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pOrN iS GoOD foR yOu guYZ trUsT mE

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Let's talk fermented foods.

Sourdough starter for making bread is dead fucking easy - 1 to 1 ratio of water and flour, mix both up, repeat daily to feed it, discard for a while, and then you can cook your starter for whatever you need. just be sure it's in a container that is covered with a paper towel, or napkin, or has some form of ventilated covering.

Yogurt is either dead easy too or can be annoying. Mesophilic yogurt gives you a "whatever you put in is what you get out", and most of the time is very easy to do (needs a ventilated container just like sourdough does too). However, I've tried freezing yogurt a few times, and my villi cubes never came out right. my old filmjolk froze and reconstituted fine. Thermophilic yogurt (my first exposure to yogurt-making) you barely get any fucking yogurt out of it, most of the volume becomes whey, and I'd rather have it be yogurt- You really have to -want- a strain of thermophilic yogurt to make it worth it.

Kefir was a pain in my ass, mostly because the stuff I tried from the store was thickened with pectin, so I never had a good "measure" on what to expect for it. Even then, it seemed like my kefir went really bad in weird ways that I couldn't understand, it would taste off, and sometimes it would be alright and then I miss a day and it's gone weirdly-gross.

Ginger beer was interesting, I ended up making a plain-jane recipe of "just ginger and sugar" but the YT vid that I had sourced from scared me into being paranoid about my bottles exploding. I hadn't had much sugar in the beer at all, turns out that the strain I had cultured was very weak.

Tepache was an interesting thing, but because of my environment (cold climate) I think all I ended up with, was some vaguely-pineapple-tasting sugar water instead of a proper tepache.

Sauerkraut and other fermented vegetables are... Odd. I tried tasting them raw, and though it was a "felt good to eat", the sourness was offputting and I think these would be better if they were cooked. Hell, I might try fermenting some more vegetables, dehydrating them, and some mushrooms to make a veggie powder mix for either soups or other shit.

Lately I've been having an odd fascination with tempeh too, but I'm not sure if I really want to make some. I've been on a bit of a worry, with gas going absolutely apeshit, beef being absolutely atrocious in price, I've been thinking of looking into getting protein that is cheaper. Tempeh is made with soybeans. Soy is annoying at best, and scary at worst for many anons, but from what I've heard, the process of making tempeh (uses a fungal colony, either from a starter or a older batch of tempeh) breaks down most of the phytoestrogens, proteins and other shit, making them digestible instead of fucking with your body. 

Even then, you wouldn't need soybeans at all, most starchy beans can be used to make tempeh. The only thing I'm not sure of, is if I can maintain the process of making tempeh, as it is a fungus that requires air, heat and moisture. That's a lot of shit to do when I'm more-used to sourdough and mesophilic yogurts- I already had enough trouble with kefir.

So far, I've yet to try kombucha, miso, natto, or kimchi. I'm not so sure about kimchi, because I had a bad experience with kimchi-flavored ramen- the liquid at the bottom tasted like rotten garbage.
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>>1450 (OP) 
I only do yogurt and sourdough bread.
Why does gut bacteria have such shit taste?
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I think it's because that when it was first discovered, it was used less as a probiotic and more for food preservation- the probiotic part was just an unseen bonus.
>>1450 (OP) 
>the sourness was offputting and I think these would be better if they were cooked
Doesn't cooking stuff like this kill the bacteria?
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I honestly don't know if it matters if any live cultures are killed before they enter your body.

What I do know is that the fermentation process has already done a lot of work for you, making the food more-easily digestable. If you're really concerned about getting live cultures, then I would stick to yogurts, but I honestly don't know how much it matters.
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