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Are there any modern hunting rifles that have a non-detachable magazine and can only feed from loading one round in at a time and are at all common? Asking to get an idea of how universal detachable box magazines are on such guns now.
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>>33 (OP) 
90% of bolt action firearms are non-detachable magazines. It's only in the last 20 years that detachable mags are taking a larger market share. 

Unless I've completely misread your question.
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I'm asking what of that 90% with non-detachable mags are still produced and sold and if any would qualify as common.
In the US, I'd say around 2/3 to 3/4 of new production boltguns larger than .223 a fixed mag. For small calibers it's more or less an even split, and detachable mags are a lot more common in foreign rifles.
Bear in mind that gun stores tend to lag a few years behind production and Remington is still phasing out fixed mags, so if you went down to your local store the ratio might be a bit higher.
>Are there any modern hunting rifles that have a non-detachable magazine and can only feed from loading one round in at a time and are at all common?
You mean the R700?
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Last I checked, modern R700s used detachable mags.
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Just get an older model? 1966 is still considered modern weaponry.
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I am looking for a picture of a modern soldier that's wearing a wizard hat, robes, a rifle and mag carriers/utility but everything he's wearing has full desert camo. The picture was hand drawn and featured a desert landscape of some kind, but i may be wrong.
I recall it being posted some months ago but I seem to have lost it recently.
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Not trying to buy
>Asking to get an idea of how universal detachable box magazines are on such guns now
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You mean this? Not a rifle though and there's no background landscape either.
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Yes this is what i was looking for, I recalled the desert-like camo but not the RPG staff nor the background. Perhaps it was an edit or an image similar to this.
Thank you.
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I believe you're talking about the photograph of the guy who originally did the cosplay and inspired the drawings. I think I saw it on cafe/k/, just look at the recently bumped threads, might be there.
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Does anyone have that image of the French experiments on body armor? There was one guy who was wearing that Star Wars-tier armor with the kevlar long cloak, IIRC.
So the cosplay came first? That's news to me. Also checked.
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Hello /k/, what is the ideal choke for shotgun to safely and successfully shoot slugs out of it? In this case, the shotguns are a 12 gauge and .410. Both are single barrels. 
Also, does anyone have any experience with Nobel Sportitalia? I recently bought some of their buckshot and I thought the transparent blue shells looked interesting; image 3 and 4 related.
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I have a budget of $1000 and below and am looking to buy an AR-15. Any thoughts?
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Buy a shotgun and use the rest of your budget on ammo for it.
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No, I want an AR-15 (or similar 5.56/.223 rifle) for sure. 

Are you implying that $1000 isn't enough to purchase an AR-15?
Whos your favourite mass shooter and why?
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The old poorfag standby for ARs is a parts kit from Palmetto State Armory and an 80% lower from wherever else. That'd be well within your budget.
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Unless he intends to feed it.

>>145 here. Was thinking of buying this . Thoughts?
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We don't support that kind of thing here, officer.
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Now I know why /k/ is such a shithole.
Trowel a better choice than folding shovel for a bugout bag? The weight and space of my folding shovel is kind of a hindrance.
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