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this board
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When you work you die.
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gay niggers
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That is a bearded dragon
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Provide genetic proof.
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I provided my genetic proof in ur mom last night m8
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That was a good one
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>>2688 (OP) 
Real men fight to the death for the glory of their kind and their gods.
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Men are only truly alive when they're dead.
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Probably true, in all honesty. That might be one of the bigger reasons why we suffer as robots, beyond other sociopolitical issues, because we have no struggle and purpose to fight for.
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Normalnigger society, the modern state and so on are not something worth fighting  for.
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>we have no struggle and purpose to fight for
there is an entire NWO to destroy, anon
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Of course they aren't worth fighting for. But as >>2900 mentioned, there's the purpose of fighting against this current evil system we live in. We'll probably be forced to fight against the system regardless, once the NWO finalizes its control over the world and forces everyone to bend to its will once and for all time.
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This is the cutest image by far.
Runners up if you're a furry.
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Konata is cute!
I understand fighting the system is what we should do, it's a matter of how. Apart from defending myself if they ever go 1984 (as in, fighting for my life and freedom to not become human cattle) I don't see how we could ever go on the offensive. Apart from developing myself to the point of trascending this world, I just don't see an opportunity to be on the offensive.
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If we ever have the chance to fight back, society will be problaby closer to Fahrenheit 451 than 1984.
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Society will be 1984 for the bad goyim. For the rest it might be Fahrenheit 451 or even Brave New World.
I just want globohomo to do something stupid and force me to fight for my life. I've lived enough, there is nothing essential I have to learn on this plane left. For me go out in a blaze of glory with a legitimate casus belli would be a dignified death and a final fuck you to the spiritual niggers, the hylics, that have built such an obscene system that is pretty much anathema to what I am.
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>I've lived enough, there is nothing essential I have to learn on this plane left.
Everyone who's said this still has more to Live & Learn. Sorry, boy.
Keep hangin' on the edge of tomorrow.
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Not really. There is an absolute, source of all. This world is of becoming, of matter. Nothing really is, so it's better to let go. Unfortunately, killing yourself does not fix much, because most of the times suicide ends coming from passion. Only the Awake ones can by an act of will to stop "being" in this world. On the other hand, battle presents an ascesis, a dry path to follow in which even death can give one a final opportunity for the big ascesis.
Tell me what else is there to learn in this nigger world that are not banal details.
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*big awakening
Valhalla only ever serves mead. I want some chocolate milk.
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Esoteric anon?
That said, I believe that you are wrong in the end. We must be aware that we are both Matter and Spirit, and while we are yet here on Earth, we must adhere to both. To betray our Spirit is to fall into vile materialism, but to betray our Matter is to fall into life-hatred. Both are equally evil. Love life for what it is, while we are here in this plane. 
That's why you ask a valkyrie that you want to suck on her milkies haha. You'd probably get slapped or get a hammer to the face.
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Fahrenheit more in the sense where everything is beyond fucked, most people just stop caring and our overlords make a mistake that destroys society as we know it. I don't believe this will happen in our lifetime, at least not how you imagine it. Society so far has been like a pendulum where after much prudery a very liberal age follows and viceversa. Although, it might be hard now given the current state of society.
>I just want globohomo to do something stupid and force me to fight for my life
The USA is the center of the world. The jews wouldn't allow a full blown war or a major crisis. They will only limit themselves to false-flagging. On the other hand, if you are not American (or from a nice European country) you might want to be prepared just in case, many countries in recent years have been entering crisis, in some cases it is almost a vicious circle where they are okey for some years, then it's barely better Africa and after that back to normal again.

That's no heaven for me, sir no sir.
Never ever, not even dead.
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Since they're basically minor deities/spirits, those who choose the men slain in battle, they wouldn't be 3D in our sense (though PD may depend).
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>tfw no 3 dimensional pure deity
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>The USA is the center of the world
Not for rong, capitawrist piggeru!
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I used to love to shitpost, falseflag and troll for fun and argue for the sake of arguing.
But now I feel incapable even of that, no finesse or joy anymore.

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