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John 3:16 KJV: For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

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> Be in 4th grade
> Still care about sports
> Am a Red Sox fan, just like my Dad
> Heard about the Bambino Curse (Baseball is the most superstitious sport there is)
> Heard about how people can get anything they want if they sell their soul to the devil, albeit at a horrible price
> Figure "Hey! Well if all these people in these dumb stories always sell their souls for selfish reasons, why not sell one's soul for a higher purpose? The greater good?"
> Greatest good my Elementary school ass can think of is the Red Sox finally winning the world series
> Have an imaginary conversation with the Devil where I agree to sell my soul if they win
> It happens
> Boston Red Sox miracuolusly win for the first time in 86 years
Am I fucked, guys?
Did it really happen? Did I actually sell my soul? It's not like I performed a ritual or whatever. I was just imagining a conversation, and acting like it was real.
But is that what all conversations with God and the supernatural are? Did I do something unforgivible? Would it matter that I was an elementary schooler, and viewed it as a selfless act?
I could use some advice. This question has been plaguing me ever since, and I'm almost 30 now. I guess I'll never know for sure until I die, but still...
It'd be nice if there was some way I could determine whether I've damned myself, and/or figure out how to repent and go about my life in peace.

Here's an article about the curse I may have accidentally ended with my elementary-school autism, by cursing myself: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Curse_of_the_Bambino
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>>26062 (OP) 
It's also worth mentioning that there's this famous musical called "Damn Yankees," which is about a guy who sells his soul to the devil in order to play against the Yankees for the Washington Senators (though later renditions have rewritten the team he joins as the Red Sox, since that's obviously the Yankees' most famous rival).

I think I may have heard about this musical premise from my dad in passing, although I didn't ever actually see the thing until well after I'd graduated from k-12. It's probably what gave me the idea. But either way, while it was a fun musical (and though the guy's decision to play against the Yankees wasn't as selfless as mine, since he was gonna be playing with all the fame himself), there was one detail that slightly worried me.

The protagonist of that musical had the same first name as me: Joe.
Sounds more like you being a dumb kid than actually taking part in a satanic ritual. If it bothers you this much go talk to a priest or pastor about it.
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You sure? I hope you're right. But I'm still a tad worried.
Also, it's worth mentioning that there was a lot of crazy vodoo going on that night
> moon turned blood red
> pitcher with a Jesus beard started bleeding in the stigmata
There was reason for the superstitious to believe that something seriously crazy was going on.

And the other thing that still worries me after all these years is: even if I didn't/won't go to hell, I'm worried the "debt repayment" came true in some other way. Especially since I'm now a regular browser of 4chan and the like.
Because here's the thing: 4chan is the closest thing to the Renaissance conception of Hell that human beings have ever invented. It's a place where all the worst people in the world go to eternally torment one another forever. No one really dies, nothing ever changes. We just keep harming each other's psyches in any way we can, until we expire ourselves.
So maybe even if I haven't gone to ACTUAL hell, I've had to repay my debt in some other way. Who knows.
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You can't really "sell" your soul because our souls belong to God alone. What you can do is place yourself under great demonic influence in order to obtain something. When entering a pact with a demon, the demon is hoping to lead you to self-destruction by disrupting the communion you have with Christ. However, repentance is always possible up until you take your last breath. So remain in a constant state of repentance with a contrite heart and you will not have to worry. If you haven't been baptized yet, please do as that really pisses off the demons!
>I pretended I was in Satan's legal office with the hamburgler acting as a notary he seemed to somehow let onto Grimace walking past us I don't know what he was doing in Hell's legal deparment anyway I gave them my next door neighbor's soul and then I was riding my mobility scooter heading to Walmart when three men dressed as a chicken mcnugget started beating me up they called me a plump pee pee chunkolicious soyboy fatty, I was laying there on the ground crying when I saw there was a McDonalds bag it looked full and it had four hamburgers inside even an extra one from what I'd asked for and I read a note inside it it said; "Courtesy of mayor mccheese". I'm worried I was just a kid I didn't know and then the next day my neighbor died his recto-colonic exam had been wrong I think I'm responsible there was no other way it to happen pls resond

Your soul doesn't belong to you you are a rental unit anon - you've probably just put a few dings in there that'll be paid for from your deposit
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sounds like the dream i had last night
The only way you can sell your soul is if you succumb to the Devil's wickedness.
You seem to have repented, and I'm not sure how Devil Deal work (nor I want to know) but if there is no sign of paper or handshake or any possession involved then may just be fantasy like ghosts are
>>26062 (OP) 
>Worried I may have accidentally sold my soul to...
Your soul is not your to sell, you belong to God and you have been bought at high price.
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