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>What is this about?
Every month a book is chosen, robots will discuss, post their opinions, experiences and overall thoughts about said book.
Feel free to sugest whatever book you may like for the next month.
Everytime the monthly book is announced the month will be written in the name field for easy finding. The pdf of the book should be in that very post.

Beware there will be spoilers in this thread
Replies: >>3020 >>3026 >>3075
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>>3018 (OP) 
Welcome to the NHK
>Why should I read it?
It's safe to assume that everyone has at least watched the anime. The novel is definitely worth a read considering all the changes that were made in the animated series. Many scenes that may seem really obtuse will take a new meaning knowing the original intentions of the author.

>pdf still doesn't work
Here is a link instead.
Replies: >>3021
I apologize in advance for not completely adhering to the rules of the thread since I actually haven't read this version of  NHK ni Youkoso. However, I'd still like to speak about this story since it's one that's very close to me.

>Welcome to the NHK
This story had a substantial effect on me back when I first watched it. I think I was 15 or 16 back then and, at the time, I was coming off the immense shock that was my discovery of just how fucked things are. The impossibility of the pure romance displayed in the media I consumed, the hedonism rampant in society, and the trend towards an ever-increasing amount of this hedonism. You know, the works.

Unsurprisingly, this sent a young me into a pretty serious depression. I started to despise the outside world and its people, and soon, due to my weakness at the time, began to fear interacting with them. 
Due to this, I connected with the main character, Satou, very deeply and empathized with him quite a bit. At the time it was very cathartic to see the emotions I was feeling displayed on screen. It showed me that I wasn't alone in the way that I was feeling, even if the guy I was relating to was in an anime. As cliche as that might be. 
The show also rubbed me raw quite a few times. This happened most notably during the representations of Satou's crushing loneliness which mirrored my own feelings at the time. Especially so after the breakdown of his relationships in the later episodes.

Honestly though, I don't think I can watch the show again and enjoy it as much as I did. Not that the show would be of lesser quality. However, that show was for that time in my life. It helped me be a bit more self-aware and hinted towards the self-reliant nature of happiness with its ending and for that, it has immense value. However, I can no longer empathize with Satou like I used to. I'm not lonely anymore because I don't mind being alone. I'm not anxious anymore because I'm no longer weak. And I'm not depressed anymore because I stopped wallowing in hopelessness.
I due however still empathize with Satou's journey and I'm happy he was able to pull himself out of the hole too.

I didn't get to talk about Misaki and the self-destructive idea of the female savior today, or the stagnation found in mindless comfort, however that will be for another time since this post is already long enough. I hear that in the original she was flat out scum rather than someone who was caring yet had ultierior motives which is an interesting difference.
Replies: >>3023
Im afraid of submitting anything because my interests are extremely specific, i mean i don't know to what extent other robots care about the history of Wargaming or ASW warfare, im currently reading some Yukio Mishima's stuff, i have yet to finish it though, maybe i'll submit something if i find it interesting enough for other anons
Replies: >>3023 >>3026
Ideally it'd have to be generally interesting for most robots, something that may spark some discussion, opinions and thoughts.
If you feel a book will do that, feel free to submit away.
>Yukio Mishima
I've heard of him but never read his stuff, it might be interesting.

>I actually haven't read this version of  NHK ni Youkoso
Feel free to post anyway. I still recommend reading the novel.
The afterwords are interesting too. You might want to read them first, they are at the end of the pdf.
Nice, I  will have to read the NHK novel then. Is it true that the main girl is shittier in the novel than in the anime? Hell I should rewatch the anime, it's been years since I watched it.
Replies: >>3031
>i'm so unique like omg no one 
likes what i like
>yukio mishima
you sound like a fucking hipster, faggot. and your taste isn't fucking unique. yukio's books are good and wildly known. 
>>3018 (OP) 
i recommend the rising sun by toland john. a really interesting read even if you're not interested in gook ww2 shit. 
here's a pdf https://dmbukz2.cf/book.php?id=EnYkBQAAQBAJ
>Is it true that the main girl is shittier in the novel than in the anime?
That's from the manga, it's fucking insane at times. I would recommend it only if you are curious, because the ending is not very good
The novel is more grounded in reality, many anime-like scenes are not in the book and the main girl acts more like a real school girl in this version.

>Hell I should rewatch the anime, it's been years since I watched it.
I only read the novel because I didn't understand the ending of the anime when I rewatched it. It's explained better in the novel. In the manga that happens halfway through the story, adding 20 extra chapters.
>>3018 (OP) 
Since it's already July, I am going to assume that people have read or are reading the novel.  

*What do you think about the novel?
*How do you compare it to the anime?
*Did it changed your outlook of the story?
*What do you think of the main girl now?
*Did it make you reflect on how you were when you first experienced the story and now?

Feel free to effortpost and shitpost away.
Replies: >>3094
It seems I must write my biggest post to date.

I was very young when I first watched the anime. I was pretty reckless, watching anime all night, always playing video games, all in an attempt to escape my immediate reality. At the time I was in high school and it showed me what could happen if I continued with that reckless lifestyle. After that, I dropped anime altogether. In my later years of high school, I even tried to become a normalnigger, of course this didn't work and only made me feel extremely miserable.
After finishing high school, I tried to watch the original series that got me out of that vicious circle of consumerism, and made feel worse ironically enough. I couldn't stomach the anime, what I was watching was so disconnected from myself that I couldn't empathize with the main character.
Right after dropping the anime halfway through, I decided to read the manga. It was strangely satisfying and uncomfortable at the same time, watching the main character fail time and time again at fixing his life, only for everything to crumble down at the end. Maybe it was because I was massive faggot at the time, but I preferred the dark angle of the manga to the idealistic vision of the anime.
After some years, I finally read the novel. Being pretty close to the anime, I couldn't avoid comparing it to the anime and feel a bit nostalgic. Having watched the original anime almost a decade ago, I believe it may have been the most influential piece of media in my life. Although the novel is still slightly different, it made feel strangely young.
All that said, I prefer the novel over the others. The manga is extremely flawed, making it a drag to read at times. The anime feels too fantastical for my taste. The novel is more grounded in reality and better written overall. However, I still have a soft spot for all of them, making me remember different times in my life. Nevertheless, I still consider the novel superior to the other versions.
I consider that the novel may be the best way to experience the story. It's better at transmitting the main idea. The characters are pretty consistent, working under their own logic. The ending is hinted through the whole story, in contrast to the anime. Nevertheless, I still understand why people may prefer the anime or the manga. However, I still think that the novel has the better story.
I only watched two episodes of the anime (Welcome to the NHK) a while back before deciding not to watch any more. I feel that there are a few particularly outstanding anime shows I saw that are worth re-watching, but the rest feel like dead weight even if they were decent.
Still, I am going to read the novel because it seems a lot less mundane than the philosophy that I have been reading recently.
I believe that book clubs revolving around a specific book and specific time are often destined to fall apart in the long run because it is very rare for people to be on the exact same book at the same time. Reading is like a process where you finish one book and are ready for another specific one that might entice your interest in that moment. At least, this applies with everyone who roams around somewhat in the books that they read.
For example, reading Welcome to the NHK did not appeal to me until several weeks after this thread was created.
Replies: >>3101
I came to that conclusion too. When July started, I was very busy and realized I didn't want to write about the novel at that time (Hence the time gaps). I don't think this dynamic is going to work in a small board like this.
Probably, this would be better as a "Rec Book Thread", it would mitigate most of the negative side effects.
I am going to ask the BO to change the OP later

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