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pOrN iS GoOD foR yOu guYZ trUsT mE

11_Violence_And_Bloodshed.mp3 (u)
[Hide] (8MB, 1000x1000, 03:59)
07_Fighting_The_World.mp3 (u)
[Hide] (7.8MB, 1000x1000, 03:51)
01_Manowar.mp3 (u)
[Hide] (7.4MB, 1000x1000, 03:39)
For me mostly hard rock, heavy metal and power metal. I gets me going so good.
My go to bands are Manowar, Motörhead, Blue Öyster Cult, Powerwolf and Sabaton to name a few.
Powerwolf specially I recommend. Seriously, try doing your routine with the Blessed and Possessed playing.
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2ad08b2bde4edc6009d6695161dd4cff114c1ce5d63d0bc00120e48b6f4f8375.png (u)
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>>702 (OP) 
>For me mostly hard rock, heavy metal and power metal
>Manowar, Motörhead, Blue Öyster Cult, Powerwolf and Sabaton
Dragonforce and Rhapsody are pretty good too, good taste anyway.
Jasper_Byrne_-_Miami.flac (u)
[Hide] (31.7MB, 700x700, 04:31)
The obligatory Hotline Miami 1 & 2
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Jasper_Byrne_-_Miami.mp3 (u)
[Hide] (10.4MB, 700x700, 04:31)
Have the .mp3 version, since the FLAC version seems a bit fucky.
3_Inches_of_Blood_-_Destroy_the_Orcs_with_lyrics.mp3 (u)
[Hide] (2.1MB, 02:20)
5FDP_-_War_is_the_Answer.mp3 (u)
[Hide] (3MB, 03:18)
Amon_Amarth_Death_in_Fire.mp3 (u)
[Hide] (4.5MB, 04:54)
Manowar_-_Die_for_Metal.mp3 (u)
[Hide] (4.8MB, 05:14)
Savatage_-_Hall_Of_The_Mountain_King.mp3 (u)
[Hide] (5.1MB, 05:33)
(1998)_Gore-Tex_-_握手で始まり拍手で終わり.mp3 (u)
[Hide] (7.6MB, 04:08)
(2006)_Juswanna_-_ブストゲスノエズ.mp3 (u)
[Hide] (7.9MB, 04:18)
Rappagariya_-_Senrei.mp3 (u)
[Hide] (9.9MB, 05:25)
ZEEBRA_+_AKTION_-_Neva_Enuff_-_Brother.mp3 (u)
[Hide] (4.1MB, 04:29)
Some J-hop.
Alabama_Thunderpussy_-_Sociopath_Shitlist.mp3 (u)
[Hide] (4.1MB, 04:26)
Dethklok_-_Murmaider.mp3 (u)
[Hide] (3.1MB, 03:24)
Kingdom_under_fire___Heroes___Crash_-_Whirlwind_struggle.mp3 (u)
[Hide] (4MB, 04:24)
Lazerhawk_-_Hypnic_(MetalSynth_Cover)_by_Artificial_Fear.mp3 (u)
[Hide] (3.5MB, 03:46)
Track_01_-_THUNDER_FORCE_IV『Lightning_Strikes_Again_-_Metal_Squad』.mp3 (u)
[Hide] (5.1MB, 05:36)
More metal.
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『狂気山脈_~At_The_Mountains_of_Madness~』___人間椅子.mp3 (u)
[Hide] (7.9MB, 08:40)
Burzum_-_Ea,_Lord_of_the_Depths_(2011).mp3 (u)
[Hide] (4.9MB, 05:23)
Ningen_Isu___The_Colour_out_of_Space_(人間椅子___宇宙からの色).mp3 (u)
[Hide] (6MB, 06:30)
Wolf_-_Children_of_the_Black_Flame.mp3 (u)
[Hide] (5.3MB, 05:50)
Wolf_-_Evil_Star.mp3 (u)
[Hide] (5.6MB, 06:09)
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1569109015391.png (u)
[Hide] (470.4KB, 499x499)
>hit and run 'fags' post
>no context
>can't even spell 'fags'
Do you not like metal? Are you unimpressed with Man-O-war's actual /fit/ tier physiques?
Use you words anon.
Burning_Love_(DJ_Weirdo_&_DJ_Sim_173.683_Remix).opus (u)
[Hide] (4.5MB, 296x294, 05:30)
3_Steps_Ahead_-_Crazy.opus (u)
[Hide] (4.9MB, 479x473, 05:08)
Scott_Brown_-_Taking_Drugs.opus (u)
[Hide] (4.1MB, 856x727, 04:11)
3_Steps_Ahead_-_Drop_It_(Original_Mix).opus (u)
[Hide] (3.9MB, 600x595, 04:17)
Young_Birds_(Original_Mix).opus (u)
[Hide] (10.1MB, 878x684, 05:36)
>music you listen to while working out
I love me some happy hardcore mind drug.
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1455908353175.jpg (u)
[Hide] (134.3KB, 954x1056)
>thump thump thump thump
To each his own, but listening to this would drive me nuts.
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GG_-_Eddie's_Theme.mp3 (u)
[Hide] (2.8MB, 03:02)
GG_-_Kliff's_Theme.mp3 (u)
[Hide] (2.9MB, 03:12)
GG_-_Slayer's_Theme.mp3 (u)
[Hide] (2.9MB, 03:08)
GG_-_Venom's_Theme.mp3 (u)
[Hide] (2.8MB, 03:04)
Guilty Gear OST.
07_Crazy,_Mad,_Insane.mp3 (u)
[Hide] (8.1MB, 500x500, 03:30)
05_Die_by_the_Blade.mp3 (u)
[Hide] (7.5MB, 500x500, 03:14)
My coworker showed me Beast in Black a while ago, they're a solid 8/10 and really get you pumped.
Pro-To-Plasm_(Original_Mix).opus (u)
[Hide] (4.2MB, 800x800, 05:28)
Frequencies.opus (u)
[Hide] (4.8MB, 600x468, 07:02)
perfect_exercising_song_lol.opus (u)
[Hide] (3.1MB, 600x473, 04:23)
Storm_(Alphazone_Remix).opus (u)
[Hide] (5.6MB, 08:28)
Rock_You_Softly_(Original).opus (u)
[Hide] (3.3MB, 307x300, 04:58)
>implying ravers weren't the rule of thumb to be the perfect /fit/izen, including drug abuse
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Noise_&_Music.mp3 (u)
[Hide] (14.6MB, 06:22)
Hooveristic_Trooper_(tpz_Overheat_Remix).opus (u)
[Hide] (4MB, 1200x1200, 04:20)
Summertime.opus (u)
[Hide] (2.5MB, 600x580, 03:37)
冥_-0720Daddy's_tenderness_mix-.opus (u)
[Hide] (3.9MB, 512x160, 05:37)
Fly_With_You_05.opus (u)
[Hide] (3.5MB, 307x300, 05:20)
Tonyukuk_-_Epic_Turkic_Music.mp3 (u)
[Hide] (6.5MB, 03:31)
4.Barbarian.mp3 (u)
[Hide] (6.3MB, 06:28)
headless_gooks.jpg (u)
[Hide] (65.7KB, 567x425)
I've a rough relationship with music. Whenever it plays, it gives me a mood boost for a brief time, but at large I feel my focus fades away as I'm consumed by the music instead of the exercise.
Why would you ever listen to music either way? Aren't you strong willed enough to not need it?
Replies: >>985 >>986
Aren't you strong willed enough to maintain focus
Replies: >>987
>implying music doesn't inhibit total focus
I doubt you would concentrate either.
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help_me.png (u)
[Hide] (213.2KB, 410x320)
Meant for >>985
01_Amen_&_Attack.mp3 (u)
[Hide] (9MB, 500x500, 03:54)
10_Extatum_et_Oratum.mp3 (u)
[Hide] (9.1MB, 500x500, 03:56)
1-03_Army_of_the_Night.mp3 (u)
[Hide] (4.7MB, 500x500, 03:21)
2-04_Power_and_Glory.mp3 (u)
[Hide] (6.8MB, 500x500, 04:54)
Powerwolf is God-tier for getting pumped up, idk how "people" can get hyped up to rap "music" in their overpriced Beats "headphones"

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