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pOrN iS GoOD foR yOu guYZ trUsT mE

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I'm in the mood for a weighted jacket that I can wear under my normal clothes all day every day. Any recommendations? I don't want it to be too light or too cumbersome (as in, doesn't fit well around my body and under my clothes). Any suggestions/recommendations?
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>>1190 (OP) 
honestly thought about these as well, seconding this
anyone here knowledgeable on these?
wearing on on you all day isn't going to do anything, the only meaningful strength training is going to come from lifting. weight vests are an accessory you use you for body weight workouts if it gets too easy
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>>1190 (OP) 
I've thought about doing this myself but it's always been impractical.
It's probably a good idea to do very small incremental weight increases at well, 5 pounds max, otherwise it's going to hard on your joints.
Let us know how it goes if you try it.

This is stupid. Apparently you have never seen a fat guy's calf muscles. Also /fit./ isn't just about strength training. Work capacity and endurance are just as important as strength, arguably more so in many cases.
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Weighted vests are great for just going for walks. I wouldn't recommend running them cause then you get the joint pressure, but for calisthenics and walks, weighted vests are primo investments.
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At that point, why not just get into rucking? Weighted vests are pretty expensive for the amount of weight you get.
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The weight distribution changes your gait/body mechanics. That may or may not be a concern depending on goals and priorities. It's also hard on your pack, I've ruined multiple packs from carrying heavy shit in them.
I just bought a Brute Force 40lb weight vest, I will test it out once I pack it with sand and let you all know my review.
I kind of want to do this with chain mail because chain mail is cool and it'd give me an excuse to have it.
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You'd be protected against wild nigger attacks if you live in London!
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>>1190 (OP) 
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