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First one is Chainlink.
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The_Fourth_Industrial_Revolution_by_Klaus_Schwab.pdf (u)
Page 167 in the PDF.



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Second recommendation is Oasis Labs, also known as ROSE.

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Bonus video.
Yes, the WEF and Klaus Schwab are the ones with the 'Great Reset', yes, the ones working on both projects are worshipping Saturn and Demeter.
That's why you should invest, it's directly by the you-know-who thus it can't fail.
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PDF isn't working, so have a screencap.
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>>3479 (OP) 
>why should I use this currency over bitcoin or monero
<here, have this infographic like we're trying to sell a professional rendering engine
This shit is never gonna take off. I wouldn't touch this even if I was paid to.
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>worshipping Saturn and Demeter
Pretentious rich pricks join a cult and think they can grace the earth with another golden age. They are so out of touch with the world they might as well be insane.
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It's not really a currency in the traditional sense. 
To keep it short, it replaces the middle man in real life transactions or bureaucracy with smart contracts. It's based on reputation, smart contract nodes need to use the Chainlink token as collateral, if they give shit data then that node needs to pay up reparations. Simple concept, but hard to do properly because of the 'Oracle Problem'. 
Point is that they are very interested in this tech, and it's gonna be implemented anyway because they push it hard, they want their 'Great Reset' at all cost. Just wanted to give frens a chance at making some money while they turn most of the world population into actual cattle.
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Okay, now tell me how you're going to rope normalniggers into using this.
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Very powerful organizations are going to push this for their "smart" cities. The normalecattle will go along with living in their shithole dystopia because of corona fearmongering. At least that's the plan. When their retarded social experiment fails like it always does there will be genocide and war like the last century im sure though.
Normalcattle will be forced to use it because there will be no alternative, no escape, lol.
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