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I don't know if you know this BMN but on Chromium-based browsers whenever you stream the player will constantly freak the fuck out, scrollbars will appear and disappear on the side several times a second and it makes it unwatchable without going fullscreen. I've only been able to watch it by having the movie play in fullscreen in an incognito tab on one monitor and being logged in to chat on another monitor. It's a very tedious setup and I hope you look at the HTML you have set. It may also be because I have custom CSS disabled because I don't like the swapped layout you set (video on left, chat on right), hope you take a look at it.
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I'll look into it. Could you tell me what browser you're using? Hoping that can narrow it down, as I haven't had this issue reported before.
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Chromium, only seems to happen when not using your stock CSS and when you're actually streaming (not during the preshow image)
i modify the default css with tampermonkey and haven't had an issue with the default player.
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I don't want to be the guy, but you shouldn't be troubleshooting by committee when you have custom CSS in play. Every modern browser runs a video an internal video handler and things like controls and scrubbing bars can be (and are) overridden and often hidden and replaced with a wholly HTML+CSS overlay. Youtube does this. You can, if you want, hide their custom control overlay and unhide the default browser controls.

This is in exception to things like flash and silverlight players, but the present HTML5 video design is an intent to obsolete plugin-based video playback.

Either way, if you are messing with CSS, you are messing not only with styling but very often the underlying layout structure of the page. And that can mean the video player.

Disable your tampermonkey script -- probably in a separate tab -- and see if the issue persists. If it does, then that is right wonky shit right there. If not, then you need to be looking at whether or not your CSS overrides are targeting more than the elements you think they are. Again, and this bears repeating, player controls are no different than the markup in the rest of the page. If you're watching through Cytube/8chan's embedded player (as opposed to capturing the stream or something), then you are definitely looking at a HTML5 <video> tag with custom overlays.
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