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In less than a month, it will be Elliot Rodger’s 30th anniversary. ITT we shitpost everything relating to the good looking guy!
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>>3034 (OP) 
A failed normalfaggot rich nigger who couldn't think with the head on his shoulders and instead chose to think with the one between his legs. The world is better of without him and he deserved what he got.
hey, elliot rodger here
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23 days until he is a 30 year old wizard virgin.
>killed random civilians who lacked power or influence
>2/3rds of which were men
>never left behind anything of ideological substance (like a realistic proposal that a group could achieve)
>never asked out a single girl despite wanting to massacre them for rejecting him

Elliot Rodger was a naive moron just like nearly all mass murderers.
Replies: >>3068
Roommates aside,
>random civilians
He attacked people out with their girlfriends. Assuming no betabucks, that means Chads, which have power and influence by default.  
Also, sorority stacies, for which the same goes. They're pretty, they're social, they get their way.
>ideological substance
Usually, people don't go on killing sprees to promote their philosophical ideas (Uncle Ted notwithstanding), they go on killing sprees because they've been stretched beyond their breaking point and something had to give. His suicide proves it was the latter. A man with a message rarely offs himself (Dominique Venner notwithstanding).
>never asked out a girl
Why should he have? You don't have to ask out a girl to know what her answer would be. Just walking up to them is enough to tell you that much.
The best argument against him would be the murder of his roommates. "Nerds", by his own words. He should've converted them and united with them. There's no reason to war amongst ourselves, incel, volcel, etc. Non-normalfags of the world unite!
Replies: >>3069
Robots are idealogically opposed to failed normal niggers in almost every way. I honestly find them even more aggravating than run of the mill normalfags. Do not associate them with us you pathetic nigger. 
I won't get in to all the other horseshit you spewed.

Lurk for a few years and leave your teens and maybe you'll have some opinions worth a damn. Until then fuck off.
Replies: >>3070
I've been around since 2006. 
Incels aren't failed normalfags as such, and neither was Rodgers. If you listen to his videos, it's pretty clear he desired normalfag things because he's been indoctrinated to see that as status symbols, and it's the same for most incels. He wasn't obsessed with women, he was obsessed with status.
They don't want a girlfriend/3DPD as much as they don't want to feel like trash.
Replies: >>3071 >>3108
>incels aren't failed normalfags
A failed normalfag is someone who desires to be a normalfag but can't be. Desire for sex with 3DPD is a hallmark of normalfaggotry. Involuntary celibate means someone who desires to have sex but is not able to.
Incels are by their own definition, failed normalfaggots. The words may as well be synonyms.
>incels want status instead of women
Unprovable, unlikely, and also irrelevant. 

So again fuck off
Replies: >>3104
I'm sorry friend, but this revisionism belongs on wizard chan, more recently named wizchan. 

No need to thank me, I'm just here to help you out.
>it's pretty clear he desired normalfag things because he's been indoctrinated to see that as status symbols
Incels are failed normalfags. They're called incels because they want to have sex but can't, they want to be normalfags but they can't be. I also see no reason to believe incels are after status.
Replies: >>3118
That's not at all what it meant until wizardchan and offshoots repurposed the term. It was people who were normalfags that then fell out, ie: the cliquers you see on tinychats or discords. "tfw no gf" was as commonplace on old9k as lambasting failed normalfags, which would be incompatible under your worldview.
Replies: >>3119 >>3120 >>3122
Those were failed normalfags.
Replies: >>3120
Failed normalfags has meant those who want sexual or social success but are unable to achieve it; for about 4-5 years now on this iteration of r9k. And so "tfw no gf", involuntary celibates, and "doomers" are all under the blanket of failed normalfaggot. What has and is being done on the legacy r9k is none of our concern. Enjoy the spoonfeeding newnigger


On another note, the MGTOW community, a community that shares some (emphasis on some) things with this place calls involuntary celibates "failed bluepillers". I just thought it was interesting that two different, isolated, communities could come up with very similar terms for the same group of people.
Replies: >>3122
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refer to the spoiler. It's old now, but it shows that most people in there are impressionable retards. I don't care about that place and neither you should.
The concept of obnoxious faggots that bitch all day about women it's not new. The chart is really old so excuse the feels guy. Places like r9k and the MGTOW community are bound to receive a lot of these types
Replies: >>3123
>The concept of obnoxious faggots that bitch all day about women it's not new.
Thankfully this has been weeded out for a few years now. Posts have revolved around general discussion about what we've been up to, what we like doing, and how we've been for a few years now. MGTOW however, seems to be a nonstop bitchfest. To be fair, some of them do actually live up to the group's namesake and focus on themselves.
Replies: >>3124
Most of the discussion was contained in the whg thread on the old 8/r9k/, but the interest seems to have died down. After all, you can only have the same three debates so many times. Most of what was said wasn't enlightening anyway so it's not a great loss. I prefer it this way.
I am not familiar enough with the MGTOW movement to give a solid opinion, but I'll trust yours.
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8chan died in 2016; 8/r9k/ was decent until 2017. If I controlled every thing under by iron rule, things would be better.
Replies: >>3224
no way we've been here (post 8chan) for 5 years. It cant be. what have i done for 5 years
That's what everyone says but hindsight is 20/20, and it's not so easy when your head's on the chopping block.
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