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Putin's given us the boot! Read about it here: https://zzzchan.xyz/news.html#66208b6a8fca3aefee4bf211

John 3:16 KJV: For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

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Hey anons. After a long while in the desert outside of Christianity and God I've decided to climb my way out and begin reading The Bible and attempting to study theology and spirituality again. One of the art forms that's given me a sense of meaning throughout my life has been film. I've heard of some classic cinema that's Christian themed, but the only director who's discussed the faith has been Ingmar Bergman with Seventh Seal. 

I really enjoy getting personal recommendations from people but I also love the charts people make for  different subjects so I'm curious to see if there are any /christian/ film charts as well. So yeah, any recommendations for stuff to watch while I'm embarking on my spiritual journey would be incredibly appreciated! Thanks for the consideration, guys.
If you're searching for biblical films about the life of Jesus I suggest:
>The Gospel According to St. Matthew, by Pier Paolo Pasolini
>The Passion Of The Christ by Mel Gibson.
>Jesus: A Kingdom Without Frontiers
if you search movies that contains christian messages I suggest:
>Bruce and Evan Almighty
>Oh God! (written by old testament perspective but contains hopeful messages)
>Muppets Christmas Carol
>Fat Man (with Mel Gibson)
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>Muppets Christmas Carol
I did not grow up with this version, so it's come as a surprise to me as an adult to see so many people laud it as one of the best, perhaps even the best, of the adaptations of the story to film.
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Me neither in truth, I watched it the last Christmas and I have to say it's a really good version of the story that both brings new joy and new angsts that makes it compelling.
I won't say it's the best version of the story th but if you think it is it's good.
Anon, listen to the Bible in a year podcast by Fr. Mike for understanding the Bible. Though I do not know any movie you are wanting for. However if I were to recommend a movie, then watch the our Lady of Fatima movie (the old film, not the newer one that was released).
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>the old film, not the newer one that was released
Is there something wrong with the new film or is it just not as good as the classic version?
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Tarkovsky's films, of course. His entire catalog. All very russian orthodox.
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And all made under the sinister eyes of Soviet censorship. Amazingly, Stalker can be said to be about both the wonder of Creation and the danger of false gods.
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