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I don't think there's a usable /d/ or if there is I dunno about it so I'll ask here
Is there a way to describe or find things where the girl gets sort of 'snatched' by a tentacle or similar? Pic related is the gif, I'm particular looking for that sort of 'consensual' thing but either way.
Now, it's implied a lot in tentacle doujins, like these panels in NTS4, but it's very rarely actually shown in my experience. There's either still shots that get cut between or the character is obscured and the whole shot is glossed over.
I know there are a lot of battle sequences in shite anime, especially retro, where a girl gets grabbed by a tentacle but obviously those don't have the same kind of leaning into it besides that they're all 3 frame ultra long shots where you can't see shit and it's neither sexual nor well done.
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>>10396 (OP) 
think ur looking for consentacles or soft vore
don't believe there is a specific tag for what you want but it does exist
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>>10396 (OP) 
There is one on PLW
Replies: >>10409 >>10410
>on PLW
post onyo
>think ur looking for consentacles
I mean yeah but is there a  name for what I'm trying to describe
like the actual act of yanking/dragging/pulling
its deader than here
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