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Have you lifted today? No? Go find something heavy. Pick it up. Now put it back down. Good. Do that a dozen more times.

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Sup, /fit/izens, how about we join the Infinity Cup to get our board a little more exposure?
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ok, "anon", I'm interested. (you) make the kits, (you) make the roster and (you) make the formation and then 
can partecipate.
You're a bit late, but if you want to go for next year then go ahead. Unless you want to handle everything by yourself though (you don't), I suggest you find other anons willing to help you out.
Replies: >>296
We don't really need anything, though, most stuff is already set up from last year's.
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I've never understood this thing. Is it an online Fifa tournament? Or does somebody just set up bots on Fifa and they duke it out and people bet on who will win? Or is it something else entirely?
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>Or does somebody just set up bots on Fifa and they duke it out and people bet on who will win?
Something like that but on Winning Eleven/PES. Boards involved give names to make a team, strats, formations, assign skills, make custom sets and models and then the AI dukes it out. I don't think there's any betting, it's just for fun.
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This is your overlord. I am aware that the cup is taking place right now, but I would like to enter our team RIGHT NOW do a big overhaul of the team for next year's cup. Seeing everyone divegrass without a single fitness related team is, quite frankly, embarrassing. Even more embarrassing is our current roster that >>296 posted. Fucking wojaks and twinks, what the fuck? Clearly it's a port from several years of 8ch meddling, but we are no longer on 8ch. To that end, I would like to do a complete overhaul of our team and have it ready by next year's cup. Even for anon's lazy ass that should be more than enough time to get shit in order.
So with that being said, what are your suggestions for players? Who should be kept? Who should be trashed? What are some new faces that could be added?
>tactics/strats (most important, everything else comes later)
>models (turbosperg mode, but we do have a year)
As your BO I maintain final say on everything, but at this point I am 100% open to suggestions. /fit/ has lay dormant for long enough, it's time to show these divegrass posers what REAL sportsball is.
Replies: >>1549 >>1566
Fuck I'd say we could even make our own stadium. Fill it with weights, dumbbells, kettle balls, etc. Not ellipticals though, those are for fags.
Replies: >>1566
>>290 (OP) 
Hello /fit/izens
We would really like it if you could touch up your roster page to include pictures for your players, would really help for the next iteration of the cup!
See you soon!
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>what are your suggestions for players?
It's going to be very hard to get some participation on this board. Take zzz/v/ for example, who was entirely revamped from scratch this year by one lonely autist.
I'd say you try and start brainstorming some ideas to pitch into players/kit/banners/whatever. I like the ICUP concept and I've been enjoying this year's iteration so far, but truth be told the effort to put forward the teams has mostly been a single-man struggle.
>Fuck I'd say we could even make our own stadium
You should take a look at the available stadiums to get a general idea.
Most of them feature a single image on the field. Then there are the more elaborate ones like the /eris/ stadium, that feature a bit of a custom modelling.
Don't get too overboard with it though. Here's an idea of what can be accomplished in the game:
And the 2016 /fit/ roster that was never put again into use:
Replies: >>1567
Things are going to be changing drastically for next year's cup though, as he said he was moving to the latest iteration of PES for QoL purposes.
Replies: >>1568
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Is he really moving to PES18? As far as I'm concerned, porting the assets into PES18 would be a very large effort that would have to be made by blenderfags and codefags, and the cup is lacking in both of those.
Either way, ideafagging is free, and whatever model you can find or latch onto you can be repurposed for both games.
Replies: >>1569
Whether that means PES 19 or eFootball 2022 (their first game after losing the PES license) I'm not sure, although apparently the latter is actually a bad game even for futbol standards. You can ask him on cafe/icup/ for clarification.
Replies: >>1572
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>eFootball 2022
I seriously doubt we're going to migrate to a newer version. Someone has to do the migration you know.
Replies: >>1576
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Again, ask him. He made it quite clear that we're not using PES 17 ever again. Whatever he moves to, we still have plenty of time to work on the roster. Here are just a few names I'll throw out there, some new, some from the current roster:
>Kyriakos Grizzly (obviously)
>Mark Rippetoe (you should know who this is)
>Martin Berkhan (Leangains author)
>Wii Fit Trainer (token woman)
>Arnold Schwarzenegger
Here's a quick mockup emblem I did as well.
Replies: >>1577
Found a XNA model of Wii Fit Trainer that imported into Blender pretty well, all the textures, rigs, and bones are there. Unfortunately I don't know how to use Blender beyond that. I do have plenty of time, but if there's someone out there willing to spend their time rigging a vidya grill for virtual divegrass then please let me know.
Replies: >>1579
Also made a thread over on cafe/icup/
Replies: >>1605
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Check that thread, someone is asking you something in regards to one of the (possible) players
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Reposting from the /icup/ thread: Wii Fit Trainer and Starting Strength now have models.
What about the rest of the team? Do you have a roster?
Replies: >>1639
Not yet, but I am getting there
Anyone have other player ideas? I'm still open to suggestions.
Replies: >>1728
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Apparently you fags got mentioned over at the /icup/ board, so as long as you can come up with a team you can compete. Is there a team?
>anyone has other player ideas?
What's the roster so far?
Replies: >>1729
Assuming it's still happening, yes, we would like to participate.
Replies: >>1730
It is happening but no date has been confirmed yet.
Any plans on updating anything about the team?
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