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Putin's given us the boot! Read about it here: https://zzzchan.xyz/news.html#66208b6a8fca3aefee4bf211

John 3:16 KJV: For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

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I bit the low-effort shitpost and followed the link. Sophomoric. That wall of shittext isn't going to throw anyone off the faith in Jesus and his Majesty. The extreme retard might be intimidated or enticed, but the fate of the ignorant is a different theological question altogether.

Most Satanists are larping and missing the point. Their obsession with Christianity and their neglect of other religions is actually good publicity. And while emos and vampires may think whatever they want, there is the fact that the entity they follow is indeed dangerous and deserves to be well guarded against.

While I am not Orthodox, I admire the teaching of Father Spiridon Bailey concerning the devil. The religion of the antichrist, he teaches, is not coming as any of those clowns. Instead, it will come into the world as fully Christian in appearance, and only then will it exceed the most heinous crimes of paganism.

Please consider watching:

May the Lord bless you and keep you, on Jesus' name.
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>crazy satanist that's both anti-christian and racist and LITERALLY advocate that gay and homosexuality is good tries to make a point
We don't argue with demons, their destiny is to lie and cause us to sin, I won't indulge in their sacrilege
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>Their obsession with Christianity and their neglect of other religions is actually good publicity.
They're Westerners. Criticizing them for being concerned principally with Christianity is a bit like mocking Pakistani Moslems for being concerned principally with Hinduism, isn't it?
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Satanists' fixation with Christianity will come as no surprise if you are a Christian, but in terms of secular reasoning, you might have a point. Consider the case of Near Eastern and European paganisms. Unlike pagans, who can always trace themselves to something effectively not Christian, Satanists (and also many Western atheists) cannot even seriously define themselves without Christianity. They actually could, for example, fabricate a seemingly 'endogenous' or 'non Christian' Satanism from Pagan pantheons themselves (mostly made of fallen angels and nephilim anyway), but most seem perfectly fine with being a poor parody of Christianity.
Perhaps they should be criticized for it, but its a little different regardless of that since Islam isn't entirely defined by spiting hinduism.
It's kind of interesting, but I don't think you're going to get any answers here more than straw mans. I remember making a thread about JoS here two years ago to see if anyone debunked it but a person derailed it into a thread about St. Paul.

At least it "redpilled" me into seeing that YHWH it's just an egregor. And the fact that I'm a subhuman.
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>racism is bad
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>straw mans
Satanism is founded on those
Every Western pagan is just an angry low-church Baptist for all the Christian stuff he puts in his religion. It's especially strong in the West, but it's everywhere. Christianity has gone out over all the Earth, even if so many misinterpretations and malinterpretations have muddied the waters. Not even the most isolated tribe in the mountains or the rainforest can escape that influence.

I think I'll even wager that the average "Nord" hates Jews more because of Martin Luther's tracts and their influence on Northern Europe than what came out in the 19th century.

Soviet Communism is also a demented Christian heresy, but even with the Jewish influence, it is has many homegrown roots. It makes for morbidly fascinating study, a bit like examining a bomb site to see what went into it.
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Thanks for the post and resources, brother. It's wonderful to see folks raise the bar for this new cycle of /Christian.

I didn't know the other two, but Holland's propensity to cozy up to Zionist scum disturbs me. Deeply. Yet, his elegant prose makes it easier to shake the ad hominem. It's a fascinating point, a synthesis of ideas that have been here and there since the Scottish Enlightenment, all the way to people like Croce and Febvre. Even Gramsci could grasp this irresistible and indestructible mark of Christianity on every culture in our time. While it's true that pagans could, in principle, contemplate their non-Christian origins, they simply can't hope to ever return to them. As for Western atheists, commies and Satanists, they've always been and will always be Christian, at least in Holland's terms.

I think we just hit something important. What do you make of this as a believer? Although humanity may have become so pervasively Christian, it is manifest that we are living in an age of flamboyant, catastrophic apostasy.
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It's not Christian.
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I don't like that either, and how he seems to think from the outset that Talmudic Jews are not in their own way the first heresy, defined as they are by reaction to Christianity (or his comments on places actively found and proven to exist). However, with regard to the saturation of 'everything' with Christianity, I believe that he is spot on. I would even go so far as to say that the at times desperate frenzy of neopagans to return to a half-remembered "golden age" is in fact a warped version of the very Protestant desire to "return to the roots" in protest of the modern world. In some ways, I (an American) was subject to that same desire when I became a Syrian Orthodox: the desire to "return to the origin point."

To boil it down further, and to paraphrase a commentator, "the fish cannot escape the water in which they swim." You don't realize the water is filled with tiny crosses until it is pointed out to you. It's helpful. The realization allows me to cut through so much noise and see so many talking points as ultimately unimportant, even frivolous. Diplomatically speaking, they must be known, but internally they are no longer to be considered.

I could not surely tell you what to do with it, anon, as I am often terrible with rhetoric (troubles with sloth, wrath, et cetera). But from my experience, low-church Protestants are sometimes shocked to the point of freeze-up to find out things about their worldview are 'not' in fact age-old, but new and coming from the aforementioned theological mishaps.  Like the modern conception of the Rapture being borne from the writings of those ur-Zionists Scofield and Darby, for instance. And then there is the resemblance so many of these heresies have to the ancient ones. It's both frustrating and reassuring to know that there is nothing new under the Sun but new permutations and variations of the old. Perhaps something can be made of it. Like this:


It is a heresy that even my Baptist friend was horrified at once he found out.

>the other two
As for that...I've read through the Cosmist book, and dipped my toes into the Peter one. I'll tell you this: you cannot understand why the Revolution, the Soviet Union, and even modern Russia happened without understanding the Orthodox-originating heresy that is Cosmism. Everything the Soviets touched worldwide is tinged with that heresy. It is also the origin of many Western ideas, good and bad, and so lends some insight to our own cultural landscape. Literally would not have had the obsessive drive to build a new society or a space program without the desire to 'reshape' Creation. Going back further, that influential heresy itself would not exist without the trauma, ambition, and Freemasonry of Tsar Peter the Great, and his desire to "hew" the Russian people from their "rough stone." That itself could be considered a perversion of "the stone that was rejected is our cornerstone." Read them, be amazed and aghast at once.

Here are two more books on the side. The Groys one can be considered a companion piece to Young's (read Young's first). Theosophy is but another heresy as well, and Young briefly touches on it.
Here are some more. 

BO? Might I suggest this thread be repurposed into an information, resource, and discussion point about cults, heresies, and hostile offshoots?
Hatred of men is bad, but understanding that there are differences and highs and lows, and the fact that people of a tribe tend to stick to their tribe (why is miscegenation relatively rare? maybe an argument about class, but even still), is not. Thus, "racism" is sin, but, we might call it "racialism", is not.
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Doesn't matter, mexicantradcathconquistador1488 says that if you don't let him marry blonde catholic women you're a RACE IDOLATOR!

Also, too much text and I haven't seen anyone debunk JoS. Come on guys, these people say your Christ was a myth and your god an egregore created by reptilians and grays... do better!
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And you think all that ball of snarling and cultural daddy issues deserves anything more than contempt and pity?

But here, let's boil >>26519 down further:
Our. Culturally, even JoS is a Christian, just an angry, disaffected Protestant. Like all other Western atheists and satanists he is guided by the reductive instinct, to "return to the roots," embodied by the Protestant reformers. His logic is simply the extreme of "I don't need X to be saved!" He has no worthy point, he's not a standout, I don't need to debate him, and I pray he gets through being used by his anger.
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No, I'm asking for JoS per se, not a vain attempt of seeing a big picture that doesn't exist.
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Oy Gewalt! You just can't take halfwit JoS goypoop seriously, mate

Good Lord...

>Culturally, even JoS is a Christian, just an angry, disaffected Protestant. Like all other Western atheists and satanists he is guided by the reductive instinct, to "return to the roots," embodied by the Protestant reformers. His logic is simply the extreme of "I don't need X to be saved!" He has no worthy point, he's not a standout, I don't need to debate him, and I pray he gets through being used by his anger.
Based and breadpilled.
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And what exalted capability makes you the judge of a universal negative? That is what I think you are saying. To say that all the beauty and order in the world just happens to be a roll of the dice. A hand rolls the dice. That the humble amoeba can just happen to evolve into a Mozart. Who inspires his composition. That so many of your forebears were wrong, but you and this angry man demanding the world's attention with a clickbaity title are right Why his title attracts attention at all. Go on. It begs the question. Or is it too much text for you to make yourself clear on what you really want?
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