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All things 2D. Post 2D. Discuss 2D. Watch 2D. Shit on 3DPD.  Maybe even talk about a certain 2D character or show you love.
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Anybody got any reccomendations for shit to watch or VNs to play? The reccomendations from here tend to be more succsesful since robots have inate similarities and such.

Admitedly though I've been lacking in my consumption of this content a lately. Corona's dying down and so I've got a few more responsibilities now than what I had to deal with during the complete quarantine.
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Alright, have an eldricht abomination then.
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Have a much cuter stupid wizard girl instead
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Based, have a retarded goddsess
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Go back and stay there, you fucking faggot
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>>2365 (OP) 
I can't enjoy anime anymore. I stopped watching it a few years ago and watching it again it feels alien to me. But strangely enough i really enjoy reading manga of whatever genre.

In manga i really liked "Akira" it's a lot better than the movie and will always recommend it.  "Gantz" was also really good and insanely popular arround 10 years ago but it faded into obscurity because it had a shitty ending that everyone hated, it also has a lot of naked women, cool robots and a really shit anime adaptation.
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imagine the smelle
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How do you think it smells?
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This thread needs more Kurisus
I like mahou shoujo because it's cute and colourful. Don't underestimate the appeal of the latter, it's quite the enhancement of cute appeal.
Could you elaborate, I'm curious.
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I originally thought that it was because they love to drag everything, somehow managing to turn a 15 page manga into a 22 mins episode. After sorting my feelings for a while I came to the conclusion that I just hate the sound of women voices. It doesn't help the fact that in anime they are mostly really high pitch and scream like fucking bitches. Strangely enough recently I started watching anime without sound and got some moderate enjoyment out of it.
Although it might be the language because I can watch dubbed anime.
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Thank you for elaborating.
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Kobato is the perfect girl in my book. Clumsy, goofy, needs help constantly but she is the kindest and cutest thing ever.

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