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Comfy thread for comfy chats, comfy images, comfy stories, comfy videos, comfy songs and audio. Come relax with some robots.
Coffee with milk or without?
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winter.jpg (u)
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Do you have any comfy winter pictures? Pic relates is only what I have, but they are not too comfy.
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__original_drawn_by_xilmo__c41968a1634ae174f33b46eafa32ec01.png (u)
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__nazrin_toramaru_shou_and_kasodani_kyouko_touhou_drawn_by_mikado_winters__8a00c4e090caf9fd0e881fcc77ac0500.png (u)
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__izayoi_sakuya_and_hong_meiling_touhou_drawn_by_mikado_winters__1600381848a6c45f0aa43eb12d226540.png (u)
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I found some which range from mild to very comfy.
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1494108698712.jpg (u)
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Some might not be the conventional snowy winter but I think they still evoke similar feelings of coldness and comfy.
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slavic_2.jpg (u)
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That's about it. I could post some wintry landscapes if you would like but those don't really fit the criteria for comfy in my opinion so I'll stop here.
>starbucks coffee
I'm going to say that being in a corporate multi-national coffee shop chain is not comfy. But I appreciate the other images, they're pretty nice.
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56d750226e97c662008bb104.jfif (u)
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ZqdrePp.jpg (u)
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McDs_1.webp (u)
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chipotle-interior-at.jpg (u)
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Yeah I was a bit wary of that one but figured I would anyhow since I like the foggy glass. On the topic of fast-food chain architecture, I find the cheap, older style of design that fast-food restaurants used to have pre-2000s to be pretty comfy. The drop-down ceilings and the sallow off-kilter look at least didn't pretend to be something it wasn't. In comparison, the modern attempt at a sleek, fashionable feel or that industrial crap just seems more souless in comparison. See pics. But to be fair I suppose that might simply be because one veneer is associated with the optimism of youth--simple nostalgia and all that.
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8a965e2530f16abc255a82876869000e4eacf422b6bc4fa95e97a253811b0e3b.png (u)
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I find them all equally corporate and depressing, but I can understand the honest and perhaps nostalgic aesthetic to older diners. I'd say I'm much more into rustic interior design, even if it can be played up and artificial sometimes.
I enjoy classic Minecraft worldgen. The fog, the shape of the mountains, the topography. I cant describe it but i enjoy it alot. The sparseness of content (usually trees) makes it almost feel dreamy. Modern mineman has too much detail i guess. They are trying to do too much with the block "resolution" they have. Mountains look strange with all the layering, textures look too detailed/ like usermade texturepack. The terrain is obscured with grass and the an excess of block layers trying to denote slight changes in altitude. It least that's how it feels to me
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Thinking back to when I first played minecraft in the alpha makes me nostalgic. I remember finding a mob spawner under this tree I was building my house in and being baffled and confused by what the fuck it was until spiders starting popping up out of the middle of no where. Can't believe a decade has gone by since that memory.

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