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keep minority spirit

laughing_japs.jpg (u)
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>a shitposting 2hufag nukes your video game board so hard that you don't even have a /v/ anymore
>do what you do every time you get slighted and cyberstalk him while pretending that you're not the butthurt one
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>>96 (OP) 
The board has a bruised ego because they can't claim that they "always win" anymore.
Replies: >>102
Also they can't solve the captcha judging on how things have slowed down. GG. It was fun.
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Oh my god. I was right on the money. They actually stopped posting because the captcha was put up.
They can't solve the captcha!
It was unfortunately fish mandated automatic anti-spam that stopped the fish fucker.
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/cow/boys are literal retards
Replies: >>107 >>110
Not 100% but I'm pretty sure today was just dolphin. He hit cake shortly after leaving here.
this_kills_the_julaynigger.png (u)
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New OC.
643631cc3b8bc9f8418b85aed7b6f425a9c9b1b1579a8460ab36685d9bf46092.png (u)
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LOL.png (u)
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/cow/ BTFO!
Replies: >>121 >>139
I came here to test the impossible captcha.
2fb5de02f8e1aad25726a3bd4133d83c9ec2b6e9361e1e82cb544fc0bfd57d9e.png (u)
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They will never recover from this.
42b36b7b0aa0913b378c11c401147f99e4d542ddc493c8d4b27cc3db904e856c.png (u)
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261046542a6daddc8741f004a998351ffb6ed8f2a74f86a75475daa2aa32c0b7.jpg (u)
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940a2eea029e2265679e3e2a2cf23f80596a6e06c95973036f2767cc0e0bf29b.jpg (u)
(9.4KB, 250x241)
b32b946d4987cb431958bf0cc917f64328571307fc58f427a7cf838cb8826d60.jpeg (u)
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c28eb32b9df2e355046d513f3bd1f1b7ec1ce9f3eb7c3accd88d09e1eb6b7f95.png (u)
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The absolute state of r/lolcows.
Replies: >>139
92831594061de7f1fc2f537b2cf514ebf8bc041ba69c87995ae86099ca474d7d.webm (u)
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Is there a bigger lolcow than /cow/ these days? The absolute fucking state of that entire board is hilarious.
Spoiler File (u)
(2.1MB, 1200x2043)
Post images to scare away jewlay niggers. I'll start. Spoilered because potentially horrifying content contained within.
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d66244ffc3e2ecf1635080cd90983c3a2a59604e143c3817b4bbfb9e4206cd94.jpg (u)
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>Are you human
/cow/ scientifically proven subhumans.
98ea6f8b77a4b04e3505da65a9a8a30511fecbc55cb631ee36c34a089fec2d20.png (u)
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selling /cow/tard repellent, one (you) each 
♜ ♘ ♗ ♖
♖ ♝ ♘ ♛
get it before the stock's out
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1359726469753.jpg (u)
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japcap.png (u)
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Replies: >>162
Smug_snowslut.PNG (u)
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Impossible you say?
Loud_Nigra.mp4 (u)
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The absolute fucking state of /cow/niggers
superlative_laff.png (u)
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>They can't solve the CAPTCHA
Holy shit these /cows/ are gift that keeps on giving.
mannfredvonmann.jpg (u)
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ahahaha oh no
How do they not know when the way to solve it has been posted multiple times? Do they just not browse anything but /cow/?
/cow/ really is just discount /baph/ at this point
Truly impossible
monkey.jpg (u)
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>zzzchas faggoty ass impossible CAPTCHA
john_shut_it_down.png (u)
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So when is the next #koistream? IRL or VR again when?
true_oldfag.png (u)
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>tfw john will never be as famous of an e-celeb as the firstfag
>post loli on the front page of /cow/ to see what happens
>jannies delete that shit in actual seconds in the dead of morning
Tell me about the hehpills again.
/cow/ is a mess.
funniest.jpg (u)
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If they can't even solve the fucking captcha I'd like to see how they play chess.
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