been 2 ideas floating around in my head for a while now on some game ideas
First one would basically just Darkwood x Stalker
The second idea would be a Cossacks type game set in Japan during the Sengoku era
Would start of normally, but you would get a choice to pick your clans religion and either stay Buddhist or go with Christianity which would unlock their version of religious building with both having up- and downsides (like unlocking gunpowder weaponry sooner and/or cheaper)
Later down the tech-line you would advance into the Boshin War where you could pick either pro Shogun or pro Imperial side, which then would change your modernized roster not only in available units, but also their cost and availability
Replies: >>219154 >>220162
Shogun 2 does most of what you want, although the Boshin War is a separate expansion campaign.
Replies: >>219186
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Yeah I know
Thats where I got the idea for originally
>>219081 (OP) 
>I've been thinking whether the player should be able to recruit women he'd find alongside the station. I've pondered long and come to the conclusion that, in a disaster scenario where every man is off to himself, women would not thrive at all and be amongst the first casualties. Besides, if you were to recruit women in a large, armed group they'd be a liability more than anything, being weaker, being terrible gunmen and overall bringing forth unnecessary drama. Besides, there are multiple, older games that present a male-only cast where this isn't a issue if any, such as Half-Life. In fact, they're very straightforward and enjoyable to come back to.
On this point, you could make it relevant to gameplay by making the women easier to find and recruit, but they're not as effective in combat, their morale might break more easily, the skills they lend to the group might be less effective or overall useful than the men. Meanwhile the men are harder to find and harder to convince to follow your lead, their morale is more resilient but they might also try to make their own decisions, their expertise is powerful and useful, but if they die it's hard to replace them. I'm thinking of this from the angle that the game gives due focus to the party and how each member interacts with you as well as each other, but if that and the risk to fail don't align with your idea then you're probably right to keep the cast small, focused, and a united front.
> instead of a bunch of corridors the maps would consist of larger, more intricate areas you'd need to approach carefully
Is there a game that plays similarly to this? I'm imagining having to manage AI teammates in large open rooms while getting shot at to be unfun. As opposed to the map design and gameplay of games like SWAT4 which give the player time to plan before acting.
Replies: >>219991
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Yeah here's my super duper idea:
>For Honor, but with Kingdom Come Deliverance levels of realism and authenticity
>Set during the Byzantine era

That would be all. Please make it.
Replies: >>220067
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>you could make it relevant to gameplay by making the women easier to find and recruit, but they're not as effective in combat, their morale might break more easily, the skills they lend to the group might be less effective or overall useful than the men. Meanwhile the men are harder to find and harder to convince to follow your lead, their morale is more resilient but they might also try to make their own decisions, their expertise is powerful and useful, but if they die it's hard to replace them
That's way more complex than anything I had thought of, and honestly sounds like a chore for the player to keep up with. The idea in my head was more akin to playing team deathmach with a bunch of bots than some RTS FPS squad shooter hybrid. If anything, the idea of controling your squad is to prevent situations where a bot would get stuck or die a stupid death. For instance, you could script your movement in a platforming section for the bots to imitate, or tell your party members to split in smaller groups across a large room to avoid larger casualties. Effectively the game at heart would be an FPS, and it would come down to a regular FPS experience if your entire party is gunned down. However, since the game would be heavily reliant on these NPCs, being able to tell them exactly how to behave and approach enemies would ease much of the frustration when dealing with scripted entities in videogames.
>keep the cast small, focused, and a united front
Pretty much. Think of something like a The Thing FPS game, except the cast doesn't have a reason to distrust each other. I'd love to see something akin to that movie, where a cast of regular people try to set their differences aside and work intelligently as a single unit, and I believe true camaraderie like this would only be possible in an all-male cast. Preferably an all-white male cast, unlike that movie.
>I'm imagining having to manage AI teammates in large open rooms while getting shot at to be unfun
You have a point, I'm having a hard time imagining it as well. I can't see how enjoyable a game so heavily dependant on NPCs taking the right decisions would be. In fact, it would benefit from being played as a coop campaign with other people, sort of like a Sven map or a L4D scenario. Truth be told, my idea might be shit. This might be the game ideas thread but there's no rule to the ideas posted being terrible if they were made into real games.
Replies: >>220052
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It could be a fun chore choosing who to save, who to keep, and who to let go, but I admit I'm thinking about the game like it's Jagged Alliance, Deus Ex, a 3D Fallout, SWAT, or Breach & Clear(as an example of directing your squad's actions precisely.)
>For instance, you could script your movement in a platforming section for the bots to imitate,
Something about this feature inherently sounds slow in a game meant to be fast.  Perhaps you could trigger movement recording with a hotkey and then order them to execute it with another press when you're done?  I don't think it's a bad idea, god knows how many times AI companions getting stuck ruins them, just that it's hard to make harmonize with the rest of the game and make it snappy to control alongside issuing orders and selecting weapons.
There is in fact a The Thing game you could try playing if you haven't already, and see how your idea differs or how you could improve on the design.
Replies: >>220162
On it. Give me two or three days.
>For instance, you could script your movement in a platforming section for the bots to imitate,
Why not use CUDA or rocm lol and train the "AI" fighters that survive under your control and the enemy to react? 
It would be an really intresting game if done right. Like gaining real life experience in combat leveling up but it's done with AI, and therefore you'd have "flawed" units to manage.
TBH see above, it would be intresting to see if someone can adapt CUDA to stalker so we get fully random anomalies and the NPC bases would move.

I was thinking of an insurgency simulator, where you start from a group of dissidents,  like pick Taliban goatherders fighting the US Army, LBTQIA/BLM versus rural America, PLO vs the IDF, or the true and honest militas trying to overthrow the US guberment Bonus hard mode: Group seeking to wipe out the ZOG worldwide and achieve Austrian painter's dream.If you end up sucessfull it turns into grand stratgey game where you fight your great opressor in the field, eventually reversing the roles and making a counter-insurgency game.
 Mix of base building (Dungeon Keeper), combat sim (Think 3D Frozen synlapse) and grand strategy.
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>fps RPG
>plays like a mix between a finished morrowind and a finished new vegas
>dialogue works like morrowind but options are affected by character stats like Fallout 1
>major and minor factions with NV's reputation system
>moddable like a gamebryo game but not as jank
pls make
Replies: >>226653
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Would you really appreciate the anime girls if they're all sniping you from across the map while dressed like wookies?
Make it fast arcadey shooter instead. Something like a Dirty Bomb maybe.
OpenMW has you covered.
FalloutNV will be fully supported in 8 years.
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I don't know how I didn't see this earlier.  Do you happen to remember what the context was?  I've been morbidly curious about this retard for over a year now but never managed to have a screenname to identify him by.
Replies: >>227248
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Lately I've been cooking up an idea for a grand strategy set in Japan. It would be a 2d game where you play as a provincial governor or a Seii Taishogun in the Touhoku region, the game would start at roughly 600 ad and end at 1000 or something, at the start of the game your immediate goals would be to acquire land and achievements by pushing the Emishi and Ainu out of Honshuu bit by bit, assimilating them or alternatively genociding them and settling Japanese in the lands, building cities and military encampments and strengthening the economy of your provinces. For balance reasons their troops would be stronger than your soldiers despite worse equipment, think 3/1 kill ratio, due to having better diets and the average Japanese suffering from malnutrition at the time. They'd also have more cooperation among eachother and higher numbers than they did in real life. In exchange you would be able to do things such as request military support from nearby provincial governors and the Emperor.
Once you conquer the Touhoku region your primary goal would be to increase population, assimilate Emishi, create infrastructure and cities, and try to raise good production in the area. You would also be given the ability to invade Hokkaidou, but it would not be worth it at all and only autistic larpers would go out of their way to do it. Regarding the map, the game would only have Honshuu, Kyuushuu, Shikoku and Hokkaidou in it. The province borders would be split according to how they were in the Ritsuryou at the time. The map would(probably) be composed of loots of hexagons or something, I haven't really thought about it yet. Ideally the game would represent villages, towns and cities properly. Villages would have no AI and be impacted solely by their environment, town would have their own AI and try to grow prosperous, cities could be switched between AI and player control. When a village grows it would become a town, when a town grows it would become a city, these would be dynamic but you could also use money and order for a brand new city to be built out of scratch, or for a major military encampment to be slowly turned into a city(I believe several major cities in the Touhoku region now were originally military encampments). Problem here is that I'd probably have to put each and every village and town onto the map one by one, which would be a ridiculous amount of work and infeasible considering the lack of historical records, so I am thinking that perhaps it would be better to just abstract a little and have villages basically be a single combined stat that a province has.
Regarding the assimilation of the native peoples, you would be faced with a lot of troubles and a few small advantages from mingling with them. You should give the player the ability to do various things such as giving partial autonomy to them, enslaving them and sending them to farms, deporting them to various cities in low enough numbers that they rapidly assimilate and so on, but I'm not sure how to go around the actual mechanics. I don't think something like a bar that just ticks up to 100% assimilation would cut it, and historically the natives still lived as hundreds of tribes that each have several hundred people each, realistically you would have most of them migrate to the cities and gradually assimilate but I can't see any way to simulate the migration and the tribes themselves without implementing population mechanics similar to, say, Victoria 2. But that would instead almost definitely fuck my ass over since that particular style would require very careful balancing to not have stupid shit occur and to have reasonable performance.
After you have conquered the Touhoku region and gained a reasonable amount of economic development you would be in the midgame and be able to move onto bigger things, such as conquering the other provinces of Japan, rebelling against the Emperor and becoming the Shougun, being like the Fujiwara and sticking to the Emperor's dynasty like a fly, wedding your children into it constantly to maintain your power, being a loyal guardian of the Imperial line(I hate how games never let you do this) and so on. Some other things I'll have to consider are the characters(as in governors, emperors etc). I've moved on with the assumption that the player character would just be a convenient god-like being that doesn't age, doesn't die nor have children, but if I want to give the player the chance to be like the Fujiwara then the player will need his own children, wife and dynasty. The relation between the player character and other characters is also something I need to think about, ideally the other characters in the administration of Japan will be able to plot, to fight among eachother, to rebel and so on, and you would even be able to see cases where governors from richer lands become the Shougun long before you even get the chance, but just how would the player be able to interact with them? For example, he would definitely be able to ally with another provincial governor, but would he be able to become friends with him? How? Lets say that he did, and said friend died leaving the player with his only son, who is very young. Could the player be able to use CIA magic to brainfuck the kid and take his rightful land in all but name? It's really hard to tell exactly what scale is good for a character system, too much detail and the game will be boring slow shit, too little and it'll be boring fast shit.
I also have lots of other ideas, like implementing a historically accurate Imperial court where you can raise your rank in as you get more achievements under your belt, shoehorning cute pixel art anime girls into the game in a way that isn't too blatant, maybe have her be like a messenger like in old turn-based games? Dynamic disasters such as crop failure, volcanic eruption, earthquakes etc. Ingame explanations of certain historical characters and events, Japanese(or English) localization, a proper struggle system between you and the Emperor when you're the Shougun, the ability to issue various historical and ahistorical administrative, economic and military reforms, and so on and so on. Basically I have a lot of ideas but not enough braincells to materialize any of them. I feel like if I could make a game like this and balance the various features out properly to ensure a sleek gameplay with a good Japanese aesthetic on the UI, map, script then I could make a very good game set up to become a big hit, but that's really far easier said than done.
The scale is absolutely massive for a one♂man♂project so if I ever wanted to make something like this I would probably have to abstract a lot of things, but I'll think about that when I am actually in a state to work on such a thing(in 10 years). Until then I'll just let the idea rot in my notebook.
I think it's a very unfortunate and baffling thing that Japan has next to no strategy games that aren't Nobunagashit or WW2shit, why do they keep beating the same dead horse every single time?
Replies: >>226891
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Kinda like Freedom Fighters (urban setting, government/soldier/chaos where you quickly save/recruit and fight alongside new allies) but you're a loli recruiting other lolis to fight aras in pseduo facist military uniform. The goal is to take down the state, which is ran by an oppai loli and flat is justice.
From what I remember Japan has its own "poor conquered abos" issues with the Ainu, you just don't hear about it because it can't be used as a wedge issue to destroy their society. The post-Ainu remnants in the north mostly just get pissy when it's brought up instead of smashing shit and demanding reparashunz.
I want something like a mix between football manager and mount and blade/battle brothers. 
Where you just are in charge of the meta aspects of your warriors but leave the fighting to the AI.
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There's no story behind it, it's not a real person. It's a bot with a LLM trained on our threads, likely run by the same person who spams those CP phishing links, since the posts usually crop up at the same time. Replying to it completely pointless, so don't bother, just report it to make it easier for mods to delete the spam, otherwise you're further contributing to the clutter.
>>219081 (OP) 
>there are any
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You're a game designer for a small Japanese 2D fighting game company in the late 2000s/early 2010s. The head of the company's tasked you with directing their latest entry in their FG roster, alongside an expanded version if the game meets their sales estimates of 150K copies worldwide.
However, as soon as you approach your dev team, you discover they've arranged a crude mock-up of Adolf Hitler into a fighter for testing purposes. Since they've come to like him so much, they've agreed on developing Hitler into a full-fledged fighter who will become part of the game's regular roster. Other than him, the company's lent you enough money to license characters from 5 different franchises/IPs, which will each feature from 1 to 4 unique fighters in the game's roster. Excluding the game's bosses, the design document specifies the first release will feature 12 playable characters including Hitler, and the expanded edition will add 4 more characters, bringing the total roster up to 16 characters.
As the game's director, it is your duty to decide on:
>the roster, both playable and bosses
>the game's mechanics and playability
>singleplayer components
>story mode plot and locations if there's one
>multiplayer modes
>the artstyle and overall game's aesthetic
What would you do?
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Licensed The Legend of Koizumi game. Your super meter is mahjong hands you build with specials and combos. Pic related is the final boss.
No randumb elements, the game is made for one playthrough, maybe mote if there are some choice based routes.

Or take a game like fallout and remove the randomized elements by turning every dice roll into a direct comparison, set placements, or scripted events.

One thing i hate right now is how overused rngeezus is for the sake of "replayability". I want one good experience that i can truly master, i want to enter into a fully prepared world and see the way it reacts to my decisions as a player, not to some hidden element that simulates random chance.
Fighting game of all the greatest villains and heroes of history being summoned from the afterlife to compete in mortal kombat for a wish that will rewrite history.

Did i just pitch another "fate" fighter?

Would be interested in seeing the kind of mage who gets der fuhrer as his servant.
Capcom Vs. SNK 3. "Master-D" is an unlockable character along with Radd Spencer.
Postal with a girl
Replies: >>232620 >>232625
Postal except all the NPCs are girls and also there's a sex mechanic
Replies: >>230621
>there's a sex mechanic
what kind of repairs does a sex mechanic even perform
Replies: >>230626
Mostly on your mom.
Replies: >>230628
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>Where's the leak, ma'am?
I have two:
>1. Wizard FPS
Competitive multiplayer FPS where you play as a cool wizard guy. You can equip one spell in each hand at a time, and each hand would have maybe 3 or 4 spells to cycle through. Some spells will be attacks like fireballs or lightning bolts, other will utilities like a high jump/floating, a zoom to aim at long range, or a camouflaging ability. All spells would share a mana pool that regenerates quickly and there would be mana pickups on the map to refill some mana instantly if you're in trouble. There should also be other powerups to pick up like magic armor or big single-use spells that are very powerful. Other than that the gameplay would be very similar to classic arena shooters like old Unreal Tournament. I think the controls have a natural mapping for a gamepad, R2/L2 for using spells and R1/L1 to cycle what's in each hand (controls should be freely mappable, however). I'm not so sure about mouse and keyboard. You could use left and right click to "fire" the spell in each hand, but I'm not sure what makes sense for cycling them independently. The scroll wheel is the obvious choice to switch, but there's only one.
>2. Dark Souls multiplayer standalone
Exactly what it sounds like. The Dark Souls pvp experience as its own standalone game. Saves those who just want to pvp from the time investment of making builds and hunting down equipment or farming upgrade materials. There would have to be some adjustments to fit the new format, I guess - if there are no levels, you have to make sure that all the weapons are well-balanced without stat requirements to restrict anything. Maybe instead a character should have a set number of points to invest across stats, but they'd be freely reassignable between matches or something. You'd have a few game modes: 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 arena, maybe a 4-6 player free for all, and a 1v2 or 1v3 gank mode for weirdos who like that sort of thing. There should be some smaller, arena-style maps like you see in the arena modes in the DS titles, but also some larger maps that more closely resemble the invasion experience; hunting down the host is part of the fun.
Both of these games would ideally be compiled for multiple operating systems and be easily moddable to allow players to run custom servers with added features or changes.
Replies: >>230823 >>230824
If you're on a standard 2-buttons-plus-wheel-button-3 mouse, set wheel-up to cycle the left hand and wheel-down to cycle the right. Some mice have two wheels, and you could also map buttons 4 and 5 if you got 'em. Button 3 could also be used to open a weapons wheel where you could select for one or both hands.
Replies: >>230826
Spoiler File
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Hey I like your wizard FPS idea. I had something very similar in mind, though I was thinking of a singleplayer campaign instead of an arena shooter. Think of a classic dungeon crawler, except instead of turn-based action or some clunky hybrid like the late M&M games you get Doom-like gameplay.
>competitive multiplayer-only FPS
That would be a waste considering the setting you're doing here, and you'd rather have a singleplayer-centric game over a multiplayer one. With a solid SP foundation though a multiplayer component is always welcome. What gamemodes were you thinking on?
>big single-use spells that are very powerful
How about spells you can buff a number of times, with each buffed spell having a longer cooldown due to a longer incantation? It would balance stronger spells by having to buff them previously over weaker spells, as well as giving them a big oomph once you pull them out. It sounds at least more fun than relegating them to some forgotten pickup.
>the gameplay would be very similar to classic arena shooters like old Unreal Tournament
I think a game like this would benefit from a 2D engine, and do with enemy and environmental sprites with a strong art direction instead. A 3D engine wouldn't do a cool high fantasy setting for an FPS any justice.
>but I'm not sure what makes sense for cycling them independently
Keys 1-4 for right hand and 5-8 for left hand. Either that, or use a key that's not hard to reach like Q to manage each hands' spells, to switch that 1-4, 5-8 order around for example.
>a cool wizard guy
Can a give you a suggestion on cool wizard people who did warped voice samples before Unreal Tournament's announcer?
Replies: >>230826
That seems like a good idea, although you still wouldn't be able to cycle both hands at the same time, unfortunately.
>singleplayer campaign instead of an arena shooter
I agree that a single-player (with optional co-op?) campaign might be fun too. I was just more focused on the multiplayer bits. It would be nice to include a level editor to let users make their own maps. You could easily make a cool campaign in the wizard setting, I just don't have any good ideas for how to do it.
>spells you can buff a number of times
Is the buff supposed to be something the player casts or activates with a button, or a pickup on the map? It could be fun to have multiple levels of spells, though, with higher cast time/mana cost, to give players some more options. I imagine a fuckhueg fireball could easily be very satisfying to sling out.
>some forgotten pickup
I want pickups and powerups and such in the multiplayer as a way to pull players together and get them into engagements. If players are fighting over powerful pickups it helps to keep the pace of the game high enough. You should make sure they're not easily campable, of course.
>2D engine, and do with enemy and environmental sprites with a strong art direction
Good artwork is a must; that's one of my main complaints about more modern games. Honestly something like the Doom engine would work. I don't know why you don't think a 3d engine could work as well, though. Maybe modeling and texturing would end up being more work, but I don't see why you couldn't do a good job in 3d.
>Keys 1-4 for right hand and 5-8 for left hand
That could work, it's basically the weapon assignments you see in lots of other shooters. For some reason I had wanted to keep the weapon swap off the keyboard but I'm not sure there's any good reason to do that.
>suggestion on cool wizard people
If your pic was related I don't recognize it.
Replies: >>232618
[Hide] (25.2MB, 1280x720, 04:43)
[Hide] (1.7MB, 1747x2935) Reverse
[Hide] (1.9MB, 2251x2983) Reverse
[Hide] (270.7KB, 862x1200) Reverse
[Hide] (1.8MB, 1097x1329) Reverse
>If your pic was related I don't recognize it
That might be me being a retard but I can't stop picturing the dungeon crawler game that spawned Puyo Puyo as an FPS. Something about the cute girl decapitating people with fireballs with warped spells buffed with Diacute just clicks in my head. They already pushed the Overton window by doing gore in the PC-98 games so jumping the shark and doing something more violent like an FPS wouldn't be too out of place.
>I just don't have any good ideas for how to do it
A dungeon crawler retrofitted into an FPS could be a good parting point. If you don't want dungeons, do some other high fantasy inspired expansive maps. Something similar to Dark Messiah with token fantasy locations, or the planet from Unreal removing the science fiction motif.
>Is the buff supposed to be something the player casts or activates with a button, or a pickup on the map?
I was thinking about Madou Monogatari here, Diacute is a spell that buffs your next spell, which can be stacked as many as 3 times. You can see it in the video somewhere around the 2:15 mark. Generally it simply multiplies your damage output, but in some of these games each level of buffs shows a completely different animation.
You can follow a similar approach for an FPS, where multiple levels of buffs on the same spell result in different projectiles. Consider an ice spell: a level 1 attack could be a simple shard thrown in a fast, straight trajectory at the enemy; a level 2 spell could consist of a slower projectile with an elliptic trajectory, to be used in niche situations; level 3 casting an ice blade that beheads players on headshot UT Ripper style; and level 4 being a huge iceball that rolls over enemies. Sky's the limit, and you could get really creative, balancing each variation of the same spell making sure they're all useful in different situations, similar to how you switch weapons on the fly on arena shooters.
>I don't see why you couldn't do a good job in 3D
When you mentioned wizardry my brain immediately thought of some Frazetta/Vallejo high fantasy, and I don't see 3D engines doing that deep-shaded, high-saturation artstyle all that well. Doom sprites are timeless by comparison, specially the digitized ones with their vivid shading. The sprites for the spider mastermind, the archvile and the cyberdemon still look very imposing to this day.
I don't know why I put up replying to this post until 15 days later.
Horror game where there are no supernatural elements, its just you vs a lot of regular humans and animals who want you dead. Weapons are your body plus anything you could get your hands on plus vehicles. Plot would be similar to postal or hatred, but combat and gameplay would be more like condemned. You live in a realistic dystopia where tyrants have plunged the world into an economic depression while attempting to genocide the vast majority of your race through the pretense of a response to the pandenic they had created. Basically all the fears of the alt right come true. You tried to spread the truth, but nobody listened to you, but still the new world order of the illuminati wants you dead. They've been trying to kill you, but you sre very hard to kill. The setting is a sprawling urban area, something like new york city mixed with los angeles. Lots of beauty built atop just as much ugliness.
[Hide] (581.5KB, 1392x1381) Reverse
>Postal with a girl
Wouldn't that defeat the whole point to Postal?
[Hide] (356.2KB, 1200x919) Reverse
Replies: >>232626
god this plays like shit, i dont know who thought that making a top down shooter using rpg maker was a good idea
Replies: >>232633
Bad at videogames, anon?
Replies: >>232638
An RPG where you battle by turning your limbs into weapons. They would be organic, so you would fight with tooth-guns and bone knives, and stomach acid grenades.
its broken, the game is the problem
im not bad at games, i completed mario kart wii once
Replies: >>232647
[Hide] (188.1KB, 1200x1200) Reverse
What a stupid fucking post. It's not even funny.
Alice in Wonderland 3D platformer halfway between Ocarina and Mario 64 in terms of gameplay. That is, platforming with bits of puzzle solving and dialogue. No direct combat, but rather minigames. Like the flamingo croquet and singing (working like the music in Majora). 
Was thinking of level access being like M64 where instead of jumping into paintings, Alice jumps into mirrors (looking-glasses).
Replies: >>237064
[Hide] (45.4KB, 892x764) Reverse
Chess tower defense

When you place a tower, it creates a pattern of home tiles around it, similar to chess moves. You can only place a tower on a home tile (green in pic related), and when you place a tower, the old home tiles disappear and get replaced by the pattern of the latest tower (yellow in pic).

Each map starts with a preset pattern or tiles that you have to place your first tower onto.
Replies: >>237208
So an E-rated answer to American McGee's Alice.
Replies: >>237098
AM's Alice lacked polish and controlled like ass, there's a lot to improve on than just the rating.
rapeman the videogame
Replies: >>237141
[Hide] (110.3KB, 256x256) Reverse
Rapeman the imageboard moderator?
What interesting qualities does Rapeman have to base an entire videogame off of him?
Replies: >>237143 >>237270
He rapes people like it's cool.
Replies: >>237160
Raping? I thought you were talking about this site's once janitor, who's obviously never laid a finger on a woman.
Replies: >>237238 >>237270
Not a game idea but a game related idea:
I recently found out that Project Revive (Battlefield 2 and 2142 private servers) got taken down by EA.
imao videogames really need some distributed decentralized serverlists.
That would be resistant against corpos taking down private servers or having many website serverlists on different websites with players not finding each other leading to player count decline/death.
Replies: >>237198 >>237272
Turns out someone wrote a paper about it in 2019.
Quite interesting.
Replies: >>237272
So is the idea that you can only build in one area of the map/only build with regards to the pattern of the towers you have already built? I guess that would help to alleviate a problem with most tower defense games in that you just build on the best choke points and then reinforce them as much as possible.

This seems like a pretty simple thing to make. Have you ever thought about developing it, anon?
Replies: >>237245
That's just you
>pattern of the towers you have already built
Old towers just sit there and shoot. Only the previous tower determines where you can place the next one, so you'd have to chain them from one to the next. You could make it so that when you upgrade an old tower, the placement pattern switches to that tower's pattern.

>Have you ever thought about developing it
Nah, I don't like tower defense games.
Replies: >>237257
>so you'd have to chain them from one to the next
Yeah, that's what I meant. The idea of having your new potential locations be influenced by where you've already built. I like the idea of upgrading a tower to give yourself a new chain point.

This honestly sounds fun. Could you throw together a few more images or share any other thoughts you have? I'm half-tempted to try making something like it.
Replies: >>237268
I haven't thought about it much more than that and I don't know what images I could even make, but here's some ideas I can extrapolate out of it:

- blocked tiles: if you build a tower, there's a pattern of forbidden tiles around it that you can't build a future tower on.
- enemy tiles: if you build a tower, there's a pattern of tiles that will buff enemies if that tile is on the enemy path.
- inverted placement rule: rather than building a tower on top of a previous tower's pattern, the pattern of the tower you're building has to touch at least 1 existing tower.
- required tiles: the tower that you're building has a pattern of 1-4 tiles that must all already have a tower on them, so you need to set up a pattern of towers before you can build that one.
- big towers that require a 2x2 square or 3x3 "+" shape of old home tiles.
- linked towers: for example, if you place a specific tower directly adjacent on both sides of the enemy path, they create a barrier between them that slows down enemies that pass between them. But the home pattern of that tower is an X or a large circle so you can't chain them directly from one side of the road to the other, you need to find another way to place them adjacent to each other. Or: direct line of sight between 2 towers will create "traders" who walk between them and generate money, they generate more money depending on how far apart they are.
- indirectly linked towers: for example oil tower covers enemies around it with oil which slows them down for a couple seconds, and fire tower shoots fire in front of it. Having an oil tower 1-4 tiles before a fire tower will boost the fire damage.
[Hide] (28.7MB, 1280x720, 11:30)
He's talking about rapeman of Rapeman Forever fame,I'd assume rapeman the janitor was named after said superhero.
[Hide] (290.3KB, 427x427) Reverse
I have been concepting a solution to this for some time now and am currently proceeding into the implementation phase, most of the time was spent on research but I hadn't seen this specific paper,thanks for posting it. (possibly because I was looking into more algorithm specific/networking focused sources instead of  stuff that mentioned gaming).
It's interesting to see how they have gone through some of the same considerations that I went through,though I can also see places where their approach would get blindsided by cases I covered so my self esteem isn't too hurt :^)
Replies: >>237297
Woah, what a coincidence. I wish you good luck.
Let us know when you make progress.
Five Nights at Freddy's, but it's an endless job/life simulator like Voices of the Void and My Summer Car. Rather than the ADHD controls of the original games, you have to act like a real security guard and build/manage the place like Pizzeria Sim. When night comes, you can walk around the security room and adjacent areas like Killer Frequency. In the mornings, you have in-depth animatronic building. The game ends when you die or a severe incident from one of the games occurs, like an animatronic biting or eating a kid or someone abducting children.
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