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pOrN iS GoOD foR yOu guYZ trUsT mE

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I come heh to you with a dire predicament, /fit/. I cannot last long at all with a real woman. It's only a matter of seconds before I climax. Unlike jerking off, even if I slow down the bitch is still squirming. What exercises, physical or mental, can I perform to improve my stamina. I was on nofap until very recently. I also have an onahole as well as a decent DIY fleshlight recipe if that helps. Pic unrelated.
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I can advise you the following stretches and exercises for sexual awesomeness:

Exercises for sexual competence
Planking, rotisserie rolls, other core-area workouts - this will help you last when on top of her, core stamina is important for missionary or any sex position where you're on top of her.
Squats, lunges - Sex is mostly hips and leg action, with arms as a means of support.
Cardio - For stamina in general.

Stretches for sexual competence
Most of these are yoga poses, so it should help you enough.

Horse Pose, Child's pose, deep squats - Keep that pelvic-floor nice and loose so you can come like a beast.
Cobra pose, king cobra pose, bed-hanging - Keeps your core loose, because missionary.
Bridge pose, downward dog oise, butterfly pose (wall) - keep the legs nice and loose too, they support your hips, which hold your baby-making center.

There's also a yoga pose that I discovered a while ago and love it, but for the life of me, cannot find it on the internet. So I'll try and describe it:

>Get up to a wall, and face it sideways
>Take the hand closest to the wall and press on the wall.
>with your other arm, take your other arm over your head, bending your body to the side towards the wall, and try and press on the wall.
>you should be feeling the stretch on muscles on the side of your body.
>Try to avoid bending forward.

I'm pretty sure this pose has a name or something, if anyone knows it, feel free to post it.

Other sex-related-details
Be sure you two are talking about how you're feeling every now and then, particularly if you haven't know each other long. Communication in sex (and relationships in general) is important.

>If it just doesn't work out
Then shit happens. It's okay to have a bad day. 

If you ever feel the urge to fap, try as much as you can to use your onahole. This will help you avoid deathgrip syndrome and help you pace yourself for real sex. If you have a 3D printer, /monster/ has a madlad that made his own 3D-printed molds for silicone onaholes. Just be sure to mind the firmness depending on which onahole you pick, and use a mold release, else you will have panic attacks trying to peel the toy out of the mold.

Mental Exercises
The mental part of the game is more than just for sexual competence. It can be for your whole life too.

Meditation works different for everyone, so experiment and try whatever feels best for you.

Mindfulness Meditation - Focus on your breathing, make long, slow breaths in and out.
Void Meditation - Focus on nothingness. The idea of nothingness. the nothingness in your eyesight. Everything about the idea of "pure nothing,".
Death meditation - Pretend and/or imagine yourself randomly croaking for no reason. Then imagine your body go through the states of decay  to the way of becoming dust. This one is trippy as fuck, but can be weird or uncomfortable for some people.

Sexual meditations can work, but when I try it my mind wanders away from sexual acts, so I don't have advice on that matter.

Anxiety Processing
If you don't feel safe or are constantly-anxious, then it affects your sex drive too.

>Get a place where you -do- feel safe, so you can get your shit out.
For all the SJW-bullshit about safe spaces, this is actually really fucking important. If you don't-ever feel safe then find somewhere that you do. That way you can get out all the bad shit from your life.

>The journal of repressed thoughts
If you're pissed/anxious/ashamed about something, get a text document and write it out. if you're feeling paranoid about who may be watch, put it on flash drive, SD card or even encrypt it.

Whatever thought pops in your head related to your anxieties, write it out. Typos be damned, grammar be damned too. No matter if tears are streaming down your face, no matter how "evil" or "mean" or "angry" you think it is, let it out. Even if it means allcaps the entire way.
Forgive your experiences. If you ever get stuck up on something stupid that happened, think about that moment, the shame it brings you, and forgive yourself. Read 'inner child work' if you have trouble understanding this.

>Inner child work
Talk to your thoughts (figuratively or literally) as if you were a parent to them. Give them emotional support when they're feeling down, hugs, headpats. Be the best parent ever to them!

>Waifu work
Whomever your 2D waifu is, tell them how much you love them.snuggle them and  Your waifu is in you. She is a part of your subconscious, and loving a waifu is the first step to loving yourself.

Things I recommend you'd be cautious about

Forcing forgiveness - If you can't find yourself to forgive someone for what they've done. Don't. Forcing it just makes it wose.
Inner child stuff - Be gentle if your inner child is angry and lashing out. If your parents suck, try to use what you learned from them as an example on how NOT to be a good self-parent.

Nofap  - It only makes you hornier for about a week and then your hormones go back to normal. It really isn't as effective as the evangelicals make it out to be.
Edging - I don't know much about of the bad things that -could- happen, I just heard that constant edging can fuck you up pretty good.
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>/monster/ has a madlad that made his own 3D-printed molds for silicone onaholes.
most 3d printers use plastic, not silicon. unless you're sure of the material being used it will basically be pic related. posting this because i know some retard is going to try it without thinking.
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How does meditation work?
I've tried it a few times but I'm never sure of what I'm supposed to do. 
>3D-printed 'molds' for silicone onaholes
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Thank you for the detailed reply, but the problem has resolved itself. I can last far longer than I would ever reasonably want to, and the only thing I changed in my routine was practice. I think it was a 50/50 split between novelty and technique. I find that paradoxically the rougher I go, the longer I last because the best sensation, especially with condoms, is sliding all the way in.
>The keyword is indeed "mold". You print it and -then- you mix/fill the silicone.

>How does meditation work.
It works by basically setting your mind to the equivalent of giving your mind superuser privileges.

You'll know when you -got it- when your mind is in "The Zone". You can achieve this state while moving or in action too, if you get really-involved with something, that's a pretty similar state. The difference is that we're achieving this in a state of relaxation instead of one of action.

Ultimately it matters not if you actually are active or relaxing, what matters is your state of mind.

Also, sorry if this sounds really weird. meditation is one of those things that is easier to get when you experience it. If you find yourself overthinking it, I would suggest you try out inner child work and self-forgiveness first.

Keep in mind. my examples in that list are solely just the surface on what mental work is and can entail. There is a -lot- of information out there on how to help yourself and the ways you can help yourself.
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