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John 3:16 KJV: For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

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Questions that don't deserve their own thread.
You know the drill. Questions that deserve their own thread go in their own threads. Questions that don't go here.
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No, anon, sharing files is not a sin. The fact that it's even called piracy like it's the same as somalians taking over a cargo boat is quite telling. If there's something specific you want, don't hesitate to nab it.

As for mature themes I would avoid anything not up to good moral standards. So no stuff with swearing or excess gore like Berserk. Actually you should avoid stuff from heathen countries like Japan in general, and also anything made from a secular perspective. If not designed to subvert, it can still carry subversive messages secondhand.
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if youre solid in your faith you should be capable of handling "subversive" material. If anything it should be good for you because it causes you to think about things and ponder the world.
"But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;" -Matthew 5:44 KJV

How can I gain the mentality of forgiving my enemies?
Because God hates them far more than you ever will if you're in the right.
By realizing that hate breeds hate and corrodes the container that holds it.
I think it has to do with the crippling effects of spiritual sin being our enemy more than flesh and blood. For example i used to consider White nationalists to my enemies but i've learned a lot about them and why they believe what they believe, i'm not on their side, but i have a lot in common with them.
Maybe consider it like this: 'they know not what they do'. People with a stick in their craw against Christianity, to the point they'd actively wish spite and hate on Christians or people who aren't doing anything wrong, are likely doing it without even having a clear idea of why they're doing it. Rather, they think the precepts of Christianity, where certain things are discouraged because they're simply inherently wrong, are obstacles to taking actions that to them are 'solutions' to something. To use politics and go both extremes of the spectrum, someone far-left may see 'homosexuality is a sin' as an obstacle or an attack because homosexuality is their solution to dealing with a certain kind of pain, even though it is a bad 'solution' that just compounds on itself and gets worse. The flipside far-right ethnic-centred genocide is equally a sin rooted in a pride of inherent superiority that has only been 'inherent' insofar as people were keeping out of sin and not worshipping human sacrifice gods, but is a 'solution' to those frantic that the good elements of humanity will die out with the white race. (Which also betrays a lack of faith that God would protect the white race, if it were so inherently good, from extinction in such a scenario). There is a personal pain in both cases where the chosen solution is explicitly rejected as wicked by Christianity, I think that is the root (alongside demonic influence) of why people get so heated against it. 
When I see people like this as people scrambling for solutions to personal problems and mistakenly choosing things that just hurt themselves and others, while perpetuating sin and the interests of demonic forces who want humanity dead or degraded, it does make it easier for me to forgive them in the sense of them simply not realising how or why what they're doing is wrong beyond the intrinsic warning of their conscience (which they are probably in denial about and from that probably suffering). That is, my wish for those types is that they become more able to see why this 'solution' is unfeasible, how it's just inviting more pain or strife, and that better alternatives exist by simply not fighting so hard against God; if they feel helpless, that they have more agency over themselves than they think, and if they feel they need to be supermen, that saving the world with grand gestures isn't their burden. That is a wish of their elevation or peace that ultimately also stops them.

Of course, I think there's other cases where the perpetrator knows full well what they're doing and takes joy in the act of their transgression itself, in which case repentance isn't realistic, though I still find myself wishing for it and praying for it against odds. But if there is no repentance, I am of full faith that God will cut them down at the precise moment to ensure they will be culpable of exactly what they deserve. I think about the 400-year period between God's promise to Abraham and the sacking of Canaan; I think about the hundreds of years it took for Sodom and Gomorrah to become so bold and established; I think about the erasure of Babylon and Phoenicia; I think about the collapse of Western Rome and the survival of the East. When it seems like a villain isn't getting repaid, I feel content with the knowledge that more than likely, they actually are, and if they are very heinous and seeing seemingly no penalty, that they are actually just on the receiving end of what their persistent lack of repentance has turned into a very, very, very long rope.
I do of course worry for the victims, a lot of the time I wonder 'why them?'. But I'm also confident that there always is a 'why' (though in the case of parents or close relatives mistreating a child, that 'why' is basically a side-effect of the parent's iniquity) in how terrible things happen seemingly randomly to decent people, that is, I don't think it's actually random. I don't want to get too callous with that sentiment but I do think it's true.

Finally, there's the element of your own spiritual well-being in this. It's kind of counter-intuitive to go, 'forgive people who hate you for your own good', and there's a line not to cross in being simply permissive, but forgiveness is an element attuned to Heaven and hatred is attuned to Hell, so in my understanding, training yourself to default towards forgiveness is spiritually 'positioning' yourself in/towards Heaven (and making you more accessible to receive Heaven's blessings). We are in dastardly times right now though so you will need fortitude like Noah, I would  pray asking for such a fortitude or softness of heart to be able to do this without crossing the 'simply permissive' line.
Is it sacreligious to perform/listen to masses with female voices?
The Church treats the church choir as a true liturgical office and therefore doesn't allow women to be included in the choir.
Are there even records of masses where sopranos and alts are performed by boys? I haven't seen any.
C.S Lewis once said that you should start off by forgiving the everyday gripes and build up your capacity for forgiveness. At least that's what I recall him saying.
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Obviously i don't take this seriously but here is what joyofsatan.org says about why the Jews hate Christianity. What does /christian/ think? They believe that the Christian God is fictitious. They're also wrong that Jews don't adopt Christianity form themselves because there are messianic Jews who follow Christ as well as ex-jews who have become Christian.
Redpillers FAQ: Why Do Jews Appear to Hate "Christianity"?

HP Hooded Cobra 666
August 7, 2021
RedpilledSchizo wrote: “…Also, on a deeper level, it seems that Jewish mysticism of the Kabbalah does endorse the belief in multiple gods/deities. I think this why many people tend to think that Judaism is itself "satanic" for lack of a better term” The belief in multiple Gods and deities, is absolutely normal, Pagan, and integral to the systems of the past. There is no singular slave monotheistic system in the universe. This idea was created by jews to destroy the cultures of the ancient peoples’. Judaism has stolen and malformed everything from Gentile religions, so that is normal that they have allusions and other things. The exported lie of "Monotheism", let alone the garbage about jesus etc., was only for their enemies to consume.

Jews, before they managed to destroy and attack Gentile religions, they always infiltrated them first to steal and adopt as much as possible. No different than how today for example, they have hijacked all the Nations they later on want to destroy.

After this parasitism is done, they steal the adopted things, present them as their own, and malform the past about their enemies. Their religious tenets are the highest manifestation of this rule they followed. Then, people who hate them for doing this to them, are so confused by cultural loss, that they end up hating their OWN culture, simply because they hate the "jews" for what they did to them.

The jews however, ensuring that nothing is left behind of cultural knowledge, misdirect the "Goyim" to hating their own culture again, and going against all the tenets of their forefathers. And this brings us to the point of "Christianity". This is like having a lab that makes crack cocaine. The jew is not going to consume the known and deadly drug cocaine they have created themselves, it's to be given to their enemies. They will indeed say in their midst that it's totally evil to consume. This is why they deny fully and even "hate" the monotheistic approaches they created for the Goyim. This also helps the stupid to flock into the crack cocaine, thinking it's great, while this increases the jew's sales of it. Here fall for example many retards who simply are xians because "jews hate christianity!".

The crack cocaine of muhammed, jesus christ, and so on, is solely intended for Goyim slave consumption. The jews will of course, hate this historical hoax they have created. They could never adopt what they knew was a lie. Even to this day, jews that have adopted this hoax, are being reviled and hated by jews, and this hoax never could take ground in Israel. Of course jews hate for their midst and deny for themselves the garbage hoax they created. They aren't going to adopt it. They laugh at those who are as stupid as to adopt these low-level cattle hoaxes.

And they will squash the virus they created if it tries to enter their territory, while promoting all this in the territory of their enemies. This is why your favorite Conservacucks are so involved with the jewish program of "Christ", the jew spreads this disease in YOUR midst, and keeps it away from THEIR OWN midst. Marcus Eli Ravage, a most famous Jewish Zionist, has elaborated on the jewish creation of christianity, and why the Goyim keep reacting against the Jews, who put a yoke of slavery around them with christianity at the center. Plainly put, this hoax was put there to subvert people and rule over them culturally based on jewish lies. 

It takes a full-blown idiot to open the bible, which is a hebrew manuscript, and say that all of this in there somehow is against the jews. That level of retardation is just emotionally programed and not consistent with "reality". Xianity is nothing but a docile slave creating program, that jews created, to merely subvert and destroy humanity. They are of course, not going to adopt a slave system for themselves, and they drive it away and hate it, while they promote this on their enemies.  That's all about their hate in regards "Christianity".
Replies: >>24044 >>24069
>the bible, which is a hebrew manuscript
It's baffling how the core contention here is 'it's Jewish! It's Jewish!' while in the same breath promoting  Jewish Kabbalah. It's otherwise the typical kind of complaint of 'there can't be ONE God, who has standards of behaviour! There have to be a billion who'll help me and don't mind if I sin!'. Which is kind of correct except for the distinction that the 'billion' are just fallen angels/misc negative spirits who hate humanity, covet worship, and will enslave their worshippers, and the One God is in reference to the ruling figure that created all these other things, and this figure is genuinely Jesus/Yahweh. (These are all points someone who either hasn't thought it through very hard or has not read the Bible will stumble on, or would arise as a deceptive 'answer' for someone who can't grasp how a loving God would let the world be in the state it's currently in, while also not recognizing the reason it's in this state is because people have largely turned away from God's law, God allows you to have what you want, and that means free rein for demons, and the good place is where the demons aren't, ie, Heaven & earthly pockets that mirror it by listening to God, Earth itself is not the 'utopia'). 
I mean, 'Kabbalah endorses multiple deities -- they must have stolen it from the pagans!'. No they're just worshipping the same things as the pagans lol because they rejected Jehova.
Not to mention actual historical things like the observable ruins of OT places, Jesus' existence, the martyring of early Christians, that Kabbalah dates after Christianity, the times that Israel was monotheistic despite being smack-dab in the middle of a bunch of polytheistic kingdoms, the rifeness of war, degeneracy, and human sacrifice in these 'pagan systems of the past' they idolise (and yet barely know), the prosperity of ex-pagan nations through Europe after conversion, etc. Someone attributing way too much to the Jews and not enough to the powers behind the Jews (not speaking of ones who repented) while aligning themselves with those same powers they are railing against, and not realising it because they haven't read the Bible.
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Here's a channel by a conservative reformed zoomer, what do you guys think?
Replies: >>24077
I wanted to share this with everyone here https://yewtu.be/watch?v=qlXV1tXFG8w 
Bible Illustrated is also worth watching.
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Doesn't the Kabbalah teach about one God?
theyre conspiratorialists.
Replies: >>24087
Read the Bible:
>You believe that there is one God. Good! 'Even the demons believe that—and shudder.'
James 2:19
Replies: >>24087
That doesn't answer my question.
I'm not saying that those who study the Kabbalah worship the Christian God (they probably reject Jesus so they don't have the father), i'm just saying that given what is written about the Kabbalah they might be monotheists.
Replies: >>24088 >>24091
They are (for the most part at least) monothiests. The people saying otherwise believe in a conspiracy, as evidenced by the images they posted.
Yes and the Bible says simply being monotheists isn't commendable because even demons recognize that there's one true God, with that knowledge you should worship the Lord in the manner that He has ordained and not adulterate His dispensation with occult fantasies like Kabbalists do.
Replies: >>24092
Just because talk about or study the Kabbalah doesn't mean i'm not a Christian or that i practice the occult.
Replies: >>24094 >>24201
Do angels have freewill? i hear both arguments that they do or that they don't and God made them to worship him, but if they don't then how did the 1/3 choose to rebel against God and join Satan?
Replies: >>24180
That's time you could be using to study and talk about the Bible and theology.
Replies: >>24095
I agree, you have a good point, however as the Bible says "Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore 'wise as serpents', and harmless as doves." As Christians we should know our enemies, and in doing so it will make us better Christians and we'll know when magick or non-christian doctrines tries to enter the church.
Replies: >>24201
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Could someone make the mp4 have the thumbnail of the image?
Do you actually want that as an embedded thumbnail or as the still image in the video?
Replies: >>24102
a still image in the video as well as the thumbnail.
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Sorry I couldn't make it an mp4. The video kept getting corrupted in any player except mpv for some reason.
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Replies: >>24112
Supremely done, thank you.
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I was thinking about making a YHWH sweater with fabric paint, what do you think, cringe?
Replies: >>24114
The name of YHWH would replace the bane letters on the sweater by the way. which form of hebrew should i use? Or should i not do it at all?
Replies: >>24115
I think it would look cooler in English but if you don't like that then go with the top one
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Is this a catholic symbol or have Catholics just used it? I know that it's greek for Christos.
Replies: >>24135 >>24139
it's a Christian symbol
It's one of the oldest Christian symbols and my personal favorite. It is a royal monogram of Christos, and represents Christ as King. It was very popular during the pagan empire for that reason as it represented the fact that Jesus, and not Caesar, is Lord, and it fell off in popularity in favor of the cross after christianization for the same reason.
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How did Protestantism get so many denominations?
Replies: >>24145
Watch this for a quick rundown:
>I haven't watched the whole thing
He summarizes it at the end, it has to do with their differing approach to the importance of church unity.

Also the word protest meant to testify to the truth in the 1500s. The sense of "to express disapproval" only gained traction in the 1700s. The term protest march didn't emerge until the 1940s and the sense of protester that we use today not until the 1960s:

Martin Luther wasn't just a "protester," and everyone then understood what the word Protestant meant because it was literally in the Catholic Latin Vulgate Bible ("Mittebatque eis prophetas ut reverterentur ad Dominum, quos 'protestantes' illi audire nolebant" - Yet He sent prophets to them, to bring them back to the Lord; and they 'testified' against them, but they would not listen. 2 Chronicles 24:19). This is why words have to be understood in their historical context, especially in our modern age which seeks to redefine the meanings of everything under the sun, rather than taking our vocabulary for granted.
Are messianic Jews Christian, or do they have some conflicting belief like not believing in the deity of Christ?
Replies: >>24227
It's a sleight of hand thing that concludes in a LHP 'actually YOU'RE god! You just have to think hard enough!' sting. It doesn't regard God as being who He is, just as the totality of the facets of everything else that you're supposed to 'out-will' or influence by affecting minds/souls collectively. It completely ignores any part in the Bible where God speaks, acts, or exercises clear will, as well as any explanation He gives on why things have happened or judgements have been made, and demotes Him to a nonsentient, amoral 'unknowable force' that responds predictably to other forces. It's actually pretty sick. It also promotes the doing of wicked deeds on the conceit that evil is an inherent part of God (it's not) that is required for God's existence (it's still not) and evokes positive synthesis (it doesn't). It's also heavily gnostic in that it purports divinity is an endogenous aspect to humans and the reason we're not gods/part of Heaven is basically a big cosmic oopsie where ?????? and little god-fragments got kicked into the material world, and now need destroy the world by removing all holiness from it (not joking this is the goal of Kabbalah) to be released from material existence (and reunified with gnostic blob-God by 'raising their divine spark' ('their' both being the individual and the holiness quotient of the world generally (so there's a 'take over the world and unify everyone's will' element baked in))). So no Kabbalah teaches you nothing about God as it doesn't even accept the premise that God has will as an individual, much less that He controls everything and has his own standards of sin and righteousness. (Kabbalah also denies the existence of Hell, naturally, so 'the worst' you could face for misdeeds is material existence). 
Once you realise this was given from the perspective of demons it makes sense lol. 
I'm pretty sure they do, this is mostly conjecture though. I think the angels had a choice early on whether to stick with God or do their own thing and got 'locked in' on their sides at that point. Again though, just conjecture.
If you want to be "wise as serpents" then you are much better off understanding pilpul and wordplay. Or studying subliminals and subtext. That is just my opinion though.
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Which one looks better the top or the bottom, or do either one look fine?
Replies: >>24211
Is there anything special about the different spacing between them? I think the top's arrangement of the letters is better except for the yodh. The bottom having each set of two letters bunched together makes them look like two separate terms.

Also someone might mistake you for some sort of Jewish history nerd.
I think Thomas Aquinas probably wrote on this in Summa Contra Gentile
In a nutshell, Messianic Jews are philosemitic Christians. While most of us here would argue that their philosemitism is excessive (i.e. they prefer to qualify their own brand of Judaism instead of properly calling themselves Christian), the phenomenon is interesting, and possibly an opportunity to convert the Jewish righteous and open their eyes to the Zionist vipers that have led them since the martyrdom of Christ.
Replies: >>24229 >>24230
Aren't they Judaizers that expect everyone to convert to their brand of Judaism rather than arguing that it's just for the Jews?
>since the martyrdom of Christ.
>of Christ.
Kek. You may want to reconsider your thinking friend. Also, don't forget the phrase is properly always
>'"The death, burial, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ"'

You'll sound like some kind of libshit ((( theologian ))) if you leave off that last bit. We wouldn't want to you sound that way ofc.
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I think I want to convert from Protestantism to Catholicism, but I'm not really that religious.
What will my duties be? Will I be excommunicated if I don't go to church on Sundays?

How zealous will they require me to be? I think I would feel bad as I am not a 100% believer in everything.
Replies: >>24244 >>24483
>What will my duties be? 
One of the biggest differences from Protestantism is you'll have to confess sins in number and in kind to a priest for forgiveness and perform the prescribed penance regularly in order to not go to hell:

If it's done properly the process should be entirely anonymous but modernist churches are lax in this sort of discipline.
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Is there another word for cults? The dictionary defines cult as any religion, with zero nefarious intent. Why is there this huge disconnect between what Christians define as cult (as a system of control) and what the dictionary defines as a cult?
[Hide] (775.6KB, 900x675)
>Will I be excommunicated if I don't go to church on Sundays?
You'll excommunicate 'yourself' if you don't go to Church on Sundays. You're not going to be subject of an elaborate ceremony like in the Becket movie that you're going to need to appeal to have it lifted, but you will have willingly cut yourself off from the Body of Christ. When you miss Mass by your own choice (or as a result of negligent choices) what you are saying is "I am choosing to not take part in the Church's public worship, to not be present for the Eucharistic sacrifice, to not take part in the community of Christian believers" etc. In the West this is considered a mortal sin; I've heard that it's not considered a sin per se in the East but it's still considered as one excommunicating himself.

As for the rest of your questions, I think you should probably talk to a priest about them. As long as the priest at your nearby Church doesn't have a rainbow flag or celebrate some sort of rap-themed liturgy, he'll probably be able to give you some guidance.

>Is there another word for cults?
IIRC the word "cult" only has a negative connotation in the English language, and even in the English language it can refer to the veneration surrounding individual saints without the implication that such devotion is extremist or authoritarian. In other languages I'm pretty sure the term (or, that is, words derived from the Latin word cultus) predominately refers to the second and third definitions the dictionary lists.

You could probably substitute "new age religion" or "UFO religion" for most groups and mean roughly the same thing. I don't particularly care for the term "cult" in the first place, as I feel it usually reduces to "religious group I don't like". If whatever group you wish to describe is actually that bad, simply describing their practices or beliefs will probably suffice.
Replies: >>24490 >>26398
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At what point are desires sinful? Obviously there is a difference between desiring to commit a sin and actually committing the sin, but can desires be sins per se?
Replies: >>24490
Within paganism, a cult is a religious group that is dedicated to a particular figure in the pantheon. In this context, it's easy to distinguish between cults and the wider religious activity. There were many cults across the Roman Empire. When you get into Christian times, the definition of cult becomes less meaningful because there is only one god (God). Over time, it acquired the negative meaning it has today because groups that seclude themselves away, practice different religion than the mainstream and follow a charismatic leader (even though he's human) are kind of like cults.

>You'll excommunicate yourself if you don't go to Church on Sundays
>When you miss Mass by your own choice (or as a result of negligent choices) what you are saying is "I am choosing to not take part in the Church's public worship, to not be present for the Eucharistic sacrifice, to not take part in the community of Christian believers"
What a great way to put it. Whether it's considered a mortal sin is kind of besides the point. It's a big deal regardless.
>rap-themed liturgy
What? Dare I ask?

Merely having a thought pop into your head is not yet at the stage of sin. It becomes sin when you choose to indulge those thoughts (that is, to continue thinking about them). The same is probably true for desires. They probably become sinful when you actively desire something wrong (or something good to an inordinate degree). Or to put it another way, do you consent to the desire? Do you consent to having the desire?
Replies: >>24494
because the word cultus, meaning religion, comes from Latin which pre-dates the coming of Christ?
Does anyone have a flow chart about atheist arguments and Christian answers to them? It had something "if God is all powerful why could he make a work without suffering" -> "because blah blah". I remember it was posted here a long time ago.
[Hide] (2.3MB, 750x480, 00:45)
>What? Dare I ask?
I probably wouldn't really want to ask this priest about converting to the faith, frankly. There are undoubtedly other examples.
Replies: >>24495
[Hide] (5.1MB, 480x480)
[Hide] (11MB, 640x480, 06:09)
I thought this was interesting and wanted to share it what do you think?
Replies: >>24497
I guess Satan really is an ally (of liberals)!
Replies: >>24498 >>26399
[Hide] (254KB, 624x480)
Well they're for abortion and homosexuality.
Replies: >>26399
Imagine if we wrote bots to evangelize anons online.
Replies: >>24500 >>24501
[Hide] (29.9KB, 440x316)
Could work.
That sounds like a bad idea. Apart from annoying everyone else through spam, this is not how evangelism works. It is not we who speak but the Spirit who speaks in us. Evangelism that isn't born out of love is worthless. A machine just does what it's told. It cannot be filled with the Spirit and moved to help those in need.
Why do you want to automate (ie not do yourself) something which God has commanded you to do? If you're viewing this as a numbers game, that's the wrong way to think about it. You are evangelising to people, each with their own problems and circumstances, not making numbers on a chart go up. You are not God's PR rep. Loving one another as God has loved us is key.
Replies: >>24503
Some context about the Talmud.

Jews will not be punished for murdering Gentiles:
“But wherever there is liability for capital punishment, this tanna teaches it; as it is taught in the first clause: With regard to bloodshed, if a gentile murders another gentile, or a gentile murders a Jew, he is liable. If a Jew murders a Gentile, he is exempt.” (Sanhedrin 57a:16)

It is permissible for a Jew to rob a Gentile: 
“With regard to robbery, the term permitted is relevant, as it is permitted for a Jew to rob a Gentile” (Sanhedrin 57a:17) 

Jews are not required to pay Gentiles for work:
"Rather, Rav Aḥa, son of Rav Ika, says that there is a different explanation: It is necessary only to teach the halakha of one who withholds the wages of a hired laborer; for a gentile to do so to another gentile and for a gentile to do so to a Jew is prohibited, but for a Jew to do so to a gentile is permitted." (Sanhedrin 57a:22)

It is permissible to engage in sexual intercourse with a nine year old boy:
"The Gemara asks: With regard to what principle do Rav and Shmuel disagree? The Gemara answers: Rav holds that any halakha that applies to one who engages in intercourse actively applies to one who engages in intercourse passively, and any halakha that does not apply to one who engages in intercourse actively does not apply to one who engages in intercourse passively. Therefore, just as one who engages in intercourse actively is not liable if he is less than nine years old, as the intercourse of such a child does not have the halakhic status of intercourse, so too, if a child who is less than nine years old engages in homosexual intercourse passively, the one who engages in intercourse with him is not liable." (Sanhedrin 54b:21) 

Children are betrothed via being raped:
"A girl who is three years and one day old whose father arranged her betrothal is betrothed with intercourse, as the legal status of intercourse with her is that of full-fledged intercourse." (Sanhedrin 55b:4)

Gentiles who strike Jews are liable to receive the death penalty:
“A Gentile who struck a Jew is liable to receive the death penalty, as it is stated when Moses saw an Egyptian striking a Hebrew: ‘And he turned this way and that way, and when he saw that there was no man, he struck the Egyptian and hid him in the sand’” (Sanhedrin 58b:17)

Gentiles are not humans:
“The amora proceeded to ask Elijah a different question and said to him: Is not the Master a priest? What is the reason that the Master is standing in a cemetery? Elijah said to him: Has the Master not studied the mishnaic order of Teharot? As it is taught in a baraita: Rabbi Shimon ben Yoḥai says that the graves of gentiles do not render one impure, as it is stated: 'And you, My sheep, the sheep of My pasture, are man' (Ezekiel 34:31), which teaches that you, i.e., the Jewish people, are called 'man,' but gentiles are not called 'man.'” (Bava Metzia 114b:2)

Women are foul, filthy creatures:
“A woman is essentially a flask full of feces, a reference to the digestive system, and her mouth is full of blood, a euphemistic reference to menstruation, yet men are not deterred and they all run after her with desire.” (Shabbat 152a:12)

Gentiles are murderers:
“A Jewish woman should not deliver the child of a Gentile woman because in doing so she is delivering a child who will engage in idol worship. And one may not allow a Gentile woman to deliver the child of a Jewish woman because Gentiles are suspected of bloodshed” (Avodah Zarah 26a:5)

It is forbidden to heal Gentiles, and Gentiles are murderers:
“A Jew may circumcise a Gentile for the sake of making him a convert. This is to the exclusion of circumcising a Gentile for the sake of removing a worm, which is not permitted, as it is forbidden to heal a Gentile. But one may not allow a Gentile to circumcise a Jew in any situation, because Gentiles are suspected of bloodshed” (Avodah Zarah 26b:8)

It is permissible to rape a Gentile girl if they are three years and one day old:
“Since a nine year old boy is fit to engage in intercourse, he also imparts ritual impurity as one who experienced ziva. Therefore, with regard to a female Gentile child who is three years and one day old, since she is fit to engage in intercourse at that age, she also imparts impurity as one who experienced ziva" (Avodah Zarah 37a:1)

Gentiles are animals:
“As he was leaving, that man said to Rabbi Sheila: Does God perform such miracles for liars? He replied: Scoundrel! Aren’t Gentiles called donkeys? As it is written: ‘Whose flesh is as the flesh of donkeys’ Rabbi Sheila saw that he was going to tell the Persian authories that he called them donkeys. He said: This man has the legal status is a pursuer. He seeks to have me killed. And the Torah said: If one comes to kill you, kill him first. He struck him with the staff and killed him” (Berakhot 58a:15)

Now for my question, Were these creepy passages written before or after Jesus?
Replies: >>24504 >>24506
I wasn't actually going to do it, i was just thinking about it, but it would be very hard to do right without annoying everyone.
>Were these creepy passages written before or after Jesus?
The Talmud was assembled centuries after Christ
[Hide] (132.1KB, 1078x1092)
Do tulpas have separate sovls?
>inb4 IT'S MUH DEMONS!!!1!111
Replies: >>24507
Don't care
Didn't ask
Take your meds
If they're authentic, then ofc they do: they're demons. Just like the 'un'-fallen angels, they have souls. 
>inb4 IT'S MUH DEMONS!!!1!111
But if you already know they're demonic, then why do you ask Anon?
Replies: >>24510
>>inb4 IT'S MUH DEMONS!!!1!111
>But if you already know they're demonic, then why do you ask Anon?
I wrote that because I know that a lot of you guys label everything you're too lazy to try to understand as "demons" and stuff, just like lefties label stuff as "racist" or "conspiracy theories" or whatever.
Replies: >>24511 >>24514
Well, you're definitely engaging in strawmanning then Anon. I both understand waifuism, and I also am well-aware of anons who have pursued Tulpas.

'Point 1'
There are only two kinds of spiritual beings here on Earth apart from God Himself:

'Point 2'
There are only two kinds of angels here on Earth
-Heavenly angels
-Fallen angels

So, if you're entertaining non-human spiritual beings in yourself, your are engaging directly with fallen (that is, demonic) angels. Heavenly angels are focused strictly on the guidance of the Heavenly Father's will, not with luring susceptable anons into destructive liasons.

This is the Christian, Biblical, view on the topic. It's certainly the correct one in my 12+ years on the Internet (that is, the Imageboard universe).
Stay away from Tulpas, Anon. They are demons and not your frens. Cheers.
[Hide] (56.1KB, 475x475)
Demon comes from daimon, and from my understanding a greek daimon is for all intents and purposes no different from a Tulpa.
Besides the Reformed interpretation of it, how is Romans 9 understood by other branches of Christianity - like Catholicism, for instance?
Replies: >>24522
[Hide] (131KB, 980x231)
Right when the Illuminati spread in 1776, i know, i know, "the gates of hell will not prevail against the church" but it's still a tragedy.
Replies: >>24534
Umm, 17th century is the 1600's.

Christian Zionism is so depressing, the women with the brown curly hair in the documentary is so immune to reason or conflicting scripture.
[Hide] (105.5KB, 900x900)
My 15-yo cousin is a victim of globohomo. She identifies as a man called Tim and is a troon supporter.
Some disgusting pieces of shit groomed her at a very young age, her brother being super retarded doesn't help, and basically is fucked in the head.
I wish i could help her since her father died when she was 4 and her mother is a lesbo, but it makes me think it might be pointless.
Replies: >>24544 >>24545
Forgot the question, should I attempt to do something for her? Is that the right thing? Can it backfire awfully?
Replies: >>24539 >>24542
Don't cast pearls before swine, don't cause problems for yourself trying to help her, but if you can then do so. It's probably pointless because of the lesbian mom.
>should I attempt to do something for her?
>Is that the right thing?
>Can it backfire awfully?
At the end of the day, there's probably not too much you can do if she's currently underage and living with her abusers. You can pray for her and I presume you can talk to her though. Don't treat her like a project though. Like your personal "victory" over this one sin you particularly dislike. Treat her like your dear cousin which you love. If you don't, learn to do so.

>If you want to be a traditional Christian, you have to manipulate people into killing themselves.
I don't want to have to ask the obvious question but every other Christian here probably has the same question.

Here are your actual choices anon. You can watch it happen and do nothing or you can try to do something which will probably require of you suffering and sacrifice. You might even call it a cross.
Replies: >>24543 >>24555
[Hide] (11.1KB, 329x310)
>Don't treat her like a project though. Like your personal "victory" over this one sin you particularly dislike.
It's nothing like that, it just ticks me off that she treats this as something normal when it's the complete opposite of it. I refuse to believe that she understands what she got into, and that she doesn't believe people can be more insidious.
I am so pissed off, but I think the best she can do is spend less time on the internet. She won't find anything but mental fuckwads there, which are sadly the most vocal bunch.
I suggested her to go to martial arts classes, and she seems she may like it. Personally I think her going to a church would be the best, but my experience with churches here wasn't as positive as I thought it would be.
Either way this would be for her not for me.
It's just a phase the ones that don't kill themselves will de-trans in a few years. It's only "popular" because of media nonsense.
Try and spend more time with her. Hang out, mess around, have fun and try to teach her good values while youre at it.

 tl;dr mentor her.
[Hide] (34.2KB, 565x458)
How do i know if my obsessive thinking (that i can't seem to let go) is a result of demonic oppression? Long story short I was harassed at this job and the owner was a huge asshole (and i was an asshole back), and 4 years later i still thinking about it at least three times a day, and i feel a need for revenge and anger. Can demons put thoughts into someone's mind or bring up the past? Or is it just me not getting over something? It also happened when i was having the first symptoms of schizophrenia so maybe it's an actual mental illness?
Replies: >>24548
[Hide] (93.9KB, 1024x1024)
>Can demons put thoughts into someone's mind or bring up the past?
demons are spirits so they work on a mental and spiritual level so yes they could be the cause of it. Whether they are or they arent the solution is the same, pray for guidance and strength and exercise control over your own mind. If you the thoughts pop into your head then rebuke them and ignore them.
[Hide] (962.3KB, 1280x720)
I have spent much time on the internet to realize it gives nothing but the worst of the worst to mankind.
I talk to a few friends and they aren't as fucked up as the people I talked to on the internet, nor the kind of people that spend way too much time on it.
My mother (god rest her soul) did the right thing when I was growing up, sending me to a music school and other kind of activities where I got to be with nice people, that had no ulterior motives for me.
So it dawned on me recently that if I wanted to find nice people IRL I'd have to get into something of my own interests. The issue is that I am quite busy lately and I don't got the time nor money to get into classes of a certain type.
So, how would you realistically find a community of fine people without putting that effort in the first place? Because I'm quite tired of the internet being able to provide just bullshit, the world can give much more than that.
Replies: >>24551 >>24553
As contradictory as it sounds, you can use the internet to find meetups and like-minded people since that's what everyone it using now. Not everyone on the internet is a terrible person, it's just a reflection of the world today: some parts good, some parts evil. Check your city's website for local events. Use Facebook to find people and groups hosting events. Search for what you want and see if there's anyone doing it in your area.
Replies: >>24553
[Hide] (43.3KB, 700x700)
The internet amplifies people's shortcomings because social media algorithms intentionally indulge their every desire to keep them online. So it's good that you want to reduce your usage of the internet because it requires you to rein in the impulses of the flesh. The internet is best if it's an accessory to your life and not its focus, and it can be useful as >>24551 lays out.
Thank G*d post no. 24542 got deleted, encouraging the murder of LGBTQ+ is such a jewish/mohammadean thing to do.
>First, the available research suggests that approximately 2 to 5% of priests have had a sexual experience with a minor (i.e., anyone under the age of 18). There are approximately 60,000 active and inactive priests and brothers in the United States and thus we estimate that between 1,000 and 3,000 priests have sexually engaged with minors. That's a lot. In fact, that is 3,000 people too many. Any sexual abuse of minors whether perpetrated by priests, other clergy, parents, school teachers, boy-scout leaders or anyone else in whom we entrust our children is horrific. However, although good data is hard to acquire, it appears that this 2 to 5% figure is consistent with male clergy from other religious traditions and is lower than the general adult male population that is best estimated to be closer to 8%. Therefore, the odds that any random Catholic priest would sexually abuse a minor are not likely to be significantly higher than other males in or out of the clergy. Of course we expect better behavior from priests than from the average man on the street. While even one priest who abuses children is a major problem, we need to keep this issue in perspective and remember that the vast majority of priests do not abuse children.
The 2 to 5% of the priest pedophilies is consistent across other religions and it is worse rate among school for molestation.
Replies: >>24565
I was out giving food to the homeless and this hilariously awful homeless woman comes behind me and says "you're not a solder, you're a bitch" (because i was wearing army shorts). She was very hostile, i felt like insulting her but i didn't and i come there to give out food and help them, and i don't want to instigate them. What would Jesus have done? offered her food?

There was another asshole who got really angry when i said he was a polytheists and it was not only true but i didn't say it in a disrespectful way, It was such a long time ago and i forget what happened but he kept insult me and i kept laughing at him, and then he chased me and my friend down the street with a staff and then one of his friends said to him "Why do you have to chase everyone". Apparently he had some trauma about Jesus and kept saying that Jesus killed his son.

This is the hardest part about being a Christian is not getting revenge or dealing with hostile assholes in a civil way. I prefer the company of Christians, they're so much more pleasant and kind, i don't like worldly people very much.

My question is what should i have done to those people, there is just no "winning" with someone so irrationally hostile that i doubt being nice would have done anything to to them.
Replies: >>24562 >>24570
you did right, perhaps dont laugh next time and with the woman you should have offered her some food but other than that you were good.
>Another pedo-apologist post from /christian/

*Sigh* Rather than justifying your pedo problem like your average desert cultist, maybe try to address it and solve it?
Replies: >>24567
I'm not defending pedophilia you baiting liar, i'm showing that the molestation of the church is not as bad as the media said it was.
Replies: >>24568
Children are still being raped by priests regardless. Saying, "Well, yeah it happens but it's actually not that bad because other religions' priests rape too and the school system does it more!" is not only meaningless, it's terrible optics. It makes Christians look like heartless monsters.
Replies: >>24569
I'm not saying it's okay that priests molested children, the Bible clearly is against any sexual immorality, God respecting freewill also plays into this, and it proves the bible right that humanity is addicted to doing evil. But people run wild with this meme brought by the popularized catholic priest molestation, there are some saying that Christianity creates abusers. We need an answer to this.

>"[T]hink the Catholic Church has a problem?" she said. "The physical sexual abuse of students in schools is likely more than 100 times the abuse by priests."
a lot of the homeless have mental illnesses which contribute to their homelessness and general situtation. you should'nt hold what they're saying against them if they're just speaking nonsense.
[Hide] (2.4MB, 320x240, 02:03)
Does anyone know what the name of this documentary is called?
Replies: >>24583
the version i saw was called 'the goy guide to world history' which i think is a compilation of this interview with e michael jones and other stuff. https://odysee.com/@WhitestGoyUKnow:2/A-Goy-Guide-To-World-History:2
[Hide] (58.1KB, 540x960)
Why is suicide a sin?
Replies: >>24593
“Thou shalt not kill.” (Exodus 20:13) - King James Version (KJV)
Because Jesus died to gave you eternal life.
>in heaven there is free will but no sin or evil
>deceased baptised infants go directly to heaven without a prior act of their will to accept or reject God
>the entire creation could have been just heaven with souls in a state similar to deceased baptised infants 
Why then is what I descriped inferior to our world where predestined few will get saved, and the rest go to an eternal damnation in hellfire?
Replies: >>24598
>deceased baptised infants go directly to heaven without a prior act of their will to accept or reject God
Not correct, that's something you've just assumed.
Replies: >>24599
it's true if you're catholic
[Hide] (50.7KB, 563x675)
How many people are still regularly on this board? It feels like it gets slower all the time.
I check the board everyday.
Replies: >>24606 >>24607
Me too.
what >>24605 said
I check fairly often. Been thinking of making a thread dedicated to apologetics.
I check what's going on every day but rarely post anymore.
Why do aspidoscelis uniparens, an all lesbian species of lizard, exist?
Replies: >>24612
>why did God X
You'd have to ask Him
>God knows everything
>God knows the fate of people
>God knows if in the end a person is going to Heaven or Hell
>God creates people/souls even though He knows they're going to Hell
>in other words, God purposefully creates consciousnesses to then eternally have them go through extreme torture
Something... doesn't add up, right? Unless I'm missing something, either Hell doesn't exist, or your god is pure evil/Satan.
Replies: >>24614 >>24620
They go to hell because of sin, not because of God's foreknowledge. Everyone in hell deserves it
Replies: >>24615
What sin? Unless someone commits an infinitely evil sin, it's logically unjust and irrational to give them an infinite punishment. Can you tell me of any infinitely evil sin commitable by a mere human?
Replies: >>24617 >>24619
>What sin?
How many sins did it take to ruin the world?
>Unless someone commits an infinitely evil sin
It is infinitely evil because it is committed against an infinite God who is infinitely holy.
>it's logically unjust
Says who? By what standard will you pretend to judge your creator?
Replies: >>24618
All leftist-tier mental gymnastics/buzzwords/clichés. If you can calmly believe that people will be tortured for eternity for doing some petty wrong acts, you either haven't thought twice about what you chose to believe in, or you're just plainly a sadist.
Replies: >>24620 >>24621
[Hide] (58.5KB, 800x500)
Adam as the corporate head of all mankind disobeyed God's command in the Garden of Eden. His disobedience established in humanity an innate nature towards sin and the human race of itself without divine intervention proves its utter depravity (look at the world of the godless) that deserves indefinite punishment. For the Lord burns hot with wrath against each and every offence committed upon the Earth, so much so that in scripture it is shown how He judges entire cities and nations to be worthy of destruction to establish His sovereignty over the Earth. So it follows that in the last days, when the whole of creation will be purified in the Second Coming of Christ to institute God's Kingdom without end, that sin and evil, and its celebrants the demons and the faithless, will reap the rewards of what they have sown in their spite and disregard of God and be excluded from that which they so despised in their lifetime. They wanted nothing to do with God, so God fulfills their wish in leaving them to their own devices, to their weeping and gnashing of teeth (Matthew 22:13) as they burn in the fire of their unrepented vices loosed to devour them in the outer darkness. So is the warrant of the second death.
Replies: >>24628
You don't know what the bible says, why should anyone waste their time when all you do is spam the same strawmen every day? You refuse to learn.
That's a really pathetic way to admit you don't have an argument. What I'm wondering is what your disdain for your creator has to do with the fact He exists?
Replies: >>24624 >>24627
[Hide] (464.1KB, 1080x1512)
Atheists are post-modernists in the end, to them there is no authority but the whim of man that dictates reality one way or another.
Replies: >>24627
>if you don't believe in 100% of what I believe in, you're a racist homophobic heretical atheist satanist nazi
>What I'm wondering is what your disdain for your creator has to do with the fact He exists?
I have no disdain for God, I rather have disdain for psychopathic sadists and their disgusting beliefs (hell), and the mockery of God they believe in.
Replies: >>24635
So if one "disregards God" in a vague way, it necessarily means that they DESIRE being tortured for eternity? Just what... sort of insane black-and-white logic is that‽
Replies: >>24629
[Hide] (154.9KB, 1280x854)
You will get what you deserve, God sentences you with perfect knowledge of the entirety of the thoughts, words, and deeds of your whole life's time (Luke 12:2-3, 1 Corinthians 4:4-5, Hebrews 4:13). There won't be anything vague about it: He will point out each and every occasion which decided your punishment. Every interaction you've ever had and their consequences will be on the evidence stand. Satan will testify to every temptation by which he induced you to sin. The unsaved stand as their own representative in the defendant's docket against the full prosecutorial resources of the Lord of the cosmos.
God however, seeing our condition, has given us an avenue of recourse. This recourse, the only recourse, is through the counsel of His son, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. By His atoning sacrifice He makes intercession for sins, to preserve His petitioners from the fury of the ultimate Wrath.
God's desire in the end times is not just to bring about the end of the world; in the Judgement He calls the last, perfect, and final court of justice for all ages, making manifest the legitimacy and the glory of the Kingdom of Heaven.
>disdain for psychopathic sadists and their disgusting beliefs (hell), and the mockery of God they believe in.

Christ is very explicit that the purpose of his ministry is to stew division, not peace, in a social climate that had heavily fallen to sin:
>34 “Do not think that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I have not come to bring peace, but a sword. 35 For I have come to set a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law. 36 And a person's enemies will be those of his own household. 

He is also explicit about the division between wheat and chaff, that some will be saved, and some will be destroyed:
>24 Another parable He put forth to them, saying: “The kingdom of heaven is like a man who sowed good seed in his field; 25 but while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat and went his way. 26 But when the grain had sprouted and produced a crop, then the tares also appeared. 27 So the servants of the owner came and said to him, ‘Sir, did you not sow good seed in your field? How then does it have tares?’ 28 He said to them, ‘An enemy has done this.’ The servants said to him, ‘Do you want us then to go and gather them up?’ 29 But he said, ‘No, lest while you gather up the tares you also uproot the wheat with them. 30 Let both grow together until the harvest, and at the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, “First gather together the tares and bind them in bundles to burn them, but gather the wheat into my barn.”

>37As it was in the days of Noah, so will it be at the coming of the Son of Man. 38For in the days before the flood, people were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, up to the day Noah entered the ark. 39And they were oblivious, until the flood came and swept them all away. So will it be at the coming of the Son of Man. 40Two men will be in the field: one will be taken and the other left. 41Two women will be grinding at the mill: one will be taken and the other left. 

And He makes overt reference to a fiery place, and the place of weeping and gnashing of teeth as the destination of those rejected:
>37He replied, “The One who sows the good seed is the Son of Man. 38The field is the world, and the good seed represents the sons of the kingdom. The weeds are the sons of the evil one, 39and the enemy who sows them is the devil. The harvest is the end of the age, and the harvesters are angels.
>40As the weeds are collected and burned in the fire, so will it be at the end of the age. 41The Son of Man will send out His angels, and they will weed out of His kingdom every cause of sin and all who practice lawlessness. 42And they will throw them into the fiery furnace, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. 43Then the righteous will shine like the sun in the kingdom of their Father.

You can be disconsolate over Hell existing, inasmuch as you can be disconsolate about murder or deep canyons you might fall into existing, but to insinuate those who believe in Hell are somehow mocking God by that belief is very much false. The spiritual world, which has more 'reality' or 'consequence' than the material world, is constructed in a way that has a positive and a negative plane. Each like attracts like. Your soul is a spiritual element. Sin will literally 'drag' your soul down into the negative plane unless you beg for help from Jesus, and sin's presence in your soul is not compatible with existence in Heaven. It has to be cleaned or cauterized out of you, then replaced with something pure. Does this make sense?
He that is without sin among you,let him first cast a stone at her.   John 8:7 KJV
Is dying to save someone's life a free pass to heaven? I fantasize about it.
Replies: >>24668
The only free pass to heaven is the gospel of the Lord Jesus my fren
>If Acts 8:37 isn't in your Bible you're basically an apostate heretic gnostic whoremongering Babylonian Catholic.
A pretty ridiculous comment. And even were there merit to it, the readers are hardly to blame for the translation commitee's choices. Regardless, there is solid evidence of it being added by an individual scribe after 4th century AD, and also what his reasons for doing so were. [1][2][3]

Nice le ebin trole, Anon. :^)

1. "The verse did not appear until about 500-600 A.D. in a manuscript now known as Codex Laudianus."
2. https://dustoffthebible.com/Blog-archive/2018/09/11/why-is-acts-837-missing-from-modern-bibles/
3. https://www.logos.com/grow/why-some-translations-include-acts-837-and-others-dont/
How do I even know if I believe? I'm so unsure about everything, I feel no conviction. I want to say I'm scared that I can't believe in Jesus, but the thought inspires no FEELING, only that I SHOULD feel (therefore I read and pray in my mind, but I don't know if it's working)
I am reading the bible, I'm feeling a little better doing so, I know the wealth of wisdom it has for me, but how do I know I'm not treating it like a life manual instead of the living, breathing, eternal Word of God like it is?
I don't want to be damned because I'm some narcissist or psychopath, worst case scenario. What if I can't help that my brain is like that?
I can feel emotion, I do often feel sad, or inspired, I feel love and empathy so I'm probably autistic, but it's just hard for me to grasp the weight of Jesus.
How do I believe? I want to. Or I want, to want to.
Replies: >>24701 >>24702
[Hide] (324.5KB, 966x1000)
>Do you want to believe but are unsure if you do or not?
>How do you know if you believe anything?
>Maybe you've fooled yourself into thinking that you believe but you actually don't.
If this is you, I had this exact problem a few years ago. I suggest making the prayer of the father of the demon-possessed child in Mark 9 your prayer. "Lord I believe; help my unbelief." Mark 9:24. If you worry that you can't even believe properly, don't. God will even help you with that. If you have not faith, ask for it and you shall receive. Even for things that seem beyond basic you can ask God for help. Ask and ye shall receive.
I also recommend talking to your priest or someone similar at your church. Mine told me to do daily prayer and gave me a book for the daily office. Probably yours will say something similar. God is eager to answer the prayers of those asking for spiritual help (cf Psalm 51). At least, I've found that to be the case. I think it's because I was finally asking for the right things. I was as one wanting a new TV but my house was on fire. God isn't interested in giving me a new TV. He wants to put out the fire first and then maybe work on those crumbling foundations. God will answer your prayer for it is His will to see you saved.
You can also look up St Genesius of Rome. He wrote a play mocking Christianity but had a change of heart while performing it. His story may help as well as might St Sisoes who, on his death bed, was said to have said, "I have not even begun to repent."

As for not feeling anything for Jesus, do not worry. You should know that feelings are just feelings and it is a difficult thing for most Christians I think. We all go through periods of dryness where our faith is tested. We all go through periods where it feels like we're just going through the motions. This is the important time. It is very easy for God to produce feelings in you. That's not even remotely a challenge for Him. What is a challenge is raising saints that choose Him freely even if they don't feel like it at the time. My point is that you don't need to worry about it although spiritual dryness is certainly not pleasant. God is not as interested in your feelings as your choices. Nobody can just turn on feelings of love on a whim but you can choose to love (action).
And as for your particular temperament or autism, God knows. We humans judge by externals but God judges the heart and He is not indifferent to particular difficulties that one person might face over another. What may appear to us to be a good Christian (tm) might just be the result of good temperament (which was of course a gift from God the whole time). What appears to us as a total degenerate but be someone burdened with addictions and perversions. It's what you choose to make of the hand you're dealt that matters here. If the latter man chooses not to indulge in his perversions, who knows? He may have done greater than the former man ever will. That's for God to know. If you have autism or some other problem that seemingly impairs your ability to feel love and hope and joy and all the things other people feel, God isn't going to say at the end, "Well tough luck pal." He takes it into account.

I pray this helps.
Replies: >>24703
Faith isn't about having warm feelings about God it's about knowing that He is the truth and living in the light of that truth. This is a common mistake where people think devotion is something that is sensorial like worldly amusements. The contract between God and His saved continues standing even when the redeemed have moments of doubt in their lifetime, because the Holy Spirit prays for us when we are weak:
>And in the same way the Spirit also helps our weakness, for we do not know how to pray as we should, but the Spirit Himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words; and He who searches the hearts knows what the mind of the Spirit is, because He intercedes for the holy ones according to the will of God.
Romans 8:26-27
Replies: >>24703
Both of you, thank you. Very helpful.
Replies: >>24708
It's a tough, uncertain position to be in, I know. I am praying for you.
[Hide] (483.5KB, 832x1024)
>Then Jacob was left alone, and a man wrestled with him until daybreak. When he saw that he had not prevailed against him, he touched the socket of his thigh; so the socket of Jacob’s thigh was dislocated while he wrestled with him. Then he said, “Let me go, for the dawn is breaking.” But he said, “I will not let you go unless you bless me.” So he said to him, “What is your name?” And he said, “Jacob.” He said, “Your name shall no longer be Jacob, but Israel; for you have striven with God and with men and have prevailed.” Then Jacob asked him and said, “Please tell me your name.” But he said, “Why is it that you ask my name?” And he blessed him there. So Jacob named the place Peniel, for he said, “I have seen God face to face, yet my life has been preserved.”
Genesis 32:24-40

What did He mean by this?
>And then they look it up!!! Everyone has phones, know ye not!? So that will just get them to really read carefully and look deeper.
Until the phones come with satanic AIs to fool the world into idol worship in the imminent days of the Antichrist.
Is there a book on how the Jews are not the chosen?
If the Jews are not the chosen then what does Deuteronomy 7:6. mean?
Replies: >>24731
They were God's chosen up until Christ's death when they denied him as the Son of God, then the split became God's true chosen (those that follow Christ) and those that are not (those that deny Christ). Christ's coming, death, and resurrection were alluded to in the Old Testament from the very beginning, and yet they denied Him when He finally came because they expected a ruler that would free them from Roman oppression and restore Israel. Instead He told them to stay subjugated and to not focus on worldly matters. Jews are still waiting to this day for their savior, when He already came thousands of years ago.
Replies: >>24732
Thank you.
How do i say someone is a stupid asshole without profanity or saying "stupid asshole"? Is stupid a good word to say as a Christian? it sounds like i can use stupid describe something.
Replies: >>24738 >>24743
[Hide] (84KB, 960x720)
The word stupid described a type of Roman clown but you shouldn't go around throwing insults lightly:
>“You have heard that it was said to the people long ago, ‘You shall not murder, and anyone who murders will be subject to judgment.’ But I tell you that anyone who is angry with a brother or sister will be subject to judgment. Again, anyone who says to a brother or sister, ‘Raca,’ is answerable to the court. And anyone who says, ‘You fool!’ will be in danger of the fire of hell.
Matthew 5:21-22
Replies: >>24742
I have a huge problem with hating humanity, how do you not hate something that can ruin your life, attack or humiliate you?
Replies: >>24743
You've got this the wrong way around. The sin is the intention to offend not the words themselves so asking for a way to express your hatred for someone while using "polite" language is completely backwards. If I call someone a fag in the imageboard kind of way, that's quite different from calling someone a fag out of disdain for him. Christians who get uptight about swear words are missing the point.
>how do you not hate something
With God's help.
When will God finally come? What is He waiting for?
Replies: >>24757 >>24759
>When will God finally come?
When he comes. [1]
>What is He waiting for?
For the last believer to receive eternal salvation [2]

1. https://www.gotquestions.org/waiting-on-God.html
2. https://bible.faithlife.com/bible/nkjv/2-peter/3/8-9
God never left. He is not far from any one of us.
Replies: >>24760
kinda thinking he means return as in 'The second coming of Jesus Christ back to planet Earth, clothed in power & majesty'. With the >implying implication that He will immediately tread His enemies under His feet like grapes in a winepress, so that their blood runs 6ft deep for 200+miles. 'Shake the wicked out of the Earth' type stuff. 

TBH, bretty sure that will spell the end of feminism, pride parades, and other ((( Current Year ))) shenanigans. So yeah, along with Anon we're all crying out 'Maranatha!'. :)
[Hide] (161.3KB, 220x364)
>Let every soul be in subjection to the higher powers: for there is no power but of God; and the powers that be are ordained of God. Therefore he that resisteth the power, withstandeth the ordinance of God: and they that withstand shall receive to themselves judgment. For rulers are not a terror to the good work, but to the evil. And wouldest thou have no fear of the power? do that which is good, and thou shalt have praise from the same:

>all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it

How does one reconcile these?
Replies: >>24798 >>24876
[Hide] (76.4KB, 1080x1200)
Atheist here. How can anyone in the 21st century reconcile the overwhelming evidence against religious creation myths? 

- First of all there are dozens upon dozens of mutually exclusive religions. And whoever believes in whichever religion is 99% of the time decided simply on the basis of what the individuals parents believe rather than cold logic or spiritual experiences.
- Secondly the vastness of the universe in combination with the theory of evolution makes divine intervention seem like a childish cope.
- Thirdly if we take the christian God at face value, why would he ever only appear in one specific time and place rather than across the globe throughout history? If your God didn't want us to worship false idols then maybe he should have paid East Asia or America a visit or something because only appearing 2000 years ago in some desert shithole isn't exactly "godly" and more like the people over there at that point and time decided to make shit up for themselves.
You put your worst argument literally first.
>"muh no one ever lies, so whycome, REEEE!?"
There can be a billion & one lies. There is logically (and objectively) only one Truth (captital 'T' added on my part). Even children know this one Anon, come on.

>'muh dust turns into life all on it's own, just trust me bro!'
The vastness is needed to create the temporary, sole, nice things spot of the universe: to wit, Earth. Your 'star ash => the most complex machinery conceivable, literally beyond imagination, all by it's little self' is the real copium here.

>'i get to second-guess God because i got rights!111'
Maybe God's ways are higher than yours? Besides, the Christian Bible's text addresses your 'complaints' directly.
Replies: >>24782
>There can be a billion & one lies. There is logically (and objectively) only one Truth
Your stance is that 5999/6000 religions are wrong, but maybe the only True religion will be invented a thousand years from now and actually you HAVE to agree this argument is valid insofar as it applies to everyone before the birth of Christianity. You just so happen to be born into the right timeframe for the "True" religion to even exist.
>'star ash => the most complex machinery conceivable, literally beyond imagination, all by it's little self'
Evolution by means of darwinian selection makes perfect to me. Everything that doesn't adapt dies and that which remains evolves into something higher. It's practically a tautology.
>'i get to second-guess God because i got rights!111'
>You must have a real high IQ to understand that God was playing 5192D chess when he didn't relay his commandments to 99.999% of all humanity who had no way of knowing any better.
Do you think all those people that worshiped the wrong God for no fault of their own went to hell?
Replies: >>24783 >>24798
No, my stance is that there are no 'versions' of the truth. This is an objective & logically-rigorous statement about Truth itself.

>muh neoDarwinism
Where's the proof? Abiogenesis is a dead horse.

>Do you think all those people that worshiped the wrong God for no fault of their own went to hell?
'Don't strawman me bro!'
You made that statement, not me (or anyone else here AFAICT). They'll a) be judged by the light within them, and b) have the Gospel preached to them even in death. They'll have just as much opportunity to accept or reject Jesus Christ & eternal salvation as you or I do (and will be judged accordingly).
Replies: >>24784
>This is an objective & logically-rigorous statement about Truth itself.
My point is that with each "coincidence" that your faith requires it becomes less and less likely to be actually True. It may be true, but you have to jump through a dozen hoops to make it work and Occam's Razor suggests you're probably just making stuff up.
>Where's the proof?
The proof for the existance of darwinian selection or abiogenesis? I don't have any proof for the latter, but i don't think it matters either way. The fact that the Bible doesn't mention darwinism is a big indictment since that process is both real and important.
>They'll a) be judged by the light within them,
So if you're raised under a false religion that tells you committing sins is fine and then you sin, what's the appropriate response? God can't reasonably punish them because he never told them about his rules, and he can't reward them either since that would defeat the point of sinning. Inb4 "mysterious ways cope" that's just another hoop you have to invent to ignore the contradictions of your faith. 
>and b) have the Gospel preached to them even in death.
How exactly does it make sense to preach the Gospel after someones death? It would just be a power point presentation at that point. If i meet face to face with a higher being after my death and it tells me to believe XYZ i'm gonna believe XYZ. There is no logical reason to reject it which makes it a meaningless choice
Replies: >>24786 >>24798
>My point is that with each "coincidence" that your faith requires it becomes less and less likely to be actually True.
Heh, I would argue exactly the same about your faith, friend. :)

>but i don't think it matters either way. 
Au contraire. There is an incredibly huge set of barriers in the natural realm for life to ever even appear by any mechanistic means, much less to even survive for, say, 90 days' time. Brushing all that aside with a trite 'doesn't matter bro!' is disengenous to say the least. Things have causes. Always. When we see a vast orchestration of machinery suddenly appearing out of nowhere (ie, the first bacteriums ~3.8Gya), there's a reason it did. And the window for it's appearance is <5My time.

>How exactly does it make sense to preach the Gospel after someones death?
I find the Christian Bible's teaching that it in fact happens rather cool, personally. :) And your previous question answers your latest one. Cheers.
>- First of all there are dozens upon dozens of mutually exclusive religions. And whoever believes in whichever religion is 99% of the time decided simply on the basis of what the individuals parents believe rather than cold logic or spiritual experiences. 
That isn't an argument against any one of them actually being true though. You can have many incorrect conjectures against one hypothesis which proves to be true. 

>- Secondly the vastness of the universe in combination with the theory of evolution makes divine intervention seem like a childish cope. 
What you deem a "childish cope" by your own secular standard is a demonstratively successful survival strategy, since religious societies have greater social cohesion and higher fertility rates than non-religious societies. It is because of this that on a material basis spirituality has been a natural and default dimension of human existence and will persist in being one. "Atheist" societies have never become beacons of pure rationalism because the denial of human religious affectation does not stop it from continuing to exist. The members of those societies invest those sentiments instead on utopian social projects or new age cults, which neither bring the degree of satisfaction nor possess the depth of discourse of the institutional faiths they displace. 

>- Thirdly if we take the christian God at face value, why would he ever only appear in one specific time and place rather than across the globe throughout history? 
Since He didn't need to. 

>If your God didn't want us to worship false idols then maybe he should have paid East Asia or America a visit or something because only appearing 2000 years ago in some desert shithole isn't exactly "godly" and more like the people over there at that point and time decided to make shit up for themselves. 
On what basis do you devise characteristics for divinity? Is your standard for God somehow superior to theirs? If it were simply made up, you would think that it would have died out just like all the other competing faiths in the area since they were all equally without substance. Yet that one faith survived and thrived and spread throughout the whole of human civilization. God knowing past, present, and future presented Himself before the Israelites for them to bear His faith to make manifest the strength of His hand. That this weak and quarrelsome people should become celebrated by all the world for centuries upon centuries is an outcome that by any human evaluation, would be a ludicrous impossibility. An elaborate cope of a faith should have achieved nothing in the context of their utter objective insignificance. That which is impossible with men however, is possible through God -- and His power working through His people accomplished His end in spite of the odds against them, because in His foreordained Will He gives provision for His faithful to reach heights of glory far in excess of what could ever be expected of their lowly condition alone. By Jesus Christ, He invites all of humanity to join Him in His ever victorious faith. I think that outlines a God worthy of worship.
The scriptures are about the duties of the believer, and of Caesar. Notice that Caesar's power is not arbitrary. It has a proper jurisdiction, and a specific purpose. Obedience to Caesar is obedience to God because, and only because, "rulers are not a terror to good works, but to bad". Caesar has a duty to Christ (his King) as the administrator of His law, and does not have the authority to arbitrarily govern his people according to his whims, certainly he does not have a right to become a terror to good works, and not bad (as has happened in modernity). Paul's command of civil obedience was necessary because of the hostility towards rulers felt by many in the early church because of the persecution of them. But the same man who wrote these words was himself frequently the victim of official persecution because of his own unwillingness to obey wicked commands of the state. Romans 13 is more about the *purpose* of the state, than what is necessarily true regarding it. The entire early church up to the moment Caesar finally became obedient was quite insistent that Jesus, and not Caesar, is Lord.
This pic is absurd by the way. I can just as easily say you are only an atheist because of where you are born, and point out that if I was born to some primitive tribe in Africa or something that I might believe the earth is flat. The causes of someone believing something has no implications whatsoever regarding the truth of that belief. There may be many Christians who have a simple faith into which they have placed no thought, but these Christians are likely neither to be here nor to be interested in talking to you.
>How can anyone in the 21st century reconcile the overwhelming evidence against religious creation myths? 
I know what you mean, there is overwhelming evidence against the atheistic creation myth of evolutionism but atheists are usually unwilling to question what their priests have told them to believe and consider the evidence. If you're interested we have a large thread here on the subject of scientific and other evidences of God's hand in creation.
>First of all there are dozens upon dozens of mutually exclusive religions.
Thus says the scripture. You're acting like every other religion being false is some kind of problem for Christianity, when in reality it is a prerequisite of it being true. Christianity cannot be true unless every other religion is false, just like atheism cannot be true unless every other religion is false. Atheists often have this prejudice where they treat atheism as having a privileged place where it is not subject to being questioned, as if it were fundamentally different from every other belief. But everyone's got a religion even if we don't call it that, everyone's got a worldview, everyone's got beliefs. You already rejected every other non-Christian religion except one, we just reject one more.
>Secondly the vastness of the universe in combination with the theory of evolution makes divine intervention seem like a childish cope.
Yeah, Christianity is just so stupid, we are just so dumb and childish. Now do you have an argument? How does the vastness of the universe suggest God doesn't do anything in the world? I think it tells us the opposite. I think every last inch of space is proof of God's hand in creating it, and every inch is another piece of indisputable evidence which you are forced to absurdly declare to be pure random chance.
>Thirdly if we take the christian God at face value, why would he ever only appear in one specific time and place rather than across the globe throughout history?
He does. There is nothing in the world which is natural, there is nothing in all of creation which happens or is true independent of the Christian God, for He is not far from any one of us. You see His hand at work every time the sun rises in the sky, for if He withdrew His hand in maintaining creation it not only would fail to maintain the orderly course in which He set it, but it would simply fall out of being entirely. 
>If your God didn't want us to worship false idols then maybe he should have paid East Asia or America a visit or something because only appearing 2000 years ago
It's clear you have little awareness of Christian claims and have not spent much time dialoging with knowledgeable religious people. God began speaking to man before he even fell. Centuries before the birth of Christ God spoke through the prophets, and millennia before He spoke to them all men knew Him face to face. The false religions did not simply "start up" out of thin air, but they are all developed from a common source. Hinduism is a deviation from the Christianity of their ancestors.
>Your stance is that 5999/6000 religions are wrong
So is yours. If atheism is true, everything else is false. If Christianity is true, everything else (including atheism) is false. 
>Everything that doesn't adapt dies and that which remains evolves into something higher. It's practically a tautology.
It is true that "creatures which are unfit to their environment die out" is an analytic truth. It is not true that "creatures adapt and evolve to fit their environment" is an analytic truth. They could simply die out. Natural selection is not a mechanism of evolution because it causes things to die, not grow. It is an instrument of death, not life.
>Do you think all those people that worshiped the wrong God for no fault of their own went to hell?
What do you mean "no fault of their own"? They knew better, all men know God. All false religions have either twisted the natural revelation which God has bestowed on all of us so that, rather than worship the creator, they fell down before images of men and beasts and birds and creeping things, glorifying the creation rather than the creator. Or alternatively they have twisted the special revelation which God bestowed on the Church, inventing in their own minds a god which is superficially similar to the true God but fundamentally different in a way which is more pleasing to them for one reason or another. All men everywhere have been given sufficient light to know that God is their creator, and their duty is to give Him thanks and praise for every gift He gives them (so they are without excuse), but every man has always failed this duty. For this reason God sent His Son into the world to die for the sins of all men, regardless of their nation, so that a few would be reconciled to Him. All who repent and believe in Him will be saved, because He is able to save to the uttermost those who draw near to God through Him.
>God can't reasonably punish them because he never told them about his rules
God can "reasonably do" whatever He pleases, but as stated previously they are without excuse. You don't need to read the bible to know murdering a child is unacceptable. Man was made in the image of God.
Why did God create this foreknew would be damned? "Free will" isn't an answer since he could've just not created those who wouldn't end up in heaven.
If you believe baptised deceased infants go to heaven: why didn't God create everyone already in heaven  in a state of soul similar to those deceased infants?
These two are, in my view, the same question about the allowing eternal suffering that could've been avoided but wasn't, which an all-good, perfect beyond our imagination being wouldn't allow for.  I've been struggling over them.
>Why did God create this foreknew would be damned?
Form that into a complete sentence and you might get an answer
>These two are, in my view, the same question about the allowing eternal suffering that could've been avoided but wasn't
God didn't "allow" eternal suffering. There was no suffering at all in the world God made. Hell is not some phenomenon of the world that people happen to suffer from, like cancer or something, hell is well deserved wrath upon wickedness. People go to hell because they deserve to go to hell. I am glad that hell exists, because if there were no hell it would compromise God's goodness: a good God does not allow evil men to get away with it.
Replies: >>24824
>There was no suffering at all in the world God made.
Which world was that again?
>Current Heaven: Angels rebel, yuge war ensues
>This universe/Earth: plant/animal death before the fall + ginormous, demonic evils afterwards

I think you're trying to force-fit your idealizations onto what you perceive reality to be. Fair enough that in the New Heavens, New Earth (aka, the new, 2nd creation) there will no longer be any suffering. But that certainly isn't the case now.
Replies: >>24826 >>24835
>Which world was that again?
The one which "God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good." (Gen 1:31)
>what you perceive reality to be
This world is not perfect. But it was once.
Replies: >>24827 >>24903
So.. creating a world with a *possibility* of suffering and then creating beings he *knew* will actualise it makes the creator not responsible, and somehow not even a cause of it?
Replies: >>24832 >>24835
God created a lot of things that are like automata. A rock can't choose to obey gravity or not. Animals have a little more choice but are ultimately like machines. God made one creation (as far as we know) with real free will: us. He created us not to be just another thing in the universe but to be adopted as children of God. And not forcibly either but to freely choose that adoption. It's easy for God to create galaxies. What's not easy is for Him to produce people who will do this. Because at the end of the day, that choice - if it is to be truly free - must be out of His hands. That is he voluntarily holds back from encroaching on our free will so that we may use it to choose Him. But to be able to freely choose God necessarily means we must be free to reject Him as well. Therefore, it is definitionally impossible to simply not create the ones the will reject Him as you say while still maintaining free will. That is an encroachment on their free will. To answer your question more explicitly: God wanted to create people who would freely choose Him but that necessarily requires the creation of people who won't. At the end of the day, it's your choice which side to stand on. You're not doomed to Hell.

>why didn't God create everyone ... in a state of soul similar to those deceased [baptised] infants
He did but we fucked it up. However, the state of man before the fall is not as high as the state of man sanctified in Heaven. God can use our sufferings on Earth towards our sanctification if we allow it.
>Why didn't God create us in this higher state of sanctification then?
He's doing it right now. But you have to let Him.
Replies: >>24903
>makes the creator not responsible
Responsible? To whom is God responsible, and by what standard would you presume to judge God?
>somehow not even a cause of it
God was the first cause of the first sin.
[Hide] (66.9KB, 520x390)
The problem here is your worldview. You view life as almost exclusively suffering when in fact its not. Even the most miserable people living in the worst of conditions have some sense of happiness or please whether it be the feeling of sunlight on their skin, a cool breeze, the taste of food, the warmth of being tucked in bed, or a laugh. All these happy moments, as small as they might be, outweigh whatever suffering exists in the world, if it didn't then God wouldn't have created us. 

The first letter of the Hebrew Bible is Beht which means two or multiply. This could reasonably be interpreted as "In the beginning God wanted to multiply the world". But why? It wasnt "for His own glory" as some suggest because God is above such vanities. It wasnt for some selfish reason, because God is not selfish. So then why? Because He wished to see something else exist so that it may enjoy existence and be happy. Hence the First Love. So He created animals and humans (who create other animals and humans) to serve as the progenitors of an infinite cycle of happiness. As a side note, God is divine logic embodied , in the Beginning there was the Word (Logos), and the Word (Logos) was with God, and the Word (Logos) was God. So therefore Love is a logical invention, which sounds weird to us but makes sense if you consider the perspective of God. God existed when there was nothing, so He ponders  what to do and decides that if He is to exist (whether happy or not) then he should create others to exist as well so they can be happy.

Lastly because I know you're wondering and you've already asked it to some degree, what about hell and eternal punishment? To that I say that the common understanding of eternal punishment and the lake of fire (Gehenna) is wrong. Eternal punishment (the second death, eternal fire, etc) just means your punishment is final and therefore eternal and it doesnt necessarily mean its infinite torture in hell, in fact that makes little sense for reasons ill get into but before that I need to talk about the analogy of Gehenna and eternal fire. Gehenna is a wall of Jerusalem where it is believed the inhabitants dumped trash, ie a trash pit, its also the name given to what is commonly known as "the lake of fire" in the Bible, keep this in mind. The analogy of eternal fire is interesting because fire destroys, thats what its known for, if i throw a piece of paper into a fire it catches alight and burns becoming reduced to dust it doesnt sit there in the fire  it is destroyed. Considering both of these tidbits of information regarding Gehenna and eternal fire it starts to paint a picture of what hell is really like, a "trash pit" for the non-repentant to be burnt (pay for their sins) and be destroyed. Logically this makes sense as well as Justice (a logical characteristic of God) is by nature a re-balancing of the scales of right and wrong with the perpetrator of injustice being punished in accordance with the crime.  And since no-one has managed to infinitely sin as of yet it would only make sense that punishment not be infinite either. Not to mention the Bible says God weeps for the wicked. 
BUT, if that is still not enough to convince you then bear in mind that Revelation 21:8 litterally refers to the lake of fire as ' "the second death" '.

Anyways, sorry for word puking all over your conversation, i just thought this might help.
Replies: >>24836
>All these happy moments, as small as they might be, outweigh whatever suffering exists in the world, if it didn't then God wouldn't have created us.
You are right when you say that people living in deplorable conditions have a sense of what happiness is. But I don't think those outweigh suffering, have you seen people in extreme poverty? I'm not talking about those living in ghettos in western countries, I mean real poverty like the one seen on Latin America, the middle east and Africa. A life of almost nothing but harshness and deprivation turns them into husks devoid of any soul or whatever makes human capable of enjoying life.

>inb4 "you are a banal person who thinks life should just be please"
I don't, I'm just saying that stating that extreme suffering is outweighed by basic human experiences
Replies: >>24837
its the small things. Easy for us to overlook them and not appreciate them.
Stop modeling God's goodness as autistic utility-maximization, start modeling it as the love of a father for his children which is necessarily particular.  God created us because He loves us.  God could have created people who would never fall.  Those people would not be us.
Replies: >>24918

tl;dr: Even those who are against the government know it's in their best interest to follow the law.
[Hide] (1MB, 1275x1047)
Is this the antichrist?
Replies: >>24890
[Hide] (922.6KB, 1801x2430)
There'd be a certain amount of poetic sense made if "the" antichrist turned out to be an AI.
>Reject Christ
>We'll make our own
It really is the same old story of humanity. Rather than worship the true God, we fashion our own gods. Not even content to worship another human but a thing made by humans. That said, it's doubtful that it's the case here. All that happened was people showed up to hear an AI speak. It also strikes me that the antichrist would probably want people to fear death so he could control them better but I don't know. This obsession with trying to identify the antichrist is not healthy nor what Christians should be doing though. We follow Christ and that is enough for us. It should be obvious when the time comes.

I do have to say that I'm a little disconcerted about people hearing the Word and preaching from an AI rather than a human. AI is or will become pretty good at most things but it cannot be more human than a human by definition. And it is humanity that God came to save not AI. It is humanity from whom God took on flesh. If you view going to church as nothing more than a gathering of Christians to sing some songs and listen to a lecture then you probably won't see anything wrong with replacing the pastor with an AI. They can deliver a speech, they can write the speech, they can even counsel parishioners. All this an AI will be able to do better than a human at some point. But if you view going to church as a place where God meets man and salvation is played out - if you view your pastor as someone who presides over something sacred - then it is obvious that he cannot be replaced by AI. Not with any amount of technological development. Because it's not about how good of a job your pastor does, it's about who he is and, more specifically, who he is in Christ. God deigned to lower Himself from Heaven and take on our flesh so that we might be filled with His Holy Spirit. How then can we be led by an AI who has neither humanity nor divinity?
I wouldn't go to a church that uses an AI for its services.
Replies: >>24891
[Hide] (31.8KB, 460x464)
>It also strikes me that the antichrist would probably want people to fear death so he could control them better but I don't know. 
It might be saying that to convince them that they should die.
Replies: >>24892
Maybe. People don't kill themselves just because they're told to though. It takes a lot more than that to overcome basic animal instinct. Nevertheless, you're right that this kind of thing could be groundwork for later psyops.

The reason I suspect otherwise is because, when you look at what the modus operandi of evil is around us, it's all aimed at try to make us more afraid. That is the primary purpose of propaganda after all. The recent lockdowns are a prime example: make people fear illness so they accept whatever you want to do to them. They cause the problem and disguise their poison as the solution. Other examples are making people fear losing their jobs, fear of being ostracised, fear of being attacked on the streets or in your home. The list goes on. It's rather strange to me that they would want you to not fear something especially when that something is their ultimate chain. Furthermore, that you shouldn't fear death is something that could (and should) easily come from a real pastor. Remember that, for us, death is not something to be feared but embraced as Christ embraced His death on the cross. Our hope is in the resurrection that follows.

Of course, I only see a headline and haven't seen the sermon. It is entirely possible that there's a lot more to this story. If you have a recording or transcript, we could see if there's anything more sinister.
Replies: >>24907
Is there any book that talks about the first civilization to practice ritual child sacrifice?
Replies: >>24906 >>24915
>But it was once.
'Very good' deffo =/= 'Perfect'
New Heavens, New Earth == Perfect? Couldn't agree more. This creation will pass away in a fervent heat (as planned). It will be replaced thereafter by something much more vast, much more glorious, and here's the big one: literally free of sin and evil.

Outstanding post Anon, thanks.
Replies: >>24918
not to my knowledge but theres video and what not about the first kingdoms of the fertile crescent pre-tower of babel fiasco.
[Hide] (17.9KB, 828x465)
A new false Christ has dropped
Replies: >>24908
>directly linking
Replies: >>24910
>archiving a stream
Replies: >>24913
One if your links is an article. https://archive.ph/OSdt7
Where can I find Meyer's commentary in the original German? I suspect something may have been lost in translation to English and wanted to look into it.
Thanks but I thought this guy >>24857 summed it up better than I.
Is Jesus still banned on tvch.moe?
If you want some comedy here is Young Pharoh talking about Christianity, some parts are just stupid but it's mostly funny.

[Hide] (56.5KB, 720x1560)
Who is that statue character with the lion hood? Is he some Christian guy i don't know about?
Replies: >>25001
Only guessing, since I can't find the original source, but I think that's Alexander the Great wearing the Nemean Lion as a helmet (by the hairstyle & roman edge of the helmet + that's a motif of Alexander's).
[Hide] (10.3MB, 576x1024, 06:20)
Does anyone know the source of this movie? I know it says "Source: Christianmovies On Youtube" And i found the youtube channel  but there are many movies to go through to find the true title of the movie.
[Hide] (212.3KB, 524x498)
What god is this referring the Jewish person is worshipping? Moloch?
Replies: >>25006
The most basic need, and the only thing that matters, is the light of god - but then why doesn't he shine it in my life?
If my mind breaks, then I won't be able to talk to god anymore, so why doesn't he urgently do something?
Replies: >>25011
[Hide] (99.1KB, 474x266)
Why is using magic forbidden in the Bible even though it (magic) obviously doesn't exist.
It's akin to asking demons to work their dark arts in the world. You're letting Satan in willingly. He can and will intervene if you ask him to.
>magic obviously doesn't exist
Simon Magus begs to differ even if he used it badly and for his own ego
Might be half-heartedness Anon?
>"You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart." [1]

Be more specific. The words that get translated to magic/sorcerer/magician/whatever, and the implications, vary considerably.

The Greek word implies it's not "Wizard cast fireball", but those who use drugs to give false visions during worship for false gods. If that commendation is limited to such or includes modern drug dealers and/or "doctors" who peddle trash like meth(ylphenidate), SSRIs, and hormones is a big question.

For prospective, here's a doctor of history summarizing drug use in ancient Greece, Rome and their neighbors. Use of hallucinogenics was pretty casual.
Replies: >>25019
Sorcery is clearly forbidden in the Old Testament, and it clearly isn't restricted to drug use (though it is likely a component as most wizards historically used drugs in their rituals). It certainly doesn't ever mean "wizard cast fireball" because that's an anachronism of modern fantasy which does not represent how people saw magic historically. Magic is more a tool of divination and trickery historically.
Replies: >>25023
[Hide] (23.4KB, 822x332)
Does effeminate include imagining that you are a girl?
Replies: >>25021 >>25023
Even within OT, there's multiple words. Leviticus 19:31 for example is about those who (claim to) talk to the dead.

The word μαλακοὶ (arsenokoitai) is male homosexual bottom (whereas ἀρσενοκοῖται is the male top). Effeminate is just late Middle English/'very' early Modern English being incomprehensible 400 years later.
Replies: >>25024
There's nothing incomprehensible about it. Effeminate means womanly, and the passive sodomite takes the woman's role.
Uniate churches are allowed to worship their heretical saints and accept different ecumenical councils than roman catholics. Doesn't this break the unity of faith and therefore deboonk catholicism?
Replies: >>25049
catholics accept the first seven ecumenical councils that orthodox do. also not all saints are 'canonised' which is a formal declaration by the Holy See,
This may be a stupid question, but touching yourself is a mortal sin primarily because it's unnatural, even if negative consequences for you are negligible.
By this logic, other unintended uses your body should also be mortally sinful, shouldn't they? A sedentary lifestyle because of an office job is one example.  Human body is not designed to sit for 40 hours a week, but you can mostly counteract its negative effects and it puts bread on the table.
[Hide] (1.7MB, 480x854, 00:19)
I am not religious, I do not go to church, practise the bible, nor personally think talking with religious people because of their beliefs is a very important thing of me
That being said, I do not believe living without a sense of morals and a specific doctrine is the right way of men, I believe the best way for men to excel is to have some sort of compass that lets them know which actions they take are right, and which are wrong. And how some wrongs are exerted due to human nature, and how some are merely vice.
Could this belief be enough? I don't think of practising the teaches of the bible, but to say that I don't follow one or two things from it would be denial from myself. I want to have a good future in my life, and I believe that following these teachings that I took as the years go by is the best kind of stepping stones I could have. Are these beliefs that push someone to the best they can enough to reward them with a fulfilling life in the future? Will the wife of my dreams be glad of the person I am when I meet her or if destiny so wishes, meet her again ? Am I doing the right thing by not focusing on romance and instead focusing on myself, and holding onto the belief that this person that I desire in my life, will come one day?
you cannot have an objective way of knowing what is right or wrong without an objective moderator or creator, that being God. otherwise everything is subjective and that's where today's nonsense of "my/your truth" takes hold. following some of the Bible's teachings without believing in all of them or why they're being done in the first place cannot be done. either you are with Christ or against Him. most other religions in the world don't like this exclusivity, but they are all false and their words are empty.
consider what is/is not right and wrong. why is it that way? how do you know? without believing in an objective, higher power to guide you to the answers, what's the point in any of it?
Replies: >>25057
[Hide] (267.7KB, 600x600)
>you cannot have an objective way of knowing what is right or wrong without an objective moderator or creator, that being God.
I can know what works best for me
>otherwise everything is subjective and that's where today's nonsense of "my/your truth" takes hold. 
that implies that I wanna engage in meaningless discussions that either lead nowhere, or just don't reward on the same level as other activities
>following some of the Bible's teachings without believing in all of them or why they're being done in the first place cannot be done
That doesn't imply that following a personal dogma that takes from christianity can't be done.
>most other religions in the world don't like this exclusivity, but they are all false and their words are empty.
I'd rather say the religions that are existent in different parts of the world are merely the ways or justifications for the kind of society they harbor.
>consider what is/is not right and wrong. why is it that way? how do you know?
Because I experienced the mistakes of doing them or the opposite
>without believing in an objective, higher power to guide you to the answers, what's the point in any of it?
I believe in the experience that my life gave me
And the point to me is to live a fulfilling life, either with Jesus or not.
you are missing faith. We follow God's laws not to be saved but because we are saved out of love, otherwise his laws become a burden on our conscience. 
>Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.
>Could this belief be enough?
Define enough.

For a 'good life, well-lived'? Maybe (and maybe not).

For the appointed judgement that's coming for every man? Not even remotely lol. Even for the most righteous humans who have ever lived (you choose them), their deeds are all 'filthy rags' [1] compared to the exceeding great sacrifice of God's Son, Jesus Christ to purchase this great salvation for any man who will accept it. I pray you yourself do so one day Anon.

1. https://www.gotquestions.org/filthy-rags.html
[Hide] (94KB, 600x600)
What is exactly the purpose of groups of Jehovah's Witnesses?
Replies: >>25064
they believe in works salvation and that preaching is necessary to be saved. 
any group that isnt trinitarian isnt christian imo, mormons go in the other extreme of polytheism
[Hide] (1.4MB, 2403x3005)
Does anyone have any good resources detailing how Ireland went from being a borderline Integralist state to a secularized globohomo country?
Replies: >>25067
(1) Feudalism arose on the basis of the disintegration of slave-owning society and the break-up of the village community of the tribes which conquered the slave-owning States. In those countries where there had been no slave-owning system, feudalism arose on the basis of the break-up of the primitive community system. The clan aristocracy and military leaders of the tribes took into their hands a great quantity of lands and distributed them among their followers. The gradual enserfing of the peasants took place.

(2) The feudal lord's ownership of land and incomplete ownership of the worker in production-the peasant serf-was the basis of the relations of production in feudal society. As well as feudal property there existed the individual property of the peasant and craftsman, which was based on personal labour. The labour of the peasant serfs was the source of the existence of feudal society. Serf exploitation was expressed in the fact that the peasants were compelled to perform week-work for the feudal lord, or to pay him quitrent in kind and in money. The burden that serfdom laid on the peasant was frequently little different from that of slavery. However, the serf system opened certain possibilities for the development of the productive forces since the peasant could work a certain part of the time on his own holding and had a certain interest in his labour.

(3) The basic economic law of feudalism consists in the production of surplus product to satisfy the demands of the feudal lords, by means of the exploitation of dependent peasants, on the basis of the ownership of the land by the feudal lords and their incomplete ownership of the workers in production-the serfs.

(4) Feudal society, particularly in the period of the early Middle Ages, was split into small princedoms and states. The nobility and clergy were the ruling estates of feudal society. The peasant estate had no political rights. A class struggle between peasants and feudal lords took place throughout the whole history of feudal society. The feudal State, reflecting the interests of nobility and clergy, was an active force helping them to consolidate their right of feudal ownership of the land and to intensify their exploitation of the dispossessed and oppressed peasants.

(5) In the feudal epoch agriculture played a predominant part, and the economy had a basically natural character. With the development of the social division of labour and exchange, the old towns which had survived the fall of the slave-owning system revived, and new towns arose. The towns were centres of handicraft and trade. The crafts were organised in guilds which strove to prevent competition. Traders united in merchant guilds.

(6) The development of commodity production, breaking down the natural economy, led to differentiation among the peasants and the craftsmen. Merchant capital hastened the decline of the crafts and promoted the birth of capitalist enterprise-the manufactories. Feudal limitations and territorial divisions acted as a brake on the growth of commodity production. In the process of further development the national market was formed. The centralised feudal State arose in the form of absolute monarchy.

(7) Primitive accumulation of capital prepared the conditions for the rise of capitalism. Huge numbers of small producers-peasants and craftsmen-were deprived of the means of production. Great monetary wealth concentrated in the hands of large landowners, merchants and usurers was created by means of the forcible expropriation of the peasantry, colonial trade, taxes and the slave trade. Thus the formation of the basic classes of capitalist society, of wage-workers and capitalists, was accelerated. More or less complete forms of the capitalist order of society grew and ripened in the womb of feudal society.

(8) The production relations of feudalism, the low productivity of the unfree labour of the peasant serfs, and guild restrictions, hindered the further development of productive forces. Peasant serf risings. shook the feudal system and led to the abolition of serfdom. The bourgeoisie took the lead in the struggle for the overthrow of feudalism. It made use of the revolutionary struggle of the peasants against the feudal lords in order to take power into its own hands. The bourgeois revolutions put an end to the feudal system and established the rule of capitalism, giving scope for the development of the forces of production.
Not a question but here in a summarized version of the case for Christ to someone who doesn't want to read the entire book. For some reason it would let me upload it so here is a file host.

Replies: >>25072
Do you have a TL;DR of the summarised version?
Replies: >>25073
You're funny.
I got an AI to write a Dr.Suss song about Jesus going against the NWO.

Verse 1:
In a land of darkness and gloom,
Where the shadows hide secrets unknown,
There lived a man with love in his heart,
Jesus Christ, who would never be forlorn.
He fought against the New World Order,
With faith as his weapon and hope as his guide,
For he knew that their lies were untrue,
And that truth will always shine through.
Verse 2:
The elite tried to silence him with fear,
But Jesus stood tall, never to yield,
He preached love and forgiveness, you see,
And showed us the way to be free.
He fought against the New World Order,
With faith as his weapon and hope as his guide,
For he knew that their lies were untrue,
And that truth will always shine through.
Verse 3:
The battle was long and hard, you see,
But Jesus never gave up on us,
He showed the way to a better life,
One where love and peace can thrive.
He fought against the New World Order,
With faith as his weapon and hope as his guide,
For he knew that their lies were untrue,
And that truth will always shine through.
So let us all follow in Jesus' footsteps,
And fight for a world where love never stops,
For together we can overcome the darkness,
And make this world a place of happiness.
Replies: >>25078
I (a Latino myself) went to a Christian retreat and this dark skinned Latino guy got really offended that i used the word nigger, i didn't even say it to him, this was in 2019, i also shared an apartment with him unfortunately and he lied about his ages saying he was 18 when he was 14. He got so angry about me saying nigger that he clipped his toenail and put it on my bed and it poked me, but i did not react because it was obvious that that was what he wanted. At the end of the retreat we got together for a photo and he got behind me, and punched me in the back, i yelled at him and he was passive through out the whole trip back.

Christianity holds violence as a last resort, I don't think i could have taken him, but i feel i should i have punched him either way, he attacked me, so wouldn't it have been self defense?
[Hide] (142.6KB, 1920x1080)
That is impressive, specially verse 3. I never got my AI to write about Jesus because it wasn't programmed to write religion stuff. Which AI did you use?
Replies: >>25079

Runs locally on YOUR CPU, on YOUR model you trained yourself (but there are some available for download), and it's Open Source. It can do lot of what GPT4 doesn't do, like talk about conspiracies or racialist information (sometimes) but it's not perfect and sometimes generates liberal views but it's better than regular GPT.
[Hide] (8.8MB, 1920x1080, 02:39)

If you're bored and want to hear a debate there is a debate on the Jewish Question. Time stamps are in the description so you don't have to watch all of it.
Replies: >>25100
Also Nick Fuentes who debates Destiny is a Christian and explains Anti-Semitism from a Christian perspective.
Replies: >>25102
>from a Christian perspective
lmao Nick "likes the dick" Fuentes is no Christian.
Replies: >>25103
How do you know he's gay? As of that debate he praised Jesus.
Replies: >>25104
He went on a date with some "Catboy Kami" dude and was caught watching tranny porn.
Replies: >>25105
That is not good, but personally i'm a porn addict trying to repent yet that doesn't take way my Christian status. Nick is still a brave man for pissing off the Jews, and making his own platform for discussing the Jews. "It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick."
one could say its the jews but in the final analysis its capitalism which allows them and the elite to operate as they do as leeches on society.

>And the multitude of them that believed were of one heart and of one soul: neither said any of them that ought of the things which he possessed was his own; but they had all things common. And with great power gave the apostles witness of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus: and great grace was upon them all. Neither was there any among them that lacked: for as many as were possessors of lands or houses sold them, and brought the prices of the things that were sold,And laid them down at the apostles' feet: and distribution was made unto every man according as he had need.

this is the apostolic ideal not le LARP we WUZ KANGZZ
Replies: >>25107
What would be the solution to capitalism?
Replies: >>25130
[Hide] (126.3KB, 993x731)
Why were they all taken literally and treated as infallible until mid XIX century if they're so different?
Replies: >>25129
[Hide] (6.5MB, 500x478, 02:19)
Still is and everything is the same. People say the same things. Christians have discussed the same things from the beginning. Most christians just consider everything true as an excuse not to think. Just as they consider all translations to be equally fine.
Often arugments and things are forgotten and so things repeat.

God's name for example is Yahovah... It's always been that, the Jews have always said that and it's what every english translation used including the kjv but people forget history and assume everyone in the past is retarded and uninformed and so come up with new things like Yaweh and pretend this hasn't already been discussed and settled long ago. There is nothing new under the sun.
Yes a literal thousand year reign of Christ has been debated from the first century with Papias.
The rapture, apocyphya inclusions, female pastors, liturgical vs plain church debate. Tertullian is writing about not a single thing new in the 2nd century

Most people in all history have always calculated the Earth's age to be closer to the Septuagint, believing the six ages: Jesus coming at the 5000th year not the 4000th as the masoretic calculates.
The masoretic was likely edited by Jews to make Shem live longer so he could be melchisedec to debunk the priesthood of christ in Hebrews. Or it's just a mistake. Or it's correct.
The Septuagint has Methuselah die years before the flood but his name means his death shall bring so the Masoretic seems more right to say he died tge same year as the flood. That's the whole point why he lived so long to show how longsuffering God is.

Both the Septuagint and Masoretic have issues. And that's talking as if these things exist, obviously there's no such thing as a masoretic or septuagint manuscript. They are just manuscripts. Greek and Hebrew, and even among themselves they have difference, there are in fact Hebrew manuscripts that have "pierced" in Psalm 22, not that any Jew would know or tell you. And then the NT forget about it, endless differences.
Unfortuantley laymen must now know these issues and have a mid life crisis over the fact inevitably up to 10% of their Bible is an edit by a scribe and of that: a whole 2% have different meanings of importance.
I find it very annoying but ultimatley we know what's really important and it's not the exact numbers of life in Jared.

From what I've seen people still treat all scripture as infallible and so on or they are on the opposite side and say the Septuagint or Masoretic is evil. Most people just don't care and do indeed assume every bible is translated from some magic manuscript that all bibles come from.
Genuinly nearly every christian that I see has no idea about Septuagint differences or Textus Receptus or any of these things and don't care. In that sense they are the laymen and those of the internet loser type are the self-taught scribes.

Everyone read the Immitation of Christ. You can find it for free online but buy a book.
there is only one Christian solution to capitalism and that is ethical capitalism, which is dictated by the Bible and the moral framework established by God.
Replies: >>25132
I would say Christian Anarchism could work well as well, considering the Israelites worked without an official king for a long time and every time they tried to have a human king it went wrong.
Replies: >>25133
Pre-monarchy Israel was a theocracy.
Replies: >>25141
I didn't know Israel still had a government, but weren't they without a government early on?
Replies: >>25142 >>25145
iirc it was a weird kind of system where the priests and elders 'ruled' and everything was based off the commandments and laws of God.
Replies: >>25143
They were called Judges, weren't they?
Replies: >>25144 >>25145
i dont recall, i think judges came later in the monarchist period though.
[Hide] (820.8KB, 3300x2550)
Like >>25143 said they had judges and prophets. They didn't have an earthly king because God was supposed their king:
"And the Lord said to Samuel, “Listen to the voice of the people regarding everything they have said to you, because it is not you whom they have rejected. I am the one they have rejected as king over them."
1 Samuel 8:7
[Hide] (49.9KB, 720x994)
If this is true, how do we prove this? Is there a way to prove that east Asia is inferior to Christian cultures when they were most Christian? And it would have to be non-white culture.
Replies: >>25150 >>25151
Across its history east Asia has variously oscillated between totalitarian oppression and hedonist degeneracy. But I think it's more effective to give more specified examples, especially comparing the west before, during, and after Christendom. You know you're a pagan when you murder your own children because they're an 'inconvenience' to you.
>make an argument for Christianity without citing the cultures in which it was the most influential
That's just artificially setting someone up to fail like arguing if someone can't win a marathon on one leg they aren't a good athlete.
Replies: >>25152
[Hide] (697.1KB, 2464x2833)
There is the argument that white people are better with Christianity but then it would only be whites that benefit from Christianity and therefor not all cultures would be superior with Christianity as the picture claims.
Replies: >>25153
Ethiopia was Christian since the Book of Acts and did pretty good for itself in the middle of a sea of  Muslims and pagans.
Isaiah 8:12 “Do not call conspiracy everything this people calls a conspiracy; do not fear what they fear, and do not dread it.

What was the conspiracy talked about here? If God controls everything then did he permit the enemies/conspiracies of Christians as punishment for our sins?
Are there protestant churches that work with secret societies?
Replies: >>25161
Define secret society. Were the Revolutionary War's Sons of Liberty a "secret society"? What about underground faith organizations in countries where Christianity (either specifically, religion in general is banned, or non-imperial cult religion is banned) is illegal?
[Hide] (396.4KB, 900x1119)
I think I'm giving up on Christianity.
When I was a kid I used to go to church and pray but I never felt any sort of bliss or connection to God nor my prayers were effective or anything like that. I just did it because my parents were religious and wanted me to do it.
As I grew I became more passive in terms of Christianity and eventually stopped praying and going to church. I didn't feel any negative spiritual change in me.
There were periods after that when I tried to go to church or pray or read the Bible, but again, I saw no change neither internal nor external, other than regret of having wasted my time.
I'm now wondering if I should even continue bothering or if I should just forget about Christianity.
There are all those extremely vague platitudes of how Jesus or the Bible or whatever else will improve your life, but I experienced their falseness as I described prior.
Maybe I'm just an emotionally numb person (maybe autistic, or a "robot", or whatever people like calling it these days), so trying to practice Christianity didn't make me feel anything. Maybe if I was more normal, especially if I was a woman, I could feel something.
Also, there are gorillions of different denominations, doctrines, and interpretations, which makes everything more confusing and demotivating.
There's also the aspect that some, if not many teachings feel somewhat left-wing, or politically correct, or whatever you'd like to call it. In fact, most Christians I met in real life or online are to some alarming degree politically correct/socialist/left-wing/etc. This includes Christian forums/imageboards -- every time I genuinely post something or try to ask a question that's somewhat politically incorrect, and it gets deleted by the moderators, I only get even more demotivated (of course, it includes this board). Also, there are all those "Christian organizations" that promote socialist goals, etc.
Really, the only thing that makes me question whether I should leave Christianity is the fear that I would go to hell. The idea of hell seems somewhat absurd and like just some horror story to make people hesitant about leaving the religion, but at the same time, it's so frightening that it does make me waver even if it sounds absurd.
Note that I am not some edgy fedora-tipper trying to prove Christianity wrong or anything of the sort. I still respect this religion, and I don't outright deny the existence of God, Jesus, etc, but I am still uncertain about practicing the religion.
Anyway, this is the QTDDTOT (I didn't know where else to post this), so I guess I will leave a question....
Do you have any advice? I don't want to be too picky, but I'd prefer it to be something else than the extremely generic "just go to church", "just read the Bible", "just pray" (which as I already mentioned, I tried doing several times with no effect before giving up).
Cheers, God bless, etc.
[Hide] (14KB, 194x259)
>As I grew I became more passive in terms of Christianity and eventually stopped praying and going to church. I didn't feel any negative spiritual change in me.
You don't "feel" spiritual negativity from not praying or going to church, at least i don't, the only times i've felt spiritual negativity is when i practiced magic and start seeing pictures of dead people from what i believe to be a spiritual guide that is clearly not of God. I have friends who say that every evil thought is an attack of evil spirits, but it could also just be your own mind.
>There are all those extremely vague platitudes of how Jesus or the Bible or whatever else will improve your life, but I experienced their falseness as I described prior.
I'm going to a 12 step faith based center and there are many people who have used Christianity to overcome chemical, sex, food, codependent addictions. The improvement is living a stable life not dying from sin.
>so trying to practice Christianity didn't make me feel anything. Maybe if I was more normal, especially if I was a woman, I could feel something.
Become full of the holy spirit and i guarantee you will feel something, an easy way to do this is to go to a Christian retreat. or sing the psalms until you feel something.
>Also, there are gorillions of different denominations, doctrines, and interpretations, which makes everything more confusing and demotivating.
There are actually only about 300 denoms (bigjohnsteel had a video on this) i know it's still a lot but people exaggerate the number, it's very easy to see who is right but comparing what they believe to the Bible.
>There's also the aspect that some, if not many teachings feel somewhat left-wing, or politically correct, or whatever you'd like to call it. In fact, most Christians I met in real life or online are to some alarming degree politically correct/socialist/left-wing/etc. This includes Christian forums/imageboards -- every time I genuinely post something or try to ask a question that's somewhat politically incorrect, and it gets deleted by the moderators, I only get even more demotivated (of course, it includes this board). Also, there are all those "Christian organizations" that promote socialist goals, etc.
There are Christian socialists and left-wing and Right-wing Christians, i've meet many right-wing Christians on all the /pol/s, Christianity is very neutral on certain political topics like race mixing and can go either way. This board has some heavy moderation but i personally haven't seen politically incorrect topics being removed. I've talked about Jewish conspiracies often here and it hasn't been removed.
>Really, the only thing that makes me question whether I should leave Christianity is the fear that I would go to hell. The idea of hell seems somewhat absurd and like just some horror story to make people hesitant about leaving the religion, but at the same time, it's so frightening that it does make me waver even if it sounds absurd.
Hell is God giving people what they want, to the people who don't want to be with God, they get their wish. There are many theories on hell. Look up the Christian and Biblical Doctrine of hell by Paul Spurlock or go to this http://www.bible-researcher.com/hell6.html
>Note that I am not some edgy fedora-tipper trying to prove Christianity wrong or anything of the sort. I still respect this religion, and I don't outright deny the existence of God, Jesus, etc, but I am still uncertain about practicing the religion.
It sounds like you want God to "talk" to you, or reveal himself to you somehow, become full of the Holy Spirit. Hanging our or ministering with other Christians outside of Church is also another way to see God work in people. I saw a man with cancer irrationally lose his cancer after praying.
>but I'd prefer it to be something else than the extremely generic "just go to church", "just read the Bible", "just pray" (which as I already mentioned, I tried doing several times with no effect before giving up).
Going to church once a week isn't enough, Reading the Bible is suppose to give insight to areas of your life where you need to change as well as having God talks to you through scripture. Praying should eventually give you somethings but sometimes God says no or not yet, even if you pray endlessly.

Just in case you're not aware of the evidence for the resurrection of Jesus here is an answer booklet for it https://archive.org/details/caseforchristans0000stro
Replies: >>25199
I'd say just this Anon:  get born-again. That is, get saved.

Once you're saved, then all this humanistic babble becomes obviously just what it is: meaningless.

God's not going to change His standards or His word for you, you have to adhere to Him.

I pray you accept salvation's great gift, then all your concerns of this type will vanish like the smokescreen that they are.
[Hide] (129.4KB, 504x680)
[Hide] (103.5KB, 504x783)
Can you be a Christian and Believe in Evolution?

Genesis 6a: The Nephilim (giants)

TOP TEN Biblical Problems for Young Earth Creationism

>Videos in favor of traditionally Christian theories.

The Age of the Earth: What They Didn’t Tell You

The Story of the Man who was ROBBED of his NOBEL PRIZE (proof of the scientific community is a secular club)

The Dinosaurs Died Recently (And they are hiding it)

InspiringPhilosophy Doesn't believe in the young earth, or giants but believes in macro evolution and has annoyed a lot of Christians online, but also brought in Theistic evolutionists who couldn't get into Christianity because it seemed to be at odds with Christianity. What do you think?
Replies: >>25167 >>25200
>What do you think?
I think that there are no versions of the truth, just the Truth. Quite apart from theological or political aspirations or agendas of man -- stands the two handiworks of God that are objective; the book of Scripture, and the 'book' of nature.

Neither of them can have falsehood in them due the the character of their Author. Any seeming-dichotomy is strictly down to man's misunderstanding/misinterpretation of the truth.
do you have a Telegram?
I wouldnt mind discussing religious matters with you in private or in a group.
[Hide] (12.7KB, 523x335)
What the second post talking about? I know it's a stupid atheist gotcha but can someone explain it to me?
Replies: >>25178
He's referencing the Roman centurion whose faith Jesus remarks as being greater than all that he's come across in Israel, in Luke 7:2-9 and Matthew 8:5-13. Specifically he seems to be referencing this exchange:
>10 When Jesus heard it, he marvelled, and said to them that followed, Verily I say unto you, I have not found so great faith, no, not in Israel. 11 And I say unto you, That many shall come from the east and west, and shall sit down with Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob, in the kingdom of heaven. 12 But the children of the kingdom shall be cast out into outer darkness: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth. 13 And Jesus said unto the centurion, Go thy way; and as thou hast believed, so be it done unto thee. And his servant was healed in the selfsame hour.

The person responding to you is doing some linguistic sleight of hand (or just misunderstanding/doing crazy demon logic, whichever) around the meaning of 'Jew' in this context. You assert that Abraham isn't a Jew, and is rather a Gentile, because Judah and hence the term 'Jew' in reference to any group of people hasn't been established yet in the time of Abraham. 

The responder is saying that Abraham is a Jew regardless because he's genetically linked to what would later become the Judahites/Jews, which I'd figure is what the responder is more concerned about. He's then invoking the exchange with the centurion to showcase a divide between 'the sons of Abraham' (a loaded term absent in the actual dialogue that he's made up to mean 'genetic Jews') and gentiles (peoples not genetically linked to Jews), to imply a contradiction between the premise 'Abraham wasn't a Jew (which means he's a gentile, ie, not genetically Jewish)', and the premise 'gentiles can be appended onto Abraham's lineage (which shouldn't be possible if Abraham himself isn't distinct from the gentiles, ie, Jewish)' 

While it is true that Christians are 'sons of Abraham', this is in a spiritual sense, as said in Galatians 3:
>6So also, “Abraham believed God, and it was credited to him as righteousness.”a 7Understand, then, that those who have faith are sons of Abraham. 8The Scripture foresaw that God would justify the Gentiles by faith, and foretold the gospel to Abraham: “All nations will be blessed through you.”b 9So those who have faith are blessed along with Abraham, the man of faith. 

Thus, those who are 'sons of Abraham' in the Christian sense are those who learn from Abraham's faith, and Abraham's relationship with God, and exhibit the same kind of faith or trusting/righteous relationship towards God (whether or not they're technically aware of Abraham). I get the impression you're aware of this principle, but the person who responded to you either isn't, or is purposefully ignoring it so he can focus more on literal genealogies, even though Galatians and the centurion encounter both specify that there are those of Judah (ie, 'genetic Jews,' or literal sons of Abraham) who will wind up in Hell, so having a literal 'blood tie' to Abraham means nothing in terms of salvation. So secondary to insulting Jesus (because of course the first reflex he'd have is to insult Jesus), he's trying to inveigle you into a genealogical debate, or just so fixated on genetics as the 'primary issue' that he can't tear himself away from talking about it, as warned of in Titus 3:
>9 But avoid foolish questions, and genealogies, and contentions, and strivings about the law; for they are unprofitable and vain.
I should also probably specify that because the consummation of God's covenant to Abraham, "All nations will be blessed through you," is the Lord Jesus, that faith in Christ is equivalently an exhibition of faith of the kind of Abraham.
Replies: >>25180
Thank you very much, i didn't reply back, because i didn't know enough about it. 

I've run into a lot of atheists or pagans who think Christians worship mosses or some other well known Jewish person in the Bible,  it's so bizarre and wrong.
Neat. That's a new one on me.

I've observed 4 distinct groups that try to use this type of obfuscation and cajolery here regarding Abraham.
-Antichrist Jews (the Ashkenazi type, not the Biblical ones). This is the most common type of attack AFAICT, just the typical JIDF crap.
-Antichrist pagan LARPers. Typically of the fashy set, who refuse the accept the obvious & deep correlation between Christian, White, European culture & the Christian Bible.
-Not-necessarily-anti-but-still-quite-opposed-to-Christ Islamists. It's just a tactical thing for them (as in combat), not particularly a spiritual thing as with the first two groups.
-General neo-pagans who simply want to be free to serve their father Satan, without any pesky Lord God Almighty they will give account to.

Jesus Christ Himself actually dealt with the racial topics directly.
>"I am the vine and you are the branches" [1]
>"It is not right to take the children’s bread and toss it to the dogs" [2]
>"For I tell you that out of these stones God can raise up children for Abraham" [3]

As mentioned in scripture, he also dealt with the issue of the Roman being saved, and at His own death also proclaimed the repentant Hebrew's salvation.

God is obviously able to save anyone He chooses to through the salvation offered freely to all, through Jesus Christ His only-begotten Son (and He will do so). Because of the great faith of Abraham, the genetic lineage will also receive additional benefits during this world's reign. 

Playing the 'muh Abrahamism' card is just a LARP by heathens. God will laugh that to derision in the end.


1. https://biblehub.com/john/15-5.htm
2. https://biblehub.com/matthew/15-26.htm
3. https://biblehub.com/matthew/3-9.htm
[Hide] (1.2MB, 984x1494)
>WCB wasn't part of the Catholic religion but was political and value based
They are sedevacantists and affiliated to the SSPV I think. (Don't take my word for it though, I just remembered that one of the priests there was from the SSPV)

>>6836 (OP) 
For my Catholic friends: What is the Catholic position related to digitally pirating books?

I recently saw a news post related that a organization (a Jewish one, yes) pushed Amazon to delete the "Complot against the Church" book. At this point I'm worried that they will try to do the same to other books that the tribe doesn't like, and while, fortunately most of the books I have are very old and thus copyright free, that doesn't mean I don't have copyrighted books.

Also, I have a Wii U (yes, I'm an idiot for buying that) console that I don't use, but meanwhile I wouldn't care less about the trash console, my family like it. Unfortunately I can't buy games digitally since the eShop is closed so I thought I could pirate them since you can't find new Wii U games anywhere.

Meanwhile I believe people should be rewarded for their work, even in the case of digital products, I don't know if it's moral for the consumer to pay for a DRM protected copy from Amazon that I technically not own, or not read a book because it's not in stock and the only way to get it is by pirating it, or those academic sites that force you to pay 30$ for a 10 page "study", or considering that originally intelectual property didn't last long, et cetera.

What is the Catholic position related to digital piracy and intellectual property? It is a sin if I proceed with the things I do?

Thank you guys and God bless.
Hi there, non-Christian popping in.

I am part of a group that tries to do advocacy and education about protecting the environment. I'm curious what Christians on this board think about climate change, global warming, etc. The negative stereotype of Christians is that they ignore all the science and just think "it's God's will." And a lot of them seem to think that environmentalism is kind of a backdoor for converting them to pagan nature worship.

At least from my perspective, there isn't really anything antithetical to the Christian worldview about human beings' carbon emissions raising the temperature of the planet. I want to try to appeal to them on the level of "Even if you don't think that we should worship nature, wouldn't it be better to at least have less of a negative effect on it?" I view it as just a scaled-up version of keeping our own backyard clean. You don't have to worship your backyard to want to keep it beautiful, so why shouldn't you feel the same about the world's environment?

Do you believe in trying to reduce carbon emissions? Why or why not? What would get you to support it if you don't?

Thanks for your input.
[Hide] (510KB, 750x1060)
>The negative stereotype of Christians is that they ignore all the science and just think "it's God's will."
This is a cartoonishly vague conception of Christian perspectives and smacks of propaganda besides. There are several broadly accepted and widely discussed Christian doctrines on environmentalism in general, but before that, you should consider something else: Have you no professing Christians in your organization you can ask about this? Not even any lapsed believers who attended Sunday school, where the foundations of those doctrines are conveyed, as children? If not, perhaps you should consider why you either have no Christians (statistically, an organization of any nontrivial size would have at least one or two) or they feel it necessary to hide themselves.
Replies: >>25187
[Hide] (220.6KB, 900x534)
Looking to fill in this template, huh?
Replies: >>25197
>The negative stereotype of Christians is that they ignore all the science and just think "it's God's will."
I have a negative stereotype of secularists that they are all media golems who worship a strange god which for some reason they  call "science" which speaks to them many revelations and bestows on them many commandments, and that they generally regard with contempt anyone who fails to worship this god as much as them.
>And a lot of them seem to think that environmentalism is kind of a backdoor for converting them to pagan nature worship.
Environmentalism is not a backdoor to that (nor have I ever heard even the most wild KJV-only preacher say something like that in any literal sense), but it is analogous to it since it exalts trees and grass above humanity. The appeal you make at the end of this to "cleaning your own backyard" would not be environmentalism but conservationism which is meaningfully distinct because the latter does not prioritize nature above human lives or society. 
>Do you believe in trying to reduce carbon emissions? Why or why not? What would get you to support it if you don't?
You would not need to compel emission reduction if it was even equally efficient. The greedy billionaire businessman burns fossil fuels left, right, and center because it is more profitable to do so, and it is more profitable to do so because it is more efficient. To simply cut them out arbitrarily like you desire would be to the detriment of society. If you want to cut out fossil fuels the entire focus should be on finding a suitable replacement rather than some subversive hippy "save the earth" bs.
[Hide] (250.7KB, 1200x1092)
Well data-miner-kun, where'd you get all that at? As this Anon said >>25184, your writing smacks of propaganda.

One of the greatest things you can do to reduce carbon emissions is to restore the yuge whales. Their feces provide nutrition for phytoplankton around the entire ocean. Phytoplankton are 'by far' the #1 mechanism God devised to inter carbon into the lithosphere (essentially permanantly) and should be your primary focus instead. But w/e, atheists -- and particularly liberals -- like to LARP that they care about science and practical outcomes, when instead they just want to virtue-signal each other in their little confirmation bias infobubbles.

What's next, you're going to join PETA?  :^)
Replies: >>25189
If you want to help fight "climate change" forbid indians, chinese people and africans to have children. Bang, climate change solved.
>atheists -- and particularly liberals -- like to LARP that they care about science and practical outcomes, when instead they just want to virtue-signal each other in their little confirmation bias infobubbles.
Someone on 4chan a few months ago put it beautifully. Leftists (I would say secularists in general) do not love science, they love the perceived authority their beliefs receive from the endorsement of "the experts".
Replies: >>25190
Exactly. It's the understanding that the universe is in fact governed by rational laws that allows the scientific endeavor at all. This stems from the Enlightenment, which stemmed from the Reformation, which stemmed from thousands of years of scriptural studies. Einstein wondered that the universe was comprehensible at all, and that idea goes back Biblically for 10's of thousands of years (cf. Book of Job).

This is how the entire pursuits of Unis, Medicine, and the Scientific endeavor in the modern sense, even got their beginnings -- as Christian pursuits -- roughly around the time of the Renaissance. There certainly are non-theistic individuals today pursuing understand of the Truth, but few and far between AFAICT. For the most part it's motivated as you said, by their Commie-like pursuit of the levers of power by any means.
Read the whole post.

What I personally think about groups like yours is that you are nothing more than the pawns of globalist elites who want to enact their programs (in this case siphoning wealth from Western countries). If you want to prove me wrong, take your advocacy to China and India and stop bothering people in the West. Anti climate change efforts are transparently political in nature and have nothing to do with actually stopping it. In the West, you can advocate against sending billions in bulk aid to third world countries (thus propping up their birth rates) and then turning around an importing millions of them (thus taking away any downward pressure on population growth). This is the main driver behind world population growth which you presumably believe is the problem. Of course you won't do this. You probably think yourself as an underdog fighting the system but you're not. You are the system.

HOWEVER, I will try to answer as neutrally as possible now that I have gotten that rant out of the way and to keep things to Christian arguments. The Christian view on these matters is that God made the world. Therefore, it is intrinsically valuable as a creation of God. He Himself pronounced it good. Furthermore, He gave us (humanity) governorship or custody over the world (the world includes the universe) do use as we saw fit. It is up to us to be responsible with the gifts God has given us because, ultimately, the world is His not ours.
Where we differ from most environmentalists is that the Christian model for our relationship to the world is that of the garden rather than the nature preserve. The world is for us to use not seal away and admire for being pretty. Therefore, mining, forestry, fishing, farming and all other uses of natural resources (including coal and oil and so forth) are good things. It is good for us to use them for good purposes just as it is evil to use them for evil purposes. What is wrong with environmentalism, as it is commonly practised, is its anti-human foundation. You fundamentally see humans as the problem because we consume (in your opinion) too much and we generally aren't content to live in commie blocks with rationed food, fuel, power etc. That is utterly incompatible with a religion that claims God, the creator and ruler of everything, chose to die for the sake of humans. Quite frankly, it is evil. Until you stop seeing humans in general as the problem, you are doing nothing more than what >>25185 said. It's stretching the context and meaning of the parable somewhat but Jesus spoke of a rich man who entrusted his wealth to three servants while he was away. The first servant invested his share and increased his master's wealth a great deal. The second increased his sum by a modest amount. The third, fearing that he would lose all the money he received, buried his in the ground for safekeeping. When the rich master returned, he praised the first two servants highly and gave them responsibility over greater amounts. He excoriated the third servant, gave his money to the others who would use it better, and threw him out. That is how I view it.

>I view it as just a scaled-up version of keeping our own backyard clean.
That's great, except that's not what you're doing. What you're doing is telling other people that they have to pay for your own sense of self righteousness.
>Do you believe in trying to reduce carbon emissions?
If by "believing in" you mean "think we should" then no.
>What would get you to support it if you don't?
At this point, nothing. Groups like yours have already burned any goodwill you had. Your immense hypocrisy doesn't help either. And look, we Christians aren't any better at that. We fuck up constantly and fail to live up to the standard set for us by God. But at least Christians agree on paper that you're supposed to be humble about your faults even if we suck at that too. From your side, there doesn't appear to be any kind of desire for humility. You are all tell tell tell. You must do this, you must not do that. Probably you feel the same way about us in which case I hope you can understand what I'm saying.

To summarise, I support environmental conservation and protection as a general principle when it's directed at concrete situations. Examples being reducing heavy metals in water and particulates in air. I oppose it when it's used as an authoritarian political bludgeon to control people.
I forgot to mention. Reasons you might be having problems relating to Christians in your area include:
>Your organisation has additional beliefs besides environmentalism that are causing the problem.
>Your organisation just doesn't operate in a very religious/Christian town or online space and so there's no connection.
>Your organisation operates in an extremely religious/Christian area and you're perceived as encroaching on their space with ideas that nobody wants.
>PARTICULARLY if your ideas involve them giving up stuff.
>You've been antagonistic towards them and haven't truly listened to what they have to say. Even if you think their ideas are stupid, that's no way to behave towards people you're supposedly trying to convince. Props to you for at least asking a question here.
>You are not "in" their community. Do you know the people by name? Do you greet Greg the 6 day creationist at the store and invite Fred "the gubmints taking my guns and cars away" over for tea (with no ulterior motive)?
Some of these might not apply. I don't know what your situation is or how big your organisation is or where you operate but these are some ideas. Just some thoughts.
> I saw a man with cancer irrationally lose his cancer after praying.
Based, praise God Amen
>believes in macroevolution
He probably holds that on the basis of secular inquiry rather than anything that can be construed from the Bible, which is complete in the knowledge of God's salvation. Were ancient Christians not saved for their ignorance of some Englishman's natural theories 1800 years after their day?
Replies: >>25201
>>believes in macroevolution
>He probably holds that on the basis of secular inquiry rather X
Given how much clear evidence that macroevolution is not a thing (and there's a 'mountain' of evidence now), I'd suggest there are only two possibilities likely:
1. Ignorance.
2. Willful, intentional "ignorance".

The first case would be the typical victim of the lie, or simply literally in ignorance of the evidence in the matter.

The second case would be for the scientists today, serving the ((( enterprise ))) of science. It's typically much more likely to be mixed with a malevolent hatred of anyone who refuses to toe the party line regarding not just this philosophical doctrine (ie, so-called 'Macro-evolution'), but any of the affiliated doctrines we all know and hate during Current Year (too long to list, but typified by the term 'pozzed').

It's a cultural war we're all engaged in here, Christian or no, and it's certainly limited to 18th & 19th -century European gentlemen today lol.
>certainly 'not' limited to*
More like he, like the vast majority of secular or agnostic adjacent people, fail to weigh how evolutionism stems from a naturalistic, man-made philosophical viewpoint that explicitly excludes any possibility of divine intervention. Their ignorance is to the degree that they do not even known what they are ignorant of to be willfully in contravention of it because of how popular culture strawmans the Christian position and only gives air time to Christians that fit conform to their strawman so that they can be lampooned. They don't approach the question of cosmology from the direction of faith in the first cause of the universe but approach the question of it from what fallen man can discern by his warped senses and reason, in a process that Satan has every motive and means to disrupt so as to induce faithlessness by man's weakness when he denies the grace of God. Christian thinkers established the best of the modern world which secular thinkers now corrupt, as after the character of the snake in the Garden their patron. From the start the rich and the powerful saw in Darwin's theories an opportunity to destroy the faith that man is made in the image of God and therefore also destroy any basis for the essential rights of men as bestowed by their Creator, so that they could become the masters of the Earth. Indeed they have well advanced in their conspiracy, and are addicted to propogating the vices of the demons they serve throughout the world, until their evil reaches its culmination as did that of the Amorites and the Lord and His myriads will come in power and in glory from Heaven to destroy them and establish His Kingdom forever.
Replies: >>25207
>Given how much clear evidence that macroevolution is not a thing (and there's a 'mountain' of evidence now)
Can you post this?
Replies: >>25206
Lol, it would take a board with more capacity than just 70 threads. I'd suggest you start here, Anon:
>More like he, like the vast majority of secular or agnostic adjacent people, fail to weigh how evolutionism stems from a naturalistic, man-made philosophical viewpoint that explicitly excludes any possibility of divine intervention.
Yeah, I'm familiar with the mind-virus of methedological naturalism. That's why the very first expansion I listed was:
>The first case would be the typical victim of the lie

To expand further, the Jewish control of the media, the government, the education system, (for the most part) the social networks, and of course, the scientific endeavor itself, give them remarkable power to enforce this fallacy on the unsuspecting public, et al. Add to that the world, the flesh, and the devil -- all of which revolt against the Truth -- and you have literally billions of people who are all, victims of the big lie. They are effectively innocents by and large, at least insofar as the clearly bogus philosophical doctrine of neoDarwinism (that is, macroevolution, and abiogenesis out of thin air). 

The blame clearly is laid at the feet of scientists and philosophers who clearly 'do' recognize this idea as complete scientific balderdash, but perpetuate it because of their other ((( agendas ))).
Replies: >>25208 >>25235
For reference, I was raised Christian but was taken out of the church ecosystem due to shitty staff members.  I'm here because I have to ask this board about a specific phenomena that I have only seen on the internet, and I just don't fucking get it. 

Unsolicited Preachers.

Specifically, random people who will just fucking dump passages from the bible or other random-ass shit speaking about the word of the church on imageboards or forums, especially when it comes to /x/-circles. Like. What the fuck is there to gain from this? I thought this was a strictly-bot-problem because I remember posting an image of an angel on 8/fringe/ back in the day, and then a preacher-post followed the day after. Like there was -no way- it wasn't a bot-post because there was so little activity in the thread, and the random sermon was just so targeted and out-of-place with the rest of the thread.

And now? I've found there are real people on the webring who randomly post sermons, bible verses, and and other assorted preaching, and THEY AREN'T BOTS! They are actual, real, flesh and blood human anons who are spamming the church's message, instead of taking the time to actually contact and make audience with the Lord Almighty themselves. 


Why do this? My faith has taken me throughout several different sources, and ultimately right back to the source I started with, yet I didn't need a church, I didn't need the bible, I didn't need the preachy spam and sermons. I found God without all the bullshit, and now that I'm seeing what feels like half-hearted spam, it has me so flabbergasted. Like, at this point, all it is, is just noise, screams thrown into an ether that does not understand, does not care and does not respond to you.

I mean, I see that church sermons have a purpose, at the end of the day, most of it is functionally, social ritual and patterns, it has a purpose. The spambots also have a purpose, being that either they're funded by some nutjob church officials who think they're spreading the word of the lord, or they're actually assholes looking to cause noise and drown out discussion by using God as their bludgeon. 

But why? Why preach randomly online? Why do people feel the need to do this?
Replies: >>25220
Has Pastor Anderson gotten in trouble with powerful Jews? He did a whole sermon about the Jews and their lies. He must have pissed off some Jews? Is that why hes banned from certain countries?
Replies: >>25236
Be more specific. I see a lot more of people flipping their shit at the slightest hint of Christianity than I do of people obnoxiously posting Bible verses. I don't visit /x/ so maybe your board has a particular problem. How much do you consider "spam?" Is it someone posted a Christian take on some /x/ topic or is there someone posting completely unrelated stuff? I occasionally post about Christianity on other boards if it's relevant. Sometimes people react badly but I don't think I'm spamming. Can you post an example of what you're talking about?

>they're funded by some nutjob church officials
Extremely unlikely for a couple of reasons. Your average local church doesn't have the money. It's hard enough for them keeping the lights on. The rich churches (mostly megachurches) are obsessed with bigger and more. They're not going to bother with obscure sites. It's more likely whoever owns the bot wants to fuck with your board and this is apparently an effective way to do it.

I hope you see this and didn't think your thread was deleted and give up in frustration.
Replies: >>25228
I was wondering where my thread went. I ain't mad, just didn't expect this.
Given that you're willing to have discussion on other boards, I don't think you're part of the crowd that spams.

To be specific as to my confusion/frustration as to random online-preachers and that you don't really visit /x/, occult threads/boards related to magic with a K tend to attract schizos from all walks of life for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes one of those schizos happens to be a fundamentalist who thinks that magic with a K is christianity-exclusive despite making contact with both angels and God being notable elements of people who dabbled into the occult (The Enochian language, for example, and the books surrounding it).

The closest immediate example of the preaching I have a problem with is this : (pony warning) https://mlpol.net/vx/98688#166795
But to be real here, that anon actually seems to have gotten better about it later in the thread. Honestly, it's sufficient for his first few posts, but as an example, it burns out quick.

In regards to spam, what I've found is that it's typically both unwarranted and unsolicited in nature. I think most of my problems with it come more from sources that are one-and-dones on youtube, faster IBs, 8ch back in the day. I mean, I had randomly posted an angel picture on an 8/fringe/ thread that I grabbed from an image-search, and somehow a bible verse found it's way onto the thread despite being 1. a thread of very little activity, and 2. being a thread completely unrelated to Christianity, or having any discussion related it.

>It's more likely whoever owns the bot wants to fuck with your board and this is apparently an effective way to do it. 
You know what? You're right.

I'd believe that some unaffiliated troll would do something like this to cause a rise. I'd believe that someone on the SJW side of things would use bible verses to troll people to cause chaos too. 
Either way, thank you for dealing with my bullshit.
Replies: >>25231
Well... The most charitable explanation I can give is that they believe it and believe that all supernatural things can be explained from a Christian standpoint (something I believe too but perhaps in a different way, I'm not sure) and they are making the posts that make sense to them. As I said, I'm not really into /x/ so I can't tell if what he wrote is relevant to the topic and it was also confusing to me. I didn't understand what his point was. It just seemed like random, unconnected thoughts. I agree, it's not very helpful having a wall of text or just a video link that doesn't engage with what other people are talking about.

I've remembered now that we did have that one guy who spammed this place a bit with something about "God's holy lasers" a while back. And there have been some others so it definitely happens.

>someone on the SJW side of things would use bible verses to troll people
They absolutely do.
>thank you for dealing with my bullshit
No problem mate. Sorry your board is having this problem.
[Hide] (86.6KB, 633x762)
I agree with what you posted, but it feels as if the word lie is insufficient to capture the gravity of the error, since it's an entire paradigm within which the human mind is robbed of any means by which to contest its validity. This is most insidious when secularists bait Christians into false debates on their terms and assuming their axioms for a opportunity to disgrace them, because the world has been fooled into assuming that atheistic naturalism is neutral ground, when it very, very much is not.

>scientists and philosophers who clearly do recognize this idea as complete scientific balderdash, but perpetuate it 
It's actually remarkable the degree to which some portion of them lack even the most basic level of insight into the nature of ideas even as they vehemently advocate for hatred of God.
Replies: >>25240
The Jews hate Jesus so it therefore follows that they hate Jesus's most faithful preachers AMEN
[Hide] (88.7KB, 722x499)
Is there any verse in the Bible thats says that the enemies of Christians are permitted by God as punishment?

I know that God obviously controls everything but does that mean that the pagan anti-christian government structure is a punishment for sinning? I know that there is Isaiah 8:12 where God tells them not to fear the conspiracies, (what conspiracies is he talking about?) does this lend itself to that as well as the part where Jesus in John 19:11 says “You would have no power over me if it were not given to you from above. Therefore the one who handed me over to you is guilty of a greater sin.”.
Replies: >>25239
God killing all His enemies would contradict with our free will. If we exercise our free will and oppose God, only for Him to destroy us, then we don't truly have free will. God allows evil in the world because He allows free will, for us to choose to follow or deny Him.
>because the world has been fooled into assuming that atheistic naturalism is neutral ground, when it very, very much is not.
This is an excellent point Anon, and one I'm not sure I had appreciated before either. As mentioned by Dr. Jeff Zwerink, the most rational, a priori assumption is that there is a divine being or set of beings. This has been (by far) the most common human philosophy regarding the existence of the creation. The modern has to struggle with the cognitive dissonance to the point that the child's question :
>"Why is there something, rather than nothing?"[1]
seems like some deep profound philosophical musing. The lunacy is so ingrained that individuals will say 'it can't have a cause, it just is'[2], as if that is a rational & reasonable explanation.

Men from all ages apart from this one all had a common answer to this question : 'Because god did it.'

>It's actually remarkable the degree to which some portion of them lack even the most basic level of insight into the nature of ideas even as they vehemently advocate for hatred of God.
It is remarkable, but that wasn't really what I meant there. To wit : there is an ever-growing cadre of secular, humanist, scientists who now readily acknowledge (at least in private) the insurmountable difficulties of the standard lie (neoDarwinism), yet knowing this full-well still refuse to recant their position b/c of other ((( reasons ))).

1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Why_there_is_anything_at_all
2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Why_there_is_anything_at_all#cite_note-14
Replies: >>25241
>It is remarkable, but that wasn't really what I meant there
That comment was in supplement to yours, not in contention. I thought it was apt to point out that in some of these prominent cases it is abjectly the blind leading the blind into the pit.

>yet knowing this full-well still refuse to recant their position b/c of other ((( reasons )))
Their standard position seems to be nihilism, since they have a fixation with denying that something can exist without being directly empirically observable even as in the scientific process they use logical and mathematical concepts have no direct representation in the material world, yet that lack of a physical presence makes them no less identities around which the physical universe is ordered. They can't even be humanists anymore as their naive forbears in the Enlightenment took for granted, as modernity made it more and more obvious that humanity is manifestly flawed (which we already know by faith as a consequence of the Fall), so despite blowing on the trumpet of rationalism the premises on which their worldview was established have rotted out beneath them. Of course that nihilism is just leaving the door open for Satan and his co-conspirators to enter into their hearts and possess them, and these days more and more is coming out about the amoral if not depraved character of members of the scientific community and their abuse of power. The popular image of the scientist is still that of the fantasy of the radically independent deep thinker and ingenius researcher of a bygone day, when modern scientists are by and large procedural dullards with very narrow fields of expertise and brilliance, and subject to bias and politics as much as anyone else; if not moreso, because others worship them in their mediocrity as if they were magicians.
[Hide] (34.1KB, 500x500)
Is it okay to listen to this album from Celibidache? Even if it has that Chinese symbol and the weird gesture? Should I take my pills?

I read recently that he was into Zen Buddhism and I'm kinda worried.
Replies: >>25243 >>25244
if you're afraid that listening to an album with buddhist themes is going to make you a buddhist, then you're already a buddhist
Replies: >>26400
Ironically it's what you don't spot with your conscious mind effects your subconscious mind. Knowing the author is buddhism won't effect you, but if he put subliminal messages about something in the music will.
https://www.bitchute.com/video/laChz9PAupse/ Does anyone know what the source of the preacher speaking in the beginning of the audio of this video? I think it's pastor Anderson but what sermon is it from, if it is from pastor Anderson?
Replies: >>25264
It's this one.
Replies: >>25265
Thank you, that is the one.
Is it wrong to wear another denomination crucifix? I was looking at the orthodox crucifix to wear because they look really beautiful but I am not of that denomination.
Replies: >>25315
as long as you dont care about people misidentifying you as orthodox.
Replies: >>25316
I'm fine with that , thank you for the information
How do i get more faith? i know God exists but i don't believe that he will help or that he will complete what he  says, for all i know i could get killed tomorrow or something, and God will allow it.
Replies: >>25321 >>25329
Start giving money back to His servants and prove it for yourself, Anon.

Faith is a gift not something you conjure up on your own. Ask God for more in prayer.
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1280x720, 00:39)
Is it true that the ancient Hebrew used in job for Satan's name is not a proper name but a title?

It starts at 3:13 - https://yewtu.be/watch?v=4-AwpkMuW4s
Replies: >>25339 >>25343
Yes. In the old testament Satan (the new testament one) and the anti-christ aren't mentioned at all, evil was merely the lack of god in one's heart.
Replies: >>25341 >>25342
How do i stop being a nihilist? I'm a Christian i believe in God yet i feel like everything will stay the same and God will respect my free will and let me do things that endanger or worsen my life and will allow bad things to happen to me. I have found the creator of the universe and yet it feels like nothing has changed, this world is still malicious towards me. I prayed for God to talk to me and he did in a dream, asking how can he help me.
Replies: >>25461
But then doesn't this support the theory that Christianity influenced the Bible to add Satan in the NT?
Horse-puckey. The angelic creature known as Lucifer->Satan is referenced many times throughout Scriptures, both old & new.
[Hide] (3.3MB, 03:39)
The Hebrew is "Hassatan" and it means "adversary" . It's pretty obvious in Job and Zechariah that it's talking about a certain adversary THE adversary. And you see that with other angels like Abaddon meaning destroyer.
It's a title yes... for a specific person. And in English from the KJV we understand there are multiple "devils" and "demons" but not multiple satans. The adversary that spoke to Jesus is assumed to be the same in Job.

Every translation says: God spoke to Satan (Job 1:7), not spoke to one of the satans or an satan but Satan, including the Jewish English translations. Many Jews have taken the view that Satan is just a title for a specific kind of angel that has to challenge God and that's just his job, I would say that idea is no more evident than the more common one and is just one of many things the Jews believe to try to separate from the true religion. God in fact asks Satan where he came from, doesn't really seem like Satan is just another angel hanging out in God's courts.

And it should always be noted the New Testament is OLD JEWISH STUFF, it's evidence for what Jews believed it's not NEW. The Pharisees tell Jesus he casts out demons by the ruler of demons Beelzebul, to which Jesus says what sense does it make for Satan to cast out Satan. So clearly in the first century Jews thought this way, it was an opinion, and it makes sense with the Old Testament. Remember that the New Testament is far older than Rabbinic Judaism. I rather believe the evidence we see in topic from first century Jews than modern Jews. And with that said obviously many if not most Jews do believe in a real devil. Jews believe many different things, even more varied than christians.
Replies: >>26401
[Hide] (217.1KB, 996x800)
Where does purgatory originate from in the catholic faith?
Replies: >>25378 >>25389
It's mentioned in the deuterocanonical books, but that's all I know about it.
t. Lutheran
A long process of development starting with Platonist ideas introduced to Christian tradition by Origen.
[Hide] (280.1KB, 580x387)
Why is Roman/Greece paganism Satanic, besides because they practice magic?
Worship of false gods.
Replies: >>25400
False gods are not accidents of culture, they are lies of the Adversary.
Replies: >>25400
That's an oddly specific question, why do you ask?
Replies: >>25400
Because the Bible says that every non-Christian religion is run by demons/Satan so i want to investigate that.

1 Corinthians 10:20 But I say, that the things which the Gentiles sacrifice, they sacrifice to devils, and not to God: and I would not that ye should have fellowship with devils.

Galatians 4:8 Howbeit then, when ye knew not God, ye did service unto them which by nature are no gods.

There should be more to it, there should be a way to show that they're false and/or satanic, right?
Replies: >>25401
Well look at the way those entities were worshipped, and even their own mythologies.
Zeus: rapist, beastophile, hates humans
Hera: petty, jealous, punishes those Zeus rapes
Athena: petty, jealous, curses people for being better than her, war god
Artemis: hates humans, lesbian, accepts human sacrifice
Cybele: transsexual nightmare, priests were pedo-trannies
Aphrodite: worship involved sacred prostitution; sex temples
Dionysus: degenerate, curses people, worship involves getting high on substances and participating in orgies
All of Them Collectively: incredibly horny and unabashedly start wars because of how horny they are, even towards humans (aka, making Nephilim. ALL those weird hybrid beasts in Roman/Greek mythology are legit nephilim.)
Like strip away the romanticism that's been given to these beings just for holding the title of 'god', and the very flattering depictions that pop media like Disney has given them, and look at their actual behaviour/means of worship and it becomes kind of obvious
Replies: >>25402
Okay, thank you.
[Hide] (171.7KB, 1149x1600)
Would it be blasphemous to have a crucifix with a skeleton on it?  I had an idea for a life sized cross with a real person's skeleton on it (voluntarily donated of course) but I don't know if any churches would accept it.
>but I don't know if any churches would accept it.
Lol I guess not. How do you think you'll fare when you face judgment over your blasphemies friend. Think God 'would accept it'?  :^)
Replies: >>25409 >>25433
Statues of Jesus on the cross are skeletons on crosses, it's just covered up is all. Checkmate.
Replies: >>25410
I meant exposed skeletons like in  >>25406.
Replies: >>25433
I can see how it would be blasphemous as Death skeleton used to represent Jesus who resurrected, almost saying that he didn't resurrect.
Replies: >>25433
You took the bait.
[Hide] (58.6KB, 736x736)
Does porn and/or masturbation bring in spirits? If i masturbate to a pagan god/or dragon deity in the form of an anime character canonically representing pagan god/or dragon deity will i call spirits come to me?

I've heard Zachary King talk about delivering people from spirits because they masturbated to porn.
Porn brings in demons. Jesus can drive them out, but you must repent.
>Does porn and/or masturbation bring in spirits?
Yes. Porn 'moreso' but both are bad. 

>If i masturbate to a pagan god/or dragon deity in the form of an anime character canonically representing pagan god/or dragon deity will i call spirits come to me?
Unsure. SOMETHING will notice. When you commit sins (and both of these are sins) you put yourself into the dominion of whatever spirits belong to that sin/operate in that sin (like opening a window in your house so raccoons can get in. Those raccoons will FIGHT to stay in the house, and invite their friends in if they can and if that'll help keep them inside the house). 
Whether it'll specifically be the one represented in the anime is undetermined. If you're basically calling out the window "Fred! Fred!" what responds might just be some rando going "Oh, er yeah that's me! I'm totally Fred!" or maybe it will actually be Fred. Both situations are bad so it 'kind of' doesn't matter.

Just clean up your house and rely on God to help and guide you, he can blast the raccoons out but if you keep opening the window they'll keep getting in. (Cleaning your house has the ancillary effect of making you really unpleasant to existing raccoons until they actually can't bear it and will vacate on their own. God will give you cleaning supplies and wants to live in your house; it's really God's presence being able to habitate in your formerly compromised areas or increasing in 'fidelity' that they're retreating from. They'll fight hardest when this is actually happening though because in their terms it's a life-and-death struggle now and they're furious about losing 'their' house. But it's really God's house and it's just been polluted because the steward let the squatters in. Remind them that they don't have legal claim to it, lol. Directly apologize to God too if you haven't done that also, and resolve with Him to work together cleaning the house so that it's nice for Him, it's a gradual process though that cultivates discipline, modesty, etc as virtues in the same way that it takes a season to cultivate fruit, so don't make excuses but don't be discouraged. Sexual sins in general are pretty rough ones.).
Exorcist Fr Ripperger has also said that can cause demonic oppression, you have to stop.
[Hide] (165.9KB, 500x332)
Please tell me there is a loop hole for piracy/file sharing being a sin, i know porn and masturbation is wrong  but piracy/file sharing is so justified in this evil system. Even if you don't count it as theft, it's still breaking copyright laws, which (even by Christian Anarchist standards) we're suppose to follow even if the government is our objective enemy.
Replies: >>25458
Think of downloading a pirate file as taking some of the bread and fish that Jesus multiplied.
Ask the Holy Spirit to reside in you through prayer, to start. Despair happens to us all sometimes, just try to connect with God and earnestly ask him for help.

As for your dream, sometimes we have dreams. It's hard to say if a dream is God speaking to us, or something our own head is doing. But I guess one question that would help to ask is this: if you could ask God for anything, what would you ask for? What would make you happy? The answer might be what you need to direct your life towards, assuming the answer isn't something like money or vengeance.
Their are chapels and cathedrals made from human bones, even a monstrance made of bones which holds the Host itself. One would have to ask why it was being done, however. In the case of the chapels and cathedrals, bones were used because there was limited cemetary space, so exhumed corpses were reused for holy purposes. But if it is done purely for aesthetic reasons, I'm not sure about that.
Is Based one of the qualities we can use to describe God? It has a certain sense to it that is not fully captured in the traditional qualities that we ascribe to Him, a sense that's something like Sovereign but more radical. "Why does God do X?" "Because He's Based," has a different sense than "Because He's Sovereign," in that our usage of the word Based has in it a particular sense of self-assertion and self-justification, which are attributes which find their ultimate expression in the being of God Almighty.
Replies: >>25465
[Hide] (10.8KB, 1280x960)
[Hide] (75.9KB, 805x693)
Why are nuns so much more sexualized than other women of religions in porn and media?
Replies: >>25478 >>25619
Mikos get the same treatment.
Replies: >>25479
That is true, that have more results than nun coming at 9,062 results.
I've had anon say to me not to eat meat on Fridays. What is the rationale for such a decree?

Likewise I've had anon say to me women should wear the veil when in prayer because Paul said to. Again, what is the rationale? I'd say look God's seen a lot e.g. everything under the sun and to just get to doing the praying foremost.

Lastly, I can't handle imageposting brevity without spilling asbergers everywhere, and it bogs into these threads... but I don't know how to discern between an essential point or merely a fitting one I could have left outta there e.g what do?
Replies: >>25513
>I've had anon say to me not to eat meat on Fridays.
Traditions of men, not Biblical.

>women should wear the veil when in prayer because Paul said to
A) All scripture is given by the Holy Spirit, not Paul the Apostle. The reference is that it's shameful for women to have their head uncovered [1]. Women should keep their hair long is what is meant, not about veils. There are separate commands for women to dress modestly, however.

>but I don't know how to discern between an essential point or merely a fitting one I could have left outta there e.g what do?
Heh, just pray would be a good start. :)  This kind of thing improves with continual effort over years however, so if you care then just don't quit Anon.

1. https://biblehub.com/1_corinthians/11-6.htm
[Hide] (502.4KB, 500x375)
>Matthew 19:6 So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.

I feel like this verse is a contradiction, so many terrible and unsalvageable heterosexual relationships that have ended in divorce. If it's not a contradiction then explain to me how can "no one separate" them and it still being in the state that it is?
Replies: >>25521
It doesn't say that 'no one can separate'. It's a command not to do so. Men break God's commandments all the time. Right after the verse you quoted, Jesus addresses divorce. So it's obviously possible, it's just not God's intention, and is sinful in most cases:

"8 He saith unto them, Moses because of the hardness of your hearts suffered you to put away your wives: but from the beginning it was not so.
9 And I say unto you, Whosoever shall put away his wife, except it be for fornication, and shall marry another, committeth adultery: and whoso marrieth her which is put away doth commit adultery." Matthew 19:8-9 KJV

These verses raise another question: if remarriage after divorce is adultery, does that mean that a couple remains married in God's eyes as long as they both live?
Replies: >>25522
It's one of those where a marriage under false pretenses is still a marriage as long as that false pretense wasn't adultery. So if your father's an alcoloholic and your mother's an absentee parent entirely, then that's still a legitimate marriage let no one break etcetera.

To even think about ploughing a different married woman is adultery just of a varying degree.

It hurts my head and I'm a resentful child about it. The Bible should have spelled out why creating new life requires sin to do. Or had a big section dedicated to behavioral therapy if you didn't want divorce so much. Or why being made in God's image requires sexual reproduction at all. Maybe some of this was answered but I don't remember the passage that does.
One Christian says that when someone believes Jesus is God and died for our sins that we're indwelt by the Holy Spirit, therefore we cannot have demons inside us. Another Christian says that Where ever there is sin there are demons inside, even if the person is saved. Who is right?
Replies: >>25529 >>25530
[Hide] (209KB, 1284x1724)
demons are spirits. If you're a Christian then youve probably felt the Holy Spirit before, it typically comes in the form of a little "voice" in your head or feeling that you get. It's the same thing with demons except they encourage you to do the opposite of the spirit. 

It's strange because it can be hard to distinguish between demons and just carnal desire but I feel confident ive experienced them on a few occasions. Following God and His Law with all your will and praying for guidance and fortitude will keep them away. 

Both could be considered true though technically to some degree the second person is right but it's a very oversimplified view of things.
Replies: >>25531
We have a fallen nature which inclines us toward sin along with free will. So we do not need the influence of the demons necessarily to commit a sin, it is just part of our fallen nature. When we repent and ask forgiveness we are indwelt by the Holy Spirit and committing a sin causes the Holy Spirit to flee and we lose the grace of God. Demons do influence us because they know which passions we are weak to.
Replies: >>25533
>it typically comes in the form of a little "voice" in your head
I've sinned and i've tried to do decent things yet i have never felt that i think, my own head voice saying bad stuff about Jesus has happened a couple of times but i immediately call myself out for it like a schizophrenic and feel weird for the happening, opposite with my head saying good and merciful things i don't recall well
Replies: >>25539
>committing a sin causes the Holy Spirit to flee and we lose the grace of God
Do you have a scripture to support this?

"And grieve not the holy Spirit of God, whereby ye are sealed unto the day of redemption." Ephesians 4:30 KJV
The context here is admonishing Christians to live a holy life and not to live as the world does anymore. The Holy Spirit can be grieved, but we're sealed with him unto the day of redemption. I've never seen a scripture supporting the proposition that the Holy Spirit would leave a believer...

"Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, 'I am with you always', even unto the end of the world. Amen." Matthew 28:20 KJV

"Nevertheless I tell you the truth; It is expedient for you that I go away: for if I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you; but if I depart, I will send him unto you." John 16:7 KJV

Jesus said before his ascension that he is with his disciples always, then he left. He must have been referring to the Holy Spirit (the Comforter), whom he promised to send after he left. Therefore, the Holy Spirit is with them always. Sin can grieve the Holy Spirit, but believers don't have to fear the loss of the Holy Spirit or the grace of God:
"38 For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come,
39 Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord." Romans 8:38-39 KJV
Replies: >>25536
Not him, but Ephesians 4:30 "And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, with whom you were sealed for the day of redemption."
Can a demon be inside a Christian regardless if it is because of oppression or possession? Also is a demon being inside of someone unique to possession?
Replies: >>25538
Possession is when the person's will is the same as the demonic entity inside, so this would be extremely rare in the devote Christian. We see Possession in a lot of Celebrities that push demonic lifestyles. Oppression is when the entity is fighting for control of the person's will. When you see all the struggling in exorcisms that is Oppression. Please correct me if this wrong.
Replies: >>25541
From my experience it doesnt really come in the form of good thoughts but rather guidance and inspiration.
Where does this idea that Porn open portals come from?
'Complete' Possession is the perfect alignment of the person's will the demon, with awareness there's a demon, and consenting to become agglomerated with the demon. The individual basically becomes a cell in the demon's body. To my knowledge there isn't recovery from this, since after that there's no inclination of desire towards anything the demon wouldn't want; contentment in being 'one' with the demon.

'Incomplete' Possession can occur where the demon has enough access to exert its will and manifest physically through the person; so that includes things like physically walking the person somewhere, speaking out loud with their mouth, exerting superhuman strength... etc. We can see one of these Scripturally in the man with Legion in him. The demons at that level have basically full control of that guy's body when Jesus comes upon him.

The distinction between this and 'Complete' possession though is that the person still has at least a desire to be themselves, to exist as themselves, distinguished from the demon, so there's a resistance to agglomeration that tends to make the demon even more furious and violent against the host.

There is some kind of channel that is or was open in the person that allowed the demon this level of influence, it might be closed now but the demon needs to be removed. This is the level where you get Catholic sacramental exorcisms happening.

Oppression is a lower level of this where the demon has a small entry point, and is exerting force against a person to try and make that entry point wider or to just make them miserable. The assault here is usually more external, like manipulating more heavily demonized people around the target to bully them, bringing material misfortunes, just making little things turn against the person to challenge their faith. Job was one of these at minimum (though an extreme form of it).

Obsession is the level between that, where the demon has a really clear entry point and is battering the person relentlessly, trying to establish a strong enough foothold to get to possession. The assault here is usually more internal.  This is where you get stuff like identitarian movements, cult memberships, idol worship; an equation being set up between the person's 'self' and whatever the demon is. It's not full possession yet but the target is becoming amicable toward the demon and equating themselves with it, or giving themselves to it, which is opening a gateway.

Demons hate everything except themselves, so their goals are essentially to either 1. kill everything that isn't them or 2. make everything that isn't them part of themselves. That's the process you see with possession.

Oppression -> Obsession -> Possession

Demonic influence is kind of like a radio signal and the different levels basically represent how 'clear' the two frequencies are between the person and the demon. When they're in alignment the demon has a legal claim to do stuff with the person; because that 'frequency' is the demon's 'territory', in another word, its dominion. Demons are allowed to exist; they're allowed their dominions. It's people who look at the environment around all of that mess and then decide to step into them. (Or if they're unfortunate, are born into them by family circumstances).

As for whether they can affect Christians... yes. God's virtue, and favour, are like a shield around the soul, but a person can decide they don't want to 'receive' that virtue by doing things contrary to it. For example, someone can truly believe in God but still submit themselves to a demon by taking drugs, or by being violent or consuming porn. It doesn't mean God's favour has left them, it's still beating down like the sun, but it's like the person has stepped under an umbrella and is looking down at the shadows. When you go too deep into that the demons have more right to say 'look, he loves us; he wants to be here with us'. Because simply knowing God exists isn't the same thing as loving him and gravitating fully toward him. The Devil is a legalist not because he's lawful but because he has to be to even exist, so he'll push any technicality or infraction he can to rip others down; don't let him lol, by instead being chill with the guy who writes all the laws.
Replies: >>25542 >>25577
Thank you for being so clear, brother. I never felt comfortable to talk to anyone at my church about it. Just as you read this you may think this is larp or anything. No matter, your words have already been very helpful. The issue is that I and my wife suffer with endless demonic attacks both awake and asleep, both home and at the church. These things taunt and laugh at us when we pray. When I pray even harder they tell me that they will come back, that they are patient, that they are eternal. May Jesus have mercy upon all of us, so that these attacks can, if anything, make us repent and avert sin.

>The assault here is usually more external, like manipulating more heavily demonized people around the target to bully them, bringing material misfortunes, just making little things turn against the person to challenge their faith.
I know our love for Jesus separates us from gentiles, or Hell's chattel, and shapes us into workers of the kingdom. This grace, most unfortunately, also makes us preferential targets for the Prowler. Watch and stay strong, brothers.
Anyone else listening to The Exorcist Files podcast?
If Jesus passed down healing powers to His apostles, why did healing miracles stop happening? Shouldn't it have been passed down through apostolic succession?
Replies: >>25567
They have been passed down. Why do you assume that they haven't been? The lives of the Saints show us that very clearly over the years. Granted there are denominations, predominantly reformed Protestants, that do not hold the continuation of miracles and take a cessationist stance.
Replies: >>25568
...but why are there no regular healings then?
Replies: >>25570
There are still miraculous healings at shrines, from saints, from holy relics etc. Nothing stopped.
Ever think you might be in your own little bubble within the greater Christian world? If miracles are unknown in your area try getting out a bit, or maybe reevaluate your denomination.
Replies: >>25579
britbong detected
How are you not blackpilled by where you live?

God's given me the experience of a coomer tugging my rope and not the experience of a marriage to trad wife. I don't understand. The notion of demons too to me is ridiculous. They are an illustrative thought device to me. I'll take what you're saying for sure, but the only physically manifest goblins I expect to be running around are Bill Gates and company.

There are other questions not answered too, for example if you've the power of a God you can declare leprosy gone, null and void, rather than just healing only the ten in front of you. Fathom the thought of having the ability, and then choosing not to do that. The only explanation I have is that those men required the experience of leprosy, all of them, until 20th century medicine required of them something else instead. It's not pleasant and so as far I know not answered. I wish it was. I wish it was because if it were you'd have more believers. The words of every prophet are easily dismissed out of hand without answers to these things.
Replies: >>25581 >>25607
Same goes for you too and the miracles angle. Why is the miracle near always some benign shit like turning blood back into liquid in a vial? The Children's hospices look full up. Was the purpose of every miracle from wine turning to water strolling not to instigate genuine belief? And if that's your doctrine, consider that God's banging the anvil in terms of intervention in our world was a lot more obvious 2000 years ago than now. What's your explanation for that if you hold onto that doctrinally?
Replies: >>25584
oh I figure this could be Canadian/Australian but the point still survives
Nothing you said invalidates that miracles continue to happen. All you said is basically summarized as "I reject miracles unless they happen on my own terms."
Replies: >>25591
[Hide] (58.3KB, 800x533)
>1. Sex is to be God-honoring — Our bodies are meant to glorify the Lord, not to be controlled by our passions and not to be used for sexual immorality (1 Corinthians 6:12–13). “Therefore honor God with your bodies” (1 Corinthians 6:20).

>3. Sex is to be loving and other-oriented — First Corinthians 7:3–4 instructs, “The husband should fulfill his marital duty to his wife, and likewise the wife to her husband. The wife does not have authority over her own body but yields it to her husband. In the same way, the husband does not have authority over his own body but yields it to his wife.” Each spouse lovingly yields his or her body to the other.

What is the point of marital sex if i can only have vanilla sex? If my wife consents could i hit her a little bit? I swear, you either get fucked with unclean spirits masturbating by yourself to disturbing porn or you get fucked by your cunt of a wife who will inevitably divorce you and you only get to have boring vanilla sex with her. Why does everything have to have some horrible catch to it making it pointless?
Replies: >>25586 >>25592
Neither of those rule out non-vanilla sex. For Catholics anything beyond vanilla is forbidden, but protestants give more leeway to it. you could even argue that oral sex is described in the Song of Solomon as the two confess their love for each other.
>or you get fucked by your cunt of a wife who will inevitably divorce you
if that's how you view women/marriage maybe you should just join a monastery.
Replies: >>25587
[Hide] (502.4KB, 500x375)
>if that's how you view women/marriage maybe you should just join a monastery.
I don't understand how you not be defeatist at the state of women and marriage? Either you're ignorant of how bad it is, or you think God will give you a good marriage (that is probably impossible without effecting the freewill of the wife). God also lets bad things happen. There are too many awful things about this world, and i thought discovering God would give me a more positive view of all that is bad.
Replies: >>25590 >>25592
[Hide] (338.4KB, 598x328)
How do the Elite get away with such extreme sins (like black magic, sacrifice and debauchery) and not die from the wrath of God?
>and not die from the wrath of God?
But they will die from God's wrath, if they don't repent, Anon.

> 19 Do not fret over evildoers,
>   and do not be envious of the wicked.
> 20 For the evil man has no future;
>   the lamp of the wicked will be extinguished.

>I don't understand how you not be defeatist at the state of women and marriage?
Because I don't center my life around how successful I am with women, I center it around Christ or try to at least. Stop focusing on how much everything sucks, look around you and see what you're capable of fixing. Pray to God for guidance and support. I can pray for you as well if you'd like.
>Either you're ignorant of how bad it is, or you think God will give you a good marriage (that is probably impossible without effecting the freewill of the wife).
Ignorant, no. Understanding of what I can and can't fix, yes. I actually dated a Christian woman a while back, there are quite a few where I am. Maybe you just live in a bad area. Women in the countryside are more conservative than those in an urban setting. There's also no such thing as the perfect woman, nobody is perfect except Christ. You will have to make sacrifices, whether that be in how she looks, how she acts, or what sins she's committed in the past. And yes, that does mean what you think it does. How much you're willing to sacrifice is up to you.
Essentially, do you want to be right, or do you want to be happy?
>God also lets bad things happen
Free will.
>There are too many awful things about this world, and i thought discovering God would give me a more positive view of all that is bad.
Why did you think following Christ would suddenly make bad things better? Evil is evil, and good is good. Love what is good, hate what is evil. Find solace in Christ and His teachings.

>How do the Elite get away with such extreme sins (like black magic, sacrifice and debauchery) and not die from the wrath of God?
They will get their punishment in the next life. Often their punishment does come from God (see Epstein choking and suffering in his cell before his "suicide").
Is it not thee sole number one purpose for that of all miracles, to better affirm belief amongst those who witness them? Meaning that if your miracles do not cause the affirmation of belief, then a miracle it isn't.

Which is why the scale of the miracle is of any importance, because if it can be interpreted as parlor trickery or happenstance rather than God's intervention then (even if the latter is genuinely the case) the miracle will have worked less effectively to affirm belief within those witness to it than that of a grander, more dry cut or less likely miracle.

Your argument at that point is what exactly? Your father works in mysterious ways? Does not want the additional belief in him? Those seeing it as something else were ignorant/possessed? The reason why I expect answers and good ones at that are because the questions will be previously brought up before and brought up many times after this time as well.

My doctrine is that of God signing a covenant with us, when souls of ours asked and indeed specifically requested to be kicked out of Eden so that we shall experience sin without his interference and without his loving hand over us, so that we should understand the nature of love by being allowed to experience free will and allowed to appreciate frame of reference.

I'm not trying to dent or tarnish your faith in God. I'm not sure at all that I'm correct, scriptually. But I believe these certain things I believe because they are consistent to the degree that I can begin to make some sense of my reality. Sorry if it's long-winded and there's no TL;DR summary. It's what I do or don't believe along with why I believe it.
Because too much of a good thing leads to worship of a created object and not toward gratitude for having made an object.

Sex with your wife is a good thing, but to make it your whole life's purpose... What's normal to be done by a bull or a ram is strangeness when done by a man.

I know it anon, I'm a pessimist through and through. But look at it. The devil hasn't had such a grip over us for centuries yet look how ridiculous he looks. They have all the resources, all the bartering and the brute force and the money but every step they make you take, you're planting your feet and refusing a bunch of times. They tried the Budweiser thing. Everything blew up. Bill Gates bought 100 million in stock so you wouldn't see quite how much of their hand is hollow and empty. They're treating it as "Insert Credit & Continue" moment for their ESG but people have started noticing.

They're in on trying to cancel Russell Brand. Bunch of sheep, even normie social tick-box members are beginning to go "Baaaahh. Nope..." You may hold the view that feminism will only die when something bigger and badder, like islamism, comes along and kills it, but what if anon you and your cock are the bigger and badder thing whose steering is relevant to where we're gonna be headed?

I trust you more and believe in you more so long as you're a friend of Christ.

We weren't kicked out of Eden by righteously angry God. We asked to go. The story we needed to be told because the twelve tribes were originally brutes capable of surviving the desert whose only understanding was the whip. I don't know if any denomination agrees with me but that's my view.

Now that we're here, we have an experience largely devoid of God's intervention. The reason we're here is still our stupidness and naivety. But I'm not particularly gonna stay mad at God for why I'm here or for why things are the way they are, if it's because I think part of me or my ancestry asked. So that when I leave I'll have juxtaposed reference for what life and love really are. I get sad a lot, sure, but am also grateful a lot as well. When I shake my fist at God I know exactly who's at fault in that dynamic.

It's an experience of life I'm going to have had where I'll have a ton of questions but in the end can't do anything other than bow to how I was handed more than can be given back.
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>We weren't kicked out of Eden by righteously angry God. We asked to go.
I can see where you're coming from, that we "chose" to defy God, but no. Adam and Eve were given a choice, they were warned of the consequences, and they chose to go against God anyways. They chose to defy God, but they didn't choose to leave paradise. They thought they could have both.
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Is it a sin to look at women's cleavage and not want to have sex with it, just admire it?
Replies: >>25596
Admire it how? I don't really see how you can stare at it and not have lustful thoughts. One can appreciate the human body and its design, but staring at women's breasts while in line at the checkout is not a good place to do it. It's best to avoid looking at them at all, and to just blank your mind out if you have to for some odd reason.
Replies: >>25597 >>25598
>Admire it how?
Like maybe they're just pleasant to have. Or it would be cute if they could feed a any baby, i don't know.
>One can appreciate the human body and its design,
How so? give me an example?
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The premise required for this is that God told man never to become self-aware knowing he would opt for self-awareness sooner or later possibly just to try it out, and then responding punitively for that, including toward his offspring who had not chose and begin in suffering below the age of culpability.

Further if God needs to test man, rather than man test himself, why are souls too faulty to be mendable a) made and sent to Earth, and b) not visibly obvious from the get go to the all-knowing, functionally ending trial by experience?
Replies: >>25609
>Like maybe they're just pleasant to have.
Most women find them annoying. And autogynephilia is a mental illness.
>Or it would be cute if they could feed a any baby, i don't know.
I think you should take a break from the internet, read the Bible more, and stop focusing on women so much. It's clearly messing with your head.
>How so? give me an example?
Any kind of artwork where the nude body is prominent but not in a sexual way, such as Michelangelo's David or the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

AI is programmed primarily by agnostics and atheists and is thus insufficient for providing religious arguments beyond generic responses or reasoning.
Replies: >>25602
>Most women find them annoying. And autogynephilia is a mental illness.
I mean they're pleasant to have around in art not on my own body, i'm not a tranny.
>I think you should take a break from the internet, read the Bible more, and stop focusing on women so much. It's clearly messing with your head.
I was just delivered from unclean spirits that compulsively caused me to masturbate to porn, and now i don't go to porn sites or play porn games. I just donwload sexless video games, go to this board for Christianity questions, and i study the Bible 6 times a week. I'm trying to figure out what will and won't bring in unclean spirits that will cause me to do evil. Porn is everywhere, even on non-porn sites, is it still a sin even if i don't look at it? What if it's just an attractive woman in an ad with nothing to do with sex, is it still a sin?
Replies: >>25603
>is it still a sin even if i don't look at it? What if it's just an attractive woman in an ad with nothing to do with sex, is it still a sin?
Do you believe you are capable of doing so without falling into lust? Or is it the demons you're facing trying to find ways to wedge themselves back into your mind?
Replies: >>25604
I don't lust at all during it. The other day i was falling asleep and there was this pornographic image in my mind's eye when i was waking up. The Bible says "For the flesh craves what is contrary to the Spirit, and the Spirit what is contrary to the flesh. They are opposed to each other, so that you do not do what you want." so does this mean i'm walking in the spirit? or am i still in the flesh or is the unclean spirit not part of the flesh? Because i've repented of lust and pornography and haven't watched it.
>How are you not blackpilled by where you live?
Hello. I'm not sure how to answer your posts without being glib, but I'll try. Simply I'm not blackpilled because I have faith. To be specific, I'm pretty content that we're in Revelations and have been allowed to hear the specifics of such from (legitimate--they're still around!) prophets. There isn't anything unfolding on the grand scheme that is really surprising me. I don't have a great impulse to try and stop and change anything because I know that's totally pointless; it's going to get worse and worse in specific ways until it gets beyond any level for a human to bear and then like a lightning flash it'll be stopped by Jesus. I genuinely believe this, so my chief concern is bolstering my faith and trying to help those (immediately) around me do the same, or at least be repented, or at least be comforted a little, or at least be braced, before the real mess hits. 

So presently I'm living in the spirit of Psalm 91: "A thousand may fall at your side, ten thousand at your right hand, but it will not come near you. You will only observe with your eyes and see the punishment of the wicked.". That is the position I would be exceedingly happy to be in at these times, so that's what I'm praying for.

>The notion of demons too to me is ridiculous. They are an illustrative thought device to me.
You're in a bad spot. If you're doubting the existence of healing, demons, miracles, and other spiritual things (though I would logically follow you to ask, if you doubt these things, do you not also believe Jesus's literal resurrection and the miracles performed by biblical prophets etc?), despite getting testimony from people saying, "oh yeah, I've seen this stuff. I know it," then this here is topical scripture:

>Jesus asked the boy’s father, “How long has this been with him?”
>“From childhood,” he said. “It often throws him into the fire or into the water, trying to kill him. But if You can do anything, have compassion on us and help us.”
>“If You can?” echoed Jesus. “All things are possible to him who believes!”
>Immediately the boy’s father cried out, “I do believe; help my unbelief!”
>When Jesus saw that a crowd had come running, He rebuked the unclean spirit. “You deaf and mute spirit,” He said, “I command you to come out and never enter him again.”

God can do anything. The 'potential' of God, of itself, is literally limitless. What is modulating that 'potential', or power, when it comes to earthly actioning of it, firstly is God's will (His own interest in doing the thing) and the faith of the recipient. You are probably not seeing demons or miracles for what they are because you don't really want to see them, or have preconceived notions clashing against against their literal existence despite the Bible continuously asserting them and witnesses to them here on this board (faithlessness), and that faithlessness is being granted. If God wants to show you spiritual truths of the world, it's genuinely not going to happen if your greater interest is, 'this cannot happen,' 'this isn't good enough,' 'my way makes more sense', and if they are given to you they'll likely be given to gratify THAT. 

It's equally so with your example of leprosy. Scriptually, when Jesus heals lepers, blindness, and fevers, He often uses the same approach as when He dispels spirits; he tells the ailment to leave. There are some exceptions but this is usually the form. There are spirits with charge over certain ailments and depending on the human's behaviour or environment they can be summoned in (in physical terms you can consider exposure to bacteria); also, the process of sickness isn't really an additive but a subtractive thing, and to remove, say, leprosy as 'a concept' prrrrrobably involves demolishing a whole clade of spirits that belong to it, and God isn't going to do that because God still has affection for demons.

To explain what I mean by this, obviously, God isn't stupid and knows that they're evil and hate him and want to hurt and destroy everything that He loves. This is why He restricts them and quarantines them in their own pockets of Hell. He still loves them though as part of His creation, knows what they are or 'could have been' had they not fell, and so at the bare minimum he lets them exist and participate to the absolute razor edge of what they can do because otherwise they would just be obliterated. (There is also a legal thing happening in the background to eventually remove any claim Satan can make to involve himself, while again, still letting him 'participate'). And will remove them from people who ask for God's help, listen to Him, accept Him, and don't go bumbling after them. He can also use evil things for the sanctification of the Good or just for his own purposes.

But onto the basics of spiritual things like demons and miracles: you have to understand, life begins in the spirit, and is reflected in the physical. 'Real life' is in the spirit and originates in the spirit. The world we're in now is kind of like a big padded room to give God enjoyment and solidify through our words and actions whether our soul goes upward or down. Consider; in this physical world, of ourselves our soul is the only spiritual, and thus eternal, element; so it's fundamentally the only thing that 'matters', yet because we have a body and everyone around us has souls, everything we do or say even in the body has this eternal significance. Isn't that incredible? 

So outside of its impact upon yourself and others, whether it brings them nearer or further from God, nothing in this world 'really' matters because the eternal kingdoms of Heaven and false kingdom of Hell, where you wind up after, are everything good or evil in this world but of purer essence and greater fidelity without intermixing. If there's something good in this world to treasure there's INFINITELY more of it in Heaven. So you don't 'lose' anything by going to either, except Hell's case, which is when you desire things contrary to God more than God, are given them, and are then trapped in misery by your own affections for them because those things suck. (And you have demons actively screwing with you). In such an equation it's really important to understand who God is and what he's about. Fortunately He wrote a whole book about it.

But to continue with your other posts:
>Is it not thee sole number one purpose for that of all miracles, to better affirm belief amongst those who witness them? Meaning that if your miracles do not cause the affirmation of belief, then a miracle it isn't.
You don't think they achieve that for the people they're meant for? Aren't you really asking in this question, 'why hasn't God done a miracle so spectacular that it convinces ME?' I warn you that you might get it and it might not be what you like. Hahah... Consider these passages:

>When Pilate heard this, he asked whether the man was a Galilean. And when he learned that he belonged to Herod's jurisdiction, he sent him over to Herod, who was himself in Jerusalem at that time. When Herod saw Jesus, he was very glad, for he had long desired to see him, because he had heard about him, and he was hoping to see some sign done by him. So he questioned him at some length, but he made no answer. The chief priests and the scribes stood by, vehemently accusing him. And Herod with his soldiers treated him with contempt and mocked him. Then, arraying him in splendid clothing, he sent him back to Pilate. 
Herod in this verse is doing the same thing I perceive you are; asking for signs as if they're a parlour trick, and mocking when they're not given. Or what does Jesus say about seeking for signs?

>Then some of the scribes and Pharisees answered him, saying, “Teacher, we wish to see a sign from you.” But he answered them, “An evil and adulterous generation seeks for a sign, but no sign will be given to it except the sign of the prophet Jonah. For just as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of the great fish, so will the Son of Man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth. 
>The men of Nineveh will rise up at the judgment with this generation and condemn it, for they repented at the preaching of Jonah, and behold, something greater than Jonah is here. The queen of the South will rise up at the judgment with this generation and condemn it, for she came from the ends of the earth to hear the wisdom of Solomon, and behold, something greater than Solomon is here. 

Or in other terms, don't do it, because you won't get it and it will condemn you before the (repented) sinners who weren't given signs but believed.

And how does God speak with Elijah, one of his most miraculously impressive prophets, and one of the only two people in history who didn't die?
>And he said, “Go out and stand on the mount before the Lord.” And behold, the Lord passed by, and a great and strong wind tore the mountains and broke in pieces the rocks before the Lord, but the Lord was not in the wind. And after the wind an earthquake, but the Lord was not in the earthquake. And after the earthquake a fire, but the Lord was not in the fire. And after the fire the sound of a low whisper. And when Elijah heard it, he wrapped his face in his cloak and went out and stood at the entrance of the cave. And behold, there came a voice to him and said, “What are you doing here, Elijah?”
A whisper. God isn't Hollywood pyrotechnics. His miracles are Love, and they're holy, they're not cheap things to call down like you're training a dog with a clicker. You have to be working with Him.

It's been studied scientifically that people who don't believe in supernatural phenomena are less likely to influence things through prayer, but the source I could give you on that is a book on magic (by a 'proper' scientist) which is its own nasty rabbit hole so I'm really inclined not to post it. I can if you really want it, but if that's what convicts you more than anything else, man... I'd appreciate it more if you had some faith in me.

Speaking more on the 'mechanics' of miracles, let's look at some verses where Jesus heals and what He often says:

>And to the centurion Jesus said, “Go; let it be done for you as you have believed.” And the servant was healed at that very moment. 

>He answered, “I was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.” But she came and knelt before him, saying, “Lord, help me.” And he answered, “It is not right to take the children’s bread and throw it to the dogs.” She said, “Yes, Lord, yet even the dogs eat the crumbs that fall from their masters’ table.” Then Jesus answered her, “O woman, great is your faith! Be it done for you as you desire.” And her daughter was healed instantly. 

>And behold, some men were bringing on a bed a man who was paralyzed, and they were seeking to bring him in and lay him before Jesus, but finding no way to bring him in, because of the crowd, they went up on the roof and let him down with his bed through the tiles into the midst before Jesus. And when he saw their faith, he said, “Man, your sins are forgiven you.” ... “I say to you, rise, pick up your bed and go home.” And immediately he rose up before them and picked up what he had been lying on and went home, glorifying God.

>While he was in one of the cities, there came a man full of leprosy. And when he saw Jesus, he fell on his face and begged him, “Lord, if you will, you can make me clean.” And Jesus stretched out his hand and touched him, saying, “I will; be clean.” And immediately the leprosy left him.

>And there was a woman who had had a discharge of blood for twelve years, and who had suffered much under many physicians, and had spent all that she had, and was no better but rather grew worse. She had heard the reports about Jesus and came up behind him in the crowd and touched his garment. For she said, “If I touch even his garments, I will be made well.” 
>And immediately the flow of blood dried up, and she felt in her body that she was healed of her disease. And Jesus, perceiving in himself that power had gone out from him, immediately turned about in the crowd and said, “Who touched my garments?” And his disciples said to him, “You see the crowd pressing around you, and yet you say, ‘Who touched me?’” And he looked around to see who had done it. 
>But the woman, knowing what had happened to her, came in fear and trembling and fell down before him and told him the whole truth. And he said to her, “Daughter, your faith has made you well; go in peace, and be healed of your disease.” 

>And as he entered a village, he was met by ten lepers, who stood at a distance and lifted up their voices, saying, “Jesus, Master, have mercy on us.” When he saw them he said to them, “Go and show yourselves to the priests.” And as they went they were cleansed. Then one of them, when he saw that he was healed, turned back, praising God with a loud voice; 16and he fell on his face at Jesus’ feet, giving him thanks. Now he was a Samaritan. Then Jesus answered, “Were not ten cleansed? Where are the nine? Was no one found to return and give praise to God except this foreigner?” And he said to him, “Rise and go your way; your faith has made you well.” 

Your faith has made you well. This is not a metaphor or an indistinct philosophical thing that has no practical relevance. It is Jesus literally describing how the miracle worked; through the faith of the receiving parties that Jesus had the power and inclination to do these things for them.

And in contrast, look what happens when Jesus goes to Nazareth:
>When the Sabbath came, He began to teach in the synagogue, and many who heard Him were astonished. “Where did this man get these ideas?” they asked. “What is this wisdom He has been given? And how can He perform such miracles? Isn’t this the carpenter, the son of Mary and the brother of James, Joses, Judas, and Simon? Aren’t His sisters here with us as well?” And they took offense at Him.
>Then Jesus said to them, “Only in his hometown, among his relatives, and in his own household is a prophet without honor.” So He could not perform any miracles there, except to lay His hands on a few of the sick and heal them. And He was amazed at their unbelief. 
Nazareth is where He was raised. The people here have preconceived notions about who He is, and thus are affronted to see Him teaching scripture because it conflicts with their image of him as a regular village-boy. And accordingly...
>So He could not perform any miracles there
>could not
Could not. The Nazarites had zero faith to receive any blessings from Jesus. Which isn't to say that Jesus lacks power to do things; He does, but the Nazarites don't want to receive it, so they don't. Jesus is so astounded by their attachment to the images of him they have (lack of faith) that he leaves. Trying to service them would be like trying to fit an ocean into a thimble. The recipient's belief, or unbelief, is what dictates the size of the thimble.

Miracles and prayer done through humankind are a collaborative process; the recipient must be in sync with God and step one of that is to believe he can do whatever you're praying for. Step two, or really step zero, is understanding God enough to figure 'what kind' of prayer or miracle He'd be willing to fulfil with you, and the basis of that is really how much you love God, because:
>“Because he loves me,” says the Lord, “I will rescue him;
    I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name.
> He will call on me, and I will answer him;
    I will be with him in trouble,
    I will deliver him and honor him.
> With long life I will satisfy him
    and show him my salvation.”
So to continue...
>My doctrine is that of 
There is no 'my doctrine'. There's only the rules God writ into creation a billion years ago, and accounts of things that were actually said or actually happened. That is to say, there is literally only objective truth, which is given to you through the Scriptures. Anything the scripture says takes primacy over anything you infer or assert in the cases where there is a conflict or contradiction. The scripture asserts a billion times that demons are real, miracles happen, and spirit is relevant. Rather, that spirit is central. Being able to read the scripture with this kind of credulous heart, is in itself a work of faith.

Which leads me to wonder by some of the things you've said whether you've read the Bible. While taking notes, cover to cover. I get the impression you haven't; your philosophy conflicts and is reminiscent of things I've heard from freemasons and gnostics, that would only be claimed as a result of not realising there were contradictions or not taking those contradictions seriously. Remember that as a man seeking for the mysteries of God, your position is this:

>It is the glory of God to conceal a thing, but the honor of kings is to search out a matter.

Even understanding the mysteries of scripture is something collaborative; you're given the hints to the logic puzzle, now it's for you to seek it out, ask for help, or simply accept 'I trust you but I don't get it' when you hit stumbling points. God loves his creation and likes to be involved with it. He genuinely will reveal these kinds of things to you, if you're willing to rethink and receive it, King.
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Sorry for the spoiler boxes I didn't realise they would format like that. But perhaps that makes the reveal more surprising.
Replies: >>25615
Also since I might as well follow up
>The premise required for this is that God told man never to become self-aware
Man was self aware. What man wasn't yet was evil. Consider that Adam in the garden has an actual, legitimate, as close as you could get relationship with God; they hang out together, do things together, they should know eachother. 

From that, one of the things that Adam should know is that God always tells the truth. Have you never had a friend who you told the truth to about something, but they were absolutely convinced you were lying and just wouldn't listen to you? Or just didn't believe you? Doesn't that hurt? It was like that. There is absolutely nothing Adam (or Eve in this case) has known or experienced that should lead her to believe the serpent's claim ('You won't die; you'll be like gods!') over God's claim ('You'll die'). That's the sin.

So that was a willing choice by humanity to take Satan's authority over God's. On the conceit of desiring godhood for themselves. That was in man's heart. And that's how Satan got in.

(As for; 'why the fruit of knowledge?'. It's because that opens up humanity to justify bad things for good ends, essentially. It opens humanity to start cavorting with sins and perform by lies and hypocrisy, when formerly they could ask/trust God with things and have assurance they would get it, or that if they didn't get it there would be a good reason for it.)
Replies: >>25615
Anon I can't match your longpost for quality. I don't know what to say in light of most of it. I can pour out the context or history for my arriving here, but your interest in my diagnosis is not necessarily agiven. The best I'm going to try for now is to list off a few specific points and try do it succinctly stemming from my initial read of it all.

For one thing, these things you say are perceivably demons within a man, or are that of things contrary to scripture... I don't think I would have belief without them. You may have an explanation for such a thing, but I haven't got one.

In the fruit of knowlege example, the result is both collective and inherited punishment. I could not have rationalised my way around that or around any literal interpretation of the old testament, without having an alternative view of what occurred. It was essential for me having arrived here. Especially when the explanations given do not address the problem I had with them directly. It leads to accusations I have made (sometimes, correctly) of Christianity having a high evade stat, since it's based on judaic principles.

Another way of putting that, politely, is that I don't think you've addressed how collective and inherited punishment is not a problem for they who pursue belief initially. Weak teaching on this puts a lot off, and that's assuming CofE schools still even engage the attempt.

The point about not reading the Bible or going through it is bang on I've not done any. The stage I believed I was at was seeing whether I could get any of the things that I *had* learned to affect material reality in any way first, and I was going to study Methodism or Moravianism to that end. I doubt faith's extent if I've not once even found a way to manifest it in my life.

It's funny you should mention Gnosticism and freemasonry though. My entry point for the religion was, during a stage of oxytocin addiction and extreme grief, the arrival at a concept of God being blind kindness or the kindness in man. Effectively, God being manifest in anything for that matter with a fourth layer of the brain (don't eat the dolphins). This coincided by happenstance with my reading about Emmanuel Swedenborg whose main concepts bore close resemblances.

His church history had at one time immense popularity with freemasonry NWO types who were latching onto anything that looked like it could revolutionarily reshape society at the time. They jumped off it soon after I've assumed because they realised a church demanding both faith in the old God and increasingly grandiose acts of charity wasn't going to be immensely profitable. It stuck around with the fishing ports until they closed - the men there abandoning them for the piety of their founder having long been lost.

I now observe the Quaker school with "kindness" more broadly expanded to the essence of virtue as a whole. You can understand why angry vengeful God doesn't quite fit the dynamic of where I came from. The Quakers too are due their own reckoning and destruction but the plain Quaker variety survive hiding on a bleak windswept hill somewhere. I've never met them or gone to meetings. But I arrived at here from nothing so I can't complain.
Replies: >>25616
>your interest in my diagnosis is not necessarily agiven
?? Was I talking much about you in terms of a diagnosis? You asked me a question, I answered it, and then felt the need to respond to other things you were saying because in the terms of this faith, they were simply wrong.

You're saying effectively, 'I need things to be how I want them to be/understand them to be, or else I can't believe them,' but this entire frame of mind is the wrong one to have. Rather, since you haven't read the Bible -- you don't even know how things are. You're making guesses from second-hand sources and then telling others who have read the foundational text of their religion, and moreover, can testify to the reality of phenomena within it that you find farfetched, that in essence God isn't performing well enough for you. But as I've said, it's a collaborative thing; you need to also do things that please God if you want to expect to Him to do much for you. You could probably begin by reading His book. Authors appreciate when you do that.

But moreover, the frame of mind you need to have is, 'what is actually true?'. There isn't more to elaborate there; you genuinely need to shift to this.

>Christianity having a high evade stat, since it's based on judaic principles.
The Synagogue of Satan Judaic Babylonian Captivity Hell Religion practised by the descendants of those ones who said, "His blood be upon us and our children!" is not the one following the principles of the King who said, "The Lord said to my Lord, "Sit at My right hand until I put Your enemies under Your feet."". The Judaic Hell Religion came afterwards as a 'whoopsie' moment in realising they killed their Messiah and not repenting of it; the rest became Christians.

I'm familiar with Swedenborg and have read him too. For that, if you're someone who believes in what Swedenborg wrote, it's a little affronting to hear it put as 'concepts' as though he were coming up with it himself like some two-bit philosopher; which is never the claim he made as to how he wrote on the things he did. The claim he made is that he was divinely inspired by Jesus, who came to him and gave him charge to write about the spiritual world. There is no compromise in that statement. You either believe that claim, and accordingly what he wrote, or you don't.

>They jumped off it
I would posit the alternate possibility that they veered away from it because it was true. I went the opposite direction as you; I knew freemasonry first and then found Swedenborg and was disgusted to recognize how the freemasons had altered it. I'm curious what you read of Swedenborg also because to me stumbling on him was a jackpot of 'oh wait, THIS REALLY MAKES SENSE' and sent me rushing to the Bible.
Replies: >>25617
>the your interest in my diagnosis is not necessarily agiven point
I think you are actually. I think it's because of where I sit in this half-way house, that you try to drag the stubborn mule to truth. If I were a Pharisee you'd leave the hypocricy to spell out it's own rebuttal and just say "nvm him he looks stupid".

 >Read the bloody book
You know what's going to happen when I do. I'll insist on the classic KJB version for a start, and then I'll get bogged down by how Jonah begat Ishmael and so fourth, and then your point about how my specific questions were already answered by the prophets beforehand is not going to stand to inquiry. 

That's why Swedenborg stuck in my mind, becaue his compulsion was to answer questions that bothered him because, he, like I'm doing, took issue with the concepts not broaching things which seemed significant. You understand don't you, in the case of a leper for example, in saying that "you do not have faith so I'll leave the blight on you" it does not come across as all-loving even from the most hardheaded of 'paternal - do better' angles?

Christianity never directly addresses the point, nor levels the big philosophical guns on the point directly. You just get told "well God works in crazy spooky ways". You lose potential believers on this. Every day. I'll give you another one, of the man blind from birth. When asked, Jesus says it is (paraphrasing here) "nobody's fault". Why was he blind then, Jesus? It's kind of important to my reality here. But he doesn't directly answer that. The closest his answer comes to being direct is "just as he was blind, so too were you had you not seen Christ".

Yes Jesus we all believe in you but if his affliction was not for stunted faith, why's he always had it? If I can't have that then a grandiose performance or an act will do the trick, but I'd rather have these things spelled out that are significant to our lives.

>Moreover the frame of mind you need to have is, 'what is actually true?'. There isn't more to elaborate there; you genuinely need to shift to this.

Every conviction of mine has to withstand means testing. I'm at the point of blustering again but the point is I've made the concepts around me square up with my reality. If I adopted a literalist view of an angry and vengeful and spiteful God whose wrath is collectivist and inherited then it would break a bunch of points about reality (such as when evil thrives and the wraths of old don't visit), and in-build contradictions within it's own concept (that God is more loving, and therefore less hating, than that of man).

That you complain I've warped it out of shape to make it fit is rich, when for the shape you have it in, millions of people refuse to even pick it up and for you to pass it down, you'll need your apprentices to have the 150 IQ you've got just to make sense of what it was you had.

>On Swedenborg and his being a prophet
If you hold the view that Swedenborg's mouth was effectively that of God's for all of the time he was hallucinating, then you must hold the view, amongst other things, that sub-Saharan Africans are the most humble and pious peoples on the planet. Or the literalist view that there are homes and libraries and grand structures in heaven, in an environment that has zero use for materialist anything.

He's a good preacher. God could have spoken to him. But it raises the point further whether you would even need a prophet to come after Christ.

>How we got here in the first place
I've come from an absolute & assuredly Godlessness, hated my experience, no one who cares would subject me to that. To where I am because Swedenborg said yes, you could have the scientific method and you could have faith in something more than existence - you could have both. I'd be interested to know how you think the freemasons may have altered it, from what I understood they were pretty much there at the start of it all.

I didn't go rushing to the Bible per say any more than I went rushing to the Swedenborg Institute or the Quaker Institute. Maybe it's because I'm still half-hearted about it and ashamed. But I could make myself more studious than a professor and still be lacking what a desert dwelling shepherd has. I got here with the minimal of books and mostly a smell on the wind and my faith bolstering is done by means test or trial by scrutiny.

12 paragraphs lad, thanks for the pending rebuttals
Replies: >>25618 >>25620
Also I just noticed the idea that some demons of mine still somehow brought me to God without which I wouldn't have had it, and that your explanation for how that happens is pretty wanting since, being demons you would think it clumsy at best to do that... I'm just saying that never got explained or directly addressed either. Best you can seemingly pitch their fine work as is another "oops" moment.
[Hide] (213.3KB, 540x540)
Probably for a good number of reasons:
>easily merges with fetishism of uniforms
>many people can't imagine giving up sex so they assume that celibate individuals must be repressed/libidinous
>contempt for the faith

In the case of Japanese hentai, I imagine that it's mostly a weird costume fetish rather than a specific desire to defame religious women, as it would be in the West.
I don't know why you think I'm debating. I'm trying to tell you, 'elephants are big.' And I feel like you're responding to the effect of, 'oh yeah? How can you convince me that elephants are big? Did you know about skyscrapers? Where's your thesis on elephants? I'm a loony-toony, abroopy doopy doopy. Don't you realise if you just say, 'elephants are big', people won't believe you? If elephants are big why do they have wings? I'm so glad I became a zoologist so I could debate with you all here about those five-legged, four-winged, pink-polka dotted trunkless creatures, elephants!' And I'm telling you to look at the elephant. And then you go, 'I don't wanna look at an elephant!' 

I'm just going to keep telling you to look at the elephant. If you're going to worship a person. You should know who they are and what they've said. And if you're going to contribute to a discussion. You should have an idea of what those beliefs you're discussing even are. The headache is that I have the impression you're going to keep posting 'your doctrine' in contradiction to scripture and give advice contrary to scripture all over the board anyway, then do what you've done here and make it as though the person correcting you is culpable of guilt for separating you from your conception of God by telling you to read the scriptures of the religion you profess. It means your 'conception of God' is just false. Well, if you think God is just human 'kindness,' and especially 'kindness that needs to adhere to my understanding of what kindness is and serve my ideas of what'd be good more than God's' then yes, that conception is false. 

If you genuinely want answers to any question, you can not learn those answers if you think the axioms you hold that are leading you to have the questions are already right. It's rather that your axioms are wrong. and that you didn't read Swedenborg very well since you shouldn't have these questions if you read him. (And yes he's legitimately right about the points you're mocking him for). 

You can not have humility before the Word if you dismiss heavenly things as, 'they're just high,' or see someone recount interactions with an angel and go 'that guy was on drugs', or going 'if I was in that position, I'd hate Christ!' when referring to people actually in that position such as the blind man who love him and are grateful, or contrarily going 'Christ you're not being loving enough!' (though there isn't actually any specific case of Christ not healing a leper; you made that up) for not performing miracles before people who hate him, are mocking him, or don't want the miracle as much as they want to hold onto their existing notion of him and so are unwilling to receive it. (Because as well as always telling the truth, God also loves and respects free will). Even though He actually does! He performs the biggest miracle that ever happened, before everybody. And guess what? People still don't believe it!

For even a hypothetical moment, consider reading the scripture with the mindset of, it's not being misleading or deceptive or allegorical and rather that IT WAS ACTUALLY ANGELS.

And then YES, it does make sense. The world in general does really.

Moreover it's the thing that you're treating this as a philosophy, not a religion. 

If Christ has done something good for you, why don't you believe what He says and want Him more? If you think what He says has value, why are you not going to the source of where He said it?

Do you think Christ literally raised from the dead, or not?
Replies: >>25701
I appreciate the attempt to illustrate what you're getting at with allegory because it's an attempt to reach out but my issue with the elephant is not that it looks preposterous, but that the stakes and the proof required for accepting it involve the very lens by which I view everything else that crops up in reality. It does not fit awkwardly or otherwise in any of those confines. That's why you get people not seeing an elephant at all, much less recognising how big one is.

I understand, again, you telling me to look closer at this blurry thing vaguely at the edge of my field of view but I've only just grasped being able to get to this point. Looking at it or into it isn't obvious as you suggest either. I'm going to look in there at fractal patterns no one in the country (except people as rare as you) has grasped in nearly a century and I'm going to have questions which you won't answer because you can't, and which JC left on the shelf because he didn't consider them important to the audience he had with him at the time. And I argue with you, you stand-in of wise counsel, because your Dad's treating me as a mute or as not good enough.
Replies: >>25622
And before you say it yeah I know it's because it's true
not a question but please pray for him
How do you protect yourself against curses online? I didn't care about it until i was delivered and God announced that i was getting delivered from curses of getting called stupid online.
Replies: >>25643 >>25644
And by curses i mean simply getting called a retard over and over again.
Replies: >>25644
Luke 6:28
Replies: >>25645
How does blessing people protect me from their curses?
Replies: >>25646
Spiritually and psychologically.
Replies: >>25648
Elaborate? Is there scripture or some authoritative voice that confirms this? I know you posted Luke 6:28 but that doesn't confirms the spiritual or psychological benefits, it could just be a good thing to do, without necessarily protecting you spiritually or psychologically.
Replies: >>25651
Just to be sure, lust is when you have a sexual desire for something, right? But what if you just think "wow, she is beautiful" and you have zero sexual desire to do anything, is that still lustful or lust of the eyes?
Replies: >>25650
Speaking of rude language, I was wondering how to determine what sort of language is sinful.  Blasphemy is obviously wrong, that much is clear, but when it comes to using foul language what we would call swearing now days things become less clear.  As I'm sure you're aware, what is and isn't a swear word changes depending on time and location. 
Is it a matter of intent rather than the specific words themselves, such that a sentence containing swear words may be less sinful than one without if the later were crueller or more foul? 
In Galatians 5:12, Paul says the following:
>As for those agitators, I wish they would go the whole way and emasculate themselves!
Is this kind of language fine, or was Paul sinning here? 
>If you just think "wow, she is beautiful" and you have zero sexual desire to do anything,
I would say that's not lust, IF you feel no sexual desire, however in such a situation you might have more sexual desire for said woman than you think. It may also be an opportunity for temperature to enter your mind, so you might start lusting for her. I'm not an expert on this matter though.
Replies: >>25651 >>25662
>but that doesn't confirms the spiritual or psychological benefits
If you read that passage to its conclusion, you will see that it bestows the greatest spiritual benefit you can obtain, being sons of the Most High, Luke 6:35. For psychological benefits, when you are bestowing blessings and treating people with kindness, it generally puts you in a positive and uplifted mood. Even more so when you are doing what Christ asks of us. 

>Speaking of rude language, I was wondering how to determine what sort of language is sinful
>Is it a matter of intent rather than the specific words themselves
I would say it is more a matter of intent than the specific words. However, we often colloquially refer to this type of language as "curse" words or "swearing." You can imagine the origin of those words used to define what constitutes vulgar language. If something is vulgar it isn't uplifting and doesn't draw us closer to God.

>Is this kind of language fine, or was Paul sinning here? 
That kind of language I would say is fine because St. Paul was attempting to make a strong point, and he made his point without using vulgar language.
Replies: >>25663
The idea of "foul" language outside of blasphemy is actually a very language specific concept.
>If you read that passage to its conclusion...
Thank you for explaining that, sorry if it came off as stupid or reluctant.
[Hide] (11.6KB, 164x307)
How can i overcome my lustful thought and come closer to Christ even with a woman in my life?
Replies: >>25672
[Hide] (32.5KB, 474x337)
To those who wear the Brown Scapular: Do you wear yours over your clothing or under it?

Prayer and fasting.
[Hide] (76KB, 908x379)
I hope you're making your peace with God, brothers.
What is a good answer when they say the Bible proving the Bible is circular reasoning? Isn't the Bible a historical book and therefor evidence for it's own claims?
Replies: >>25685 >>25686
My favorite approach generally is the Science Apologetics route, Anon. Factual science is objective, testable, falsifiable, and generally held in good stead by the majority of the population around the world. When you can show that information recorded in the Christian Bible is clearly-inspired, and objectively provable from a scientific perspective, then you have a strong foundation from which to promote the other, non-scientific claims made within it's pages.
Demonstrate the Bible makes objective claims that are provably true. Everything's easier after that.

I suspect there's a confusion at play when people say this. Possibly on both sides. I think the confusion comes from thinking that the truth of the Bible is derived from Christianity being true. So when someone uses the Bible to demonstrate a point in Christianity, they see it as circular reasoning. This view is encouraged by Christians who are like "Bible onlyists" if I can invent a term. The Bible and Christianity become the same thing and so you can hardly blame non Christians for the confusion.
The solution is to be clear where your own foundation is on why you believe the faith.
I started writing more toward this again but then noticed it's mostly reiteration and not questions I wanted broached particularly. I was going to mention that Swedenborg's idea of structures in heaven was ok biblically rather and that I chose it because I personally didn't like it, but that his idea of marriages and children in heaven was defo. contradictory. But that really doesn't weigh on me i.e. that I don't think he was receiving the literal mouthpiece of God as claimed does not mean the devil put it there instead. I think his intentions were always good and were always trying to do what God might ask of him. I just think try though he might that he was doing it within his limitations. I'm not mad at him for that and the people who were even at the time looked foolish, because he seemed to offer no major affront to any tenet among the faithful. His advocacy of sin or heresy, if there was any at all, was rather constrained to repenting a lot for it. I owe my faith to his preachings after all, whether you consider that faith later skewered or what have you.

The point of blind kindness being the same creative tool which God wielded & that you can too, again, I've worded as aggregiously as I can but I've no question to open to the floor about that, because I'm a subservient man with any abilities I have ultimately submit to that of God. That we should someday build a zoo full of creatures of our own design won't make judgement and repentance go away. It's just something Bill Gates and the likes will forget when they worship the pair of their own two hands. For me it doesn't worry me. If my works are monumental, they still won't be a God's. I've no sleep to lose there.

My question which I put to the floor and not to any particular anon is; What would you do with the Protestant problem of going so far astray from the source material that it is not really recogniseable?

This is what it looks like to me (hoping the embed link works)...


If you tell these people they're wrong whether you use righteous anger to do it or not, it just gets their backs up because they've gone into it with a savior complex or a self-congradulating complex where you'd be telling them not only are they wrong, but that they've caused harm doing these things they do. They can't cope with it or won't acknowledge it. I think I'm immunised from it by having an objectionist-complex instead, which I reckon is it's own set of demons, but at least I'm happily self aware to some degree or happy to be checked via inviting it.

The way it looks to me I'm standing over ruins full of idols and child killings and buggery and I've all the resources of a peasant to see to it. I'm not trying to concern troll or anything, but what ought one do here? I don't see how I'm to preach or if I'm courageous enough to, right enough to or anything else.
Is Endometriosis macro or micro evolution?
Replies: >>25727
I would suggest that like most deliterious mutations, it's due primarily to so-called genetic drift and and could hardly be called either. Like practically all other mutations in gene expression, it's a disease state.
What denomination is Sam Shamoun?
[Hide] (478.6KB, 1800x1200)
I watched a sermon by Dan Mohler where he says "the point of being a Christian is not to have our lives work but to be like Christ", but isn't being like Christ suppose to help us? I forget where but Jesus said " this world will give you trouble but i have conquered it.".
Replies: >>25755
>but isn't being like Christ suppose to help us?
Yes, in the ultimate, eternal sense. But here in this world where you fight the only battles you will ever face in all forever as a Christian... it also paints a big target on your back! Satan hates all of us, but authentic Jews & authentic Christians most of all.

>"I have told you these things so that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take courage; I have overcome the world!”

https://biblehub.com/john/16-33.htm (BSB)
Have you ever heard of a Christians talking to God by letting him put pictures or spoken words in his mind? I met some Christians near me who tried to teach me this and they somehow new my sins because God revealed it to them, most will say it was some form of psychology but there was no way they could have know that i was specifically watching anime porn. When they tried to teach me this one of them prayed (without me knowing he was doing this) that Jesus would reveal his face, and that was the image i got in my mind. The obvious question is "what if he says something evil" but he wouldn't contradict the Bible. As ungrateful as it is to say this, It's too subjective to me, mostly because i'm a demonized hedonist in recovery and my mind is full of lustful thoughts and temptation, but i was wondering if /christian/ had any experience on this.
Replies: >>25761
Did Solomon's many wives and concubines effect him negatively from his lust? I know they got him worship other gods but did any of this (what i assume to be) large sexual activities.
>As ungrateful as it is to say this, it's too subjective to me
The test is if what you're told contradicts what God has said previously. God told me to go live somewhere where I'd likely cause an affair with an ex. I really want that affair. Goal reorientation is something a relationship addict does, and the instruction to go live there is an example of what that goal reorientation looks like. I arguably would have no religion without this old girl and it's hard to stop thinking about. So, I'm still prepared to go there, but my desire must be subdued or at the very least satiated first in a relationship that honors God, and so before then I've refused to go. 

Commitment to the religion asks me to worship neither ego, nor the self, nor secular objects like a house in a nice area... and to not invent a bunch of convenient exceptions just for me.

Try it for yourself. When you pray try being quiet and inviting God to talk to you. I get a pins and needles response and the shivers just about every time but haven't got a speaking to. I don't know if what it takes is extreme grief or for me to sin less or what it is, but my sins left anime titties for dust so if I've not earned the help I kinda get it.

Which denomination did you speak to out of curiosity?
Replies: >>25765
All protestant.
Replies: >>25775
Not a question, but hey.
I'll even lift an arm for you friend.

You know the bit where it says "what God has put together let no man separate"? God does not put the two together. You have free will. Jesus definitely knows this much. What is being lent this language for emphasis is the sheer importance of the decree. Your relationships therefore are not God's hand trying to honor you with them, but are your attempts to try to honor God with them. Therefore you should not entertain a relationship wherein you do not or can not honor God. That includes affairs. That includes flamboyant la la homo faggotry. That includes not making for yourself convenient exceptions at the first opportunity. And that includes people who go to confession to try to feel sorry about it.

Am I not wrong with this tiresome protestant take on things? Don't you reckon you and your Pope with the good education and the big ordained responsibility ought to know better? Or some things that I don't? Or ought to be able to say "you're wrong and this is why you are wrong"?

Now, it's easy to do these things with the infighting and the projecting my frustrations about wider society over here but I promise you when I do I'm going to longpost and to effortpost and to be neither jealous with my sense of piety nor perjurious about how much of it I really have.

I'm sorry I can't say most of it in 140 characters or less, and I'm sorry I'm an autistic retard, but you draw me to here with my attitude problems and then say that you've got none. And none of your Catholics who come here are truthful about that. They're not crooked per say, but they have attitude issues which they don't admit to. If all I'm to want is self-congratulatory clapping then I'd simply be a Godless liberal and have my fill of that. It's not your approval that I'm after.

All I want to be able to accuse you of is of being a try hard. Then my excuses in front of God won't look like all I could ever be was some bad-faith retard whose instruction to check your faith has never worked correctly. It's not the looking stupid part to me but the part about never breaking the heathen cycle in the way that I lived part. I've got a point to prove here. I'm just trying and failing but it is important to me.

[Hide] (84.7KB, 684x474)
Is ASMR a sin if the artist is a woman playing my wife but we don't have sex, but she affirms me and calls me sexy? I don't have any strong desire to have sex with her, but it still feels like a sin, you do you think?
Replies: >>25794 >>25826
If it feels like a sin, that is a pretty good sign that your conscience is telling you to stop. In activities that may be hard to discern, ask yourself if it glorifies God or increases virtue. If neither, then probably should put it away.
Replies: >>25826
Some times stuff that's not a sin feels like a sin. That's call scrupulosity and it can be a great spiritual evil: makes people overly zealous, trusting more in the rules than in God's mercy.
Now, that being said, this case is indeed sketchy. Don't have a woman that's not your partner speak to you as if she was. Of course having a random woman affirming you and calling you sexy feels good, but your sense of self worth should come from knowing you're God's beloved creature, not from paying someone online to whisper on your ear how good you are.

 >>25792 So yeah, anon, I'm leaning on "not big sin, but you probably don't wanna do that"
Is this the real Dirk
Is there such a thing as child nuns? Or if a child is going on to become a nun, is she officially a nun? or do children going to become a nun not actually exist?

If we remove the "child going on to become a nun" from the Covent and give her casual clothes is she still a nun?
Replies: >>25835
I am sure there is an age cut-off now with most monasteries simply because of secular government influence in churches in regards to minors. However, in the past it wasn't completely uncommon for kids to become novices. Reading The Lives of the Saints gives numerous examples of this occurring. I don't understand what you mean in your last sentence. If the child has taken vows, I doubt they would be back in street clothes unless they broke their vows and decided to leave.
Replies: >>25836
> I don't understand what you mean in your last sentence. If the child has taken vows, I doubt they would be back in street clothes unless they broke their vows and decided to leave.
How do you know if the child has taken vows?
Replies: >>25837
They would probably be wearing a habit. It all depends on the denomination such as Orthodox or Catholic, and even within Catholicism there are different orders with different habits. This would be an extremely rare situation today. Most monasteries want a novice to be a least 18, but more importantly they do not want a novice being too naïve. For women they want to make sure she is truly ready to turn from the opportunity of worldly marriage in order to marry Christ. So it is very unlikely nowadays to see a child nun.
Replies: >>25838
in the modern day could there be like a group of teenage girls in a Covent on their way to becoming novices?
Replies: >>25839
I guess it could happen but would but extrememly unlikely to happen today versus in medieval times. Dug these up on reddit. 

How do i stop hating women, it's negatively effecting my life. I know not all women are evil but humanity is evil and therefore a lot of women are evil. Also Women have a lot of power in modern society, and they still act like they're oppressed. If i had a button to drop gallons shit on someone, there is no way that person would love or trust me. How do i cover come this seemingly factual demoralization of not being able to trust a powerful being that doesn't have my best interests?
Can someone who looks white be white?
If someone often refers to themselves as "we" even though they're only talking about themselves does that mean they're demonized?
Replies: >>25915
The only people I know that refer to themselves as "we" are those on the pronouns kick, but that is because they are under the influence of demons not necessarily in full possession. So, more than likely yes. There is the possibility of mental retardation not demonic related that could play a role. Most exorcists usually request clearance with a medical and psychological evaluation first to make sure.
Replies: >>25916
I sometimes refer to myself as "we" and i've been told by some spiritual Christians that i'm demon oppressed, because i watch a lot of porn.
Replies: >>25917
It is hard to stay from the demonic if one actively hangs out in their territory. Fast from porn and go to a church that has holy water and request some. Start drinking a little bit each day, when it runs out go for a refill.
Does anyone have the url to that Jewish conspiracy theory site called the book of truth or something? i was posted here and then deleted.
Replies: >>25927
Spoiler File
(834.1KB, 791x1854)
Replies: >>25931
Thank you!
[Hide] (2.9MB, 1280x720, 00:33)
Does this count as the off-topic (news/politics) thread? Because the Zionists are really going mask-off.
[Hide] (719.1KB, 1280x1280)
Does anyone go to any Christian conferences? I haven't been to any, but I would like to attend the conferences put on by the Eighth Day Institute or by Touchstone. Even the Lord of Spirits has a conference now. Anyways, just wondering if anyone else to goes to any and their experiences. Here are links to the ones I mentioned. 

[Hide] (2.1MB, 640x566)
How do i make God into my source of happiness? I asked this to someone in my church and they said to seek God, and i've had many encounters with God, but he is not my source of happiness, porn is, and i know that if i keep using porn as my source of happiness something bad will happen. God has cured me of an uncurbable disease, but i don't know what it means to make God my source of happiness. I have confided in God about my feelings but that feels so temporary, i often have longing for love and i don't automatically feel love like other Christians i know.
Replies: >>25964 >>25970
Just dig into the Christian Bible in an unrelenting fashion, Anon. Pour yourself into the Word, and He will pour Himself into you! When this transformation takes place, then you'll find Joy, which far outstrips happiness. Give it a try today!  :)
Replies: >>25965
I've neem studying the Bible for twice a week for about 4 years, not mention the parts i read it before.
Replies: >>25966
Do this every day for 365 days straight, and let's see how things are for you then, Anon.

Replies: >>25968
Can it be as simple as reading a psalm or a proverb?  Either way i'll give it a shot.
Replies: >>25970
Being content with God stems from understanding who God is and His word on a deep, esoteric, level and then putting His law and philosophies into action, while being content with the lot you are given in life.

Remember that reading is separate from understanding. Many have read the Bible but few have given the thought or care to try and understand it or understand, in a childlike manner, God.
If someone has this information, it would be really appreciated.

I'm looking for examples of Jews that infiltrate Native European Religionist institutions beyond  corrupt scholars and research to benefit them
Are those who are wanting to return to their ancestral pagan religions just reactionary atheists in disguise?
Replies: >>26015 >>26016
Pretty much, a lot of atheists and pagans only believe in what they believe to openly spite God. You'll never see them attacking other religions except maybe Islam and Judaism, it's just a way to call themselves anti-Christian without actually doing so.
If they have no interest in debating with you honestly then just ignore them. Better yet, laugh at them for worshipping Marvel superheroes, like how parents laugh at their kids for going through a goth phase.
That's how it was for me at the time. I loved my own culture and wanted it preserved, I just didn't love God. It's not all of them though. Some go all-in on that new age wiccan stuff. I never understood them. They seemed like the loonies to me, mainly because of their parallels to communism. You get all sorts of trotskyists and socialists who love to push the alt-religions as useful tools, typically conflating the collectivist rationale with a communalist rationale and saying that they're the same.

But their manner of communalism has only a surface resemblance to the Amish or the Moravians since once you look closer it resembles a new-age free love cult that's very sensitive or easily offended to critique. It's appeal is in promising you freedoms, this being sometimes at the expense of others not privy to the benefits of being in the cult. But until the structure of it loops back to being universal moral authority granted by consent, it's just set to become a war tribe looking for suitable kings at the head of said tribe. The freedoms promised to everybody under alpha-chad rapidly dissolve for most people. But, since it involves renouncing and/or burning down the old culture to make way for "new" (proto-old revisionism), there's some amicable inter-stepping between both it and the communists and they tend to be outwardly friendly with each other.

I wouldn't mind a nubile fur wearing trad wifey who's into ravens, but I want secure paternity without excusing it away via what mother gaia or the planetary alignments told this group of women to do. Either I have secure paternity, or I'm divesting from/fighting against that society, since only with a Chad-seat will I be awarded a share with it.

I guess it'd serve as the other half for making the "anti- anarcho-primitivist" argument as well, although people like Uncle Ted weren't for burning down the family/culture. Sorry if this isn't making any sense, particularly in relation to God. It's an experiment in collating thoughts and expressing them to me. The Bible is right in remarking how to structure society, but I feel like my justification isn't clear or obvious enough when explaining it to a Pagan.
What happened to christ-chan net?
Replies: >>26019 >>26020
The owner called it quits. Probably got tired of dealing with cp and soyjacks. The owner set up a discord even. Why have an imageboard if you're wanting people to hangout on the discord?
Replies: >>26020
But the anon format is important for learning and to suppress egos.

It was well modded. What's the Discord link? Are we allowed to advertise it here?
Replies: >>26021
I can't remember it being posted only that it had been discussed. If the BO did post it I never saw it but maybe another anon did and will share it.
If a spiritual entity has sex with you, have you sinned?

It doesn't sound like it should cause sin since you didn't do it.
Replies: >>26027
Like in a dream? If it is involuntary than no, but watch your heart because if you begin to desire it to happen again then you will be sinning.
How do i get rid of demons? if i have to caste them out then how do i do it?
Replies: >>26029 >>26030
To add to this question, how do i know if i'm dealing with demons or Schizophrenia?
Replies: >>26030
I would advise talking with a priest because they are trained to discern such things in these cases. Since you are aware of these things, it sounds like oppression instead of possession. I think most people pass through some degree of oppression in their lives. I would advise spending more time in prayer and fast from any sinful or scandalous activities. But definitely get in touch with a priest or pastor with exorcism experience. They would know when to rule put mental health causes.
I wish i was joking but my schizophrenia keeps sexualizing my relationship with Jesus because my AGP and porn addiction. The delusion of demons mocking the way i relate to Jesus sexually, like if I'm lusting after him like some deranged transwoman. It's really disgusting. Do you think Jesus is disgusted in me? I obviously don't look at him like that.
Replies: >>26044
>The delusion of demons mocking the way i relate to Jesus sexually
Blasphemous thoughts during prayer are actually a rather common tactic the demons use for distraction and to keep us from prayer. Monks have been writing about this type of assault for hundreds of years. Just keep praying and don't attempt to fight the thoughts just let them pass and refocus back upon the words. 

>Do you think Jesus is disgusted in me?
No, not at all. In fact, Christ sees what is in your heart at all times, He sees your struggles with the demons. Christ wants a relationship with us because He loves us, but our sins distort that relationship especially when we willingly give ourselves to it. Ask for forgiveness, pick up your cross, struggle hard, and ask God for a chaste and peaceful mind.
Replies: >>26046
i have friends who say they can hear the voice of God in their minds and it's pretty subjective because often it tells them some things they would have had no other way of knowing.  My schizophrenia makes it really difficult to see God working or "hear" his voice because i have a competing voices that can mimic God's love in delusions and hallucinations that could be mistaken for God using the environment to tell me something.

As i said before my symptoms lead me to think that i have demons near me, and i'm stumped on how to distinguish between mental illness and actual demons, but i would assume they behave the same, or maybe they can't effect electronics like mine do and my delusions of random word generators saying some personal messages to me.

My friends tell me they're demons (they did go away when we prayed but then came back) and tell me to read john 1 to understand the real Jesus so  know his voice, and supposedly then he will reveal himself and have him directly talking to me. What do you think?
>I have friends who say they can hear the voice of God in their minds
That's great for them. I've had God tell me to do things that don't align with scripture. It cannot be trusted because my desire and ego can be subliminated into talking using the third person like that. There's been many a false prophetizinf in history, regardless of good intentions or good conscience. Check scriptual contradictions;- decide for yourself if the likes of Terry Davis was simply a preacher or a prophet.

I'm not a Catholic and I don't have Catholic framing. Demons are a personnification of the self. By all means claim to have them if you want, but they're manifestly your own work, and not a little third-party imp running around causing you to go to confessionals. They are my doing and my fault.

>I have competing voices that can mimic God's love
I very much doubt they're telling you to live as having completely abandoned 'self'. I have Atlas personality type disorder. You'd think it equips a man to carry himself in Agape for the rest of the world but I'm not openly like that with people, in fact I lash out frequently. That's why it's a disorder and why the gold standard are prior scripts. God isn't generally going to give you a constant, contradictory list of things for you to do.

>they go away when we prayed
Try secular reasoning for this as well. If you're able to get high on serotonin manufactured by your own brain while you pray, and the conflicting voices in your head stop during that time, then it could suggest a method of treatment for you (that sounds less dangerous than 'Abilify' would be for me, or less dangerous than what my friend did when he ingested a load of DHT). It's a cautious thing to do to mess with a brain that already has stuff wrong with it; I'll hold up Terry Davis as the example again. Just keep multiple explanations and solutions open. God is my last explanation, because he's constrained into not interfering with our free will.
Replies: >>26056 >>26125
>i'm stumped on how to distinguish between mental illness and actual demons
I've got absolutely 0 experience on this, so don't take me too seriously, but it wouldn't surprise me if demos used your metal condition as another way to try to get you into sin.

I'd say you have Scripture, specially the New Testament. You have the traditions that good Christians throughout the ages have held to. You know what's wrong and right; ant least the basics, but it's the basics what's really important. Those are objective and quite clear, they're like a rock you can hold to.

Pretty solid advice, I'd say.

Demons are Biblical though, not just a Catholic thing. Many other cultures and religions believe in demons. We're body and soul. Animals have body and no soul. Angels have soul but no body. Since they have a soul, they're fully free, and thus can choose to reject God. Demons are nothing else than that.
Now, if anon is Catholic, he should try to check in with an exorcist, just in case. But afaik exorcist 99% of the time just redirect you to the psychiatrist.
[Hide] (29.1KB, 411x600)
[Hide] (28KB, 474x708)
[Hide] (16.5KB, 307x475)
I would advise you seek out the advice of a priest in this regard. The demons have the ability to masquerade behind our thoughts, and actually many of our impulses and intrusive thought are the demons themselves. However, you shouldn't neglect secular therapy as long as it is balanced with the spiritual therapy of the Church. Secular psychiatry can treat but not heal because it doesn't understand the anatomy of fallen man. But a priest with exorcism experience would be the best person to seek advice from because they understand the proper balance between spiritual therapy and materialist secular therapy. Here are some wonderful books that might give you some good insight.
Replies: >>26125
Will we be reactivating /christmas/ this year?
Replies: >>26127
[Hide] (1.3MB, 3000x2000)
After giving up porn, lust masturbation for good this might be the only image board i can go to now, fittingly enough it's a Christian board as well.

'My main questions' is If a having a wallpaper of Jesus hugging me a sin or an idol or God? isn't making a image god God a sin?

Also i believe God is still l talking to me through random Word generators and random Bible verse generators. I just opened both and they have relevant results. I know this will probably sound dumb to most, but oh well.

>That's great for them. I've had God tell me to do things that don't align with scripture. 
I'm very aware of how subjective and dangerous this kind of thinking is. There are definitively some rules they have given me (such God cannot lie or contradict scripture). The reason i am so insistent for it is they have shown me a true Christianity, my baptism has completely reborn me and i have not gone back to me past sins or porn. They have also had my sins to them through God, which they would not otherwise know.

I just got out of a a psychiatric hold for a few weeks and my symptoms are gone thankfully. I'll still checkout the books your recommended, thank you.
Replies: >>26128
[Hide] (102KB, 891x1134)
What do you guys think of this piece of symbolism i found while i was having schizophrenia episode? The "V" does look like a pentagram with the line on it's middle right?
Replies: >>26129
Yes. Please help spread the word.
[Hide] (1014.6KB, 444x250)
>Also i believe God is still l talking to me through random Word generators and random Bible verse generators. I just opened both and they have relevant results.
>I know this will probably sound dumb to most, but oh well.
You're not the first and you won't be the last, Anon.   :)

Congrats on your victory with pr0nz!
The fontsetting on the logo isn't the reason why you should avoid convincing yourself that what you want is their shoe. It's stupid. It's reaching. They sell a slab-footed unpadded mess for a shoe, oh and also they hate you. They don't hide it, at the public board meetings they just plainly state that they don't. Because these fortune companies are convinced you're an idiot who will buy their things anyway. They don't need covert subtlety. Isn't that enough for you? Do you have to do the schizo routine of basically every geometric shape is a nod to the freemasons? What if it isn't? What if this massive rabbit hole you've found into the running of this satanic death cult ends with where you've begun it here, that what you've looking at there is a stand-in for the letter "V"?
Replies: >>26130 >>26131
Sorry but God damn hour long videos of this hypervigilance cringe has given me a likewise hypervigilance for the heavy-handed putdowns, although having said that I don't think it's ever worked telling their sort to stop doing it even when it's dropped sternly onto their heads...

But stop doing it. Unless you're prepared to do your research a la Alex Jones (except the Sandy Hook thing although there's still a bunch of suspect infos about that) posting a bunch of loose red herrings that don't lead to anywhere isn't going to help
Replies: >>26131
[Hide] (7.9MB, 720x480, 01:34)
[Hide] (103.4KB, 250x374)
This Satanic conspiracy gives validity to the Bible.  Satanism is an overwhelming amount of corporate logos, among other powerful institutions and even conspiracy groups, like Jews, Men, reptiles, and the Rich. They all have Satanism involved or are a part of Satanism at the top. I'm willing to say i could be wrong about the Van's logo, but it would be one out of a sea of Satanic logos that i would be wrong about.
>But stop doing it. 
It's like a hobby from my religion for me.
>Unless you're prepared to do your research a la Alex Jones
Alex jones does some research and i do as well, but Alex Jones is playing a Character and has been exposed by more reputable Conspiracy theorists. https://www.bitchute.com/video/Xoe4PymfkM3p/ Ignore the contradictory images mocking the Jewish conspiracy when William Cooper says it's not the Jews either.
>posting a bunch of loose red herrings that don't lead to anywhere isn't going to help
Only God can help us, otherwise we're fucked, we're bathed in Satanism, from cradle to grave.
Replies: >>26142 >>26397
I'm a reluctant stubborn mule not a born-again sort. I don't know if that means anything morally or not. What it means practically though is;
I don't know if Satan is real. The idea that evil, being inherently destructive for it's own users, can get organized enough to have a heirarchy or the head of an ironic punishment department seems farfetched to me. Hell is something I perceived to be an anarchic circle jerk, if real. A circle jerk needing no central leadership of said circle jerk.

I don't know if Hell is real. I'm *sure* the Bible references hell in there... But the thing is that the soul dies. I'm sure to assert it because I've been taught it; the soul dies. If the answer to the question; "Does God preserve souls that are devoid of or rejectful of him because he loves them anyway and keeps them in an environment to their liking, however simply devoid of God?" and that answer is; "No, he presses the cosmic delete button" then what exactly is Hell? What is it for? How is it eternal if souls eventually get spent up? You get the picture.

How this bears any relevance to "Vans™" the brand being satanic and using it's imagery, is that there need not be a conspiracy all using agreed upon symbology in order for multiple groups to decide that they want to worship ego and the self, and for these groups to plainly tell you to your face and not just hint at it discreetly in a logo from the 60s.

The man who founded Vans has some memoirs he wrote and you could find out just how satanic his company branding was likely to be by referencing it. It's since owned by Vanity Fair. You definitely shouldn't buy any/should actively slander them for being evil and all, but be truthful when you do. Don't claim lines you drew that aren't even present in the logo itself are the evidence, because then harder work, more proven work, will get dismissed along with the weak stuff as "just another of those dumb conspiracy theories."
Replies: >>26153
>I don't know if that means anything morally or not. 
See John 3:3 verse 5 is put in more spiritual terms, v3 is a bit more practical. It is a metaphorical way of saying that we are so weighed down by sin that we are blinded to what God is working for us. What can't see the kingdom unless we first shed all of our sin. There is also a specific way to get baptism, it didn't work for me the frist time, i think you have to believe Jesus is lord (in all implications of him being God) and  you must be reborn and have him wash your sins.
> The idea that evil, being inherently destructive for it's own users, can get organized enough to have a hierarchy or the head of an ironic punishment department seems farfetched to me. 
There are a few answer to this, there are different conspiracy groups under Satan that commit more and more to their group network for a paradox of power and vulnerability, and if they go against the group they have their lives ruined, or he tries to ruin their lives. Many people have documented that hierarchy, including William Cooper, fritz springmeier, and Lenon Honor (non-Christian but still anti-satanic). I believe that Hell is God giving someone what they want, separation from him for their sin. There are also many theories on hell, i went to a Christian seminar on hell once. 
> I've been taught it; the soul dies.
The concept of the soul and its fate after death is a complex and debated topic in various religious traditions, including within different Christian denominations. In the Bible, different passages are interpreted in various ways, leading to different theological views. There are verse that say there is an after life. Ecclesiastes 12:7 "and the dust returns to the ground it came from, and the spirit returns to God who gave it." Matthew 10:28 "Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell."
>The man who founded Vans has some memoirs he wrote and you could find out just how satanic his company branding was likely to be by referencing it. It's since owned by Vanity Fair. You definitely shouldn't buy any/should actively slander them for being evil and all, but be truthful when you do. Don't claim lines you drew that aren't even present in the logo itself are the evidence, because then harder work, more proven work, will get dismissed along with the weak stuff as "just another of those dumb conspiracy theories."
You have a good point, i agree.
[Hide] (1.6MB, 5120x2880)

Hello, /christmas/ here. We want to invite you participate in our annual Christmas party again this year. It's already started, and the main stream will be from Friday 22nd, through Monday 25th : 3 pm PST / 22 UTC . 

'Please come and share some Christmas cheer with your fellow anons!'
What are somethings that demons have to tell the truth about?
Replies: >>26253
The Bible doesn't say anything about Satan (or his demon horde) 'tell[ing] the truth'. Quite the opposite in fact -- Satan is the father of lies.

OTOH, they will refuse to acknowledge that Jesus is 'the', risen, Son of God. Jews, Muslims, Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, all fall into this category (and also, presumably, the demonic forces driving them all to do this).

You can be sure that anyone/anything that denies the diety of Jesus Christ is from the enemy.

Replies: >>26259
Thank you for the reply. I asked the spirit to say "Jesus has come in the flesh" (as the Bible tells you to to test the spirits) and it surprisingly couldn't do it, and then it left me, thankfully.
Replies: >>26261
Thanks for the report. Now, learn the lesson & 'don't dabble around with them'. Go ahead and get saved instead, Anon.

Godspeed you on your new Christian life! Cheers.  :)
Replies: >>26262
Turning to God after a life of sin brought an onslaught of demonic activity from an already childhood time of being demonized. Thankfully I'm already saved and Jesus has washed my sins. Thank you for welcoming me, it's good to be back in one piece.
How do i know if i have an unclean spirit talking to me in my head or if its just my schizophrenia?
Why do you suppose William cooper was so hopeless about the secret society conspiracy yet called himself a Christian? Was he not born again?
[Hide] (165.9KB, 500x332)
I'm looking for a Bible verse that goes something like God saying a very loving messages, something like "i'd give you the greatest possession, the earth" and "you'd call me father and you would never want to leave me" 

I've tried an search engine and ChatGPT and cannot find it. I remember seeing it on a Christian tiktok.
Replies: >>26290
Not to discourage you in your search Anon, but I think you're remembering at least part of it wrong. The Earth is 'not' the greatest possession. This Heaven and this Earth will both pass away. 

The greatest gift is eternal salvation through Jesus Christ, God's only begotten Son. That's how we can rightfully cry, "Abba! Father!" to God the Father, because we've received salvation and cleansing through the blood of the Lamb of God, Jesus our Lord.

I hope I'm not using too much 'Christianese' in answering you, Anon. Just ask if you have questions about this post.
[Hide] (24KB, 657x624)
I agree with your sentiment, and everybody here (except trolls) want to have a civilized discussion (if we have faith in Jesus' grace rather than our own power, we are all brothers) but I take issue here:
>The traditional answer
In Matthew 15:3, Jesus corrects the Pharisees in thinking that tradition is more important than what the Bible says. I understand why it exists, and I think tradition was something God put in us on purpose, but it will never outweigh scripture. I won't quote the verse here because there's no point in antagonizing fellow brothers in the Lord.
But back to the topic of babies going to heaven, God says that you will be judged according to what you know.
Genesis 2:16
"And the LORD God commanded him, “You may eat freely from every tree of the garden, (Verse 17)but you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil; for in the day that you eat of it, you will surely die.”

In Deuteronomy 1:31-39, God judges the Israelites as being unworthy of entering the promised land, --but their children as worthy.--
Deuteronomy 1:37-39:
"The LORD was also angry with me on your account, and He said, “Not even you shall enter the land. (Verse 38)Joshua son of Nun, who stands before you, will enter it. Encourage him, for he will enable Israel to inherit the land. (Verse 39)And the little ones you said would become captives
—your children who on that day did not know good from evil—
will enter the land that I will give them, and they will possess it."
So God clearly judges children as innocent, based on their lack of knowledge of sin, (though they still have sin because of their imperfect bodies).
This video (by Mike Winger):
Covers this perfectly. Skip to 25:20 to see him specifically talk about the passage in Deuteronomy where Israel's children are pardoned from Israel's rebellion.

In Matthew 18, Jesus' disciples ask Jesus who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven:
"(Verse 1)At that time the disciples came to Jesus and asked, “Who then is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?”
(Verse 2)Jesus invited a little child to stand among them. (Verse 3)“Truly I tell you,” He said, “unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. (Verse 4)Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this little child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. (Verse 5)And whoever welcomes a little child like this in My name welcomes Me.
(Verse 6)But if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea."
Jesus counts little ones as believers, and for good reason. It's been scientifically proven that young children have an innate belief in God. No wonder "Jesus Loves Me, This I Know" is a favorite among children, glory to God forever and ever! Amen.

I don't think baptism does anything to anyone who isn't aware of what's going on, I believe it's meant to be an outward expression of a change that's already taken place in the heart.
I won't claim to that I know everything, because I obviously don't. (That's the whole point of being a Christian after all, letting go of the reigns and giving it over to Jesus)
>This Satanic conspiracy gives validity to the Bible.
Yep, the Bible says the (temporary) god of this world is the enemy.
>Satanism is an overwhelming amount of corporate logos, among other powerful institutions and even conspiracy groups, like Jews, Men, reptiles, and the Rich.
They aren't merely physical though, they're fallen angels. And Jesus defeated them on the cross.
>Alex jones does some research and i do as well, but Alex Jones is playing a Character and has been exposed by more reputable Conspiracy theorists.
It's true, I think Alex Jones was the one who got William Cooper killed, in fact. And Alex Jones admitted to being a "former" CIA agent. Typical glowie tactic is to claim you were a "former" glowie. We need to pray for sinners like him.

God bless, brothers in the Lord.
[Hide] (48.3KB, 625x941)
>You'll excommunicate yourself if you don't go to Church on Sundays.
That's not how you're saved. You're supposed to meet with other believers, but will Jesus cut off those who don't have a good church to go to? Or are physically cut off from doing so? If one gets stranded on an island (extreme worse case scenario, but considering what non-believers are willing to do to Christians, it's not that wild), or in a more likely case, goes to prison for a prolonged period and misses many Sundays because of it (which most of the Apostles had happen to them and danger of having it done to other believers was and still is a reality (nowadays mostly for those not living in the west)), Jesus won't judge you for that, if you keep faith in Him.
Faith in Him. In Jesus. That's how you get saved.
But ---YES, we should make every effort to meet with other believers,--- whether it be in a fancy big stone church, a modest, small wooden church, or in someone's home with people crowded all around and bumping into each other. A body part cannot live apart from the body, after all.
[Hide] (164.8KB, 680x547)
Yeah, that slimy old serpent offered "liberty" to Adam and Eve...
The liberty to fall into a hole where you're trapped in sin
Replies: >>26505
[Hide] (252.3KB, 738x738)
Lmao wot
He never said he was worried it would *turn* him into a Buddhist, he said he was worried that the guy who wrote the music album was one.
I recently deleted Castlevania Aria of Sorrow because I started feeling uneasy about all the crazy garbage in it (though I don't mind blood in games), does that mean I'm worried I'll turn into a monster lurking in a castle?
[Hide] (19.2KB, 474x379)
God bless you for your understanding of Hebrew, Israelite and Christian history, and scripture anon
The Greek word porneia
fornication, whoredom; met: idolatry.
>His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness. Through these he has given us his very great and precious promises, so that through them you may participate in the divine nature, having escaped the corruption in the world caused by evil desires. (2 Peter 1:3-4
What's your opinion on Theosis and should we have a thread on it?
Negative freedom, as opposed to the freedom to pursue virtue.
Where in the Bible does it state masturbation is wrong? The general consensus seems to be it's wrong, but I can't find anything in the Bible about it.
Replies: >>26585 >>26587
Seems a reasonable extension of the sin of Onan, to be specific. In general, wasting time and resource on your own vices and passions is all over both Testaments as a negative.
Replies: >>26586
So there's nothing explicitly stating it?
Replies: >>26587
There's a reason why 'the spirit of the law' is a concept. 
When Christ said that if you look at a woman with lust in your heart it is as the sin of adultery, I don't think He meant that it was only under those specific circumstances that it would be a sin.
Obviously, if you listened to a woman with lust in your heart it would likewise be a sin, because the root problem is lust itself.
[Hide] (2.2MB, 4160x3120)
What man hasn't raised his hand against his father at one time or another? Seems like a waste of hair and electricity just to shout extra loudly at yours.

Anon, ardent persecutors, cold murderers, and even the most depraved deviants were pulled out of the muck to become saints. Moses of Ethiopia and Mary of Egypt are fine examples of those last two, and Paul was the first of them. Do what you can, and God will do the rest.

We are all God's prodigal sons, anons. That has always been true. It doesn't matter if you're a San Francisco bug-chaser or a gulag commandant, he wants us all back, if we but choose to return.
>just because a book written by jews 2k years ago says I should?
"2 Behold, I Paul say unto you, that if ye be circumcised, Christ shall profit you nothing.
3 For I testify again to every man that is circumcised, that he is a debtor to do the whole law.
4 Christ is become of no effect unto you, whosoever of you are justified by the law; ye are fallen from grace." Galatians 5:2-4 KJV
What's the best edition of the BIble?
Replies: >>26613
A catholic one of course. I think the best edition is The Jerusalem Bible from Brouwer.
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