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Have you lifted today? No? Go find something heavy. Pick it up. Now put it back down. Good. Do that a dozen more times.

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Discuss things that aren't workouts or exercise per se, but help you to improve your performance as well as maintain /fit/ness and motivation. For example:
>wim hof method
>abstinence in general
>study and inspirational reading
Things to not discuss:
<roids, drugs and other gay shit
Personally I stopped using warm water in my showers, all my showers have been 100% cold for the last 3 months. I've had a huge uptick in energy levels since I started doing this, and I also feel more solid, like my body has become more dense. The reason I decided to do this is related to an observation I made a few years ago. I was visiting family and had my cat with me, and even though it was the beginning of winter, he had to stay in a shed outside because of their dog. Now, he was normally 7.5 pounds, but after a few weeks in that shed, he was 14 pounds. The reason I weighed him was because he was noticeably bigger, and suddenly had muscle definition, it blew my mind that he just about doubled his weight. Interestingly, he went right back to his old weight after he started living inside again. It reminded me of something called "Bergmann’s rule" which is basically an observation that species adapted to cold environments tend to be bigger. Anyway, a couple years later I learned about Wim Hof, which really activated my almonds about a few things, not least of which was my cat turning into a chad in the cold. It might be worth noting that he was unfixed. I think if I keep my cold showers up over the winter I'll see some real progress.
Otherwise, I'm on day 7 nofap (29 days is my personal best), and today is day one of a 7 day "mind fast". I won't be playing any games, watching TV, reading anything other than the Bible, or using the internet (with the exception of /fit/, my email and 4 astrology sites, I've already got my tabs up and they won't be changing them for that time). I'm just going to focus on training and meditation.
What are you doing to improve yourself /fit/?
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I was with you until that spoiler
Replies: >>268 >>271
>>265 (OP) 
I'm with anon. Not sure what you hope to gain through astrology other than maybe a few giggles. 

I've been getting back to setting a wake-up and go-to-sleep routine. Starting with trying to box out any electronic anything from my bed to improve sleep quality. After that it's gonna be getting shit in order for the mornings so I'm presentable and ready to start the day.
Replies: >>271
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I debated about including spoiler related because I was worried it would derail the thread, but I wanted to be transparent about what I was doing. 
I find astrology to be a very useful tool for planning and staying organised. I use the position of the moon to help plan my projects. You'll notice that my "mind fast" ends directly on the new moon. I'm also considering doing astrology for a living.
Regardless, I really don't want to derail the thread defending my practice in this area, but I've had really good results, and I'll just keep it at that.
As for sleep, this is one of the main reasons I'm doing what I am. My sleep patterns are all fucked up from gaming, so I hope this will help fix that.
Replies: >>272
>but I've had really good results
Most likely just confirmation bias
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Currently on day 308 of nofap, the first three weeks were the hardest (from what I understand that's universal with breaking any addiction) but now I've gotten to the point where everything seems too below me to nut to, and I've already gotten this far so why not go even farther? Not sure what I'll do at the one year mark though. The urges seem to come in waves, some weeks I'll be completely fine with little sex drive, the next my brain will latch on to some obscure fetish that I never cared about and won't let go. I've edged a few times and almost nutted once, realized it had to stop.
Overall, I've become more moody because of the increased test. Got angry at the smallest shit, got angry at work, anger at pretty much everything. Eventually realized that doing that will only cause trouble, and I've started to curb it a bit. I think I've subconsciously told myself the next time I nut it would be in a woman, but I'd also want it to be with someone I care about instead of some dumb thot. Overall nofap has helped me, but I now have a very different mindset with a lot of things regarding sex, anger, relationships, women, etc.
As for cold showers, has that been proven? If it has then I'd be willing to do it, every bit helps.
Replies: >>279 >>283
>As for cold showers, has that been proven? If it has then I'd be willing to do it, every bit helps.
I think so if i remmeebr correctly, but the effect is so small it's barely worth it.
Replies: >>279
>308 days
That's pretty impressive. I've got some catching up to do. As far as cold showers go, just try it out. Spend a few minutes in there and see how you feel. Nofap also "hasn't been proven" but who cares? It clearly gets results.
The studies are garbage, just ignore them. I fucking hate egghead academic morons. They were trying to measure the effect of 30 second cold showers. What the fuck is 30 seconds supposed to do? I'm in there for 10 to 15 minutes, and often put my clothes on without drying off first. I take longer showers now than I did before starting cold showers.
Replies: >>283
Holy fucking shit does that mean you can get taller by enduring the cold? Shit nigga 6'2 here I go.
Replies: >>283
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Heightfags were a mistake.
>>265 (OP) 
Time for your daily counter-abstinence pill, anons. 'No fap isn't about control, it's about guilt.

Do you feel guilty for fapping? Ask yourself that fucking question. Most people who've been victims of literal-cult-brainwashing-tactics have the same kinds of guilt that nofappers have.  It's why people who relapse hate themselves afterward.

It's okay to fap. It's perfectly natural to want sex, especially if you're working out. Increased test, means increased libido. If you're worried about wasting energy, you should know, that's the same kind of argument as angry old ladies argue that "alcohol kills your braincells".

Now, waiting a few days so you can get that test going and saving yourself for the right kind of woman is fine. But If you feel unstimulated when you fap or have sex, then that's a symptom of an underlying problem, not the problem itself.

If anything you should aim to have better-feeling and longer-lasting sexual sessions with explosive orgasms, be it yourself or with someone else.  If you really feel like you need to cut something out or remove a bad habit, then trash everything in your porn collection that's degenerate, demeaning (to both the male or the female), or just-plain disgusting. Replace it with porn/comics/animations that are happy and emotionally-fulfilling, the "happy_sex" and "romance" tags will be your new best friends for that.

>Cold Showers
They basically shut your boner down for the timeline you're cold.

If you want shower-gains, take scottish showers, not just cold. Scottish showers have an effect similar to saunas, and for me? It's reversed my hair loss that I had.

Anon. The only people that actually care about how tall you are, are the people trying to get a rise out of you, or they're choosy-beggar fat chicks. Nobody else cares, and that's perfectly fine.

And remember,
You're gonna make it
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I don't nut every day because I have self-control. Everyone who says I'm a freak for doing so is either jealous, unable to conceive that someone could have that much willpower, or has other hostile intentions. If you have increased test, you don't just jizz it out into a towel, your turn it inwards onto yourself. Use your test-powered rage to work out harder and faster, use it to sculpt yourself into a better man. You think I didn't try all the shit you listed? It does nothing. When I feel bad after I nut, it's not because society or my religion brewed it into me. It's because I subconsciously know that deep inside, it's unnatural and only leads to short-term satisfaction. The type of porn you jack to does not change anything, even quitting it entirely does not change anything if you're still nutting to no end day after day. You're lying to yourself and dancing around the actual issue instead of facing it like you know you should be. Grow the fuck up.
Replies: >>285
>When I feel bad after I nut, it's not because society or my religion brewed it into me. It's because I subconsciously know that deep inside, it's unnatural and only leads to short-term satisfaction.
>it's unnatural and only leads to short-term satisfaction.

Anon. That sounds a lot like guilt. Self-imposed guilt is still guilt.

There are literal videos of animals jacking off or licking themselves for sexual pleasure. How is nature unnatural?

>You're lying to yourself and dancing around the actual issue instead of facing it like you know you should be. 
Reread that sentence and tell it to yourself in the mirror.

>Grow the fuck up.
Learn to live, dude.

Besides, I've never seen a single, actually-emotionally-mature person use the phrase "grow up". I've heard it said by nobody but immature old-fucks who were never allowed to have fun as kids.
Replies: >>288 >>723
>scottish showers
please elaborate.
i looked it up and normally do this, but just as training for colder/cool showers.  how does this help? the benefits of a cold shower is that it doesnt strip away oils and helps hair for the same reason, if you wash with hot water first, doesnt that strip away the oils and hurt the hair and make the cold water that comes after just meaningless?
Replies: >>297
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I don't fap because I'm saving up my energy for cursing the filthy kikes with rune magic you disgusting piece of shit. Get the fuck out of here.
Replies: >>297
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>There are literal videos of animals jacking off or licking themselves for sexual pleasure. How is nature unnatural?
I don't have anything against jacking off but you're not making a great argument at all here. There's several recorded and documented instances of male animals boning other males as well as eating their own and other animals' feces straight out their assholes like it's ice cream. In your retarded view homosexuality and shit eating should be accepted just because they're "natural."
Replies: >>297 >>298
>you're gonna make it
Make what?
Replies: >>297
>its okay to jerk off guys
>btw just fix my hair loss problem
Replies: >>297
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pic related can elaborate.

I admire your efforts. My divine family tells me your efforts are better-directed towards spiritually bettering your self. Only when you are spiritually strong, you will be able to cause grievous harm to the enemy.

Your argument is a false equivalence. I was talking about animals masturbating as a reference for the posted argument that "fapping is not natural". Faggotry and scat are not mentioned at all.

You're just angry that I'm challenging your religion's dogma.

the /fit/ ever-present phrase/meme, "You're gonna make it"? Are you for real?

And finally, If anyone else is browsing this thread, Here's a little nugget for you:
Why is NoFap's founder suing a neurosurgeon- who through scientific analysis found that masturbation doesn't have the harmful effects that NoFap claimed it did?
Replies: >>299 >>302 >>315
strawman the post
You're an evil motherfucker you know that? Why don't you just tell /fit/ to stop lifting while your at it? Lifting has all sorts of harmful effects like DOMs, and can lead to injuries. It's probably not worth it right? Fucking kike. Reminder that no-nut November is coming up, make sure to have a meltdown on twitter like last year.  
Masturbation doesn't have any "harmful" effects, rather abstaining from sexual activity has beneficial effects (for men, and no, this has virtually nothing do with the physical nutrients lost through ejaculation). For thousands of years, every culture and religion on the planet has understood that sexual abstinence leads to greater discipline, spiritual growth and mental fortitude. No one owes you an argument, the point is proven. It was proven thousands of years ago. (((Academics))) can fuck off forever. You and your "divine" (((family))) can fuck off too. There has never been a greater delusion on this planet than that the jews uniquely partake of divinity, even niggers host a greater share of the divine than your meagre "spark".
The absolute fucking gall and sheer evil of coming in to a self improvement thread and telling people not to practise abstinence is actually shocking to me, to matter how many times I see it. It's not as if I think everyone should stop jerking off, the last thing I want are a bunch of people I have it in for suddenly getting tougher and more determined. It would be a tragedy for /leftypol/ types to stop being such degenerate faggots because they might become genuine threats, like old school union thugs. If you anti-nofappers want to continue beating it, by all means do so, just leave the rest of us in peace. But kikes can't leave well enough alone. It's very telling that the OP more or less just mentioned nofap, while mostly being about cold exposure, yet the nose niggers are all stirred up over the mere mention of sexual abstinence.
No fucking shit bald ass retard, you didn't answer my question of "make what?". Make what, normalnigger? Tell me.
>nofap founder
What the fuck? Jesus?
Replies: >>305 >>306
Buddha? Laozi? Mohammed even. Ancient Chaldean astronomer-priests? Native American shamans? Yogis? Even some African witch doctors if J.G. Frazer is to be believed.
[Hide] (8.8KB, 255x143)
>No fucking shit bald ass retard, you didn't answer my question of "make what?". Make what, normalnigger? Tell me.
You fucking nofap faggots are just as bad as crossfitters, vegans, SJWs, and jenovah's witnesses. 

You're literally all the same:
>"Our way gives you super powers!"
>"Your life will be so much better if you join us!"
>"I know I feel better about myself. I used to feel awful about myself"
>"Oh, you can't do this. That's not acceptable. I can't do it, why should you?"

And just the above, you shit up threads with your cultish bullshit and virtue signalling, but turn into raving lunatics the moment somebody says otherwise. The only difference between real cults and your shit? You brainwashed yourself you dumb fucks.

OP is a faggot. This was supposed to be a good habit thread but he had to fucking mention nofap at all, and you fuckers came along.
Replies: >>310
you people sure go through alot of effort just to justify your bad habit to others.
Replies: >>312
[Hide] (72.6KB, 326x312)
If you really want to argue this much about nofap then make a separate thread for it, don't derail this one. Any more posts about it after this one will be deleted.
Replies: >>312 >>313 >>422
Alright, fine. Neither us will change our minds, so I'm done.

Dude. I'm sorry, I'm just fucking sick of people like this being given leeway the moment they cause a fuss. 

I'm tired of the sanctimony, and people getting away with it.
Replies: >>313
i would be interested in a good quality nofap thread that welcomed debate.  I dont think it would change anyones mind but a single place with both arguments and information wouldn't be a bad idea.
You're retarded for trusting academia in this day and era where they will claim that homosexuality is natural because they forced a bunch of monkeys to kiss and bum fuck each other.
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>thread is now a jewish safe space
So be it, at least I don't have to listen to more bullshit.
I just ate a raw onion like an apple, axe me a question.
Replies: >>320 >>324
The way the lugenpresse reacted to onion juice was enough to confirm for me that it must do something, but can you provide me with something scientific?

I'll never forget how they reacted when it started "trending". immediately they started printing articles on all the usual sites like vox.  "# reasons to not drink onion juice just beecause you read it online"
>reason 1: theres no proof it raises testosterone
>reason 2:  why do you think you need more testosterone?
>reason 3: testosterone bad
>reason 4: if you want more testosterone talk to your doctor or a therapist
>reason 5: drinking onion juice is gross!

they printed dozens of articles over night and not a single one actually debunked it in any way.
Replies: >>321
[Hide] (1.5MB, 1852x1144)
>can you provide me with something scientific
Other than pic related, no. I can only offer an anecdote, and tell you that previously I ate raw onions daily for about two and a half weeks, and felt like I was on steroids. Then I had to take some time off because of an injury, and pussed out on the onions. But I'm starting out on the habit again. Interestingly, I also had an Indian (dot) acquaintance who noticed me noshing on an onion at lunch tell me that he "thought only Indians knew about that" and that Indian doctors sometimes prescribe onions as a cure for various problems (he didn't say which).
Replies: >>327 >>397
How do you not vomit after the second bite? Diarrhea?
Replies: >>326 >>333
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[Hide] (268.3KB, 1000x750)
[Hide] (136KB, 1392x780)
[Hide] (202.2KB, 680x1019)
[Hide] (161.1KB, 1200x900)
>being so beta that you can't eat a raw onion.
Do you have digestive issues or something? raw onions arent exactly uncommon to eat.
Replies: >>329 >>330
Alfalfa from the little rascals was eating onions in one episode and stating his reason that he wanted to make his voice deeper.
What's wrong with eating them cooked?
Replies: >>331 >>333
Yes I am that beta. In fact I just tried again to confirm it, vomited immediately after a single bite. I can eat cooked onion though, because that smell isn't there anymore. Maybe I'm supposed to chop them up in slices and eat with my meal instead of eating it like an apple.
Replies: >>331 >>333
no onion gains, apparently.

try slicing them and adding alittle vinegar or salad dressing and eating it.  Try eating different types of onions, red onions are alittle more pleasant to have in a raw state.
Like anything, you can get used to it, though I never had an urge to vomit. Try dicing a raw onion up into a bowl of canned salmon or tuna, make sandwiches or just eat it out of the bowl. I also used to spread peanut butter on my onions layer by layer. Best of all is the apple method though.
Cooking seems to destroy whatever active part of the onion actually gives you results. If it doesn't make your eyes water your not getting much out of it.
>frittered away my 20s being a sad cunt
>doing ok emotionally now but I have a shit job and no friends
>want to go back to school because I need to do something 
>arguably way behind
>try to self study but I feel like a fucking idiot trying to do math that I should know
>turn on my pc and distract myself for the rest of the day

I understand that these thoughts are useless and damaging, but I can't help myself from having them. If I don't start something now I'll be miserable for the rest of my life. I know that its going to be "a journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step" kind of deal, but my mindset is not healthy. What should I do? Is therapy a good option? I've been on antidepressants before, but they only make me feel content.
Replies: >>344
>still no raw meat, raw egg
What do you want to do that requires maths?
[Hide] (56.2KB, 480x600)
OP here, last day of my "mind fast" is pretty well done. I did what I set out to do. I trained a lot and stuck with my strictures, with the exception of the reading rule. I broke down and read some horror short stories (Lovecraft, Poe, Maupassant) from the 5th day and on. I consider my experiment a success, my concentration and productivity were greatly increased, and I will do this sort of thing in the future again.
But do you sleep with a blanket on though?
Replies: >>362
Yes, but I'm sleeping on my patio. I can see my breath while I'm in bed.
Replies: >>364
Masturbation is ok, it's which kind of porn you watch that is harmful. I jerk off exclusively to vanilla hentai now, real life porn is degenerate and repulsive to me ever since I learnt enough about the porn industry and 3dpd in general. Take the 2d pill and see how fast drop 3dpd porn all together. You feel disgusting after cumming because you are subconsciously aware of how depraved real life porn is. I feel fucking good after busting a nut to some happy incest doujin on nhentai. You need to understand the root of the problem. It's not losing semen that is draining a lot of your energy, it's the fact that filthy Jews and filthy whores have successfully made you enticed to their drugs and slowly turning you into a cuckold.
Then cold shower is useless. The enduring process must be 24/7, not 5 to 10 minutes a day fuckface.
Replies: >>365
If you're going to baitpost, at least try to be clever.
Replies: >>367
Then how did your cat get bigger?
Replies: >>368
your question is incorrect.
Replies: >>369
How much onion one can eat until it becomes toxic?
Eat and do what to cum more? I remember doing nofap for 2 weeks and surprised at the amount of semen I squirted. I was practically peeing semen out. It felt mighty good and I would like to do that again, but I can't wait that long. I saw some trannies cumming crazy amount due to edging but I don't know if it's fake or not.
>wim hof
Thanks anon, I think I just double my strength just by getting high on oxygen. God damn it's amazing.
>The way the lugenpresse reacted to onion juice was enough to confirm for me that it must do something...
The power of the onion goes beyond helping you with testosterone, as it has anti-microbial, blood thinning and anti-inflammatory abilities and contains a lot of vitamin C. A stock of boiled onions with sugar is used in old German home remedies against coughs, colds and headaches. The onion is also used against bruises, infected cuts and insect bites. This alone is enough for the pharmajew to suppress knowledge about the onion, as they would lose a lot of money if more people would realize they have a remedy against the most common ailments sitting in their kitchen. Its content of vitamin C and its ability to grow in cold climates also means that the northern hemisphere of the planet isn't dependent on tropical fruits(lime, lemon etc.) to fulfill its dietary needs. This goes against the globohomo agenda.

This isn't just limited to onions, but also other vegetables and herbs used in the traditional western kitchen. Many of them are superfoods and remedies whose correct usage can prevent one from becoming sick in the first place and if one becomes sick, they can tremendously help with recovery. Thus making many pharma products redundant.
Does lifting really stunt your growth? What about coffee?
Replies: >>411
As the resident giant, I’m pretty sure that any shrinkage in lifting is due to spinal compression and therefore not permanent. My height will fluctuate to as short as 205cm. under compression. As for coffee, I always avoided that.
[Hide] (42.2KB, 610x626)
Been trying nofap for about a week now, it's ridiculously hard when you try to do it consciously. I've got some 3 weeks without fapping in the past just because I forgot about it/wasn't in the mood/other reasons but now that I  try it, man I get a boner looking at round objects. What's your secret?
[Hide] (115.3KB, 243x432)
What the hell man, are you a fucking schizo?
Replies: >>421
What the fuck is wrong with the moderators of this board? I was being honest with my belief and the only way you can do is delete my post? Pathetic.
Replies: >>422
because as i stated earlier in the thread >>311 nofap dragged this thread off topic into shitflinging. if you want to talk about it, make a new thread,
Replies: >>423
This is the "good habit" thread, and nofap is a habit is it not? How about you admit that you're practicing nofap and my comments offend you? 
>pOrN iS GoOD foR yOu guYZ trUsT mE
Replies: >>426
>BO says he'll delete posts about nofap/fap
>anon post about how nofap is anudda shoah, no one should stop jerking it
>surprised when BO deletes posts
just make a new thread if you want to post about it, it's not hard. It was one habit among many but it completely took over discussion.
Replies: >>428
I'm not cucked to the point of complying to a janny's demand after he shat in my mouth. I have an ego too bruv. Fuck your thread and remember the BO is practicing nofap too.

USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST go be autistic somewhere else

Replies: >>429 >>436
[Hide] (72.8KB, 900x680)
by the way you might wanna lift this ban, no one can post from tor otherwise
What are other ancient secret techniques and medicine to become superhuman? So far I have known of onion, garlic, raw meat, wim hof, cold shower. What else are there?
Replies: >>468
I hear letting yourself get bitten by a radioactive spider works.
[Hide] (280.3KB, 905x838)
How important is the nervous system in strength? Personally I get noticeably stronger immediately by getting desperate and focusing my all to what I'm about to do. What is the difference in strength when you feel like a lazy coward versus when you tear up begging the gods for strength? There has been a study showcasing that the nervous system plays a critical role in strength.
Replies: >>519
[Hide] (43.6KB, 720x654)
I would also like to know this, but I'm guessing it's more related to the release of adrenaline rather than the nervous system having something to do with it.
Reminder to consume lots of liver because it is the most nutrious part of an animal and it's cheap as fuck.
Replies: >>571 >>578
What about heart? I don't really like the taste of liver.
Replies: >>576 >>577
>>265 (OP) 
'wash' it with cinnamon to remove the 'stink.' [meaning put a bunch of cinnamon on it wait like 3 mins and wash it off.]  then after cooking it, cut it into little pieces so you can eat it. 
Or, if thats too much work, just man up and choke it down.
Cooked liver is fucking bitter and dry to eat, so you might wanna try to eat it raw or buy minced liver stored in cans because that shit is tasty.
Isnt there the riak of vitamin A poisoning with eating a shit ton of liver? Also about the onion, doesnt it work similarly to grape fruit juice basically making nutrients more bio available to your cells? Ive overdosed on a perscription i took after getting wisdom teeth pulled causing me to vomit and shit at the same time after drinking too much of that shit. Onions must cause a similar reaction.
Replies: >>579
Well vomiting and shitting yourself once is enough to know which is the threshold you should be consuming. 
Well it's man made pill, I don't think you can eat that much onions without vomiting due to the smell anyway. So you will likely vomit out of disgust before you vomit out of being poisoned.
I've been sunning my balls, making sure to keep them cold as I do so, not only have I been feeling better, more energetic, and have been making more gains with less exercise, My penis has gotten bigger and I cum absolute buckets
I'm usually pretty suspicious of supposed shortcuts but this has had a massive effect, very unlikely to be placebo, much larger than when I was eating tons of onions, doing nofap or taking cold showers.
Replies: >>582
nice bait
I wish I were kidding
>>265 (OP) 
I've lost 4kg in 14 days with the last 4 on rest, I'm 1,67cm and 92.7kg, i've been going to the gym and been eating healthier but not exactly on a diet, is this any good?
Replies: >>586 >>587
depends on if it's water weight, muscle or mostly fat.
Replies: >>589
You will never make it Daru.
Replies: >>590
I've cut my salt and sugar intake by about 60% been eating a lot of fruit primarily bananas,pears,oranges and apples, lots of eggs and vegetables and i drink a lot more water. I spend an hour and a half at the gym doing legwork i.e track,bike,elyptic, leg press,extension,curl and adductor. Next day i do upper body with weights,pulley,lat machine and some i cant remember the name that work the lower and upper back,triggers, bi and tri and at the end of each I do some series of toe taps because that's what the PT recommended and I can't think of anythin else to work the abs other than sit ups. So far so really good, i feel a lot better both physically and mentally and I dont even feel that tired afterwards,they had to kick me out on the 1st day due to staying 3hours when max is 1:30h due to corona chan,I only stayed 2 hours the next day.
Daru doesn't have a charming smile,blonde highlights and his people aren't going extinct, no I'm not white thank god because you fuckers are born insane.
Replies: >>591 >>594
Bitch that fat fuck piece of shit has a hot ass fucking blonde daughter and a super hacker. Your just jealous you will never make it like him both socially and intellectually.
Replies: >>592
Spoiler that shit next time you carpet munching sissy fucking fuck godammit
Replies: >>593
Not my problem bitch.
Replies: >>595
[Hide] (1.2MB, 250x231)
>thank god I'm not white
Replies: >>596
Some of us actually try to get fit instead of just larping about it and watching anime all day.
And thats Mr.Bitch to you you fucking slob,now go watch something actually good like The Crow(1994)
Look where that got you.Sure is nice the good guys won amirite?oh wait
Replies: >>602 >>687
It got great, real fucking great, until subhumans like you with your billions of brainless tards started trying to fuck with us. Great men die early.
Replies: >>605
[Hide] (21.5KB, 396x396)
So the winners are the subhumans and the losers the superior ones?
Replies: >>607
Everything has its time my fellow subhuman, it's the cycle of life, things live and die. Nothing is forever. It's what you do in those little time that matters the most. After a period of total degeneration and complete chaos, greatness will reign once again and put all you niggers up the spikes. Cowards tend to live the longest, women tend to live longer than men. What is your point?
Replies: >>608
I'm just getting tired of white we wuzzers
Replies: >>687
What do you guys use to kill food cravings? I remember an infographic long ago that was basically a "translation" of what your body really wants when it craves a certain junk food. I can't find it in my folder, and I can't see it in the infographics thread.
By not asking stupid question. If you can't even control your hunger don't even bother asking, subhuman shouldn't be allowed to break its chain.
Replies: >>656
[Hide] (525KB, 570x637)
>kill food cravings
I take 2-3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in water a day and it's good for making you feel "full" between meals.
Replies: >>674
When do you prefer to take it? I've been taking it all in one go around midday, but I'm considering splitting it into two. The feeling of fullness tends to fade after dinner, so maybe it will help.
I've seen that one and I reckon it's bullshit. If you crave candy, your body thinks it needs energy. If you crave chocolate, your body thinks it needs energy. If you crave ramen or bread, your body thinks it needs more energy. If you crave chips or bacon, your body thinks it needs salt. Simple as. It's up to you to decide whether your body is correct or not.
I can't really give proper advice here because I've never been a fat cunt nor had troubles with junk food. Quite the opposite; I'm one of those guys who have to force themselves to eat. I can go for days without eating if I don't keep track. But even still, you can't eat what does not exist. Stop buying junk food and only cook enough carbs and fats to meet your bare minimum requirements. If you do have more calories than you probably should have, then that's the perfect excuse to go and pump some iron to burn it off.

On a similar note, is anybody else here physically disgusted by junk food? I like ice cream and dark chocolate, but lollies are bland, chips are too salty and (if flavoured) fake, sweet chocolate tastes gross and soft drink makes me want to puke. With the exception of ice cream, all of the above are so unsatisfying that it actually hurts if I eat them alone as if I hadn't eaten in 36 hours. I assume this is because my body expects a proper meal packed full of nutrients and produces acid in response but is instead greeted by a low-quality hit of sugar, salt and fat and nothing more. No wonder garbage-eaters get fat: Eating garbage makes their stomach hurt so they remedy that by eating so much garbage they get sick in a desperate attempt of finding some scraps of protein and vitamins.
Seriously, fatanons. Start eating only highly nutritious foods and you may find that you don't even want M&Ms or Cola anymore.
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>On a similar note, is anybody else here physically disgusted by junk food?
It depends, some i love chocolate and fast food other i have no interest in at all candy, gummy bears and stuff like that and the rest i actively dislike sodas
>you may find that you don't even want M&Ms or Cola anymore.
Definitely, it's what i did with drinks and now i only drink water and coffee and the occasional liqueur
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>What do you guys use to kill food cravings? 
The best way to do that is to occupy your mind on something that makes you forget about eating shitty foods. Doing your usually hobbies or setting your mind on something that makes you forget about eating crap is something I've been doing these past years.
>There are literal videos of animals jacking off or licking themselves for sexual pleasure. How is nature unnatural?
Animals also genocide, cannibalize themselves, and rape their own kin for fun. Just because creatures of nature does it doesn't mean it's natural nor does it mean it should be done. Animals are essence of nature just like humans and can make poor decisions within their lives and do things that are unnatural as well. Your logic is retarded, because this is something (((scientists))) claim when they're the same people who are willing to take things out of context and claim that merely homosexuality exist among animals, because they took a dominant lion raping its victim as an indication of homosexuality being of tolerance. Masturbation has no benefits whatsoever, even Israel the country that profits off of porn industry knows this, which is they banned it and use it as weapon.
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