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I noticed some robots were talking about their futures recently in the FTDDTOT, particularly as it relates to careers, and so I figured a thread might be in order to talk about: wageslavery experiences, strategies to deal with normalfag coworkers, career recommendations, application advice, tips for escaping (or maintaining) NEETdom, suggestions for switching fields, or anything related to wageslavery at all.

To get it started I suppose: I've been lackadaisically applying for a variety of entry-level office jobs for a couple months now, but I don't have any hard preferences really. I also was considering a law enforcement related career, but I've got to look into that more. I was wondering if robots had any career suggestions, positive career experiences, or just any thoughts/knowledge about different fields of work that might be good for a robot.
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>law enforcement
The insufferable niggers fags and women that someone mentioned being all over the military are easily more prevalent in law enforcement, if you're gonna go that route then maybe forensics is your best bet because at least with that there's a natural filter that takes care of most of the retarded people.
Replies: >>1345
Yeah, that's kind of what I assumed. Honestly, it was just a whim based on the recommendation of a family friend who is a cop. There are some parts that seem appealing but I've been in that sort of physically demanding team environment (albiet at a lesser level before) and I don't know if I want to do it again. While the pay is good and the skills they teach are useful or appealing in some senses to me, my motivation isn't strong enough I believe. I'd feel like I became a part of the bureaucratic machine I so dislike in the government, and why would I be risking my life in a field position for a country (US) that I am so dillusioned with anyhow? I like the idea of America in some senses, but certainly not what it has become and is becoming. It would be like joining the military and going to potentially die fighting sand people in the desert for bankers. Why willingly beat the hell out of myself for a society that really hasn't been my friend at all? I'd rather go to jail first. Fuck em. But I dunno; it's just another option I've got to chew on for a bit.
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If you ever want to get into some position to change things for the better from the inside, going through the military is not a bad idea. Most make it through service unscathed and the people you may end up shooting at are terrorizing their own people.
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how do I become a landscaper instead of working under the table for neighbors and family? I need stable income
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Sorry for sperging out,  I just hate cops and superficial way of writing.
Wanted to delete post but captcha does not allow me. Obviously dont kill yourself.

Kill normalfags instead
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Try thinking before you have a retard fit, then you won't have to delete posts.
Go apply at a landscaping business? They're always hiring even without experience where I'm at. Unless you live in an area where winter actually significantly affects you, then you picked the wrong time of year to bother with it.
There's also stuff like night shifts at warehouses that are always looking for people, if you don't have a criminal record they'll probably take you on the spot as long as you don't have physical problems. The environment is also suited to robots since you don't usually have to interact with your coworkers at all throughout the shift, and if things are slow enough you can even get away with watching anime or whatever on the job. Just throwing that out there.
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>night guard
Check the job out beforehand. Most security jobs involve standing around for 8+ hours at a time doing absolutely nothing and it's hell. Even regular wageslaving is preferable to boredom like that.
Replies: >>1370
I'm pretty skeptical about my ability to bring about a positive change from the inside even if I do a good job at whatever it is I'm doing. I was mostly considering a government related job for the stability of such a position and (in this case) the skills I would learn on the job.
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>government related job
Don't unless you work in DC  at the federal your wages will lower then private sector with a higher entry level. State level jobs are shit and low barrel tier
Replies: >>1371 >>1373
Who said anything about guarding? Warehouses have night shifts where they move products around and do inventory you know. Guard positions are excellent if you prefer binge watching shows or playing video games to pass the time though.
You also probably won't learn much in terms of skills unless you go for a job that actually requires a college degree for you to know what the fuck is even going on, anything else is just filler positions they fill with niggers and women so they can point at how diverse they are. The DMV is a great example of what you'd get thrown into if you go for a government job without some kind of specific degree beforehand, your coworkers will be fat negresses and sometimes literal retards that take forever to fill out basic forms so some poor asshole can finally get his license renewed after waiting in line for hours on end.
Replies: >>1373
Yeah that's true. In my state the benefits (like retirement, healthcare, etc.) are good, but the base entry level pay for most is mediocre in comparison to private. Federal level isn't bad though with the G# system and regular graduated increases but I'd either have to a) commute (2+hours total) to the nearby major city or b)move to the capital or some other major city for a job, both of which I'd rather not do.
Certainly. I have no illusions about the sorts of low-end, paper pushing jobs.
Replies: >>1376
The health benefits do tend to be pretty good though from what I can tell, or at least better than most of the garbage that's offered in the private sector.
>>1341 (OP) 
How the fuck do I stop wageslaving and become a NEET?
Replies: >>3734
How the fuck do i stop being a NEET? I don't get what makes me so undesirable that even McDonald's won't dare hire me.
Also, am i retarded for falling for the "learn to code" meme despite knowing the market is saturated? I got into it with the intent doing freelance web development because i was frustrated over not being able to get a normal wageslave job.
Hygiene, eye contact, haircut/shave, and clothing. You're probably lacking in one of those areas. If you smell bad or have noticeably disgusting teeth that's usually an automatic dismissal, being unable to maintain even a basic level of eye contact makes you come off as dishonest or cowardly, most jobs that require you to directly handle food products will overlook you if you have long hair or anything beyond a small mustache in regards to facial hair (the ones that don't will require you to wear a humiliating facenet), and showing up to an interview in a baggy shirt and poorly fitting pants makes you look like a bum who doesn't give a shit. That's not to say you need to show up in a suit and tie for fucking McDonalds, but even a polo shirt and properly fitting jeans is better.
That being said have you tried to apply for shit like Dollar General (or whatever your area's equivalent is)? I've noticed they have one of the lowest bars for their employees out of all the major chain stores, even Walmart holds their employees to a higher standard. It's anecdotal but I've seen Dollar General employees just let people steal shit from the store right in front of them and still be working there months later.
Replies: >>1494
Definitely not the problem
>eye contact
I'm bad at it but not horrible.
That's probably a problem considering i haven't cut more than three inches off my hair since i was 12 and i'm a few years older than the minimum required age to post here. As for shaving, i shave every two days or so, so that shouldn't be a problem either.
I normally dress pretty shabbily, but i have a pair of "interview clothes" (which i never really got to wear, but i'll get to that later), so that shouldn't be a problem either.

I didn't express myself very well. My problem is not that i get dismissed after interviews, but that i never get any interviews to begin with (except for one interview for a scummy, exploitative telemarketing job post that was made into an internship so they could pay below minimum wage, the catch being that you had to pay the useless course that justified it being an internship out of your own pocket) and i've sent applications everywhere. 
I have spell-checked my CV, i have decent qualifications (certainly enough to work at a fast food joint or to sell sunglasses to tourists at the airport, for example) and i don't have a criminal record. 
My mom is also a problem (though a small one) since she gets mad at me for applying for jobs that are "below me", because she likes to pretend to be upper-class even though she clearly isn't. Granted, this is easy to get around, considering she doesn't need to know which jobs i apply to, but i probably wouldn't hear the end of it if i got hired at a corner store and someone told her about it. Anyway, that'd be something to worry about after i got hired (which apparently isn't going to happen anytime soon).
Replies: >>1495 >>1497
Sounds like the job market in general is just especially fucked in your area then. It's bad everywhere don't get me wrong (I'm assuming you're American), but some places here are borderline Africa tier now. For instance I really don't know how shitholes like California manage outside of tech jobs, and a lot of midwestern states seem to be garbage too unless you land a job working for a massive corporate plantation.
Though to add on to the shaving part, if you're gonna have facial hair make sure to at least trim it into some kinda shape even if you don't let it get very long, general stubble doesn't look good on most people unless you have some chad tier facial aesthetics.
Replies: >>1497
I was in that same rut when I was younger.  Literally It could just be a lack of experience mixed with your age.  Like you're too old not to have done something.  Or maybe they've already hired to many men for this costumer interaction based job.

Like I couldn't get hired anywhere for a long time and eventually I got a job at a grocery store that wasn't doing too great and all there welfare labor failed and were taking anybody.  After working there for a while suddenly getting a job was easy, the only difference was that I had that place and number down on my application.

> i have decent qualifications
is that past wage experience?
>certainly enough to work at a fast food joint or to sell sunglasses to tourists at the airport
whos going to buy sunglasses from a neet loser?
>I have spell-checked my CV
>Writing your lifes work for mcdonalds application
>well I don't want to hire that retard.
One time I  got a job at a small fast food place with the most cliqish normalfags you could imagine,like  something out of a tv sitcom, almost entirely because my boss thought I was cute during the interview; he spent the next 8 months trying to fireme for being an autist. I would have never gotten that job had I wrote my lifes story and how it made me qualified to make sandwhiches.

I got the grocery job and every job since having a beard.  A even lady once complained I didn't have a mask on covering it. So it must have bothered people.  Maybe I'm chad faced and all my incite is useless.
Replies: >>1498 >>1499
Maybe considering your manager supposedly hired you because he thought you were cute. Faggots will hire anyone if they have a "cute" face, they're worse than women in almost every way.
How are you even supposed to find a job without sending out applications (i.e sending out your CV)? Do you just telepathically figure out where interviews are being held and show up unannounced? Go to random places, give the manager a firm handshake and hope for the best? I get that this must sound stupid to everyone else, but i legitimately don't get how i'm supposed to let employers know that i'm interested in a job post without sending them my CV or an email (which usually contains my CV annexed to it).
Replies: >>1500
I think what he's getting at is you don't need to be overly detailed with your work history. I know it sounds contradictory (and it is to an extent), but if you put out a detailed list of say programming accomplishments when you're applying for McDonald's it's 1) not relevant experience to fast food and 2) if you make it seem like you have a lot of prior experience some employers in entry level jobs will assume you'll butt heads with them or that you'll try and demand higher pay.
Try to simplify it overall and find the most relevant experience you have and try to spin it in a way that makes you look fit for the job.
Say you worked with a programming team at some point, briefly sum up what you did and explain how this makes you a good team player. I know this shit is retarded and gay, but once you get your first actual on the books job then at least other entry level shit will be much easier to get into.
If any of you need to fill gaps in work history or pretend to have more experience than you do check out https://www.careerexcuse.com/
Basically they own a bunch of shell companies that you can use as a reference and they'll have someone pickup the phone and pretend to be your old manager.
Replies: >>1535
Sounds extremely sketchy! Thank you, anon
Replies: >>1539
It is but you'll quickly find that the vast majority of employers, not just entry level ones, either don't actually call to check your references, or at most call and have maybe a 5 minute conversation asking generic questions that anyone can easily lie about if fed the proper instructions.
Maybe try for an it job? Ive heard they're alright and you dont have to do much in terms of tech work. Some wonam asks you to open a pef or reset het computer n stuff
We should try to deduce a profitable daytrading strategy so we can program a bot to use it for us. All you need is to trade always in the same way so that in the long run is profitable.
I have this same issue. Unfortunately, some of us aren't meant to have jobs, even if they are wage slave tier. Beating yourself up over this will only create more misery for you.
I cant imagine where I'd be in 5 years. It hurts my head a little to do so. 
I dont like how even though the world is currently dying my mom still gets fussy that I dont have any work happening right now. Shes lucky that i have the opportunity to wage during these times
>been applying to positions for months
>finally get a call back but miss the call and they leave a message
>try and call back a few times over a few days, being polite and expressing interest in the position
>never hear back
>receive an email today saying the position has been filled
Goddamnit. I didn't even really want the position but the whole process is just aggravating. I understand that job postings will often get a flood of applicants to the extent that they can't reasonably respond to everyone, but it'd be nice to at least get a fucking call back when they express direct interest, not an automated email nearly a month later. 
It's situations like this that emphasize how much of a wageslave you really are in the (((modern))) world. I've even had people tell me that I'm in a good bargaining position as the job applicant. It's just an absurd perspective. I mean really, me? I'm in a good spot at the heel of a potential employer? Beseeching every corporation possible for a job somehow puts me in the advantageous position?
Replies: >>2370 >>2371 >>2372
>I'm in a good spot at the heel of a potential employer? Beseeching every corporation possible for a job somehow puts me in the advantageous position?
I suppose the point is that herding niggercattle tends to be more annoying than being niggercattle. But that would depend on your living situation and life goals. Job insecurity can obviously be way worse than the responsibility of herding niggercattle. But if you're young and don't really have many responsibilities it can also be nice to just meander between jobs. Or so I've been told.
Replies: >>2384
Your position is hopeless and you know it. In that case, why not capitalize on it? Next time you hear stupid shit like
>good bargaining position as the job applicant
call them out on it. Say this, word for word - "If it is true and if if I am in a good bargaining position, hire me right now." Once they inevitably start to backpedal, simply call them out on it and show some guts. If they try to further complicate things, just walk, it's not worth it.
Replies: >>2384
>I've even had people tell me that I'm in a good bargaining position as the job applicant
How does one even reach this conclusion?
Replies: >>2375 >>2384
Normalniggers like shitty platitudes and think that it makes people feel better, to tell them that their shit situation is actually secretly amazing. Like how they say that being a single mom is "free" and "liberating".
Replies: >>2377
But that is even too retarded for them. Jesus, my contempt at normalniggers has grown even more today.
Yeah I think that might be a part of the mindset. Though the point I've heard emphasized seems to be more along the lines of a naive platitude (e.g. I as applicant bring XYZ skills and an employer would be lucky to have me!). Basically an ass-backwards overconfidence thing I guess. On the whole drifting between jobs thing, I've never really understood that either; it's always seemed like the people who peddle that mindset have to be pretty financially secure to have an attitude like that. Willy-nilly tossing away a job for another one like some bleeding-heart free-spirit type just because said job was dissatisfying or bothersome has always seemed like a luxury. Work is work, no way around it. It has to be done. You might come to tolerate or even like some aspects but the Diseny(TM) dreamjob is a crock of it.
Nah, I mean to say that I've heard acquaintances and family members say something along those lines--not potential employers. They haven't had the gall to stroke me off like that yet.
To be fair, even if it's stupid I think that a part of the time it is also a confidence boost sort of phrase like the kind a parent might tell their child (e.g. "Go in there and give 'em a firm handshake son!"), but I attribute it more to the simple, severe lack of awareness of the normalfag. Even thinking beyond their own situation (which often includes many instances of successful employment) is too much for them. Imagining that yes, indeed, some people do not have the stunning array of experiences that they have overwhelms the hamster-brain. Unsurprisingly then the hamster-brain gets upset when you rattle them in their cage and call them on their bullshit, hence the typically passive-aggressive attitude whenever they aren't gleefully coasting along in fantasy land.
Replies: >>2391
>Imagining that yes, indeed, some people do not have the stunning array of experiences that they have overwhelms the hamster-brain.
That's a typical normalfag trait. Having significant trouble in something that they find easy is unheard for them, so they can't offer a response other than the usual NPC bs. Often coupled with bootstrap nonsense like "you're acting entitled" or my favorite, "you're not qualified enough so stop complaining" as if most jobs actually require more than a single brain cell to perform. Say it with me fellas:
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I thought I could lay my head low at work and get through it with no drama but that goal has failed and I realize how much I dislike interacting with people due to social awkwardness and will never get good at it.  People think I'm retarded, my trainer is a nigger who gets angry too fast and every time he asks me to fight I can't control my adrenaline (am caring less now about it and I feel my balls waking up again so if he asks me again I'll fight him however), sassy black woman who gossips exists, one co-worker used me as a fetch boy and I couldn't say anything because I wasn't doing anything (slow period) and the new guy, another guy has taken a disliking to me for no reason I can see and someone else I never spoke to glared at me, and someone stole something from me I was borrowing from someone else.
Replies: >>2462
neet forever, suck it nerd
Just stop work and collect welfare
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